Web browsing in Windows 8 Release Preview with IE10

In the Windows 8 Release Preview, we continue to deliver the re-imagined experience of the web browser, incorporating your feedback to provide the best browsing across all Windows 8 devices, including more of the web you browse every day. Rob Mauceri, the group program manager for Internet Explorer, authored this post.

We built a new browsing experience in lockstep with Windows 8 to give you all the advantages that Metro style apps offer. We built that experience by extending IE’s underlying architecture to provide a fast, fully hardware-accelerated browsing engine with strong security and support for HTML5 and other web standards.

Internet Explorer 10 is designed to make website interaction fast and fluid for touch as well as for heavy mouse and keyboard use. With IE10, websites participate in the Metro style experience in Windows 8, including the Start screen, charms, snap, and more. IE10 also provides the best protection from malicious software on the web while providing convenient control over your online privacy.

The Metro style browsing experience is a better way to browse on a desktop computer with a big screen, mouse and keyboard, or on a touch-enabled mobile device. As people browse more “chromelessly” on their phones, they’ve become accustomed to a more immersive and less manual browsing experience compared with the desktop. Metro style browsing offers you a full-screen, immersive site experience with every pixel of the screen for your favorite sites. With IE and Windows 8 you can always use the charms to accomplish what you want to do next with a website (e.g. share, print, search…). We’ve heard from many people – even those with the most enthusiastic and intense browsing patterns – prefer Metro style browsing because it’s fast, fluid and more focused on what you browse than on how you browse.

Download this video to view it in your favorite media player:
High quality MP4 | Lower quality MP4

Note: On June 7, 2012, we updated the video above to provide
a more illustrative demo of interacting with videos in IE10.

Browsing more of the web

The Windows 8 Release Preview includes a new power-optimized, touch-friendly Adobe Flash Player for IE10 that is updated through Windows Update. Adobe Flash content on compatible websites will now play in the new Metro style web browser. This optimized Flash Player is integrated with IE 10 in Windows 8 to ensure that our customers have a great experience browsing the web on Windows 8. We believe that having more sites “just work” in the Metro style browser improves the experience for consumers and businesses alike.

As a practical matter, the primary device you walk around with should play the web content on sites you rely on. Otherwise, the device is just a companion to a PC. Some popular websites require Adobe Flash and do not offer HTML5 alternatives, and this change to the product reflects the feedback that we’ve heard from customers about their experience with sites that do not offer an HTML5-only experience for Metro style IE. For example, try pbskids.org on an iPad. Some workforce solutions, like Beeline, require Flash. Some financial management sites, like this one, require Flash. And some sites still deliver their best experience with Flash, such as youtube.com. 

You can read more about the technical details and architectural improvements to the underlying HTML5 “Trident” browser engine and Chakra JavaScript engine, including support for integrating the Flash Player on the IE Blog.

The Metro style browser for Windows 8

We built IE10’s user experience exclusively around all the Metro style design patterns to be fast and fluid for even the most intense everyday browsing. We listened to your feedback from the Consumer Preview and acted, adding more conveniences like saving images from web pages, “paste and go” for faster navigation, and integrated network diagnostics.

We designed the interface and controls to be there when you need them and out of view when you don’t. We also designed in the comprehensive functionality that people need for everyday heavy-duty web browsing: great touch keyboard support for forms, integrated spell checking with AutoCorrect, finding text on the page, etc. The user experience follows Metro style patterns and conventions for personality, animations, and command activation, and support for Windows 8 charms, snap, and more.


Sound Discovery website in IE 10 shows no chromeIE10 puts the focus on your sites, providing a full screen edge-to-edge experience that uses
every pixel for the web.


The same website, with the app bar showing at bottom of screen and tabs at top of screen

   Tabs are available, and stay out of your way until you need them.

IE10 is fast and fluid for the full web, not just the mobile versions of sites. We made IE super responsive to touch, mouse, and keyboard. The Metro style browser delivers on touch browsing, not just browsing on a touch device. You can feel it in the stick-to-your-finger responsiveness of the touch support for panning and zooming, swiping back and forward for page navigation, and double tapping to zoom in and out of content. The Release Preview includes improved visual feedback when following links with touch, for higher confidence even when the site isn’t coded for touch. Context menus and form controls are optimized for touch, and the browser responds fluidly to device orientation (scaling smoothly to landscape and portrait screen layouts) and “snapping” Windows 8 applications next to it. IE10 also improves on the experience of browsing the Web with mouse and keyboard with support for the keyboard shortcuts you expect, and convenient mouse affordances for back and forward navigation. These are also improved in the Release Preview; for example, you can just slam your mouse to the left edge of screen and click on the back button, which is now smaller.

Metro style IE10 takes a different, more modern approach to browsing. It puts the focus squarely on the websites you browse rather than the tab and window management intensive activity that has defined browsing for the last decade. For example, in the Release Preview, you can double-tap to focus on HTML5 video with full-screen playback. On our hallways, we’ve been using it as our primary browser on laptops and desktop workstations, with touch screens as well as with keyboards and mice. From tiles on the Start screen for websites to the immersive full screen web experience, we designed IE in Windows 8 to be your daily browser for the real web.

Navigation: Navigation tiles are designed to help you find and navigate to sites immediately using the site’s icon and color while minimizing your typing. In the Release Preview, we improved the layout of these tiles for efficiency and speed, optimized for visual recognition of sites you visit most often, and with clearer consistency with the Start screen.

Tiles for Frequent and Pinned sites appear above address bar and on-screen keyboard
Get to your most important sites quickly with navigation tiles.

You can quickly access your favorites by typing the first few letters of the name and in the Release Preview, favorite and pinned sites are marked with a badge for quick recognition. IE shows you frequently visited sites as well as sites that you’ve pinned to the Start screen. As you type in the address bar, the navigation tiles filter to show you sites from your history, favorites and even popular URLs.

With Windows 8 roaming and connected accounts, your browsing history and favorites roam with you so that you can easily access recent webpages across all of your PCs.

Search results shown for the letters V I typed into IE10 address bar.
Access your favorites by typing the first few letters of the name. Favorite and pinned sites are marked with a badge for quick recognition.

The navigation bar in IE10 appears when you need it, again keeping the focus on websites. In the Windows Release Preview, the navigation bar consolidates easy-to-use controls (touch or keyboard/mouse) for common operations like back, forward, stop/refresh, pinning sites to the Start screen, and getting an app. The address bar shows badges and coloring for secure sites, SmartScreen, and InPrivate browsing. It also supports auto-complete as well as web search, matching the behavior of IE on the desktop. Also new in Release Preview is the “Paste and Go” command for fast navigation to copied URLs or search terms on the clipboard. The address box shows a progress indicator when a page is loading, and includes indicators for site compatibility and tracking protection. The navigation bar includes commands for Find on Page, and Open in IE on the desktop, for compatibility with sites that require legacy plug-in technologies, or for when you are using desktop tools and wish to continue using them in your existing workflows.

Right-click menu for a URL in the address bar. Menu includes: Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste and go.
Navigation is faster with Paste and go.

Enhanced touch browsing: In the Release Preview, IE10’s Metro style experience offers a new way of browsing multi-page and sequenced content. Flip ahead enables you to navigate your favorite sites like you read a magazine by replacing the need to click on links with a more natural forward swipe gesture on touch-centric devices (and forward button with mouse). Imagine flipping through a multi-page New York Times article, through product listings on Amazon or eBay, or quickly catching up on the latest news by flipping through CNN.com, all by simply swiping forward without hunting for the "Next" link on the page.

Etsy website with command bar at bottom
You can swipe to flip ahead to next page listings without hunting for the “next” link.

Two views of same website as it is flipped to the left. Second screen is all gray with the words "Next page"

Transitioning to next page is fast and fluid with touch.

Next page of Etsy website
Moving through multi-page content is fast and fluid.

Once you turn on Flip Ahead, you can swipe through content spread across multiple pages to go to the next page within the same article, post or thread. When browsing sequenced content, such as blogs or news sites, and whenever you've reached the end of your multi-page content, flip ahead will suggest an appropriate next article, post or thread to continue your exploration. Using Flip Ahead requires end user opt-in, and sends your browsing history to Microsoft to improve the quality of the experience.

Other aspects of the Metro style experience have largely stayed the same:

Tabs: Browsing multiple web pages is core to any good web experience. The Metro style tab switcher appears when you swipe in from the bottom or top of the screen with touch, right-click with the mouse, or press Windows key+Z on the keyboard:

Nine tabs shown, including one InPrivate tab

Active tabs are shown as page thumbnails with page titles in text overlays. Tabs have a touch-friendly button for closing, and button for creating a new tab, or a new InPrivate tab. IE10 shows the last 10 tabs you’ve used, reducing the need to actively manage your tabs. You can even clean up tabs quickly and easily with one command.

Touch keyboard: IE10 works great with physical keyboards as well as the Windows 8 touch keyboard, which it automatically adjusts to make your experience easier. For example, when you set focus in the address bar, the “/” and “.com” keys become available to quickly enter URLs:

Touch keyboard shown while typing in the address bar, contains  / and .com keys.
IE automatically adjusts the touch keyboard based on where you’re typing. For example,
email form fields show the “@” and “.com” keys.

IE10 takes a clean, “low nag” approach to notifications. All alerts and user prompts come through a notification bar at the bottom of the screen. IE uses Windows 8 Metro style “fly-outs” when more interaction is needed. Notification bars automatically dismiss as appropriate. Downloads in the Metro style browser protect you from malicious software via SmartScreen’s Application Reputation, as in IE on the desktop. The Release Preview adds support for “pop-up” windows as background tabs in the Metro style experience.

Connecting websites and apps in the Metro style

With IE10, websites are part of the Metro style experience in Windows 8. Through snap, charms, and integration with the Store and the Start screen, Metro style browsing blurs the boundaries between the web and apps.

