Visual Studio 2010 Database Guide published on CodePlex

I have been collaborating with Jens Suessmeyer, the VS ALM Rangers, MVPs, and numerous internal customers on guidance for Visual Studio Database Projects for the 2010 release.  The guidance we created covers numerous best practices and contains links to many hands-on labs. This guidance was recently published on codeplex here: Visual Studio Database Guide. In the guidance you will find the following topics covered in varying levels of detail:

  •  Solution and Project Management
  • Source Code Control and Configuration Management
  • Integrating External Changes with the Project System
  • Build and Deployment Automation with Visual Studio Database Projects
  • Database Testing and Deployment Verification

For an initial publication I am impressed with the amount of content the team has pulled together.  I expect this guidance will continue to evolve and improved.  If you are looking to for information regarding how to improve your use of the Visual Studio Database tooling I recommend the guide as the best place to start. 

Please check out the guidance and participate in the discussions here:

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