Delivering the Windows 8 Release Preview

Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download in 14 languages. This is our final pre-release, and includes Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, new Windows 8 apps for connecting to Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Messenger (and many more), and hundreds of new and updated apps in the Windows Store. Since our first preview release last September, millions of people now use the pre-release product on a daily basis and millions more have been taking it through its paces, totaling hundreds of millions of hours of testing. We genuinely appreciate the effort that so many have put into pre-release testing, and of course, we appreciate the feedback too. Direct feedback and feedback through usage contributed to hundreds of visible changes in the product and tens of thousands of under-the-hood changes.

Just nine months ago, we kicked off this blog as a dialog about the design and development of Windows 8. We’ve talked in depth about building Windows 8, including the features, the designs, and the background behind these. We’ve done so in over 70 posts totaling over 500 pages if printed out and 34 videos totaling over 90 minutes, all coming directly from engineers of the product. We’ve had about 18,000 comments from approximately 7,000 people. Over 170 Windows engineers contributed to the dialog, including over 200 comments I posted (though I was out-commented by one other pretty active reader!). Of course, we’ve been carefully watching the telemetry of the millions of tech enthusiasts using the product at each milestone.

Windows is unique in this way. No other product used by so many provides such an inside view of the choices and development of the product as it evolves—and sometimes we forget that we are talking about a product still under active development even while we are discussing the designs and actively using it. The affirmations, debates, and even disagreements play a crucial role in the development of Windows. This has never been truer, as we reimagine Windows from the chipset to the experience—new hardware support, new user interaction models, new scenarios, new APIs and more, are all enabled with Windows 8, while we bring forward and improve the way Windows 7 has been used on over 550 million PCs around the world. Coming soon, we will see a new wave of PCs designed for Windows 8, along with new apps powered by the new Windows 8 platform.

The team has the deepest respect for, and is always humbled by the responses on the blog and in the stories about the posts. Thank you!

Our next milestone is traditionally called RTM, Release to Manufacturing, and from today until RTM, we will still be changing Windows 8, as we have done in past releases of Windows. We thought it would be a good idea to outline the kinds of feedback we are acting on as millions download and use the Windows 8 Release Preview.

Our focus from now until RTM is on continuing to maintain a quality level higher than Windows 7 in all the measures we focus on, including reliability over time; security to the core; PC, software, and peripheral compatibility; and resource utilization. We will rely heavily on the telemetry built into the product from setup through usage to inform us of the real world experience over time of the Release Preview. In addition, we carefully monitor our forums for reproducible reports relative to PC, software, and peripheral compatibility. We’ll be looking hard at every aspect of Windows 8 as we complete the work on the product, but we want to highlight the following:

  • Installation – We have significant telemetry in the setup process and also significant logging. Of course, if you can’t set up Windows 8 at all, that is something we are interested in, and the same holds for upgrades from Windows 7. Please note the specifics regarding installation requirements and cautions found on the download page.
  • Security and privacy – Obviously, any vulnerability is a something we would want to address. We will use the same criteria to address these issues as we would for any in-market product.
  • Reliability and responsiveness – We are monitoring the “crash” reports for issues that impact broad sets of people. These could be caused by Windows code, Microsoft or third-party drivers, or third-party apps. Information about crashes streams in “real time” to Microsoft, and we watch it very carefully. We also have a lot of new data coming on the hundreds of new apps in the Windows Store.
  • Device installation and compatibility – When you download a driver from Windows Update or install a driver via a manufacturer’s setup program, we collect data about that download via the Plug and Play (PnP) ID program. We’ve seen millions of unique PnP IDs through the Consumer Preview. We also receive the IDs for devices that failed to locate drivers. We are constantly updating the Plug and Play web service with pointers to information about each device (driver availability, instructions, etc.) We actively monitor the use of the compatibility modes required when the first installation of a Windows 7 based product does not succeed.
  • Software compatibility – Similar to device compatibility, we are also monitoring the installation process for software, and noting programs that do not install successfully. Again, we have the mechanism to help move that forward, and/or introduce compatibility work in the RTM milestone. Here too, we actively monitor the use of compatibility modes required when the first installation of a Windows 7-based product does not succeed. We have tested thousands of complex commercial products from around the world in preparation for the Release Preview.
  • Servicing – We will continue to test the servicing of Windows 8 so everyone should expect updates to be made available via Windows Update. This will include new drivers and updates to Windows 8, some arriving very soon as part of a planned rollout. Test updates will be labeled as such. We might also fix any significant issue with new code. All of this effort serves to validate the servicing pipeline, and to maintain the quality of the Release Preview.
  • New hardware – Perhaps the most important category for potential fixes comes from making sure that we work with all the new hardware being made as we all use build 8400. Our PC manufacturing partners and hardware partners are engineering new PCs, and these include hardware combinations that are new to the market and new to the OS. We’re working together to make sure Windows 8 has great support for these new PCs and hardware.

In fact, as some have noted, the RP itself was compiled over a week ago (build 8400). It takes time to complete the localized builds, validate the download images and process, as well as gear up all along the network edge for a fairly significant download event.

The path to RTM is well defined and critical to the careful and high quality landing of Windows 8 for our PC manufacturing partners. The changes we make to the product from RP to RTM are all carefully considered and deliberate, including some specific feature changes we plan on making to the user experience (as we talked about in previous posts). This is a routine part of the late stages of bringing a complex product like Windows to market. Throughout this process, every change to the code is looked at by many people across development and test, and across many different teams.  We have a lot of engineers changing a very little bit of code.  We often say that shipping a major product means “slowing everything down.”  Right now we’re being very deliberate with every change we make and ensuring our quality is higher than ever as we progress towards RTM. The product is final when it is loaded on new PCs or broadly available for purchase.

RTM itself is a product development phase, rather than a moment in time. We continue to roll out Windows 8 in over 100 different languages and we are preparing final products for different markets around the world. As that process concludes, we are done changing the code and are officially “servicing” Windows 8.  That means any subsequent changes are delivered as fixes (KB articles) or subsequent servicing via Windows Update.  Obviously, our ability to deliver fixes via Windows Update has substantially changed the way we release to manufacturing, and so it is not unreasonable to expect updates soon after the product is complete, as occurred for Windows 7. There are no surprises here, but we’re making sure readers of this blog know what is coming down the road.

Once we have entered the RTM stage, our partners will begin making their final images and manufacturing PCs, and hardware and software vendors will ready their Windows 8 support and new products. We will also begin to manufacture retail boxes for shipment around the world. We will continue to work with our enterprise customers as well, as we ensure availability of the volume license tools and products.

Remember, if you buy a new PC running Windows 7 today, with the great support from our PC partners, you will be ready for Windows 8.

Delivering the highest quality Windows 8 is the most important criteria for us at this point—quality in every dimension.  The RTM process is designed to be deliberate and maintain the overall engineering integrity of the system. 

Ultimately, our partners will determine when their PCs are available in market.  If the feedback and telemetry on Windows 8 and Windows RT match our expectations, then we will enter the final phases of the RTM process in about 2 months.  If we are successful in that, then we are tracking to our shared goal of having PCs with Windows 8 and Windows RT available for the holidays.

On behalf of the Windows team,

Steven Sinofsky

PS: Please be sure to check the download page for system requirements, release notes, upgrade instructions, and other details on how to install and use the Release Preview.

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  1. Tom Robinson says:

    Can't wait to get started!

  2. SwissFanBoy says:

    Thank you Steven !

    You really did a great job with Windows 8.

    Keep your good work guys !

  3. whateverrr says:

    Thanks! Microsoft is the best!

  4. martin2 says:


    I was waiting for two hours 🙂

  5. Lars van Beek says:

    Awesome work guys!

  6. Jimmy says:

    Thanks Microsoft and Steven. Will try it now.

  7. WW says:

    That's exiciting! I do see lots of improvement over CP… good job!!

  8. Tester says:

    Congratulations – nice work!

  9. Yannick says:

    He's downloading, can't wait to use it!

  10. Tru3 says:

    I waiting for it all day today and finally! thank you MS team!

  11. Selim says:

    Yeahhh 😀 Thank Bill Gates Uncle 🙂

  12. Erick Acevedo says:

    Awesome!!!!. Downloading right now!

  13. Russian Five says:

    I have been waiting for this all day today!

  14. Anonymous says:

    That link don't work on Spain, it leads you to:…/consumer-preview

  15. Robert says:

    Good job guys!

  16. Ugosan says:

    Great, thank you!

  17. Steven Gonzalez says:

    where to download, i still just see consumer preview

  18. Femi Akinsola says:

    Gr8. So the RTM should be out by October even if unexpected delays are taken into consideration.

  19. shahin says:

    can't W8.

  20. przemek says:

    Where is win8 rp for poland in pl ??

  21. Tim vd Hof says:

    Download is available here:…/release-preview

    "Get it now"

  22. ko says:

    Where is the polish wersion ?

  23. Downloading Now says:

    Downloading Release Preview, It looks faster than Consumer

  24. St Aidan says:

    I installed the last two previews on a machine I rarely use, just to check them out. But my primary hard drive died this week, so I've been holding out for the Release Preview to install on my main PC. Looking forward to it!

  25. Bitcrazed says:

    Great news on the release of the RP. Congrats to the team on hitting this important milestone.

  26. Thomas Lee says:

    Congrats on hitting the RC milestone on time.

  27. Jose Ramirez says:

    Great news! cant wait to get my hands on it 🙂

  28. Matt says:

    Why do you only mention Windows 8 where Windows Server 2012 is equally important and has even bigger changes and improvements?

  29. Chefgon says:

    Microsoft's servers are absurdly fast. My traditionally slow and annoying connection pulled down the 3.3gb ISO file in 8 minutes. Kudos to you, Microsoft server farm guys!

  30. Good job, guys. Although I'm skeptical about how this will go (Will this be "Windows Vista part 2"?), I like many of the changes and most aspects of how you are designing metro. I hope to own Windows 8 soon!

    So then, possible dates to release include July 22, August 22, September 22, or (Of course) October 22?

  31. Hans Vredevoort says:

    Congrats with reaching this Release Preview milestone!

  32. Sac says:

    another stupid attempt at screwing Windows while facing fierce competition from much better Apple products.

    Microsoft: do something better and innovate.

  33. Animesh says:


  34. PseudoMaker says:

    A question regarding the release of Windows 8: Will there be a period of time before W8's release where any purchase of W7 will also be upgraded to an equivalent version of W8 when it comes out, much like what Microsoft did during the period before W7 was released, in regards with Windows Vista?

  35. Todd Morrison says:

    Ship it!  Great work MS teams.

  36. random bug says:

    the installer is saying the my Intel Core i7 940 @2.93GHz, HT quad core doesn't meet the CPU requirements…. uh what?

    the message is: "Your PC's CPU isn't compatible with Windows 8."

    just FYI, as a few other people are having the same issue:

  37. Tihiy says:

    It's no better than Consumer Preview. UI is still terrible mess.

  38. domenicoav says:

    Congrat PRESIDENT 😀

  39. xpclient says:

    You cheated us again for the third time, Vista 1st, W7, 2nd, and now this:…/features-removed-in-windows-8.html You broke the correct approach of consistent UI design and feature backward compatibility, you broke Windows' legacy. You broke the hearts of enthusiasts. No other company disappoints enthusiasts. It is an experience full of compromises. Microsoft will learn the hard way. Bad user experience will cause this product to not succeed. Don't say I didn't warn you and hopefully you will learn from it for Windows 9.

  40. Andrew says:

    Microsoft must have really manned the servers for the release preview.  I'm already 2/3 the way downloaded and that's using Windows setup.

  41. CODE says:

    Thanks….just one simple question!

    why did you release it in such a way?

    very strange! people even didn't know when the release time will be!

  42. Andrew says:

    Make that 3/4.

  43. Pedro Roque says:

    What the hell! Win8 is complaining about the touchscreen on my Samsung Slate! The same one you gave us at BUILD!

  44. Pedro Roque says:


    XP??? Really??

  45. Andrew says:

    Windows Setup must be pulling a megabyte a second for the download.  It is nearly at 2 MB a Second according to the Task Manager.

  46. Anil says:

    Great job guys. Keep going

  47. Andrew says:

    Hard to believe, but I'm already done downloading and Windows Setup is checking the download.

  48. adarauzo says:

    In the video the tablet has a NEW LOGO!!!

  49. Andrew says:

    Windows Setup is now preparing files.

  50. Vinnie Barz says:


  51. Tech Freak says:

    32 bit Windows 8 RP English :

    64 bit Windows 8 RP English :

    Those who are getting error…download ISO and  burn it to DVD or Pen drive and then install it!

  52. Andrew says:

    I am now installing Windows 8 Release Candidate and am now at 10 percent.

  53. Spite says:

    The CPU of your PC is not compatible with Windows 8.

    lol nice work… no support for Intel i5-2500K xD

  54. Andrew says:

    Did anyone see the new icon for installing Windows?

  55. Stilgar says:

    I would like to ask once again for developer support (ability to publish apps) for Bulgarian developers. The reason I think Bulgarian developer support is good investment for MS are:

    1. We're in the EU which means that the laws cannot be that different from other EU countries you already support.

    2. There is a local Microsoft branch in Bulgaria. There are people who can work on the legal issues for you. They already work for MS after all and make deals with the governments, banks, etc.

    3. We may be small country but there are two MS-related tech conferences which cost solid money to attend and gather 400+ people each year.

    4. This is the country where Telerik HQ (and main development branch) is and where there is an Infragistics development branch. There are a lot of .NET developers in this country.

    Please allow us to help you fill the marketplace.

    P.S. come on fix the stupid blog engine already! Third time I'm trying to post this.

  56. Keeblej says:

    This is awesome, I am downloading now. I cant wait to to test it out tonight. Keep up the great work guys!!!

  57. Stefan says:

    Its hard to believe that MS asked 7000 people and still want to anoy their business customers with metro (in enterprise AND Server 2012 (!).

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it: Vista (2007), Win8 (2012).

  58. Müller says:

    Hey Microsoft, please give us users the option to disable METRO. Nobody likes this crap.


  59. Mike says:

    Thanks Steven for the hard work.

    Can we have a "Windows to go" for Windows 8 Release preview. So, that all the changes will be limited to the USB drive without impacting the existing one. so, I can run windows 8 natively. Currently I run within Virtual Box.



    P.S. This is my second time, I am trying to Post in this blog.

  60. ReMark says:

    Sorry, but

    I fully agree with xpclient and his review.…/features-removed-in-windows-8.html

  61. Andrew says:

    I am at 75% on the first phase of the installation of Windows 8 Release Preview.

  62. nearly there says:

    on the boot screen, Preparing. I am amazed on the speed that Windows 8 RP install it is well fast and I got it on 3GB a virtual machine!

  63. Andrew says:

    I need to restart soon as it is nearly done with the first phase.

  64. DT674 says:

    Yes please give desktop users a way to opt for the classic desktop. If i wanted apps and a colorful start screen, i'd have a tablet. I don't see the new UI being useful for the professional environment….when you have to tell employees how to use this new catastrophe… well you see thats going to cost businesses money and probably a lot of businesses will back away from even getting it. Will be sticking with windows 7 if the new start/metro crap can't be turned off for pc users.

  65. Mike says:

    Hi Steven,

    Sorry, I wanted to post this in a different blog "Keeping your family safer", but that blog is locked out…so posting it here…

    I have multiple PC at home which myself and my family use it on a regular basis. Can I have a filter on other PC (my daughter's PC) and control/monitor the activity from my PC? We are in the same home network and will run the same OS.



    P.S. Trying again to post it…

  66. Windows 8 Suggestions says:

    1. Give people a Option to disable Metro

    2. Add Windows 7 Mode in Windows 8 Pro

    3. Add DVD support in all versions of Windows 8

    4. Add Windows Media Centre in all versions of Windows 8

    5. Have the option to enable the aero desktop

    6. Have a option to get the start menu back

    That is the 6 things that will make Windows 8 Better! 🙂

  67. randyw says:

    Fantastic job and thank you to all the folks at Microsoft.  Can't wait for the RTM

  68. chefgon says:

    You guys broke the volume slider 🙁

    On the Consumer Preview I was always showing off to my friends how clever the volume slider was on my tablet. It positioned itself in such a way that you could just press on the volume icon and slide up to turn the volume up, or touch and slide down to turn the volume down.

    Now it appears in a static location so you have to set the volume from scratch every time. I know it's a little thing, but the old way was so nice and the new way is so inconvenient. Please tell me it's a regression bug and you intend to put this back to the way it worked in the CP.

  69. mary says:

    If you are looking for a good step by step installation guide for Windows 8 Release Preview, check this one out. It's got everything from the activation key to how to customize your installation.

  70. drfgsa says:

    bah, keep your crap. Win8… made by idiots.

  71. Leman says:


    Please, try to comment in a constructive way.

    @Windows Team:

    Thank you for your work.

  72. Thank Windows Team!!!! I can't get to get home and download it and install it on mot Dell Duo!!!

  73. drfgsa says:

    @Leman: constructive on a destructive product is not possible. I adapt my level to the Microsoft developers. See what alcohol and drugs can do – Windows 8.

    Who has the worst CEO and soon the worst OS? Everything fits 😉

  74. "Our focus from now until RTM is on continuing to maintain a quality level *higher* than Windows 7 in all the measures we focus on, including […] compatibility"

    At least on hardware compatibility you are failing. While you seem to keep on pretending Windows 8 is compatible with Windows 7 compatible hardware and only say CPU should be at least 1Ghz, starting with Consumer Preview Windows 8 in facts rejects to even install on at least one very popular family of CPUs, namely Pentium M. My feeling is that you are not honest on that.

  75. I would like to ask for app publishing support for Romanian developers.

    And please fix the buggy forum software that loses posts whenever two or more people compose a comment at the same time. Only the first one that clicks "post" is successful, the others lose their posts.

    The most annoying thing is that, the longer you work on a post, the higher the probability that another user will post something while you compose, and when you finally finish your post and try to submit it the forum software just loses your hard work.

  76. Niklas says:

    What the hell is Microsoft thinking. Ballmer is clearly ruining Microsoft completely. I'm glad I switched to a mac & iphone two years ago. Before then I loved ms – win7 was great!

  77. Hmm, I may have been wrong in my assumption, because other people posted before me and my comment worked on the first try. So it is more likely a timeout that causes the issue if you compose your comment for too long.

  78. Do we have to download the ISO or can we update from inside Consumer Preview (like via Windows Update?)

  79. I disagree with the person who left the "Windows 8 Suggestions" post

    1. Give people a Option to disable Metro  – I don't think so…. I use the Metro Apps on both my Touch Screen and Desktop, and I don't have a problem with them. I actually like the Full Screen UI.

    2. Add Windows 7 Mode in Windows 8 Pro – Why? Every Application I have needed in Windows 7 works in Windows 8.

    3. Add DVD support in all versions of Windows 8 – I haven't watched a DVD on my computer in about 6 years

    4. Add Windows Media Centre in all versions of Windows 8 – It's already going to be a Feature Pack, just buy the right version of Windows 8 that supports Media Center

    5. Have the option to enable the aero desktop – I'll actually agree to this one, it would be nice to keep on my desktop

    6. Have a option to get the start menu back – I'll actually agree partly to this one. I like the new start menu but on a desktop it can be a little harder to use, but I like being able to get rid of icons easily unlike in past versions

    Just my two cent!!! Thanks again Windows Team….. Looking forwarded to installing it tonight.

  80. Igor Kokarev says:

    Earlier with Windows XP, Vista and 7 Release Candidate always had a final graphical design/theme. Windows 8 doesn't. As I read in previous posts we will see the new theme (without Aero) only in the final version.

    As a software developer what I should think about Microsoft? We can't test our software for visual compatibility.

    It obviously that you hurry with Windows 8 and it's sad.

  81. chefgon says:

    The left-edge app switching works better on the Start Screen than it did in the Consumer Preview, but it still doesn't let me close apps for some reason. Is there any justifiable reason why I need to switch into an unrelated app before I can close three that I'm not using anymore? I'd prefer to do that straight from the Start Screen. It's an odd inconsistency that I just can't get used to.

