Deploying Visual Studio Database Projects from TFS TeamBuild 2010

I had planned to update my previous database continuous integration post with what is new in 2010, but have not had any time to do so yet.  Many customers ask me for the same. I shared my 2010 walkthroughs and samples with Steven, Sr. Technical Writer in User Education, and he beat me to it….

Using local 3-part names in programmability objects

VSTS:DB does not support self-referencing 3 part names. It does support external 3 and 4 part references.  For folks wondering what the difference is it is basically the use of fully qualified 3 part names identifiers for all objects in your programmability objects including local objects.  For instance you would refer to a table that is in the…


Come visit/revisit The Beer House! (Continuous Integration)

Isn’t it funny how a simple word like Beer can grab your attention?  In this post we will look at migrating The Beer House (TBH) sample application database to be managed by VSTS:DB.  For those in the NW you may have seen this previously as I have presented this to the PNWSQL User Group. Since…