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  1. Max Tsukino says:

    Will I be able to add POP/IMAP accounts to this it would be awesome if this become possible…

  2. Mr IMAP says:

    Why IMAP is not supported?

  3. Conversation View says:

    Where is the conversation (threaded) view?

  4. MyLifeIsNotARibbon says:

    Will you continue to update Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger on older Windows platforms ?

  5. Miguel Hurtado says:

    There should be a way to delete an email in your outgoing inbox. I have a mail there that won't get send because of the attachment and cannot erase it. =/

  6. Mr IMAP says:

    oh wait, I see it will be implemented soon! I expect the special folders (sent/draft/trash/spam) will be mapped to the server folders as well (not like the current implementation on Windows Phone…)

    Also the support for flagged email is extremely welcome…

  7. FremyCompany says:

    Mail app still don't work for accounts using as identifier and as new (default From:) address. Sync is crashing, unable to use the app. This should be fixed.

    On Windows Phone the default From doesn't work either but at least it don't crash.

  8. Chris says:

    Will there be support for sending emails via aliases ? It is very annoying that WLM and Outlook do not support this feature and one has to switch to the website every time one wants to send an email not from the main E-Mail address but an alias!

  9. whale says:

    I hope the MaIl app supports RSS and Atom feeds. Windows Live Mail supported them.

  10. Fews things I would like to see

    1. I would like to collapse the folder pane.

    2. Conversation Views

    3. Controls over app theme. (This is in general, not fan a colors you have used in the apps I would like to have control over it just like WP)

  11. kk says:

    ugly fonts

  12. I was expecting a video 🙁

  13. Keith says:

    I like the mail app but I'm really, really missing threaded message view, which even my Windows Phone has!!  I expect this metro app to be at least as capable as my Windows Phone app.

  14. Alireza Noori says:

    Could you please, PLEASE, pleaseeeeee, add an option to change the app's theme? I'd like to use it in dark. Other than that, awesome.

  15. Windows8isforidiots says:

    It's a nice and simple app for phones but i'd rather use a real program like outlook, since when do we need apps for computers, apps are for phones. This new version of windows is the dumbest thing i have ever had the misfortune of uninstalling. Long live Windows 7 (bring on sp2)

  16. A couple of email thoughts;

    My biggest gripe with email is the utter confusion and incompatibility between various email apps issued by the same company.  I don't want, I demand full compatibility.  Neither Microsoft nor Apple have seen fit to meet my reasonable demands for full compatibility.  Apple is only less guilty than Microsoft because they haven't issued as many email apps.

    I mean really is it too much to expect that I can import AND export between Metro Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and the current Outlooks for both Windows and Mac?  Can the code be that hard to write?

    Full import/export/merge abilities would show me that Microsoft really cares about the fact that I've used several of their mail products on different platforms.

    Second biggest email gripe.  I don't, and won't read email on any full-screen app because it looks uncomfortable and stupidly too big.  I don't even open email apps full screen on my 15in laptop!  Depending on what I'm doing I might have either Outlook 2011, Outlook 2010 or Apple Mail open, and never full screen.  A giant Metro full-screen email app would be unusable to me.

  17. pzstm says:

    Will I ever be able to add unique POP3/iMAP email addresses?

    That's a real missing feature for so many people…

  18. @whale says:

    there is a dedicated app for RSS reader, the Mail app is only for mail.

  19. bzsys says:

    One thing that bothers me about many of the Metro style apps is that while some of them do support keyboard shortcuts, there seems to be no way to discover/learn/find them other than either knowing them from experience with desktop apps, or trying every key/combination on the keyboard. I wish there were something like accelerators in menubars or keytips in ribbons, where you could hold a key like ALT or CTRL and see all the shortcuts available. Actually, why not also just make ALT bring up the app bar instead of the odd Windows + Z? This would both be semi-consistent-ish with some desktop apps like IE, be simpler and more convenient, and connect smoothly to keyboard shortcut discovery.

  20. In my book RSS is email. In fact, that is how Outlook works for me. In fact, I would rather leverage Hotmail to keep track of my RSS feeds for me so that my RSS read status is kept in sync across all my devices.

  21. mk says:

    When I reply to emails through the Mail app, they lose their conversation threading state. In other words, when I look at them in Outlook, every reply in an email chain looks like it is starting a new Conversation thread, not continuing the original thread to which I am replying. This happens when replying from Windows Phone as well. Replying through Outlook or other devices properly continues the conversation thread.

  22. DarienHawk67 says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel an instant surge of rage when you come across the marketing term, “fast and fluid?”  That term is used three separate times within this particular post.

    “It needed to be fast and fluid, be great with touch and a keyboard and mouse. . . .”  “We realized that switching accounts and folders wasn’t fast and fluid enough. . . . “  “The reading pane makes it fast and fluid to switch between messages. . . .”

    This has to be the least informative blog post I have read out of all posts relating to Building Windows 8.  The blog is actually trying to make it seem as if there is some super, new functionality with the Mail app.  Snap: yep, I have always had a problem with using email alongside with other applications.  Print: Whew. Finally, I can print my messages.  Thank goodness.  Glad this is fixed.  Share: Well, since cut and paste is so out-of-date, I’m glad we have the “contracts” now.  Live Tiles: Hmm. Big @** RSS feeds.  Notifications: Yep, Outlook never provided that feature.

