Updating Windows 8 for General Availability

We are pleased to be releasing a set of improvements to Windows 8 in broad areas of performance, power management and battery efficiency, media playback, and compatibility. These improvements are available starting today via Windows Update. We wanted to briefly talk about our improvements to the engineering system and in particular the speed at which we were able to deliver these updates to you.

With every release of Windows we have had approximately 8-12 weeks from when we released the code to OEMs and manufacturing and when the product was available on new PCs and for retail customers. This time has historically been used to match newly developed PCs, which can include a variety of new or enhanced components, drivers, and companion software, with the final code for Windows. Because these hardware and software components are brand new, it could be the case that they uncover the need for changes and improvements to Windows in the areas of fundamentals.

We would often create dozens of changes for each OEM for these new PCs. Those changes would be deployed during manufacturing of those PCs and thus would be invisible to customers. While those changes could potentially apply to a broader range of PCs, we did not have in place the testing and certification to broadly distribute these updates. As a result, customers would have to wait until the first service pack to see these enhancements. We know many folks would spend time working to uncover these OEM enhancements in a desire to have the most up to date Windows.

During the final months of Windows 8 we challenged ourselves to create the tools and processes to be able to deliver these “post-RTM” updates sooner than a service pack. By developing better test automation and test coverage tools we are happy to say that Windows 8 will be totally up to date for all customers starting at General Availability. If you are an MSDN or enterprise customer, these updates will be available for your Windows 8 PCs via Windows Update as of today (October 9), following our standard cadence for Windows Updates on the second Tuesday of each month at about 10:00am.

As we have always done, any updates will have a knowledge base (KB) article and documentation. Documentation for these updates are documented here, and the text is reproduced below. We will of course continue to issue and publish changes and enhancements from this point forward, just as we have done with Windows 7.

We think this new pace of delivering high quality updates to Windows will be a welcome enhancement for all of our customers.


KB article title:

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 General Availability Cumulative Update


Windows 8 Client and Windows Server 2012 General Availability Cumulative Update is available. This cumulative update package provides a collection of performance and reliability improvements that are designed to improve the Windows 8 experience. We recommend that you apply this cumulative update as part of your regular maintenance routines.


  • Increased power efficiency to extend battery life
  • Performance improvements in Windows 8 applications and Start screen
  • Improved audio and video playback in many scenarios
  • Improved application and driver compatibility with Windows 8

Known issues:

  • When you turn a Windows feature on or off, the computer may require a restart. For example, this action may be necessary when you turn Remote Access on or off.
Comments (166)
  1. Joe says:

    While you're at it, InPrivate Browsing on Metro IE10 is still broken.  Sometimes if you're using InPrivate Browsing, sites will still be recorded into your history.  It seems to be caused by switching to another application while the page is loading.

  2. UCFw00t says:

    Please Mail, Messaging, People, and Photos apps for users of Office 365. They're still broken even with the latest updates released yesterday. It's extremely frustrating that people who are using your paid services are screwed over more than people using other providers.

  3. Marcus says:

    Yeah, fix your apps! Photos and Mail STILL crash every time during loading after the updates. Thankfully the real apps, aka desktop apps, don't have issues running.

  4. bug says:

    If you turn off Windows Explorer does not start again, so you need to re-subscribe and unsubscribe

  5. bug says:

    If you turn off Windows Explorer does not start again, so you need to re-subscribe and unsubscribe

  6. Techrocket9 says:

    I hope one of these patches fixes the DCP latency issues I have been experiencing in Windows 8 RTM.

    Of course, the updates haven't even shown up for me yet, but technically they still have six minutes…

  7. Max says:

    IE10 for Windows 7?

    Service Pack 2 for Windows 7?

    Any plans to support Windows 7 or you no longer care about it?

  8. It seems you are still failing to release KB and the respective update in sync (for example kb 2712101 is not available even the update is showing in Windows Update). The same is happening for Microsoft Downloads as well.

  9. The link to the KB article seems to be not working.  Thank you for the Windows 8 update.  

  10. The link to the MS KB article is broken.

  11. Des Davies says:

    After installing these updates my PC now goes into sleep mode after 2 minutes. Doesn't matter what I set the Power settings to.

  12. Eric Malamisura says:

    So I went to Windows Update in Metro, clicked Install and it got stuck on "Downloading updates" got to about 90% and just hung there for nearly 40 minutes now…

  13. djpip27 says:

    @techrocket9 "Windows 8 Compatibility: The DPC latency utility runs on Windows 8 but does not show correct values. The output suggests that the Windows 8 kernel performs badly and introduces a constant latency of one millisecond which is not the case in practice. DPCs in the Windows 8 kernel behave identical to Windows 7. The utility produces incorrect results because the implementation of kernel timers has changed in Windows 8 which causes a side effect with the measuring algorithm used by the utility. Thesycon is working on a new version of the DPC latency utility and will make it available on this site as soon as it is finished." – Are you using the DCP Latency Checker or having real problems with hardware? I DJ in realtime using Windows 8 and have no problems at all.

