The People app: the complete, cloud-powered address book for Windows 8

Managing "contacts" has been a bit of a challenge for many, especially as the number of places that contacts can be stored and the number of PCs and devices we use to access those contacts has increased.  Storing contacts in the cloud for easy roaming and connectivity is a part of the solution.  With Windows 8 and the new People app, we are taking cloud storage a step further by optionally connecting it to other services you already use. This brings together email contacts and contacts from your service / social accounts in one easy to access and use place that roams across your Windows 8 PCs and phone. 

In this post, Jeff Kunins, a group program manager on the Windows Live team, details the People app. This is the first of a series of posts on the new service-connected apps that are currently in App Preview.  --Steven

Modern devices come with an address book or contact list because the people we communicate and share with are so important to how we use those devices. Email, texting, phone and video calls, social updates and comments – these are but a few of the people-based activities we do with the phones, PCs, and tablets we use every day. With Windows 8 we set out to meet this fundamental need with a new kind of contact experience: the People app.

The People app in Windows 8 is a modern take on the flat contact lists of the past–it’s built for the way you communicate today, and it’s connected to the cloud services you already use. The People app connects to your email and social accounts, bringing together all your contacts (and what they’re up to) in one convenient place. Windows 8 Consumer Preview users have already used the People app millions of times and received millions of social notifications on its live tiles. We are proud of the early enthusiasm for our approach, and thankful for everyone’s helpful feedback on how we can improve this early preview version. We thought we would take some time to share more of our perspective on the modern social address book, and how our point of view is driving the evolution of the People app in Windows 8.

Modern devices like Windows 8 and Windows Phone require an address book that's crafted around four simple principles:

  1. Complete & Connected – All your personal and work contacts are there, alive with their social activities and photos, letting you instantly engage and react to them. Data syncs from your email and social accounts rather than getting this info from a one-time import, and you get a simple unified contact card for each person, regardless of how many versions of their contact info you have from different accounts.
  2. Designed for Windows 8 – On modern devices the address book is a core part of the overall experience, therefore it is important to design it with the whole system in mind. The People app follows Metro style design principles so it is fast and fluid, and it works together with all your other apps through the Share and Picker contracts.
  3. Cloud-powered – your contacts and settings are effortlessly backed up, so “they just work” when you sign in from a new device, or even from the web. And when you pin a contact to your Start screen, the live tile lights up with real-time notifications about new photos, comments, and tweets.
  4. In control – you decide what you share with whom across your home, work, and social networks. And of course, those networks decide what information is shared and connected, respecting their policies and customer privacy.

Here’s a short video illustrating these principles in the People app:

Download this video to view it in your favorite media player:
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Complete & Connected

We’ve talked before about how people should be able to connect the services they already use, without needing to re-spam their friends with invitations. For many years, one of the primary ways that you got contact data into an email account or a social network was to import your contacts (and in some cases, import, and then re-invite them) from another account. This even holds true for mobile phones—how many people do you know who have delayed buying a new phone just to avoid the crazy hassle of “transferring” the contacts from the old phone to the new one?

Many of us have had this problem at least partially solved with smart phones that sync our email accounts—but it should just work for everyone, with one easy place for all our contacts and all our accounts.

So, the People app does this. It uses Exchange ActiveSync, as well as the secure, standards-based APIs (OAuth, REST, etc.) exposed by our partners like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to sync a copy of your contact list from the cloud. It’s always up to date with new friends you add (and respects deletions if you un-friend them :-)), so you don’t have the problems of a brittle one-time import.

  Accounts pane open in the People app, with options to connect to Microsoft, Exchange, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter

Connecting accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Exchange

Once your contacts are in the People app, we give you a beautifully tailored experience where you can see and comment on their social activities and photos, view their contact details, or send them a message via whatever service you and that contact have in common. Whether you’re browsing the summary of “What’s new” across your contacts and networks, or just looking at a specific contact, it’s easy to catch up and stay connected.

Favorite people appear on large tiles on left, the rest of the contact list, appears at right.

Main contact list view features large tiles for your favorite contacts

Letter A through Z appear on tiles in the People app

Windows 8 “semantic zoom” lets you quickly pinch to navigate your contact list


Contact card for Omar Shahine has commands to send mail, send message (Messenger), Map address, View profile (Google), along with several social updates from Omar.

    Looking at a single contact gets you their contact info and what they’re up to

    Whats new view of People app shows updates from several Twitter contacts including VentureBeat, Lot18, and TechmemeTap “What’s new” for an at-a-glance summary from your social networks

    A photo of a chalkboard, with several comments about the photo.
Looking at a single social update lets you see all the comments and add to them

One challenge that any modern address book like the People app needs to handle is duplicates—we all tend to be friends with and have info on a given person from many different accounts. For example, I have contacts for my friend Omar Shahine in Exchange and Hotmail, we’re friends on Facebook and colleagues on LinkedIn, and of course I follow him on Twitter.

The People app – just like Windows Phone and Hotmail – automatically detects that all of these contacts are the same human being (my friend Omar), and presents them to me as a single “linked” contact with all the data together in one place, on one tile, etc. And very importantly, it does this without messing with any of the underlying source data.

We do our best to get this “right” automatically, but recognizing that we can’t be perfect, we want users to be able to edit and add/remove their own links. We already provide this on Hotmail and Windows Phone, and we’ll be adding that to the Windows 8 version over time.

By connecting multiple accounts and linking your duplicate contacts, we’re able to create a contact card for everyone in your address book, regardless of how you’re connected to them. So, at a glance I can see a quick summary, and then I’m one click away from common tasks – sending an email, starting a chat, getting map information, finding a phone number or address, or just browsing through their recent activity.

Designed for Windows 8

A second principle we followed was to design the app to take advantage of the power of Windows 8. Unlike other systems, in Windows 8, apps can connect to other apps and to the OS itself through APIs that we call contracts. This means not only are the built-in applications like Mail and Messaging powered by People’s contact list – so are the other apps you install on your Windows 8 device.

One of the highlights of the Metro style Start screen are all the tiles that are alive with activity and provide one-touch access to the apps and content you’re interested in. The People app takes advantage of the secondary tiles feature, which lets you have additional tiles that immediately link to that part of the underlying app. So, when I pin contacts like TechMeme, Top Chef, my wife, and my friend Omar to my Start screen, it’s just one tap to get right to their contact info and activity, and one more touch to send them mail or look at their latest photos.

Cropped view of Start screen with tiles for several contacts, each one showing a profile picture. Techmeme has a tile that shows a snippet of their latest tweet.
Also new since the Consumer Preview is that the People app now supports the Share contract, allowing you to post to Facebook or Twitter from any Windows 8 app, including Internet Explorer. So, just by connecting your accounts to the People app, with a few quick touches you can share your latest favorite article with your friends and followers.

The Obama Biden website, with Share charm overlaid on right side of screen. Share charm includes options to Post to Facebook, or share via the People or Mail apps.

Engadget website, with People app interface overlaid on right side of screen.

Any Windows 8 app (like IE) can use the Share charm to let you post to Facebook and Twitter

Lastly, another great feature is the People picker contract—with this, any Windows 8 app can speed up simple tasks like sending a package from a website or emailing a list of friends by letting you quickly select contacts from the People app. And unlike a silent, full-access API, this never happens without bringing up the system-brokered user experience that you’re in control of.

Contact list with 3 contacts selected and buttons to Add or Cancel.

Compose screen in the Mail app, with the 3 contacts added to the To: box.

