Visual Studio Premium and Database Projects

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is available!  For those of you who are MSDN subscribers you can download it today through MSDN subscriber’s page. For everyone else you will have access to it on Wednesday.


Visual Studio Database Edition features are now in Visual Studio 2010 Premium.  The Database Project is also available in Visual Studio 2010 Professional, but with limited features.  Database Projects are provided in PRO to introduce developers to offline database development and to allow the building and deploying of projects in a mixed Visual Studio Team environment.  


I invite you to try out Visual Studio Beta 2 and evaluate the improvements for Database Projects.  In this release you will find the follow:


·         Performance Improvements – Database Projects are quicker to load and build.

·         T-SQL Editor Intellisense – Enjoy Intellisense in the new T-SQL editor for both online database connections and offline database projects.

·         Deployment Options – New deployment options to increase the success of automated deployments.

·         Team Build – Improved Team Build integration.  Building X86 and x64 are supported.  Database projects are supported for headless build servers (No local VS instance required)

·         Unit Test - Expected Schema and Data Checksum Unit Test conditions are included.

·         Data Generation – Database Transform Plan is included. Easily create a databound data generation plan and customize as necessary.

·         Build and Deploy Extensibility – Produce new build and deployment artifacts. Customize the deployment plan.

·         Project Extensibility – Add your own custom features to the offline database development environment.

·         And many other improvements.


In the coming weeks I plan on blogging about some of these new features.  In the meantime let me know what you like or don’t like about Beta 2.

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