    2012!  The year that I have officially started to become a MSFT “hater.”  With all of the greatness (no sarcasm here) baked into the architecture of Windows 8, all MSFT wants to do is just focus on Metro and do a great disservice to all dedicated Desktop users.

    I really wish I had something more positive to write.

  23. Starkenator says:

    I would really like to see support for Favorites in Hotmail.

  24. SDreamer says:

    Have you guys bothered to try viewing multiple attachments, primarily photo attachments? It just doesn't work, there is no "view as slideshow" etc, and having to click each photo to download when someone attaches 30+ photos is a pain. Check the functionality before releasing the final of this please. This is a ginormous improvement over the Consumer Preview, but still miles away from what Windows Live Mail offers.

  25. B says:

    POP & IMAP..  if you can't do all my email you'll do none.

  26. johncdoherty says:

    threaded view of mailboxes needed please (the WP7 mail app is incredible – please mimic in all cases)

  27. Please add these missing features as soon as possible: 1) personal signature, and 2) save email as (.txt or .html).

  28. JGodo says:

    @B POP/IMAP are for geek people. Consumers don´t know what POP/IMAP are, so they will flee away from metro/windows if they encounter an option they don´t know for what can be. So if you want POP & IMAP stay on desktop with all the other geeks.

  29. Angry Windows 8 user says:

    another useless post ….

  30. kyo says:

    So, can we get rid of thet "Sent from my Windows 8 PC"? I really don't like such automatically inserted texts…

    Other than that, nice app!

  31. Kevin Daly says:

    Without POP support it's useless to me.

  32. Me says:

    @kyo  you can edit it.

  33. Ducky says:

    What about building a REAL OS for desktop ? My PC are my WP7 !

  34. kyo says:

    @Me: Of course I can, but I don't want it to insert it in the first place…

  35. Royi says:

    What really needed are:

    1. Labels / Tags (Including Sub Labels / Tags).

    2. Real Threaded view like in Gmail.

  36. Ellie Malle says:

    POP3, SMTP and IMAP over SSL?

    S/MIME for signatures and encryption?

    An option to leave the e-mail on the server to wait until I get back to my real e-mail client, Outlook?

    Can I send messages and choose which From address I'll use and not have the annoying "Sent On Behalf Of" added?

    Can I copy text to the clipboard, or paste into an e-mail from the clipboard?

    Thank You!

  37. I really wish I could try out the Mail app, but it has been a complete fail for me, apparently because my Windows Live account is a non-Hotmail account.  This has prevented me from using Windows 8 much at all, since I can't get my e-mail.  I could understand if, say, GMail didn't work or something, but Microsoft's own e-mail system doesn't work?  

    Now that there is a browser for Metro that has bookmarks (Chrome), this e-mail fail is the only thing holding me back from trying Windows 8 more.

    Also, like several other commenters, I have a WP7 phone and love the e-mail app there, so if you can just make it match that as much as possible, you'll have a winner.


  38. Kato says:

    Have we gone back in time? This would have been a great, interesting read … back in 1999! Isn't it obvious that all those embarrassingly limited fullscreen APPS are completely useless for desktop users due to much, much more powerful free PROGRAMS available?! I can only shake my head in complete disbelief…

  39. bzsys says:

    "So, can we get rid of thet "Sent from my Windows 8 PC"? I really don't like such automatically inserted texts…"

    Oh right, +1 to this – it's incredibly obnoxious.

  40. easson says:

    Based on this post, I get your design philosophy.  I really do.

    Microsoft has more than a billion users, so at any point, your design philosophy slowly changes in response to the dominant needs, the needs of most users.  You have given many detailed examples of this "dominant" approach in this post, and exactly why.

    But you know what would be even smarter?

    When a user uses an application such as Mail (or, indeed the OS as a whole) for the first time, they are presented with a dialog box that asks them what style of user they are are.  There should be at most three or four types available.  The first choice should be the dominant one at the moment.  But there should be other ones.  For the mail app example, there could be the "Enthusiast" type, with a description of what they expect and most want from the app (deeply nested folders, tagged and colored categories, threaded conversations etc.).

    Then, based on what the user says about what type of user they are, the app must flexibly adapt itself to that type.  They will then get an app that better needs their own requirement and expectations.  I call this an "adaptable user interface style".  (The implementation should be data-driven, with a file containing such broad preferences.)

    You have no time to implement this adaptable approach in time for the Windows 8 release.  I get it.

    But, you would be very, very smart to seriously consider such an approach for Windows 9 (and for other major software you make).

  41. The App Bar keyboard shortcut is Windows key + Z, not Windows key + X as the article states (possible typo since the two are side by side on a keyboard)

    btw. Thanks to this typo, I just discovered that Windows key + X launches the WinX / Poweruser menu.

  42. All i want is an email app which replicates the WP mail app with threaded conversation and better filters..

  43. Could you make dictation a universal button. Please make that a part of the mail app..

  44. Brandon says:

    Happy to see that IMAP support is coming. I won't be using the built-in mail app until that happens.

  45. For keyboard users, it would be very helpful to be able to use the first character or characters to quickly select a folder. Having to arrow up/down through them is very tedious. Also, it there going to be a keyboard shortcut to move to the next unread message?

  46. Another confirmation from me that Mail app DOES NOT play nice with (custom domain name) Live IDs even though Calendar and People are fine with them.

    Since latest update I did at least get it initially working custom domain, but it has literally just blanked the whole account config from out of Mail AGAIN with no warning, and if I try to workaround it by adding my Live ID as an Exchange account that works for a bit, but then blanks it's details randomly and means I have to remove duplicates from People and Calendar that can understand both intended Live ID and workaround account!