  82. tarantula says:

    Windows 8 looks exactly like what people describe after a LSD trip. Oh dear lord… developers developers developers, stop smoking bad things during work.

  83. sam says:


    I would really like in new build to have options ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ctrl+3, ctrl+4 for new work space on desktop. So you have 4 desktops and you can use one for word, excel, editing stuff, other for browser, surfing, and next one like for social, msn, skype… I mean you can put whatever you like, but I am just giving example how this simple thing can be POWERFUL!

  84. @Steven Sinofsky

    For a Release Candidate, the software has more bugs than I was expecting. Almost immediately after I installed Windows 8, it crashed, and now Metro is essentially unusable (none of the apps are working correctly).

  85. Andrew says:

    I have finished installing Windows 8 Release Preview.  I had a slight network issue, but it was fixed when I installed the network drivers for Windows 7.

  86. GreenScrew says:


    right-click, close?

  87. Sebastian R says:

    Why still not start button??  Is it really that difficult to put it back in?

  88. Thanks for doing such a greats job! Looking forwart for the release 🙂

    PS: Great to see that you have a heart to speek open about your new product without making a mystery or hype about what you are doing.

  89. Win8 Sucks says:

    When will the entire Windows 8 team including Sinofsky and Ballmer be fired and MS groveling asking users to come back because they fixed everything in Windows 9?

  90. Andrew says:

    How do I get the Windows 8 Pro Pack?

  91. Freddy says:

    @Steven Sinofsky

    I have a question that hopefully you or someone from MS can answer. I have a Microsoft Touch Mouse and Windows 8 Release Preview recognized it with no problems; however some features, like the gestures for example, do not work. I know I have to download the drivers from the Microsoft Hardware site. My question is, will there be new drivers soon? Right now the only drivers available are for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Oh, and another thing, it would be nice for the mouse to take advantage of more Windows 8 features (like horizontal scrolling in Metro apps, for instance).

  92. Great Job!!!! All hard work pays off… .

    I have never seen in my life such dedication to the Windows community that you and your team have shown….

    You guys really care about the product and about us

    You guys rock!

  93. robert says:


    Will we be able to group together apps into files in the final version?  That could work really well.  

  94. TomUK says:

    Metro is a joke… please confirm ? it's just a joke yes ?

  95. That Guy says:

    With the consumer preview I was getting an issue where I couldn't connect to wifi after resuming from sleep? I tried restarting my router but had to restart my pc before it would connect again. This happended each and everytime after resuming from sleep. It would show connect to the router but limited, no internet coming through.

  96. Pete P says:

    Ok boy…

    I just found out my only option is to keep "Nothing" when upgrading from Consumer Preview 🙁

    Guess I'll be running Consumer Preview until the final release is out.

  97. Clock is 00:00 AM 20120601 … here in Denmark. Let's go …

  98. Problem With RP says:

    I am having a problem with the Metro User Interface scrolling left and right. When I try to scroll left and right it does it with a around a 10-15 second delay. But however I am running it on a virtual machine.

  99. Problem With RP says:

    How do I get the Windows 8 Pro Pack?

  100. Avi says:

    Things the final version definitely needs:

    1) Grouping system where you can group similar apps into files that you can name, so it won't feel to cluttered.

    2) Some semblance of the start button on the desktop interface…for the people that really want it–It really is a huge deal to some people, having that there.

    My main two issues with Windoww 8 so far.  Just include those two and I'll be one happy duck.  If not, then you'll make me and many others sad.  At least give us the ability to group apps into files!!  

  101. dony says:

    That's exiciting! I do see lots of improvement over CP… good job!!

  102. Steven says:

    I just want to say, I support Avi's comment. Give those people the StartButton back, it can't be a huge deal but allows a lot of users using the system as they are used to.

  103. Wack0 says:

    I think the RTM needs the following:

    The start screen should, by default, only take up part of the screen, if it is accessed whilst on the Desktop, with Immersive UI taking up the whole of the screen, if an Immersive UI app is ran.

    (There should also be an option in Control Panel for this setting to be changed)

  104. Windows Pro Pack (how to get Media Center in RP) says:

       Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search.

       (If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, and then click Search.)

       Enter add features in the search box, and then tap or click Add features to Windows 8 .

       Tap or click I already have a product key.

       Enter this product key: MBFBV-W3DP2-2MVKN-PJCQD-KKTF7 and then click Next.

       Select the checkbox to accept the license terms and then click Add features.

       Your PC will restart and Windows Media Center will now be on your PC and the tile will be pinned to the Start screen.

    From the Windows 8 Release Preview FAQ…/faq

  105. @Sam You can download an app called VirtuaWin which will allow you to add multiple desktops for multi-tasking, what I have been using for awhile now. 🙂

  106. RonV says:

    Hi Steve

    You said:

    "Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download in 14 languages"

    On the download FAQ page, I only see 13 languages listed?


  107. after using RP for a bit, it's definitely an improvement but there's so many little annoying things that I'm glad they still have 4 months to work on it.

    Music app is nice, same with video and photo they just seem a bit…bare

    Microsoft keep aiming for average users, we are POWER users!!! I'm just hoping spotify/Winamp release a good metro app.

    Desktop looks nicer imo. no need to enable classic mode anymore (I know more changes are coming)

    Essentially I'm just pinning programs to the taskbar in desktop if I want the win7 experience. I right-clicked on the bottom left hand corner and it gave me all these options which I thought was a nice touch! too bad I discovered it by accident!! I don't like however how right click feels a bit useless in metro mode, to me right click is where windows comes alive. There are still too many left clicks for my liking in Metro mode. I'd definitely like a big fat X to close a program and tab button feels hmm…it's like they haven't translated win 7 shortcuts properly over to metro.

    Also, I bought my netbook last year and I can't change the brightness since I have a intel gma 3150.

    Sucky intel drivers.

    AMD notebook changes brightness just fine.

    It feels like Microsoft has the right idea but they keep missing the mark.

    simply put if my next pc comes with win8, I'm just going to live in desktop unless the kinks in Metro get worked out..

  108. Walter says:

    Great progress!

    I do wish though that there were improvements to the notification system (lock screen and sounds etc..)

    it's funny how the iPad is more customizable than the win8 metro style UI now! now that's irony

  109. jader3rd says:

    So far the RC is nice, but it still has (what I consider) to be a stupid design decision. When I press the Win key the search results should be for Apps, Settings, and Files. If I want just one of the three I can press Win+Q, Win+W, or Win+F respectively. Just pressing the Win key should combine results from all three.

  110. AnXa says:

    Thanks Microsoft!

  111. Flurg says:

    There's certainly a lot be improved in the metro-desktop integration, but in terms of dealbreakers, please make that top left hot corner disable-able.

    You *know* people have been going there to close apps for 20 years.  You had to put that feature back into the Office 2007 betas.

    Since the bottom-left can access the same MRU list*, the top-left corner isn't necessary for full functionality.

    Such a simple request.  So frustrating at 3 previews later, it's still not possible.

    * Although it would make a leck of a lot more since if the MRU list flowed up from the bottom left when that's where the mouse is and the user is looking, instead of leaving a giant gap and starting from the top left.  It's particularly obvious that it's doing it wrong when you access the bottom-left corner from the Start Screen.

  112. Sasha says:

    Can we put apps into files yet?  Because, at this rate, it's going to look so cluttered if therer are none.  

  113. Thank-you for displaying SHA1 hashes along with the .ISO download links. In case the large download was to fail for someone, please also consider generating .zsync files for each download as well – then they could fix it easily without a whole redownload. (zsync only needs a regular web server .)

  114. Abdullah says:

    Thank you for releasing in Arabic language. WP is still lacking Arabic and Hebrew support.

  115. Alex says:

    No search in metro files selection screen 🙁 I have a big music (or photos) collection and I can't find anything if I remember only one word from the title for example. That's disappointing.

  116. AndrewDover says:

    Well some good news:

    — I finally prefer the Metro IE over the desktop IE.

    — I'm starting to figure out to pin the applications I commonly use to the taskbar rather than do the "Start area dance"

    Some bad news:

    — Your blog system STILL THOWS AWAY MESSAGES that are composed over a lengthy time period, or if the author gets called away.

    — You still need a reference guide to explain the the basic for a better out of box experience.

  117. On the topic of updates, has anything been done about the "C:WindowsInstaller" problem? I just checked mine and it's 12.8GB. Back on XP, that was about the size of my entire system drive (Windows + Program files)

  118. Some bugs in Windows 8 says:

    I found a few bugs, running the RC in my virtual machine in VMWare Fusion on OS X.

    1) Swiping right to the edge of an app causes the app to bounce back and forth about 40 times.

    2) Although it's easy to add locations, favorites, etc. to apps, it's often very difficult or impossible to delete them.  For example, the weather app got my location wrong.  I tried to change the default and remove the wrong location.  To do this, I had to:

    -Search for a new location.  

    -Click on a search result to add it (although it looked like the results had already been added).  

    -Right click on it to bring up the toolbar.  

    -Make the new one the default.  

    -Right click on the old one

    -Delete it.

    And you can't delete the current location without adding a new one!

    That's 6 steps to do something that should be trivial.

    In the news app, it's even worse.  I added a new section of my choice (worked fine), and then tried to delete the default Microsoft section.  I can't find any way to delete the default section.  It appears that sections can be added, but never deleted.

  119. Italy says:

    We want the start menu back!

  120. Mark says:

    Microsoft continue to ignore millions of people! Metro interface is the best for tablets not for desktops.

    Give us the choice to add or remove the start menu.

  121. hamakaze japan says:

    Did it come for the release candidate stage to it being eight Wndows(es)?

    By the way, doesn't IE10 turned Windows 7 come out easily?

    Please advance also here in parallel.

    Probably, it is good by the same specification as those for Windows 8 desktops.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  122. Singapore says:

    Thanks Microsoft.  I believe Windows 8 brings the necessary changes and progress to Windows and in a year from now those that complain about the metro UI and changes will wonder how they could live with the 'old' pre-metro UI.

    I have used Windows since V1.0 and this version is the best.  There are still some kinks but I know Windows 8 will continue to improve and I look forward to getting a Win8 table and dumping my iPad !

  123. ld0010 says:

    нопасаран !!! 🙂

  124. MarkB says:

    @Jane Lantern – right-click feels useless in Metro mode because it is primarily designed for fingers. Mouse support exists but for some reason is not enabled at the same level (cannot swipe easily, cannot use "learn", can't easily switch pages, etc.) Same with shortcuts – my guess is there won't ever be any – for the same reason; you can't do them on a touch tablet so they won't be there.

  125. Micky says:

    In Windows Explorer: provide "Find duplicate files" feature w.r.t name and file signature AND provide a way to group selected files color-coding so we can sort files based on colors too (color coded custom categories — like happen in mac).

    Also provide the ability to roam Favorites via skydrive so we can access our favorites anywhere we go..natively in IE10 and via BingBar for other versions and other browsers.

  126. Ronald Dean says:

    Other than mouting and reading the ISO and VHD files, is there a way to create the ISO and VHD files in Windows 8 ?

  127. Kramayp says:

    One of the big problems i have with Windows 8 is that the scrolling is extremely inconsistent  in metro apps. You should unify the scrolling experience across all the different applications that are present in the market. That way, it doesn't seem as fragmented. Also, the mail app really needs threaded messages and the messaging app needs a lot more functionality (like group messaging and so on). If you want people to use metro apps and not the standard desktop apps, then you have to be able to provide the same experience in the metro world otherwise the switch will never take place.

    Other than that, I love Windows 8 and I love how microsoft keeps updating their customers with their goals and targets.

  128. Josh R. says:

    Omg, please bring back the start button.  It's just a deal-breaker to me and I'll probably just stick with windows 7.  

  129. Congratulations and thank you very much. 🙂

  130. NayosX says:

    Ni modo, hora de probar y ver que app hacemos 😀

  131. WindowsVista567 says:

    How about html5test result:

    What is the current score or IE10 ver latest?

  132. WindowsVista567 says:

    What is the current score of IE10 latest version*

  133. Ivan says:

    This OS is the best. Thanks for this blog extensively driving us through the superior innovations in windows 8 so we can win any argument against stupid apple fan boys and ignorant people in general. I wish I had a similar blog for win7 in the past. Sounds s weird but Microsoft rocks )

  134. mh272 says:

    Like this better than CP! Start button not needed anymore..   Just wish the shutdown/restart button gets moved.  

  135. Xero says:

    Great news!

    I wonder if there is any Win8 tablet under manufacturing with no or minimum edges? Full immersive chromeless experience that is!

  136. Andrew says:

    Will Windows 8 RC be upgradable to the final release?

  137. Error says:

    sign in

    The Windows Live Network is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:

    This site may be experiencing a problem

    The site may not be a member of the Windows Live Network

    You can:

    You can sign in or sign up at other sites on the Windows Live Network, or try again later at this site.

  138. Huh? says:

    Steve Sinofsky – can you have someone look into this and post an official response on whether this is just an issue of the RP or if this will be a requirement of the final version?  My Win8 CP machine (which was upgraded from Win7) cant install the RP.…/a2c11f2c-d43b-44fc-9bc0-61805a2d95ef

  139. Jordan says:

    Would love to upgrade from Consumer Preview (already installed) to the Release Preview but the installer says my machine doesn't meet requirements, which is a joke because my machine blows those requirements out of the water. What can I do?

  140. Developer says:

    Now that flash is baked into IE10, can we please get Silverlight baked in as well? Please!!!? It's just 6 measly megabytes in size and it would make all the difference to organizations like mine that have invested heavily in Silverlight LOB applications. If we don't have Silverlight in the browser, we can't use ARM in our org (100,000 people worldwide).

  141. Developer says:

    Also, can we please get XNA support for metro apps similar to how XNA works in WP7?

  142. hamakaze japan says:

    Will be added to.Start button back completely & is not remodeling show free application is actually is is like can displayed button and start menu of Windows 98 era in the classic shell, this is what?(images is Japan word roughly will know. )


    classic shell:

  143. So, I've finally gotten the Windows 8 Release Preview to work, but I had to install it in VMware (it had many problems running on real hardware). Hopefully, you will fix these bugs, since the Release Preview running on real hardware crashed before I could install any graphics drivers (which seemed to be the source of the problem).

  144. Win8RP setup (dvd boot) fails with error:  "Windows cannot install required files: 0x80070570"!

    This is despite dvd crc matching iso crc !?

    Back to good old Win7!

  145. rseiler says:

    Surely this won't be a requirement for RTM, right?

    "To install Windows 8 Release Preview on your PC, the processor (CPU) must support the following features:  Physical Address Extension (PAE), NX, and SSE2."…/a2c11f2c-d43b-44fc-9bc0-61805a2d95ef

  146. VladLipin says:


    Thank you for such a great job. Glad to see a neat old Windows logo on the site =) I hope you senses. And keep Aero Glass option to release. All users will thank you!

  147. Darkninja962 says:

    I was kinda hoping there would be some more safety-net type things, like the My Documents and My Computer type links defaulted to being on the start screen. It can be a little annoying looking for the latter, especially when you forget that now it's called Computer instead of My Computer so it's not coming up on the search.

    Still, great release guys!

  148. Kat says:

    Loyal Windows user for over 20 years, but there is NO way this dog's-breakfast of an OS will EVER be going onto this machine.

    I have NO interest in tablets, and LOATHE the idea of a touch-screen PC.

    And I'll only ever use Android on my phone.

    Epic fail, Microsoft…..!

  149. successfully installed RP and as usual it was a 'fast & fluid' install and it seems to be getting faster in each release so great job on that one.  after installing it and having a quick look around i suddenly realised that my theme and settings that i was using in CP had automatically setup for me which was amazing and means i dont need to spend ages setting up my theme and finding my wallpaper after each install.  i havent had time yet to see everything but over the next few days i will be having a long play around and see what great stuff you guys have done since CP.  i also need to install VS2012 to see whats new with that and upgrade my apps so its going to be an amazing weekend for me but from what ive seen so far you have done a great job keep it up.

    one last thing i wanted to say is that im glad you got rid of the fish logo because i still have no idea what that was all about hehe

  150. Alex says:

    Guys! The Windows Server 2012 is cool and awesome in all things but GUI. Dropping classic interface was a really HUGE mistake.

    Metro GUI is completely unusable and just unacceptable on Servers.

    Please, do the homework as you've done with Vista -> W7.

    I'm looking forward for Windows Server Done Right Edition, the one with classic GUI.

    Don't screw it, please!

  151. Secret says:

    hey Microsoft. r u blind . Go reas the reviews over CNET and … every single person is hating windows 8 .. i dont know .. weather uv got something really surprising in stores for us … or u v gone mad

  152. Siby says:

    Great job MS!

  153. Josh G. says:

    Sorry, but until I can disable Metro and get the Start Button and Start Menu back, I'm sticking with Windows 7. If I have to wait until 2020 (when Windows 7 support expires) for this nonsense to blow over, so be it.

    Why can't you give users a choice? If you don't want to complicate the UI, make it a registry setting. Just let us set up our systems the way we are used to so we can get work done.

  154. Rukai says:

    Using Windows 8 CP to Download Windows RP now!!!


  155. The desktop has a slight refresh – flatter button colors, monochrome explorer buttons. It's alright. IE10 desktop has less bugs. The hot corners are slightly improved but not enough, it's a crappy way to do things still – in two hours I've already mistakenly triggered metro or corner view instead of minimizing or clicking on the IE icon.

    Other than that metro is the same pastel-colored dog**** except now you can turn the background and tiles different shades of bubblegum pink if that's your thing.

    I'll still run it as a main OS until RTM but if there are no sufficient changes by then I've doubts we'll be paying for Windows 8 in any fashion. We'll probably downgrade all 3 laptops we plan to buy during the holidays.

    On a side note, I've used Windows 8 consumer preview as my daily driver since it came out – those of us who want metro off should have the option to turn it off even it's buried 10 levels deep or we have to use a registry edit. It is becoming very difficult to support or care about Microsoft. The condescending way I'm told I should like metro, and that I should use metro and the way Microsoft is forcing metro down our throats has made me wonder about iPhone and OSX in a what if scenario very often it seems. I don't know if I can stomach a move to OSX/iOS but I've played with that scenario in my head and on paper more times since Windows 8 came out.

  156. gasimu says:

    a great project!

  157. Nicholas Piasecki says:

    In Release Preview, the Mail app simply does not work. I get a blank white screen that says "Mail" and a light grey rectangle on the left side; no amount of right-clicking brings up anything. I then crashed the Store app by clicking "Install" on the "Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging" app. The Weather app is still impossible to pan with a scroll wheel (the hourly forecast ends up capturing it). All of this within the first 30 minutes.

    Two months away, really? I'm worried.

    (However, I do owe the person who killed the Remote Desktop metro app and brought back the desktop one a nice, cold beer. Who'da thunk you might want to look at two WINDOWS at the same time?)

  158. ArvindParikh says:

    Thanks microsoft is the best

  159. Brian Ward says:

    I have been using CP since it's release and have learned to be faster with it than previous versions of windows.  Just remember,  to launch an program press the Windows key,  enter the first letter or three of the program you want to load,  present enter,  and you are on your way. It works the same in Win 7, but it just doesn't seem as fast for one reason.  The start button is needed no more.

  160. The new aesthetics are great. But this is a productivity failure.

    Users need the option to disable the Metro interface on desktops and be able to run WinRT apps (i.e. fullscreen minus taskbar). The task bar is so important for context and fast access to all applications.

    The irony is Microsoft has done a fantastic job on a touch screen interface and a fantastic job on the desktop interface, but by merging them together it is has grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory.

  161. Waseem says:

    Will you guys eventually decide to incorporate music controls into the system?

    or we'll just have to snap the music app!!!

  162. Irfan says:

    I absolutely love win 8

  163. bnm says:

    It's rubbish. I've uninstalled it already.

  164. I hope you guys are working with Leap Motion. 😀

  165. Entegy says:


    Music controls from a keyboard are there. And if you have a hardware volume button, it brings up a media control overlay like on Windows Phone.