Any app can invoke the People Picker, letting you choose contacts to use


None of the features we’ve talked about so far would be possible if the app and your device weren’t cloud-powered, so we can sync data from your various accounts and display it within the app. But if all of your data and settings were solely managed by the “client” app itself (like a traditional mobile phone or email app), then you’d have a few problems: (1) once you set this up on one device like your phone, you’d have to do it all over again when you got a new PC at home or at work, (2) you wouldn’t get any of the benefits of this unified experience when you were at someone else’s machine just using a web browser, and (3) when services like Facebook or LinkedIn evolve their APIs you’d have to upgrade to a new version of the app before things would work right again.

Our approach is to use your Microsoft account and the cloud to safely cache your settings, so that when you go to a new device or even access your contact list from the web , things will still “just work” as you’d expect. Additionally, we make many of the API calls to networks like Facebook and Twitter from the cloud, so that we can often adjust to how those APIs evolve without making everyone update to a new version of the app.

A great example of how you benefit from the cloud is that the People app remembers your connection to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, no matter what device you sign in from. Over 50 million people have already connected social networks to their Microsoft account through their use of social features in Windows 8, Windows Phone, Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive. Every one of those people, when they sign in to a new Windows 8 PC for the very first time, will automatically have their People app populated with their complete, connected, cloud-powered address book.

Being cloud-powered means that not only do you have an always up-to-date copy of your contact list on your device, but that your People app tile and tiles for your pinned contacts automatically light up with the latest notifications from your social networks. For example, when someone comments on the photos you just posted, the People app tile (and the “Me” Notifications tab in the app itself) will animate with that update and encourage you to take a look. Similarly, each time one of your pinned contacts does something new, their tile will show that activity.

4 square tiles: Techmeme, Top Chef,, VentureBeat, and one larger rectangular tile for Ann Wallace. Square tiles show the latest status updates scrolling up from bottom. Larger tile is static, and shows latest update next to the profile picture.

In control

Of course, we respect the policies of each data source we connect to – for example, the People app doesn’t currently sync any Exchange data to the cloud. This ensures that data that is governed by your employer’s policies aren’t even temporarily cached in a third-party data center, even though it also means you have to set up your Exchange accounts separately on each device and you can’t get to them from Similarly, Facebook has different policies for syncing contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers on specific mobile apps vs. other devices and the web. So, to get Facebook contacts on your Windows Phone you connect it separately in order to have that additional data available to you in the People app on Windows Phone. Twitter also has smart, specific policies regarding how tweets are displayed, which are important to get right.

We also recognize that each person uses their address book and networks in slightly different ways. So we put you in control of what you share with which network and individuals on the network. For example, when you connect Facebook you can decide to connect just the address book, or additional features like instant messaging.

Moving forward

We’re excited to see the initial response to our point of view that modern devices should come with a complete, connected, and cloud-powered address book that you’re in control of. We hope you enjoy the key additions we’ve been able to add so far since the Consumer Preview, such as Semantic Zoom and letting you share to people you know on Facebook and Twitter from any Windows 8 app that uses the Share contract.

--Jeff Kunins

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  1. number1 says:

    i am first commenter :: dally 🙂

  2. domenicoav says:

    In RTM is possible marge people (twitter , FB , Google etc.) , and  send new Message for all social like Windows Phone 7 ?



  3. Matthias says:

    Would be nice to send Tweets and status updates from "What's new" or "Me". I didn't find this functionality (have I missed it?). Even so I'm looking forward to full snapped state support.

    ~ Matthias

  4. VJV says:

    There is a ton of functionality missing in the people app that is already in the people hub in Windows Phone

    1) Creating Groups

    2) Manually linking contacts

    3) Posting on facebook wall from the people app

    4) Tweeting from the people app

    5) Pinning "Me" Hub onto the start screen

    6) Fetching birthday's from Facebook

    7) Advanced filtering options (again present on wp7)

    8) In the share charm, I dont think we can currently share to all the social network at once..we need to choose one..

    Hope all this and more is coming in the next update 🙂

  5. Groups says:

    This may be dovella's question. Can we arrange contacts into pinnable, contact-at-onceable groups?

  6. JT says:

    We need groups and linking. Especially groups. Please tell us it's coming.  

  7. pradeeplive says:

    If I create a contact card on People app by linking the social services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, will it get synced across my devices ? I mean not just the contact, the whole linked contact card as well ??

  8. Ahmad alrasheed says:


    i agree, both should have identical functionality for the eco system to work

  9. Windows Phone 8….waiting for the future…

  10. Brandon says:

    almost there, guys. Still need to look at WP and how it works some more. I don't want my entire contact list polluted w/ my twitter folks. I don't e-mail or "chat" with those people. You need to implement the "filter contact list" that WP has. period.

  11. Is this major issue faced on previous Microsoft Contacts (including Outlook, Windows Live Contacts and Windows Phone People) is being fixed with the new People redesign?

    Can we finally assign multiple fields of the same kind per contact?

    Like two or more Home emails addresses, two or more "Home" Mobile Phone numbers etc??

    Have a closer look at this issue at the official Windows Phone Uservoice website:…/1549715-allow-ability-to-assign-multiple-mobile-numbers-to

  12. Rajesh says:

    I would like to see "Notifications" tab on the People hub which shows all notifications ( messages, social media updates) and ,third party apps can add to the notifications…

  13. Mountain Lion says:

    OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion is superior and doesn't try to force inferior tablet Start Screen on desktop users.

    Apple gets it so right and Microsoft gets it so wrong. Please fire the entire Windows 8 team, Steven Sinofsky and Steve Ballmer.

  14. Kamar says:

    How can we communicate with multiple people in group? For e.g.

    1) Send email to a group of people

    2) chat with multiple people

  15. Please allow pinned contact to use a large live tile so their twitter messages aren't truncated 🙂

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    Metro sucks on Desktop! +1

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  18.  Mountain Lion   why are you here. why are all  these apple fanboys worrying about w8.

  19. Does the People hub work only for contacts that have a Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID)? I can't chat or contact nobody in my contact list that I see, because none of them have a Microsoft account.

    All that being said, it works great and finally it has a working Facebook integration which did not function correctly (at least for me) in Consumer Preview.

  20. Roger says:

    Is importing contacts from my Outlook pst file supported? I don't see it listed as a possibility in the screenshot.

  21. w1ngnut says:

    Same experience from WP7 on W8. This is great! But we still need some improvements such as Notifications.

    Great work!



  23. Windows 8 is an insult to intelligence.

  24. Pol says:

    Entonces…. Windows 8 esta hecho basicamente para socializar? haha… que basura, si quiero socializar salgo a la vida real.

  25. What's up with this statement called 'Fast and Fluid' lol. Come on!

  26. DarkUltra says:


    Can you improve support for gmail contacts to include the "Other" entry in phone numbers? I had quite a few and when I got a Windows Phone (nokia lumia 800) many of my synced contacts did not have a phone number. I had to manuallyrename Other to home, mobile, private etc.

    Supporting Other I think is important to make things "Just Work" and improve user experience.

  27. Guys, Please stop calling this app as Metro.

    Just saying take your windows phone and open the people app and compare it with Windows 8 version.

    On WP7 People Hub is my favorite and most used app, on Windows 8 its crap.[PERIOD]

  28. pmbAustin says:

    I sure hope that the "release" version can handle manually de-duplicating contacts.  For example, I have a friend whose twitter account has a completely different name and email address associated with it, than the one he uses for normal email (gmail) and facebook.  So he has two entries, and I need to make them one.