    Lesser issues (in comparison) are:

    – On full initial start-up Mail app is very slow to load, feels slower than full Outlook although I haven't timed it yet

    – On opening/switching back to, or definitely when clicking left column Account name, it should jump messages view up to top as I had initial occasions when Live Tile said I had new messages, so I jumped into app and my messages list still looked the same. At the very least you should flash the scrollbars for messages view visible so people can notice that they are now able to scroll up and that's where the new messages are hiding

    – There should be ability to white-list specific emails or domains to always show pictures, not leave us the choice of unsecure 'Show all pictures by default' or annoying repeated click 'Show images' again and again per email

    – On a similar vein you said Mail is designed to help with common tasks…I would suggest flagging Junk mail is an all too common task (just look how prominent it is on any web mail interface)

    – I can't understand why Mail app is lacking things such as the great conversation view from Windows Phone 7…surely Metro 8 should meet or exceed all features of Metro 7…and it doesn't yet which makes me worry for Windows Phone 8 too

  47. Adam Kalisz says:

    The Comment got lost! I hate that, fix it if you want any feedback.

    I will summarize it again:

    The Win + X shortcut in desktop should be changed for Win + Z, because Win + X is not far away appart on the keyboard in any language I know and could be used in Metro apps much frequently. (German speaking and slavic countries use the qwertz layout…). Also, it is really hard to find out any keyboard short cuts, which would be consistent in every app. (like Backspace for return etc.) There should be more consistency, and more options (but I guess that is on its way, as Metro apps can be updated on a weekly or even daily basis easily).

    There also needs to be better sharing/ syncing between devices, that aren't connected through MS Account. Many people just want to be able to simply (and securely) connect their Windows Phone, or a Windows RT/8 device and sync the newest changes between them. This could work on a write-PIN basis (which could be generated over and over again for secure connections). You could sync large files (no need fot IP adress and Network storage or Home group setup -> very fast) over wi-fi, ethernet cable, usb, thunderbolt very simply (just pick a computer name, write generated PIN to both of them and everything would be setup for you…). You could also use ethernet + wi-fi for better speed.

    This is the weakest point of every Windows device. It is just to hard to share data in countries, where data connections are expensive/ limited or if you don't want to sync large files through the internet. (Like if you just want to copy something to your friends computer very fast…).

  48. Why you even showboat a keyboard on the screen???

    Remember that desktop monitors has no keyboard on screen, oh no no just difficult to understand… fast and fluid for touch, keyboards and mice….

    … are you really dumb guys, so difficult to say, Metro are just for touch, we will not support non touch devices on the future, neither the standard Windows programs(office, live mail asf …)

    Some are saying that will have same functionality as Windows phone, oh yes great guys, brave good suggestion

    Some are saying that will have same functionality as Windows 7 and standard programs, WE are called trolls and haters, we must stick with windows 7

    Are we talking about Computers or Smartphones?

    Need tablet Sinofsky?

    i'm really confused….. disappointed…. oh call me troll, you Microsoft ignore Windows 7 suggestions because are dated yes, sorry i'll never bother you again….

  49. Metro Metro Metro says:

    Windows Windows Windows

  50. theDarkfriend says:

    Will the mail lost show profile photos from the GAL? (Global Address List)

    I was disappointed that the Lumia 900 would not show all the corporate profile photos from our GAL.

  51. tim says:

    need more work for the mail app.

  52. Aki says:

    I want all the features in the Windows Phone app version be present in the Metro app. And please add support for other email clients such as Yahoo!Mail, etc. And make the third column auto-fit so I don't need to scroll from left to right, if possible. Cheers!

  53. Doesn't seem to be possible to accept, decline or tentatively accept appointments in the current App Preview release of the Mail app?

  54. pmbAustin says:

    What @AZJack said, only triple.

    And @bzsys has a great idea for key-board discoverablility as well.

    And without POP3/IMAP support, it's useless to me.  And I need the ability to reply to an email sent to my email address A, as if replying from email address B as well (iPhone supports this).  That's because email I get on my POP3 server over 3G cann't be sent out over 3G because they have a restriction that they'll only forward mail sent from within their own network (ISP/Roadrunner).  So When replying while remote (via a tablet session on the road, say), I'll need to be able to reply to my POP3 email by sending "from" my Gmail or email address.

    Threaded messages are required to even start playing the game.

    And as @AZJack said, I need to have mail stored locally, and when I move to a Win8 tablet, I need to be able to import all the email from my old Windows Live Mail instance on my Win7 laptop, so taht I have my email with me… and can access and read it off line if need be.

    This is BASIC functionality.

  55. Most email functions are personal choice so I would suspect any email app will have things about it that individuals don't like. Still, I hope the Metro email app is on a fast track to increased functionality.

    I would like to see a greater focus (or at least some focus) on mail security. Mail and Web are the two primary attack vectors on most computers. Yet there is zero information on how secure this app is – which leads me to believe it is not secure at all. Please Please Please embed security into it, as it stands now there doesn't seem to be any at all, for example, it automatically downloads images from non-secure domains and seems to trust all senders – a complete 180 degree reversal from previous policy.

  56. romano says:

    How to remove/change "sent from my windows 8 PC" firm? is ti possible to set the same firm that i have on hotmail?

  57. MetroMan says:

    Metro on windows phone is absolutely beautiful but metro style on windows 8 is just unattractive and looks horrible.

