WebCast: Developing a Custom Task Pane in the 2007 Office System

In this webcast, we see how the 2007 Microsoft Office system provides the functionality to create a custom task pane for Microsoft Office Word 2007, Excel 2007, and Outlook 2007 documents. Learn how these task panes can be used to expose back-end data to these programs. In this session we explore how to develop a task pane from scratch.


As promised, I have posted the sample code and PowerPoint slides for this Webcast.

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  1. PeterNL says:

    Hi Mr. Rob Bagby,

    I have seen and liked your webcasts called Programming with Microsoft 2007 which was released in February 2007. The only thing is I don’t find on your blog site, for which reason I was looking it  that you mention in this webcast that you have put the source code of your demo’s on your site i.e. your blog site.

    Unfortunately it isn’t there, so no source code either.

    Request: Can you still manage to put this source code (and perhaps the webcast) on your blogsite ?

    Best regards,

    Mr. Peter Jansen

    Amsterdam – HOLLAND

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