    Even more, I have friends with TWO or more twitter accounts (for different purposes/audiences)… can I combine those all into the same "card"?

    I myself use different email addresses for Facebook, Twitter, MicrosoftId, and Google.  I can only imagine I would be hard to 'automatically combine' when my friends update to Win8 and try to use the People app.  I also have different friends who have the exact same name (and one friend whose name is exactly the same as mine), so it can't be based on just names (first/last).

    And finally on this topic, I have friends with many more than just two or three active email addresses.  One thing I always ran into in the old Windows Live Contacts (on the web) in trying to combine contacts manually there (after an import from gmail, for example), was that there were only a few slots for phone numbers and emails… things like "work" and "home" and "other"… frequently I need more than just those two or three.  This goes for phone numbers, email addresses, and even postal addresses.  I need flexibility and expandability here.

    Providing easy-to-use and powerful management tools to organize contacts is vitally important.  This includes creating "friends lists" (and even importing/respecting those already created on Twitter and Facebook!) and allowing them to be organized and maintained easily.

  29. The People app illustrates the great conflict here that the W8 team, or at least those in command, have completely failed to address or even acknowledge.  First off the People app looks really great.  I've already made my sentiments clear about mousing around Metro on a big monitor.  That said I can see that the People app going to be extremely useful to some.  If the info to be scattered around the planet is encrypted so that only the authorized users (not including Microsoft) can read it then this is pretty much address book nirvana.

    The problem is this;  There are people, I predict a huge number of us, who don't spend all day blabbing to our besties or checking out what restaurants they're currently sitting in and with whom they're with.  Many of us sit down at our desks, fire up ol' Bessie and go to work on a project, or get email, or maybe hit the Internet to read the news we want to read on the sites we want to visit.

    Hence there exists the unshakable conclusion by some of us who don't want Metro getting in our way that "metro sucks".  It's not that we want to hurt the feelings of Steven and his team.  It's simply that they're pushing a product on us that we don't need and don't want.  Hiding in the background is the product we really do want which is Windows 8 desktop (with a proper start button like W7).

    It's like having to negotiate our way through a bakery in order to buy clothing, or having to battle the isles at a drugstore in order to get to the font door of a tire store.  Can't you guy see that?

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    This makes me want to change to apple.

  31. Fast and fluid does not mean more usable as Windows 7

    – On Tablets… oh yeah but still ugly and too much expensive for what OS offer

    – On Desktops and laptops…. please as said before, you insult Windows, AS THERE ARE NO MORE WINDOWS(clearly you want to remove desktop), RESIZABLE, MOVABLE AND OVERLAPPING!!!!!!!!

    CHANGE THAT FU***NG NAME TO Microsoft Metro 1.0, develop new OS into 2 directions, one for touch devices(Metro)

    another for desktops and laptops, as it is without metro, a new squared full glass start menu…..

    You are insulting everyone, calling this rubbish windows, you understand Ms Sinofsky that there are no more windows in Metro or is it too much difficult? If i copy a zip file in explorer, can i just paste it in your crap metro mail app???

    Thunderbird is working like a charm for this….. and is free…..

    And…. i will try Metro, but that apps it does not launch on my Dell, so….. fast and fluid?????

    Drivers in Release Candidate still missing??

    This is for you fast and fluid

    Average joe buying Windows 8, expect still "windows" experience as Bill Gates designes, improved with better experience,

    not a OS without standard experience which it's name says all……

    Mountain Lion has its rights…..  

    Apple takes now the ball, M$ is going big difficult to take it back….

  32. I don't understand how you already have the code from the Windows Phone app yet it's so hard to do the same thing in the RT app. Really?

    -Simple checkboxes to filter the view. So difficult?

    -You have a People Picker but we can't manually select contacts to link together. Really? Why wasn't it ready for RP?

    This is supposed to be a step forward from Windows Phone, not back. So where's the API to let arbitrary 3rd parties plug into People? Isn't that the spirit that Contracts was born in?

    (And why is sync so slow in this and Mail?)

    UI gripes:

    – For the life of me, I don't know why Windows 8 has accent colors but you don't let apps use it. It's already an established success in Windows Phone. Now I have to stare at BRIGHT ORANGE

    – I don't know what the order is in the What's New Grid… do I read top to bottom and then left to right? Or vice versa?

    I still commend you for putting People into Windows 8. It's a good look. But I don't understand why basic Windows Phone features aren't in there.

  33. @_alex74_ ..GO with Apple…WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE—A TROLL HOMEWORK ?


  34. For all Trollboys…

    Most of people loke Windows 8….

    And NOW Microsoft can prouve that…

    see this and read if you can…

  35. DarkUltra says:

    – "We also recognize that each person uses their address book and networks in slightly different ways."

    Yes, like a separate program among several others on a desktop PC. The huge buttons and layout of Metro apps is straining to look at when you have a 24" monitor. I know Metro plus file system access will utterly dominate the tablet market 🙂 but I really want some People and contracts API magic for regular desktop applications too, with Direct2D hardware acceleration.

    Facebook in IE9 or Firefox with Direct2D is incredible smooth to scroll, much better then regular file explorer even.

    Btw I love how smooth Window Composition in Windows 8 is on my 120hz monitor keep up the good work!

  36. Harry says:

    You really need to make it possible to de-duplicate contacts manually, several of my contacts appear two or three times, I have de-duplicated them online (, where I can't do anything about my twitter contacts), but that does not help in the People app.

  37. The People app says:

    "The People app"  I dont need a "People app"



    For all Metrofans…

    Here is your daddy going crazy….

  39. Seems great, nice work. I see that some welcomed improvements have been made since the RC version of the app. Please make sure this time that everything will be synced between Windows 8, Windows Phone and Hotmail: favorites, categories, groups, merging of contacts, etc. It would also be nice if the app were implemeted not only with the Facebook "Like" button, but also with the Google+ "+1 button. Thanks.

  40. Share says:

    Why can't I share my Fruit Ninja score with the People app, just the mail app?

  41. Windows 8 hater says:

    I think windows 8 users are retarded.

  42. hdw says:

    Can I select which Facebook friends appear in the people app? I definitely don't want my FB contacts to spam the App

  43. @steven @Jeff Kunins i don't know if this is the same team that develop the metro people app on Windows phone and Windows 8 but the people app on Windows 8 is not good rather than the Windows phone app is certainly the best on the market. It's really hard for me to see Microsoft make fantastic products on his mobile plateform and on a another hand making a crap app like that.

    I know this is a app preview but it's really weird because it's very nice on my Samsung Omnia 7 but on my pc, i don't even want to use it. The horizontal scolling is a bad idea, maybe useful on a touch screen but not good with a keyboard.

    I really hope we'll get the same quality and the same features as that we have on Windows phone. At this time, if you continue like this it's a fail app for Microsoft.

    The features i talk is merging contacts like in Windows phone from several social networks, and wrting on the wall Facebook of a contact and send  a Facebook message. And merging Facebook and WLmessenger conversations in one thread..

    For the moment there's a lot work to make.

    Just a little thing in the calendar app live tile on W8 i have less characters visible than the live tile on WP… On the bigger screen i have less informations visible than on my little screen. Where is the logic?

    Excuse me for my English

  44. Mike says:

    I have been using the People App in Win8 and the only problem I have is the limited number of updates it hold. Suppose, I want to see what my friends posted on facebook 3-4 days back, I can't because, I cannot scroll more than 3 pages it just ends instead of fetching more updates.