  14. Eric Malamisura says:

    After rebooting, going back into Metro and choosing Windows Update it gave me an error saying "Windows Update is currently busy installing other updates, try again later" but actually it wasn't busy installing anything…So I went to the Desktop version of Windows Update and everything installed perfectly fine…I think Windows Update for Metro is seriously broken, not the first time I have had issues with it…

  15. Eric Malamisura says:

    I spoke too soon, when the computer went to reboot after installing it hard froze on the "Windows is updating, do not turn off your computer" Mouse became unresponsive, and just froze completely…No activity at all! Had to do hard power off to get it to come back….

  16. Neil Charlton says:

    Still no search in Calendar app – are you serious?

  17. emGo says:

    you can download the update from here: catalog.update.microsoft.com/…/Search.aspx

  18. Anonymous says:

    I just updated all my computers with this. No issues at all!

  19. Will future updates improve usability…in particular, discoverability?

    I think the main issue right now is that a lot of options are just not discoverable, even with the OOBE tutorial. For example, I had completely forgotten a lot of metro gems, so I didn't even know that the settings charm had settings specific to apps until I clicked on it one day – I think, more so, I forgot that the charms were app specific and not for controlling OS-wide functions. I don't remember Charms being explained ever during the install process and it sort of falls into a "if it's not on the screen, then it's not relevant to the current task" concept.

  20. BucksterMcgee says:

    After the update IE10 is running dog slow, especially with 2D graphics, such as the new Contrejour site or the IE test drive. Tests that would finish in seconds before are not taking several times longer to complete, with very low FPS and stuttering. Switching to software rendering fixes it, but of course is using nearly 100% cpu usage. Obviously this shouldn't be happening on a brand new computer at 4.3 GHz and on a GTX 670. Sigh. : /

  21. justjeff says:

    So..I know youve been asked this, but are you  not getting the very real feedback that people are refusing to move to windows 8 because the of the funky metro / missing start menu?  No they will not pay for re-training? Seriously, how can this train-wreck of an otherwise great OS be allowed to continue.  I was hoping to see a compatibility mode fix (allow start menu) in an update prior to release.  Someone needs to be fired and fired fast if this continues.

  22. Please fix the Windows Store Updates Available notification that needs to update no apps.  And please hurry with the MS Surface.

  23. Blainer says:

    thanks for the update Microsoft! everything is working perfect! speed is outstanding IE10 is absolutely at its fastest 😀 i do not have a tablet just a PC so the update went perfect on PC

  24. Confused says:

    So we have to go to a separate download site as it doesn't appear in the store, add it to a basket, download it into a directory, and then install a massive 170MB update? Wow, that's intuitive…not. Is this a joke?

  25. Everyone, remember third party drivers says:

    These updates may reveal that your graphics driver isn't as good as it should be! responsibility for that rests with Intel, NVIDIA etc…

  26. temp says:

    @confused, firs you need to learn how to read text…

    go to windows update > check updates… and it will install automatically

  27. osu9400 says:

    I don't get it.  All these poeple complianing about app crashes.  I use my windows 8 touch device (HP 2760p) daily and I don't experience any of these issues.  In fact, the opposite is true, I am surprised how well Win8 runs on my modest i5 hardware.

  28. Darren says:

    Windows 8 is a terrible os.

  29. M says:

    You can't see the sub-menus in Desktop Internet Explorer when the desktop is in filled view, specifically on the left hand side of the screen, in Windows 8.


  30. greg says:

    Thanks for those updates. Performance improvements are always welcomed. Still having some problems installing the updates though.. After rebooting Windows Update seems to have encountered an error and reverted all changes. The update history only tells me the generic error 8007000D. Now trying again..

  31. Entegy says:

    Wow, I don't remember the last time I've downloaded and 170MB patch from Windows Update that wasn't a Service Pack or a new app. Between the promised updates to Microsoft's Metro apps before Oct 26 and this, I'm liking these speedy improvements even to post-RTM Windows 8. 🙂

  32. Name says:

    Because you remove intel 945 driver and support in Windows 8. Please release and support intel 945 driver.

    I use this gpu on Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 8 Preview Release. Now you remove driver on Windows Update and I can't work with Windows 8 and I downgrade Windows 7. I want use Windows 8. Please release driver on Windows Update. Thanks.

  33. deiruch says:

    A big thanks to Steven for the blog post. But I hoped for some more details. "Performance improvements" and "Increased Power Efficiency" are as generic as one can be. No fancy charts showing how much better everything is now?

  34. C says:

    Does the patch contain a method for completely shutting down the Metro interface? I think Microsoft Bob is more usable that this! How about a real off button? Why should I have to go under "Settings" just to shut down my computer. You should have built off of the successes of Windows 7 instead of scrapping the whole thing trying to overhaul the way we interact with our PCs with some new, novel, and untested UI. From a usability standpoint it's a nightmare. A mishmash of this tacked upon that, teetering on a whole mess of other inconsistent interfaces. Try again Microsoft, you still just don't get it.

