Updating our built-in apps for Windows 8

We’re super excited to be approaching general availability (GA) of Windows 8 and Windows RT. With thousands of new apps in the Store, there are a lot to choose from and tens of thousands of developers have been very busy around the world creating new apps. Across Microsoft we’ve been busy since August adding new features and improving the apps that come with Windows and will be updating these apps before GA. We’ll introduce new features, improve performance, and increase reliability. This post is authored by Gabriel Aul on our program management team and details some of the updates you will see starting in the next day or so as the updates enter the Store.

As we get close to the general availability (GA) of Windows 8, there are many things that the Windows team and other teams at Microsoft have been doing to get ready. Of course, the most important thing has been working with PC makers to help them ready the wave of amazing Windows 8 PCs that will soon be available. Some of these have been announced already and more announcements are to come. With Windows 8, we also introduced a new Store for Windows 8 apps, as well as a number of new apps that are included with Windows. We already have thousands of apps in the Windows Store, even before GA, and we’re working with developers from around the world to bring more in every day. The Windows Store represents an unprecedented opportunity for developers to reach hundreds of millions of customers, and we’re very pleased to see the exciting things that are showing up every day.

Of course, we are also taking advantage of the integrated way that we can deliver updates to apps through the Windows Store. Leading up to GA for Windows 8, we will be releasing updates for many of the apps that were included with the release to manufacturing (RTM) build of Windows 8 that was delivered to PC makers and to MSDN and TechNet subscribers in August. Naturally, these app updates will also be available to PC makers to include by default with their PCs shipping in the future, but for those of you who have already installed Windows 8 RTM, it is super easy to get the updates from the Store app. The Store tile will notify you when updates are available, and you can open it and click the updates link in the top right corner to see the list and install the ones you want.

The Bing app will be the first one out, available tomorrow, and more updates will roll out up until Oct 26th. You will be notified of Windows Store updates just as you have come to expect, with a count of available updates on the Store tile. You can easily choose to install the updates at a convenient time:

Start screen with Store tile showing 3 updates

Across the board, you’ll see performance and reliability improvements in the apps, but there are some great new capabilities as well. Here are some highlights of the changes you’ll see:

Skydrive app tile


  • Search within SkyDrive
  • Rename and move folders and files
  • New first-run experience
  • Custom sort order

App tiles for Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging

Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging

  • Conversation view of your inbox
  • Complete IMAP account support
  • Accepting and declining invitations in email
  • Capturing and updating your account picture
  • Improved search
  • Search for a contact within the Messaging app

Photos app tile


  • Crop and rotate photos
  • New auto-curated collage slideshows
  • View photos and videos on network locations in your Pictures Library such as Windows Home Server, network shares, and HomeGroups
  • Move through photos in your Pictures Library even when you open them from the desktop

Maps app tile


  • Bird's eye view
  • 3,000+ indoor venue maps
  • Driving directions hints
  • Improved navigation and layout
  • Improved customization, including custom pushpins and roaming options
  • Integration with Bing and Travel apps

Bing app tile


  • Richer search results for local content and images
  • Bing rewards integration
  • Use zoom on your search results to see related queries
  • Use the file picker to select an image from Bing to use on your lock screen or in your other apps

Finance app tile


  • Additional news and magazine content
  • More market exchanges enabled
  • Finance videos

News app tile


  • Additional news content from partners such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal
  • Enhanced article reader, including font customization, zoom, pagination, and more
  • Improved offline reading experience
  • News videos
  • Slideshows

Sports app tile


  • Additional news and magazine content
  • Sports videos
  • Slideshows
  • New soccer leagues, including MLS, J. League, and Brazilian League



  • Additional news and magazine content
  • Improved flight search and new flight progress indicator
  • Improved hotel listing page
  • Interactive 360-degree panoramas (gyroscope supported)



  • Improved default location usability
  • Hourly weather forecasts, up to 10 days
  • Day & evening high/low temperatures



  • Purchasing in local currencies
  • Closed captioning
  • Search by actor or director



  • Expanded music services
  • Rich "Now Playing" experience
  • Discover more music with SmartDJ



  • Exciting new games
  • In-game purchasing
  • Invites and turn notifications

We are excited to get these updated apps out to all of the people who have been using Windows 8 so far, and to have them ready for the Windows 8 launch for people buying new PCs or upgrading their existing PCs.

-- Gabriel Aul

Comments (554)

  1. jader3rd says:

    Can you update the Music App to use a 5 star rating system?

    Looking forward to the updates?

  2. Nick says:

    Great, can't wait for Windows 8

  3. Brian says:

    Will we see a separate volume control on the music app/metro apps in general? That would be hugely helpful!!

  4. Keith says:

    Conversation view in the Mail app will be a welcome addition!!  Keep on making it better!

  5. Jonathan says:

    All sounds stunning!

    Can you update the Messaging app so that it can sent and receive files + images please! 🙂

  6. mcuomo2013 says:

    I like how you keep improving Windows 8!!! I would love to see the radial menu (like in OneNote) come to the mail app though, I think it is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  7. How about you update the Music app so I can correct the horribly wrong metadata it uses for my files?

  8. JF says:

    Great to see the work progressing on the built-in apps! I'll be excited to try out the changes after GA, but hopefully it's a vast improvements from the current crop. Music app is currently far below the standard set by Zune, the Photos apps far below the functinality and usability of Windows Live Photo Gallery, and even the email client is terrible in its current form compared to the current Outlook webpage. The Weather app currently crashes constantly and takes forever to load.

    My point is, there's a VAST amount of room for improvement, so good luck and keep up with the updates!

  9. Joe says:

    Thank god, I was really hoping that these would be updated by General Availability.  Pretty much everything I was hoping for is covered here, though I wouldn't mind seeing Skype integration added into the Messaging app…

  10. John says:

    Will the messaging app support Gtalk? A lot of my friends are exclusively on Gtalk.

  11. MagooChris says:

    I really hope they fix the support in the Mail app for non Microsoft email addresses. I have all my email forwarded to my Outlook.com page and that works fine, but the app won't download it because my Microsoft Account isn't one of the "live" types.

    Also hope they implement a proper save and resume playing in xbox music, I hate having to have to turn shuffle back on and skip the first song in my playlist so that I don't hear it every time I start up.

    Otherwise I'm enjoying the experience on my work computer.

  12. Kamran Mackey says:

    Jonathan, I'm sure that app will receive that functionality soon. And John, That app will probably support Google Talk in the very near future.

  13. Zartan says:

    Music app needs autoplaylists and play counts like the Zune software. Also would be smart if Microsoft made it more obvious that you can wirelessly stream all of your content from any apps to a DLNA device like Xbox via the "Devices" charm. Nobody is going to figure out on their own that they can stream video/audio/photos from any app to their TV via that Devices charm. You need to give people a little help in figuring out how to use the new apps and interface. I'm a fairly advanced user and I don't consider these things obvious in any way.

  14. Kamran Mackey says:

    MagooChris, I've never experienced that problem. I have a Outlook.com Email account and it sends and receives email just fine with no problem. And jader3rd, That will probably be coming in the near future once Microsoft has released the full Non-RTM version of Windows 8 to the General Public.

  15. BurningOrange says:

    There is an important missing feature in the Modern UI when dealing with files: we cannot create a new folder ! For example, when trying to save an attachment from Mail, I can navigate around, but I cannot create a new folder to save it into. I have to open Explorer in desktop mode instead !

  16. John Bailey says:

    How about desktop versions of these apps so we can use them on more than one display?  Metro may be cute, but it kills productivity.

  17. Paul Irwin says:

    Sounds like good updates! Still waiting on Google Talk integration in Messaging and podcast support in Music!

  18. cranberry says:

    Thanks. Great to see bird's eye imagery support in the maps app and conversation view in Mail. I hope you update the apps and keep adding features even after GA. Some of them still lack important features and look unfinished.

  19. Jonathan says:

    Also, would be great if the people app could set contact photos, for Outlook contacts. I also don't think it allows me to set contact birthdays either (on my phone, so can't check)… Thanks!

  20. SteveMetro says:

    Alas! Good news. No, Great News. Whew

  21. ahmad says:

    then whats the point of BETA ?

    post them now so we can test them before public launch

  22. MDC says:

    Thank you for adding IMAP support and conversation view to the Mail app!

    I would like to request the following features:

    1. The ability to turn of the reading pane in the Mail App

    2. XMPP /  Google Talk support in the Messaging App

    3. Ability to add calendars from URL's in the Calendar App

    4. More ability to customize notifications across all apps (for example, in the Mail app.. I would like to have the option to receive separate notifications for each new message that comes in (when multiple messages come in at the same time))

    5. Additional support for Google Contacts in the People App

    Other than that, keep up the great work! Thanks.

  23. Brent says:

    So glad they are getting updated. They need it. So far Video won't play the DRM files it downloads (I had to use Zune for Doctor Who) and Music won't update from new mp3s in music library, so I keep being forced back to Zune.

  24. Bowman says:

    Where the is the Skype Metro style app! Will this be added soon?

  25. James Gentile says:

    It'd be really nice if you could get links from the skydrive app, I like to upload pictures and share them, but I have to go to desktop IE to get the link to the picture. So please add at least a link to original picture (and file) that you can copy to the clipboard.

  26. NM says:

    Looking forward to upgrading my PC to Windows 8 🙂

  27. SOHO says:

    Speaking for a few million others like myself, the only app I really care about is Mail.  But if I can't get rid of the "sent on behalf of" crud in the From line so that I can send e-mail from my three different accounts without looking like a small-time doofus, then the Hotmail/Outlook.com mail is useless, which makes much of the rest it all useless as well (since my current e-mail provider already handles contacts, calendar, file storage, etc.)  Because of this one thing I'm not really interested in any of the rest of it…so, why don't you fix that problem first?

  28. Cliff Ravenscraft says:

    I would love to see support for PODCASTING!!!!

  29. Fernando says:


    it's a long time since the developer preview version and the problem is still present….

    there a lot of advise in Microsoft answers site and Teched but they're all ineffective…..

  30. Martin says:

    I'm having a good time with Windows 8 so far. The one thing that I really want to see is support for network drives in the Music app. I've got a lot of music stored on a NAS that serves it up to devices around the house and while I was able to make Zune find it I haven't had the same luck with Xbox Music.

  31. Brendan says:

    PODCASTING.  Podcasting must be in there!  It changes lives more than any other medium!

  32. Steve Bremner says:

    I'd love to see some kind of app for podcasting or easier way to use it in your operating system.

  33. Dave Stachowiak says:

    Support for podcasting – please!

  34. Gigaplex says:

    Are the Microsoft accounts ever going to be fixed such that the billing country can be changed? My Microsoft account is linked to the wrong country for some reason (I've never given Microsoft billing information in my life) and on closer inspection it's related to a free XBox Silver profile despite me never owning an XBox. I have nothing on that XBox profile and there's no way to remove it from my account. There's many posts all over the place complaining about this issue and Microsoft keeps replying with "create a new account" but that's not an option as the Microsoft account is tied into so many things these days – Email, Skydrive, Windows Live contacts, MSDN subscriptions (work provided) and now the Windows 8 logins. I was about to purchase a Windows Phone until I found out that it would run into the same sort of issues.

    As a result I can't try out the Games app in Windows 8 as it complains that my (incorrect) billing country doesn't match my current locale.