    Can you please fix it?



  45. Mike says:

    I have contacts more than 1300, but I had problems sync with hotmail id on my windows phone. Lastly, I have to use gmail for the sync… I want to use my microsoft id to sync across all devices, but I am forced to use gmail.



  46. Marcus says:

    The live tile updates for individual Twitter contacts are no longer working for me. They worked fine in the consumer preview, but are completely static icons in the release preview.

  47. Pol says:

    I miss the times when an operating system was used to work and do serious work, not to keep an eye on what my friends are doing

  48. Thanks everyone for using the app, and for the great feedback.

    Manual contact linking (@dovella, @VJV, @JT, @Craig, @pmbAustin, etc.) — yes, this is coming.  Like we mentioned in the blog post, this will work similarly to how it already does on Windows Phone and in Hotmail.   @pradeepviswav, today the links are mostly the same, but managed separately between Windows and Windows Phone.

    Tweeting/posting from within the app, filters, groups, etc. (@dovella, @VJV, @JT, @Brandon, @Craig, @Harry, etc.) — thanks for using both Win8 and Windows Phone.   As you can see it's definitely our point of view across these (and Hotmail on the Web) that People should have a lot of their design and feature set in common.   Thanks for your feedback on the additional WP features you'd most like to see here.

    @Exotic Hadron — I'm not sure what you're referring to about only being able to reach contacts with a Microsoft account.  If you have Messenger buddies, those will be there and you can launch the Mail or Messaging apps to reach them.   Similarly if you connect Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter you can see their info, IM them if they're a Facebook buddy or send them mail if you have their email address, etc.  Can you be more specific?

  49. ymmv says:

    It looks like a simple, easy to use address book. Great for tablets but it looks completely out of place on a desktop PC. Windows 8 is a total regression in functionality by switching to Metro and Win RT.

  50. Windows 8 to Mountain Lion says:

    For future Apple users.

  51. @Craig.smikle, @DanyRodier1 – thanks also for the feedback regarding how Contracts and the People app could be used to get more accounts into People, including Google+.   As you can see in the screenshots we continue to add partners such as China's Sina Weibo, and we would be happy to see Google provide the equivalent APIs for Google+ like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn do.

    @Marcus – sorry you're having problems with Live Tiles, if you wouldn't mind posting in the forums ( that would be great

  52. Future Apple customer says:

    Right now Im watching this…

    preparing to switch to Mac.

  53. Hmm says:

    "We do our best to get this “right” automatically, but recognizing that we can’t be perfect, we want users to be able to edit and add/remove their own links. We already provide this on Hotmail and Windows Phone, and we’ll be adding that to the Windows 8 version over time."

    Why does the people app not follow the de-duplicating that I did online in Hotmail contacts?

  54. Truther says:

    Stop support Microsoft ! They support CISPA (previous SOPA but worse) !


  55. Jeremy says:

    @Jeff Kunins

    It's a good start, but you guys HAVE to kick it into rapid update mode with these apps. There should be complete feature parity between Windows Phone and Windows 8. In many ways, the built in Windows 8 apps are far less mature and useful than their Windows Phone counterparts. There is such great potential there, but it is sadly unrealized currently. Things just feel very unfinished.

    I absolutely love my Windows Phone. The built in social network integration is priceless and my Windows Phone has become my primary method of interacting with friends. I am also using Windows 8 on all of my computers, but I don't have the same confidence and the same "good feeling" when using the built in Windows 8 apps. I still go to my Windows Phone for social interactions despite the fact that it has a smaller screen and is harder to type on than my Win8 laptop.

    Being able to post a status update is Social Networking 101. It should have been one of the first features added to the app.

    For the love of all things good in this world, please update the built in apps with great speed and frequency. Do not let them fall to the side like the Windows Live desktop apps.

  56. Kramayp says:

    Please add a feature that automatically filters all your contacts and suggests any ones that should be or could be linked together – as in merged into one contact. This feature exists on android today and is very essential on Windows 8.

    Another important feature is being able to see if someone is online or not when they are pinned to the start screen. By that, i mean that there should be a green stripe beside the pinned contact if they are online, just like windows live messenger has.

    One should also be able to update their facebook/twitter status from within the app.

    Other that that, its a great app!

  57. John says:

    @Jeff Kunins

    Is there any possibility that you can change the color of the people app? Or give us a few color options? Please?

    I absolutely hate the fact that, when I pin several people to my Start screen, it becomes this huge ugly sea of orange. It's the kind of orange that feels like old groovy carpet from the Brady Bunch house. I like to pin lots of people on my Windows Phone, and the result never offends my eyes because I am in control of the color. It is blue and calming. On Windows 8, the overload of orange from the people app makes me literally hate my Start screen. Can't you make it more neutral?

    I can't stand the feeling of not being in control of my own Start screen's appearance. On Windows Phone, I can make sure that everything looks good in -my- opinion. The user is in control. In Windows 8, I am stuck with the colors that the developer chooses. And, lets face it, most developers can't afford to hire a designer, so we are going to end up with ugly tile colors. Our Start screens are going to look like a unicorn threw up on them.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Windows 8. That's why I am providing such harsh feedback. It has such great potential, and I want to see it reach it's potential.

  58. It's not good for the eyes. says:

    Too much white space.

  59. GUI mess says:

    Ugly interface. I want Metro to succeed but gee I don't want to use such plain and boring interface.

  60. "Kemite

    Wed, Jun 13 2012 12:48 PM


    For all Trollboys…

    Most of people loke Windows 8….

    And NOW Microsoft can prouve that…

    see this and read if you can…"

    Not only can you not spell (spell check works great on Firefox running on my XP Pro box at work) but you're not doing enough critical thinking on this subject.

    Here is the main point one last time (probably not);  Metro looks great on the video you linked to.  Speaking only personally I don't have a tablet, don't want a touch screen anything and I would rarely do any of the things shown in the video.

    The point is not that the Metro stuff should go away but rather that it should stay out of the way.  I want to open my computer to the desktop only.  Maybe some day I'll want to jump into Metro but right now I don't think so.  Get it?

  61. tried it for a few minutes. Seems pretty good for basic things. Some feedback:  I really like that the linkage is live – that is, when I delete my Facebook linkage, everything dissapears.

    Suggestions: make the list sortable by last name, wow.. I feel like I am in 3rd grade. ideally I would like to have some method of not listing the dozens (hundreds?) of facebook "friends" or somehow separating the people I care about from the rest. And dump the preschool orange!

  62. Outlook says:

    How will this sync with Outlook using a local PST file?  Can I use a USB cable to sync my Windows Phone to Outlook directly without going through any cloud provider?  I will NEVER store all of my contact information with any cloud provider without any field filtering, I simply have too much sensitive information in the notes, so if I cannot control which data fields are synced up to your cloud, I will never be able to use it.

    I also will never be able to use HotMail until you get rid of the "Sent On Behalf Of" string in the From field.  I have multiple personal and business e-mail addresses and I need to reply with the same address as the address used to send me the e-mail.  Will your messaging and contacts apps support this in Metro?  At this rate, I can't use HotMail, can't use your Contacts, and I can't locally encrypt sensitive files automatically before they might go up to SkyDrive.  

    What about S/MIME certificate support in contacts?  If new S/MIME certificates from myself and my contacts were automatically made available and kept in sync, now *that* would be *really* useful to me.  But do your messaging and contacts apps even support S/MIME certs?  I haven't checked, but probably not.