  35. P says:

    After installing this update, Windows apps seem to load slower now.  They would load almost instantly without the spinning dotted indicator, but now it takes an extra second or two.  Where's the "performance improvements?"

  36. James says:

    @C. You can use the power button. You can change the role of the power button to shutdown, or sleep or hibernate your computer. See the Power Option panel. It's at the same place as in Windows 7.


    -> Win+I shows you the shut down button

    -> Alt+F4 on the desktop will show the tradition shutdown dialog box.

    -> You can find tools to add to the start screen a shutdown button tile.

  37. User says:

    Please be sure to support AMD Radeon DirectX 9.0 video cards, Intel 945G. These graphics chips are still useful!

  38. Darren says:

    @James: What kind of os is this that requires 3rd party tools to be shut down intuitively?

  39. James says:

    It already intuitive for me. So I don't know what you are talking about.

    Beside who really shut down a computer. The only time I shut down a computer is when I am cleaning the inside of my desktop or laptop, or upgrading. It sleeps all the way, all the time. Even my laptop, which I know I won't even use again until 10-12h later (it also hibernates over time). The battery isn't even close to drop 10% when I wake it up.

    So I see no problem, at least not on my side.

  40. Jesse Houwing says:

    Looks like the update broke the stm 6-axis sensor on my //build slate. is this a known side effect?

  41. Start Menu says:

    Start menu ?

    i want start menu 🙁

  42. SC says:

    Still missing drivers for my Nvidia Quadro NVS 120M (Dell Latitude D820). Argh!

  43. fatcathu says:

    will there be an offline installer to download ?

  44. Michael says:

    Media Center Please!

  45. misaki says:

    terima kasih infonya


  46. sreesiv says:

    This is very interesting… A big update well before SP1, that's cool and most welcome.

    Remember in the pre W8 era, corporate deployments, always waited for the first SP to come and things to get stabilized before broadly deploying the new version on all PCs. This time, there are no excuses, users will get the latest and greatest along with consumers… 🙂

    Well done, and the kudos for the engineering system/process improvements.

  47. BK says:

    To those who hate the Metro UI, there are several third party apps out there that will restore the start button, boot directly to the desktop, and, best of all IMO, shuts down the hot corners and that damned irritating charms bar when on the desktop. Its a shame that these third party applications are the only way to make Windows 8 acceptable for a PC.

  48. For those that hate the ModernUI and new Windows 8 start menu, when you finally stop fighting progress and learn the new system, you will like it BETTER.  I challenge all to actually try the thing.  No all that is different is bad, and changes need to be made from time to time to improve things. When developing I particularly like using  the desktop and snapping the ModernUI  mail or Music on the right, so I can keep in touch without having another app interfere.  To me, things like snap are useful even on my desktop, though I also work on my BUILD  tablet.

    Speaking of BUILD, see all you devs there, I hope.

  49. -- says:

    Microsoft CEO sees company becoming more like Apple




  50. Iwantwindows7.5 says:

    I installed windows 8, ran it for a week or so.  Hated the interface, went back to 7.  Seriously Microsoft? When the public and ceos get a hold of this, its going to be a BBQ.

  51. NM says:

    This was much faster than I had expected, Spectacular stuff =)

  52. Kate Miller says:

    Just sharing a FREE ebook titled "Microsoft Windows 8 RTM Titanic "An User's Perspective" by Dejah Thoris (PDF 8MB)

    Download Links



    Image of Book Cover


  53. Darren says:

    @James: Great if Windows 8 works for you and you believe it is intuitive. It does not work for me and I believe an os that hides the shut down button in a way that I had to google it ist not intuitive. I watched my Nephew for about an hour fighting with a new installation of Windows 8 after which he gave up and decided he does not want it even for free.

    Look, I want to use my computer the best way possible for me. And even if you believe shutting down a machine is irrelevant, I believe is not. If you are right, then ask yourself why did Microsoft invest a lot to reduce startup time? If nobody needs to shutdown computers anymore, boot time would be irrelevant. But if shutting down computers is not irrelevant, then it is crazy to hide the button for it or require 3rd party tools to have it in a place where it makes sense.

    Again: I am happy Windows 8 works for you. But it is below my standards. I don´t organize my live in tiles or apps only because Microsoft is telling me to do so. I have a use case and I need a machine which supports this case best possible. It is not that I want to change my usage scenarios to fit to the machine. I would be happy to change my usage if there is a real advantage but this advantage I don´t see it.

  54. Craig says:

    @Darren    Tried using the physical power button on your PC to turn it off?  Just like you do to turn off your TV, stereo, phone, blender etc.