  35. Clay Collins says:

    I would love for there to be an app for subscribing to podcasts.

  36. JoeS says:

    I'm still hoping the reader app will be updated to include more pen colors, with linewidth and transparency settings. Right now Reader is close to being a perfect lightweight annotation app, but having only one black pen is not going to cut it for most situations.

  37. Martin says:

    BTW- an option to exclude explicit material from the smart DJ playlists would be nice. I've had to stick with Slacker or Pandora while playing music around the house because I really don't want my 5-year-old running around repeating the lyrics from the "album version" of some things that pop up on my list.

  38. Shawn says:

    A stand-alone app for podcasts would be cool. Or, building podcasting support (thru RSS subscription) into an existing media app would be good.

  39. Kim Landwehr says:

    Please support podcasting!

  40. Wade Wingler says:

    Please consider adding support for simply locating, subscribing and listening to podcasts!

  41. Nathan Lowell says:

    adding rss subscription for podcast feeds to automate downloads, including scheduling and device sync would make a very nice change.

  42. Darrell Darnell says:

    It would be fantastic if Windows 8 was integrated with podcasting support!

  43. Ankit says:

    With conversation view and IMAP support, the mail app is exactly where it needs to be to make it a fully usable mail app.

    Now if only the maps app would add public transport directions… Don’t understand why public transit directions is so low of a priority for your WP7 and PC apps when they have it on their website.

  44. Please bring back the start menu, polls are not showing a good outcome for Windows 8


  45. John Bukenas says:

    Please include an app or a system to support Podcasting.

  46. Regarding the Podcasting support requests:

    I'm hoping the upcoming changes from Zune to Xbox Music(?) will bring in the almost perfect podcast subscription model from the Zune client.  I've been using that for years. Love it.

  47. John Hanlon says:

    I would love to see something for podcast support.

  48. Gfincher says:

    Most importantly, how do Enterprises get their corporate images updated with these app updates? Many are testing finalizing their Windows 8 images now for Pilot deployments. Even w/o a Microsoft Account, these app updates should be downloadable w/o user intervention like the normal Windows update mechanisms.

  49. Dennis says:

    Is there an app for subscribing to podcasts?

  50. Scott Johnson says:

    I guess I won't be the first to request this – but I would love to see built in support for listening to podcasts.  I gave up listening to commercial radio years ago, and listen to podcasts exclusively now.  That would be a huge benefit for Windows 8.  Thanks!

  51. David Dufour says:

    Please consider a consumer-easy podcatcher to make it simpler to subscribe to podcasts. This would be a huge step forward for new media.

  52. P. Dilly says:

    I really think podcasting support would be great

  53. Dan says:

    Cool updates! I hope Microsoft make a halo game metro app with touch controls, that would be awesome! I also hope the windows surface pro has a long battery life like 10 hours to justify it thickness and weight.

    Keep up the good work Microsoft

  54. James says:

    One word:


  55. Byron F says:

    I would highly suggest that windows 8 have a built in podcast app

  56. David says:

    Podcasting support would be nice.  Also, separate volume controls in the Music/Video app would be nice so you don't have to go to the charm.

  57. Laura Ross says:

    It would be amazing to have an ap for podcasting!

  58. Cesar says:

    A podcasting app would be fantastic… Not only that, but Android as far as I know doesn't have one, and the iOS podcasting app leaves lots to be desired.  I think it would be a great way for Windows to have a leg up: create a fantastic podcast app!

    We need a podcast app, please!!!

  59. Great news.  Cannot wait for all the changes..   You are the man, Steven.

  60. Clinton says:

    Yes. I agree. Podcasting is a must. It's what I listen to — even more than music.

  61. Nick Gauss says:

    Cesar said it, a native windows podcast app would be amazing. Using iTunes is the most ubiquitous method, but not one I like, or use.

  62. gertjan van damme says:

    it should be easy to implement a way to change meta-data in music

  63. @Steven Sinofsky Good but how about street-side view and public transit direction for Map? They're all in the web version of Bing Map why not in this app? BTW, some of the current Windows 8 apps (news, weather…) includes Ad banner in the end which is quite annoying. I mean it's ok for third party apps to have ads but the official Windows 8 apps from Microsoft that include the ad banners may look cheap. Also, I'm looking for the same productive app with innovative UI from Microsoft like Fresh Paint to edit Photo similar to iPhoto for iOS.

  64. Marcus Couch says:

    Podcasting is a MUST. Add it or I go to apple products.

  65. kenhes says:

    Great news!

    There is no music store for my country. I hope that will change.

    Also, wouldn't it be great if you could highlight a file on the desktop and use the share charm to mail it.

  66. Nuchtchas says:

    Podcasting, an app that would work as a good podcatcher would be fantastic!  Anything to help podcasters create too would be neat, it would stop people from thinking they need a mac to produce audio, which they don't.

  67. XelaMon says:

    These other requests for features are great! One I would like is that Messaging app to be able to delete multiple threads at once. Currently, I can only delete one thread at a time, which is really annoying if I have many threads I want to clear out.

  68. AthenaMuze says:

    Podcasting apps would really be fantastic! Please include those.

  69. Paul says:

    Podcasting support, please. Thanks!

  70. Ryan says:

    The only Windows 8 app I've purchased is the one that gives me my Start Menu back.  =)

    Thanks Stardock

  71. How will we know when each update is available? Is there notification?

  72. MikeJames says:

    What no podcast app??? WTH are they thinking???

  73. @Steven Sinofsky

    What about voice and video calls?

    My sister in Spain tried calling me the other weekend via Messenger, but got an error message stating that I am "using an old incompatible version of Messenger". FYI I run Win8 RTM.

    In one of the first Win8 presentations there was a Calls app but it has not been seen since then

  74. John says:

    I agree, Podcasts.  But not just subscription and listening.  There needs to be excellent navigation and Chapter Support.  Also, it should be the best Podcast Creation platform.  Needs excellent external mic support and level control as well as ID3 editing that supports cover art. It also needs hooks for distribution to Windows Marketplace and other platforms, like a blog.  I would just love it if I could do it all and never need to sync or dock.  I should just work.

  75. Michael Dell says:

    As a podcaster and podcast listener, I think you need to have a podcast app and directory in windows 8.

  76. #BillBennettNZ

    Your Store tile will indicate when updates are available

  77. Elsie says:

    It would be the most amazing thing if there was some sort of podcasting app or podcast support. PLEASE! Podcast support!!! Thanks a bunch!

  78. Ray Ortega says:

    Needs podcasting support.

  79. Perry says:

    Podcast support would be awesome ! Please? Thanks.

  80. Rob Walch says:

    Really hoping there is an addition for a podcast catcher app that is tied in with the Zune Podcast directory.  

  81. Greg Boyer says:

    Sure would be neat to have an app for podcasters and podcast listeners

  82. Max says:

    I want a podcasts app!

  83. David McIntyre says:

    Please remember and feature podcast!

  84. Todd Clarke says:

    Please could you guys do a podcasts app… That's pretty much all I'm wishing for. Kind Regards, Todd Clarke

  85. Jeff McSpudderson says:

    Please include some support for podcasting. This should have already been thought of.

  86. Justin Diehl says:

    I'd love to see support for podcasting and built in RSS support for web content apps would be great.

  87. Jeremy Blue says:

    Support for podcast is definitely necessary

  88. Zach says:

    Add a podcasting app or more useful apps.

  89. Adam says:

    Podcast app please.

  90. Dan says:

    Podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast Podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast………..

    I can't say it enough.

  91. Igor Mercury says:

    Add podcast support

  92. Chase Nunes of GeekGamer.TV says:

    Please add support for podcasting (Internet Broadcasting), it would be much appreciated!

  93. Masahiro says:

    Podcast, that's only app Win8 still not supporting

  94. Rudy K. says:

    Podcasting app please

  95. Jan says:

    No Podcast app? Come on now, that's one of the most important things on my phone. Even Apple has its own podcast app now after many years 🙂

  96. Jeremy Sarber says:

    What about podcasting support?

  97. Alexei Rivera says:

    Would be great to add support for podcasts. I know its generally relegated to Audio software for devices but since Windows 8 hybrid computers are going to be considered portable devices as well they should have a built-in native podcast app. More power to you!

  98. Matheus Goncalves says:

    Please! Add podcast support on windows 8!!!

  99. Dan says:

    Gangman style oh oh oh oh oh,

    windows 8,

    oh oh oh oh oh,

    windows 8 ,


    Windows 8,

    yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh

  100. Tom Johnson says:

    It would be great to add some more support for podcasting. This is a growing trend that many people count on.

  101. xankazo says:

    Videochat support! We need videochat in messaging, please!!!

  102. Koop Kooper says:

    Shame there isn't a podcasting app.

    Then you could listen to my show called the Cocktail Nation


  103. Jay says:

    Will there be some sort of support for podcasting, like a Zune app?

  104. Emcrit says:

    Podcasting is the future of education. Please support it.

  105. Macsolvers says:

    It is essential in this day and age to include podcasting support in Windows 8

  106. Dan says:


    Repeat the above message if you can't wait too!

  107. Felipe Galvão says:

    Podcasting app!

  108. Ryan says:

    Podcasting support is a must or there is really no point for me to buy Windows 8…

  109. Joe says:

    How about a podcast app?

  110. Neil says:

    Please make sure to support podcasting!

  111. Jerry J. Davis says:

    It might be a good idea to have a native app which supports podcasting.

  112. James Kennison says:

    Consider adding a native podcast app please.

  113. Dan says:

    No podcasting support? 🙁

  114. David says:

    Please support podcasts! We need a Windows 8 podcast app.

  115. Scott says:

    I agree with many on the podcasting aspect, in some ways the latest IOS updates made listening to podcast frustrating as it has terrible sync issues. And your release puts in the backseat when it's a staple of tons of people's day and week…

  116. Scott Sigler says:

    You are leaving a substantial portion of your audience without podcast support.

  117. Carey says:

    I agree with many of the comments here. Podcasting is an amazing means of passing along information for consumption in a way that makes the most of time – while exercising, commuting, cleaning, walking, etc. It's a way to maximize productivity and time. Please consider putting in an app for podcasting… why should Apple continue to think they have it all?


  118. TheScottcast.com says:

    Is there really not going to be any support for podcasting? That wouldn't be good for our millions of listeners.

  119. Andrés Pinilla says:

    Support Podcast!

  120. Nick Morris says:

    Can you please add a podcasting app for Windows 8

  121. todd cochrane says:

    We really need a podcast app, we can easily subscriber and listen to podcast on the Apple and Android platform. It would be great if the windows team would step up and help the millions of windows users have a easier path to subscribing and listening to podcast. Today they have to use iTunes which seems to me is counter culture to what Windows 8 is trying to provide. If you want to create synergy between Windows 8, Tablets, Windows Phone and Xbox why not make this part of your roll out. Podcasting is well established and well supported outside of Microsoft and frankly it has been a puzzle to me for years why their has been such a lack of support. This is the oppportunity to even the playing field with Apple.

  122. hanacho says:

    please app for podcast.

  123. Christina Nitschmann says:

    Hello, I produce two padcast shows a week on a microsoft system. Please make sure the new windows 8 supports podcasting, so I and my listeners will not have any issues with listening to padcasts with your products. Thank you!

