Installing GDR R2 with different languages side-by-side

The GDR R2 has a limitation that it uses the same product id for all localized versions of the product.  This prevents you from installing more than one localized version of the product.  If you have a need to install multiple language versions of GDR R2, you can do so by employing the following work around.  Thanks to Jeff on the team for identifying this work around.


This assumes you already have some version of the GDR R2 installed already.


1.       Start->Run->RegEdit

2.       Search for  BEA3F8AE04D2DEE4A9A882322897A07B which will be found under HKCR\Installer\Products

3.       Update the existing ProductID reg key to  BEA3F8AE04D2DEE4A9A882322897A07Ba (This is simply an “a” added to the key)

4.       Install you favorite secondary language from Microsoft Downloads


This work around will cause only the second language to be listed in Add or Remove Programs.  To uninstall the GDR R2 you would uninstall the second language installed, then change the product id back to the original value, and finally uninstall the first localized version you installed.


Keywords: Localized; Multiple Languages

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