    And what is the maximum size limit in MB and max size limit in contacts numbers?  What if I have over 1000 contacts?  What if there are photos, certs and other attachments which add up to a lot of megabytes?

    What if I want to download everything from your messaging, calendar and contact apps to a PST file (or some other export format) so that I can migrate to something/somebody else if necessary?  Will my data forever be trapped with you because I won't be able to get my data in bulk in a format other apps and solution providers can use?

  63. Aki says:

    I won't use People app to be my Twitter client in Windows 8 because I can't deal with the layout for twitter. Thus said, I'm looking forward to the Metro version of MetroTwit.

  64. Flash says:

    Just why do the anti metro-Win 8 crowd keep this level of preschool idiocy, you don't like it? you wouldn't buy it as your parents won't buy it for you. I'd love for MS to have a version of this site where the conversations could actually be of some use,

    As it stands we have the same idiots who repeatedly spammed every site with their win7 sins campaign, much good it did them.

  65. Gordon says:

    Just why do the metro-Win 8 lovers crowd keep this level of preschool idiocy, you like it? you would buy it as your parents will buy it for you. I'd love for MS to have a version of this site where the conversations could actually be of some use,

    As it stands we have the same idiots who repeatedly spammed every site with their win7 sins campaign, much good it did them.

    Also I like Pen*s

  66. Hi MSFT

    Just curious, if we'll be able to manually change the picture of a contact in a the People Hub?

    My girlfriend's tile is pinned to my start screen, but I want to use a picture for that of my own choice, not her default Live or Facebook picture.


  67. DarienHawk67 says:

    Since I could not post in the “Building a rich and extensible media platform” post with it being locked, I placed my $0.02 here.  All of the “improvements” to media in Windows, there was not one mention about Windows Media Player.  Nothing at all about usability fixes and upgrades.  Still can’t scrub video in WMP or in the Metro Video app.  Why?

  68. @Hmm – so sorry you're running into contact linking issues.  Again, this is an area you'll see us improve (including manual linking).

    @Mark52210, @ZipZapRap – thanks for the feedback on sort order and setting custom photo

    @Outlook – your situation is a great example of why we believe that you should be in control of your data, and where you choose to use it.   It's totally your personal choice what to sync where, including the various cloud services you may choose to use.  Specifically for Outlook, I'm not quite sure I understand your question.   No, the Windows 8 People and Mail apps do not currently have any direct integration with local .PST files.  But of course you can run Outlook (on the desktop) on any Windows 8 PC, just like on Windows 7.   So it's up to you whether you want to use the Windows 8 Mail app to connect to a cloud Exchange or Hotmail or GMail account, and just like on any wireless phone, if you do that it syncs down that data -from- the cloud -to- your device.   Anything you keep exclusively locally on your phone or in a local PST file won't be seen by People or Mail.  

  69. steve says:

    FWIW I was so impressed with the app in CP preview I uninstalled it (and most of the other demoware) almost immediately.

    Please release some real Metro apps.

  70. Every time i see Windows 8, OS is so ugly and it fails usability on every way that my eyes just committed suicide…

  71. TheCyberKnight says:

    I have been frequently using this app since the Consumer Preview. Meanwhile, the simple fact that there is no way from excluding an account to list its contacts in the main view is an issue for me. I don't want to see people I never interact with in my list. I do follow some individuals in Twitter but I don't need to get in touch with them.

    Did you consider offering a simple way to toggle accounts in order to prevent them to display their associated contacts?

  72. Paquito says:

    I need groups too. And the other features that currently exist on Windows Phone 7.

    Don't disapoint us Microsoft, make it!

  73. Waseem says:

    @Windows live team

    I gotta voice the comments about the much needed app improvments:

    1) Creating Groups of friends and pinning them

    2) Manually linking contacts

    3) adding sounds to make the experience more immersive (ex: sound for sending a tweet, sound for recieving a message, etc)

    4) lock screen notification integration

    5) Pinning "Me" Hub onto the start screen

    6) Fetching birthday's from Facebook to calender

    7) Advanced filtering options (again present on wp7)

    8) Integrating with skype contacts

    Hopefully those features are coming soon, because this app is essential for the platform

  74. Agrees with DarienHawk67 says:

    What will happen to Windows Media Player? Desktop player needs an upgrade. The last version was released three years ago without major updates! Just look a iTunes and its capabilities. WMP is way far behind.

  75. I see sina weibo will be integrated, really?? If that's the thing, how about Renren and QQ?

  76. New Win8 GUI says:…/windows-8-desktop-metro-style-screenshots-leak

    I'm okay with the new theme. Just go all Metro all the way! Remove all those 3D Windows 7/ Vista icons and pre-7/ Vista icons and update them with flat and clean Metro icons. Then I would be really happy!

  77. Outlook says:

    @Jeff Kunis

    Thank you for answering me and the others.

  78. @Dear MSFT Board of Directors... says:

    I hope you are already sharpening your Axes…

    Unhappy Windows User.

  79. @ Steven Sinofsky

    Sorry for being off topic but I want to make a quick point about installation experience:

    I know that Windows installation has been streamlined in Windows environment. But for the boot installation of Windows, it's the same as Windows 7 and Vista. I hope the final version will change it as well. These installation appearance looks really out dated with Aero/glass UI which is removed in Windows 8 already. I hope installation experience would be the same in Windows as well as boot environment.

    Here is the boot installation UI (outdated)…/Windows-8-Release-Preview-Installation-04.png

    Here is the new and streamlined one in Windows environment.

  80. So, for the large absolute number of users (who may still be a smallish percentage) who want nothing to do with "social media" is there a way to:

    a. Turn the "people" app off, and force the rest of the system to either use the outlook contacts database as it is, or just carry on?

    b. Not break things unrelated to "social media" when a. is applied.

    c. Assure that excatly ZERO bytes of state from a win8 machine are backed up ANYPLACE not explicitly specified by the user or administrator?   And in particular, that ZERO data of mine may ever end up on MSFT servers? [1]

    By the way, w.r.t. the "colors" post noted above – why do you keep going backwards?  Even Win7 allows me to set a constant gray screen background (which I require) and set many other colors.  For a long time users could set all of the chrome and decoration colors.  Why are we suddenly forced to look at pictures we don't like or find irritating or distracting, and why suddenly must we be stuck with color sets from some marketing group.   I bought the bloody hardware, I paid for the software license, *I* should be able to set all of the colors.  (Like I could in windows XP!!!)

    [1] I'm not hostile to MSFT – I worked on windows for 2 decades.  But for what I'll call "political" and "religious" reasons, *I* and not YOU (MSFT) or any other such entity will own any backups of my data.   This certainly applies to the "people app" but also to all of the other data in the system.   Yes, this means there are people for whom skydrive is non-starter that we want turned off and totally disabled from the get-go.

  81. martindta says:

    Please bring parity to the functionality of the People app that is present in the Windows Phone People Hub.

    Also I would like to be able to tweet/post to facebook/post to Google+ etc from the Me section, like I can on the phone, not just through share.

    I need to be able to post to one, all, or some of my social networks in one go, like I can on my Windows Phone, so instead of a Drop Down selection, could you perhaps offer a list of checkboxes, perhaps in a flyout panel?

    Snapped views for ALL sections and functionality is ESSENTIAL, as this is how I use the app when I am in my Windows 8 setup.  As well as auto-refresh for the What's New section when it is on screen, or becomes the focused screen.