  124. DIRadioCast says:

    add a podcasting app to Windows 8! I hope the  win 8 has that capability as my entire business is ran around our podcasting brand

  125. Dan says:


  126. Steve Fitzpatrick says:

    Please give us a podcasting app! I  want to switch my iphone for a lumia 920 as soon as it's available – but i need to be able to hear my podcasts!!!

  127. Wendy says:

    Please add a podcasting app. Not adding one would be a huge disservice to your users.

  128. Dan says:

    LOL somebody is repeating the same message about podcasting, and is using different names and different messages. LOL

  129. Paul Seville says:

    Apple have successfully leveraged free podcast content as a product in the iTunes store. Are you really going to miss the opportunity to do the same in your multimedia rich product? Please add support for podcasting to your music store or from within the Media Player equivalent.

  130. Aaron R. says:

    Would love to see a podcast app.

  131. Dan says:

    Microsoft create a halo game metro app with touch enabled controls plz.

  132. Joe says:

    No podcast app?  Hope it's in the works.

  133. gawicks says:

    Please update the store app as well. I want to see Top free and Top paid apps by  Category. There is a top free section, but all the apps are lumped together. Please give me ONE view where I can see the top 10 apps of each category grouped by category.

  134. Rebekkah Hilgraves says:

    This all looks great. One thing that appears to be missing is podcasting support. Despite the fact that podcasts have Apple as their starting point, they have become largely universal. I am a Windows user for years, AND a regular podcaster. In a gesture of goodwill, please include podcasting support! Thanks!

  135. Dan says:

    Dunno why you didn't create a podcast app! I used it at school and especially in university. Basically all the students used it to review lectures and presentations. It would be an excellent idea to develop one in time for the launch.

  136. Hannah says:

    PLEASE include podcast support. So many of us need this!

  137. Steve says:

    Joe Rogan sent me here, and I agree with him, a dedicated popcast app would greatly increase my interest in windows 8, and give me the final push to upgrade asap. So far the product looks great!

  138. Jim F says:

    I concur… How 'bout a podcasting ap? I can't believe you're gonna ignore that large of market!!! I'm a PC… Let me stay that way! 🙂

  139. Please fix the bug in the "Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging" app. There are many people who can't connect their Facebook/Twitter accounts to this app. Although it says that it's connected and you have to wait a few minutes … nothing happens! If you look at your online Microsoft Account everything is connected just fine so it's definately in the app itself. Reinstalling the app doesn't solve the problem.


  140. Tom Howard says:

    As a Windows user and podcaster, I would really love to see a podcast app instead of just relying on the standard music app. I hate having to buy 3rd party apps for this that would work so much better integrated.

  141. Benny says:

    Will the Reader be updated? I have some password protected PDF files that it cannot open

  142. Simon Foley says:

    As per previous post, how about podcasting support amongst the apps? So many people listen to or create them these days…and Apple do it with ease!

  143. Travis says:

    Podcasting app, please?

  144. Greg says:

    I am a podcaster. And i would like to see a podcast app. The music apps would not cover this. And your Zune software is a far cry from being stable. So how about you make a podcast app?

  145. Jay W. says:

    Please support Podcasts.  Apple does it (poorly) as an aside.  You could do it well and be the leader.  Thanks!

  146. mcgivneym says:

    We definitely need a better podcasting app.

  147. Adamn, Levine says:

    Please provide a Podcast app.   Support the podcast.  We would love to see it.  Thanks

  148. gadgetero says:

    What about ToDo lists in Calendar app?

  149. Joseph Doughty says:

    You are missing podcast support! Unless you think it is going away or you have better technology to replace it, we all would appreciate Windws 8 offering support for podcasting.

  150. gpike says:

    What about support for Podcasts?

  151. Dan says:

    I want to see a todo list or task management and Podcast listening support

  152. James says:

    there is a big opportunity for someone who will come into the music/podcast/ entertainment space with a more searchable, and less bloated product than iTunes.

    Their search is crap.

    Their Podcast support is weak. Stitcher does a better job with podcasts.

    ITunes is FAR from perfect, it still doesn have "did you mean" when searching…

    It forces you to download each podcast instead of allowing streaming or Apple

    s Faux streaming.

    Please do something…anything that will make my podcasts, and music searches better.


    Please have a podcast app on your windows 8 !!! If you don't, what message does it send to the world? that you don't want people to get out of radio and TV's rigid schedule, having the ease to listen or watch whatever they are interested in, wherever, whenever? That windows is not interested in creating a platform that will give users the SAY and make users in control of the content on their devices?????

    We want podcast!!!!!!!! we want podcast!!!!!!

  154. sreesiv says:

    Great news!!! eagerly waiting to get the bits and upgrade my W7 PC. Store updates are a great way to keep the apps, the enricher of the System, to be fresh and up to date.

    I have been reading some of the comments… and funny, how many feature requests are coming. That shows the enthusiasm people are having for the new apps world. There have been many reports of tech columnists and journalists, counting the number of apps in the Store every minute and debating whether it is enough or not!!! 🙂 You don't need second by second count of apps to understand whether the ship has momentum, you can just go through these comments (and filter out the trolls)… Superb!!!

  155. Don says:

    Still no clock app on the Start screen?

  156. Vic Z says:

    I hope and pray you will not forget we who enjoy podcasting and listening to podcasts. Please do not neglect us. Make applications available to listen to podcasts.

  157. Anna says:

    Please support podcasting!

  158. Shahar Boyayan says:

    I'd really like to see support for podcasts.

  159. Dan says:

    Hey yeah where is the clock app yeah where is that?

  160. Glen says:

    It would be great to see a podcasting app in there as well.

  161. CBJason says:

    What about podcasting support or an app to manage those?

  162. I like the look of the Music app and, while I enjoy listening to music, I now consume all of my speech content by listening to podcasts. It would be great to see some kind of podcasting feature built in to the new Windows 8 user experience.

  163. Seth Resler says:

    Please support podcasting with an app!

  164. Roy says:

    OMG, all the Joe Rogan fan boys that will jump at anything he says. Think for yourselves, losers! #Weak

  165. Dan says:

    How about a podcast app?

  166. As a listener and watcher of podcasts, I'd absolutely like to see an application that lets me subscribe, download and listen/watch podcasts.  It's surprising that it's not already included.

  167. Greg Carlwood says:

    Without podcast support, I won't be using it much…

  168. Jeff Niblett says:

    Please add support for podcasting.

  169. Ryan P says:

    It is great to see the updates in the list for windows 8. It is vitally important to include an app that supports podcasting. Not only for us novice producers, but for all of the great content produced by professional organizations like major networks, news organizations and big thinkers like TED. It is great to have on demand content. Thanks for allowing us to comment I believe it is important. http://ryankparker.com

  170. Roge says:

    I am sure that current podcast apps like Stitcher, Google, etc and all the countless others are already working on a Windows version. Geez guys. Get a clue.

  171. Sayed Stafa says:

    Can you add support for podcasts? Apple has a section in iTunes dedicated for podcasts, and Windows 8's app store would not be up to par if it didn't have this as well.

  172. Marlon says:

    No podcast support? I like the whole "metro" thing (ups…sacrilege!) but without some sort of podcast integration out of the box my Apple gear still has the edge. Please do something about it

  173. Carey Holzman says:

    How can there by no podcast support on a brand new operating system? Surely this is a typo or a simple over-sight? That's like building a brand new modern car and forgetting to put tires on it. What's the point?

  174. Train Whistle Test says:

    We at the Train Whistle Test podcast and our thousands of subscribers would love if you could include podcasting software in the app package for your new platform.



  175. Danielle says:

    Hi, could you please make Messaging instant? It happens to me everytime that when the Messaging app is not in focus and I recieve a message for the first time from someone that message comes with huge delay (sometimes I get it 30 minutes after it was sent or not at all).

  176. Benu says:

    Windows 8 needs a podcast app. Please add podcast support!

  177. Dave Young, cofounder of Shortcut Blogging says:

    As a business that produces blog content from podcast recordings, I'd sure like to see some native support for podcasting.

  178. haha says:

    Please develop OS and application which move directly.

    That it is hard to use, if unstable, it is troubled.

    In addition, please separate a tablet from a desktop from the following OS.

    Because it is hard to use.

  179. justme says:

    Allow me to change the background colour in the messenger app, like you allow it for the outlook messenger.

  180. Dan@CarpeGM says:

    I would really like to see some support for podcasters and their subscribers!  It's a must have for me!!!!!!!!!

  181. Manuel Fritsch says:

    Please add Podcast-Support on a native basis. That would be great!

  182. Joe blow says:

    I need podcast support to post stuff . Come on Microsoft!

  183. Will there be podcast support?  I would like that.

  184. Ben says:

    Sounds great, but where's what about podcasts?  Is there going to be a podcast app?

  185. Jar says:

    Podcast app would be great!

  186. Sonny says:

    Podcast support !

  187. Grant says:

    Podcasts need to be supported. Now more than ever. I hardly listen to regular radio. It's all podcasts.

  188. JT says:

    So many people asking for a podcast app in the store….yet one already exists. Go and search for…err…well… "podcast" & you'll find it.

  189. Leo Saumure says:

    Would love to see native podcast app. Please don't make me listen to terrestrial radio!

  190. I would really appreciate it if you would add an podcasting app to Windows 8. Thank you.

  191. domenicoav says:

    But….. for sync my Windows Phone i install Zune. Is possible Sync mu Wp in Win RT with Music ?

  192. Dan says:

    196 people and counting want a native podcast app.

  193. Sam says:

    Thanks for the updates. They seem very nice improvements.

    But I have a feedback about the SkyDrive Metro app. At the moment there is no way to access your SkyDrive files offline through the Metro app. You need to use the SkyDrive desktop app to sync files for offline use. But what about Windows RT? I assume the SkyDrive desktop app will not be available for Windows RT. So as things stand, users will have no way to access their SkyDrive files available offline. I think that will be a big omission. So, please consider adding offline syncing to the SkyDrive Metro app.

  194. Sergey says:

    I would like to see native podcast support! It is essential in today's world. Thank you.

  195. WMA - Protected music.... needs work,, says:

    Protected WMA music does not play in Music app – without telling why – Needs to be started in media player first, which downloads the media updates and certificates… when downloaded – The music then plays correctly in Music app…

    Not actually helpfull for the no-so-computing-literates….

  196. Stuart McIntyre says:

    Strange… No mention of support for podcasts?  Seriously?

  197. Per says:

    Will we finally get a combined "inbox" showing all accounts in one place in mail?

  198. Lippy says:

    Please, Microsoft.

    Don't forget to add PODCASTING support to Windows 8!

  199. Thank you for that, Microsoft.

    However, wouldn't it be nice when we were able to customize the Messaging app even further? I have some contacts who refuse to go to Facebook or Live or Google and stay in ICQ for instance. So, I have to use that bloody desktop ICQ app.

    I'd love to see a way to integrate them as well into my Contacts and Messaging apps. I see that you might not have the ambition to integrate the ICQ protocol into Messaging.

    However wouldn't it be nice to have an interface for tech-savvy users to write their own custom extension for that app, so that we can easily integrate other protocols and eventually can consolidate our messaging experience to come one step close to unified messaging?

  200. Mark says:


    C'mon Microsoft this is essential.

