Visual Studio 2010 Database Guide published on CodePlex

I have been collaborating with Jens Suessmeyer, the VS ALM Rangers, MVPs, and numerous internal customers on guidance for Visual Studio Database Projects for the 2010 release.  The guidance we created covers numerous best practices and contains links to many hands-on labs. This guidance was recently published on codeplex here: Visual Studio Database Guide. In…


Visual Studio 2010 Database Deployment API – Part 2

Since posting the first code sample on how to leverage the Visual Studio Database Deployment API, I have had a number of folks contact me and ask how to do the same, but also comprehend the database references, options set in the project, refactor log, pre and post deployment scripts, etc.  The short answer is…


Deploying Visual Studio Database Projects from TFS TeamBuild 2010

I had planned to update my previous database continuous integration post with what is new in 2010, but have not had any time to do so yet.  Many customers ask me for the same. I shared my 2010 walkthroughs and samples with Steven, Sr. Technical Writer in User Education, and he beat me to it….


Deployment Contributor Sample: LiteScript

In Visual Studio 2010 we have enabled a number of new extensibility points as detailed in my earlier post. In this post we will take a look at creating a deployment contributor. This deployment contributor is a deployment executor.   Essentially what the sample contributor does is walks through the deployment plan and creates an…


Goodbye dbp…Hello dbproj!

In Visual Studio 2010, Database Edition or DBPro Projects (.dbproj) have replaced the old Database Projects (.dbp) from previous versions of Visual Studio.  Database Projects (.dbproj) are available in Professional, Premium, and Ultimate versions of Visual Studio.   For those who have used the old .dbp projects and have these in their solutions your .dbp…


Leveraging the Visual Studio 2010 Database Deployment API

I often get questions from developers wanting to modify the deployment engine’s behavior in some way.  These questions are typically motivated by the need to accommodate a specific requirement for a given environment or to support automation in some fashion.  In GDR there has not been much you could do to change the behavior of the…


2010 Database Projects at Xerox Services

During the 2010 product cycle I collaborated with Xerox Services frequently as a part of Microsoft’s TAP Program.  The TAP program allows organizations to participate in the product cycle by getting access to software throughout product lifecycle at prerelease milestones, 1 on 1 time with product team members to help implement product features, and a channel to…


New 2010 VSDBCMD Features – Target Model and Override SQLCMD Variables

Targeting a dbschema model file for deployment  Since releasing GDR we have had customer’s ask for the ability to target a dbschema file through vsdbcmd. We were able to add this for the 2010 release. The primary use of this is to diff 2 dbschema files and generate an update script for review. This simplifies the process…