  55. emulation says:

    <a href="http://www.emulationsofttech.com"><b&gt; Emulation </b></a> provide training in asp.net,java,php,oracle,android,c,c++ and cloud computing and red hat for those who want to make carrier in IT as a professional software engineer.IT companies typically recruit fresh software professionals from engineering colleges, universities offering computer science courses, as well as other private institutes.

  56. Darren says:

    @Kate Miller: Interesting read and presents some interesting arguments.

    @Craig: This does not answer the question why does Microsoft hide the power off feature under settings. Basically no device you have mentioned requires me to search via settings to find an option to power it off. Mostly it is plain visible on my remote or on the device itself. This is intuitive product design Microsoft is obviously not capable of.

    Luckily there is a hardware button on a computer device to turn it off. So basically Microsoft is saying: "To shut down the device kneel down and press the power off button on the computer because we are unable to present any intuitive solution to you 3rd party developers easily can come up with". There is only one word for this: Embarassing.

  57. marin says:

    I wanted you to leave Aero Glass.

    Please correspond by next update.

    Please also display a start button as an option.

  58. Windows user says:

    Please allow to use XDDM video drivers and support old XP drivers because there are lots of hardware which can support Windows 8!! There are motherboards too which support DDR1 memory in size of 2Gb!! (With 845G, 915G, Matrox cards,…,…,….) and so on.

  59. Name says:

    Now some "App meter" will not open you see a colored background and then the application is closed. Solve this problem with Intel 945. Thank you.

  60. Name says:

    For two months I've been using Windows 8 with intel 945 and I was using all metro apps including games, and everything went perfectly. Yesterday after reinstalling Windows 8 for a problem with the metro apps now some metro applications no longer work. Please solve the problem as soon as possible. I do not want to go back to Windows 7. Until yesterday everything worked.

  61. CSRedRat says:

    Good news us! Go Windows 8!

  62. CSRedRat says:

    Good news for us! Go Windows 8!

  63. Jasper says:

    1) lol at how easy to install the update :

    How to obtain this update

    Install this update from Windows Update.

       Open the Charms bar by swiping in from the right edge of a touch screen. Or, if you use a mouse, move the mouse to the upper- or lower-right corner of the display.

       Tap or click Search.

       In the search box, type Windows Update.

       Tap or click Settings.

       Tap or click Install optional updates.

       Click the nn important updates are available link, where n is the number of important updates available.

       Click to select theupdate_name check box, where update_name is the name of the update that you want to install.

       Click Install.

    2) where is the KB article showing which fixes are in the CU ?

  64. Stefano says:

    In this video you can see that you can set a background image in the login (logon or sign-in, call it like you want it) screen:


    Will it be possible anytime soon? I installed the updates and it is NOT yet possible to do, or I can't find how or where to set it…

  65. Riddle says:

    After the update the metro settings of the PC is more buggy and sometimes freeze but the most annoying thing is that in the notification settings where it says "Show notifications from these apps" there aren't any apps anymore, all just vanished.

  66. Balwinder says:

    Thank you Microsoft.  

  67. Theophilus Sackey says:

    I'm so happy that there are people who always see the brighter side of life and would like to bring others on board. Thanks to you good people, Microsoft.

  68. ron says:

    how about some native image support for NEFRAWDNG, still need to install other applications just to view the thumbnails and full image.

  69. The boxes says:

    The box art of the retail boxes that leaked some time ago is confirmed by the pictures on Amazon UK.

    5 different themes? Maybe. We'll see.

    New notification icons and background picture at login screen? Can you confirm it Microsoft or is it just an advertising lie?

  70. Mike Dimmick says:

    For those asking about video drivers, or indeed any drivers: that is down to the video chipset manufacturer to supply them. If they have not produced any drivers, or have not put them through WHQL, there will not be any drivers in-box or from Windows Update. Windows 7 WDDM 1.1 drivers should continue to work properly.

    @SC: Dell customize the chip compared to nVidia's reference design, so even if nVidia had produced a compatible driver (which they haven't), you'd have to wait for Dell to re-release it. Dell no longer support the Latitude D820 and have not even released working WDDM 1.0 (Windows Vista) drivers for 64-bit. I also have a Latitude D820 with the nVidia Quadro NVS 110M chip, and I'm using drivers from laptopvideo2go.com. There are occasional rendering bugs in Windows 8 using these drivers. I think it's time I got a new laptop. Perhaps Microsoft will ensure that the Surface tablets are maintained?

  71. Startscreen experience.

    I have 2 little suggestions.

    1.) Allow to drag and drop more than 1 app on the Startscreen, to customzie the groups.

    2.) Allow in "All apps view" that it is possible to pin muliple apps to the Startscreen in 1 step. It's a little bit annoying to pin some apps in single steps. (That would be a great addition, because you've allowed already to unpin multiple apps from the Stratscreen!)

    So that are my little suggestions.

