Code from MSDN Unleashed: WPF & Visual Studio SP1

Here is the code and databases from the MSDN unleashed sessions I did.  I included the completed solution.

The database files are 2005 mdf files.  You will need to attach them. 

*  The demos were done on VS2008 SP1 Beta 1.  I have not tested them on the released version of SP1.


Comments (2)

  1. TheGeneie says:

    Just wanted to let you know that your presentatiion was one of the best I have been at, and that your time and efforts are well appreciated.  Your knowledge of the subject matter was outstanding, and your presentation skills super!

  2. nyxtom says:

    Great presentation today 🙂

    I was excited to see all the neat features in SP1. I think the most impressive piece was consuming the RESTful WCF service in the WPF app with Linq queries (which in turn generated the uri) – very impressive.

    Just in case you’re curious, here’s Scott Hanselman’s post on Not Northwind.

    although I think the Coho database works great 😀

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