  166. Eventually after seeing many comments I agree with ignored here, I still have come a long way appreciating the many good things in this new and modern operating system but I cannot make peace with the lack of some options.

    I am frustrated and really sorry about not having an option to turn off Metro on a desktop system and get the Start Button and the Windows 7 Start Menu back.

    Why can't you give us users a choice ?

    Then the ones needing and loving Metro will stick with it and be happy then the others will be happy and productive as well in the legacy desktop environment on their Intel x86 x64 and compatible computers.

    If we need a tablet we'll get a tablet, don't be afraid about consumer sales. Like many others, I can't wait for the first available one to buy it ! If we need to stay on the desktop environment then we should be able to stay there and let Metro aside.

    Then came the Flash thing in IE10 Metro. This was a step back from your plugin removal policy. To hide that fallback you hardcoded it so other plugin makers can't get back into IE with their plugins.

    We all know HTML 5 is not ready yet as a standard, it's still being developed. So why push things ?

    On the other hand why should I have Microsoft decide on which sites I can use Flash and where I can't ? I'll simply use another browser with plugins.

    There are still many things to consider from technical points of view. It's sad to see that while in a hurry for a place on the Consumer Device market (a bit late I'd dare say), you folks give up many useful things from Windows.

    And one more thing. If you think the multimonitor taskbar solution you provided is helpful then let me say it's a joke. We still need 3rd party applications (Actual Multiple Monitors does by far better what you should have done at least now with Windows 8). The solution you provide has limited options. We can't pin the programs separately on other taskbars than the main one (is this a joke or what ?) and the secondary taskbars don't have the tray and the clock (come on).

    Looks like you hate anything helpful and useful in the classic UI.

    And it was a very large disappointment to hear just now that you are removing the "legacy" Start Button and Menu code on purpose, to force everybody into Metro without any possibility of hacking them back into the UI. This is extremely sad. It is a very regretable way of treating your users. I am ashamed on your behalf for that.

    However you cannot stop 3rd party software makers from producing alternatives for the functionality you are choping away.

  167. Bug Report says:

    When you go to Control Panel > Turn Windows Features On Off, it says "PowerShell 2.0", when actually PowerShell *3.0* is installed.

  168. Steven…

    Installed RP today – and I hate to say it – I do NOT see MS being successful with this OS.  The combined Metro/Traditional UI is just confusing – many basic configurations require switching back and forth between the two.   As commented by others – many of the MS Apps are just poor or broken and should be in much better shape at this late build level.      

    Even understanding that this is a "consumer" OS – when I compare this to my experience with other OS and devices – I see no compelling reason to go buy this.   MS will not have a price or experience differentiator in the market and I can't see the hardware OEMs or Software ISPs jumping through hoops to support it.  

    I've been involved with MS products approaching 30 years now and this is the first time in along time I can not see myself purchasing or recommending this to anyone..

  169. Shon John Xander says:

    Amazing Work Microsoft!!

  170. Martinus says:

    @Amy Gx

    The fish represents Windows' beta milestone. You can see why here:…/Betta

  171. chris says:

    Thanks for the preview. Runs great, but I'm not sure about the metro ui on a laptop.

  172. Devhellhoppers says:

    Dear Microsoft,

    if forcefully shoving Metro down your customers' throats is really your final answer, then Windows 7 will be the last MS OS I'll be using. No compromises from you means no compromises from me (and my wallet).


    a very disappointed long time user of and developer for the Windows ecosystem

  173. GregH says:

    Great! but Steven and teams I can’t believe how lazy you all are about UI design – why am going through set up with these old looking Vista Aero windows and XP icons – it’s almost like for everything that makes complete sense in your hard work you fail to realise the importance of visual presentation. Please consider getting this new desktop UI and other elements right this time!

  174. Sean Wallace says:

    Where the F is SilverLight for Metro??? Now that Adobe has released Flash for metro.. what are you guys waiting for?? Built-in silverlight5.. No manual install no BS… Thanks for listening!

  175. The Martian says:

    @Sebastian R  et al — (31 May 2012 2:29 PM)

    The implementation of this controversial Start BUTTON, is much like a man who built a big house with a very large basement. The only entrance to this basement is a trap door located on the floor in the centre of the house. Right? But the man, placed the only light switch in this dark basement at the corner of the basement! When you climb down a retractable ladder to the basement, you then have to walk all the way to the corner in order to switch on the lights! Phew! Couldn't he had fixed the switch right by the trap door or the ladder? Huh?

    THIS is the reason why Microsoft cannot return the Start BUTTON. They eventually, realized the Start BUTTON was a stupid thing. It did not make sense. It was a mistake (no man is perfect). So with a great sense of humility (probably), they made a retraction.

    To come to think of it, why would you mouse your way –all the way– to the CORNER of your screen to click a Start BUTTON, when your pointer's default position is at the very CENTRE of the screen (at startup/boot)?

    Couldn't it have even been better, if the Start BUTTON were located at the centre of the screen –right under your mouse pointer when you log into your PC? Then all you have to do is, JUST CLICK ON IT or press the Win key, and Viola! The Start MENU opens up, right under the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen? Please imagine it now.

    And then again, why have the Start BUTTON in the centre for clicking at all? Couldn't it have been more straight forward to just log into your PC, and Behold! There, at the very centre of the screen, the Start MENU sits opened, right under your mouse pointer? Imagine it.

    Microsoft then reasoned like this: 'The Start MENU in the centre of the screen at startup would be fine, but too small and scanty; so, why don't we just use the entire screen for Start MENU? After all, there are those who also litter the entire screen/desktop with shortcut icons of their files and programs.'

    Thus, the START SCREEN was born!

    So those who still crave or go to a website to download, a Start BUTTON, don't know what they are doing. It smacks of a dog, going back to eat its vomit! Besides, Microsoft did not create the Start BUTTON for us to worship (like an idol). So we shouldn't find it hard to discard it. It's a goner. Period.

    However, even though they designed a better alternative (the START SCREEN) this time, it has a few glitches.

    For example, the present START SCREEN needs a sort of 'switch' for 'turning off'/'freezing', NOT the Metro environment, but the hyperactive behaviors (live notifications) –SOME of the times.

    Imagine a world scenario, where by Radio & TV sets can neither be turned off nor muted (no buttons for such).

    Again, imagine this scenario: living in a house where by family members talk ALL THE TIME (24/7).

    Aren't there moments when we feel a need for complete SILENCE in our homes — to think or do something without incessant distractions?

    Secondly, the Design of the START SCREEN is very lopsided. It favors more, the *angry bird flinging-rope cutting-facebook idle chattering-photo sharing* consumers only. But a really GOOD start screen, should serve all and sundry –both "Metro" and "Desktop" users and those in-between. In this way, Microsoft would be fare to all. So it goes without saying, that a new Start Screen is sorely needed; a VERY GOOD one at that.

    Now, the SECRET or KEY in knowing how to design a very good SINGLE UI, that will *harmonize* windows 8, lies in knowing how to design THIS new badly needed start screen. Thank you.

    Long Live the PC!

    Long Live Microsoft!

    Long Live “Windows 8“!

  176. The Martian says:

    @Sebastian R  et al — (31 May 2012 2:29 PM)

    The implementation of this controversial Start BUTTON, is much like a man who built a big house with a very large basement. The only entrance to this basement is a trap door located on the floor in the centre of the house. Right? But the man, placed the only light switch in this dark basement at the corner of the basement! When you climb down a retractable ladder to the basement, you then have to walk all the way to the corner in order to switch on the lights! Phew! Couldn't he had fixed the switch right by the trap door or the ladder? Huh?

    THIS is the reason why Microsoft cannot return the Start BUTTON. They eventually, realized the Start BUTTON was a stupid thing. It did not make sense. It was a mistake (no man is perfect). So with a great sense of humility (probably), they made a retraction.

    To come to think of it, why would you mouse your way –all the way– to the CORNER of your screen to click a Start BUTTON, when your pointer's default position is at the very CENTRE of the screen (at startup/boot)?

    Couldn't it have even been better, if the Start BUTTON were located at the centre of the screen –right under your mouse pointer when you log into your PC? Then all you have to do is, JUST CLICK ON IT or press the Win key, and Viola! The Start MENU opens up, right under the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen? Please imagine it now.

    And then again, why have the Start BUTTON in the centre for clicking at all? Couldn't it have been more straight forward to just log into your PC, and Behold! There, at the very centre of the screen, the Start MENU sits opened, right under your mouse pointer? Imagine it.

    Microsoft then reasoned like this: 'The Start MENU in the centre of the screen at startup would be fine, but too small and scanty; so, why don't we just use the entire screen for Start MENU? After all, there are those who also litter the entire screen/desktop with shortcut icons of their files and programs.'

    Thus, the START SCREEN was born!

    So those who still crave or go to a website to download, a Start BUTTON, don't know what they are doing. It smacks of a dog, going back to eat its vomit! Besides, Microsoft did not create the Start BUTTON for us to idolize. So we shouldn't find it hard to discard it. It's a goner. Period.

    However, even though they designed a better alternative (the START SCREEN) this time, it has a few glitches.

    For example, the present START SCREEN needs a sort of 'switch' for 'turning off'/'freezing', NOT the Metro environment, but the hyperactive behaviors (live notifications) –SOME of the times.

    Imagine a world scenario, where by Radio & TV sets can neither be turned off nor muted (no buttons for such).

    Again, imagine this scenario: living in a house where by family members talk ALL THE TIME (24/7).

    Aren't there moments when we feel a need for complete SILENCE in our homes — to think or do something without incessant distractions?

    Secondly, the Design of the START SCREEN is very lopsided. It favors more, the *angry bird flinging-rope cutting-facebook idle chattering-photo sharing* consumers only. But a really GOOD start screen, should serve all and sundry –both "Metro" and "Desktop" users and those in-between. In this way, Microsoft would be fare to all. So it goes without saying, that a new Start Screen is sorely needed; a VERY GOOD one at that.

    Now, the SECRET or KEY in knowing how to design a very good SINGLE UI, that will *harmonize* windows 8, lies in knowing how to design THIS new badly needed start screen. Thank you.

    Long Live the PC!

    Long Live Microsoft!

    Long Live “Windows 8“!

  177. The Martian says:

    Sorry for the double posting. I did not refresh before retrying. Thanks.

  178. Windows 8 is still "punch the monitor" annoying on a desktop PC. I have 2 large monitors so I don't need gloried full or half screen "gadgets" wasting screen real estate. When I search I don't need the whole screen taken over. For a operating system built with "no compromise" it seems to be a system full of them. On a tablet it may be different. While metro remains the default environment I will not be upgrading from win 7 the improvements in the underlying OS don't make up for the compromised interface.

  179. Real McCoy says:

    Great news. Its a big day for Microsofties and big day for all of us !! 🙂

    @Sean Wallace, its a matter of time Silverlight will be released for Metro IE. They recently released v5. Do  you seriously think they gonna miss it?

    PS: I wish if I could try Win8 out on Virtual PC…

  180. Kevin R. says:

    Great work! However, I have one major concern. Here's hoping someone at MS will explain this.

    I've installed the Preview on two machines, but only themes sync across devices. What's going to happen if I purchase an upcoming tablet or a new PC? Am I going to have to reinstall each app individually for each machine and redo groupings on the start screen? I see this becoming a major hassle and something I'm not willing to do again. It's time consuming and frustrating. I thought the point of syncing settings was to avoid this very thing.

    Is anyone else frustrated about the lack of apps synchronization?

  181. Looks great, can't wait to try it out!

  182. Eric Hill says:

    So. Incredibly. Disappointing.

    I installed the Release Preview in the hope that the issues present in Consumer Preview that prevented my from using it would be fixed.  They are not.

    Epic Fail #1:  Mail

    I log in to Windows 8 using a Windows Live ID.  That Windows Live ID is the same ID I use for my e-mail – I get my e-mail through Windows Live Hotmail.  Yet, when I start the Mail metro app, which amazingly still says it is a "Preview", it prompts me to enter an Exchange account, which I don't have, and then Mail displays an empty Inbox.  It somehow can't find my e-mail.  If I use the Calendar or People apps, I see the appointments and contacts from my Hotmail account.  Just no e-mail.

    So I am using the Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview and the Windows e-mail service (Hotmail), and they don't work together.

    So I went to my favorite Windows 8 app, the Desktop, and installed Windows Live Essentials.  Darned if I can get Windows Live Essentials to show my Windows Live Hotmail account either.  On Windows 7, when adding a new e-mail account in Windows Live Essentials, when I drop down the server list, there along with POP3 and IMAP is "Windows Live Hotmail".  That option does not show up on Windows 8.

    Epic Fail #2:  Metro IE

    The inmates are running the asylum on the IE team. Metro IE is unusable. Instead of Favorites, Metro IE has "Frequent" and "Pinned" sites. But in order for a site to show up in "Pinned", it has to have been pinned to Start.  Do you think I want my Start screen to be cluttered up with tiles for all of my favorite Internet sites?  Are you certifiably nuts?

    And then there are the tabs.  You folks have taken this "get rid of the chrome" thing a wee bit over the edge.  I have to right-click to see my tabs or make a new tab.  My wife has a IPad, and I've never been a Safari fan, but I have to say I like Safari on her IPad about a million times better than Metro IE.  

    Epic Fail #3:  No Search in the Store app

    I kid you not.  Unless you hid it really well, there is no way to search the Store.  Now, there ain't a whole lot in the store yet, but even with what's there, I should be able to search it.  I can't.  The Marketplace on my Windows Phone is searchable, so clearly somebody out in Redmond should know it's a good idea.


    In order for Windows 8 Metro to succeed, you need developers to build apps for it.  In order for developers to be interested in building Metro apps, you need to deliver *killer* applications for Mail and web browsing so that people start spending time in Metro and therefore start demanding other apps be available in Metro.  Windows Phone has a great e-mail app, a web browser with favorites, and a searchable app store.  Maybe you just need the Windows Phone folks to design your Metro apps.

    I am not some Mac or Linux fanboi.  I have used Windows for 20+ years.  I own a Windows Phone for crying out loud.  I really badly want windows 8 and Metro to succeed.  I have never been as disappointed in a Microsoft product as I am today.  


  183. The Release Preview installed smoothly over the Consumer Preview.  MS gets points for that. I've forced myself to jump into Windows 8 and give it a chance.  I've been, and continue to be, very negative regarding Metro but I don't want to be all retro oriented and pass on something that might turn out to be good.

    Initially I have to say this; While the RP's Metro apps seem to be a bit more functional than the CP's Metro still works really crappy on my 24in display.  The system seems really dumbed down compared to W7's desktop experience.  I get it that W8 is supposed to be people oriented rather than file oriented.  The problem with that is that many of us primarily work on files.

    OK, if I was a teenage mall-rat whose primary interest was checking Facebook to see who got laid last weekend it might be different.  As it is I'm processing photography on a powerful Xeon-driven desktop and Windows 8 just looks like a poorly engineered toy.

    As I've mentioned before the apparent direction that Mac OS X heading last fall had reignited my interest in returning to Windows.  With Lion smoothed out a bit and Mountain Lion about to land I have to be honest and tell you that there is nothing in Windows 8 Consumer Preview that has the smoothness, the sophistication and the absolute ease of use compared to Snow Leopard or Lion.

    I'm not an iPad fan partly because I'm not into smeary fingerprints and tiny virtual keyboards but I would go with one any day rather than clunk around in Metro.  Sorry Microsoft, you got me for two Windows 7 Professional OEM disks and one Office 2010 Home and Business.  While I've got Photoshop CS5 on both platforms I've only upgraded to CS6 on the Macs.

    I just see no reason to invest time and money Windows 8.  Windows 7 will work fine as my Quicken and Windows-only printer machine.  Sorry.

  184. Ok, now Microsoft has made it perfectly clear that they are not planning on businesses adopting Windows 8 and have instead chosen to target a new generation of consumers that have been fully indoctrinated into the concept of Microsoft = evil, Apple = good.

    I guess that is their choice, but this is going to be quite enjoyable watching them crash and burn as they alienate their friends to chase some fantasy of Windows 8 on everything with a touch interface… lol.

  185. Jagannath says:

    With Metro IE able to play flash videos, I spend more time on Start screen while browsing and less time with desktop. To be honest we don't need to go to desktop unless we are working on files.

    This is much better experience than Consumer Preview where you open Metro IE only to click on the option below to "View on Desktop". I am liking it a lot and don't get the hue and cry about Start Menu. Not sure what Start Menu gives us. This is the similar response we saw against Classic Start Menu Vs Start Menu in Vista.

    Overall, a huge improvement over CP in terms of apps and performance as well.

  186. The Martian says:

    @Win8 Sucks et al — 31 May 2012 2:34 PM

    Steve Ballmer and Steven Sinofsky need not be fired. They will rather be rewarded for their good work!

    They are laboring, day and night, to create a sublime OS that most of us will enjoy using on superb form factors for a long time to come.

    There are some of us who are not even Microsoft staff, but have no rest; day and night, we keep thinking of how we can contribute constructively to the development of this product. Now if THEY should be fired, what of us? What should be done to us?

    And Please, STOP talking about windows 9 now! For a bird in hand is better than a thousand in the forest. Let us all then join forces in making "Windows 8" the good OS that we will come to love. So that we don't HAVE TO go *fix it*  in some wet dream –windows 9.

    There is so much to be done. Therefore, let us not hurry them to “market”, lest they will loose their focus; neither should we murmur about a product that is still under development.

  187. Kat says:

    To be perfectly honest, at this stage I wouldn't even bother pirating it.

    So I can't see myself buying it.

    Long live Win 7.

  188. Ted Magnusson says:

    Before I download this, answer me this – can Metro be disabled?

  189. Kat says:

    And no, I'm not a pirate.

    I'm just that disillusioned with Win 8. I WANTED to like it, I really did.

    There's a good OS under there, but that interface, and the whole 'cloud' thing simply isn't on.

  190. @Kevin R.

    You can install all your apps on a new PC by going to the store and right click for the app bar and clicking "your Apps".  You can then select all or pick the apps that apply to that PC.

    We don't sync things that are likely dependent on the PC you are using — for example, grouped programs probably are different (as are the programs) on different PCs with different capabilities and screen sizes.

  191. DavidR says:

    @Ted Magnusson: No. But if you log on and click the Desktop icon, the desktop starts up and you then only see the Metro start screen when you hit the Windows key or mouse into the bottom left corner and click.

    Metro apps can still be moved from one screen to another with Win+PgUp or Win+PgDn (I think those are the right keys), and open primarily (only?) on the primary desktop.

  192. russ says:

    Here is a usability concern, the metro file saving screen does not allow the creation of folders. This should be supported. For example, when someone is saving a photo, he/she might want to create a folder as a new album to store the photo. There is no way to do this now in windows 8. I am just wondering why this is not included

  193. Jobs says:

    I want Start Menu back and option to disable Metro

  194. As a creator of content (since 1967), I won't use Windows 8 as it is.  I refuse to deal with the absurd Metro interface that is constantly in my way.  I work with files.  In fact, I work with multiple files and multiple programs with multiple windows open as I am creating new content.  The Metro interface is totally inadequate for that kind of thing.  It may be useful for consumers of content on phones and small tablets but not on a major development workstation with a large screen, keyboard, and mouse.

    Yes, there is the desktop – a crippled desktop with no serious ability to control the style, fonts, and colors of the windows.  Just a bland, featureless, flat, black on white.  It is enough to burn one's eyes out. Then to get to the desktop you MUST go through the Metro interface.  Even though I don't have a touch screen and will never use one, I must suffer hidden behaviors, euphemistically called gestures, that change things without warning.  There appears to be no way to turn them OFF.  I don't need them.  I don't want them.  They are of no value to me.  In fact, they get in my way as I am trying to get real work done.  Invisible actions are a gross violation of the basic principle behind a graphical user interface in which behavior is to be at least hinted by some graphical appearance on the screen.   It is a step backwards to something worse than the blinking cursor for command line OS's.

    Please understand that while your majority customer may be a consumer of content content with email, twitter, FaceBook, and web browsing, the content comes from we developers and power users.  We have real work to do and have no interest in wasting our time with unnecessary behaviors and actions.  At the very least, give us a way to configure Windows 8 to work and look the way we individually need and want it to work.