  201. Robin Glover says:

    Please add podcasting support to Windows 8.  It is an important and needed component to so many users and podcasters.

  202. Roger F says:

    Podcasting is one of the few really bright ideas in technology. We want to see tools like this on the front page.

    Did someone say podcasting app isn't included?

    Did someone say that I can crop photos. Awesome!

  203. Please make files offline available for the not-Desktop SkyDrive app.

    By the way, what will be the new official name of <Metro>. <Modern UI> or whatever substitution you have chosen so far is horrible. We need a new crunchy, single-word name for this.

  204. Pete says:

    The Music app certainly needs fixing; the metadata is wrong. Especially when there's an Album Artist different than the individual artist. Please fix that 🙂

  205. LucyFur says:

    Two things on my wish list …

    Integrated multi-address email address handling in one tool

    Podcast management and support

  206. Geoffc1 says:

    Thank you for adding network support to the Photos App – something that has been sorely missed.

    Oh, and here's one more vote for Podcast support!

  207. Joe says:

    Sounds good but agree with others that podcasts should be first class citizens.  Also, are we getting account linking in People?  I love the concept of a dedicated contacts manager but it needs to be a bit more powerful.

  208. Joe says:

    Oh and I can't follow cycling on sports.. what the what?

  209. Tim says:

    Please allow us to CHANGE THE COLOUR OF THE START SCREEN TILES.  Bright purple. orange and red are your choices – not mine, but I can't change them????  Great.  Thanks for making it personal.

  210. Alvey says:

    Music app – Metadata editing, podcasts!

  211. WMP says:

    Can you guys at least change the look and GUI of Windows Media Player? It's far behind iTunes and even the Music app of Google.

  212. Peter Cox says:

    PLEASE add podcasting support!

  213. Ricardo says:

    And when font customization on Messaging?? 🙁

  214. Ricardo says:

    Ups, and I forgot it!! Option to change metadata on Music!! Like in Zune

  215. Kevin Mulryne says:

    The main thing I do with my phone is *listen to podcasts*. Please, please add a podcasting app to this selection – which already looks great!

    As a Windows user for well over 20 years, it would be great to think I could continue to indulge my passion for podcasts on this platform!

    Many thanks!!

  216. Del says:

    I would love to see a great podcatching app, something that integrates well with RSS feeds too.

  217. MrOil says:

    Looking at the descriptions of the built-in apps i fail to any support or any apps that are user for podcasting. Being a service provider its alarming to see that there is no native support for podcast. care to clarify that?

  218. Droo says:

    Full screen apps are for the birds.

  219. DSNewMedia says:

    Support for podcast downloads – please!

  220. Karin Hoegh says:

    No podcasting app – no podcast support? And what about Denmark, Europe – I think you are doing a big mistake here….

  221. Podcasts-NOT says:

    Podcasts slow down the whole operating system. They cause memory leaks and disk fragmentation. I also heard they can cause herpes. Please don't add any podcasting software. Windows 8 already sucks enough as it is.

  222. neko says:

    I really CAN wait Windows 8. I'll wait Windows 9 and hope Microsoft give some option to remove so called Modern UI.

  223. Rory R says:

    Would love to see support for podcasting especially for syncing with windows phone. Previous support of podcasts for users in Irish Marketplace was not great. I really want to upgrade my phone from 7.5 to 8 with the knowledge that the addition of and syncing of podcasts has improved.

  224. PPPPODCASTS says:

    I think pods in casts is just a waste of time and money. Why do pods need casts anyway? They already have their own outer casing? Why the overprotection? If anything Windows 8 just needs a jimmy-hat to protect it from viruses like herpes.

  225. Mail-Support says:

    Does the app "Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging" support Outlook (2010) integration, instead of only Windows Mail?

  226. Charles Hodgson says:

    every major news outlet plus many thousands of private and personal content producers generate podcasts. It's how I get my news and views as I walk the dog or commute. Please include support for podcasting.

  227. Thomas Cagley says:

    Great stuff!  I would suggest adding a Podcast App would complete the media integration to support on demand programming.

  228. Pierre says:

    You should add podcasting support to your OS. More and more people are tuning in to this media.


    Pierre – The Elephant Channel – An unofficial blogcast about Evernote – http://ElephantChannel.net

  229. Anna Farmery says:

    As a listener and producer of podcaster, many of the people downloading are using Windows…..please rethink not giving podcasts support….its not just about us independents major networks also use podcasting….

  230. Reifl says:

    Make an app to remove the start screen and boot into desktop.

  231. dleibl says:

    Make an app to enable multiple windows in Metro.

  232. tiefl says:

    Make an app to customize live tiles colours.

  233. duffl says:

    Make Windows 9 better than Windows 8. Windows 8 s*cks.

  234. Tgglls says:

    I don´t want smartphone apps on my computer.

  235. miggl says:

    Who needs smartphone apps on a computer?

  236. weoftl says:

    Spend more time in improving Windows 8 than improving silly apps.

  237. fleifl says:

    How do I disable the charms bar on my desktop?

  238. kolil says:

    How can I remove Metro?

  239. gefl says:

    Why do you force the ugly tiles on me?

  240. dortel says:

    How do I build hierachies on Start screen?

  241. simpl says:

    why does start screen occupy whole sreen?

  242. Sean says:

    Gawd, what is it with the podcasters here? Is there some spam-bot running?

  243. morel says:

    Spend less money for advertising Windows 8 and more for development and improvements.

  244. okll says:

    Windows 8 is dead already, start blogging about Windows 9, maybe this will be a buy.

  245. Marcus says:

    it would be great to add a "reduce Image size" Option for sharing a huge picture

  246. Necroman says:

    What about adding the possibility to send files (photos and stuff) to the Messenger app? Or am I just blind and can't find it anywhere?

  247. golll says:

    Why is there no clock on start screen?

  248. Milorad says:

    please add support for Gtalk on messenger

  249. Dodge Howell says:

    I would really love for there to be some support for podcasting natively within the OS.

  250. BL Sansotta says:

    Yes, we definitely are looking for an app in 8 for listening to podcasts!

  251. mevorama says:

    Will the music player support podcasts? I'd be lost without them.

  252. chickentongue says:

    What about support for subscribing to podcasts?

  253. David says:

    Podcasting support, please!

  254. John Arnold says:

    I'd really like to see support for podcasting in Windows 8. Both Video and Audio podcasts please. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks constantly.

  255. Manuel says:

    Please add apps for podcasting. I read a lot of articles on the web, but I also like to listen to podcasts. Please support podcasts too 😀

  256. Johan says:

    Sharing through SkyDrive needs improvements…

    No settings for sharing in the SkyDrive app.

    I cant share files to people who doesnt have a MS LiveID account, friends are ridirected to account creation no matter what settings I use. (this is really stupid and kind of breaks the service for me)

  257. Please add a peer-to-peer synchronization to SkyDrive! I have big drives to sync and Live Mesh was just the tool for the job!

  258. Ryan Bowden says:

    Glad to hear they are getting upgraded. Make sure that they always keep getting updates. though.

  259. robert says:

    Buy a Mac…it has all the features that have been requested in this thread.

  260. Michael Britt says:

    Looks really great.  I can not wait to see this in action.  I don't see any podcasting tool though.  I'm a huge podcast listener and would love to see an easy way to set up and subscribe to podcasts.

  261. David Jackson says:

    Don't forget podcasting.

  262. Deb Laakso says:

    Wow lots of great things there.  One of my biggest challaenges is to keep my podcasts synced between my devices.  Wow wouldn't microsoft be ahead of the game if they offered a great podcast app that synced across all devices! My books do, would love it if my podcasts did.

  263. Erik Blazynski says:

    Podcast app please

  264. Tru Keesey says:

    I want to use podcasting.  Make the OS to support podcasting, by Jiminy!  Must I switch to Linux?

  265. Brian Martsolf says:

    As long as your building in aps for various things, podcasts would seem to be a natural to be included too.

  266. Fell Borges says:

    What about podcasting support?

  267. filo says:

    Just tried to use an app for hotel reservations. Useless in fullscreen mode without the ability to have several windows open to compare different hotels. Metro at this stage is a complete failure for productive work.

    Trying the same in an ordinary browser is easy going.

  268. Gerry MacPherson says:

    I would like to see support for podcasting.


  269. Sherley J. says:

    Where is the support for podcasting in Windows 8. IT would be massive, iPhones finally have the podcast support in their IOS time to compete Microsoft!  IT WOULD HAVE A HUGE IMPACT.

  270. Trevor says:

    As many have said above, podcasting support would be a welcomed addition.

  271. Dan Hirt says:

    You know what cool?  Podcasting.  Being around and growing since 2005 this strong community would love to see Microsoft support with a Podcasting App.  Thanks!

  272. Jay V says:

    This is really exciting. Finally, a change in the way Windows operates! Given the new design, I really think having a podcasting app would be pretty amazing. You'd definitely 1up Apple, who I don't think has a native podcast on their computers. (though their phones have it.)

  273. Bryan Goodwin says:

    Please don't forget those of us who listen to podcasts. Many people listen to podcasts and that demand is growing. Microsoft does not want to make the mistake of trying to insert something half way thought of. You have this Zune directory And you should not let it go to waste.

  274. Dan D says:

    Agree with Bryan Goodwin and others, please include a podcast app in Win 8.  I've been listening to podcasts for quite a while and one of my current favorites is Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte.  

  275. Andy M says:

    Please make sure that podcasting support is included – the whole idea is that content needs to be available at time, place, and screen of choice for the consumer.

  276. Gary Gordon says:

    Can you please add support for Podcasting as part of the new Windows 8. Just as you have MUSIC, VIDEO, etc., an app and category for PODCASTING is becoming more important every day, as more and more people look for easy ways to search and subscribe to content.  I truly hope you provide a category for PODCASTING to make it easier for people to find and enjoy this type of content.

  277. Heather Z says:

    Please add support for podcasting!

  278. Silky Johnson says:

    Podcast support.

  279. business tablet user says:

    Shame that HP just released their new Intel-based business tablet ElitePad for Windows 8, but that tablet has only 1280 x 800 -resolution display – so due to that it won't support Windows 8 Snap-function, because that function needs tablet to have at least 1366 x 768 -resolution display. I just wonder, why on earth HP try to offer new business tablet with specs like that. Didn't they consult Microsoft with that or don't they just care about of Windows 8 specs. Surely business users would like to use that Snap-function in Windows 8. That HP ElitePad tablet is supposed to be on market on January 2013.


  280. Greg says:

    Would like to see something for podcasters, I noticed many others hae mentioned that as well. Please consider. Thanks

  281. Dan says:


  282. François says:

    Sounds good !

    Adding support for jabber (google talk) protocol in messaging would be most welcome !

  283. Delhi Podcasting says:

    Podcasting support please!

  284. Ceddy J says:

    Please consider Podcast Support! Many us happy Windows users would love to see this implemented!

  285. Jeff (All Us Geeks) says:

    As a podcaster and a listener of other podcasts, I have to agree that some type of podcast support would be appreciated.

  286. Michael Bartholomew says:

    Please do not neglect podcast support. With more content moving away from conventional methods, I have been spending the majority of my media listening minutes tuning into podcasts while turning off the radio and tv.

