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  3. I have decided to start a multi-part blog/screencast series on developing an Azure application from the

  4. jmcfet says:

    really like this article but there seems to be a missing step and that is deploying the WCF service into the cloud. I followed the steps from part 1 of your excellent series wrote a simple Silverlight client that was much like yours but standalone as I figure why have a service if it cannot be called from any client not just one that is part of the project that created the service. I just cut and paste your code for creating the URI and plugged in a URI that lokked like  ("");

    However I am getting a security issue and assume I am dealing with Cross Domain issues. But I am wondering how to get the crossdomain.xml file undo the cloud server.I also made sure that the service was running on the cloud but I believe that there is no need to do this as this is HTTP Jited by IIS.