    Unfortunately, all I have seen out of the so called Windows 8 development team is an arrogant "we know what is best and you mere mortal users will like it or else."  What I see for your future is that you have developed Vista 2.0 and that it will be a resounding flop with the people who do real work with computers just as Vista 1.0 was.

  195. Setag Llib says:

    You should have copied Apple.

    Leave the Desktop intact, make metro apps windowed on a Desktop and add a Desktop Appstore.

    -Setag Llib

  196. Wisdom Dlamini says:

    Great news ! Congrats to Microsoft…Windows 8 will surely change the computing/operating system landscape..

  197. I've just finished to install the RP on my laptop, and i can't wait to use the final product on my next build. Keep up the good work, Steve you the best and Windows 8 rules!

  198. rseiler says:

    @AZJack "The Release Preview installed smoothly over the Consumer Preview.  MS gets points for that."

    I'm not sure if that was sarcastic, but as you no doubt know, you did a clean install. Of course it's going to be smooth. Now, if RP had the ability to upgrade CP, as we all expected that it would, then what you said would have some meaning. And MS would get points for it. As it stands, points off for not supporting upgrading an OS three months its junior.

  199. ASIF says:

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  200. ASIF says:

    I like the way you made it clear early that these are assumption. Nice Post it really helped me thanks a lot for sharing.

  201. NoCustomerAnymore says:

    The biggest b u l l s h ! t  ever seen!

  202. Gennaro Eduardo Tangari says:

    I'm going to download it but I would like to give again my feedback: I like a lot Metro on my Windows Phone and I like the idea to have Metro app also in desktop computer but I think that Metro should be a kind of layer such OS X's Dashboard on traditional PC (usually used for work activities).

    Other things I don't like is the absence of Start menu in Desktop "app": I have a lot's of desktop tools and software used everyday: Visual Studio, SQL Server developer and many many other. Trying to organize those applications in Metro is impossible! I need to create folder and subfolder and this is not allowed.

    I think there is a best way to promote Metro and Metro App: to accept into marketplace only quality software (and this is not true into the Windows Phone Marketplace).

  203. Real McCoy says:

    @rseiler, in few months from now, Windows 8 GA would definitely be able to upgraded from its real predecessor Windows 7. No doubt I would have given them +100, if RP could upgarde CP smoothly.

  204. Kevin says:

    The only thing that I hate with a passion is the "dotted" border around some of the text-based buttons, selection boxes, and some clickable items. I am not sure why they are in metro-based apps. For example, launch the Windows Store. Right-click on an empty space within the app to bring up the app bar from the top. You should see "Home" and "Your apps". Some clickable items in the Music app also has these dotted borders. They are hideous. Please REMOVE them. I don't understand why "Home" has the ugly "dotted" border around it that looks bad on the desktop and hideous with metro-style apps.

    Here's a screenshot:

  205. Kevin says:

    Fixed link for the hideous "dotted" border:

  206. spongman says:

    I can't stop thinking: all the people that this is designed for have _already_ bought a Mac.

    Now everyone else is going to have to buy one, too.

  207. @spongman says:

    What's the point of a Mac if you have to start ALL OVER again? It's even worst than using Windows 8 because none of your programs are compatible. I am using Windows 8 RP right now, and IMO, it's a better than Windows 7 (or a Mac). The "dotted" border is a huge pet-peeve of mine.

  208. Tim Anderson says:

    @Nicholas Piasecki   to get to the Mail settings swipe from the right or mouse to bottom right corner, click Settings.


  209. Andy Camden says:

    I can't wait Windows 8 launch event… I'm downloading release preview now. 🙂

  210. Weslee db says:

    I think Windows 8 + New types of pc/tablets hybrids will be a killer combo 😉

    I think in 2-5 years time the whole computerlandscape will have changed to something exiting.

    Great job! Can't wait 😉

  211. Martin C says:

    One usability problem: In the Metro IE app, I can find no way of typing in a URL or accessing my favourites, apart from clicking on a link in the currently open page. When I click a link, I see a bar at the bottom with the URL and a 'page tools' icon. I cna find no other way of making this bar appear on my screen.. if I'm on a page without a link therefore (such as a 404 not found page) it's impossible to open another page instead.  Maybe it's a Virtualbox problem??

  212. jm says:

    Installation process is simply stupid – we will restart your computer several times…

    OK. How many? There's no progress indicator, no step counter, nothing.

    Just sit and wait until your PC is ready.

    How long?

    You will know when it's done.

    The GUI is still bad. Metro looks like a strange addon over windows.

    Two separate lists to manage tasks on simple computer (desktop list and metro list).

    Two control panels.

    Two internet browsers.

    Two clocks (desktop one and metro from charms).

    You wrote a lot about productivity – how productive is going from lower corner to upper corner and then to opposite side of screen?

    You go to charms – first overlay white icons appear, then you move mouse and background becomes black, you choose an option and background becomes dark and wider.

    How pleasant is such a change?

    You have to add some "learning curve" to show new people how to show start screen only because you removed start button. Place on taskbar is so valuable?

    Metro weather – half of screen is empty and swipe to next page is needed – great productivity solution.

    Metro pictures – you cannot add folders to picture library from application. You have to switch to desktop, start explorer, right click on library, add folders to library, switch to metro again,

    close the pictures application, jump to start screen and start picture application to see changes.

    And after all that work you will see big rectangles – have you checked the application against library with hundreds of pictures? How about swinging the pages 300 hundred times?

    What a great productivity solution. You should have a patent for that.

    You should know how Metro is placed on phones market – you really want 2% share on desktops too?

    ps. you blog still eats comments…

  213. Musafir_86 says:

    @Windows 8 Team,

    -Hybrid/Fast Boot isn't functioning properly if I change the active partition (to a different partition than what Windows 8 knows when it's installed); Win8 cannot shutdown at all – need to disable the feature in Control Panel. This behaviour is observed in both beta (Consumer Preview) and RC (Release Preview).

    -This scenario is possible in multi-boot systems where each/individual partitions have OSes with their own bootloaders available making it possible to change the active partition's location.


  214. Barry B says:

    This interface is and continues to be terrible on a desktop computer. Having to choose between this or Linux / MacOS, guess what I will pick? It's much easier in the world of WINE and virtual machines.

  215. Windows 7 says:

    OK! I give up!

    Can anyone recommend a good Linux distro for a long term Windows (versions 3.1 to 7) user?

  216. Matt says:


    Allow me to enable Aero, remove Metro and enable the start menu on my DESKTOP machine. My HTPC and my first Tablet will run Win8, but my desktop will not until I can customise it how I want. I have zero interest in the UI changes on my work machine and would rather have the Win 7 UI for that. I've tried all these versions you're putting out and I don't like them.

  217. Zorin OS says:

    "OK! I give up! Can anyone recommend a good Linux distro for a long term Windows (versions 3.1 to 7) user?"

    Try Zorin OS 6. It is also in RC stage and because it is bsaed on Ubuntu 12.04 you get security fixed for 5 years:…/zorin-os-6-core-release-candidate-has-landed


  218. "Our focus from now until RTM is on continuing to maintain a quality level higher than Windows 7"

    wake me up when your focus will be AT LEAST SAME LEVEL as Windows XP.

  219. neko says:

    I just hate Metro, so I pass this version completely.

  220. @Steven Sinofsky

    Great Job…

    Windows 8 is a PERFEKTION…

    Please remove all this TROLLS People…

  221. Totally says:

    I agree; remove ‘Homocarbon’ he is definitely a troll.

    Now, while we are at the removal business, add an option to remove the Metro Start screen and put back the start button. Allow for Aero and all nice things we love in Win7 and hire some UI developers while you are at it.

  222. Marwyn says:

    I will stick with Win7. Metro is horrible.

  223. flakefrost says:

    good work microsoft! another great storm cooked up for the masses 🙂

  224. @ Give up an  take a LinuX OS of your choice…AND STOP TROLLING

    Microsoft should not and will NOT add an option to remove the METRO START screen…BECAUSE WINDOWS 8 is METRO…WE WANT NO START BUTTON AGAIN.



  225. @ Totally….Give up an  take a LinuX OS of your choice…AND STOP TROLLING

    Microsoft should not and will NOT add an option to remove the METRO START screen…BECAUSE WINDOWS 8 is METRO…WE WANT NO START BUTTON AGAIN.



  226. murilomanfre says:

    @Eric Hill

    You CAN search for apps in App Store, just go to Charms Bar, Search, and select "Store" in the list below.

  227. Martin C says:

    Metro does not have to be removed; I cna see it's good to have consistency between tablets and desktop PCs, BUT *please* let us boot straight to the desktop and disable the pointless lock screen. IF you add the option of changing icons on the Metro screen to plain text, or text plus small icons .. and make groups collapsible, then I cna live with it.

    You should add the option of visible buttons on screen to open up the charms panels, and acess the start screen from the desktop. While I've learned how to do this, many elderly or occasional PC users will find this exceptionally difficult to get the hang of it.

    It's pretty inefficient compared to Windows 7 to access the various settings so far, but I expect I'll get used to it in time. Maybe there are non-obvious ways of making ot more efficient, but if they aren't obvious, it isnt' working is it?

  228. _alex_ says:


    ha ha ha gh gh gh best joke as ever!!!

    Telling the truth, the bugs we experience, our opinions you call us trolls just because are negative?

    Call me Metro hater(crap, non productive,slow, killing your eyes UI, not resizable movable overlapping…), full of unbelievable bugs(cannot create a folder in metro explorer of the apps????) written here in your blogs.

    I'd give up with metro, but i'm proud of Windows 7, and  8 with start menu and orb, with a non metro new features is more than great!!!

    SO i give another chance, i tortured windows 8 as worst as i can to see the stability and performance….

    Know what? Same computer, same hardware, same progs, running OS it uses 100mb less of ram than CP, great improvement!!!

    But sorry you Microsoft Heads are idiots or what?

    Bugs as hell, hybrid boot does'n work properly, explorer crashes, every few minutes black screen than desktop again, icons(just not show more icons, you have to reassign it) in desktop disappears…. and what the hell you mix color as mad, theme choosen at installation, not related at all with default windows theme, and on charm bar still black background???

    We have to use third party home made app or modify regedit to match all the color with a unique theme???

    If i choose Green color at installation, aero theme must be green, charm bar must be the same.


    i do not think so, Getting thing worse form Beta to Release Preview is just making bigger the hole on the boat before it sinks….

    not caring to save your lifes…..

    And, i do not care, i preferr English, but not releasing the Italian and other languages version……  another big hole in your so beautiful swiss multicolor boat…..

    My best compliments Mr Sinofsky!

  229. Alex R- says:

    I'm not interested in a tablet OS. This is the first time I won't be trying a Windows pre-release version.

    By the way, highly ironic that the Windows 8 Preview homepage uses Silverlight after the way you've treated your Silverlight developers. Shame on you, Microsoft.

  230. Mohamedh Asrin says:

    Thanks Microsoft and its Team

  231. "…"we appreciate the feedback too."

    Feedback? Are you actually telling us that there was a possibility of feedback?

  232. Javier says:

    Since 1995 being always a faithful user and coming up next. Keep up the good work guys

  233. Tom Servo says:

    It would be nice to get some confirmation on whether various things are stable now. Specifically the on-disk formats for Storage Spaces and ReFS, i.e. if a pool and ReFS filesystem created in the Release Preview will import and work correctly in the final version.

  234. This Preview took way longer to install than the previous ones. The "Preparing your devices" screen took about 15 minutes.

    Apart form that, the dual-personality of Windows 8 continues; Metro apps still dont run inside windows on Desktop; Search for a program/setting/file is still made on full screen; Multitasking (not task-switching) between Windows programs and Metro apps is still a nightmare; Time is still lost cleaning and organizing the Start Screen (Start Menu out-of-eyes was so much better), …

    Usually buy OEM versions of Windows when upgrade, this time I feel that there is nothing in Windows 8 that is worthwhile improvement over Windows 7 if Start Screen and Metro is there. Definitely nothing there that helps with the Metro non-sense in proper desktop KB+M PCs. Leave those on for gadgets operated via touch.

    Not positively impressed at all.

  235. Hi,

    I'm very interested to note that Flash is baked into the brwoser. I'd really appreciate it if you could do the same with Lastpass.




  237. tron_alive says:


    Not with me…….will stuck to my linux or mac os …..100% better as billy boys panic system which sucks

  238. Kat says:

    I can't see any trolls.

    Well,,,,,maybe one:-(

  239. @ HOMOCARBON says:

    How much it hurts the truth eh??

    Microsoft is interested in positive and negative feedbacks, but the last ones are ignored….

  240. The Truth says:

    Thank you so much for Metro! There is no better way to support Apple than that!

  241. Paul says:

    Thanks for your work, Microsoft. I really enjoy your OS

  242. Microsoft's Fan!! says:

    Microsoft is the best for releasing free previews and testing the stability of the OS based on consumer feedback, reminds me of Nokia beta labs, they have been doing things like this for years 🙂

  243. Congratulations to the MS team. Installation is the best Windows has ever been. May want to change "creating account" to "setting up account". Creating implies a new account otherwise very smooth and fast. Have not had a chance to fully explore but a big huge thanks for the ability to change desktop text size elements. Wouldn't mind being able to change the font type as well. In Search would like to see an option to suppress web links in App search results. The new color options for the Start Screen are nice but would really like to set a custom background image. Really looking forward to the final release.

  244. Flybersite says:


    Is it possible to put 2 metro apps, one on each monitor in a dual monitor setup?


    Btw, I love Win8

  245. @Microsoft

    I read that Flash was supported by IE (Metro) – does Silverlight also work with Metro IE and, if not, do you plan on integrating it to the  final version?

    To be honest – It's pain not being able to use Metro IE to watch the tennis french open.

  246. I will not download and install it because:

    It does not allow me to choose for the desktop interface with a start button and start menu as my default UI.

    I am not interested in Metro because:

    -Metro interface looks ridiculous on large desktop screens.

    -Ugly interface colors.

    -Ugly flat white Metro icons.

    -Huge tiles with small legacy icons and huge text look ridiculous on a desktop.

    -Full screen looks ridiculous on a desktop screen (I am a windows user).

    -Reduced eye candy in the desktop interface.

    I am a Windows user since more than 20years and this is the ugliest Windows interface I have ever seen.

  247. Stefano says:

    I tried it in VirtualBox and finally I can see it at 1680×1050.

    I've seen that for restoring from an image the admin password is required and that if you set UAC to top level you can't use reset and refresh PC (from inside Windows).

    I don't know if reset and refresh require a password when started from the boot menu (they should require a password, I think…).

    I tried them but stopped before execution.

  248. @Floske Tuf

    GOODBYE !!!

  249. Anony says:

    I want 2 features in Win8.

    1. Start button as win7.

    2. High contrast themes make every application work. Try with VS or webmatrix. Can you make it work.

    3. Is win Server support Metro apps. In Cp it's not. Can you confirm it.


  250. @Anony…

    Please take WINDOWS 7


  251. Tweekism says:

    I refuse to install this on my home PC until Pinball FX2 is available!

    Work PC and laptop are up and running though, I did briefly get up at 6 this morning to make sure the .iso was downloaded by the time I got to work at 8 😀

    Also, boot to .vhd is awesome!

  252. UK User says:

    I can't say I'm impressed with Win8. Hate the Metro look and feel. Totally pointless on a Desktop PC as touch is merely a gimmick on most people's PCs. Also both Metro and the new Desktop theme looks flat and dull.

    I've never been a fan of the ribbon toolbars and find them more trouble than their worth.

    My wife uses PCs at work and ours at home, but is not a Techie by any stretch of the imagination and she says she hates the new look and feel too!

    All MS, etc. keep showing off are the Tablet/phone style 'Apps', but what about the 'Serious' users?

    What are the advantages for those of use who actually 'work' on PCs? Those of us who use Programs like Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Sony Soundforge, Autodesk AutoCAD, Bespoke software managing huge (1 Million+) databases of customer details, etc., etc.?

    To me Win8 seems like MS trying to get into the gimmick sector of Tablets and Smart Phones. The province of Twitter, and Facebook, of amateur photography and listening to music. But they seem to have neglet the majority of users who actually use very heavy duty software to actually work… Remember work MS? It's the thing you do between Tweeting your mates, and taking stupid pictures!


  254. NVIDIA Display Driver problems in W8RP says:

    Start Screen turned blank, and then Windows show the NVIDIA Display Driver error.

  255. Dean says:

    What's up with the setup telling me that my i5 2500k (@ stock) is not compatible? This must be an oversight. Please sort this out asap. I don't mean to sound negative but I'd put money on the fact that no mobile cpu's have this issue! Get your priorities right for once guys- don't just pander to the iPad using fools!

  256. DodgyDave80 says:

    I'm really annoyed at the fact that the UK is not able to try out xbox features yet again!!!! Why can't the UK be included?

  257. Darren says:

    Congratulations. You have managed not to build a consistent UI experience. It is still broken in many many ways.

    This START menu is great!!!!  You don´t want to go there and when you have to you want to make sure you Exit it as quickly as possible.

    The tiles colour are most ugliest colour anyone can think of.

    But I tried: I turned on live tiles for some apps. But the apps constantly changing only for changing sake (not to Display any new or relevant Information) quickly got so annoying that I turned them off. Then I had These ugly tiles with their kinderarten Icons. Thank you for this great choice: Either get annoyed by tiles changing or get annoyed by ugly Icons.

    This preview is a new low. From DP over CP to RP you managed to make things worse. Congratulations. You have Chosen to annoy your users to the max with this.

    I do not see a single reason to Change over to Windows 8. Not a single one.

  258. floske tuf says:

    @ Homocarbon

    You are the only troll here !

  259. Rib says:

    Best quote of the entire blog

    "OK, if I was a teenage mall-rat whose primary interest was checking Facebook to see who got laid last weekend it might be different.  As it is I'm processing photography on a powerful Xeon-driven desktop and Windows 8 just looks like a poorly engineered toy."


  260. Mayhemm88 says:

    As others have said, Many things have been improved since the Consumer Preview, however there are still a large number of bugs & features missing that need to be in the final release.  Here is what I've noticed so far

    Multi-Monitor bugs:

    The charms on multiple monitors are still very hard to hit. and are not apparent to all users. There should be an option to disable auto-hiding of hot corner features, similar to how you can auto-hide & unhide the taskbar.

    Metro UI does not remember the last monitor to have an app open.  For example, If I move the start screen to the secondary monitor and log out, it comes back on the primary monitor.  Desktop applications always come back on the last monitor they were opened on.  Plese make this true of metro apps and the start screen as well

    General Bugs:

    when an application crashes, I am unable to do anything in task manager to close it.  The whole system freezes.

    I lose all GPO mapped drives after rebooting the computer

    Feature Requests:

    Give desktop & laptop users a way to go back to the classic UI, or at least boot to the desktop directly.  This should be especially true of business and server versions.

    Ability to group metro tiles into "containers" similar to IOS

    Ability to select a transparent background for the start screen during setup so it does not disrupt workflow.

    Resize, Minimize & Close buttons on all Metro Applications.  This will help ensure usability across platforms. Touch closes window by swiping, mouse closes window by hitting the X.

  261. <gulp> Well, I solved two of my "Epic Fails", and they were both really the same issue:  The discoverability of the Charms.  For Mail, I just needed to bring up the Settings charm and say Add Account, and one of the choices was Hotmail Account.  And I think it then picked up that it should use my Windows sign-on, since that was a valid Hotmail account.  So, at last, a Mail app from Microsoft that makes it easy to use with Hotmail.  Thanks to Tim Anderson for clueing me in about Settings.  And, for searching the Store app, I just needed to go to the Search charm.  Okay, I'm not likely to forget to go to the charms in the future if I'm having problems.

    Nothing in the charms or Settings helped me fix Metro IE, unfortunately.

    With my Mail working, this may be good enough to allow me to start using Windows 8.


  262. Peter says:

    Good bye Microsoft.