  287. Dr. Bill Bailey says:

    I, too, would like to see a built-in RSS subscription application, something that would allow me to subscribe to audio and video podcasts within Windows.  Thank you!

  288. Thiago Ibrahim says:

    I would be very happy if there was support for podcasting!

  289. janetlewisconsu says:

    I would LOVE to have a podcasting app built in.  That would be fantastic

  290. Sanjeev Agarwal says:

    Store app is very buggy. Please push update for it.

  291. Michael says:

    I would also love to see some podcasting support. I like to listen and record them. I would LOVE TO DROP iTUNES!!!


  292. Jim Caso says:

    I would like to see a podcasting app added to to Windows 8. I hate using iTunes.

  293. Nicole says:

    Podcast app is a MUST!  Thank you!

  294. Podcast Listener says:

    This is why there are requests for podcasts: http://mad.ly/55f323

    Podcasters are using their reach to have listeners express to Microsoft their desire for podcasting support in Windows 8.

  295. Callen says:


    You need to have the ability to listen to Podcast.  There is a lot of money behind that industry… you would be making a mistake if it is not there in your product

    PUT PODCASTING BACK INTO WINDOWS OR MORE PEOPLE WILL USE iTunes…and iTunes and iDevices are GATEWAY DRUGS TO the APPLE CRACK – you know what I mean right…

  296. Igor Bozato says:

    The Music App need podcast support or a new Podcast App

  297. Stevie says:

    Could you please make this podcast friendly? we need an app for it. I am tired of using itunes because it requires me to do things that are in conflict with my windows platform.. and I have to then maintain safari as a browser.

    Also making sure that it's also very video friendly would be a smart idea too.

  298. Wado says:

    I would love to see support for PODCAST. Today i am forced to use Itunes.   :/

  299. obmotum says:

    How can i delete the MRU-List from the Video  App?

  300. Romney says:

    I want Winodws 9.

  301. Troy says:

    Please add a podcast app! Thank you!

  302. Andy Traub says:

    You've probably figured out by now that the podcasting community would appreciate support for our work in your OS. I'll just say this. I've heard great things about the new OS and I hope you'll consider support for podcasts. Thanks.

  303. Neil Katz says:

    How about POP3 account support in the Mail app?

  304. Chris says:

    Any chance there can be a dedicated podcast app? I don't want to throw unnecessary hate in the direction of iTunes, but choice benefits everyone.

  305. TheMuffinManFPS says:

    Facebook Integration with Calender…?

  306. Paul D Ciuppa (www.NetChatTV.com) says:

    Please consider support for PODCASTs in Windows 8….we podcasters..or netcasters as they want to be called today, need your support in Windows8. Please help us with podcast support in Windows 8.

    Thank you

    Sincerely ,

    Mr. Paul D. Ciuppa

  307. Brad Shoemaker says:

    I agree with most of the comments. Love listening to Podcasts, hate using Apple to do so. I would like an easy way to just do it from my Windows laptop/windows phone. Thanks.

  308. Bill Meeks says:

    Where is the podcasting support?

  309. Mike Oxmall says:

    Going to third the request for Podcast support. Come on, guys, this is the year 2012, you're about 7 years behind on this.

  310. paddy says:

    podcasts?  really I haven't listened to a podcast in years.

  311. Remzi says:

    Would love to see podcasting support

  312. David Dell says:

    Updates look good. What I want big time is an a Podcast listening app built in with a good search function!

  313. Mike Annis says:

    We need podcasting support. Please tell me you are going to put that in Win 8.

  314. Stephanie M. Davis says:

    Please consider adding Podcasting applications. I am an avid listener and podcaster. Apple makes it easy to do both. Thanks

  315. Kjetil G says:

    Podcasts is for MACs it seems.

  316. Eric Stahl says:

    C'mon guys…  Lets get my windows machine away from iTunes for podcasts!  Can we get some native support on RSS feeds with Blogs, podcasts and other news sources?

  317. the JoshMeister says:

    I'd like to add my voice to the refrain — Please support podcasting in Windows 8!

    Microsoft has supported podcasts in the past. Zune (and the Windows software for it) supported podcasts and had its own podcast search directory, which was great. I would love to see the return of a podcast directory in Windows 8 and an easy way to subscribe to shows (regardless of whether or not they're listed in the directory).

    Please let me know if you start accepting submissions to a podcast directory — you can contact me via thejoshmeister.com


  318. Edgar Perez says:

    Need a podcast app

  319. Roger Pilon says:

    How about podcasting?

  320. Joseph Bussey says:

    I beleive the operating system needs to be very competitive in a well rounded form in order to compete with other plattforms. I am a fan of window an I am also a podcaster. In addition to needing a podcast application there should also be an application that allows for audio editing similar to apples "Garage Band" I myself use for more complex equipment but this would be great for any up and comin podcasters. Please take these suggestions into consideration when creating the windows 8 platform. Podcasts have steadily been climbing to a very competitive position in the broadcasting word. Hundreds of thousands of people create podcast wether audio or video and even a more outstanding millions listen to podcasts. This is only going to become more and more prominent in the broadcasting wold. Please make podcast compatable. Thx

  321. Bob Andelman says:

    Did I miss the mention of podcasting support in the new release?

  322. Daniel M. Clark says:

    Add my voice to the multitude asking for podcast support. The medium is in better shape than ever, with more and more people producing and consuming them every day. Major companies are producing podcasts. Celebrities – especially comedians – are fired up about the format. Lacking support for it in a major version of Windows would be a terrible slight.

  323. Jamie Davis says:

    is there any way to add native support for podcasting or RSS feed integration with ways to parse the enclosures to a media player? This would be a great addition.

  324. Ben says:

    please add podcasts in the music app

  325. Whats with all these podcast comments? Most of you people are CLEARLY the same person or some company/people trying to push an agenda. Most people do not care about podcasting, not to this extent anyway. I'd expect to see atleast a few mentions here, but this is obviously suspicious.

  326. Lanna Lee Maheux-Quinn says:

    I am with everyone who is calling for podcasting support. As a Windows 7 (and NT at work) user I would love to be able to ditch my iTunes in favor of a Windows option.

  327. James Hancock says:

    What they didn't fix the useless music app to make it play from NAS and other shares without offline caching that wastes a ton of local disk space???? Seriously? Com'mon folks this one is a no brainer and you're going to have a TON of very unhappy people on Oct 26th if this isn't fixed!

  328. Yannick says:

    @Lanna Lee Maheux-Quinn – That's everytime the same person with another name…

    Love the updates! I hope there will be also support for POP3 in Mail! 🙂

  329. Jeff Shear says:

    Golly, I hope Microsoft hasn't ignored the ever useful and valuable community of podcasters in Windows 8. Is this the case? An important new OS should not arrive on the desktop with so obvious and irritating a blemish for millions of users and potential new users.

    Thank you.

  330. Patrick O'Rourke says:

    Please support podcasting. I used to use iTunes for this, but Apple has really made a mistake with their new IOS app and I think Microsoft could benefit from this.

  331. Chuck Hansen says:

    Hi Microsoft. Podcasting is on the cusp of exploding. I think it is important that Microsoft stay in step with this critical medium and include a podcasting support app with this release. Thanks!

  332. HockeyBias.com says:


  333. Mark Lafferty says:

    Please add podcasts. Windows Phone has excellent podcast support… so should Windows 8. You're in the perfect position to make podcasting incredible. Sync audio bookmark so I can listen from my phone, tablet, and desktop.

  334. Russ Wenner says:

    Please add Podcasting support for Windows 8.  Thank you!!!

  335. M E Williams says:

    Podcasts are now a part of my life and thousands of others. You need to add podcasting!

  336. Liz says:

    I'm pretty excited about Windows 8. I'll be even more excited when you introduce the PODCAST APP. That is in your future plans, right? Right?!

  337. Sharon in Mississippi says:

    Not all of us love iTunes or have tablets. Please remember your loyal customers. We want a podcast app for Windows 8!!!!!

  338. Bob the Windows Builder says:

    What idiot keeps posting podcasting comments? TO whomever is doing so…please get a life. Go out and see a movie, take a walk, read a book, play a game. Surely there are better things to dow with your life than SPAM a Windows 8 blog crying about podcasting support. In fact, with all the time you've wasted posting podcasting support pleas…you could have written a podcasting app. DId you ever consider that…or are you just a complete whiner?

  339. Steve says:

    Please include an app for podcasts. Thanks!

  340. John Roberts says:

    Great to see! Big thing missing though. Podcasts. I listen to a lot, as part of my continual business learning and for entertainment. Please find a way to include them.

  341. Ben says:

    Hey Microsoft. I think it would super cool to be able to add and display embedded metadata to photos using the Windows 8 Photo App. This is something supported in the Windows Photo Gallery and it'd be great to see this in the Photo App too.

  342. Samuel Lewis says:

    I agree with a lot of others on this thread. Please support podcasting it is a medium that is changing the world and needs to be seen!

  343. Please make the search box directly prominent on the start screen ..

    why do we have to remember and press F3 , or remember that start typing will bring up search

    just make is permamant , there is so much of wasted space there

  344. j jordan says:

    If I get this product, I hope I will be able to watch and subscribe to the many interesting podcasts out there

  345. Aaron B says:

    Podcast support is vital. Vital!!

  346. C. Hatton Humphrey says:

    Looks like there are a lot of interesting features and apps yet to be flushed out here.  My question is if there are plans to incorporate any kind of subscription based media services, such as podcasts, vodcasts and other RSS based media content?  I know that Outlook  has an RSS reader built in but it doesn't truly support media (again, podcasts and vodcasts).  What are the plans for this?

  347. Morgan Whaley says:

    I don't see any specific mention of podcasting support… What about a podcasting app?

  348. Eric S. says:

    Please include podcast support for Windows 8. Pretty please!

  349. Bryan Knowlton says:

    Looking forward to the update and hope to see the podcasting support issue resolved!

  350. tva says:

    Podcast support is very necessary, as with video editing.  Please provide this support.

  351. Tony says:

    Yes, need a podcasting app!

  352. jawbroken says:

    Podcasts are for dorks, please don't waste your time making an app for them. I will boycott Windows 8 if you do.

  353. rick calvert says:

    Having a functioning Podcasting app with Windows 8 would be great!

  354. thomas says:

    I don't see the value of a podcast app for consumers. Please don't add even more bloat to this operating system. Thanks.

  355. Joe Smooth says:

    RSS reader which is integrated to Outlook.com would be excellent.

  356. Zen Runners says:

    I think including podcasting is a good idea… but it should be appropriately called "WINDCASTS" on the platform. Right?

  357. pseudonym says:

    Wow, I just looked up what podcasts are and it's just some nerds talking about something people don't even care about? What a stupid thing. No app thanks.

  358. FUHcast Bill says:

    The people who claim that podcasts "are for nerds" or who claim to not even know what a podcast is are probably the same people who are still rockin' Windows ME and AM radio. There is definite value to the consumer as seen by the cry for support here.

  359. Hugh Mann says:

    Actually, Zen Runners, they would more appropriately be called "stupidcasts" because that's what they are. No wonder Microsoft hasn't written an app.

  360. Don Campbell says:

    I listen to podcasts every day on my phone – please add support for podcasts in Windows 8. Thank you!


  361. Regular Person says:

    I'm just a regular guy and I don't even know what a castpod is. Waste of time.