    Can we integrate Skype into the People and Messenger Apps please!!!!

    One final piece of feedback…  I would like to be able to view a list of "Online" contacts in the Messenger app, as well as initiating a conversation through the People App.  I would like to be able to see who is online available to talk to.

  82. Robert says:

    Metro will drag Windows 8 down and down. That ugly UI is just useless on desktop. Well, Microsoft is cooking another Vista and as usual a fix will be available in the next version of Windows

  83. Amy says:

    Windows 8 is going to be a big disaster. Just go through all the Windows 8 polls, more than 50-60% don't recommend it. Hey, Ballmer you monkey boy please quit. Ballmer just knows how to bark and do nothing

  84. Josh says:

    The new Metro interface is useless for desktop users, which is why corporation will not adopt it. So Windoze 8 is going to fail just like ME and Vista. Glad, am moving to Mac after using Windoze for more than a decade cause am tired of major Windoze release failure and pay for a fix

  85. jader3rd says:

    People works on WP7, but it doesn't really live up to it's potential on Win8 RP. I have 88 Windows Live contacts, most of them have profile pictures, but only 4 of those profile pictures show up in the People app. Why? The Picture ID's are sitting right there in the cloud, go and grab them.

    Also, the division between the People app and the Messenger app is weird. I can see that they don't step on each others toes, but really, it wouldn't be bad if both had the ability to show which contacts were online. I think that WP7 does it better where it seems like the apps work together more than with what they do in Win8.

    Oh, and I love that the contacts are in charge of their own information and that they have to live in the cloud. Emails where people announce changes to their email address, phone number, or other contact information are done. People can update their own information and it'll auto sync to everyone contact lists.

  86. few suggestions:

    -> option to post status update to facebook/twitter

    -> more contents (status and tweets) with smaller boxes

    -> facebook- we have real friends but twitter- celebrities and companies

       so, option to create a separate group for twitter or hide twitter folks

    -> do not miss features from windows phone

    -> option to add photo to a new contact

    -> skype integration

  87. Alex says:

    What about social networks which are way more popular than Facebook in Russia like and Odnoklassniki? People will expect integration with them at first.

  88. Juan Perez says:

    Please follow Windows Phone 7's People Hub design and features for all your key apps in Windows 8, as they're way better designed, and have way more features. Even the picture and music apps are better in Windows Phone 7.

  89. Jesper says:

    I agree with others on replicating the Windows Phone 7 People Hub experience, or at least match it feature-wise.

    My biggest complaint at the moment is:

    You say it's cloud-connected, and it is. Almost. In Windows Phone 7, I've spent some time finding and merging contacts across networks.

    Is that pairing saved to the cloud? No, it is not. Resetting my Windows Phone or getting a new one, I have to do it all over again.

    Is this pairing visible in the People App on Windows 8? No, it is not. All my contacts across networks are once again split up.

    Is it possible to do pairing/merging in the People App on Windows 8? No, it is not. It tries to be smart; if the name of two users is identical, they must be the same person. Well, people sometimes share name, and sometimes it's just not possible to change the name of a user from a social network, so it's a flawed method of pairing.

    If you fix the above – save pairing of contacts across networks to the cloud and make it possible to merge contacts in the People App – it will be much more useful, and you will actually deliver on your promise of truly unified contacts.

    But keep going… it's the right direction and there's big improvements over the Consumer Preview app.

  90. Colin says:

    At the end of the day Windows 8 sucks big time. Hybrid OSes have never worked and never will work…. Windows 8 will be a flop… It lacks in everything! The whole idea of the metro is just plain rubbish.

  91. arson says:

    Why isn't it possible to Sync the Start screen layout across devices? I understand that devices have various screen sizes etc etc; but I would atleast like to have the option. Usually one would have one set of apps he uses and thus a common tile layout. Say I've pinned several contacts to the Start screen and a few favourite web sites  you expect me to manually re-pin them in every device I use . That's just plain inconvenient.

    BTW You guys are ruining the Desktop in Windows 8 . I love how metro is done in Office and VS , but the Win8 Desktop is just crap . Atleast you could have gone for a more professional looking colour palette with subtle gradients .Pastel colour just doesn't cut it , you guys need to give a long serious look at the overall aesthetics without bolting on Metro to everything.

  92. Alexander says:

    I will definitely skipping windows 8 and windows 8 tablets.The desktop metro iu is the worst than ever.

    This is new metro iu that come in RTM vesion.…/afad44fb1eea45dbe949e43e408ed8332.PNG…/6eb1f72d466db380f20c7a7ac993ff334.PNG…/ba27517409871bdcc6c0c8535db1d90f5.PNG

  93. orcoipod says:



  94. Metro says:

    Metro is an innovative idea, undeniably. But badly implemented. One more month before RTM guys! One more month.

  95. Windows 8 = Big flop says:

    That's what all the users are smelling…

  96. Steve Monkey Ballmer says:

    Metro sucks on Desktop! +1

    Everybody who agree …  post the same comment.

  97. Jason Fairchild says:

    Need to be able to access and compose email to contacts in the Exchange Global Address List.

  98. Hadrien01 says:

    I'm really waiting for Yahoo! (including Yahoo! Mail) support.

  99. Steve Monkey Ballmer says:

    Sorry, just want to say that i´m TROLL…

    Windows 8 on Desktop rocks !!!

  100. Main extra feature request:

    – Be able to 'Like' Comments not just Posts for Facebook content, at the moment that's the major thing that on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 takes me out of the integrated experience and into a web browser

    Agree with others here that there are still crucial features missing from Win8 app that are present in Windows Phone 7 such as:

    – Being able to link and combine contacts that use different names on different services (and system inteligently auto pre-combines those that do use both same name and email across services)

    – Being able to filter which services are show in People list (so any Twitter contacts that are not also linked via Facebook/Live/etc can be removed from main list view)

    – Groups (Preferably sync'd in the cloud so don't have to re-create on each device)

    – Full 'Me' functionality to allow simple posting of new messages to one or multiple networks (and check-in too)

    In terms of issues with current preview app:

    – I tend to find that Live Tile updates faster than Notifications summary list on Me pivot. Often I have to drill down into full Notifications screen to see the new mentioned notifications which seems weird and disjointed

    – Make it more obvious (or auto set) that you need to be set to Online in messaging to be able to chat via Facebook chat. Would be better if you could still be set as invisible generally but still chat with specific people you want


    – Spoke and hub navigation on Windows 8 doesn't work as well as Windows Phone 7 in that if you fully close an app you end up back on Start screen, not previous screen.

      1) Find Facebook or other What's New item in People app

      2) Choose to open post in full browser

      3) When finished in browser centre top click and drag down to fully close browser

      4) Instead of ending back in People app you end up on Start screen!

  101. WorMartiN says:

    I don't know if anything changed in People app but in my Hotmail contacts, I can't link multiple contacts from the same network. I think it's stupid to have more accounts on one network but some people just do it.

  102. Frank says:

    How do we block ads in Metro apps such as the Music app?

  103. Bernd says:

    The bright colours look so horrible that I would feel deeply ashamed to use this OS in public and even in private. I'm an adult and not an 6 year old. I want a serious OS and not some baby toy. You are f*cking up Windows completely. Jobs was right, the basic problem is, that MS doesn't have taste.

    Remember: "Windows 7 was my idea!"

    You think anybody would like to hear "Windows 8 was my idea!" – That would be such an insult.