  72. Rename says:

    The problem is not the drivers which until recently worked or meters apps is that suddenly I can not use something that until recently worked very well. I do not understand the need to remove the intel 945 that was present until last month on Windows Update and restrict access to modern app that now do not work. This was not a very welcome change. I think it's wrong not to allow users who want to use Windows 8 to install it. Today I went back to Windows 7 and I am very happy. Thank you for this nice surprise. Intel 945 I used it until yesterday about Windows 8 and everything worked even the modern app, now I'm on Windows 7. Thank you Microsoft.

    Who wants to use Windows 8 can not use it for some strange changes made ​​after the release rtm.

  73. Pepper says:

    The download page mentions:

    Users who have upgraded from a previous version of Windows or Windows Server should run delmigprov.exe to resolve an issue that could prevent Windows8-RT-KB2756872-x64.msu from being installed.

    So, where do I get this mysterious delmigprov.exe? Install of 2756872 is failing on one of my machines that was upgraded from Windows 7. The only thing Google finds is the download page I quoted.

  74. ZippyZapp says:

    Start Menu?  I see many, many people asking for the start menu back in. I agree with them.  It needs to be an option then windows 8 will be back on track and usable again from a desktop.  If you don't want to enable the start menu on a tablet then don't but in desktop mode there should be at least an option.

  75. A couple of big mistakes should be corrected says:

    Desktop users will immediately after using Windows 8 miss the following from windows 7 desktop:

    start button to start the desktop. The sleek aero glass user interface. Gadgets that are "safe".

    Fortunately, it can be reinstalled with free 3 party programs.

    Touch users will be missing folders for better organization of programs on the new metro, as in Android and Ipad, and the ability to use Windows Explorer in metro as pure touch and not within desktop which is not as finger friendly. In desktop mode up and down bars in could be enlarged to touch.

  76. Mark says:

    I'll second the calls to return Aero Glass to the Desktop mode.  I understand the arguments about battery life, but they don't apply to my machine which is happily plugged into 120V all day long.  And so far as the "cheesy" comment from the May blog post goes, I wholeheartedly disagree; I enjoy and appreciate the 3D rendering, glass and brushed-metal effects.  I guess I have a taste for bling and eye candy; Swiss design and Metro are more like eye cabbage.

  77. greg says:

    @Pepper: I think the tool is included in the update package on the Update Catalog (catalog.update.microsoft.com/…/Search.aspx).

  78. Bi says:

    BTW for those reading this, the reason for the size is more because of the timestamp issue on the binaries,  see technet.microsoft.com/…/2749655

  79. Damit Senanayake [MSFT] says:

    @Pepper: delmigprov.exe is available on the same download page as KB 2756872.

    32-bit (x86): http://www.microsoft.com/…/details.aspx

    64-bit (x64): http://www.microsoft.com/…/details.aspx

  80. Gigaplex says:

    Why is there no longer a Windows Update tray notification like in Windows 7? I didn't even notice there were updates available.

  81. HP says:

    Short note, Task Manager still doesn't save the last active tab on close.  Nor does window placement most of the time.  It's especially painful on dual monitor systems which don't always have the secondary monitor enabled (such as during movie watching).

    Stacking windows also doesn't work properly.

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    _ctl00, , false, true))

  84. Connie Bazzle says:

    Is my Dell Ispiron ready for the newest version of windows

  85. ferose says:


  86. aiai says:

    Please add and improve the following functions by next update.

    – The option of a start menu and a start button

    – The option of Aero Glass

    – If it changes at all so that operation of the shutdown can be directly carried out from a charm, I need your help well.

    It is also continued to expect the good product.

    Windows 9 is pleasure.

  87. Darren says:

    What is the sense of the charms bar on desktop when it says always this feature is not avaliable in desktop mode when you click something on it.

    Sorry Microsoft, your Windows 8 is the most crappiest piece of software I have ever seen.

  88. Debian Ubuntu says:

    Windows 8 is the best reason to switch to Linux.

  89. Kimono says:

    Windows 8 is the most cr*ppiest piece of software I have ever seen.

  90. Leif Harrington says:

    I want Windows 9.

  91. Salt says:

    Will there be other updates before or on the 26th October?

    Will it be possible to use a picture instead of the solid color in the login screen?

    Will the DVD sold in stores be already updated?

  92. Pepper says:

    @greg, @damit: when I asked the tool was not listed there. Thanks.

  93. tomte says:

    After the update all my Metro apps take about 11 seconds to load and the Maps app won't start at all. Oh and please do something about the desktop interface, it's very difficult to distinguish unfocused windows from each other – everything just melts together in a white and gray mass.

  94. I love windows 8. Works great on my 7 years old dell even. But I think I'd like to second Tomte's request. Can I please configure the coloring of my desktop more? It really is kinda a mess of whites and grays. On OSX where they love partan whites and grays they at least help differentiate overlapped programs with a stupid amount of drop shadow effect. I don't want to see Win8 go that route but at least something should be done. Preferably, just let me have control over my coloring scheme.