    One OS for all device is a great idea but we are not there yet. If Microsoft wanted to develop a tablet OS then they should have optimized windows phone OS for tablets and stick with windows 7 for desktop OS, after all windows 7 is the best selling OS out there.

  58. Mitch says:

    i can see myself usong alot of 3rdparty metro apps because im not liking the microsoft ones

  59. Maxxy says:

    This may be a little off-topic, but Cleartype in Windows 8 is rather worse than 7. Will you fix that?

  60. hamakaze says:

    I want you to carry the e-mail software of the old Outlook Express average also in a desktop as standard.

    He had an inconvenient feeling, when it was not a default after all.

    @Windows 7

    Incidentally, by 7, although Windows Live Mail is used, please still carry.

  61. @jimbrowski you are right that the App Bar keyboard shortcut is Windows key + Z. We've made that correction in the post. Thank you for pointing it out!

  62. JF says:

    Threaded view? In general, I'm finding it quite disappointing how extremely basic all the default apps are. The apps should be the poster children of how to build a proper Metro app yes, but also how powerful WinRT apps can be. Right now, I'd say all the apps are below WP7 apps in quality, capabilities and polish. I'm hoping these get further improvements, especially the Photos app, but there's a long way to go…

  63. Okay, the e-mail app seems to be doing better with my non-Hotmail Windows Live account now.  I took these steps:

    1. Went to the Store and searched for the Mail app.  It found the Mail/Calender/People/Messaging app and it had a link for me to install it.  What?  I had assumed there was no update for the Mail app, since nowhere did the store tell me that some of my installed apps had updates available.  Did I need to press a hotkey to bring something up in the Store app so it would tell me I had updates available? After that install, now the Mail/Calendar/People/Messaging app (can we come up with a shorter name for this app?) says "You own this app."  So maybe an update installed.

    I find it annoying that there are no version numbers in any of the Details about apps in the store.  Are version numbers too complex for Grandma?

    2. Went back to the Mail app, still no mail showing, deleted my account and re-added it.  Mail showed my e-mail!  What a great feature!  And in the few hours I've used it, the e-mail hasn't disappeared yet.  I should probably restart and see if it stays.


  64. Radford Castro says:

    I hope you guys will go more in depth with the email system at Microsoft's "secret" event:…/report-microsoft-to-manufacture-their-own-windows-8-tablet-goes-after-ipad

  65. Please add better support for gmail. The number one action I take with Gmail is Archive.

  66. Peter says:

    The most disturbing fact to me is that the support for POP accounts is still missing in the Release Preview. The application is USELESS to me without it.

  67. Pranav says:

    Hah! Great selection of screenshots!

    But seriously. Where the heck is threaded messaging? If my Windows phone can do it, why the hell can't my pc?

  68. Rob says:

    Could the live tile show the subject line of the top 3 (or whatever) emails, instead of so many details about one message? I think it's common to have a few unread emails waiting to be read so I think the live tile would be more useful if you could see them all at a glance, not just the email that happened to arrive most recently.

  69. David Tiberius Lindsay says:



  70. customer equal to mer (in Hindi it's means DIE) says:

    I have use Win8 RP and I got a problem with audio. When I listen my song in win8. Sometime My computer Hangs. Sound like KRRRKRKRKR come out from speaker. It's on full volum. later 5 thing I can use cursor, keyboard and it's play normal.

    Can you help me how this happen. (this never happen before)

    It's happen when I run my online mp3 file on chrome.

  71. Geoffc1 says:

    Why is the "Pages" setting missing from the Print device settings in the Mail and IE10 Apps? It means that I can only print out entire mail messages or web pages, instead of being able to just print the current page or a selection.

    The Metro Reader App displays a "Pages" setting in the Print device settings – why not the Mail and IE10 Apps?

  72. Metro Notification says:

    Metro needs a notification center. This toaster-type of notification (see or miss) isn't good. I don't want to wait for every live tiles to pop a notification. In the first place, I would not even have the idea what live tile will I look at!

    Just imagine if I have dozens of live tiles and each one pops notifications. Rest in peace my eyes.

  73. Rob says:

    What about POP3 and importing old messages?

    Are you going to force people to use Mail App + Live Mail ??

  74. Metro ugly UI needs to die... says:

    Well, Microsoft will only realize this after Windows 8 will be a big disaster

  75. Mail doesn't support my main IMAP account and while it recognises my Google account (it correctly lists all the folders) it doesn't display any emails, despite supposedly being synced. From my perspective it's a complete disaster, just like so many of the bundled Metro apps. If Microsoft wants people to take Metro seriously its going to have to do a LOT better.

    The desktop experience in Windows 8 is great; an improvement over Windows 7. Unfortunately the implementation of Metro is incredibly poor and its functionality is incredibly restrictive. I have a 30" monitor and rarely run apps in fullscreen, yet that is required for Metro (aside from the occasionally useful but generally too small side-snap mode). Not only that but very few apps take advantage of vertical space, meaning that typically 40% of my screen is completely blank – this wouldn't be an issue if it was running on the desktop and contained in a window, like Windows has always done previously. I'm sure Metro apps are great on a tablet but on the desktop they're terrible. 🙁

  76. Asbjørn says:

    The mail app is one of the few Metro apps that are usable (to a certain extent at least). However, if suffers from one critical issue, which is not specific to the mail app but rather a general issue in Windows 8: When you try to save an attached file you cannot create a new folder! The official response from MS has been to use the desktop Explorer to create the folder, but, seriously, that has to be a joke, right? See…/51bfbee1-698b-40f0-9836-4ecd63e1970d for the gory details.