  104. I see the potential of the People hub, but there are some things that I would like to see.

    1. Skype contact integration. I have multiple Skype accounts, for multiple uses, with multiple contact lists. I would like a way to add those accounts to my people hub and then when I call them have the option of choosing which VoIP service (i.e. which Skype account) to make the call from. I know WP7 does this with the conversation view for texting/IM.

    2. Pushing updates. I would love a feature that would allow me to specify which bits of information are pushed around to other online stores of information. If I make a change to an email address in a people card in the people bug, which service will that change end up on? Can I specify multiple services? Can I instruct that for certain contacts all information is replicated (like from Twitter to Hotmail). I understand that idea is to eventually get everyone to maintain their own contact information via LinkedIn, Facebook, or some other profile. However, it is truly amazing how many people don't update that information, or don't include certain information there, that I want to keep track of. So There needs to be some way for me to make manual updates that are stored in Hotmail, but there also needs to be a way for those manual updates to be optionally overridden by updates people make in the future to their profiles on various services (or at least permit a collection of email addresses, phone numbers, etc. to build up until I remove them).

    3. Also I need to pick the primary bit of contact information for default interactions. This is particularly painful for those that decide to use their Skype number for texting, but by default their mobile number is selected when I try to text them (from my phone that is).

    4. Exchange integration. There is no need for my Exchange data to remain isolated from the People hub, or be a one-time linking operation. Exchange has identifiers attached to each contact. These identifiers uniquely identify a given contact in a given Exchange account, but are pretty much useless for someone else to get a hold of. Therefore, if I link an Exchange contact to a LinkedIn contact, there should be no reason that the link (using the unique Exchange item ID) can't be stored online without any privacy issues being violated.

    5. Most recently contacted sort option. I often contact the same people over and over again for certain projects and then not again for a while. I would love a view of people that I can sort by recent direct interaction. So show me a list of people that I've recently text/emailed/Skype'd/read about on Facebook/LinkedIn/received an email/text/Skype call from, etc. This list should be sorted by frequency of interaction. This will allow me to quickly pick a contact, probably in the top 10 or 20, that I want to talk with, that I probably won't want to interact with for 2 years after a given project is over. It will also provide a way for me to see contacts that I don't necessarily want added as people in the people hub since I'll only be working with them on such-and-such project which will be over soon. With such a automatically generated and sorted list my computer will keep tract of who I'm communicating with and facilitate that without my having to manually do anything unless I want to establish a bond with that person by connecting to them via LinkedIn or creating a permanent contact in Hotmail for them. (Just think how useful this would be to someone like a sales person or loan officer. They will contact someone many times in a brief people and then not care about them again. Or if they do care, they won't remember which John they were recently chatting with, so they would need some help. I can't even count the number of times I've clicked reply on an email and then deleted the body to start a new email to a person I've recently been working with, which of course messes up the reply and threading history, but it is certainly less effort than remembering which address I need to send such-and-such to.)

  105. This actually sounds pretty interesting and usable. A shame that there won't be a desktop version of the application.

  106. @c_barth, @gr3en – thanks for the feedback on additional networks you'd like to see us cover, like Skype

    @c_barth –  You're right wrt pushing updates that, today, social networks like FB and LinkedIn by design don't allow you to "edit" your contacts there.  So when you connect those accounts to People, we're just showing you an (up to date) copy of the contact info your friends have published there.  For email accounts like Exchange and Hotmail, whichever contact you update is the one that gets written back to that service (just like on Windows Phone).    Wrt roaming "linked contact" info about Exchange contacts without roaming the actual data, you're right that that would be possible, thanks for the feedback that you'd like to see that.

  107. you need history in the people's app, just like the one you have on Mango, that takes you to the Calendar (for meetings), Email, twitter app and …

    then you need APIs for developer to be able to add items to a contact history.

    It's a new design that you won't make it happen in the next release, but you need it

  108. pmbAustin says:

    @DigitalAmoeba, regarding this part of your post:

    "- Spoke and hub navigation on Windows 8 doesn't work as well as Windows Phone 7 in that if you fully close an app you end up back on Start screen, not previous screen.

      1) Find Facebook or other What's New item in People app

      2) Choose to open post in full browser

      3) When finished in browser centre top click and drag down to fully close browser

      4) Instead of ending back in People app you end up on Start screen!"

    If you mouse up to the upper left corner and click, don't you end up back in the People app?  If you're using touch, doesn't the switcher take you right back?  Is there a "Back Button" on Windows 8, similar to the one on WP7 devices?

  109. Jesper says:

    Oh, one final thing.

    Facebook integration with Hotmail Contacts is currently broken, as it also imports fanpages as regular people. This is highly annoying; fanpages are not contacts. And it only does it in Hotmail Contacts…

  110. I think it is very interesting that the majority of the comments are about specific features either implemented differently than what they would like or additional features that they would like to see. Very few complaints about the concept of the app – I would call that a win on Microsofts part.

    Quite frankly I am getting less than thrilled with Googles direction of ramming what they want us to do down our throats and more thrilled with Microsoft direction of allowing everything to talk to everything. Leaving aside Metro styling/functionality issues, I think giving users more flexibility to make the connections they want rather than being told how they are going to connect is a great thing and I hope it is enhanced in the future.

  111. Pastel Colors says:

    Pastel colors on the desktop? Way too elementary things.

    Thank you for the Mountain Lion video to whoever posted it, I'm amazed by that!

    Windows 8 will fail. Especially on desktop PCs.

  112. @Mark522010 – thanks much, deeply appreciate it.  We of course know there are a lot of valuable additional features for us to consider — but we believe in our point of view of providing you with choice, control, and at a glance convenience for the services (not just ours) you use every day.

    @Jesper – you're right that we pull in Facebook "Pages", this is so that you can do things like see their posts (like Twitter contacts you follow) in the What's New view, pin their tile to the Start screen, etc.  To try to address your concern about "cluttering" the main rolodex list of your context, we explicitly hide them.  So when I browse my list I don't see TechMeme, Barack Obama, etc — but I do see their posts.  And if I want to find one of those contacts to be able to pin them or navigate to their FB page on the Web, I can use Search/wordwheel to find them.  So they're there, but hidden from the default view in most places.    Thanks for the feedback that you'd like to see us do the same on Hotmail.

  113. Kirg says:

    I dont want any Metro garbage on my OS, nothing, no Metro apps, no Metrorgasm, no Metroidism. NO METRO GARBAGE.

  114. Asbjørn says:

    @Jeff Kunins: I'm glad to hear that manual linking is coming, but please tell that I don't have to wait until RTM. For me the People app is unusable now, as most people have somewhere between 2 and four entries. Manual linking is a must and frankly, should have been there from day one.

    What would be really great is to tear down the walled garden around Metro apps and let desktop apps (like Outlook) use the People app for contacts. But I can already guess the answer to that…

  115. NoCustomerAnymore says:

    What a cluttered, colored crap!

  116. NoCustomerAnymore 2 says:

    What a cluttered, ugly, colored crap! I don't Like Metro

    Metro—> Sucks

  117. Some good features, but this is fundamentally flawed unless Hotmail is replaced as the cloud service backing Microsoft contacts.

    The basics of contact management are just missing.

    For example, I would like to ask Microsoft – if I had many telephone numbers for a contact including a Skype or Blackberry number, should I tag these as 'Home Fax' or 'Pager'?

    Why would you hard code these tags instead of making the user definable? Also, why use tags that no-one has used since the 1980s?