With site pinning, you can personalize your Windows Start screen with the sites you use all the time. You can pin any website to the Start screen from IE10, so you have one place to access all the things you care about or need.

The tiles for pinned sites reflect the site’s color and icon. In the Release Preview developers can provide higher resolution PNG file site icon and specify the tile background color. With IE10, sites can provide background notifications for new messages and other account activity on the website. The site can also program additional commands that appear in IE’s navigation bar in a touch-friendly way, the same way that sites can program jumplists for IE on the desktop.

Websites pinned to Start screen include New York Times, Facebook, Kayak, and MSN.com
Site tiles let you go directly to your sites from the Windows 8 Start screen.

Same pinned sites, close up
Pinned site high-resolution image, custom tile colors, and background notifications make it
easier to find your favorite site and
keep you up-to-date at a glance.

Integration with the Store makes it easy to discover and launch Metro style apps for the sites you visit in IE. In Release Preview, we have continued reducing UI concepts to make you even confident in IE. The Tools icon is updated to tell you when there is something "special" about the page. You can tap on it to go to the store to install an app. Once an app is installed, you can launch it directly from the site. For example, here’s WordPress.com in IE10:

Menu shown above Tools command contains options: Get app for this site, Find on page, View on the desktop
Updated tools menu lets you know when there is an app for the site.

Other aspects of integrating sites in the Metro style experience include:

Snap makes it easy to use Windows 8 for more than one thing at a time. You can browse in IE10 and have side-by-side access to your mail, music, or any other application. The browser adapts to the narrow “snap” size and automatically undocks when necessary for user interaction. All of the core browsing capabilities are available when snapped – panning, pinch and double-tap zooming, and following links.

Chat conversation in Messaging app appears in left one-fifth of screen, a website appears on rest of screen
Multitasking with Windows 8 “snap” lets you put your site side-by-side with other applications like the Messaging app.

Charms provide a consistent way to perform common actions like searching and sharing in Windows 8. IE10 supports the Search, Share, Devices, and Settings charms:

Clock, date, power, and Wi-Fi status appear over the top of the website near bottom left, Charms bar along right edge contains icons for Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings.
The charms appear when you swipe in from the right edge, press Windows key+C,
or move your mouse to the bottom or top-right corner of the screen.

For the Search charm, IE10 uses the default search engine, which you can set to your preference. After initiating a search in the charm fly-out, search results are shown as you type, including the same picture and instant results you see in IE on the desktop, if your search engine supports them.

With the Share charm, you can access any application that supports sharing (like Mail). This allows you to send a rich link preview with image, description, and hyperlink so it’s easy to share more than just a link.

Mail compose pane containing From: and To: fields, a thumbnail photo and excerpt from website, along with space to add a message.

IE10 and Mail support sending rich link previews with image, description, and hyperlink,
you can share more than just a link with very little work.

The Devices charm makes printing, projecting, and playing to external devices easy and consistent. For example, you can print from any webpage from IE – handy for things like airline boarding passes –by tapping or clicking the Devices charm and selecting a printer.

The Settings charm provides quick access to the most frequently used configuration settings for IE10. You can quickly clear browsing history, control location access, and more. Consumers get a simplified interaction with IE settings, while enthusiasts still have an easy way to access fine-grained controls through settings in IE on the desktop.

Protection from the malicious web

IE10 offers the same industry leading security, privacy, and reliability features, building on IE9’s SmartScreen, XSS filtering, Application Reputation, InPrivate browsing, Tracking Protection, and hang detection and recovery. In addition, IE10 makes your security and privacy more convenient with “Enhanced Protected mode” for better isolation of website content in each tab, and new in the Release Preview is one simple setting (on by default) for sending the Do Not Track (DNT) signal to web sites. .

Summary of other key changes from the Consumer Preview

IE10 in the Windows 8 Release Preview brings a more full-featured Metro style experience to your browsing. Again, you can read more details of changes to the underlying HTML5 engine and more on the IE blog. Here are just some of the improvements to IE10 for fast and fluid browsing:

  • Improved Fast & fluid touch: full independent composition for real web sites (including fixed elements, sub-scrollers, animations, and video)
  • Smoother UI transitions and animations with less flicker on low-end hardware
  • Support for subset of Flash in Metro style IE for top sites for media playback and gaming
  • Support for full-screen HTML5 video, including double-tap zoom to full-screen
  • Improved layout for site selection with “light dismiss” and notation for Favorites and Pinned site
  • Improved browser command bar layout and favicon treatment, with consolidated navigation bar controls
  • Adjust default web page zoom level on high res screens
  • Context menu for “Save Image”
  • Context menu for “Paste and Go”
  • Improved touch visual feedback for following links
  • Support for high-res image for pinned sites tile in start screen
  • Integrated network trouble shooter in Metro style IE
  • Metro style auto-complete drop down
  • Flip ahead for next page navigation (user opt-in)
  • Do Not Track (DNT) setting on by default

Metro style and no-compromise browsing

You used to have to make a choice between browsing the mobile web on small screens with good touch support, and browsing the full web with good mouse and keyboard support on big screens. The Metro style web experience in IE10 in the Windows 8 Release Preview means no compromises. You can browse and touch and multitask and print and share with all the power of Windows 8 and your PC. The web with IE10 is more fast and fluid, better connected to your applications, and more secure and private.


Comments (160)

  1. Nitz Walsh says:

    "No compromise web browsing"

    …except with no clear type, font rendering is atrocious.  "No compromise"?  Please.

  2. General Aladeen says:

    Boombastic 😀

  3. Support Shortcut says:

    Please add support for teh Ctrl 0 shortcut in MetroIE, on Desktop IE it's available!

    Also for Reader app add this shortcut.

  4. ReMark says:

    Could you dumb down a little more IE and the OS in general?


  5. Entegy says:

    You know, I see that Start screen and I just realized – why does the Start screen not use the larger icons for pinned desktop apps too? The max size is 256X256 for icons is it not? Why isn't that being utilitzed? It looks very awkward right now with desktop apps.

  6. byd says:

    we recomend that you have IE on iOS, Andriod and others to grow market share of all other MSFT online services such as hotmai, bing, etc, this similar to Googles strategy and now Yahoo (new browser) and maybe Facebook (with Opera-rumour), this very important for your advertisng revanue and share price, do it and see the results, we assure you going to happy about it, so as your developers, and parnters. your online competitos know the value of having a browser on as many platforms as you can, browsers act as a gateway back to MSFT ecosystem. also if you dont drop Xaml/silverlight on the browser (IE) then developers using xaml on windows 8 can easily port their apps back to the internet giving them advantages as Html developers, so both can now "right once and run anywhere", we just cant just give html developers advantages when xaml developers can have it too, or other mark up languages that be rendered by a browser. The internet is not googles, look what they have done to Googles competing services in the UK and US, Dont allow it, have IE on completing platforms too.

  7. @Entegy Thinking the same thing.  A lot of apps include beautiful large icons that never get to be showcased.  Start screen could really make use of the larger icons for desktop apps.

  8. grauenwolf says:

    What about Silverlight? Are you supporting it too or is the technology really dead?

  9. Walup says:

    @Entegy, Aaron44126

    Full agree!

  10. jader3rd says:

    I like how the frequent list is smaller in RC.

    I dislike that Flash is baked in, it's a huge security hole and performance drain. How do I disable it for Metro IE?

  11. @jader3rd says:

    Flash in Metro IE is only supposed to be activated on websites "approved" by MS an only with the goal of ensuring compatibility.

  12. bonny says:

    All the work you have done on the metro version is great but I'm really disappointed for the lack of features in the desktop version. Did you forget us (power users)?

    Did you even consider the most wanted features ?:

    – a better bookmark manager

    – a redesigned windows for IE

    – add 100% support for adblock plus filter (adblock & element hiding). The tracking protection list doesn't even block everything.

    – a better autofill

    – add an icon in the search field to bookmark a site quickly

    – get rid of rss support and add a new service web like google reader

    – a better tab page so I can control it

    – we can't middle click the home icon to open a new tab home page.

    – title tab are not dynamic

    – do more prefetch to improve the rendering time

    – the yellow notification is sometime not visible

    – a better UI

    – If you have downloaded more than one file, the download notification bars are overlapped. Then you have to click the close button one by one.

    – a simplified privacy windows to manage Browsing and Download History, third-party Cookies.

    I always support MS for everything but I can't use IE. I use Firefox because it is more powerfull.

  13. bonny says:

    I forget to say that enabling Do Not Track by default is a really good move. I really hope that this feature will also enable on RTM. Don't roll back on pressure of Ad groups.

  14. Pol says:

    To much fail to me haha Windows 8 is so crappy, so stupid.

  15. pmbAustin says:

    It will not be "no-compromise" browsing until I have full access to "Favorites"… able to browse favorites and navigate them (even in folders), and the ability to save the current site as a favorite.

    I am not about to pin ever site I have to the start menu.  At least give us the OPTION of seeing favorites and using them.  Without support for "Favorites" I find myself having to flip to the desktop IE10 all the time.  Sometimes just to save a site to favorites so I can reference it later and get on with my browsing session.  Other tasks I do regularly (like copy the link to an image) are impossible in IE10-Metro as well.

    It's not "no compromise"… it's "heavily crippled, frustratingly compromised".  And there are really only a few things you need to add to make it actually work for me.  It's just that nobody at MS has shown any interest in making those changes (like making FAVORITES available… how the hell does anyone browse without FAVORITES?  That's a critical, central area of functionality that IE10-Metro just IGNORES!)

  16. NoCustomerAnymore says:

    Lol, what a confusing crap!

  17. easson says:

    Where are these things from IE9, that I rely upon every minute of searching the web:

    – My RSS feeds, which keep me constantly updated on changed web sites?

    – My favorites menu, for one or two-click access to my favorite sites?