  362. Funny Joke says:

    More like nodcasts because they're putting me straight to sleep! Ha ha ah.

  363. The RTP says:

    Ever major production company, sports franchise, and news outlet has embraced the use of RSS technology (including podcasts, vidcasts, and more) to deliver content to a global audience. This is game changing tech and I hope Windows 8 commits to it. Please consider supporting podcasting technology in Windows 8.

  364. Another Joke says:

    Okay, I got another one. More like plodcasts because they're really dull! hahahaah

  365. Michael McCaffrey says:

    Podcasts are alive and well with many, many listeners everyday. Please add support for podcasts in Windows 8. Thank you.

  366. I have created a podcast icon Microsoft can use for podcasts on my website "How to record podcasts". I am a podcaster and would like to feel my craft is important.

  367. Okay Check This says:

    More like broadcast because only a woman would find something so stupid interesting. lmao.

  368. Hmmm says:

    More like rodcasts because I'm making the jerkoff motion at the concept of microsoft adding support for them. Also works for wadcasts, so it's a dual purpose one. lol.

  369. Tee Hee says:

    Okay, okay, okay. More like slipshodcasts because they don't have the production quality that I'm generally used to in my media.

  370. George says:

    The UI and design looks incredible. I'm excited for it. But please, include Podcast support, Microsoft.

  371. Alex Zee says:

    Could you add support for podcasts? It'd be a great addition!

  372. Abraham says:

    HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where as podcasting GONE??????????

  373. Samer says:

    Please add podcasting support. The Apple eco system effortlessly manages podcasts, and on Windows, we don't have anything that allows us to fully realize the rick diverse podcasting experience. We need this support natively in Windows 8. Please add this in.


  374. ColWH says:

    As usual though, anyone who doesn't live inside the USA will either not get the majority of these new facilities, or will get 'in name only' updates.

  375. Taylor Marek says:

    I'd like to see a podcasting app as well!

  376. Tom Hailey says:

    Podcast apps such as Pocket Casts keep me sane on long drives and over lunch at the office.

    PLEASE fully support podcasting. Please.

  377. Windows 8 and RT don't have intelligent assistance like Siri even though Microsoft has had the experience in voice recognition years before Siri introduction. I don't know if they plan to add it in a feature/service pack for Windows 8/RT or we'll have to wait all the way to Windows 9. Given that iOS and Android users have their OS upgraded every year for FREE with ton of new features, I think Microsoft better get us the similar deal for Windows 8/RT tablet than just an ordinary service pack with fixes. I hope Windows 8/RT can evolve through time.

  378. BTW, as of today, I don't see any TV commercials for Windows 8 or Surface which is strange since Microsoft used to show them month before launch of Windows 7.

  379. Adolfo Tavizon says:

    Two things please, one podcast app and one RSS reader, pelase, please, please

  380. Sandy says:

    Please add a Podcast app to fully support podcasts. We want our Windows users to have the same ease of subscribing and listening to podcasts that is afforded users on other platforms.

  381. Tom says:

    Podcasting app plz. kthxbai.

  382. Tom says:

    I support many who've already requested it. #1. Podcasting support. #2. RSS reader. Thanks.

  383. Doug says:

    I listen to podcasts more so than even music. An official app for that really should be part of any mobile computing.

  384. Mel says:

    My Windows using friends who will in time upgrade to 8, produce and listen to podcasts. You folks need some kind of app to support podcasting, which is a huge potential market. Apple has one! Aloha.

  385. The Handyguys says:

    A really cool Podcast app would be awesome. iTunes is really getting tired. I'll be the first to have a "Subscribe in Windows 8" button on my website.

  386. Joe says:

    Whoever is doing the podcast spamming, pretty impressive. Almost 400 unique comments requesting podcasts, and no sleep so far since 8pm EST Thursday. That's 18hrs of non-stop podcast posting. Could we delete all posts from that IP? It's making it hard to see the genuine feedback.

  387. Donna says:

    Would you also consider including podcasting support? Thank you.

  388. James D says:

    Those of us who are podcasters strongly (as you can see) hope that you will include podcasting support. Otherwise, you're alienating a big corner of your potential market.


  389. Donovan A says:

    Yes, podcasting support in Windows 8 is a must!

  390. Prince Handley / President-Regent University of Excellence says:

    Having been a Windows user for many years … and personally helping with technology advice to top MS staff … I strongly urge you to consider including an app for podcasting support. Otherwise, you are completely losing a strong definitive marketing niche.

  391. Kenn N says:

    What about podcasting support? I am a podcaster myself and I listen to podcasts daily. In fact, this is one of the main uses of my smartphone. I would love to see Windows 8 support podcasting across devices the way that Apple does.

  392. S L I says:

    Podcasting is a huge foundation to my brand.  As a Windows user, not having the podcasting capability will greatly diminish the effectiveness of my brand in the marketplace.

  393. chris says:

    a stitcher like app or pure podcast app would be sweet. Maybe put it in the music App

  394. Jordan D. says:

    Please add podcasting!

  395. Sanjiv Manifest says:

    Please support Podcasting !!!  


  396. Threeboy says:


  397. FYI, these podcast comments aren't from a bot or individual.  The podcast producer community is pretty tight with lots of loyal followers, so many of them sent out a link to this post claiming that MS isn't going to support podcasting anymore.  A large number of them haven't even read a single article about Windows 8.

    I am currently developing an app for Windows 8 and am a big fan. I doubt MS is dropping podcast support.  We haven't even seen the full update to the apps yet.  I'll withhold judgement until October 26th.  Even if they weren't supporting it, these last minute comments wouldn't bring it in any sooner.

  398. JP Davidson says:

    I'll add my support for a podcasting app

  399. Dustin Hartzler says:

    A podcasting app should be built in. So much valuable content out there that people are creating through podcasting!

  400. Jerry Eberts says:

    Hi guys. I've heard that Windows 8 won't offer support for us podcasters. Please rectify this situation! Cheers.

  401. ron says:

    yes we need a podcast app  if you want me to buy your phone.

  402. Adam says:

    The Music App doesn't allow you to go up a directory when browsing to open a file. Extremely annoying if you are several directories deep.

  403. Tony Tellado says:

    Hi guys,

                 I throw my voice in as well. Podcasting support is key for me as a consumer to be able to have this option means, I'll go Microsoft otherwise I'll explore other options.

  404. Benny Halkowitz says:

    In outlook dot com, I have many linked email accounts; however, in the Windows 8 Mail app, I can not get to these linked accounts, only my main outlook dot com account. Can the Mail app be updated to handle linked accounts? Please.

  405. Rob Blatt says:

    A podcasting client would be wonderful.

  406. anti-spam says:


  407. bmoura says:

    Adding Crop and Rotate to the Photo App is good.  How about an Image Resize feature?  Haven't found a Windows RT/ARM App yet has that feature.

    On podcasting – I agree.  A podcasting client would be a nice enhancement to Windows 8.

  408. Charles Max Wood says:

    I second each and every post about podcasting. It's a MUST HAVE for an always online system like a smart phone for me.

  409. rob says:

    So… Does this mean the Photos, Video and Music app can now see my Homersever and/or network drives without isssues?

    that would be swell.

  410. Craig says:

    Podcasting support!!!

  411. Jason says:

    A podcast client similar to what iOS has introduced would be a value.

  412. Corneliu says:

    Could you please add ROTATE option to the native PDF viewer app?

  413. Real says:

    SKYDRIVE is urgent to have DeskTop Integration! Instead of installing desktop + win8 app

  414. Kelly Mitchell says:

    Definitely need Podcasting support.  MUST HAVE!

  415. TEAMSWITCHER says:

    Were you worried that we wouldn't notice the ugly Billboard a.k.a "Windows Start Screen" that clearly directs witless users to only your web services.  That's the real reason for the Start Screen that everyone hates….right?

  416. Dave says:

    Well if you have actually seen Windows 8, the better question is why would you want to use that OS at all? It's designed like 20 year old AOL software.

  417. Ermannoc says:

    please support podcasting

  418. Adi says:

    please add support for podcasting. Come on Microsoft, make it so!

  419. Varuna Singh says:

    What about making a new FOLDER in SkyDrive app ?

  420. Zach says:

    Podcasting is critical!

  421. M. A. Foster says:

    One of my main requests would be some sort of podcasting support. This is a deal breaker for me personally and I'm guessing for many other users.

  422. Austin Beeman says:

    Podcasting is essential to new media and the internet.  Please Support Podcasting!

  423. Talks About Tech says:

    Really looking forward to windows 8 but as a podcaster I would love to see a podcast app for windows 8. There are so many potential podcast listeners on the windows platform it would be great if it was easy for users to easily subscribe to podcasts.

  424. chuckt says:

    Please include support Podcasting!

  425. Temujin Morgan says:

    So still no mention about turning off that annoying automatically mark as read "feature" in Mail. Till that happens, myself and the majority of my clients and people I know will be unable to use it. So no Windows RT as it doesn’t have Outlook as an alternative.

  426. Looking forward to fiddling with W8 on my Mac Pro with Metro turned off (Stardock so far) and on my MacBook Pro with Metro active.

  427. R P says:

    The calendar app is seriously lacking the ability to see multiple google calendars that are under the same account. Mac OS X supports this, and of course google calendar does, and so should Windows 8. It makes the calendar app pretty much useless to me and other people I know who are using Windows 8.

  428. Jeff Roney says:

    To me, Podcasting support is a must.

  429. Dan says:


    Cliff Ravenscraft 4 Oct 2012 5:39 PM #

    I would love to see support for PODCASTING!!!!

  430. Tester Guy says:

    The Music App needs a lot of updates. It doesn't match even Zune, or many other clients. Things that need to be done are:

    Bug Fixes:

    -METADATA! When I first installed Windows 8, the music app detected all my music, sorted it into albums, and was organized well. Suddenly, 5 minutes into the App, all music metadata disappears from recognition, no matter how I update it, all files are grouped into one big Unknown Album. Without metadata, I cant use the music app.

    -Folder image support, doesn't always work

    Codec Support:

    -FLAC! If you want a lot more support on your tablets and for the App, support FLAC. This way everyone can use their lossless content on your tablets, and in their metro interface. Currently have to use foobar to get this functionality.

    -Metadata editing support. I wish to be able to change the Metadata IN the app.

    -IDv3 2.4 support. Very helpful, prevents metadata from breaking down when imported into the music app.

  431. Dan says:

    Windows 8 tablet = 🙂

  432. Mark Mason says:

    For me the HUGE thing that is missing is podcasting support.

  433. Jose Can Uc says:

    When will the people app support groups?  Without group support the E-mail app is nearly useless.

  434. Brian Hoyt says:

    Any chance these apps will fix the problem of ModernUI apps not respecting proxy settings?  Right now can't deploy Win8 in many corporate environment since proxies don't work with any apps?

  435. Great list of changes. I was very surprised when testing W8 Enterprise for work, that a lot of the apps felt a little incomplete and featured a "Suggestions" setting option. Glad to see they are continuing development. Though, I would have preferred more complete apps by RTM instead of GA. I am trying to build a Standard Operating Environment based on RTM… and now I find it's not actually complete? Weird.

    As for other suggestions:

    * Now that I can link a Microsoft ID and Skype account, I'd like to see Skype functionality in the Windows 8 Messaging app. While you could have an all-new Skype app, you may as wel use the communications protocols in Messaging, right?