  95. WiFi Issues says:

    I am having bad WiFi connectivity issues with My Dell XPS Studio tower –  Win 8 with D-Link Dir-655 Router, I have tried 3 USB adapters. Intermittently connects aand when it does slow performance 🙁

    Very frustrating otherwise I am quite pleased with Win8.

  96. Marko says:

    Why can´t I set the colors of the tiles on start screen the way I want it?

  97. switched to mac says:

    The Windows 8 desktop is still not color-managed. Metro apps and the whole windows experience are terrible on wide gamut displays.

  98. NewUpdateIssues says:

    Had this round of updates install on my Win8 test box. Now any website with flash on any browser (IE,Firefox,Chrome) crashes the browser completely. Also, my anti-virus engine now thinks any office 2010 application I open up is trying to perform a buffer overflow attack. Something is seriously weird with these "performance" updates.

  99. tnvbalaji says:

    Nice to see Update for Windows 8 before it released to public.

    Here are my some suggestions

    1. Provide flexibility to change the colors for the start screen Application icons

    2. Provide setting to avoid opening files (docs, images) etc in startscreen (tablet mode) when we are in desktop mode



  100. PG-13 says:

    Is it correct that no apps  containing content rated NC-17 or R is permitted into the Microsoft store?

  101. philippe says:

    I downloaded Windows 8 on my laptop today.  Bing Desktop no longer works, just sends you to the desktop.  Chat with Microsoft was useless as they don't support beta versions (of Windows 8) and had no Windows 8 training. Sheesh! One thing I find annoying is the slowness in opening the sidebar to get to the menu.  Doesn't totally flow.  With no start button, its a little confusing findings things.  Also, when you go to the Windows Store … you can't search for an app!

  102. Gilean says:

    Why is it that after installation I have to manually create a group in the start screen where to put all the shortcuts? With Windows XP and Windows 7 the start menu created the folders itself and put all the shortcuts in there automatically.

  103. Cryio says:

    I was aware Windows 8 was the full perfect, compatible dream it is supposed to be Day 1, but I'm glad to hear you're working on it

  104. Glad to hear that Windows 8 is still being worked on.  I was enjoying using it on my desktop with Stardock's Metro killer installed.  My W8 disk quit booting last week so I'm waiting for GA so I can do a proper full install and bring my W7 settings over.  I am going to give Metro a fair test on my laptop.  The last time it ran there Metro seemed (maybe/possibly) OK but it's apps were so dysfunctional as to be effectively useless. I'm looking forward to trying the real deal in a couple of weeks.  I mainly use Mac OS so my expectations are high.

  105. temp says:

    after the update, everytime i restart the computer the Store tile display 5 in notifications. I have to open the store then it disappears.

    I don't know if it is because the virtual hyper-v switch but my network connection is not initiated as fast like before.

  106. There is a problem with the window color scheme settings.

    Choosing those preset colors will have no problems, however while using custom colors, the color scheme will have bad readability.

    Take this screenshot for example: i.minus.com/ivNQnATDOSH5p.png

    I can barely read the text underlined by red line in the screenshot above, the text should be in white color.

    Really hope Microsoft can fix this. Thanks.

  107. Important! says:

    Please drivers for 945G, 965G!!!!

  108. Drumcat says:

    Why is it that Microsoft needs to spend so much money on advertising Windows 8 if it is such a great product and superior to Windows 7?

  109. youko says:

    Start menu for windows 8 desktop–>>http://www.stardock.com/…/start8

  110. Mikael says:

    Is it true that I cannot put 2 Metro apps side by side occupying 50% of the screen each? Was it possible with Windows 1.0?

  111. naonao says:

    Microsoft’s Windows 8 Shoehorns Touch Into Desktops And Laptops: This Won’t End Well



    Windows 8 is the worst OS!

  112. 6205 says:

    Please rebuild RTM iso with all updates.

  113. Salt says:

    Add an option to delete files permanently in multiple passes for not being recoverable.

    (Mac) OS X's Finder has it included by default.

    For example Shift + right click on filename shows the option to delete in multiple passes the selected file.

  114. Intel 945 Graphics Driver says:

    What choice has led to testing intel 945 throughout the development cycle of Windows 8 and remove the media only after the publication of rtm. when users have already made ​​the transition of their systems daily productivity. Thank you for the time I lost in testing the operation of Windows 8 on my personal computer. A user ready to go back to using Windows 8 with intel 945 I look forward to a solution or recovery support as the release of rtm. I do not ask to develop drivers for intel but the restoration of legancy driver support provided during the development cycle and release rtm. The drivers provided during development did not present any problem in use with Windows 8 with the exception of 3D graphics thing that users understand very well given the limitations of the product. Thanks great job.