    – My thousands of Favorites, all carefully organized in nested folders for easy access without me having to remember the names of them?

  18. etacarinae says:


    They aren't interested in updating anything that doesn't revolve around making $$$ from the Windows App Store. They aren't listening to us. All they can hear is the dollar signs while trying to play catch up to crApple; a which they're inevitably going to lose.


    I don't think they could possibly dumb it down any more than they have. If they were to do so they might start receiving patent lawsuits from Fisher Price.

  19. Jules says:

    Great looking – Great for HTML5 and Flash enabled Media Sites

    Now Back to Business in the Enterprise – Microsoft are still interested right ?

    I ask this, because I find in strange that you choose to bake in Flash, but not Microsoft Silverlight.  The Silverlight remains the superior platform for delivering Line of Business Applications across the Web.  HTML5 is simply not there by some margin, and perhaps Flash is close, but not in terms of development productivity.

    We can all see Microsoft have divisional battles that have wrecked .NET, Silverlight and XNA.  So why should we, as .NET developers care about Microsoft.

    If you want us all to become flimsy HTML5/ Web Developers, then we can just as easily migrate to other platforms.  We have stayed loyal to Microsoft, because in the past you have respected your developer base with superior Technologies and Tools.   All that Trust is not lost.

  20. Thank God you brought Flash back.

    That would have been bad.

    Disaster averted!

  21. @(Almost everyone)

    Never fear, Mozilla is making a metro version of Firefox that should have all the plugins and silverlight you want.

  22. Eagle says:

    I can't wait to see the RTM, to see the biggest flop in the history of PC.


    It's full of bugs, ever and ever and forever… Windows = bugs……

    Refresh or reset take forever, it's faster reinstalling it from scratch…


  23. IE10 desktop seems to be having rendering trouble when I drag the window between monitors. This just started with the Release Preview. It's fine for my center two monitors, but the outer two have trouble rendering until the window is completely on that monitor. 🙁

  24. Chris says:

    There is a contact shown in the video in the Share charm. How did it get there? How can I pin contacts into the Share charm?

  25. CvP says:

    "Summary of other key changes from the Consumer Preview

    IE10 in the Windows 8 Release Preview brings a more full-featured Metro style experience to your browsing. Again, you can read more details of changes to the underlying HTML5 engine and more on the IE blog. Here are just some of the improvements to IE10 for fast and fluid browsing:"

    Right clicked on IE Blog link to copy address.

    Browser locked up. After a while, browser frame was responsive again but the tab went boom.

    Right clicked on IE Blog link, same thing happened again.

    Third time it was ok but clicking copy shortcut didn't copy anything.

    Fourth time it copied the address.

    Right clicked on addressbar -> there is no "paste and go"…?

    cut/copy/paste is broken.

    It works in some places. In other places, it works sometimes.

    It literally does not work (right click menu cut/copy/paste or keyboard shortcuts) in my work website. It used to work just fine in IE10 CP/DP or any other IE.

    I'm using enhanced protected mode and this is a FRESH W8 RP installation. Only installed apps like ff, chrome, WinRAR, steam, filezilla so far. No add-ons or other browser-based crap. Not even flash/sliverlight etc (except flash came with W8 it seems).

  26. CvP says:

    and yeah, no pinning support in other taskbars yet…disappointed.

  27. CvP says:

    Dragged select my first post

    Right click

    Browser locked up. Frame was responsible after ~10 seconds. Tab was still locked up.

    Waiting another ~20 sec, tab was responsive again and right click menu showed up.

    really…even the IE10 DP was far more stable than this…

  28. chefgon says:

    "With IE10, sites can provide background notifications for new messages and other account activity on the website"

    This is HUGE! I can't believe that little tidbit is buried in the middle of a paragraph like it's no big deal. For years I've been waiting for somebody to invent a way for websites to deliver push notifications just like native apps. I really hope this feature gets broad developer support, because it's a genuine game changer.

  29. JF says:

    You really need a better home page… Bing.com maybe? The current page (MSN I believe?) is much too complex and it means that I'm clicking the URL field over and over with no results while IE attempts to load the page before I'm finally able to change the URL. Come to think of it, that's the wrong behaviour to start with. Shouldn't the page rendering happen at a lower priority than me trying to enter a new URL?

    By comparison, Chrome loads by default into a built-in home screen that loads instantly. That's the behaviour I want, and while I appreciate the hard work that you guys are doing, IE is still second place to me.

  30. I haven't tried yet, but I don't think it is possible, but how do I open multiple copies of IE in Metro? It is not uncommon for me to be referencing one web page while working in another. In Desktop I would put them side-by-side, in Metro I would dock them in the 2-pane mode. However, I first need to be able to start multiple copies and I don't see any way of doing that.

    There are so many times that I start multiple copies of a given application to keep my work separate (different browsers for different projects, different Excel windows for different projects, etc.) but Metro doesn't seem to support that. Please add that functionality in to Metro. Perhaps you could make things so that if I have IE docked to one side and I got to the start screen and start another copy of IE it would open in the bigger portion of the screen so that I would have two copies of IE next to each other. If I wanted a third copy, while IE was still docked to the narrow side of the screen I could go to the start screen again and tap IE again.

    Closing would be a little difficult since you've just published that no application is allowed to cause itself to exit (which seems crazy to me, but I understand what you are going for here). I would imagine that the extra apps could be closed like one can forcibly close an app now with the history bar on the left side of the screen. Or I could check an tile in the Start screen and pull up options and there could be a menu there showing me all running instances of that application allowing me to close which ones I want. I suppose a similar method could be used to open multiple copies of an application too.

    In any case, please consider this use case seriously as it really is one that I deal with quite a bit. I have multiple browsers open, multiple KeePass windows, Multiple PDF documents, Word documents, Excel documents, Visual Studio projects, and SQL Server Manager instances all open at the same time. The majority of those applications all support some sort of tabbing system, which I make use of, but I have multiple windows so I can keep my work organized. I really want to get to use Metro more, and it's getting better, but this is still a use case that I really miss.

    BTW I'm really glad to hear that I can move my Metro applications to any screen. I assume that means that I can have multiple full-screen metro applications up at the same time if I have a multi-monitor setup.

  31. bonny says:

    "" You really need a better home page… Bing.com maybe? The current page (MSN I believe?) is much too complex and it means that I'm clicking the URL field over and over with no results while IE attempts to load the page before I'm finally able to change the URL""

    @JF Exactly, and I hope MS is reading this. It is time to stop this f…king behavior. They need to change the home page to bing.com

  32. CvP says:

    Clicking "Event log online help" opens a literally blank tab or just flashes IE icon in taskbar (if already running).

  33. abm says:

    IE is one of my favorite browser, especially when it comes to privacy. With IE9, performance also become one of the pluses. Compared to IE8 and its predecessors, IE9 is left with very few glitches and OTOH it brings lot of goodness. But, honestly, even due to those few glitches left, till day the webdevelopers need to do extra effort to adjust the UI to render in IE9 desktop and mobile.

    A little example: lets say me and Rodney are friends on WindowsTeamBlog.com. Using IE9 (default settings: Compatibility mode IE9, Document mode IE9), I click on Rodney's name (windowsteamblog.com/…/default.aspx) and click on "Start Conversation" to initiate the private conversation. A crippled popup with appear, with the hidden send-button. Now change the compatibility mode to IE8, it will work just fine and so does FF which will render it correctly in first place. Now if I try to send the message to Rodney via Windows Phone.. its a totally different kind of nightmare!! In general, IE9 (desktop and mobile version) has issue with working with iframe-based rich text editors and popups. If you are a developer, you need to supply extra hacks for IE6-9 to retain the decoration. If you are a web developer and you strictly  follow the W3 standards, in most of the cases, you will find that IE doesn't follow what you intended. Hopefully IE10 would address all these hacky ways to overcome compatibility issues and be the most reliable version of IE for developers.

  34. ktxbye says:

    Steven Sinofsky  , I saw your operating system .  Start looking for a new job .

    Cause you will lose this after the big WIN8 comercial fail .

  35. Earle says:

    Saving pictures from Metro IE is a joke – it only seems to save to the 'pictures library', with no ability to rename or put the image into a different area.

  36. Real McCoy says:

    Thanks for improving Internet Explorer.

    Few suggestions for IE desktop:

    – Redesign F12 developer tools: Allow us to add new CSS rules and properties on-the-fly in HTML tab (just like we can do in CSS tab) but more fluidly. Like in Firebug if we click on the property name of the tab and press enter, the focus will go to its value then next property name then its value and so on.. when we press enter on last property value of a rule, it creates a new property where you have auto-suggestions like pressing b would bring up background, border etc..

    – Redesign F12 developer tools: Allow us to preview an image in tool-tip when we hover it just like Firebug. Image could be embedded in CSS or HTML's image-tag.

    – Redesign F12 developer tools: When we click on a Dom element in HTML tab and click Edit, it should show only that DOM and its inner HTML rather than whole body! The intended HTML in that case was not the whole body!!

    – Redesign F12 developer tools: Right click > Add attribute on DOM element should have a shortcut like Firebug.. that is doubly click the DOM should make a space for new attribute.

    – Redesign F12 developer tools: Colored HTML in HTML tab.

    – Download manager: Please create a system-wide download hub for Windows 8 through which we download everything. All the downloads from IE should go there and it should let the users to manually enter the URLs (like PDF which opens inside the browser.. if i need to download a PDF and I have a link, I paste it into the browser and browser will open it.. it would be great if I have Add URL manually in Download Manager or system-wide Download Hub).  Also let us download torrent files through this Download Hub too. 😎

    – Missing Shortcut: When we press and hold Ctrl and click on browser's back or forward button, except IE, all browsers open the corresponding page in new tab. Please implement this shortcut.