  263. paul0289 says:

    Windows 8 might be the next big disaster to Windows Vista if the good old features like the Start Button, Start Menu, Aero, DVD playback will be removed forever. Please bring back those old features you have mentioned if you would like to make Windows 8 a success. The Metro UI may look good on a touchscreen device but it looks horrible when you're using a mouse+keyboard input. Metro UI also looks horrible on desktops and laptops. Please give us an option to choose between the traditional, tried and tested Windows desktop interface and the Metro UI.

    As the old saying goes, "Don't fix it if it ain't broke". Stick that phrase to the heads of those who develop Windows 8. I don't want Windows 8 to be the next "Vista", please?

  264. Adnan Nazir says:

    Downloading………. i hope I will enjoy this…… 🙂

  265. Roger says:

    Does anyone know why the latest version of Watchtower Library crashes every time I close it on the Windows 8 Release Preview, I cannot contact the Publisher's technical support because they don't provide one? So I'm hoping that someone here will have a workaround for me.

  266. Suggestion:  Would it be so wrong in the Metro Mail app to, if the user does not have an e-mail account set up, instead of displaying a completely empty white screen, to have a hint on the screen that says "To add an e-mail account, go to Settings, Add Account."?  That hint would have saved me an hour or more of frustration in this release and probably allowed me to actually use the CP release.  People are going to need to be eased into this new paradigm of the charms, and a few hints would go a long way.  Jus' sayin'.


  267. sijhfuigh says:

    oiuhduifhedj89uwe rhfi iuefvh 9pergsherfaß ri0s iorhösie trhöaiurhöai97eh göi9a4r59i aö38haöriughaö0o8erhf98sehrg 9saerf9z saö9rzs9f öa098z rfös8ezr fgoisherö9o 8zrö98 zsörg8uöasouö-posiyeroisuhe rtoihsgh 8uhx rf.iushrti9uh xizgt riusrfhiushiufhiseruh öoehsöoeurvhiudf siue giusrvö0oah fö9o hargö9 8zaslör9gzaö aö3oiun vö9 a8hewföouhsa erfiu hseör9fg ai3gjn lq7hgefhisu rhsriuhf ö iouhergiuefuirh ioufshr ö08r äap5ih- x0ohz äseoii h-tfgiourth rs89orz l98tsröa9 8 ö0o8at ö9rfoiuhö 0sföhs ifu fukshei öfofi hosi hfoirsoiöisuhöfo ifhfogui öo8tihgioutbvhöo röositrh ousi8hergö9o 8gö08oshuzgöohi s0oij sujsäxe0g9uhsgji söyeorghsöezhö9s ghöoiey xhvoiusyhfioguhse rgö9oh seygö0o8 80ouz srö0o8rt  o9uzhr öoiyurfhoiuh ydföo8zhye rö8zhseyöo9yeh röoifuhyö rfhfdiouhx9ozfhf iu

  268. Yuri Trukhin says:

    ERROR: Please, check mounting ISO, copied in Desktop in Windows 8, installed in Parallels. I see error, when trying…

  269. Yuri Trukhin says:

    ERROR: Please, check mounting ISO, copied in Desktop in Windows 8, installed in Parallels. I see error, when trying…


  270. xbox rightwingers says:

    Release Preview looks nice.  Used it for several hours last night.  Will there be simple photo/video editing tools in the Metro apps?  Windows Phone has some basic features for that.  Also, will what will become of Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker?  Those desktop apps are still very much needed for more complex editing jobs.

  271. – The new (2008!) Finnish multilingual keyboard is still missing. Why?

    – Week numbers are still missing from taskbar's calendar. Why?

    – Start button and Start menu are missing. Why? There needs to be both Start button and Metro button on the taskbar! Make it easy and logical to use. Don't force-feed Metro.

    – How to create a RAM drive?

    – Undelete feature is still missing?

    – Finnish Speech Recognition is still missing?

    – Finnish SAPI speakers are still missing?

    – Non-Metro Windows Games are missing?!?

    – I guess Windows still uses terms "kilobyte", "megabyte", "gigabyte" wrong. They are "kibibyte", "mebibyte" and "gibibyte"!

  272. Not us says:

    This sucks big time! Screw all MS ass kissers over here!

  273. Sebastian "No Flash" Schulze says:

    Is there a way to disable or remove Flash in W8RP? I do not like the security policies of Abobe. And my bandwith is often that bad, that a non existing flash plugin will speedup most websites very much: Flash destroys my user experience!

  274. Robert says:


    I'm using it right now, since yesterday's release and indeed: it is improved! Everything improved, better, even if you compare to Consumer Preview, you see and feel differences!

  275. 1. Why do you use light-blue color in the Explorer Ribbon? It's ugly! Use orange color like in Office.

    2. In Windows Consumer Preview Metro apps haven't access to the Internet via VPN, PPPOE and PPTP. I believed that this bug will be fixed in Release Preview version. I was wrong. WTF, Microsoft?!

  276. Oh boy I was expecting so much more from this release. Does Microsoft even care how unusable metro is on desktops? Why can't I zoom out the tiles to a level that makes best space of my screen? Where have all the program groups gone? Why does metro strip out all the readmes and other files that come with the app? Is that just some hack because you don't implement groups properly? Why do I have to scroll over an entire screen of default junk to find my programs? Has anyone actually tried running W8 in a virtual machine window to see how unusable it is? The list goes on and on. This is release is going to be a PR disaster.

  277. sreesiv says:

    That's it… Kudos to the engineering team.

    Everything now slows down for the big event…

    This blog has taught me a lot about Product Development, Quality and Attention to detail.

  278. Yuri Trukhin says:

    I want to set black color for windows chrome, but I can`t see black text on black window chrome (without transparency).

  279. Narg says:

    I wiped the tablet I was testing W8 on, and re-installed this version.  Now it won't install apps from the Store.  Anyone have any idea what might be the problem here than I can check?

  280. Jonathan says:

    Please can you allow Metro apps to run on both of my dual-monitors at the same time!

    It seems such an obvious thing to do? I was hoping it would be allowed in the Release Preview with the multi-monitor updates, but one screen is always desktop 🙁   (other than this I'm loving the Release Preview!)

  281. raymond says:

    I have finally installed this release preview. If you can keep up on the smooth-ness and fast response and even use less resources this will be at least a great product in performance. But visuals are still not quite there. The show desktop button is invisible and some people won't even know it exist. Scroll bars are still ugly and badly done. The metro buttons look way too flat the back and forward buttons are not as decent as the internet explorer 9 buttons. The tabs in the desktop version of IE 10/9 are still WAY too close and does not look visually appealing. Everything is way too flat still. Ribbon is ugly and with the flatness it looks even worse. Tabs in ribbon uglier than the ones in IE 10. The buttons now cluttered at the top of the explorer and most folders are ugly and add no benefit. We get very minimal personalization. Especially for the windows colors. The user-interface is getting flatter and it just doesn't work in the desktop environment. Not enough visual cues. Flatness is making windows dated and ugly looking.

    On the metro side the apps are a little better but generally still are useless and some still don't work. Camera app still doesn't detect my camera, music app still looks bad and flat and contains nothing that even resembles the visuals of the zune software and it looks like a bad xbox live program same for videos. Photo app is still meh, and the rest are nothing spectacular. It also still doesn't make sense to make use have to go into metro to get a program that should be easily accessible before you pin it on the taskbar.

    Overall performance wise keep it up and is on a good path. Design wise and functionality needs work. Nothing that is particularly remarkable about this compared with 7 that makes work more efficient. Also the charms bar is in the way same for the start screen screenshot pop up. The user-interface still needs work on the desktop but the direction it is headed it is a bad idea. Metro user-interface too flat and boring. It needs some depth or some dimension and overall better visual cues and visuals.

  282. jamal aktar says:

    jamal aktar

  283. Scott says:

    It occurs to me that if Microsoft is really trying to fight the Apple hold on tablet market, Windows 8 is NOT the solution.  Here's why: it dismisses the desktop.  Apple doesn't have one OS, they have 2.  So why does Microsoft need to force the desktop out of it's norm?

    Microsoft, put the Start Menu back in Windows 8.  Or you'll end up losing the battle even more than before than before.  More and more will quit MS, and move to Apple or Linux.  Guaranteed.

  284. Asbjørn says:

    What about the continued lack of a New folder button in the Metro file save picker? See here:…/51bfbee1-698b-40f0-9836-4ecd63e1970d

  285. rseiler

    Thursday, May 31, 2012 11:56 PM


    @AZJack "The Release Preview installed smoothly over the Consumer Preview.  MS gets points for that."

    I'm not sure if that was sarcastic, but as you no doubt know, you did a clean install. Of course it's going to be smooth. Now, if RP had the ability to upgrade CP, as we all expected that it would, then what you said would have some meaning. And MS would get points for it. As it stands, points off for not supporting upgrading an OS three months its junior.

    You're right it was actually a clean install.  What I was alluding to was that I downloaded  the RP on my W8 CP installation.  While it didn't retain settings at least it installed itself without any issues.  Smooth installations are always appreciated.  And yes, points off for not performing a real upgrade.

    And while I'm at it more points off for not having a fully function mail app.  How hard can it be for a company like Microsoft to build a functioning mail app?  Wait, Hot Mail, Live Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook?  Come to think of it MS hasn't ever produced fully compatible, fully importable and fully exportable email apps.  My bad.

  286. Jorgen says:

    Hmmm, tells me my E5200 dual core @ 2.50GHz doesn't meet minimum requirements. It ran the previous beta fine (except for SATA support), I guess they want to make sure anything running Win8 does it with a decent amount of headroom?

  287. Scott Atkinson says:

    I'm rethinking my take on Windows 8.

    I thought the consumer preview showed an OS that – while it requires new ways to get around – had the potential to be less distracting and more informative.

    I'm not primarily a Windows user, and was very impressed by the reasoning underlying the UI. Also, as an old guy who did computing back in the DOS days, the idea of switching from fullscreen to fullscreen struck me as a 'welcome home,' not something disorienting.

    I thought the biggest problem with Win 8 was the fact that you had to switch back and forth between two interfaces, and that the sooner Metro took over primary duties, the better.

    And as the user of a Windows phone, I rather liked the UI's look.

    But maybe I was wrong. With more apps to use, and an 'improved' IE 10 – which means more time in the Metro environment –  I'm beginning to suspect Metro is just plain broken.

    In an earlier post in another thread, I railed against the noise of the desktop, how you are constantly being interrupted with tweets, email alerts and the rest, and even if all of that is turned off you still have things like the battery status staring at you.

    I still think I'm right, that those are distractions and that Metro is a possible cure for them.

    But here's the point I missed: a lack of distraction can be its own sort of distraction. Metro simply doesn't provide enough information about the computer's state.

    I'm assuming you folks studied and concluded most people spend most of their time in a handful of programs, and that the smartest interface is one that lets them use those programs the easiest way possible – you should be able to wake up your computer, open the three or four programs you care about and not have to think about them again.

    But here's where the model fails: part of not being distracted from the task at hand is knowing what you just did and what you could do next. In a standard window environment, I can see at a glance what programs are open – I don't have to do anything or go anywhere for that knowledge. In Metro, I get this little cognitive hiccup because even though I *know* I opened such and such a program or file, the fact of its openness isn't on the screen in front of me. It's a tug of uncertainty.

    Computing is a more emotional experience than most of us acknowledge, and when you have these little hiccups accumulate over the course of an hour or a day, you're left feeling lost.

    Another example: IE 10 now lets you bring up recently visited sites and your favorites without losing the page you're on. So far, so good – that's an improvement. However, unlike a standard drop down list, you scroll horizontally to get to a particular favorite. There's no way to build up 'muscle memory,' the kind of gesture you do without thinking about it and which gives you the sensation of having control over the machine.

    Search and the 'recently visited' section strike me as inadequate substitutes, but we shall see.

    Other people in the thread have highlighted other issues. In particular, I'm annoyed by the mail app, which another user called you out on. If you don't have an exchange account, which I don't, mail is a dead end. In fact, until I read the earlier post, I didn't know you could fix the problem by gong to settings.

    Playing with Win 8 has sent me back to take a harder look at the current Mac OS X desktop and the 'Unity' desktop in Ubuntu, both of which I dismissed in an earlier post as not radical enough.

    Again, I think I was wrong. Unity, in particular, strikes me as a better desktop balance. It has a combined start menu/task bar that lets me see what's running, but doesn't weigh me down with a lot of other notifications.

    So…I think I'm kind of the ideal candidate For Win 8, someone who isn't deeply invested in earlier versions of Windows, someone who's prepared to take on the learning curve, someone who uses a computer for both pleasure and productivity. And there are many things I like about Win 8 – as graphic design, I appreciate Metro, and I love live tiles. But I should be feeling more and more comfortable and I'm not; instead it feels awkward and I feel stupid, two things a user should never experience.

  288. Congratulations WinDevs! Super work!

    Looking forward to the RTM release and the new Design for the Desktop!

  289. Stefano says:

    The ribbon in the desktop Explorer windows is too white, I think. Or a very light blue, too light. It is ugly.

    Even when you close the ribbon, that other color is ugly.

    Should be more luminous or blue.

  290. John says:

    Two Words:  Start Menu!

    I've loved Microsoft products previous due to their great options and choices.  Windows 8 strikes me as a NO CHOICE OS!

  291. Mister V. says:

    I like your Windwos 8. You're the best guys. I am waiting for new managed framework from you.

  292. Nick says:

    I cannot install on a fresh Virtual Machine using VMWare Player. It's odd, because I currently have the Consumer Preview running on a VM in VMWare Player. My host is Win7 x64. I'm trying to install Win8 x64, and when I boot to the ISO, I get the following error:

    Your PC needs to restart.

    Please hold down the power button.

    Error Code: 0x0000005D






  293. RealPeter says:


    The way I see it the concept of a "Folder" is kind of deprecated in a Metro environment

    it's more about dynamic grouping based on context (eg: when files are sorted by name, semantic zoom will show letters)

    So your files are all on the same "directory level" (for a unique major concept like document, music, video, picture, etc.) but grouping them based on the metadata you want (be it it's name or a composer for music or director for movie, people in pictures) is much less static than a folder structure, which is not a bad thing.

  294. sevenacids says:

    Off-topic hint: A simple work-around to the "comment eating"-issue is to author your comment in a text editor, like Notepad, for example, refresh the blog page, copy and paste your text, and then post. I always author my comments outside of the browser form on any forum because it happened too many times to me in the past that a pretty long and detailed comment of mine got lost on submit because of some website or connectivity problem.

    @ the people who created the blog system: well, isn't there a better (and working) third-party blogging system you could use instead of your own crappy one? Just an idea of a solution since you seem to be unable to fix it… oh, and moderation and reply-functionality would be a cool side-feature, of course.

    But maybe it's not worth the effort, since you are unable to communicate properly with us anyways: you never addressed the important questions (like the hundreds of people asking "will we be able to disable Metro?") by giving a plain and definite answer, and have to wrap up and almost hide the essence of one paragraph in a 11.000+ words article. If the people who author such immense blogs would rather spend the time writing code or do other more important project-related tasks, Windows 8 would be still better… come one, 500 printed pages? And what's the essence of it, 10 pages maximum maybe? It'd be better to focus on the content, not dimension, don't you think?

  295. MarkB says:

    Downloaded and installed it last night. The installation went well, easy and smooth. I like that there is now some customization of the start screen. Note: You might want to take the "Aero theme" wording off the desktop themes since obviously they are not "Aero" any more.

    I'm meh about the start screen, after configuring several programs I find the constant scrolling/flashing/switching of all the apps very disturbing. I suppose if I was a pre-teen it will be perfect though. I will just have to customize it until it is useful for me.

    I've spent quite a bit of time in Metro and the more I work it the less useful it is for me. I am sure it will be great for downloaded games and the 90% who simply want to use facebook and upload pics from their night out, but so far everytime I want to do something Metro is too limited – though I am really talking about the Metro apps.

    example: I wanted to play some videos I keep on my usb drive. Can't do it in Metro, I had to drop into desktop and select the drive, then click one by one on the videos since the video player won't handle multiple selections any more, switching back to the desktop each time to double-click on the next one.

    I copied a set of videos over to my documents so they were available from Metro but the video player simply ignores any that don't have an extension it recognizes. If I was a metro-only person, I literally would not know if I even had another video since the file will not show up.

    I don't know if it is a Metro limitation or just the design by the programmers but it is so frustrating that all Metro apps seem to have massive UI limitations and zero customization abilities. For example: The news app – Only shows news from Bing. You can pick news from other sources but it won't preserve the change. You can only have 5 headlines of each topic. Want more? you can't unless you open the topic. Want sports to show before politics? you can't…etc.

    I really feel that the change of focus for Apps (and the OS) to connectedness rather than productivity puts me in the minority now since I want to use it for other things. Obviously all my old apps still work and I can (and did) change the defaults to non-Metro apps but that has been made purposefully difficult – I can only assume in order to force the majority of people into the new paridigm, one which I feel is less productive.

  296. dmack says:

    @ Nick for error Code: 0x0000005D try to enable "Execute-Disable Bit Capability" in your bios settings.

  297. George Smith says:

    I get an error when I try to set a picture password: "Enrollment Failure.

    There was a failure during the enrollment process.

    Please try again later."

    This happens when I have to select the picture. I can no longer set a picture password in Windows 8 Release Preview…

  298. Still has the metro design without a Windows 7 style start menu. Sticking with Windows 7 until the start menu is brought back. I do not recommend this cluster mess of a start screen. This is going to be a bigger fail than ME and Vista combined. Congrats on the low new PC sales preloaded with Windows 8 this holiday season.

  299. wr says:

    How can i make Windows to install updates right at that point? It only says, that they are ready and will be installed some time. But i want to give my users fully patched and ready machine, so i need to update it manually. Will i'll be able to at least set the deadline via WSUS?

  300. xyz198155 says:

    Windows 8 with the heavy metro interface is more suited for the tablet than the PC. Windows 8 is kind of in the no mans land since it neither serves the tablet completely nor the PC completely.

    It is a joke, and yes Tim Cook was right in his criticism of windows 8….. It is going to fail miserably.

  301. pmbAustin says:

    @Eric Hill  .. re: your comment that the Windows 8 Store doesn't have search, or that it's hidden so you can't find it.

    It's where search is for ALL apps now… start-screen, desktop, anything:  The Search Charm.

    Just bring up the charms, select search, and search the windows Store to your heart's content.

    So yeah, it's "Hidden".  And yeah, it takes a lot of getting used to… this hidden 'search' charm being app-specific, and doing different things based on the context you're currently in… it's sort of "out of sight, out of mind" to me, and I have to keep reminding myself it's there.

  302. Will Fail says:

    I like Microsoft's products, but I think Windows 8 will fail. I tried it and I hate it. Will be sticking with Windows 7 until Microsoft realizes how poorly Windows 8 was received and fixes all the problems in Windows 9.

  303. Asain Guy says:

    Thanks M$ for Windows 8 release preview. I am in love with new OS coz it is fast, secure (you say so!), and productive. Metro is great think. Things are working fine. The only concerns are:

    -Better driver support for recent desktop/laptop hardware

    -Improve video format compatibility in 'Video' metro app. I have installed codec pack, but 'Video' detect and plays little (less than 5 %) of my collection

    -Make current release preview aero lite theme available in RTM as second option. If one likes it, let him use it on desktop/laptop instead of forcing metro theme on everyone. Desktop/laptops are currently powerful enough to handle 'AERO' load.

  304. @  Bug Report   (31 May 2012 8:05 PM)

    <i>When you go to Control Panel > Turn Windows Features On Off, it says "PowerShell 2.0", when actually PowerShell *3.0* is installed. </i>

    This is not very well explained. PowerShell 3.0 is installed by default.  PowerShell 2.0 is available as an optional component that will run side by side (our SxS as its known) 3.0.  This is for backwards compatibility.  

    Thanks for all the comments, loads of us are watching them.

    /iain mcdonald

  305. @pmbAustin says:

    Imho what's great with the charms concept (or even metro in general) is that even if there are new things to learn (there are maybe 10 new gesture and/or mouse action), after you learned them everything work the same way.

