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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here is the sample code for calling WCF services. If you are looking for the sample code to the

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is the sample code for calling WCF services. If you are looking for the sample code to the

  3. Anonymous says:

    recently i've been getting a few notes/questions about working with web services and ajax

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have recently been learning about the new MVC framework offered by friends at ASP.NET . One of the

  5. Anonymous says:

    In yesterday’s post REST in WCF – Part I (REST Overview) , I gave a brief overview of REST, putting forth

  6. Anonymous says:

    我在昨天 的文章WCF中的 REST架构一(REST 概述) 谈了REST的基本概要,并提出了从HI REST (高REST)到 LO REST (低REST) 的RESTFULness(REST度)的概念。在今天的文章中,我将详细介绍大家可能最为熟悉的REST风格的

  7. says:

    Hi Rob,

    I have questions on the series that I would love if you helped answer. I tried following your example and would sincerely love to learn more on Ajax/JavaScript. First off, I am not really a fan of JavaScript; I dread it and try as much as possible to avoid it but more and more it seems I have to deal with it, especially when working with Ajax and I would appreciate it if you would take time to answer some of my questions please.

    a) On watching your videos, I noticed that you had to create the Shopping Cart control, is it not possible to use one of the ASP.Net Controls for the same, without necessarily loosing the RIA feel you have in the Shopping Cart in the video?  If this is possible, how does one go about achieving this please?

    b) In your illustration of how to create an Ajax Extender control you added the following code into your .Js file .

           // Wire up handler for onmouseover

           var delegate = Function.createDelegate(this, this._onMouseOver);

           $addHandler(img, ‘mouseover’, delegate);

           // Wire up handler for onmouseout

           delegate = Function.createDelegate(this, this._onMouseOut);

           $addHandler(img, ‘mouseout’, delegate);

    do the events used need to be predefined events(events that already exist for the control being extended)?

    I look forward to getting back a response as I am very much interesting in learning Ajax, REST and ATOM this year.

  8. Garry Trinder says:

    Hey Kobojunkie,

    Regarding question a: On the MS Stack, there are essentially 2 ways to implement AJAX: using the client libraries or using the server controls that provide ajax support.  One of the most powerful of those controls is the UpdatePanel.  That control allows you to simply surround your run-of-the-mill controls with the updatepanel and your code is automatically AJAXified.  The way this works is the entire page is posted over HTTP asynchronously.  The entire page life cycle is run through.  Then the markup that was between the begin and end tags in the updatepanel are returned to the client.  This HTML is inhjected into the HTML DOM at the appropriate place (where the update panel is).

    I did not use this or any other server control.  My choice was to call a wcf service (early versions of the code called an asmx service) to return just the data.  That saved me a bunch of bandwidth.  Now, getting to your question, I just get the data in the callback.  Somehow I need to inject HTML into the dom from that data.  Currently, we do not have any controls that do client-side binding, so I wrote my own.  The cool thing is that I modeled the client control to work the same way that server controls work.  I would guess that there are contrls that do client binding.  I just don’t know of any.

    Regarding b: I’m not sure what you are getting at?  What you see me doing there is to create a delegate (think of it as a closure or pointer).  I am then simply associating that with the mouseover event on an image.

  9. says:

    Thanks for the quick response. Do you have a video on creating AJAX user controls such as the Shopping cart control?

  10. Anonymous says: infoDose #18 (26th Jan – 20th Feb)

  11. Anonymous says:

    在昨天的文章 WCF中的REST架构二(支持AJAX的WCF服务 – 创建服务) 中, 我介绍了一个包含一些ASP.NET AJAX 客户端库控件的入门解决方案。这个解决方案还没有具体实现的代码, 等着我们为它编写支持AJAX的WCF服务和客户端代码去调用这些服务.

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