    – Incomplete Shortcut: When we press Ctrl + 0, the page zoom is reverted to normal (if the zoom was changed). All browsers do that. But if I press 0 from num-pad (Ctrl+Num0), IE doesnt do anything as opposed to all major browsers. Please implement this hotkey as its not reserved.

    – Tag Management: Please enable Ctrl+Q (quick-tabs) feature by default. Its great and it helps a lot of people. Its there since IE7 but many people dont know about it because we have to enable it via Internet properties. Also besides mere thumbnails with close-cross, show memory usage and volume control for each tab in quick tabs view. Moreover, let us multi-select tabs in this view to perform group operations such as; close tabs, group tabs, mute volume, open in new window, pin to task-bar as a group etc)

    – Roam Favorites: Built in feature to let the users sync favorites with other devices (windows and phone) via SkyDrive. For older IE and other browsers implement the feature to access and synch (more favorites/bookmarks) via BingBar. Also implement a CRUD app on SkyDrive.com to manage favorites just like contacts.live.com.

    Thank you for listening to us and keep up the good work 😎

  37. I like the default DNT and page flip…well done!

    One usage pattern that I currently use that doesn't exist in Metro IE10: Snapping two web pages next to each other. I often need to look at one web page in order to fill out another web page.

  38. Alireza Noori says:

    OK. All of these are awesome. However, just a simple IMPORTANT question.

    What about bookmarks? Seriously?! No bookmark support yet? I know I can pin websites, but what will my start screen look like when there are 500 bookmarks there? I can send you my bookmarks to see that I have more than 500! Are you trying to say that all power users should use the desktop IE?

    Additionally, why Metro IE doesn't show the full context menu? It's so dumbed down… 🙁

    And about the desktop. You know why Chrome and Firefox are getting bigger? Features! Why there isn't anything new to desktop version of IE? Is it perfect? Doesn't it need anything more?

  39. Tabletto Joe says:

    "We’ve heard from many people…prefer Metro style browsing"

    LOL!  Notice that it does NOT say "most people in our focus groups" or even "a quarter of the people in our focus groups".  So what's "many people" then?  Like, a dozen Microsoft developers???  Metro IE is what you're stuck with on small-screen touch tablet with no mouse, but don't lie to us about the other 95% of your user base with larger screens and mice.  If I want an "immersive experience" on my PC, I just hit F11 to go full-screen mode, I don't need Metro IE.  

    Saving favorites as tiles to the Start screen is absolutely ridiculous.  Within six months, a typical user might have dozens of favorite tiles.  And as more software is installed, the Start screen becomes this mixed up ocean of endless tiles from IE favorites and software apps. This is just such incredibly poor design, amazing.

  40. raymond says:

    the hover effect on the desktop icons is ugly and hard to see.

  41. cyricc says:

    Except if you want to view two or more webpages at a time, you still have to go back to desktop mode and launch your web browser.

  42. temp says:

    I switched to Firefox to use adblock plus (with Fanboy adblock, tracking, annoyances filters) for a web "FAST and CLEAN". IE lost millions of people because of this extension and never they had a idea to support adblock plus filter…. For me no coming back. I can say they have done a good job but it is not enough. MS need to have two distribution channels, one for enterprise (stupid people that don't understand that they need to use current browser) and one for consumers… that's my point because a new IE every 2 years that's bad!!!

  43. It Pains My Heart... says:

    I've used Windows since v3 and I don't care one wit about the Start button, because obviously if you've used Vista and W7 the Start button just initiates a search and so as long as I can search I'm happy. The other thing I like about W8 are the tiles. These features are the positive directions your team is taking in designing W8.

    What pains me is that right off using the W8 Customer Preview I noticed some archaic attitudes toward the typical desktop system, and have hoped that these would have been addressed in another iteration of the OS. It's depressing for me to have the same glaring issues on W8 Release Preview.

    1) Mouse behavior: The mouse should work like my finger does on my WinPho (I love the phone's interface). Scroll bars need to go away. W8 should use an arrow like the WinPho does. The mouse pointer should become a finger smudge that manipulates the interface (screen) like it does on a tablet or phone.

    2) Moving away from a unified interface: Why the decision to make W8 on tablet so much different from WinPho 7.5? Unification is where the industry is going. The WinPho’s interface is simple the Metro interface in W8 is way too different and thus making it seem complex for those users who know Metro already.

    I understand that much of these issues are due to the fact the development team is cocooned in Redmond culture. Here’s hoping that the some future release will knock the ball out of the park, but to do that the development team is going to have to get a lot more in tune with the now generation and leave the old guard behind.

  44. JF says:

    The URL field needs to be FULLY highlighted when you click/tap on it!!!!! It's the most frustrating thing about using my iPad, and now you've done the same? WHY?!! Please revise that decision. Windows Phone does it properly. Let's face it, 9 times out of 10, you're selecting that field to enter a completely new URL. Most users wouldn't even realize you can edit it. Why would you need to click another button to clear it when you could easily just start typing???


  45. job says:

    It is not uncommon for people to be referencing one web page while working in another or to have multiple tabs open in a browser session. Why would u guys hide opened tabs and expect users to swipe down first before exposing the list of open tabs. This is one more extra steps just to navigate to an already open web page. iOS and Android doesn't do it this way and neither does desktop IE. This full screen no-compromise is getting in a way of common sense.  I can't count ho many times I would want to know the time of day but this full screen thing would cause me to close the app just to know the time.

  46. MarkB says:

    I can't get too worked up over IE10Metro – it looks to be great for simple-use touch-friendly devices. Not for me, thanks for keeping IE10 desktop and allowing it to be the default.

    I do think that IE10Metro has a very real security threat. Forcing people to right-click/sweep just to see if the page is secure is a horrible idea, you really need some kind of always-present visual cue to let people know when they are secure and when they are not. In fact, instead of putting so much working into trying to make paging automatic, why don't you check to see if someone is filling in a password field in a clear-text page and warn them?

  47. ken says:

    Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You!!!! 😀

  48. Eric Hill says:

    Problems with Metro IE:

    1. As others have said, lack of bookmarks/favorites.  I see that if I manage to do all the gestures that are required to bring up the address bar, clear it and start typing in it, my favorites from Desktop IE are searched and I see results.  It's not enough.  I need access to my organized favorites and the ability to add favorites.  You didn't say anything in this post about "Before RTM, we will add accessing and adding to Favorites from Metro IE", so I have to assume it is not planned.

    2. IE seems unstable in general.  I tried to remove the default items from Favorites Bar using IE and IE hung.  IE also hung when I tried to close a tab that Metro IE restored from a browsing session from before I rebooted.  

    3. From the beginning of time, when you clicked on the address bar in IE, the entire text of the address bar gets selected so that when you start to type it gets replaced.  You did a focus group and decided this was a bad idea for Metro IE?  What's frustrating is, when you mouse down, you see that the text *is* all selected, but when you mouse up, the text gets unselected.  What I would really like is a single keystroke that would bring up the address bar, set focus to it and select all the text.  

    I actually think I could get used to my tabs in Metro IE not being visible.  Between Windows+Z, Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+T, I think I could get used to it and maybe even like it better.  But the favorites thing and the address bar thing are deal breakers.


  49. Eric Hill says:

    I do now see that Alt+D in Metro IE takes you to the address bar and selects the text, so I have my one gesture to do that.  I clearly haven't needed that much in Desktop IE over the years because I had forgotten it, but it will be critical for Metro IE.  But the behavior of clicking on the address bar selecting all the text needs to be restored.

    I feel like I'm going to need a second computer monitor displaying all the keyboard shortcuts that I'm finding I need to use with Windows 8.


  50. My eyes hurt says:

    I can't stand this.

  51. raymond says:

    better font management please!

  52. Darren says:

    This s**t is dead on arrival. I just tried to watch the video on this page with Metro IE. While it was running, I opened the Start Screen. And guess what??? The video stopped. While my Intention was to play around (more than playing is IMPOSSIBLE with that Start Screen) maybe following some steps from the video while listening to the audio, you simply can´t. Why? Because of Metro and ist ridicuolus limitations. The video just stops and the audio is gone.

    Microsoft completely blew it.

  53. Xero says:

    Is IE10 performing any better on V8 test v8.googlecode.com/…/run.html than Safari, Chrome or Firefox?

  54. Mircea says:

    Windows 8 bl0ws, shame on you for releasing this sh!t on dekstop.

  55. hamakaze japan says:



    Although there was such writing, it cannot be how and consists of a ? Japanese version.

    -The MicroSoft employee made to develop such an OS is pitiful. — When this OS goes wrong, the chief executive officer's remuneration must give only a minimum wage! However, several percent of profits is returned in the event of a success.

    This can be surely called performance-based system.

  56. @hamakaze japan says:

    なぜあなたはWin8(InternetExplorer Blogなど)に関する他のブログに憎しみを広げていますか?トローリングを停止します。

  57. @Rob Mauceri

    You and your team are heading in the right direction. I think if you add some of the already mentioned features, Metro style IE will be a big deal how to surf these days. I like the truly condensed feature pack: only really necessary features, those which people rely on.

    What I would like in the final version of IE is:

    – an ability to handle Atom (and legacy RSS) feeds; i could imagine that one can pin the feeds directly to the Start screen.

    – mouse gestures; would be so convenient for mouse users. Try it for yourself in other browsers (Opera build in, Firefox via extension).

    – search shortcuts for different sites (dictionaries, amazon, etc.). When there is no app available (or the app itself is not good) then using a keyword like (? for default search, d for dict.cc, y for youtube etc.) + ' ' + the search term.

    Some recommendations

    – Please ensure quality. The IE shipped with RP carries many bugs. The most annoying one is when switching back to IE using the upper left corner of the screen I land on a black or white screen. (bringing up the nav bar and click on the current tab resolves that, but that's not supposed to happen in the first place)

    – Please shrink the tabs in the tab bar a little bit. I think you could make better use of that space up there. Or at least let it depend on the screen resolution. On my 1920 pixel wide monitor, there are 5 giant tabs; I guess 8 could be possible without pain. The so called "power users" have mostly many, many tabs open. And I think it is possible to please them, too.