  115. Even after the updates. the online check disk still didn't catch my bad sector and "backup system image" fails!

  116. Shery says:

    to Sinofsky

    please check high contast themes, they don't work perfectly in metro

  117. Where is the Windows 9 blog?

  118. Davis Win8 says:

    Been using windows 8 for over a month on my dell laptop with a separate 24" monitor.  I love the hyper-v feature.   A couple of little suggestions hopefully they can make it into the official release.

    1.  I would love to be able keep my metro desktop(tiles) in view while working on the other monitor.  Currently as soon as I click on the second monitor it switches the main screen from metro to desktop.

    2.  Similarly I would like to run metro apps on both screens at the same time.  Currently only screen does metro and other one switches back.

  119. Where is the Windows 9 blog?

  120. Johnny says:

    Windows 8 has a Map app… but no where to type a single location to view. Right-click has no feature to choose a location, other than directions from two different points. Isn't this silly?

  121. Veronicox says:

    Why is it that I have to use 3rd party tools to get rid of the Start screen, to be able to boot into the desktop, remove the magic corners and dump the charmbar? Oh yeah, this 3rd party tool also offers a start button?

    Hello Microsoft…… r u sleeping?

  122. Jackie Chan says:

    @Veronicox: because Microsoft force users to do what THEY hope users do. As usual… they never change for the better but for their own avarice. It's only avarice, greediness, like they did with Office 2007 and later, the ribbon without any other choice for the classic menus… WHY? Leave the classic menus as well, give PEOPLE choice. Leave Start Button in Windows 8 as well, give PEOPLE choice.

  123. abolfazl says:

    very good

  124. msftboy says:

    I'm having a weird problem where when in metro apps that have something that can scroll if I move my mouse cursor to the top or bottom of the screen it starts to scroll much like if I was touching the screen. Really annoying since you rely on moving your mouse to the edge of the screen now to do things like close the app, bring up charms, and the multi take banner… is this just me?

  125. no name says:

    Doesn't Microsoft forget the important update called adding a start button to an option in the desktop screen of Windows 8?

    There is a request this much, so please correspond.

    If impossible, it is made to want you to be able to revive by that as used in the field of Windows 9.

  126. brownparas@windowslive.com says:

    more easy to follow examples/steps/stages for the nonexpert user of windows

  127. The price in Euro says:

    59 Euros (seen at an online store) is the price for the Upgrade DVD Windows 8 Pro. I think it should stay so low forever, not just until 31st January, or else it will fail.

  128. ReMark says:

    Users want to see details in a easy way not after 342343 windows:


  129. Rumble says:

    Is it true I cannot drag an object from one app into another app, let´s say an email attachement or similiar?

    I cannot drag an email attachement from the email app onto the desktop? Hahahaha. Microsoft are you serious?

  130. Fikus says:

    Why is it that when I select an app from a category the store and click the back arrow I get returned to the beginning of the store instead of being returned to the category?

  131. Dreambox says:

    For Windows 8 and Windows Phone I want an option to report back to the auther if I deny to install an app because the app requires to many user rights. Also I want to be able to install the app but deny the user rights the app wants.

    But Windows 8 is so bad why should I post here any suggestions? Dump it and start from the scratch.

  132. Farnborough says:

    I have just tried another metro app which is as useless as any other app before on the desktop. *Dumped*

    [IRONY]This Windows 8 is really great[/IRONY]

  133. Joe says:

    It is still just plain ugly!

  134. JustMe says:

    Can you add the presentation mode setting to the settings charm options and remove the Mobilty center in windows 8, because all other options are there intregated already.

  135. frustrated says:

    we need a dvd-rom driver … cant play dvd's

  136. WINDOWS2015 says:

    if i install windows 8 devolp will i be able to up grade to windows 8 pro with my store bought cd with out having to reinstall everything?

  137. Pramodh says:

    1.The Music App crashes a lot.

    2.Proxy does not work for apps.

    3. It would be good if we had group conversation feature in the messenger app like i facebook.

  138. Harshit says:

    after viewing the features of windows 8 i led to conclusion that windows 8 can't beat apple's mountain lion

  139. User says:

    Fix broken webcam support for metro apps.

  140. Jason says:

    Mountain Lion really??? haha thats not even close to NT4 letalone Windows 8.

  141. Jason says:

    So many retarded comments on this site, I am just glad Microsoft doesn't follow them as we would end up with a pile of rubbish.

    Just because you use a computer doesn't mean you know how to make it better.

  142. Piano App says:

    Where is the Piano app? Metro style Piano app I liked in the Preview version of Windows 8. It's gone from the Store…

  143. WindowsStore apps update says:

    Allow me to update all my apps automaticly in Windows8. I don't want to click everytime on the Store tile.

  144. Robert says:

    TUFKAM = The Ui Formerly Known As Metro

  145. User says:

    Please drivers for ATI AMD Radeon DirectX 9.0 video cards!!!!

