Entity Framework Modeling : Entity Splitting

The post on implementing entity splitting with the Entity Framework has been moved to www.robbagby.com.


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  1. nlinus says:

    Very interesting post.  You mentioned in the screencast that the db would be available for download.  Do you have a link for that?

    BTW We’re only 1 key away from having the same name.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Here is the link.  It is also on my blog in the right hand column under Sample Databases (The SchoolData link).


  3. nlinus says:

    Thanks a bunch!  I guess I missed it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Одним из плюсов Entity Framework по сравнению с Linq To SQL постоянно называют возможность практически

  5. Berky says:

    How would you handle a one-to-many relationship between tables? I would like to create one entity for an employee address using several tables in the AdventureWorks database. (Employee, EmployeeAddress, Address, and StateProvince)

    Any help getting two of the four tables into one would be a great benefit. For example, one entity which models away the StateProvince table when combining with the Address table.

    Thank you very much for any help!


  6. • I have two tables. tbl_profiles and tbl_photos.

    Now tbl_profiles has a pk that is in tbl_photos.

    this is the ProfileID of int type.

    tbl_profiles           tbl_photos

    ProfileID(PK)      PhotoID (PK)

    ………                   ProfileID (FK)

    I want to create a entity data model with the two tables merged into one.

    With reference to the following article blogs.msdn.com/…/editing-data-from-two-tables-in-a-single-datagridview.aspx

    I am try to merge the table into one. When I compile. I get the following:

    Error 6 Error 3024: Problem in mapping fragments starting at line 234: Must specify mapping for all key properties (tbl_Profile.ProfileID, tbl_Profile.PhotoID) of the EntitySet tbl_Profile.

    C:ownerwwwrootOmegaLoveProfileGeneratorProfilesPhotos.edmx 235 105 ProfileGenerator

    When copy the fields from tbl_Photos should I copy ProfileID (FK) ?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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