    Nice work, guys.

  58. @Alex Kven

    I don't think Firefox for Metro can solve the issue. Because MS is copying Apple's AppStore, so the same rules apply to Windows Store: A metro app must not dynamically generating executable code nor download executable code. And apps are isolated from each other.  This means Firefox for Metro cannot support plug-in either. So it has to pack all the functionality inside, unless people bypass Windows Store completely.

  59. Metro IE10 is useless.

    No decent bookmark manager, no more than 10 tabs, no addons, no plugins.

    It is absolutely useless except for the bare minimum browsing.

    A very, very limited app.

  60. @June 2, 2012 6:12 PM says:

    Please write in English, without writing in Japanese.

  61. Windows 8 tester says:


    Is there a forum to report bugs and issues found in the Release Preview? I am using a multiscreen setup, and the Start Screen disappears as soon as I click on my other screen. Not sure where this should be reported, but it's disappointing at this stage.

  62. Matthew P says:


    It's Windows H8 (That's "hate")

  63. MAJ says:

    Please give this issue some thoughts: With Metro IE10 we need to "right-click" every time we want to switch tabs or create a new one. This is very unproductive if you are used to working with many tabs. Please give us an option to always view the tabs so we don't need to right-click every time.

    Other than that, I really like the fast and fluid Metro IE10 browser.

  64. Freddy says:

    There is a bug in IE10 that is also present in IE9. In windowed mode (not maximized), sometimes when you close a tab the browser window becomes inactive. Hopefully this gets fixed.

  65. Per L. says:

    Off Topic – Multi-monitor:

    I love what you done with Multi-monitor. I do have one feature request. When both screens are on desktop and I click an open application on the Taskbar. It would be nice and less confusing if the application apear on the screen where I clicked the Taskbar. It would also be a very easy to move application from one screen to another.

  66. sean says:

    on samsung slate using only touch, impossible to open links in new tab using metro ie.  On desktop ie it works as expected.  On metro ie, press and hold executes a zoom operation.  very annoying.

    Another step backwards is the new horizontal layout of urls – way too much scrolling.  Not an issue if you have a keyboard, but on tablet, you're killing me.

  67. Guest says:

    I have a feedback for you.

    Whenever I zoom in a web page in Metro IE, a horizontal scrollbar appears in the bottom,

    even though there is no actual content outside the view, just spaces. This is annoying.

    This behaviour is different than other browsers, including Desktop IE, where the scrollbar appears only

    when there is actual content overflow.

  68. Bill says:

    I cannot understand why you keep pushing IE. NOBODY likes it. Please remove this horrible horrible UI and make windows decent again. I hate Apple but I'd rather switch to them than use windows 8. This is awful.

  69. Kevin says:

    I was excited for the recent version, installed it on my kid's machine. She still cannot launch Build-a-Bear (her favorite site) with the Metro browser. Off to the Desktop for her IE.  

  70. Please add reopen closed Tab in MetroIE, that feature is really missing!

  71. This is the first Microsoft product that Paul Thorrott doesn't like. I didn't even know that was possible.

    Looks like Windows 8 will have to fail on the market before Sinofsky will listen to Microsoft's customers who want the start menu and don't want to boot into metro.

  72. Fabrizio says:

    Windows 8 es incómodo, me quedo 10000 veces con el 7

  73. temp says:

    When I uncheck the smartscreen filter in internet options, every time the pop up "Set up Internet explorer" appears. If I click "don't use recommended settings" I have the same pop up everytime until I click "use recommended settings"

  74. temp says:

    why ielowutil.exe keeps running 🙁

  75. Sahd Trooth says:

    I agree with the prior requests to have an option to show a thin row of open tabs somewhere, even if its just very thin strips.

    The sad truth, though, is that Win8 now is so far along the development path that no one from Microsoft is going to consider any of this feedback and act on it.  Sinofsky and gang are "solution locked", they're not going to change anything significant, they're getting close to point in the development phase where only bug squashing and performance tuning is permitted.  This is the Win8 which will ship, and only a massive public failure will change anything in a service pack or in Windows 9.  If the whole Metro idea fails, what will Microsoft do then?  Take it all out?  No, they have doubled down, and they will double again, and double again, because there is no where else for them to go.  We can expect even more arm twisting to get developers and users to move into Metro land, come h*ll or high water, and the worse the sales, the more Microsoft will have to try to force us into Metro, they more desperate and ruthless they'll get.  This really is the riskiest time for Microsoft in 10 or 15 years, maybe ever.  

  76. Anon3578 says:

    My bad, Windows 8 is getting worse and worse. What does the teams smoke at MS to design such stuff ? blogs.msdn.com/…/1050.12_2D002D002D00_startScreenWithPinnedSites_5F00_091B8306.png

  77. Lulu says:

    I hope it will be good as it seems to be in this article.

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  78. Omar says:

    [A little off-topic]

    I live in Saudi Arabia. I changed the Bing preference to United States – English. Everything works as expected and settings are persistent. Now, when I open http://translate.bing.com, this page open in Arabic language and there is no way to change the language of the page itself!! This is very annoying that the Bing-translate homepage doesn't check the user preference (language/locale) set in Bing.

  79. Another Fanboi # says:

    @Sahd Trooth stated it perfectly. The fact is that you, Mr. Sinofsky have refused to listen to those that are listening to you. That number of faithful followers was massive, and like me, a developer of 15 years and a self confessed Microsoft Fanboi, held faith that at some point you would take stock. But time and time again you have show (through unbelievable arrogance) that you do not care what we think. This product is so consumer focused that it has alienated, no polarised, the people who work and have been productive with all of your products all of these years. The rallying call was once "Developers, developers, developers", now its "Consumers, consumers, consumers"; and you know what, WE are now listening. From the confusing developer message (Silverlight, WPF and .NET) to the unelegant marriage of tablet and desktop (including a start menu that you refused to budge on or even comprimise with – Apple's launchpad is the comprimise) I am FINALLY beggining to understand. YOU DON'T CARE what we think. You really don't. I for one will not be waiting for the outcome of Windows 8 or continuously hope for you to listen come Windows 9. I will not waste any more time training up on the latest and greatest to build apps for your system. I will refocus my efforts elsewhere. I will wake up and join the millions of others who are also realising that they can get on just fine without Microsoft. You are not listening Mr. Sinofsky. You are not listening Microsoft; and so from now on I will NOT listen to you.

  80. Wallet says:

    Only voting with our wallets will make them wake up.

    And we will do that.

    Sinofsky , start looking for a new job but not in IT. Cause no one in the IT industry will hire you after you burried Microsoft.  

  81. @Microsoft

    Could you provide us a reason why Silverlight is not integrated into Metro IE?

    After all – who better than you can integrate your own technology into your browser?

    Is there a specific reason why you integrated Flash and not Silverlight?

  82. Kamil ilyas says:

    @abm, I agree IE9 performed very poor when it comes to iframe-based editors. I purchased the shopping cart suite CS-Cart and I had horrific experience when editing the tpl file in the built-in-iframe-based-editor-in-popup on IE9!! You can check it out cs-cart demo and try to edit a tpl file using in-browser iframe-based popup-editor to see for yourself what I am talking about. Chrome, Firefox and even IE8 works fine!

    Speaking of IE and popups, on my AT&T windows phone, when I navigate to Settings > System > About and click the link under "help contacts" http://www.att.com/devicesupport the page load with a select-your-phone popup hanging somewhere outside the screen (in landscape mode), after finding the popup south way there is no way to successfully find your phone because controls are overlapping and the layout is distorted. If AT&T's primary page for device help is shown so poorly and we are stucked, what can we expect from WPIE9 for the rest of the web? Like the other example you gave about popup with iframe-based rich-texteditor on http://windowsteamblog.com

    This is nothing but the incorrect manipulation of DOM by Trident. Over and over people reported these issues and over and over Microsoft denied it or give some fancy arguments like "Trident renders DOM in context-unaware manner". The real reason is MS didn't pay the due attention to their browser's rendering engine over the years and now they are selling us on these flashy and fast rendering BS which is just an eye-candy. Developers still have to whip their ass to ensure WYSIWYG experience on IE9. With the aforementioned iframe flaws, one can easily say its even getting worse (while IE teams are busy with new HTML5 standards and leaving behind the old issues as it is!) What a chaos!!

  83. Arthur says:

    I like the RP more than the CP, but the start screen still looks err… not good enough.

    BTW don't you thing you are squaring things a bit too much?

    Will hardware manufactures make square-everything?

    will that be a good thing?

  84. anonymous says:

    I don't feel good in Win 8 Release preview. I have following feedback.

    Adobe flash support is a good footstep.

    I want classic mode as we have in win7 and start button as same as win7 have. any option to get customize without any third party tool.

    Skype not worked fine in win8. Everytime I need to remove appdata file and login again.

    Ie can't be run better in dark themes mode.

    Best regards,

  85. Matthias says:

    The keyboard should have this character of the apostrophe [ ’ ] U+2019, according to the Unicode standard, instead of the one used in the first computers [ ' ] (ASCII).

  86. IE10 needs Silverlight, if only for Microsoft's own websites says:

    As I experiment with the Win 8 RP, over and over I am hit with web pages that need Silverlight. The kicker is that most of them are Microsoft's own help pages that Windows 8 directed me to.

    When pages that require Silverlight pop up things get crazy. It appears that you can install Silverlight on the page. If you try, something is installed but the page still doesn't work. IE isn't smart enough to warn you or automatically switch you over to the desktop version.

    Also, I am seeing a lot of rendering errors on the Metro version of IE10 that don't show up on the non-metro version of IE10.