  146. TUFKAM says:

    Microsoft soon will have to fight new anti competition claims regarding Windows 8, Windows 8 RT and the Microsoft store. It will not be upheld that applications will only be available through the Microsoft store for this dominant os and it will not be upheld that Microsoft is the only company who can deliver regular applications to Windows 8 RT.

  147. @Microsoft from user says:

    Isn't the latest product obsessed with the function or the design?

    Although I would like to recommend you very much there, please take a large-scale user questionnaire after the market introduction of windows 8.

    I think that what Microsoft itself knows for the product for which the user is asking once again is important.

    I would like you to make a simple and easy-to-use product, and was allowed to write.

    It could say that it is the same not only as Windows but Office and Internet Explorer.

  148. Really? says:

    Please check your code for the live tile on the "people" app.  If you get a notification which you check on a different device (e.g. android phone, the web) then the live tile does not go away unless you do a hard reboot.

  149. rio prem says:

    free dowlood

  150. Happy Mac says:

    What about this.

    f you find yourself confused by Windows 8's dueling interfaces, you're not alone. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says that he finds its "bimodal user experience" "puzzling" and "confusing," although he ultimately thinks the operating system is a winner.

  151. User plus says:


    if you find yourself confused by Windows 8's dueling interfaces, you're not alone. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says that he finds its "bimodal user experience" "puzzling" and "confusing," although he ultimately thinks the operating system is a winner.

  152. MicroAndHard says:

    Die Windows 8 die!!!

  153. cool.scientist says:

    Why has the ad-hoc networking been removed in windows 8? Will it be added in an update?

  154. FixIT says:

    I did some tests to find out the source of the problem.

    App pre-installed Windows 19 (working)

    61 App Install

    19 +14 = 33 App functioning and usable

    61-33 = 28 App not working (crash or only display a colored background)

    This occurred after October 10. With the new intel 945 driver downloaded from Windows Update.

    I tried to uninstall the update KB2756872 but did not solve the problem.

    I think the problem is due to a change of driver intel 945.

    In the months prior to October 10 and the old driver always downloaded from Windows Update all applications worked 61/61. I can provide more data if they are useful to solve the problem. The telemetry app is already active. Fix this please.

  155. msr says:

    Please give us a registry or group policy switch to get rid of all so called improvements of the Metro interface! We run a company environment an do not care at all for any touch optimzations or apps. When running maximized applications, it is super cumbersome to start other programs without a start button. Your visual interface design is really the ugliest since Windows 1.0.


  156. johan says:

    Why 1024*786 en not 1024*600 for tablet

  157. LordGeek says:

    Well, I must honestly say .. Windows 8 needs ALOT of work. I have been trying out now Windows 9 Professional 64bit for the past couple of weeks .. to be used as a daily operating system is definately NOT in the picture .. having to find applications and switching back and forth between multiple screens just to find what you're looking for is NOT worth it. People, would want to make a HUGE improvement in Windows 8 .. put the START / Programs back into the desktop where it belongs. Compatibility issues, alot of them. I'm a heavy games player .. my system comprises of Intel 7 iCORE, 16GB mem and 2 nVidia 560's .. with everything running at optimal, so far, I have NOT been able to get 1 game working without it crashing continuously .. these game would comprise of DiRT 2, DiRT 3, NFS Hot Pursuit, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, World at War, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 etc etc etc .. I could keep going. Never have I had any of these issues with Windows 7 Ultimate .. so if Windows 8 is to be the next best thing .. YOU BETTER GET TO WORK .. OBVIOUSLY YOUR BETA TESTERS NEED TRAINING ALSO. This is 1 person here that will NOT be investing any monies into this version of Windows until ALL the bugs have been fixed.

  158. It is good to know that Microsoft is agressively moving to patch problem areas, and the Appstore will make that so much easier for app changes – this is good news!

    I'm not getting into the usability arguments, the RP wasn't terribly useful to me but it sounds like many of the complaints (but not all) in the apps have been addressed. For me, While I will be purchasing 8 when it is generally released (my job is to stay current) I currently don't have any plans to use the ModernUI versions of apps (I have a desktop monitor).

  159. Mark Feyoz says:

    Did you see that Windows 8 TV add getting crazy 🙂 > http://www.iitechinfo.com/…/microsoft-gets-crazy-with-its-first.html

  160. User Plus says:

    @Lord Geek

    You testa de Catzo

    Win 8 or 9 is not for your moronic games.

    You sound a like more Lord DH

  161. Waverunnr says:

    @Darren (1) The Power button has not been hidden.  It's been moved.  There's a difference.

    (2) You aren't supposed to switch off your PC.  It performs necessary maintenance like Windows Update, Virus Checks, and Disk Defragmentation while you sleep.

  162. User Plus says:

    @ Darren.

    if you find yourself confused by Windows 8's dueling interfaces, you're not alone. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says that he finds its "bimodal user experience" "puzzling" and "confusing," although he ultimately thinks the operating system is a winner.

  163. technews says:

    Nice article…

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