  306. Lars says:

    This makes me a bit worried. Will the traditional desktop be a well supported option in 8 and future releases? I sure hope so!

  307. Brian says:

    I am keeping an open mind as I really like the windows mobile interface. Two points:

    I find it odd that you have two dramatically different UI's, for example there is now two completely different control panels, such extreme differences in looks will confuse people. Why did you not consider applying elements of the metro interface to the desktop view? The old windows 7 look taskbar and icons now look odd, you should have made them more metro like.

    I know a lot of users are complaining about the start button, but can you explain your rational behind removing it? For example how do i get to an installed program that does not have pinned desktop icon?

  308. Cranialsurge says:

    Kudos to your punctuality. You guys are right on track to your RTM/GA dates. I really hope the RTM brings with it a smoother transition between the Metro start screen and the traditional desktop. The context switch is still a real eye sore. The vision however of a mellifluous experience across form factors with a single operating environment is something I've been waiting for for years.

  309. bretzel says:

    uh… finiseh installing Release PReview … Every Tiled applications ( Camera, Music, Message, etc…) seems screwed – Launch  the app, then never stays on scren, always hides, no user interface showing only "Preview App" button with no warnings, hides, useless, as if it was a "preview" screen shot of an empty screen for each of the apps… WTF are those icons… NOTHING WORKS

  310. pmbAustin says:

    One of my biggest UI nits remaining is simply the upper-left corner.  Someone else also commented on this, but I want to be very clear about a specific behavior:

    The right-side corners (top and bottom) work essentially the same.

    The left-side corners do not.  Worse, they operate in a very unintuitive way.  Lower left ALWAYS goes to start.  Fine.  Upper right will show the last app used.  EXCEPT, if this is the first app you launch, the upper right corner does NOTHING.  Honestly, the 'last thing you used' in that case IS the start menu.  And when nothing happens, it seems broken.  Can't you make it work so that something ALWAYS happens, and if there is no app in the stack to show, you show the start screen?  THis is a major inconsistency that just makes the UI frustrating and seem broken… different behaviors based on how many apps are (invisibly) running.

    The other comment about this was mentioned earlier but I'll mention it again:  When you hit the corner and then move down (from the top) or up (from the bottom), you get the side-task-bar-for-metro thingie.  Whatever it's called.  It would be nice if you're at the top, that the list was a Most-Recently-Used list that went down from the top (very close to what it does now… not sure the order is structly MRU though).  When doing this from the bottom, it should be an MRU-list of apps going UP… so that it's close to the mouse.

    And most importantly is providing OPTIONS… like, an OPTION to disable one of the corners (if you're using desktop and going for the upper corners invokes too many false-hits on the charms or the task list).  Or an OPTION to at least have moving up from the start menu have the apps at the bottom instead of the top…

    But mostly, if there are no apps in the stack (this is your first metro app), and you hit the upper left corner, it should show the start menu.

  311. The new video application is much improved from the consumer preview just a few suggestions

    * By default it arranges by name and date (the date the file was created) where Title,Genre,Year (the year the movie was released) would be more useful. Explorer can already do this so it shouldn't be difficult to implement.

    * The 4:3 fixed thumbnails are fine for untaged content but if your movies are tagged usually with the poster image it is cropped and centered.

    * The blue background is a bit bare it would be nice to have the wallpaper or the start menu background instead

    I couldn't get my movies into the start screen of the application as despite saying so in the help file the search indexing cpl wouldnt list my shares or mapped drive and even using shlib.exe to manually add the share to the library wouldn't get the files to show up in the video application.

    Good progress all round.

  312. Pol says:

    This windows 8 must be a bad joke I cant even….. I mean… Crappy windows 8

  313. DarienHawk67 says:

    I now have the Release Preview running bare-metal as my primary OS.  Although I am still not a fan of the Metro Start screen, I will continue to run Windows 8 as my profession will require me to be profiece when released.  Not only that, I like running the latest.

    I will say, the only reason I will run the RTM is because I am a paying TechNet subscriber.  If that were not the case, I would not spend any money for this OS as I am failing to see the real benefit (Storage Spaces being an exception).

    No Media Center, no DVD support for Windows Media Player, inablilty to scrub video in Media Player, removed Start Menu, etc.  I no longer see the value.  But, I will still run it.  Not on all computers, but I will run it on my primary laptop I use day-to-day.

  314. DarienHawk67 says:

    Is there no longer a MSFT Connect invitation code for TechNet subscribers to download the feedback tool to report bugs?

  315. @Steven Sinofsky

    Testing the OS in VMware, I am beginning to find that Windows 8 might actually work on a desktop PC. However, I would point out one crucial feature that would solve most the complaints that I have about Windows 8. For x86 PCs that use a mouse, keyboard, and/or trackpad as the default input method, please add an omnipresent "Go to Desktop" button, either on the Charms bar or in one of the corners. This would allow me to access the Desktop while using a Metro-style app without having to go through the Start Screen.

  316. andrew says:

    It still has aero, so I'm still okay.

  317. I think I must be missing something.  What is the purpose of Metro apps on a laptop or desktop PC?  Why would I want a sports app when I can just go to, a weather app when I can just go to or a mail app when I can just go to Gmail?  It just seems like most of the information provided by the available apps can be presented more efficiently in a website.

    That being said, I was impressed with the installation of the RP last night and the speed of the OS.  However, not everything was smooth.  I have been unable to install my Office 2010 and had difficulty installing flash.  

  318. CvP says:

    What is "Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter" and why was it eating up to 30% CPU resources (by "system interrupts") on my PC after a FRESH install?

    Winodws was able to install certified drivers for all devices itself. As soon as I disabled this "virtual" network adapter and restarted, problem solved.

  319. JoliClouder says:

    chill about the metro/no start button, back in the day there was no such thing

    here take a trip down memory lane on a simulation of windows 3.1

    btw, whats the expiration date for the RP ?? i know consumer preview is until 15 january 2013

  320. Bye says:

     Steven Sinofsky  , I saw your operating system .  Start looking for a new job .

     Cause you will lose this after the big WIN8 comercial fail .

  321. MikeZapp says:

    There is a major bug with the Mobility Radeon HD 4000 Engineering Sample driver. After playing a video/game in any Metro app (such as Video/metro IE), the GPU core clock remains at 600MHz. unlike Windows 7 where it returns to its base core clock (~220 MHz).

    Also, will you be supporting AMD PowerPlay in HD 4000 driver for better battery life. Because of both these issues, battery life under WIn8RP is less than half of what I get on Win 7.

  322. Israel Lopez says:

    I am very disappointed with Windows 8. It runs on both my Desktop computers, one from 2003 with a Pentium 4 3.2Ghz CPU and an AGP Ati HD2600, and the other a Core 2 Extreme 3.0 Ghz CPU with an nVidia 280 GTX. However, my Alienware laptop, the m15x with Core 2 Duo Processors (last one made by Alienware), a notebook that has been able to run Windows XP, Vista, and 7, both in 32 and 64 bit flawlessly, while installing Windows 8 Developer, Consumer and now Release Preview, I get an ACPI Bios Error. So much for running on all systems capable of running Windows 7, right? Please make sure you loosen Bios requirements, because this is happening to many computers and considering the problem keeps existing on the Release Preview, I know it will be on the Final Release.

  323. omg says:

    Some – rather small – improvements under the hood. Nice, but not enough to "downgrade" from Windows 7. The experience is absolutely disappointing. The user interface is still inferior, useless crap for those – the majority – who don´t want to smear around on the screens of their notebooks and primary workstations all day. That´s only something for kids. The other guys have already written what they don´t like. They are right. Nobody responsible for some company / enterprise will buy this. This won´t work. What a pity. I´ll sell my last MSFT stocks.

    Steve, Steven  – you should get fired. Asap. Somebody who listens to customers needs has to take care of this.

  324. omg says:

    Some – rather small – improvements under the hood. Nice, but not enough to "downgrade" from Windows 7. The experience is absolutely disappointing. The user interface is still inferior, useless crap for those – the majority – who don´t want to smear around on the screens of their notebooks and primary workstations all day. That´s only something for kids. The other guys have already written what they don´t like. They are right. Nobody responsible for some company / enterprise will buy this. This won´t work. What a pity. I´ll sell my last MSFT stocks.

    Steve, Steven  – you should get fired. Asap. Somebody who listens to customers needs has to take care of this.

  325. Windows8Rocks says:

    Linux users are trolling hard. There are so scared Linux will die out soon when MS locks down their hardware. Cant wait for that.

  326. GregH says:

    Your designers are doing such a bad job – it is actually making me want to cry. Why on this earth do you even allow things like those royalty free photographs of compact discs to be placed on the music section of the Windows Store – I am now beginning to realise just the ridiculous complacency that you are capable of as a company, get real about design – it is perhaps the most important thing and you are messing it up. UI needs to be absolutely pixel perfect and to the modern standard in such an important product, sigh… big sigh….

    If I was Steve Ballmer,  I would be going down to the designers getting them in a meeting and gicing them the hard word  – these guys are just not doing their job properly or are not qualified to design for such a big product – it lets down the whole team.

  327. TheRomit says:

    Finding/Installing apps can and will become a pain very quickly. I am browsing a certain category and it is not easy to tell which apps I _do not_ have. Yes, there is a nav bar icon for apps I have, so I can re-install them on a different PC but it would be cool if I could see without clicking through, if an app is owned or not.

    Makes sense?

  328. @Steven Sinofsky

    Why all people have to have windows phone gui on Pc's? 75% of people want desktop Fully  without Metro.. Let us to have a choice!!

  329. Frederik says:

    if you would just please add a multi tasking bar or somethin like the superba0,r from windows 7, and every other os there has ever been, into the metro ui, it would be perfect !

  330. Reimagine says:

    Reimagined from Store to recycle bin.

  331. Andrew says:

    I made a video on how to set up windows 8 properly:

  332. CvP says:

    You have reintroduced the hot corner bugs during full screen apps (like directx games) of W8 DP. It does not happen 100% of times unlike W8DP, but if you alt tab between the game and desktop, eventually it creeps up.

    My game just minimized and start screen popped up. Major pita while playing strategy/rpg games.

    Additionally, I've seen mouse cursor getting suck on corners during game (the new hot corner helper feature).

  333. Corner mouse capture needs not not happen when you are dragging a window! I keep accidentally maximizing it on the wrong monitor when I was trying to drag it to the other.

  334. Aki says:

    I hope the Windows Media Player (Desktop) could get an update, a UI update at least in the final version. I don't see myself using the Music App in Metro since I'm always using the Desktop.

  335. MitigationElf says:

    I wish in the consumer previews and in this release preview got to the "custom set up" portion much sooner in the setup process… I get nervous that it will overwrite my regular os…. I perfer to dual boot until the final comes out. Also frustrates the fire outta me that I can't run apps, etc. on 1024X600…. there are so many 10 inch machines out here that have 600 as its upper end…. puhleeze change this!

  336. Tried installing it on my old lappy: didn't work.

    The older preview did install, although I couldn't find most of the drivers.

    Was looking forward to testing the new release…

    I'll wait for the final product.

  337. Mike says:

    @Steven, I like Win8 so far. But I am running Windows 8 on my 24" Monitor and my biggest pain area is "Resize". I cannot resize multiple windows which I am used to while working.

    Can you please incorporate that functionality in Metro?



  338. James says:


    I found a bug in the release preview that is a regression from Windows 7.

    Repro steps:

    1) Add a custom toolbar for a folder to the taskbar.  Place it above the main taskbar.

    2) Add the address toolbar, and place it to the right of the custom folder toolbar, but still above the main taskbar.

    3) Lock the taskbar.

    The custom toolbar and address toolbar take up too much height — the address toolbar has a large amount of "whitespace" above it, and the custom folder toolbar has a large amount of whitespace "below it".  The two are not vertically centered (which looks sloppy), and the overall taskbar takes up much more room than it needs to.  Windows 7 did not have this problem.

  339. SteveOZ says:

    Incredibly unstable build!

    On my HP Micro Server, Windows 8 continually reboots itself and has problems with the NIC.

    Luckily dual boot to Windows 7 working.

    I have to use the following to complete the install:

    HKLocal machine/SYSTEM/SETUP/STATUS/ChildCompletion, and after highliting childcompletion,on the right hand side

    check for setup.exe. if the value is 1 change it to 3.(by double clicking on setup.exe and changing the value shown in the


    Windows 8 Repair still is poor when it comes to removing bad or incorrect drivers such as NICs

  340. @All the haters:  if you want to disable metro and use a start menu I have a solution

    Step 1: Uninstall windows 8

    Step 2: Insert your windows 7 disc

    Step 3: Install windows 7

    metro is the heart of windows 8 so by disabling it you would ruin the whole experience and i think the start screen being the first thing you see when you login to your computer is fantastic and here is why

    some of the most common things people do every day when they switch on their computer for the first time are

    launch an app or site to check their email

    check their facebook and twitter accounts

    check other regular visited sites forums news channels

    to do all that you need to launch a few desktop applications and/or open loads of webpages but the windows 8 start screen can show you all of that at once and almost instantly without you doing anything.  as soon as you login to your pc you are shown your latest emails, facebook twitter feeds, latest news stories and it will show you so much more in the future as more apps are developed.  we all check these things regularly throughout the day and if your working on the desktop you would still need to launch all those apps and open all the pages to see whats going on but with metro you can just flick over to the start screen that has been working quietly in the background keeping everything upto date so you can keep up with whats new without launching anything.

    i dont know why people keep complaining about windows 8 when it clearly has loads of great benefits and if your main complaint is having to use the start screen because you have no start menu then use 3rd party software like classic shell or vista start to get the start menu back.

  341. @Amy Gx,

    That would work if Microsoft doesn't do what they usually do:   stop supporting the old OS by the time the new OS has reached SP1 or 2.  They tried that with XP after Vista was out.  The enterprise, the developers, and the power users REFUSED to move to Vista because it was a bloated, slow, buggy piece of crap and still is.  Microsoft was forced to extend XP support until they created Windows 7 – the OS that Microsoft marketing said Vista was.

    If Microsoft is willing to keep supporting Windows 7 for the next 15 years, then all would be fine.  Windows 8 could be for the touchy feely play game types who only consume content produced by others.   Windows 7 could be for those who have real work to get done  and are creating actual content.  You would have your Windows 8 and we would have Windows 7 and all of us could be happy.

    I don't expect Microsoft to do that.  They want only one OS no matter how much of an incoherent monstrosity it is.  It's their OS and they have a right to do with it what they want.  Just don't expect me to be impressed by it.  I am not.

  342. Kaz says:

    we need silverlight…please!

  343. mdm7923 says:

    Windows 8… from the Company that brought you Windows Vista , the Zune & Windows ME

    I have given up at this point, as you have not listened to the feedback of your customers.  We don't want Metro on our desktops… plain and simple. It is counterproductive to what a DESKTOP OS like Windows should be.  Listen to Tim Cook. He got it right when he said that making a "one size fits all" OS does not please anyone.  Windows should be Windows and Metro should be its own OS for tablets and phones… period. Sure, it is ok to mix and match features here and there, but forcing a Tablet interface on Desktop users is no better than forcing Windows 7 on tablet users… only Desktop users are your biggest customer base.

    I understand the need to get into the tablet game, but you could have just as easily built a separate OS off of the NT kernel specifically for phones & tablets. (see iOS)

    Here's to hoping Windows 9 fixes all the issues. If not, I will be switching to Linux or Mac OS X. Metro is terrible for anything productive and I can do just about everything in metro with a web browser as someone else mentioned.

  344. Mohammad says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss

  345. Kat says:

    Well said, LK Griffith.


  346. Paulo says:

    Microsoft just doesn't care about what you guys are thinking about Windows 8. If they do, they would put Start menu back.

    Windows 8's goal is to show to people (and make them use) Metro interface, but Microsoft knows that it can be rejected. They are taking the risk (because Windows 7 is now a new "safe place" for users, like Windows XP was at Windows Vista era).

    If Metro is the future like Microsoft are thinking it is, users will tell.

  347. Maxxy says:

    There's one thing you could think about: In start menu in windows7, there could be a HISTORY pop out menu. In the new start screen, apps like Microsoft word, etc., should have this dialog box, too. My opinion is when you point to the app with mouse, the popout menu comes out. when you swipe down with finger, the menu come out with bottom menu bar.

  348. murilomanfre says:



    You need to enable "No Execute Bit" or equivalent in bios to be able to install Win 8 Rp.


  349. Martin says:

    I want to give some feedback on the installation/setup experience.

    I made installation DVD from ISO and booted it. First thing that happened was a black screen saying "Windows" for about 2 minutes without any Visual clues about what was going on, I thought the computer had crashed or something. When finally the menu appeared there was option to do upgrade install or advanced install. I wanted to try update install but I have Three OS on my system (XP, W7 and W8 CP) and there was no clue whatsoever about which of these would be replaced or if I would get an option to choose which so I just didn't dare pressing the update button. And then at the custom install there is a partition table, why don't you have something like radiobutton to show which partition is selected for installation? That would be more clear.

    And a last thing, just after the screen where you choose language, the installation did hang. I could hear the DVD player stop and start spinning over and over again as if there was problem with the DVD, but I'm sure there isn't since the exact same thing happened when I installed the consumer preview. It was solved by taking the DVD out and then put it in again, in both CP/RP this instantly fixed the problem.

  350. xpclient says:

    In the new OS boot screen where you see the list of OSes you can boot, the keyboard arrow keys no longer work for me and the countdown reaches 0 and it always boots the default OS. Only if I move the mouse, then the automatic countdown stops. If you press the Tab key, then the arrow keys work. As soon as the screen is displayed with OS choices and countdown to default choice, arrow keys – Up, Down, Left and Right should work.

  351. xpclient says:

    And please keep the new Task Manager as TM.exe and the old one as TaskMgr.exe. I told MS that for backward compatibility and some features not implemented in the new Task Manager (…/how-microsoft-broke-task-manager-in.html), the old one should be kept. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  352. Iron Maiden says:

    "Windows Explorer crashes when I swtich to desktop"

    ^^ I have experienced this couple of times now. Stability guys! WHERE IS THE FUKIN STABILITY AND RELIABILITY??

  353. Ed O. says:

    Hello Sir,

    I downloaded Windows 8 consumer preview ISO file and installed it in a garage computer and really liked it. My garage computer is an old workstation with dual zeon cpu running at 3.2Ghz with 4G of ram.  Enter the Windows 8 Release Preview. Doing the same procedure, it gave me an error that my CPU is not compatible. Loading a Windows 8 release preview bootable media (DVD) it gave the following error:

    Your PC needs to restart

    Please hold down the power button

    error code: 0x0000005D






    What am I doing wrong. Windows 8 consumer preview works on this computer……..

  354. Kneelie says:

    Why, oh why, did the people that thought this –…/xpspyware.jpg was a good idea get to design the interface for windows 8 and office since 2007, and with the advent of wide screens it's an even worse idea. Maybe, wide screen is a misnomer, they are really tall screens and people have not figured out their proper orientation. That way there is room for the extra screen real estate commanded by the ribbon. Which follows the genius of personalized menus, everyone's favorite Office Assistant Clippy, and engineered computer lag aka windows animations, fades, and slides. At least all of these poor UI design decisions were able to be disabled. The ribbon is not. If you are thinking of mentioning minimizing the ribbon then see my third point.

    The new start menu/ Metro is a real piece of work. When trying to come up with how to describe its essence what I kept coming back to is Fisher-Price meets modern art like De Styjl. Apparently, I am not the only one to come up with this idea after goggling it.

    Additionally, more features are yet further hidden under more layers of pseudosimplification. Such as the new control panel. It seems that the new standard in usability is modeled after this –  605 clicks in 10 seconds then finally, The Genius appears on the screen and begins to devise a plan to get Power Pup to fetch the My Documents folder as Will composes an oratory. Then, Links pops on to the screen, oh, no Power Pup likes to chase cats, plan b, plan b, get the robot to fetch the My Documents folder quick. After all, Rocky is just a machine and can only do as he is programmed, right. Surely, Rocky will save the day. I really hope his battery will last because I am still waiting for the My Documents folder to open. Well, I guess that depends on if he is running Win 8, It does extend battery life you know. And just as this gentleman celebrated his accomplishment with cheers so to will the Windows user upon getting common locations to open so quickly.