    * Due to the performance issues with running the older versions of Skype and Windows Live Messenger, most people I know now (including me) use Google Talk and/or the Messages app from Apple (for Macs and iDevices). Integrating GTalk is a MUST… but adding Messages support would be amazing.

    * Photos needs WAY more work. I was playing with the very limited options in that app and managed to set a picture as the app background… and now there is no way to get rid of it. I had to make a plain black square image and set that as my background as a work-around. Dead-ends like that should not exist.

    * Mail, while quite good, is NOWHERE near as good as Outlook.com. Maybe the new version will address some of that, but we'l see. Hopefully you can get feature parity there. It would be great to have mail configured on W8 and switch to Outlook.com to get the same experience from another device (internet cafe, etc.).

    * Consistency please. Some of the W8 apps use completely different methods to interact with them. You need to go to Settings from the charm bar for some, click the Messaging logo for another, click an icon that looks like the Start Screen Minimise button on another. Some configure via right-click (or swipe menu), the rest via the Settings charm. Some have the configuration bar a the top, others at the bottom. YIKES! Very disjointed.

    * Oh, and I don't see the need for podcasting. Consider it if you must… but not as high a priority for me as the above points and others. These spammers are crazy people!

  436. Kyle says:

    All Apps – Push to scroll, this would really help usability with things like News, Store, Weather, etc.

    Mail – Drag/Drop support

    Mail – Make it as much as outlook.com like as possible.

    Store – Add details for updated applications 'ala IOS so we know what's been changed.

  437. @Brian Hoyt, Oh yeah… +1

    Authenticated proxy suport is a MUST. I tried working around some of the issue we have by slightly reconfiguring our TMG and using the TMG Firewall Client… but that appears to only help legacy apps. Windows 8 apps do their own thing, it seems. They all NEED to support proxy. At a minimum, we should expect the Windows Update app to do this. And if running as an account without Kerberos/NTLM credentials, PROMPT FOR THEM! Running as a local admin account for configuration caused the new Windows 8-style Settings for Windows Update causes an error. Clicking on the link takes you to the desktop version. The desktop version prompts me for credentials and then actually works.

    Although I didn't want to believe it… it definitely looks like everything about Windows 8, other than the Desktop, is al consumer-based and not ready for business/education use.

  438. Anthony Johnson says:

    Podcast app

  439. Jesus Frias says:

    native podcast app would be sweet

  440. Larry Fort Worth, TX says:

    Podcast support would be wonderful!!!!

  441. Jonathan Shank says:

    I agree – A Podcasting app would be huge!

  442. Walter says:

    Please ad a Podcast app….

  443. Paul says:

    I tried the SlapDash Podcasts app in Windows Store and I didn't like — uninstalled. I hope Microsoft creates a better one.

  444. If they are no UX improvements in these apps I will be disappointed.

    Seriously u guys want to put those stupid boxes everywhere? Is Metro all about boxes? Where is the Typography?

    Following are some of the stuff I would like to improve

    1. Windows Store – Perfect example of how not to design an App. Seriously 10 screens of scrolling on Home Page (I don't think Semantic zoom helps any better)? Remember home screen was supposed to be Magazine cover. The App feels cluttered without presenting any information. In other words this app is UX disaster.

    2. Bing – Again worst Metro implementation with those stupid boxes. Let me ask this question you said Chrome is bad but how these a box around a each piece of content does any good?

    2. Mail – Overall the app UX is fine. But doesn't look as polished as outlook web app. Stuff like drag & drop changing accent color which are available in web are missing here. (Btw whts the point of designing a native app if it can't match the web app?)

    3. Skydrive – Again web app feels lot better than native.

    3. Messaging – No support to send attachments. Ugly Purple Color. And App Tile is missing fun emoticons available in Windows Phone version. Also no way to delete a individual message (Its supports only deleting an entire thread).

    4. News – When I set the country to India. It doesn't show the feeds from tech sites like Engadget, etc. So Indian's are not supposed to read tech news?

    Will write about rest when I get time 🙂

  445. i have checked only Bing's changes…

  446. Yugo says:

    I'm glad these app will be updated… I use most of them on my PC.

    However I'd like to be assured by Microsoft that Windows Live Mail will be still supported and developed in the future. In the last Windows Essentials update, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger were not updated (they still have the "Windows Live" name). I think that on a desktop PC the ModernUI apps can not replace completely the desktop apps. Please work to make the desktop and ModernUI apps more coherent (e.g. Windows Live Messenger has different emoticons than Messaging!) but please don't drop the desktop apps!

  447. iWindows says:

    Yes it's a very complete system but where is Skype ???

  448. spiegelschrank says:

    I am of the same opinion as you do, if you consider that the man can say the same respect as you

    <a href="http://www.spiegelschrank-bad.eu/…/a&gt;

  449. a_a_a says:

    It is hard to use before update.

    I want you to revive a start button, Aero Glass, and a gadget.

    Those for tablets of the conventional screen are unnecessary.

    which should develop separately for tablet & smart phones and those for common PCs.

  450. Bernie Finklestein says:

    Wonderful! Can't wait. Just one tiny request. PLEASE include a podcast app.

  451. App Store bug? says:

    There is an option in the german version of the store to search "faster" for apps in the selected language. This results in completly filtering out any other language apps. An example for games:

    With filter: 42 apps

    Without filter: 464 apps

    You are also not able to find other language apps by search. Pls rephrase that option to "Show only apps in selected language" or fix it so that selected language results show up first. You should also consider placing a hint inside the app that only selected language results are found..

  452. Hector Ruiz says:

    Great job….BUT hey, don't forget PODCAST support!!!!

  453. Mark in Russia says:

    It would be nice to have support for podcasting in Windows 8 Built-in apps

  454. Jeffrey Johnson says:

    Please add native support for podcast, that would be awesome! Thanks:)

  455. k partin says:

    Being a podcaster I would like to see podcasting support for windows 8.

    Thank you.

  456. kaustubha says:

    a file manager app is needed must

  457. drummer says:

    I'll be purchasing a new Windows computer soon, but would like to see the addition of podcast support. Without it, W8 is like buying a television without a picture tube!

  458. V. Branyik says:

    Please add podcast support!

  459. Thomas Lee says:

    Given the importance of applications, particularly for Metro, shouldn't this push have happened 6 months ago or longer? The current store applications are a dim and distant bad memory when compared with Apple and Android equivalents. Instead of doing stupid things like yanking out the start button/start menu (the legacy start menu!), Msft should have been evangelising developers. Instead of restricting the WP8 SDK, Msft should have been evangelising the platform. This announcement, it seems to me is months late and several dollars short of what should have been in place.

  460. stldrummr says:

    Please add Podcast Support – we make our living with Windows and Podcasting – don't force us to move to another platform.

  461. Daniel J. Lewis says:

    Windows 8 is beautiful, but it needs a native Podcasts app for desktop and mobile platforms. Pulling from the current Zune Podcasts directory would be ideal.

    This app could be wonderful for synchronizing podcast subscriptions, episodes, and playback positions between devices. It would need to support both audio and H.264 video. It would also be great if web links could launch the podcasts app straight into the particular podcast where people can subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

    Please add a native Podcasts app so your users won't have to look to your competition for a second-rate experience on Windows 8.

  462. mery says:

    please direct support from .Net 3.5

    my work and business on the .net 3.5

    i can't install .net 3.5

  463. Caine Dorr says:

    I want to second the request of Daniel J. Lewis..

    Windows 8 is beautiful, but it needs a native Podcasts app for desktop and mobile platforms. Pulling from the current Zune Podcasts directory would be ideal.

    This app could be wonderful for synchronizing podcast subscriptions, episodes, and playback positions between devices. It would need to support both audio and H.264 video. It would also be great if web links could launch the podcasts app straight into the particular podcast where people can subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

    Please add a native Podcasts app so your users won't have to look to your competition for a second-rate experience on Windows 8.

  464. Tim Ward says:

    Glad to see so much support for podcasting integration into Windows 8. Please provide podcasters like myself a reason to consider staying with Windows for my next computer purchase.

  465. David says:

    I don't even see the update for Bing. Hmm…

  466. Ginger Campbell, MD says:

    Please include a podcasting app. I have been podcasting for 6 years and I know many of my listeners use Windows.

  467. There is no doubt in my mind that the public is going to judge Windows 8 Metro by the same standards that Apple is judged.  The first of the two chief questions are how easy is it to use the apps? That's not the same as "how stupidly overly simplified and therefore boring they might be?".  "Easy" refers to both adding mail addresses or contact data, and can each app's configurations and options be easily located.

    The second question is the tough one.  How seamlessly do the Metro apps work with each other.  Can you click on a photo and email it to someone? Can you import a photo from an email to the photo viewer? Does clicking on a video file open a video player window with the video already playing?  These are the actions that Mac OS X and iOS excel in.  Flawless operation is what people expect at a minimum.

    Users like things to be easy and intuitive to use but not ugly.  Really, who wants to look at ugly.  Isn't there already enough ugly in the world around us?

    These issues are what will determine if Windows 8 is a really great product to use or another one of Microsoft's works in process that might be OK sometime in the future, i.e. is the Windows 8 team burning the midnight oil to make Metro's apps work perfectly or is "good enough" going to be the standard?  I'm looking forward to installing Windows 8 in a couple of weeks.

  468. David says:

    I host a weekly podcast with hundreds of downloads each week. It would be beneficial to me and the thousands of listeners out there for all podcasts if there were a podcast app implemented. Don't leave us behind Microsoft!

  469. Ryan says:

    I make my podcast (http://www.sciencesortof.com/) using a Windows machine but most of our listeners come through iTunes. Some podcasting love from Microsoft would be pretty cool.

  470. Robin says:

    Please build in podcast support

  471. no name says:

    Please release an early formal price.

    There is still no information on your sky.

    If it was able to do, Pro would like you to make those for consumers into less than 10,000 yen around 10,000 yen.

    (The price of this comment is altogether displayed in the Japanese yen.Let's correct and think into a dollar. )

  472. Kelly Weinersmith says:

    Please add support for podcasting. Thanks!!

  473. a_a_a says:

    I want you to put on the market for about 5000 yen in Japanese yen.

    I do not want to pay 10 million yen or more to OS which is hard to use.

    And it returns to desktop improvement and should put on the market as Windows 9 next year.

  474. Prince Handley says:

    Paolo Tosolini should be in charge of implementing a PODCAST app for Windows 8. Can't you get him back to help … at least on this project???

  475. barn the bunny says:

    I was wondering whether there would be any podcast apps for windows. maybe a native one. podcasts are great and I want my parents to listen to them.

  476. Connie Staggs says:

    Podcasting is such an integral part of business for so many of us.  Please address this in your release.  Thank you.

  477. Christianstt says:

    I would love to see support for PODCASTING!!!!

  478. Cliff Ravenscraft says:

    I would love to see support for PODCASTING!!!!

  479. YES I GOTCHA says:


  480. Yannick says:

    I like the SkyDrive update! Thanks Microsoft! 🙂

  481. PODCASTING says:

    You podcasting supporters are idiots.