  77. SteveB says:

    It's looking quite promising (assuming obvious stuff like IMAP/POP, etc. gets added by actual release date) – but add me as another voice wondering where the conversation (threaded) view is? In Metro I think it'd look brilliant in a Gmail-esque style with a single entry per conversation in the message list and then a stacked set of messages (with contact pictures) in the content pane…

    …but more than any issue of look and feel, *please* ensure that you provide a mail app that finally does *real* conversations (i.e. based on reply/forward of earlier messages) – currently even with the latest all-Microsoft product set (Office 365 + Outlook 2010 + WP7.5) all you actually get is "group by subject", which is *hugely* annoying and IMHO renders the so-called conversations feature pretty much useless!

  78. Stefano says:

    Does the lock screen with new mail counts work for Outlook received mail messages as well? Via POP I mean, not using the Exchange servers.

    Thank you in advance for an explanation.

  79. @DarienHawk67

    I know exactly how you feel, I'm afraid. Somehow, the term "fast and fluid" slowly became something of a swear word in mind. :/

  80. @DarienHawk67

    I know exactly how you feel, I'm afraid. Somehow, the term "fast and fluid" slowly became something of a swear word in mind. :/

  81. Quote: "If you know on the sender … you can tap on her name to view her profile page in the People app."

    I'd not seen this capability before. Is this using:

    1) A supported API to deep-link into any other Metro app?

    2) A supported API to deep-link into the Microsoft "People" app?

    3) An unsupported/undocumented API for #1 or #2?

  82. diucan says:

    please add the conversation (threaded) view!!!

  83. @pip25 yes, the "fast and fluid" thing is becoming extremely annoying.

    @Microsoft, you still didn't fix the comments, people are still complaining about lost comments here.

    @Microsoft, speaking of which, the blogs don't remember my sign-in automatically. Each time I visit I have to click sign-in. And most of the time sign-in doesn't work on the first try (probably for the same reason it loses comments, the page was opened some time ago, and something expired/timed out).

    On topic, the Mail app is almost unusable.

    1. I also have a Windows Phone, so while working at my laptop I hear new mail notifications. I rarely receive a similar notification from the Windows 8 Mail App. Maybe 5-10 minutes later. Although my accounts are set to download as items arrive.

    So when I hear the new mail sound on my phone, I open the mail app on my PC. No new mail messages. Then I right-click, and select sync. No new mail messages. Then I close the app by dragging from the top and open it again. No new mail messages.

    Then I try manual sync again. This time it usually displays unread counters on my accounts (if I'm lucky). But in the central pane, no new messages are displayed, because the new messages are not automatically scrolled into view. I have to scroll manually to see the new messages.

    2. When reading emails, I can't copy URLs from the mail. I right click on URLs, and nothing happens, no context menu.

    3. When composing mails, I can't insert tabs to indent my paragraphs. If I press tab, it just cycles between the UI elements. I have to indent with spaces.

    So I must return to Windows Live Mail.

  84. DanNoakes says:

    I've been using Mail and quite like it. 2 things though:

    – Create new folders – Easy to create/manage folders

    – Type to search – just start typing to search for mails, I could even live with CTRL+F

  85. I was wrong to be optimistic that non-Hotmail Windows Live accounts were working any better.  Got up this morning, woke up my Windows 8 PC, went to the Mail app, and it was a blank screen.  Thought for a minute about how to get to the settings (is it the App Bar, is it the Charms?), got there, went to Accounts, no accounts were listed.  Okay, maybe it forgot my account.  Went to add a new account, put in my Live account information.  Got the message "You have already added this account."

    This is early alpha quality software being paraded around as Release Preview.  You are wasting my time.  Back to Windows 7 until RTM.


  86. Not Steven Sinofsky says:

    Based upon large amounts of telemetry, we have decided to make the Mail app experience faster and more fluid by removing the ability to write e-mail. Consumers these days are focused on content and consumption. Things like "New message" and "Reply" get in the way of the Metro philosophy. We think this change will make the Mail app a favorite for all types of users – touchscreens or tablets.

  87. nazgul says:

    this app is too limited

    a can't use Advanced settings, so for exemple i can't configure a icloud mail account

  88. Serine says:

    In my opinion the mail app is the best app of the ones that come preinstalled. Compared to other apps it starts relatively fast and is quite stable and functional. The loading time has been significantly improved since the CP version, and the design in the Release Preview is better, too.

    What I don't like at all is the text that's automatically appended to every email. Even the Hotmail team realized we live in 2012 and don't need ads anymore at the bottom of outgoing mail.

    Another thing that still needs improvement is the live tile. I often find out that the tile isn't updated when new mail arrives (or maybe I don't wait long enough?). Afaik the tile should be updated instantly through push-notification. The tile updates in general still need to be improved, they work pretty unrealiable here (messages app for instance).

  89. GregH says:

    Just read this article…/windows-8-secrets-desktop-theme-143447

    I fear that you won’t look at the details enough and the desktop UI will remain with remnants of gel shading and loony tune icons form XP/Vista transition, if I am in Windows 8 and I click properties of C drive what is the window that comes up – Windows 95 graphs, mmm, put some effort into it, the same or even more detail and effort than you put into the new resilient file system for example, cover every detail with an obsessive quest for perfection, don’t leave us with a half baked Frankenstein.