    Also, how do I pin the desktop version to the start screen? Since I have an x86 machine, I don't ever want to use the metro version of IE. I just always want to use the more full-featured desktop version, but I can't figure out how to pin that version to the start screen.

  87. Ben says:

    There is some strange hybrid version of IE 10 in Windows 8 RP b8400. It reports itself as 64-bit in Task Manager (without 32-bit suffix), but it also reports itself as 32-bit its About dialog (this time without 64-bit suffix 😀 ). Both "Program Files" (x64 and x32) directories are interconnected and also both are needed to run the application. So I've installed x64 Java 7u4 to test it and it doesn't work. Only x32 Java 7u4 works. Flash can't be tested, because it is already integrated. And Silverlight? Both x32 and x64 packages work (x64bit one has probably x32 version integrated). Strange… 🙂

  88. Thanks a LOT Microsoft for ruining the "Do Not Track" initiative. I want it on and working as much as the next guy, but it being on by default only makes sure that ad providers will never EVER support it. Thanks to you, maybe the few who do already will withdraw. An option that excludes 99% percent of the browser users (most will never touch the option, why would they?) will never be supported by them, and it baffles me that you did not see this when making the decision for this "feature" – unless you did this on purpose, which would be even more sickening.

    You know, it is kind of amazing. I followed this blog (well, its equivalent) from Windows 7, and initially thought Microsoft is finally going in a sensible direction with sensible developers. How you, the development team under the same lead as before managed to turn my respectful attitude not only to distaste, but eventually to plain hostility is definitely an achievement. Well, congrats… I guess.

  89. sean says:

    re: press and hold in metro ie – often the pop-up that appears in metro ie is placed such that my finger is on the 'open link' command. Press and hold behavior is metro ie 10 is horribly annoying.  1) often triggers zoom instead of context menu 2) often the 'open link' command is invoked as soon as pop-up appears because the menu is placed such that press-and-hold finger is on the last item in the menu and invokes as soon as it appears.

  90. Yebaros says:

    Beautiful Changes but one change is confusing, now that the start button is out, how do u access application from desktop mode ….

    by manually searching through windows explorer … or by switching back to metro..this kinda alienates desktop users. There should something like a dashboard in Desktop where in we can actually get to select applications …

    Come on Microsoft give us a innovative replacement for Start

  91. Keli says:

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  92. All you had to do was at least give us a browser like what is available on a mobile and desktop device.. but its barely that..

  93. Edward says:

    If you discontinue the Express Editions of you development tools, I WILL switch to apple.

    As I understand now, VS 2012 Express can only be used to develop metro style applications.

    I understand the importance of the new Application Model, but we still need to develop Services, WinForms, WPF and CMD applications.

    You are forgetting something, not all of us are Big Businesses or Students.

    You are stepping on us the small business and independent developers.

    I can't afford to pay for the non Express editions..

    Are you trying to push me to OSS alternatives?

    For now, I will keep VS 2010 Express, and if you don't change your mind, Xcode is $0 again…

  94. Maxxy says:

    you'd better fix the battery problem first. I could use 2.5 hours with Windows 7 pro laptop, but when it comes to rp, it turns to 1.25 hours, without IE, wifi, just Microsoft Word!

  95. @Maxxy

    It is usually the case that all the drivers are not installed and there are devices without drivers.  It is not enough to just disable the device as you need to locate the correct driver.

    There's also a chance a driver for Windows 7 needs an update or a prerelease driver currently in testing is still a work in progress.

  96. kramayp says:

    Ohh, and another thing about IE (this one is relevant) is when you click on the address bar, it doesn't select all the text so you have to manually select the text, delete it and then start typing. Its a really small thing, but its REALLY annoying. Please fix!

  97. Rizwan says:

    Mr. Steven, is there a way to create ISO and VHD files natively in Windows 8 (in addition to open/mount)? Or would we need additional software for it?

  98. xpclient says:

    IE10 in the Release Preview is the fastest version of IE I have EVER tried. The performance is simply fantastic. It already feels several times more responsive and fast than IE10 in the Consumer Preview or IE9. Now some suggestions for the User Experience.

    1.  Why can't we have an OPTION in IE10 to use full sub-pixel anti-aliasing instead of the grayscale-only anti-aliasing it uses? Please modify the DirectWrite renderer to use it. For PCs, there is no reason why grayscale anti-aliasing should be used. Please clarify.

    2.  I want a dedicated search box with proper search provider functionality, The one box can do searches just fine but search provider discovery is gone. When a search provider was discovered, IE7/IE8 used to play a sound (optionally) and the search box showed a glow and you could add it quickly from the page which had the OpenSearch provider. That was all removed.

    3.  Restore the privacy/cookie blocked icon somewhere – either to address bar or status bar.

    4.  Don't hide JavaScript errors which used to be displayed on the status bar.

    5.  Please display the MB complete (not just % complete) in the Downloads window. For large files which are several GBs in size, % complete takes a long time to move just 1 % ahead, MB complete instantly showed that the download was in progress or stalled.

    With Metro style IE, there is now a browser with minimal chrome and no-distractions UI. On the other hand, desktop IE users *expect* a powerful browsing experience with customizable UI so it is the right opportunity to restore some lost customization.

  99. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    Why yall have Smilies in URL keyboard ?  dont you have separate keyboard layouts? Instead of similes, you should have colon : hash # bang ! or hypen –  on the main keyboard layout for URL and email addresses….

  100. Shelly M. says:

    Real McCoy said: "Download manager: Please create a system-wide download hub for Windows 8 through which we download everything. All the downloads from IE should go there and it should let the users to manually enter the URLs (like PDF which opens inside the browser.. if i need to download a PDF and I have a link, I paste it into the browser and browser will open it.. it would be great if I have Add URL manually in Download Manager or system-wide Download Hub).  Also let us download torrent files through this Download Hub too. "

    xpclient said: "5.  Please display the MB complete (not just % complete) in the Downloads window. For large files which are several GBs in size, % complete takes a long time to move just 1 % ahead, MB complete instantly showed that the download was in progress or stalled"

    If you cant provide what Real McCoy is asking along with xpclient's request, please accept what xpclient is saying along with the Create Download button to enter the URL manually in the downloads window (part of what real mccoy asked for)

  101. I could not install feedback tool from MS connect. But I used to have it in CP. Take a look at my feedback:

    1. Thumbnail cache refreshes itself often, windows 7 used to have more long-lived cache

    2. No way to access old start menu's startup folders – I already posted suggestion – make a library containing those two folders.

    3. In Folder options in control panel, view tab, there is still "show menus" option. However it should be removed since menus are replaced by ribbon almost everywhere.

    4. Why contacts folder does not have ribbon??? You can gray out things which cannot be used in ribbon's home tab in that folder, and add a new ribbon tab specific to that contact folder. That would be much better than current solution.

    5. Camera app still does not detect my laptops integrated camera.

    6. PC setting missing in all apps list. Many people already requested it to be there and be pinnable to start screen.

    7. Control panel icons break after file re-assignment through control panel's default program section (will provide screenshot)

    8. UAC is completely broken:

    – At start screen I opened up WinX menu, clicked command promt admin, I got UAC, then I got blank screen of the color I had set for my metro. Cmd was opened at desktop but system did not take me there

    -WHY I cant reset and refresh if I set UAC to max security level????

    -The current UAC implementation is bizzare. Make a new metro style UAC window, like the smartscreen one. And make it always dim desktop. And make new set of UAC security levels: disable (with metro apps working!!), standard, high, ultra high (asks for admin pin or password even for admin account)

    9. Important: If desktop taskbar is set to be on the left or right screen edges, then the whole hot corner experience becomes bizzare and aero peeks does not work. I think you can remove that functionality, make taskbar location to be set either down or up.

    10. Metro IE issues:

    -Now I am writing this at metro IE, and mouse scroll bars prevent me to see some text on the right and bottom edge of the text box!

    -Also please add link to the desktop IE settings dialog to the metro IE settings bar.

    -Metro IE's preview thumbnail is not always displaying correctly on the metro "taskbar.

    -Add support to desktop favourites for metro IE. For example user can browse url files from the folder and pin them to start screen or visit them.

    11. In windows 7 I used to right click on a Wi-Fi connection and I was able to quickly edit its DNS settings and other stuff easily. Now I have to go to Control Panel for this. Please add more options to the WiFi metro bar.

    12. I changed lock screen picture, but several times after shutdown and startup, old lock screen pic appeared for a second before changing to the new one.

  102. @kramayp  — fixed in the update that went out 🙂

  103. Nicholas Davidson says:

    @Steven Sinofsky

    For the most part – fantastic. The only thing that would still incline me to keep using a desktop browser is the lack of tab notifications. ie – if I have facebook in a seperate tab, I can see when somebody messages me, which negates the need to constantly check backwards and forwards between tabs.

    I know there will probably be things like facebook messaging metro apps at some point, but it's not localised to this – there are many sites I use which use the tab titles to inform you of updates, I'd be interested to know what your solution to this is with your chromeless view.



  104. Darren says:

    Can this be true? You can attach favorites to the Start Screen with Metro IE but you can´t with desktop IE?

    Whatever you people smoke at Microsoft, smoke less.

  105. @ Steven Sinofsky

    When Windows App store Will be open for India for Developers.

  106. :( says:

    I'm not getting into the GMAIL site with Internet Explorer 10. FAIL!

  107. Adam says:

    @XP Client:

    My guess for why cleartype is disabled is that cleartype relies on a particular pixel orientation, when you rotate the screen on a tablet, that orientation changes, and the font appearance degrades. That being said, I do think it would be nice either as an option or as something that turns off when rotated into portrait.

  108. StevieBallz says:

    I agree with people who want the ability to have Bookmarks which are not pinned to the Start screen. Even Windows Phone has those.

