Visual Studio 2010 Database Deployment API – Part 2

Since posting the first code sample on how to leverage the Visual Studio Database Deployment API, I have had a number of folks contact me and ask how to do the same, but also comprehend the database references, options set in the project, refactor log, pre and post deployment scripts, etc.  The short answer is…


Deployment Contributor Sample: LiteScript

In Visual Studio 2010 we have enabled a number of new extensibility points as detailed in my earlier post. In this post we will take a look at creating a deployment contributor. This deployment contributor is a deployment executor.   Essentially what the sample contributor does is walks through the deployment plan and creates an…


Leveraging the Visual Studio 2010 Database Deployment API

I often get questions from developers wanting to modify the deployment engine’s behavior in some way.  These questions are typically motivated by the need to accommodate a specific requirement for a given environment or to support automation in some fashion.  In GDR there has not been much you could do to change the behavior of the…


Custom Data Generator available for SQL Server Sparse Columns

A custom Data Generator for SQL Server Sparse Columns is available for the VSTSDB GDR release.  Genevieve Orchard, a member of the product development team, developed this Data Generator using the extensibility available in the GDR release.  You can download from the Code Gallery.


Developing Custom T-SQL Static Code Analysis Rules

Earlier this week I presented at an internal conference on the topic of Database Project Extensibility provided by the VSTSDB GDR release.  We had requests to share the demo code and so I am posting it here.  The sample code contains a handful of custom static code analysis rules: Avoid WAITFOR DELAY statement in Stored…