    I cannot stress enough – there is no point having everyone in the teams work on a ground-breaking features for the product if you cannot present it properly – every detail has to be considered, every part of the visible screen estate to the user has to be scrutinized – if you don’t do this then I personally will be very sad to have to work daily potentially for a another few years with outdated UI.

    Please designers put some real love into this – I consider the design to be of the upmost importance to the success of the product, you have had your little spell of tablet Metro enthusiasm, now give us a desktop visual update that we can all be proud of and enjoy.


  90. DOS says:

    Full screen "apps", eh? I knew you couldn't quit me. Let's make up and get back to word processing and communication, 80's style. My C:> prompt is tanned, rested, and ready. How about a nice session of EDLIN, the original Metro app.

  91. GregH says:

    Please listen! you did promise Steven in very early posts that design would come into play toward the end of the build. The back and forward button are too close togather in Explorer they need at least 3-5 pixel in between them (the flat blue is cool) – replace every single icon in the system with high quality flat color metro versions, EVERY icon.

  92. GregH says:

    The refresh button background in Explorer still has the gel shading on it on hover, details people.

  93. Mustang GTX says:

    Are we still in the beta stage? This app is useless

  94. GregH says:

    The apps just aren’t sophisticated looking enough – you can tell that somewhere you care compromising quality for battery life or speed, I mean the ui is terribly flat and basic looking.

  95. GregH says:

    In terms of this email app – I just hope Office come with an more sophisticated Outlook or the teams get this desktop UI right – just because it’s a tablet app doesn’t mean everything has to be in a state of ultra-accessibility mode – we still like things to look cute – that is why I prefer email on the iPhone instead of my Nokia Lumia 800 – the email list just doesn’t look cute and compact enough.

  96. Windows 7 says:

    Now I think I finally understand. Windows 8 isn't an OS, it's just a collection of Apps. Now it all makes sense.

  97. GregH

    Fri, Jun 15 2012 6:26 AM


    Just read this article…/windows-8-secrets-desktop-theme-143447

    Wow, everything is getting flat, possibly to extend the life of a battery on an inexpensive, junky tablet I'll never own.  Shadows and shading are what give depth to UI elements.  Look at XP for example.  XP windows overlapping each other are just a bunch of intersecting lines.  On the other hand overlapping windows on Mac Lion appear as actual rectangular objects some of which are "on top of" or "in front of" others.  That gives the display a recognizable real-world appearance that is comfortable to look at.  Got any telemetry on that one?

  98. M E E E E TROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! says:

    Metro sucks on Desktop! +1

  99. Fast and fluid d!ck in sinofsky's anus says:

    Metro sucks on Desktop! +1

  100. Really? says:

    No way to "open" a message so you can see it's entire contents without using the scrollbars? Yes some of are still using the mouse and keyboard — maybe hundreds of millions of users? C'mon Microsoft either call this Windows for tablets or actually treat your customers like we actually exist with the technology we have in our hands today. I have one of the tablets from Build and when it's docked (most of the time it is) I use mouse and keyboard because it's faster than reaching up to touch the screen. You guys are fooling yourselves to think that touch on the desktop will be a priority for most — no it's just you.

  101. HoTMaiL says:

    Please make it possible to send it from connected email addresses like on

  102. I love the idea of a Metro style Mail app. I would like to see the Inbox and other primary folders be moved across the top of the screen to give more room to the Inbox message list and the actual email. User folders could be a drop down. Or, a way to view an email full screen would work as well.

  103. Metrosexual says:

    This is all good, but really we want to know…is it fast and fluid?

  104. Faster and More Fluid says:


    Windows 8 supports a vast array of input devices, whether they be touchscreen-enabled all-in-one computers or tablets.

  105. I wonder. says:

    How about Windows Sidebar gadgets? WIll you update them to have metro-look? How about Windows Media Player? I wonder if you still have the time to do it – you got all your hands to fix and update all these metro apps to become actually usable.

  106. Asbjørn says:

    Mail needs some improvements, however. POP3 *and* IMAP is a must! And so is drag & drop. Why won't you admit that a majority of Windows 8 user will use a keyboard and a mouse and design for it?

  107. Michael Cherry says:

    I have tried to get this application to work with Exchange since the Consumer Preview with no luck.  Worked with Rackspace and the Windows 8 Forum personnel.  Submitted logs of the problem to Microsoft. Tried changing my Microsoft Account (because I use the same email address).  Key take away, while the app has nice design goals and may have achieved them, one missing goal appears to be troubleshooting.  Mail connection problems when they occur can be a bear to resolve, and IT and consumers have little help to debug such issues as I am having, other than just randomly changing mail, network, firewall and account settings and hoping something works.

  108. @Jeremy Epling

    I appreciate your efforts, Team around Jeremy Epling. I look forward to a mailing solution which unifies my mail accounts as seamlessly as the Opera browser does. If you deliver such an experience I will be willing to cross over.

    Nevertheless, you need to implement at least POP support, let me set a constant value for cc/bcc field (i.e. for every message that recipient is included automatically), let me choose to create real text messages and last but not least show ALL my messages in my mailbox not only the recently received ones.

  109. Jake says:

    I just scanned the article, but one thing I'm not seeing is the option for a unified inbox. That'd be awfully nice to have.

  110. Juan says:

    I'm surprised that Yahoo Mail is not available.

    Please include Yahoo Mail soon.