    When I'm researching on some topic I create a folder to keep all sites on that topic. I don't want to add 20 new Icons to my Start screen whenever I do that. While being able to create named groups on the Start Screen I don't want all my Favorites to be visible at first sight to everyone who is using my PC/tablet.

    Please consider the inclusion of regular favorites in some hierarchical way before the RTM version hits.

  109. Stefano says:

    I tried downloading the Microsoft Touch Pack but unfortunately it can be run only if you have a touchscreen display. I'll keep it and use it on a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga I hope to buy this Christmas. I've seen the water and fish demo from that pack on Youtube on a Yoga and it's great. So it will work on Windows 8 RTM I hope, even if it was released for Windows 7 touchscreens.

  110. Obry says:

    Yeah can't believe IE10 still has the most god awful font rendering of any Windows app I've seen in recent years. And one of IE's main purposes is to enable people to read information on the Web. FIX YOUR OWN FONT RENDERING FIRST!!!

  111. @Darren — in Internet Options (control panel, desktop IE) you an specifically set tiles to open in the desktop.

    @Darren — this looks like a video driver issue.  it could be a driver is currently a test release or you might try the Windows 7 driver for your PC.

  112. Mark says:

    After several days of use I can report my feelings on the RC.


    I'm really happy with the speed and stability. I've had only one strange glitch so far, using all beta and win7 drivers I consider that pretty impressive.

    I'm happy that several small but important changes were made, such as the ability to turn off fast-boot for those of use who expect booting to load from scratch rather than simply restoring whatever was there before. and I like that transparancy is back in desktop, a small but nice change.


    The start screen is a good concept, since it appears so fast I don't have a real problem using it but it really needs to be enhanced to allow us a lot more control. "Legacy" apps such as Office 2010 add many many tiles to it, giving a strange cluttered appearance. I can't get rid of them because I occasionally need the functionality, but only having the ability to stick them in a group on the right side of the page is very limiting.

    IE10Metro – just too limiting on the desktop; too little customization, too little options, it always chooses the wrong display size for me, I find I really need to have the URL displayed at all times as I constantly verify I am on the right website. No easy to see tabs, no SSL icon unless I specifically swipe to see it, no favorites and no way I am placing all of my 219 nested favorites on the start screen as a big block of tiles. I'm sticking with IE10Desktop.


    Metro apps are still incredibly frustrating. The lack of any customization options may be great for the next generation of users who won't know any better (or care) and will just get used to them as-is but for me, I know the difference.

    The Mail app is better (smaller text that goes all the way to the edge of the display – obviously not following your own Metro guidelines- gasp!) but has no options, not even if you don't want prview turned on or want a larger percentage of the screen to show the message. I won't use the video app at all since it demands that I accept the Xbox Terms and Conditions (why???) every single time I start it, and then shows the video store every time a video ends. I didn't think it showed my files at all until I happened to notice the scrollbar was not scrolled all the way to the left. But still, it only shows my videos as a flat display rather than in the nested heiriarchy that I keep them in. Every app is like that, if you happen to like the one way it does things then you are golden, otherwise you are out of luck.

    Metro lack of UI customization – using Metro with the mouse is still frustrating. Finding the very small low-contrast dissapearing scrollbars to do everything is very difficult. Please consider an option to allow users to adjust some of those settings. Waiting for the charms bar to appear is frustrating, remember when you used to have people wait for the start-menu to open outward-there was such unhappiness that a new option was added so people don't have to wait, please consider adding Metro UI options

    Desktop customization – same deal. The ability to customize anything is gone. Please consider adding back in the advanced customization so we can adjust things like horizontal icon spacing and scrollbar width.

    Sorry to use up so much comment space but I hope this is useful to someone.

  113. David says:

    @Matthias is right. Microsoft Word uses this ( ’ ), but Internet Explorer uses ( ' ). It’s uncomfortable to have two apostrophes, especially for other languages. Why don’t you use the same symbol?

  114. Darren says:

    @Steven Sinofsky:

    Actually I have found it within "Extras" from desktop internet explorer: Add website to Start Sceen. A bit awkward that place. A function resembling bookmarking (even is bookmarking in Metro IE) is hidden somewhere apart from bookmarking a page. Not really intuitive to find. Should be next to bookmarking.

    The driver is already a W7 driver running in a vm,

  115. Jman says:

    I would love to see you add jpegxr support en.wikipedia.org/…/JPEG_XR

    This is a great standard.  IE support would move the web onto this modern image compression technology.  Benefits for file-size and download times are huge, especially compared to .png .

  116. karinto says:

    One feature I sorely miss is bookmarklets. If it is possible to use bookmarklets, I don't know how.

  117. pmbAustin says:

    If you add back the IE8 dedicated search box as an OPTION for IE10, I will be forever grateful.  I miss it so much.

    And obviously, IE10-Metro needs access to the IE10-Desktop bookmarks/favorites… as well as the ability to save the current page as a "favorite" so it can be easily accessed later in desktop IE10.

    Save Picture needs to allow options to rename and specify a location/folder

    Options to have tabs and/or address bar "always display" would be nice, ESPECIALLY when browsing in portrait mode (which I generally do, because that's how most pages on the web are organized/formatted).

    When using with a mouse, the scroll bars are awful.  This is general, throughout metro.  They shouldn't FADE OUT if the mouse is positioned over them.  They need to be easier to grab too.  And not cover text/content.

    I echo the general consensus of a lot of posters above that the included Metro apps are way too crippled, limited, lacking in features and options, are too inconsistent, too unintuitive, and too lacking in "obvious" capabilities, and can be quite frustrating to work with.

  118. Deepak Gupta says:

    I dual-booted my home PC with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and asked my 8 year old to test drive it.  She was totally lost just in the Metro version IE 10.  I like many of the features of Windows 8.  However, on PCs with keyboards and mice, Metro is a NO-GO.

  119. Siby says:

    @ Steven Sinofsky

    You made tremendous improvements with Release Preview. But "Tabbed" browsing is so confusing in Metro IE (using Keyboard, not sure how it will be with tablet), saw the steps above but how many of the users are going to read these blogs. During the weekend I was trying to figure out how to access the "new tab" opened and also to add a new tab. I am an IT user, if I cannot figure out how to access it easily, what about normal users. Having a button for these will help than having a button for "Pin to Start" for normal users. Please make it easier for regular users…….

  120. Siby says:

    @ Steven Sinofsky

    You made tremendous improvements with Release Preview. But "Tabbed" browsing is so confusing in Metro IE (using Keyboard, not sure how it will be with tablet), saw the steps above but how many of the users are going to read these blogs. During the weekend I was trying to figure out how to access the "new tab" opened and also to add a new tab. I am an IT user, if I cannot figure out how to access it easily, what about normal users. Having a button for these will help than having a button for "Pin to Start" for normal users. Please make it easier for regular users…….

  121. Siby says:

    @ Steven Sinofsky/Windows User Experience team

    You made tremendous improvements with Release Preview. But "Tabbed" browsing is so confusing in Metro IE (using Keyboard, not sure how it will be with tablet), saw the steps above but how many of the users are going to read these blogs. During the weekend I was trying to figure out how to access the "new tab" opened and also to add a new tab. I am an IT user, if I cannot figure out how to access it easily, what about normal users. Having a button for these will help than having a button for "Pin to Start" for normal users. Please make it easier for regular users…….

  122. kinokijuf says:

    Please re-add favorites.

  123. "Save Picture needs to allow options to rename and specify a location/folder"

    All metro apps CAN NOT create or manage or rename or move a folder!

    You have first switch to desktop, go to explorer, go to your directory, create a folder you like(be aware if you made a mistake, you have to go back from metro to desktop)

    Wow this is fashinating and fast experience to save a file from whatever Metro App

    This of course will convince me to buy 20 copies of 8 rtmed,

    Why use standard desktop program to save directly your file whereever you want, free and fully manage that file or folder…..  oh Microsoft this old way is so difficult and outdated(you call Aero in that way right?)….

    Don't bother of that, we are just in release candidate stage…….

  124. Real McCoy says:

    IE amnesia

    Connect report: connect.microsoft.com/…/ie-amnesia-forgets-all-user-preferences

    In IE9 and IE10, if the system shutdown unexpectedly (perhaps by pulling out the battery or disconnecting the power plug), on next reboot the IE9 in Windows7 and IE10 in Windows8 will forget the saved passwords, such as Gmail, Hotmail and other user preferences such as Bing region. My region is Australia. So by default it opens the Australia page. But if I change it to US-English and restart the computer it always remember my preference. But the unexpected shutdown flashes the saved preferences!! FF remembers that of Bing, Hotmail, Gmail etc. even if the system shutdown abruptly, crash unexpectedly or for any reason (without saving settings.. you can reproduce it very easily!)

    and IE team replied: "At this time we do not plan on making changes that could address all your issues reported here."

    Please consider fixing it in IE10 RTM, since I am unable to reproduce this error till date.

  125. Leila says:

    On V8 benchmark v8.googlecode.com/…/run.html, IE10 scored :

    2589, details below:

    Richards: 3061

    DeltaBlue: 2069

    Crypto: 4681

    RayTrace: 2700

    EarleyBoyer: 4323

    RegExp: 1080

    Splay: 1151

    NavierStokes: 4690

    (the higher, the better!)

    You guys need to take a look into NavierStokes test. Other browsers are competing IE in this test case. Please no-compromise on this one too.

  126. Score: 4107

    Richards: 5602

    DeltaBlue: 5501

    Crypto: 9193

    RayTrace: 1814

    EarleyBoyer: 4417

    RegExp: 771

    Splay: 5566

    NavierStokes: 8309

    ha ha Explorer sucks…. this is made By FF13

  127. Leila says:

    and FF13 sucks in Crypto, RayTrace, RegExp…

  128. I would like improved Nvidia 3D Surround support for 3 monitors while in spanned surround mode.

    Right now IE10 spans all 3 screens.  If I use Win + P Extend, only 2 of the three monitors work and one is forced to stay in desktop mode.  I would like to have the option to have 3 Metro UI screens with working Win Arrows keys to move screens.

