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  2. I have decided to start a multi-part blog/screencast series on developing an Azure application from the

  3. This is part 2 in this series where I am building an Azure shopping cart application from the ground

  4. says:

    Hi Rob, I found this page when looking for how to write some custom queries against the Azure Table Storage.  Coming from a Java/JDBC background, I have a desire to write custom queries to get the data I want, as apposed to created Entities and reading data out of a table as an object. I really like the example showing the query language of the ADO Client Library, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.  Can you point me to some helpful links about using this language, specifically against my Azure Tables?


  5. Muruganantham Durairaj says:

    Nice Introduction. You made easy to get the overview.