    If it was not for all the performance improvements in window 8 outlined in the cloud9 Build 2011 conference, which had been asked for for so long, Oh the hope that MiniWin gave then vista, gag. Win 7 came along way. We will see how the final result delivers but there is promise, We knew you could do it, someone just had to provide the right motivation like new hardware with limited resources for the latest version of windows to run on aka tablets and ARM. If it was not for this drive towards performance Windows 8 could go the way of Window ME which was not even supported inside Microsoft.

    Based on Stilgar comment "P.S. come on fix the stupid blog engine already! Third time I'm trying to post this." Other posts have shown up but mine has not. So, here's for the second try.

  355. Reiner says:

    no fun with metro! It was the wrong decision to give power users no choice between classic desktop and metro. And the server! OMG!!

    (Windows 8 = Windows Vista 2.0) NO SUCCESS STORY at the desktop and server side. Talk about this with enterprise customers.PLEASE

  356. @Amy Gx

    seems you're a beautiful lady! ….but  do not understand nothing 'bout computers!

    We haters have tried all OS since Windows 1(know it?) and insatll, try, torture new OS to see if it is better or worse, than give feedbacks

    It hurts when you read the truth? Metro is buggy un usable crap for desktops and laptops

    We already know how upgrade back to windows 7, we do this twice a week, so keep it for ya!

    And if you like, chitchatting, saying on twitter or FB or every where what are you doing now,


    i drink coffee


    with milk


    yes and four spoones of sugar


    where are you?

    me just walking on my garden..

    bla bla bla…

    OK beautiful darling, desktop or laptop is not done for you, you will not be able to use it!

    Buy a Android Phone or tablet, for chitchatting is perfect for that, small, pocketwearable and thin

    If you have money, buy a windows Phone or wait for what you call loads OS of great benefits!!!!

  357. ReMark says:

    I'm experiencing poor low res graphic like :

  358. ReMark says:

    I'm experiencing poor low res graphic like :

    xpclient is a good tester, MS dev team pay attention to his feedback.

  359. SureshKumar NK says:

    Installed RP, from w7 enterprise, it could not keep the settings, as CP could do. I had to go back to CP as many softwares doesnt install on w8 , especially 3G modem, wll modem, so unusable. But if next release could upgrade from w7 keeping the settings, I will switch, untill then I will stick to CP.

  360. Matt Linder says:

    The windows 8 video shows me none of the reasons why I ever bought a PC.  Win8 a social toy at best.  I'll pass.  People seem to like the change, well why dont those same people buy MAC or try linux ????  Win8 is that different.

  361. Ryan says:

    UI opinion aside, it works much better now, and I can actually say that I am using what Microsoft considers, for the most part, to be their vision.  I like it a lot.

  362. ML says:

    I've told my customers they should skip windows 8 for business, it will only cost them money while employees play and relearn instead of doing real work!

  363. Windows 8 RP says:

    Windows To Go works perfectly, and I cant wait for the RTM 🙂

  364. Scandalon says:

    Thanks MS! It sure would be nice to see the Metro app navigation work with the mouse thumb buttons (forward/backward)!

  365. @WindowsVista567 (anonymous commentator)

    Internet Explorer 10 currently scores 319 and 6 bonus points out of a total of 500 points in the Windows 8 Release Preview.

  366. SG says:

    Oops, forgot to post the screen shot…/Win8-3-taskBar.jpg

  367. squeakcat says:

    Beware of downloading Windows 8. The only way you can go back to windows 7  if you don't like it is to reload it and all your programs. vintage Microsoft- nothing for nothing. they give you no warning that your stuck with it!!

  368. Aero Lover says:

    Microsoft, please do mot kill off Aero for the desktop. Stop trying to build an operating system for desktops  based on a tablets constraints (eg. battery life). I predict Windows 8 will be the new Vista.

  369. Please, the START MENU in the classic desktop, PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!

  370. アノン says:

    really like it so far, wasn't really enthusiastic for the idea at the start, but like it far better now (though i'm mainly still using desktop apps :P)

    my biggest issue so far is that explorer really likes to crash. especially if you delete a file. moving files to the recycle bin is no problem but… well you can't empty it as the explorer hangs and then ends itself. looking forward to the bug-fixes (and the new desktop-metro design)!

    other issues so far are mainly apps not installing. well, back to testing and submitting error reports 😛 (maybe adding the possibility to describe how/when the error appeared would be nice and make it easier for the developers to track down.

  371. 6205 says:

    You will not force people into a new ways of working with computer. Windows 8 will be failure because of missing start menu and because it is not possible to turn off Metro start screen. Prepare for a bad outcome..

  372. Windows Fan says:

    I don't know if anyone from Microsoft will read this but here goes, I downloaded it last night and installed it this morning with no problems, the installation was very painless (nice job here). I have not tried the previous previews up to now as I prefer to wait for more final preview candidates before really assessing/making judgements, my initial thoughts are that I kind of love it but at the same time hate it so much so I feel the need to write this post.

    The metro desktop has the ability to be great and every bit the huge shift in user experience that Microsoft's execs keep talking about but unless some functionality/display changes are made it I fear it will be a lost opportunity to really wow and Microsoft will again have to deal with the PR problems that after Vista they really don't need. It will end up being seen as half baked or lacking enough consistency to be considered a memorable version which will suck as Windows 7 has been pretty good.

    After using it for the best part of the whole day now what I have noticed is that the Internet Explorer app in particular just doesn't have enough functionality as a metro app to rival the desktop version, no favourites lists, print options, zoom etc. rendering it essentially useless to users a non touch based devices or power users, I did notice though that you can set it run the regular desktop version by default which it what I will have do if the app does not improve drastically come the RTM version. Also IE's address bar takes up way to much space on larger monitors and I will mirror the complaints of previous users regarding the new metro apps and their on screen controls which are obviously meant for touchscreen devices with their almost magnifier sized text are just too invasive on larger screens.

    Desktop environments?…… there seems to be two of them now!!!!!!!

    Metro essentially makes the entire desktop what the old Start Bar used to be so why are there now two desktops available during use, having to switch between the new metro desktop and the older non active desktop environment is what I think will absolutely kill it for the masses as it will drive long time Windows users nuts, it's completely pointless and an ultimately confusing step and will require some serious attention prior to RTM to avoid some truly savage press feedback. Microsoft needs to pick a desktop environment and stick with it, under Metro apps and traditional programs can be installed just as they were before and then arranged as tiles/groups on the new metro desktop a bit like the start bar icons and folders of old so why do wee need the old environment anymore it offer less functionality hurts the visions for a truly cross platform approach to user control. Also when installed programs are run and eventually exited/closed Windows always takes you back to the older desktop environment by default not the newer metro desktop, upon exit Windows should take you back to the new metro environment providing you have no other programs open and forgo the older one altogether to avoid complaints of inconsistency.

    The older more traditional Windows tray icons such as networking, volume settings, action center and safely eject media etc. need to be shoehorned onto the newer metro desktop tastefully to do away with the system tray totally, that just leaves the start bar which could done away with altogether if you have a competent and clear alt-tab system running, there is just no need for it at all if the metro space had all the older desktop environments display functionality. Needless duplication and a really inconsistent approach here.

    The shutdown and restart options need to be added to the user account drop down dialog box as having to sign out to perform a shutdown or restart is just plain daft, they were added to windows 7 forming a single menu, why make the change back to the slower windows xp method of multiple screens.

    The top right hand hot spot is just to unresponsive to be productive, infact the entire menu that loads on the right could be removed totally and folded into a proper metro styled app harmonised with control panel and accessible right off the new metro desktop. Search options could be handled by a scroll out text box or dedicated search centred explorer window when the user clicked on magnify glass type icon near to the users name in the top right hand corner for example.

    The all apps button in the bottom right corner that appears after right clicking on the desktop is not a great idea as it too far out of the way and natural mouse motion seems more likely to be an up and across motion not a down and across one although if you pin apps to the new Metro desktop regularly after installing them this is a minor complaints you wont need to use what seems to be essentially the old all programs link off the start bar.

    Notification bubbles seem to be almost totally absent so you have no idea what the system is doing while on the Metro desktop environment this needs to be imported from the older environment.

    To sum it up there appears to be some elements of improvement for the end user experience but also a fair bit that could be so much better or to my mind more sensible. Sorry if this is seen as a rant but I am struggling to see any real reason to upgrade come RTM as I feel my productivity at home and especially at work would suffer greatly due to so much inconsistency in the UI/desktop. I am absolutely dreading having to explain how this new version 8 functions to older fellow co-workers if the firm I work for buys any new machines. It seems to suffer from a form of split personality disorder.

  373. Pikuro - fiel a Windows says:

    Me ha alegrado que en la Release Preview os hayáis acordado de poner el castellano como idioma.

    Por cierto… una cosa que es facilmente mejorable, y que en la anterior versión (Consumer preview) estaba: el tema del espaciado entre iconos… creo que a todos nos gusta tener los iconos en un tamaño mediano, pero que no por ello tengamos que renunciar a más filas y columnas de iconos…

    Si para la versión final podríais corregir eso… sería una pasada… por lo demás…

    Muchas gracias por haber sacado un sistema operativo con el que poder competir y devolverles la bofetada a aquellos que sólo tenían en su mente el windows xp como mejor sistema operativo (y es cierto que fue uno de los mejores) y que decían a cada hora que windows no era capaz de mejorar el leopard o el android.

  374. andrewz says:

    Hi. I've been using Windows since version 3.1 and have tried every single final release of this product family till today. Let me tell you I'm a die-hard Windows XP fan. I use it for 9 years with high level of satisfaction and effectivity. But last year, I decided to change my old nForce4 desktop for a convertible notebook. Windows 8 seemed a perfect OS for me. I really wanted to love it. But my enthusiasm ended when I installed Windows 8 Release Preview. It's far from finish. Not months, but years. There are so many bugs that it will take me entire week to report it! The system's UI seems highly inconsistent and confusing too. I thought that Microsoft made the whole concept much more sofisticated.

    Although I'm quite disappointed at the moment, I still try to believe that there's a chance you can polish everything till the end of the year, but call this build "release *whatever*" is too much for me…

  375. CvP says:

    All source engine games have broken mouse (mouse capture/mouse cursor).

  376. Lambros Vasiliou says:

    Hello, Running Hyper-V on Windows 8 makes all my video playback go green 😀

  377. @andrewz — Please report places where the product is "buggy".  Feel free to use or the email contact on this page.

  378. Hi – I have eagerly installed beta versions of Windows since the Win 98 days.  I loved Windows ME.  I have tried and tried to like Windows 8 on my desktop machine but I cannot understand why I cant just turn the start screen off.  I really don't like it on my desktop computer.  I don't like full screen apps.  I am not adverse to change (in fact I am a tech junkie and champion new things at my work and home) it just really seems out of place on my 23" monitor high powered workstation.

    This is the first time I have not installed a windows RC on all the PCs in my house and parents house.

    I am going back to 7 after this post, which is really too bad because I love what has been done with the desktop in Windows 8.  I don't even need a start button.  Just please let me turn the start screen off.  I want to search for programs directly on the desktop and have them appear is a simple list.  Paul Thurrott had some great examples of what this could look like with the whole metro thing docked on the side of the desktop.


  379. Jerry Lynx says:

    Hi Steve! When the polish language pack will be available?

  380. XelaMon says:

    Question for the Windows 8 Team:

    When are we going to be able to connect to services on Windows 8 besides Facebook, Windows Live (or whatever we call it now), Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Services such as Yahoo and AOL would be good to connect to as well as other social networks, especially for your People Hub and Messaging service.

  381. Ka says:

    Metro sure is a fresh air but unless you guys have some drastic UI enhancements up your sleeves for the final version, I gotta say I'm totally disappointed in the aesthetics; everything seems so crude and loud and lousy I can't believe the final version is due in October …

  382. Dear Steven,

    I am a Windows Beta Tester and I would like to give you some advice.

    Can you send me your Email address?



  383. @_alex74_ @LK Griffith

    i make a living working with computers and i have been using windows os since 3.1 which was my very first computer back in my diaper days hehe.

    the issue here is that most complainers are not giving windows 8 a chance the trend seems to be that they install it and because it doesnt work the way they want it too they instantly uninstall it and post a message saying its crap.  using windows 8 for a few hours or even a few days is not enough time you have to use windows 8 exclusively for atleast a few weeks so you can get use to the new UI and how windows 8 works differently to previous versions before you can give accurate feedback.  look at all the negative comments made within a few hours of windows 8 RP being released those people havent even given it a chance.

  384. Anthony G. says:

    Installed W8RP. Must say much better in every way than CP! But please lose the black bar the stretches arrows between the on-screen tablet split keyboard! Takes up like 30% screen real estate, is ugly, and SERVES ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE! Thanks! Windows 8 Team is awesome!'

  385. @Amy Gx – I used the CP for several weeks and finally decided that it was not efficient on a desktop machine.  I then ran it in a VM until the RP was released.  I installed the RP to see if my opinion, or the O/S had changed since then.  Same thoughts as before.  Why do I have to bounce in and out of the desktop?  I make a living working with computers as well.  What app is really great full screen on a 23" widescreen monitor other than a game?

    I wasn't quite in diapers when I was running 3.1, but I must say I have never felt this way about Windows.  I was the one always mocking the older people I work with when they would set windows 2000 to look like NT, and XP to look like 2000.  Not me, I love figuring out new releases.  I put a lot of thought over the last several months into my decision to post crap in hopes that someone at Microsoft may decide to change course slightly and give us desktop users the chance to be efficient with Windows 8.

  386. DarienHawk67 says:

    I see in the Release Preview, the old Task Manager is now fully removed.  What was the reason for this?  Although the new Task Manager is nice, the old one provided certain functionality that new one seems to lack.

  387. DarienHawk67 says:

    @Amy Gx

    I have used Windows 8—full time as a primary OS at home and (when applicable) at work in a AD 2003/2008 environment—since it’s first public Developer Preview release.  I think I have a very good grasp on how the OS works and how it should work.

    Yes, Windows 8 has a bunch of upgrades that make it better than Windows 7; it is faster, boot quicker, a revamped and upgraded file copy mechanism, etc.  The one area that is so bad, in my opinion, that it almost offsets all improvements is the forced Metro Start Screen.

    Wanting to get into the tablet market (quite late if I may add) is fully understandable and the right thing to do.  Metro is probably the right direction for that environment.  However, for the desktop, Metro could have been introduced in a manner much in the same way as Media Center worked; it could have separately invoked as “another app.”

    Now, this is not to say that the Windows 7 style Start Menu and search capability could and should not have been redesigned.  Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement there on both the UI and performance fronts.  The current Start Screen is not an improvement—not for the desktop environment.

  388. Sebastian "No Flash" Schulze says:

    I tried the RP now for some time (not as much as both version before, but much!). At the beginning of testing in September I was skeptical about Metro, but I thought, that you would not implement it, if you could not work with it. How can you do your normal work with this? I have so much trouble I had not with 7. I want to tell you something about it.

    I am not satisfied with the working style using metro. Some things were so easy before and I have to use my mouse too much now. I hate it. I love my fast keyboard. I almost always use up to five applications at the same time. With metro this is not so convenient, so I use ONLY the good old desktop. While using metro I cannot watch a movie of half the screen (I love the snapping at the sides of W7). I often watch tutorial while testing some software. That it not possible with metro apps. So I do not use them. With a normal application it is okay, but I really hope that there will be not so much metro apps I have to use. I tried really hard to find the improvements of metro, but I did not find them. Why use a 37“ screen for a single app (at my multimedia PC) or how to use a single display (while I am mobile).

    I want the shortcut WIN + space back! I often need to check the state of my gadgets on my desktop, but just for a shot moment. Using WIN + D and then again WIN + D is also possible, but just not that convenient (as so many other things in W8). I do not use my gadgets on W8, but I miss them.

    I always started programs by typing WIN and then the first letters of the app. I had not to know if it is a configuration item (like File-History) (now WIN + W) or a real application (just WIN). Now I have to distinguish and it costs much more time. The programs I wanted to start are not on the top positions so I have to use the cursor and that costs time!

    In the RP my ATI 4870 does not work well. In DP und CP I had no problems. My pc installs the driver, but the performance is so bad and I can't start the Control Center. I hope it will work in the final version. If it will not work in RC, I won't buy W8 (because I want not the buy a new graphic card for the same amount of money).

    I really liked the idea of storage pools and spaces and I used them a lot (since CP), but it does not work as I assumed. When a space is full (or just the physical HDD), it is nearly impossible to delete some data to make space. I cannot access the space any more. I used BitLocker and right after decrypting the drive is not available, because it is full. Very annoying! I had to create a whole new pool. Even after adding a single external HDD to expand the pool and delete the data was not successful, because I was not able to remove the external HDD without destroying the pool. I was not able to get save the data of the space without a new HDD. Maybe pools and spaces are not useful for only one or two HDDs ;-(this might be one of the main reasons to buy W8!).

    I like the idea of synchronization, but I wish it would sync more than it does now. I always make a lot of changes in the explorer (showing extensions, jumping to the current directory etc.), but this was not synced 🙁 Should apps be synchronized (if yes it does not work well) or just the app-data?

    I use a pin to protect my connected profile, because the password for the account is very long and inconvenient. But just having a four digit pin makes me feel bad about it. As described I feel no good experience in syncing the account. I will probably use a local account on my most used pc because I feel more secure and convenient about it. I want security (that’s why I hate flash and all software of Abobe), but for the account of my PC I also want a password longer than 4 digits, but not as secure as the main password of my Live-Account. Are the times of security by design ending?

    I use BitLocker very much and I am happy that I will not have to buy Ultimate edition for using it. But when I double-click a protected drive and a window opens for the password the focus of the mouse/keyboard is not in this window for start typing (as in W7, DP and CP), so I have to use the mouse (I hate it so much, cause it costs so much time). I even cannot use WIN + TAB for accessing the field to type my password.

    I am very skeptical about the success of windows 8. Sorry, but by testing it for a very long time, I found little improvement for people I know (and who always ask my before they buy computer stuff). Maybe with a new device it will be better, but I do not want to touch the display, because the dirt on the screen it bad for seeing colors and single pixels.

    I hope you understand my issues. For several years I was pro Microsoft, but since WP7 I think you concentrate too much on mainstream and do not hear to the power users. Just adding 1500 cmdlets is not enough.

    I look forward to the release, but this might be the first time since 1995, that I won’t buy a new releasing windows as soon it is available.

    PS: I really also tried to test the new server, but I have so much performance issues, that I was not even able to build a small domain. The W2k8R2 is much faster (circa factor 3) on my system.

  389. jader3rd says:

    @Windows Fan

    To Zoom in a Metro app try Ctrl++, or Ctrl+Scroll Wheel. To print send the current page to the Devices Charm. You don't need to log out to shutdown/restart. Open the Charms bar, select Settings and the ability is there. Yes, that's not inutitive, because shutting down isn't a logically setting, but that's where it is. It's okay that All Apps is out of the way, because it'll rarely be used. It's so much easier to search. Just type what you're looking for at it should appear (albeit most of the time in the Settings section). I think that the Start Screen search should include results like the Process description, or a limited number of keywords/tags, but that's not the way it is.


    I'm sure that some of the haters do want Microsoft to fail at everything and love that they can troll here. Others are people who became specilized an entrenched into XP, and see anything that's not XP as a moral hazard. Microsoft will never be able to please them. Others are people while like some aspects of Win8, but not others, but overall want to like it. The reason why the last group comments is in the hope that it may affect some change. The people who say that the desktop is not as productive are people who probably have yet to pin programs to the task bar. Once they do that they'll hardly ever see the Start Screen and it won't bother them at all.

  390. Sebastian "No Flash" Schulze says:

    PPS: The possibility to manage the copy processes is great and I missed it for a very long time, but I will not substitute my Copy Handler, because I cannot force it to do all jobs one after the other. It is good to have to possibility to pause a job till the job before is ready, but I have to control it manually. I am sure the next step would be logical and easy to implement and a great improvement for many users.