    For the record, my contacts are currently entered in iCloud and those numbers are tagged under 'skype' and 'blackberry'. Things like this are a problem for anyone considering moving from iPhone to Windows phone. It seems you would have to dumb down your information.

    Thank you.

  118. Also, contact photos are front and centre in the new People app. This is a good thing.

    However, in the RC you can't add photos to contacts. Am I right in thinking that your contacts cannot have a photo unless it comes from social network integration?

  119. W8RPUser says:

    I think Microsoft is going to follow Apple's footsteps – they're making Windows 8 so dumb that when they allow snapping 4 metro apps in Windows X, people will get as excited about it as they were when Apple introduced full-screen mode in OS X.

    May be metro is a better interface for the tablet (than current Windows desktop interface), but metro doesn't seem to give any real advantage to the desktop users and sure seems to make them hate the traditional windows desktop. It looks like Microsoft wants to get out of the desktop business, and force (whoever is still using Windows) to move to the metro tablet.

  120. @Jeff Kunins, I appreciate your response. My question about which contact would be updated, Exchange, Hotmail, or both, was based on the assumption that the contacts would be linked. If they are linked, I'm only looking at one view of the contact, so how would I know/specify which one(s) would be updated?

  121. Kramayp says:

    When you open a contact that is pinned to the start screen and then go back to the start screen to start the people app, it shouldn't go back to the last opened contact because that is very annoying. Instead, it should just go straight back to the PEOPLE part of the people app. One shouldn't have to open the app menu and then click on people because that is just one more step – and its quite annoying.

    Keep up the great work!

  122. @Jeff Kunins:

    >>@Exotic Hadron — I'm not sure what you're referring to about only being able to reach contacts with a Microsoft account.  If you have >>Messenger buddies, those will be there and you can launch the Mail or Messaging apps to reach them.   Similarly if you connect >>Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter you can see their info, IM them if they're a Facebook buddy or send them mail if you have their email >>address, etc.  Can you be more specific?

    Hi, Jeff,

    Thank you for your response. I was about to ask if it is possible to message a contact that has a Microsoft contact but does not have an MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger installed? In other words, will I be able to message another Windows user should one use a Microsoft account to authenticate in their Windows?

    I also found it confusing to message a Facebook contact. I only see those Facebook contacts that have once messaged me since I had the Messaging app connected with Facebook. How do I message those who I have in my contact list on Facebook but never had chatted with through the Messaging app?

    In the People app I see either "Your contacts are offline" (even though I select All) or None of your contacts have a facebook contact.

    In short: how do I contact a person that never contacted me provided that I have this person in friendlist @facebook?

    Thank you.

  123. I am unlikely to be able to benefit from any of this. My ultraportable laptop's screen is 1024×576. So, no Metro apps on my device.

    Let's see: Which one should I forgo? My laptop or Windows 8? I will forgo Windows 8. After all, it is nothing but Windows 7 bombed back to Windows 3.0 era.

  124. Truther says:

    Microsoft sell off user data to political campaigns


  125. Rehan says:

    I totally love Windows 8 Release Preview and the people app.

    Request – Can you guys improve this app to merge two or more contacts (people in the list)

    Cause- This problem arises mainly when i have the same person on different cloud services life windows live,facebook and gmail… AND even in my contacts.

  126. thehanu says:

    This app needs total redesign. This is just crap, not acceptable. It is just not usable, guys you should design something rest of app developers follow.

    List of contacts is not in best format, using up lot of space.

    What is new can be presented lot better.

  127. I would like to use this app as my main telephone/email guide from desktop and tablet (most of my contacts are in google calendar), but:

    If I want to search a phone number these are the steps:

    1-search the person and click (screen is mostly empty, worse in larger displays, it only displays email, map and an option to show profile)

    2-click "show profile"

    A navigator window opens (mistake)

    4-clic the ARROW at "show profile"

    5-click dropdown menu "show profile"

    6-select "show details"

    In summary, a minimum of 3 clicks if I do everything well

    This should be simplified to only search the person and see all relevant attributes immediatly like in most contact applications, even in small screen phones.

    There is also another suggestion: Long contact names appear truncated at the main screen. There is room for two lines, a simple text wrap for long names would be useful

  128. LH says:

    strange I have the totally opposite issue then the one described by WorMartiN on Thursday, June 14, 2012 12:57 PM

    I have two Microsoft Accounts of two different person which linked together.

    They are of a similar name, one with diacritical marks and the other without, but don't have anything else common.

    Their middle names are different, even the Nicknames. Email addresses and the phones are not the same and I probably don't need to mention that they have different LiveID.

    How can I unlink them?


    Name MiddleName Surname Nickname

    Vladimír Dědouš Novák Dědouš

    Vladimir tatka Novak tatka

  129. LH says:

    one additional comment

    Am I the only one who has problem to post the message here from W8RP desktop IE10?

    I have tried it several times unless I installed Firefox and was able to post immediately.

  130. @Jeff Kunins

    The People app looks great. Another great Metro style communication app is TalkBox. See the screenshots below. Maybe you can use this to further improve the People app.

  131. Contact Duplicates on iPhone says:

    Even though the People app is doing a good (but not perfect) job of combining my contacts, I am experiencing duplicates contacts in my iPhone address book even though the duplicates do not exist in the People app or on the Hotmail web site.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

  132. pmbAustin says:

    I can't help but notice that when you pull up a contact and try to map their address, it drops you into Bing Maps in IE10, rather than showing me in the Maps app.  Is that going to change?

  133. @Jeff Kunins

    And have you considered to use the accent color for the People app and the other communication apps (tile and app)? This is a great way of personalization. And the start screen looks much cleaner. Thank you for the reaction.

  134. TheCyberKnight says:

    I just finished reading the "Designing the Windows 8 Calendar app" and noticed the setting pane allowing to turn off specific calendars.

    This is exactly what I think is missing for the People app. Like I explained before, I wish there was a way to exclude some accounts from displaying their contacts in the application main view.

    Thanks for considering this feature.

  135. Adeel says:

    Hi Mr. Steven,

    I have a feature request for all sorts of users, pertaining to People app and phone dialer.

    Considering the people hub in WP/W8 and Live contacts (, Windows Live (web) and Windows 8 needs a feature under settings:

    Settings > General Settings > Phone format


    1- +xy (xyz) xyz-xyzx

    2- +xy-xyz-xyz-xyzx

    3- +xy xyz xyz xyzx

    4- +xyxyzxyzxyzx

    5- Custom

    … where Option1 can be implemented as:

    If country is selected or country code is present


    e.g.             +1 (856) 792-1432      



    e.g.             (856) 792-1432      

    Each segment after operator prefix has no more than 4 digits and number of digits in latter segment >= that in former segment.

    ..and since so forth.

    On save, the settings must be sync and applied in all metro, phone (dialer's incoming/outgoing and people hub), and windows live web applications.

    Also, the phone dialer app should have the cursor and copy/paste option and it should accept the alphanumeric characters. Let's say  +1-800-Microsoft should be translated as: +1-800-6-4276-7638 the letter-to-number translation is required via the following system:


    0 = none (in some older telephones, OQ or OQZ)

    1 = none (in some older telephones, QZ)

    2 = ABC

    3 = DEF

    4 = GHI

    5 = JKL

    6 = MNO

    7 = PQRS

    8 = TUV

    9 = WXYZ

    If the phone number is dialed or saved with specific  format (alphanumeric and/or with decorators like: ( ), SPACE, +, -), the app should respect the format and  next time it should display it the same way.

    Thanks for listening.

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