Deploying your Database Project without VSTSDB installed

The  release of Visual Studio Team System Database Edition GDR version includes a very powerful tool to import and deploy database schemas from boxes where Visual Studio is not installed.  The tool is a command line utility capable of: Importing a database schema from a live database into a dbschema file; Deploying a database schema…


Custom Data Generator available for SQL Server Sparse Columns

A custom Data Generator for SQL Server Sparse Columns is available for the VSTSDB GDR release.  Genevieve Orchard, a member of the product development team, developed this Data Generator using the extensibility available in the GDR release.  You can download from the Code Gallery.


Developing Custom T-SQL Static Code Analysis Rules

Earlier this week I presented at an internal conference on the topic of Database Project Extensibility provided by the VSTSDB GDR release.  We had requests to share the demo code and so I am posting it here.  The sample code contains a handful of custom static code analysis rules: Avoid WAITFOR DELAY statement in Stored…


Why VSTS:DB Best Practices?

Hi everyone! My name is Barclay Hill and I am a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Team System Database Edition Product Development Team. Yep, it’s a mouthful! I will refer to the product as just “VSTSDB” in my posts.  I have been working on a whitepaper regarding best practices for using VSTSDB for the…