  129. Bimble Britches says:

    @Leila, @_alex74_

    Actually Google V8 benchmark (v8.googlecode.com/…/run.html) sucks! You keep refreshing the page and you will different results. Depends on your machine specs and how many processes you are running at the time of commencing the op. Real benchmark for Javacript is the offical ECMA test (http://test262.ecmascript.org/) ECMA is the standards organization for Javascript and many others. AND IE10 offsets every browser known to mankind till date (be it chrome or ff!)

  130. fr says:

    Would someone from MS explain why IE10 Metro can't have favourites when even IE for Xbox has them?!

  131. Bilal K. says:

    @fr, I agree. IE10 needs favorties to sync across the entire Windows ecosystem (Phone, tablet, desktop and Xbox). Also, the web-access is required if the user wants to retrieve their favorites on other public computer/terminal.

    @Matthew P, you figured it all wrong. Its Windows for 'Winners' not 'Whiners'!

  132. Evan Jacobs says:

    Could you please start posting these videos on YouTube and embedding them that way instead of whatever you're using now? I can't full screen them to watch…

  133. Xero says:

    @Evan Jacobs, visit http://youtube.com/html5 and make sure HTML5 preview is disabled, if not disable it. After that the video would be opened with flash (with full screen capability).

  134. xpclient says:

    The saved-credentials-cookies-and-saved-everything-deleted-upon-improper-IE-shutdown issue reported by Real McCoy is real and serious. Please try to fix it for IE10 RTM. It doesn't happen every time and it doesn't happen if you just terminate IE's processes. But if there's a BSOD, failure to resume from hibernation/sleep, WDDM crash, power loss – any event that requires you to hard reset, all the saved passwords and cookies are lost.

  135. David King says:

    MS, can you address this issue:


    'showstopper' install breaker

    Anyone else seeing ?

  136. Darren says:

    Where is the option in IE10 to sync bookmarks between several computers (laptop/workstation etc.)? And I don´t mean a sync via Skydrive. I don´t want Microsoft to scan and profile my bookmarks.

  137. nanasi says:

    Doing from the following sites may also say feedback of next-generation Windows.

    I think that the direction with a complaint is what it is tended from to transmit doing there to Microsoft.


  138. Developer says:

    This OS is terrible, listen to your customers.

  139. IE issue: when I click on a suggested web link that IE brings out as I type, the suggested page often doesn't load (neither on clicking nor on pressing enter). I must then alter the address (ex. by removing the last slash) to make it work.


    – When one wants to enter a new web address in Metro IE without leaving the keyboard, one has to click Win+Z, then press tab twice, then type the address. Please make this easier: Win+z, then type (as on the start page).

    – If one is supposed to be able to launch any app from the start page, then there should be an independant tile for each version of IE, that is, I should be able to launch the Desktop IE from the Start page even when the Desktop IE is set as default.

    And, by the way, thanks for making the Alt-F4 shortcut work for Metro apps as well.

    Other suggestions of pressing improvements:

    – Mail and Messaging have big reliability issues: Mail should be faster and steadier at updating the inbox. This morning, I started my computer and launched Mail, and my inbox still wouldn't update by itself. And Messaging is totally unreliable. It is simply incapable of keeping my status updated (same issue with Windows Phone's Messaging app by the way). Since I rely only on Wi-Fi connections, I am not always online. And Messaging is incapable of keeping my status updated.

    – People doesn't show all contact details, like professional phone and second email address. For this reason I cannot rely on it.

    – Please implement Mail with signatures and "save as" feature soon.


  140. And please enable manual reordering of pinned sites in Metro IE.

  141. One last thing: as one closes the Metro IE by clicking and dragging it from the top to the bottom of the screen, IE should automatically make the tabbar appear in order to remind the user that several tabs might be thereby closed.

  142. Raimman says:

    Go Firefox, Go!!

  143. To quote Ronald Reagan: “General Secretary Sinofsky, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for Microsoft and cyberspace, if you seek liberalization, come here to this OS. Mr. Sinofsky, open this GUI. Mr. Sinofsky, Mr. Sinofsky, tear down this Metro!”

  144. San_G says:

    Hi Steven,

    there is no facility to arrange tabs in IE10 Metro, is it possible to arrange it so i can keep my favorite tab first?

  145. Stefano says:

    I've known that the "Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga" will NOT be sold in Italy :(((((

    I don't know why. Mr. Sinofsky, what tablets will be sold in Italy? Only the ugliest ones?

    Italy will be a nightmare for Windows 8 if hardware vendors are racists like this.

    What's the reason for this?

    Racism. I see no other reasons.

    I will not buy a Lenovo product in all my life, unless you make them change decision and sell the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga also in Italy… or maybe I won't buy Windows 8 at all 🙁

    Please do something against the hardware racism, Mr. Sinofsky, help me, help us understand.

  146. kinect_dev says:

    Just bake in Silverlight and you will make all the devs happy.

  147. Jerry_in_Oz says:

    In general I like where you're going with Win8.  Offering a 'full' computer experience on a touch friendly tablet is something I've been waiting for and why I have a love/hate relationship with my iPad.

    But I feel like Metro IE10 is just too hobbled.  The fact that you can't add favourites/bookmarks without pinning them to the start screen is crazy in my opinion.  For a start it stops you from collecting too many bookmarks because the start screen is going to get crowded as it is with all the apps and no folders.  Plus secondly, it doesnt allow fo bookmarklets for sites like Readability and Instapaper.  

    The other issue is the lack of visible tabs.  Having to pop up the app bar at the top to switch tabs is going back to the bad old days of Safari on the iPad when it first came out, but apple changed it to allow tabs.

    There are other issues with Metro IE10, but these two alone will keep me away from it and force me towards a metro version of Chrome or FF when they become available.

    Even the iPad, as restricted as it is, provides these two basic usability features.

  148. Please improve font smoothing for non-high dpi displays or enable ClearType back; reading long texts in IE is not comfortable as it is now in IE 9.

  149. Patrick says:

    it should not be called IE10 anymore.. but rather FF10 (for Fast & Fluid) 🙂

  150. pmbAustin says:

    "The saved-credentials-cookies-and-saved-everything-deleted-upon-improper-IE-shutdown issue reported by Real McCoy is real and serious. Please try to fix it for IE10 RTM. It doesn't happen every time and it doesn't happen if you just terminate IE's processes. But if there's a BSOD, failure to resume from hibernation/sleep, WDDM crash, power loss – any event that requires you to hard reset, all the saved passwords and cookies are lost."


    And even when it doesn't lose cookies and passwords and site settings, the "new tab" page gets lost, and all the "frequently visited sites" are scrambled or disappear.  It's VERY annoying.

    My laptop has developed a problem where it frequently hangs during the "Logging out" screen on shutdown or restart.  This requires that I use the physical power button to force it off.  Which means this is hitting me quite often.  I cannot fathom how or why thes information would be DELETED just because of a non-clean shut-down.  I can see possibly not remembering NEW things that session, but why would it suddenly forget all the old well-established information?

  151. Jeson Lord says:

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    Best Regress

  152. Bon says:

    can you please make the browsing experience different from tablets to desktops? when you do a right click, a rather large url bar appears. that could be good on the tablets but not on the desktop. please make that one smaller. i prefer clear font, even though how small that is. also, when you right click, open tabs appear on top of the screen. can't you make them smaller for the desktop? you can rather stack more than 8 tabs right beside each other if they are smaller. they can be clearer too!.

  153. Tom says:

    "IE10 offers the same industry leading security, privacy, and reliability features, building on IE9’s SmartScreen, XSS filtering, Application Reputation, InPrivate browsing, Tracking Protection, and hang detection and recovery. In addition, IE10 makes your security and privacy more convenient with “Enhanced Protected mode” for better isolation of website content in each tab, and new in the Release Preview is one simple setting (on by default) for sending the Do Not Track (DNT) signal to web sites."

    Is this still update? which of that is not true any more?

    Is the Do Not Track by default isn't true?

  154. kejserdreng says:

    Hello Windows 8 is fantastic and makes it easier to print with drivers for old equipment, a clear advantage in favor of ipad. Metro is nice to touch, but I hope Chrome also comes to the metro also, even though ie 10 is delicious.

    My opinion is you should be able to choose if you want to be in metro or desktop mode. In desktop mode you should be able to choose if you want the old start menu back.

  155. peter wu says:

    Wow this is an amazing software Windows 8 is fantastic.

    I haven't been this excited about an operating system .

    the start screen has really grown on me. I have to admit that my initial reaction almost a year back was a bit "meh"

    but now can be  wonderful and As much as I like it on the desktop, I can't wait to use it on a tablet, as I know it'll be even better there.

    so can everyone not hate this amazing software and work harder to understand and love a new things!

  156. Bob Harvey says:

    Can I make a plea for the English Langusge?

    >Rob Mauceri, the group program manager for Internet Explorer, authored this post.

    'Authored' is such an ugly word.  What is wrong with 'Wrote' ?

  157. Kramayp says:

    Wow, you guys (microsoft and Mr. Sinofsky) are amazing….. I love how you take recommendations into consideration!!! And i also love how you actually bother filtering through the million negative comments to find the ones that actually make the OS better. Thanks for all the response you guys have been giving your customers!

  158. Cinderelle says:

    Hi,, with windows 8,, I expected better appearance of windows,, however.,,

    as a fond users of Windows Media Player,, I'd expected the the ridiculous size of Album Art would be enlarged in Win8

    Hope to see improvement on this very issues ,, at least 300x300px plz,,

    otherwise i dont see point to move from windows 7 to 8

    anyway,, the ultimately fast booting speed is very adorable,, and great.. This is a excellent job to see improving the booting speed!!

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