  111. Chris says:

    Is MD5 Challenge Response for IMAP supported?

  112. Hotmail fan says:

    Can you please hide Cc when creating a new email, like you do with Bcc and as it is now on Also why can't I send emails from the addresses I can on using the drop-down menu?

  113. Jake says:

    Alrighy. A few additional things.

    1. Will it support proxying into other accounts? Most businesses need to have this ablility. For example, an employee should be able to see and, without a lot of fuss.

    2. Make mail fun, fast, and fluid. Take a look at I, personally, love it.

    3. Hyperlinking isn't under the default formatting options? Why? I use it all the time, to reference help articles from various sources without breaking the flow of the sentence structure. I'd say I use it far more than Bold, Italic, and Underline.

    What would be nice to have is a customize-able font modification pane. If a user uses Bold, Hyperlink, and Font Color a lot, those should be the first three listed, and if they seldom use underline, quotations, and highlighting, they should be able to stash those in the 'More' button.

  114. jader3rd says:

    I still prefer using the Windows Live Mail program. The Mail app doesn't seem to do anything that it doesn't do. One difference between them would be that the desktop program would not have been written with power consumption in mind, but the Mail app would have been. If you can show some usage studies about the power savings which happen if a user uses the Mail app, instead of the desktop client, I'd be more inclined to switch over and live with its limitations. But without that, all I can do is judge between the two based off of what I want a mail client to do.

  115. brima says:

    No way in the app for get the message source (the fulll message header and message body)

    The message header is need for work with AntiSpam Projects, (,, the ISP's, ….)

    Without geting the message source i do not can worked with this app,

  116. jcopenha says:

    1.  Please add threaded/conversation views for emails.

    2.  Please add account identifiers instead of just the service.  I got 2 google accounts and no way to know which button is witch because they both just say "Google"

  117. @Jeremy Epling

    Concerning the RSS/Atom-feed thing some of use are referring to: I would like another application for that. I don't think feeds belong to my mail accounts. But I definitely need them.

    Btw. what about newsgroups? Do you plan to integrate support them into the Mail app? I would like that.

    I back jcopenha's idea of threading conversations.

  118. pmbAustin says:

    Will there be a newsgroup reader?  I used that feature of Windows Live Mail, but I don't see a metro equivalent anywhere.

    Also, I echo @jcopenha … the "before the @ sign" label needs to be used, as I have multiple accounts with most email providers.

    Releasing the Mail app that isn't at LEAST on par with mail on WP7 and iPhone, will be a significant problem.  You need to be able to do EVERYTHING those apps do, at the very least, and do them easily and intuitively.

    Even more, I think a pass needs to be made through the UI to make it better/easier to use on Desktops and LARGE monitors that are close to a person's face… the ability to control font size is vitally important, and to be convenient to use with mice as well (i.e. some option to put the formatting bar up top rather than down below).

    The place where Win8/Metro will have value in the market is being the OS that will integrate with ANYTHING… apple iCloud mail, yahoo mail, google mail, and all the services used by everyone.  This really needs to be a primary focus:  WORK WITH EVERYTHING, and if it's not out of the box, allow developers to easily extend to work with anything.

    And that includes POP3/IMAP naturally.

  119. DQJames says:

    Tis email client is ugly…like only 16 colors Windows.   The edges seem like unhemmed clothes.

  120. Truther says:

    Microsoft sell off user data to political campaigns


  121. MarkB says:

    @Michael Cherry

    I think this is a big problem in all of the Metro apps, the lack of any logging or diagnostic problem-solving tools. As long as it "just works" you are fine, but if something goes wrong there is nothing to help figure out where the problem is. Hopefully as the apps mature more useful logging and diagnostic info will be embedded.

  122. Per L says:

    It would be cool with a notification center like in OS X Lion. Easy to get back to a former notification like new mail, Messenger or Windows Update.

  123. Jonathan P says:

    I don't know why I could comment in the older blog post about IE10, but I'll put it here:

    As great as the speed and looks might be, I certainly won't use it, because it has no add-blocking capability.  That is #1 to me and a great many others.  As soon as a metro browser (such as chrome) is available I will be uninstalling IE10.

  124. pmbAustin says:

    Notifications are a puzzle to me in Win8.

    There are these new "toaster" notification that pop up.  I was busy doing something, and just caught one out of the corner of my eye when it was disappearing.  There's NO WAY to go and see what it was!  No notifaction center at all, that keeps the last several notifications for you to look at, at your leisure.  This is a HUGE gap in functionality, imho.

    I'm also a bit confused about some potential functionality… there have been BLOG entries about how Win8 can use data over 3G and 4G networks, but … can it send SMS messages?  Receive them?  Can Messenger receive messages in the background, and pop up notifications (if you want) when someone messages you, goes on line, etc?

    There seems to be tons of potential here, but I'm not sure I'm seeing enough of it materialized…

  125. People still asking features from windows phone 7 with small monitors, excellent for metro.

    Are we talking about Operating System for computers or what???

    Every dumb idiot knows a enormous usability difference of a smartphone and of a Computer….

    Your Telemetry don't, seems, neither you MS guys, so really which is a difference from a Nokia Lumia with Mango(or coming Apollo), and a Nokia Tablet running Windows RT?

    Just desktop(useless in RT) and bigger monitor dimensions, that's all(i am sure metro app developed for rt works on WP7 too)

    Otherwise your project is pure garbage….