  482. New names says:

    Why not call it "Wasted Space 8" or perhaps "Hide-and-go-seek 8"

  483. Rafael Souza de Carvalho says:

    please add function for sending files in messages

  484. Sebasitan Halbig says:

    Sounds good! But please add ToDo-Support for Calendar-App and File-Transfer for Messaging App! And also Podcasting for Music App.

  485. Carla says:

    Will there be a podcasting app or support?   I see a lot of people requesting it and it's very important to me personally.   Thank you!

  486. Yannick says:

    @Carla – Those aren't 'a lot of people', they are just one person, just lik you…

  487. Thomas Lee says:

    can someone please remove the posts from kurakuraninja – this obsession with podcasting is overshadowing other more important comments.

  488. Neil Katz says:

    Good – Skydrive.

    Bad – Cannot access my Verizon.net POP3 account in the mail app. Withouth this, the app is useless.

  489. Kyle Heimann says:

    I would also enjoy podcasting support.

  490. Danielle says:

    Podcasting is a must have on every phone. So I hope you will support this.

  491. Alex says:

    I can has podcasting support plz? 🙂

  492. DJ Moz says:

    good to hear about the updates – any plans on stopping Junkmail in the Inbox loading graphics by default in Mail?  I prefer not to let spammers know they've got an alive email address!

  493. kb3wzz says:

    Would you also include podcasting support. Thank you.

  494. Eddie Lara says:

    When will be available Windows 8?

  495. feedback for windows@Microsoft says:


    1. Set aside a tablet and a desktop.

    2. Carry out the cycle of a release in 5 or more.

    3. Reduce the change frequency of a design or specification.

    4. He is conscious of user-friendliness, convenience, a safety aspect, and compatibility.

    5. Store a single article price in less than 10,000 yen.


    It is also continued to expect a good product.

    Please reflect this affair from Windows 8 succeeding products.

    Moreover, probably, the product questionnaire to a user should also be taken periodically.

  496. Steve Webb says:

    Surely the point has been made. Windows 8 *needs* podcast support.

  497. big says:

    Solve VPN problem with Metro!

  498. the music app needs a karaoke function

  499. Zahed says:

    Is it possible to make the Media Player Pop out, and stay on Top? as it's in Samsung Galaxy S3 ? 🙂

  500. Ileane says:

    Please add podcasting support in Window 8. Thanks in advance!

  501. Windows 8 fanboy says:

    Tried it, love the speed, love the apps, it revived my 6 year old laptop. A Microsoft Guidebook for dummies on Window 8 would be nice though.

  502. sasasa3636 says:


    Really like, and faster than Windows 8 Windows 7 alaklmazási but I have a problem I would love if someone would help in the following megoldani.Az 7.nél worked in windows but Windows 8 is not and can not understand why the words, the problem is that not I set the two monitors alkalmazást.Ha ráérne someone help me to understand and also to thank örülnék.Elöre. papa36361@freemail.hu help help help help!!!!

  503. sasasa3636 says:


    Really like, and faster than Windows 8 Windows 7 alaklmazási but I have a problem I would love if someone would help in the following megoldani.Az 7.nél worked in windows but Windows 8 is not and can not understand why the words, the problem is that not I set the two monitors alkalmazást.Ha ráérne someone help me to understand and also to thank örülnék.Elöre. papa36361@freemail.hu

  504. DKG says:

    Ваша система очень медленно работает! Много тормозов и ошибок! И почему нет встроенных игр?

  505. Ground Zero says:

    Please update the store.

    I want to be able see all comments to an app, all from my country and other comments in English.

    I want to be able to click on the name of the publisher to see all the apps they have made.

    I would like an online store, where I could see all the apps, which apps I have installed on my PCs and install apps remotely or add them as favorites (or similar) so that I can just confirm when I am on that specific PC.  

    The Store app is to simple! You need to figure out have to make it much more user friendly and more powerfull.

  506. @VBrown says:

    One thing missing! Podcasting support…please don't forget the hundreds of thousands of people who listen to and rely on podcasting for news, information and entertainment.

    Add podcasting support please!

    Thank you

  507. Daniel says:

    Its been said before… podcast app is needed!

  508. Nick C. says:

    Would like to have Podcast App.

  509. Monica H says:

    Podcast are huge.  Please add podcasting support.

  510. Name says:

    Windows 8 rocks

  511. Eric E says:

    I just dropped my 6-year old Zune and broke the screen and cannot find a replacement model. I LOVE listneing to podcasts on my Zune! I bet I would love it more if I could just do it in Windows on my computer – Please consider adding podcast support. Thanks!!

  512. NoP says:

    I don't know whether anyone mentioned, so here it goes: Windows 8 absolutely NEEDS some kind of podcast support built in.

  513. Windows 7 says:

    Over 500 spams about podcast. I guess this just proves how seriously people are taking Windows 8.

  514. huh, nor people takes seriously Windows 8, neither Microsoft allowing all that spam……

    Better spam than……

    Seriousness it can not be found here…..

  515. Andrew says:

    I don't see any updates? why?

  516. Milo says:

    If you see updates and store saying there is no updates just go to store – charms bar – settings – app updates – check for updates.

  517. Andrea says:

    add google talk/jabber protocol to messaging app

  518. Microsoft Calendar User says:

    Can you please bring agenda view and to-do list to the calendar app. You  have them online, why not in the app (also, please update the online calendar to metro style).

  519. Stefano says:

    Just about 15 days (+2) to Windows 8.

    It seems too far away.

    I want to see the retail box in the stores, I want to see the Windows 8 effect (or indifference) on people, I want to see the new tablets with keyboards, I want to see people's reaction to Windows 8 (success or failure).

    Scenario 1: wins on tablets, fails on desktops (maybe the most likely scenario) ————-80% (excluding surprises from iPad or Android tablets owners)

    Scenario 2: wins on tablets and desktops (in my opinion won't happen) ——————-20%

    Scenario 3: fails on tablets and desktops (maybe possible, the worst case for Microsoft)——from 50% to 90% (depends on iPad or Android tablets owners)

    Scenario 4: fails on tablets but wins on desktops (that's really impossible)——————from 0% to 40%

  520. Andrea IT says:

    I see many problems in Mail app after the update:

    GMAIL Account used as EAS account show all message two times (if you group the conversation it's appear like a two message each one)

    Now when I compose an email, the search contact does not work anymore and did not find any email. (I use 1 hotmail account and 1 custom live domain with all contacts and always works before today).

    Like in the past i cannot merge some account in the People app, the apper to be bridged, but when i came back in the screen i still see two different account.

  521. Bob Dollar says:

    It says there are 2 updates from Windows Store but the number 2 remains in the tile forever and there's no update actually…

    Quite buggy.

  522. shoaib says:

    Realtek screen

  523. Dusan Janosik says:

    The conversation view does not work correctly. Some messages with similar subject are not displayed in conversations.

  524. Jeremy says:

    I'd love to see a built in podcasting app or at least have it be part of the music app.  As both a host and listener, I feel there is a real NEED for this these days!!

  525. Masoud says:

    @Andrea IT

    I had the search contacts issue. When I wanted to send email, it didn't load any of my contacts. I just uninstalled and reinstalled it and it is working fine now.

  526. Tyler James Bush says:

    I would love to see support for PODCASTING!!!!

  527. Joe Jackson says:

    Shouldn't the Mail App support POP3?  Seems very odd.  I'm sure there are security-related benefits from using IMAP but POP3 is an extremely popular protocol used by ISP's throughout the world.

  528. Gigaplex says:

    Okay… so I ranted earlier about not being able to change the country of my account which caused some issues.

    Today I just installed the update for the Music app. Now it will refuse to play any local DRM free files because I can't log in, and I can't log in because my locale doesn't match the country my account is locked to. The Video app won't even install, which means the Store tile always shows there's something to update but clicking on it tells me there are no updates available and browsing to the Video app shows the app is not available for my system.

    Please please PLEASE stop pushing everything towards requiring the country code to be set correctly whilst simultaneously not allowing one to change the country!

  529. Andrea IT says:


    Thank you for this simply suggestion, now appear to work correcly :), but is still a strange behavior, that need to be fixed in the future

  530. cinemajaw says:

    Hey Windows8 team,

    I love Microsoft products and I've been using them in my business and personal life for several decades, they feel Luke home to me. I am very excited about the new OS, but as a podcaster, and someone who regularly consumes podcasts I am hoping that you will add native support for such content.

    That, I believe, is the only omission ib your part but an important one. I believe that,native podcast support in Windows8 will effect my decision to buy or not.

    Hoping you heed the call,


  531. TOUCH UPDATE ??? says:

    Why our touch screen was perfectly working before the RTM and suddenly with the RTM there's no way to see it ? Is it only cause you have raised the functional specs forcing the usage of highly priced capacitive touches ? What about the installed base ?

  532. small_mountain says:

    I'd love to see a post telling us if the app update experience we are seeing this week is what we can expect going forward.  This is the first set of updates, so I guess we can't expect perfection.  I already applied the system update described in a later post.

    1) I don't see a live tile for the Store app telling me how many updates I have available in the store.  Did I miss that?

    2) I go to the store and click Updates, and it takes me to a page telling me what updates are available.  I select all of them and click Install.  I expect each app to get a progress bar showing me its progress, like happens on Windows Phone and iPad, but no.  I just get the 5 sliding dots of progress across the top.  And it does that for hours.  Are you just getting slammed?

    3) This one had a happy ending.  My Dell ST2220t monitor likes 1920×1080 resolution, but after installing Win8 and then the post-RTM update, 1920×1080 was never in the list.  I had to use 1600×1200 (ish).  Then, in the middle of a store update, I noticed my screen resolution dropped to 1080×768.  After cursing, I went to control panel and saw that suddenly 1920×1080 was available in the list of resolutions!  I picked it and it worked.  How on Earth did this happen in the middle of an app update?

    Definitely exciting to see things changing, but I do feel like a beta tester.


  533. small_mountain says:

    Wait, the Store tile *is* live with an 11 on it, lower right.  So at least it's showing up now.

  534. Milo says:

    Anyone else have a problem with maps application after update it says this app is not available in your region, i tried to re install it and tried to change region but i had no success, any suggestions?

  535. Really? says:

    Anyone having problems with the people live tile since the refresh?  If you get a facebook update, the damn notification won't go away unless I restart.

    Also, the store live tile showed 2 updates that were actually windows updates that you couldn't update from the store.  

    W8 is the most exciting thing to happen to tech in a long time, but i'm getting really tired of defending.  If I wanted buggy widgets, may as well have stuck with android.

  536. David Andrew Wiebe says:

    Microsoft, can you please add a podcasting app? I'm sure there are many people that would want it.

  537. ASHWANI says:

    Updating our built-in apps for Windows 8 DIRVER

  538. Abby S. says:

    Please add support for podcasting. Thanks.

  539. MisterCocktail says:

    i'm discorvering W8, it's a bit confusing, you should have done an entire Metro environnement without poping up the desktop, the software opens in a floating window that can be fixed fullscreen. I found myself looking for where is my documents. the search application is driving me crazy where is Windows 98…

  540. JD Sutter says:

    As has already been mentioned, please add support for podcasts. I know that Rob at Zune has said that there will be some sort of support, but since it was conspicuously missing from the list I want to add my vote to others here. Thanks Microsoft!

  541. Igor Bozato says:

    Microsoft is starting to regain the love of customers, will miss a big opportunity if they ignore this podcast support request.

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