    Apple and third party apps work on ipad and iphone

    Android and third party apps works on phones and tablets

    You have just a small pebble in the shoe….. called a OS working on a standard computer….. oh yeah is dated too

    Apple is even more smarter….. iOS 5 working on a tablet and phone

                                                  OS X Lion for computers and notebooks

    Only Microsoft thinks that one OS can be perfect for both three categories, or worse say that computer is the same as tablet, and Phone is different……

    Microsoft the leader!!!

    once again call me troll, but this is reality…  

  126. Fordp says:

    The vast majority of people use Gmail. And threaded views + labels (folders) are the reason Gmail works so well. There's no possible reason to use the Win 8 Mail app over Gmail in the browser.

  127. Rafi says:

    Why you not add Yahoo! Mail on mail apps? Please add Yahoo! Mail support on mail apps…

  128. Stas says:

    Bring back Outlook Express! It was the best mail app for Windows so far.

  129. I would like to have better integration with my exchange address book, and Global Address List.

  130. Joe says:

    "It's a nice and simple app for phones but i'd rather use a real program like outlook, since when do we need apps for computers, apps are for phones. This new version of windows is the dumbest thing i have ever had the misfortune of uninstalling. Long live Windows 7 (bring on sp2)'

    Oh God, shut up. Nobody believes you've even seen Windows 8, much less used it. So stop lying and take your trolling elsewhere.

  131. Joe says:

    "Metro sucks on Desktop! +1"

    Yeah, you're real mature. I've seen 12 year olds with more maturity than you. Take a hike you idiot.

  132. oliversl says:

    Why 3D UI was removed from a 2012 operating system? I mean UI, not UI animation. For me 2D is real ugly in 2012, but I want to understand why MS have done this. Usability studies? Observing trial subject? Is has something to do with our brains? etc, etc

  133. Valdez says:

    Looks a little simplistic and empty but I'd probably get used to it.

  134. Philip says:

    The mail app UX is really, really nice.

    On a tablet.  

  135. @Jeremy Epling

    The Mail app looks great. But the initial design of the Mail app was much better. Because the content here isn't full screen. This looks much better on a PC with a big screen. See the video below (1:36). This also applies for the other communication apps. Is this the final version of the Mail app?

  136. Dano says:

    No POP/IMAP support makes this app of limited use for me – at least on pc. That and the lack of useful filters (Similar to 'Unread mail' , 'Mail from contacts', etc) means I'll continue to use Windows Live mail both both email and calendaring for the foreseeable future. This also continues the trend of what appear to be feature stripped apps in Windows 8 that will likely suffice on a tablet, but leave pc users sans expected functionality.

    In short, Latest version is an improvement, but you've got a ways to go.

  137. Lewald says:

    One word.


    Microsoft please fire designer of this APP.

  138. @_alex74_ says:

    @_alex74_ no actually – you have got it wrong, Apple has a glorified unix gui working on it’s locked hardware, Windows wants to give us a complete product that allows us to achieve anything without boundaries and with a choice of ‘very good’ hardware, companies and people other than Apple have the right and talent to design beautiful products, the term ‘post pc’ makes me sick – if these Apple devise aren’t personal computers, then what are they – authoritarian computers?

  139. Very good design. i like your work and thank you for sharing with us such interesting info. As I am sure you know, in spite of the usual trolls, most of us appreciate the professionalism, and user-oriented approach you're taking in sharing openly with everybody so much of your work.

    So, Mail looks very very nice. I'd like to suggest you strongly integrate it with Outlook – if not current version, then Outlook 15 – so that it pulls out information from it (PST/OST files) when it is actually installed and used by more advanced users. This way, one could chose whether to access mail accounts via the simpler Metro Mail app, or thorugh the desktop based Outlook. Of course, I expect Outlook 15 to be significantly more Metro-friendly, but still, a desktop version will continue to be the daily work tool for many of us.

    Similarly, I hope the Calendar App can do the same in terms of Outlook sync/integration.

  140. Hello.

    If the designers of the Windows 8 Core Apps are reading this, I hope you will see this message.…/mailapp

    This link leads to my breakdown of which improvement I feel could be made to the Mail App.  I made it in the form of a webpage because I felt that it could much better convey my ideas than simply posting a text comment.

    Thank you.

  141. @Jeremy Epling

    And have you considered to use the accent color for the Mail app and the other communication apps (tile and app)? This is a great way of personalization. And the start screen looks much cleaner. Thank you for the reaction.

  142. @Jonathan P

    IE, including IE10 Metro, supports ad blocking. It's called "tracking protection". You can configure it from the Desktop IE, but the settings also apply to the Metro IE.

    Just select Tools -> Tracking Protection from the legacy menu (Alt key) or Tools -> Safety -> Tracking Protection from the new, "Gear" menu (Alt+X).

    Then select "Get a Tracking Protection List online…".

    Or, even easier, just go to…/trackingprotectionlists , since the steps above just take you to that page anyway.

    Install all the tracking protection lists using the "Add" buttons, except maybe the "Enhanced Privacy Tracking Protection List", because that list also blocks embedded Youtube videos.

    And BOOM. No more annoying ads.

  143. Meitzi says:

    Why smile on keyboard. I dont use smile so I hope I can change that button.

  144. Cedric says:

    A 'mail' app not supporting POP3/SMTP or IMAP, two of internet's oldest and most widely supported standards, is frankly preposterous and doesn't deserve the name 'mail' in its name.

    It is as useful as an optical reader that can't read CDs or DVDs.

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