  391. Sebastian "No Flash" Schulze says:

    PPS: I liked the BackupAndRestore in Vista/W7, because I could select what I want to safe and what not. I do not use libraries in W8 anymore, because I do not want to backup the content of them. I have only one library to select the suff I want wo BackUp 🙁

  392. @CWagz: "why do i have to bounce in and out of the desktop"

    @DarienHawk67: "The one area that is so bad, in my opinion, that it almost offsets all improvements is the forced Metro Start Screen"

    ok so maybe the start screen shows up when you first login but it only takes a second to click the desktop tile and the start screen is gone.  the only reason you have to "bounce" between desktop and the start screen is when you want to access other programs and such but you can solve that by as jader3rd said by pinning to the task bar or using desktop shortcuts and even get the start menu back using something like clasic shell or vista start and you wouldnt need to bounce anymore.

  393. CVillarSr says:

    Can't wait to get going!

  394. emma a. says:

    Still no start button??  

    And still no ability to group apps together in files??

    If neither of these get implemented into windows 8 come launch = no buy from me, sorry.  Will stick with windows 7.  

  395. Peter says:

    Why is there no start menu still?!!! >.<

  396. nicolas says:

    Still unable to read video or photo DIRECTLY from usb or SD card (METRO)… what a shame to be forced to IMPORT media file to the hard drive….

  397. chris says:

    at least give us some sort of semblance of the start menu.  don't completely ditch it.  

  398. Issamu says:

    Please, remove the NX/XD bit restriction.

    I've managed to run fine CP in an old Toshiba laptop, with a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4 CPU. There's no option to enable NX feature in bios, and because it's a 2003 hardware it's unlikely Toshiba will update it.

  399. Helder Jefferson says:

    When the final version goes out, with the Metro design on the desktop, I hope that we'll be able to choose the color of the borders, and that these color choice have any conection with the start color.

  400. Martin Beechen says:

    This is fantastic and is a huge milestone for Windows .  A week early even!  

    Kudos MS!

  401. pmbAustin says:

    Windows 8 will live or die on the strength of its Metro apps and usability.  And so far, the built in Metro Apps are pretty weak, imho.

    Here it is, Release Preview, and I *still* can't add my POP3 or IMAPI ISP email account to the Mail app.  Not everyone uses webmail or exchange, you know!

    Video still doesn't play enough video formats or let you organize videos well.

    And Facebook integration in the People app is awkward.  It assumes that my facebook ID is the same as my live id.  It's not.  So it lets me link to face book and log in, but any time I try to select Facebook settings, it drops me in IE10-Metro with a "cannot show that page" error, because it's apparently trying to log in with my windows live id instead of my facebook account?  Very confusing and awkard.

    And in the people app… no de-duplication?  I have the same contact listed three times (once each for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter).  Ridiculous.

    And does everyone at Microsoft think that everyone wants everything always in the same list?  No way to filter out people that you don't want on display, or videos you don't want just ANYONE to see on your laptop, or photos that you might want to be more private?  Really?

    And notifications are just confusing… if you miss a 'toaster' notification, it's gone forever.  There's no place to go see what you missed.  No Notification center.  Nothing.  Very odd in this day and age.

    And too many things just seem arbitrarily hard or unintuitive to get to… no visible reminders anywhere.  

  402. Jay says:

    start button or no buy!!  I'm serious.  That thing is very very helpful.  Otherwise, you might as well call windows 8 a tablet-only os.  

  403. temp says:

    Serious skype issues (can't log, high cpu usage, stay offline…) Please fix

    Serious permissions issues

  404. Steffo says:

    Windows 8 is so hot (NOT) on a Swedish forum about operatingsystems that nobody even discuss it anymore…LOL !

  405. Jay,

    Windows 8 IS a tablet-only os.  The desktop is an after thought.  I suspect Microsoft hoped it would silence the critics of the constrained (aka primitive) UI metaphor called Metro.  Interestingly, the critics are not silenced.  In particular, the critics who have real work to do and use multiple programs with multiple windows on large displays or multiple displays.  Bouncing back and forth between the desktop and Metro in that environment loses both the computer context and one's mental context.  It seriously impacts productivity and creativity because of the constant context switches and repeated total disruption of the visual presentation.  We shouldn't have to put up with such nonsense.  It would be so easy to make Metro, a revised start button, and directly booting to the desktop a user choice feature. However, Microsoft has decided that is not going to be the way it is going to be.  It is Metro or nothing.  Welcome to Vista 2.0.

    Windows 7 will likely have at most three years of commercial life left.  I will be delivering my software for that platform as long as it exists.  I am not going to use Windows 8 and I am not going to wait for Windows 9.  After having been a programmer since 1967, a Windows programmer since 1990, and an NT specialist since 1992, I am taking steps to start developing software for Apple hardware.  At least Apple recognizes that the iPhone and iPad needs are vastly different from their desktop and laptop systems.  I am going to take advantage of that wisdom.  I have a Mac and an iPad scheduled for delivery next week.

    Microsoft, thanks for all the fish.  It has been fun but I am moving on.

  406. abm says:

    It would be awesome if we a global setting for phone number style on Windows 8, Windows Phone (people hub>settings>organize), Skype, Live Messenger and Live contacts ( so users can choose from pre-defined styles (with decorators like; hyphen, braces, spaces etc.) to represent a phone numbers, like

    +1 (55) 888-1122 //default

    or +61-44-555-666

    or +44995554444


    and also able to define a custom style.

    Numbers less than 7 digits (like 911 etc) should not have any style.

    Upon updating the style on one platform or device, all platforms (Live Messenger, Windows Live contacts, Skype, Windows 8 OS, Windows Phone OS's dialer and people hub) must be syncronized with the new settings so the phone-numbers are displayed accordingly.


    The default format mentioned earlier can be automated with the following logic:

    If country is selected or country code is present


     e.g. +1 (856) 792-1432



     e.g. (856) 792-1432

    Each segment after operator prefix has no more than 4 digits and number of digits in latter segment >= that in former segment.


  407. Casey (Famous) says:

    Do not like it all.  I'm on a computer not a f*ing phone.  I'll stick with Windows 7.

  408. Xero says:

    @Kevin, dotted border around the link in IE is for users who prefer to use keyboard (to indicate where the current focus is). IE-Team respects keyboard users since IE4… if you prefer not to have dotted border around the links and button in your website and you don't care about keyboard users like FF Chrome and other players, then use the following CSS rule in your website's static stylesheet file:

    a { border:none; }

    and IE won't show it on your website. Since, most people want to make websites for both keyboard and mouse friendly. Making outline with default is to help the people intensely using keyboard to navigate the web. Now, if your favorite browser is not helping the keyboard guys, then who is to blame? Definitely it ain't IE!

    Tip (to keep outline but avoid disturbance in design):

    If you want to keep the outline intact, but your design has something like a hyperlink wrapped by the div or span, and you have onhover selector defined for the wrapping element, in that case the difference of dimensions between <a> and wrapping tag might looks ugly when <a> is focused. You can solve this by making the dimensions of <a> equals to the wrapping element, something like:

    /* let's say myDiv is the class/id of wrapping element & wrappedBymyDiv is the class of wrapped anchor */

    a.wrappedBymyDiv {

    width: X; /* where X is the width of myDiv */

    height: Y; /* where Y is the height of myDiv */

    display: block; /* to avoid inline restriction, otherwise the dimension rules will not work */


    Hope this help.

  409. @Steven Sinofsky

    When do you guys plan to introduce the art box for Windows 8…What design firm is in charge. I like the way you introduced new Windows logo in Windows blog and expect the same things for the packaging fo Windows 8 as well.

  410. Darren says:

    Microsoft could have made Metro really good. But the choose to make it in away that it sucks so badly:

    1. Pc settings is behaving like an app. Settings are applied immediately there is no more ok or cancel button. This offers no feedback the user if some action as been succesful. The app doesnt even close. Instead the settings app remains open like any other app and has to be closed manually. This is simply not anything you would expect.

    2. The categories in pc settings are sorted in absolutely no intuitive way. Not even alphabetical. They seem to be ordered accidental. Just like the rest of Windows 8.

    3. That said, to find the matching category to change a setting is a nightmare. It is not intuitive as there are no icons. But recognizing icons is much more faster and intuitive than reading category words. And das the ordering is accidental you have to go through the category list from the top to the bottom to find the category.

    4. Why is it that mouse behaves like a finger for closing an app. But its not possible to use it like a finger to swipe an app. There you have to use scroll wheel of scroll bars.

    5. Why do you force displaying a clock on me when opening the charms bar? There is a clock and a date showing in the taskbar.

    6. Why is the background of the UGLY charms bar in non customizable black. You want to throw up looking at this.

    7. Why can´t I LISTEN to a video running in background and doing something else at the same time with Metro?

    These are just a few examples of how much Windows 8 and its Metro awkwardness is not well thought and not intuitive. It breaks even its own concepts.

    There are TONS of example where Windows 8 is such a big failure that I can only conclude that this is not for me. It is only after a couple of days that I am thinking of removing this preview again. I don´t wanna use my computer being constantly annoyed or spoon fed by Microsoft.

  411. ReMark says:

    Can you add PDF, DWG and PSD preview (optional)? Is very useful for workers (there are many tweak online but they don't work with 32bit, others only with 64bit etc…)

    And more option to customize graphics and chrome metrics/position?

  412. ReMark says:

    …and more fluidity with scrollwheel on the scrollable elements (listviews, metro orizzontal view etc…)

  413. ReMark says:

    Also… I know this is a temporary theme, but that different background is ugly:  (follow the arrow)

    in Seven the rappresentation is more, more elegant:

  414. Darren says:

    Imagine you want to find some desktop setting and change it. Try this:

    1. Go to Start Screen

    2. Type "desktop".

    3. You have to manually select "settings".

    4. Select one of the setting.

    5. Windows switches to desktop.

    6. Now imagine this was not what you have been looking for and you want to go back to search results.

    7. You simply can´t. You have to go back to Start Screen and start all over with type search, select settings etc.

    There are no words to describe this level of user interface stupidity.

  415. andrewz says:

    @Darren: I don't know which specific setting you mean, but… have you tried to open charms, select "Settings" and then "Control panel"?

  416. Brandt says:

    Wtf, how is therre still no start button?!!!  screw this, i see no reason to get win 8 unless i have a tablet, and I don't.  id buy it, just put a start button and make the metro a little less cluttered looking.  

  417. Darren says:

    @  andrewz  

    Desktop was just an example. It happends to any search conducted via Start Screen that you cannot go back to your search results. Once you select one of your search results there is no way to go back to the results page other than start all over. Plain stupid.

  418. Rocky install but otherwise good. says:

    I had a bad installation experience, as the screen went black and stayed black at some point (It wasn't a brightness issue) and I had to plug in an external monitor to be able to continue setup. It also subsequently got stuck at a light-grey screen where it did nothing after I completed setup. I had to force power-off and reboot with the external monitor (still black) until I could get into device manager – hitting "detect devices" seemed to fix it, but I also played around a lot with screen resolution settings etc.

    Apart from that & The Skype issue, the install is running smoothly. I like how the start screen animation has been sped up a little bit to make it feel more responsive. I would also like to mention that there still appears to be some glitchiness in IE10, especially going back and forward pages using the slide gestures – the pages take a long time to become usable and often jerk as they do not return to the place they were before.

    The music app also has responsiveness issues.

  419. Darren says:

    It looks like for the RP Microsoft has removed the workaround to place a show desktop link into the autostart folder bypassing the Metro Start Screen on boot. So Microsoft has officially chosen to FORCE Metro onto their clients.

    Really Microsoft if you think that´s the way to go instead of offering a really good solution, you are forcing sh*t onto your clients.

    So if somebody finds another workaround better do NOT POST IT ANYWHERE as Microsoft will remove any new workaround for the final version.

    You know what Microsoft: You must be really convinced by Metro. It seems to be so superior that you need to force it onto the people paying you. Well not me anymore. Once the final has been released I will be laughing out loud for any new workaround that will appear  on the Internet and that you hastily will try to patch. And I will be laughing watching you go down with Windows 8. You are not offering reasons to like Metro for desktop users you are offering reasons to hate it. With every release there are more reasons to hate it. And removing Aero will bring the last remaining loyal customers over the edge.

    Still I am a Windows Phone user still. But now you went way to far. You want my money? Forget about it. You want to get paid for annoying me developing useless cr*p? You want to get paid for breaking my workflows, limiting my computer usage and dumb down everything. You want to get my money for making me to relearn shortcuts, workflows and to use a b*tt ugly ui with inconsistent handling and kiddie colours? You really want to get paid for this? You dare to ask for my money for this?

    You should pay me for using this sh*t to the 8th.

  420. NoCustomerAnymore says:

    Colored confusing crap!

  421. I love the work you've people done so far. Windows 8 has come a long way since DevPreview. It feels lighter and snappier than ever. Waiting for a final desktop theme and hoping for some cool animations and refreshed icons.

    However, there's one thing that still feels a bit awkward to me and that's the way you bring up the Charms and AppSwitch bar with a mouse. I don't think targeting a corner than sliding along the edge of a screen is the best nor the fastest way of doing this operation. Wouldn't just touching the edge with your cursor than right-clicking be a better solution? It would also make sense, I think. Use the advantage of a mouse, the right click. It feels natural, in my opinion, just as swiping from the edge. The way it is now is not only arguably slower and harder but also collides with some other operations. For example, a number of third party desktop apps have their menu buttons placed in a top left corner of the screen. Targeting these menus by simply slamming your cursor in the top right corner is not possible anymore. Even the Windows' own Desktop SneekPeek feature partially triggers Charms.

    I hope it's not too late in the development but I would very much like to see this implemented at least as an option but I highly doubt it. I honestly hope some of Windows devs read this post and I would like whoever read it to reply and let me know if they share my opinion.

  422. SG says:


    I am not sure why you want to do it the long winded way.  The faster way is

    1. Hit Wins Key.

    2. Click on Settings ,

    3. Type what ever settings you want to change – font, resolution, wifi, mouse …

    How many steps would it take in Win XP/7 ?  

    If you like to use the Control Panel, Press Win+X and select Control Panel.  

  423. SG says:


    it should be

    1. Hit Wins Key.

    2. Type what ever settings you want to change – font, resolution, wifi, mouse

    3. Click on Settings ,

  424. After rebooting, Windows 8 will no longer recognize my DVD drive. ¬¬'

  425. Asian Guy says:

    Hello Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft and everyone,

    I am using Windows since Windows 95. I remember visual changes from OS to OS as well as core changes. In my view, Windows 8 is an amazing connected/cloud OS. It is fast, solid and secure (based on Windows 7), have new Metro GUI+Apps. As a whole, it offers connected experience. I am using it since DP. RP is stable and have beautiful new Aero theme (I wish I can have it in RTM). Overall my experience:

    -Aesthetically beautiful and integrated social experience

    -Ultra fast and stable

    -Beautiful and easy to use Ribbon Windows Explorer

    -Wide compatibility with existing desktop applications, especially browsers, office, multimedia (codecs), productivity and educational software

    -Better power management, especially sleep and fast resume. I am experiencing longer battery timing with it

    -Beautifully connected applications, let me share things with ease, always up-to-date mailbox (no need to open things in browser), skydrive, mail, picture, calender, news, metro IE, everything is connected and easy to share/mail/reply. Amazing experience here especially Metro IE is fast (and secure too due to limited flash functionality and no plugin)

    -Video and Music apps are great and support multimedia keyboard. Good experience with these except very few glitches

    -Store offered me lot of metro applications free 😀 I am enjoying new games and applications

    -Good driver support (not to mention ultra fast driver installation of new hardware). OEMs and Microsoft need to improve it further


    -No DVD support. Not everyone has 10 Mbps connection for streaming and other online video sources. We here mostly rely on DVDs and WMP was good player compared to free media players due to SRS integrated technology

    -Integrated social experience means: Feds can login as Admin and can have all your emails, contacts, social info (facebook/twitter), photos, friends and other personal information with ease, as everything is unencrypted and openly available (we will see easy to use software to do this job soon)

    -Use of Bitlocker/TrueCrypt is now essential to protect our privacy, especially against theft, as all our info is now available at single place in easy to read form. Encryption will help to secure it but at the cost of performance loss (~ 20%), bad especially for notebook users as most of notebook hard drives are still 5400 RPM

    -Aero. I will miss current RP aero theme forever, if Microsoft decided to remove it

    -No start menu. Can be compensated by alternate options like Classic Start Menu

    Nothing else is here coz Microsoft Windows 8 is potentially great connected OS. The overall experience here is WOW !!!

  426. Mac says:

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview is not ideal for people using keyboards, and mouse like me. If you don't have a tablet, you won't benefit from the full-features. The metro style application is  touch-friendly, it is not so practical drag to the application with your mouse.I have been using Windows 8 consumer preview now. I'm finding it difficult to adjust to the complicated, professional features of the new interface.

    Negative Points

    1)The Multitasking UI: Multitasking in Windows 8 has definitely improved. However, talking about next level interface and the delayed launch, it could have got some really drastic or fast interface.

    2)Perhaps, it may be good for tablet-users. However, with a mouse, the four corners interface is a bit uneasy, where users can unexpectedly perform unintended actions.  It can also be a little clumsy to drag apps — where you need them to go or to stop them, using a mouse. And to top that, all the apps run only full-screen for PC users, which can make it difficult for the user to multitask.

    3)The Mouse Mess: Well, for the PC users, equipped with a mouse and keyboard, it would be quite a problem to get used to Windows 8.

    As moving the mouse wheel up and down will move the Metro UI to left and right. And the Charms UI would require the user to go to the right edge of the screen, which is not at all mouse friendly.  

    4)The Classic Desktop: The mix and match of Metro environment and classic Window 7 desktop (which is not needed now) can completely destroy the interaction for the users. To switch from one Window to a Task Manager, the user has to go all the way to desktop, instead of opening it directly through one or two clicks.

    5)For managing any file or folder, the user has to go back to the classic desktop from Metro UI, which can complicate the migrating feature for any user. Hence, we can just hope that they fix this soon and migrate all the features in the Metro style UI.

    It would be a fair wrap-up by saying that the users sporting a touch-based hardware platform to run the Windows 8 consumer preview would experience a far better performance as compared to the majority laptop and desktop users – especially, if you have a system which has a keyboard and mouse connected to your computer screen.

    To end I would like to see some of the plus points of Windows 8 consumer preview in the next windows 7 update or special pack 2.

  427. Darren says:


    You did not read my related post or you did not understand it: No matter what search you conduct via Start Screen once you select one of the results they get lost. There is no way to go back to the list of results. If a user is looking for something  he does not necessarily know the right place or name for it this is what the search is for. So it is likely that a user who is using the search would select a result that does not do what he is looking for. So if he wants to go back to the result page to select the next result he simply can´t. It is just not possible. Instead user has to run the same search again and even has to remember which results he has already selected before. This is so stupid I cannot believe this has passed Microsofts QC.

  428. Ben says:

    Feedback – Feature Request:


    when I've tested W8RP under heavy load with many installed programs, I've found the following problem:

    -many 3rd party programs add their custom menuitems to right-click menu and when too many programs are installed, there is an unacceptable delay between the right click (on the desktop, WinExplorer folder, taskbar) and appearing the right-click menu (even 30 seconds or so on my 6-core i7-970 with 24GB RAM) with the Aero mouse pointer (blue circle) rotating over and over.

    Suggestion: Could be the menuitems of right click menu loaded the same way, as the items of the list "Programs and Features" (in Control Panel) are… (I mean one by one, independently, appearing gradually),… so the menu itself can appear immediatelly, only some 3rd party addons will appear a little bit later when they will be loaded.

    For me it is the reason to buy W8, if it will be changed… 🙂

  429. Ben says:

    In Windows 7 this can be used to invoke "Shut Down Windows" dialog:

    C:WindowsSystem32taskkill.exe /im explorer.exe

    In W8 it no longer works, but I still want to make the shortcut, is there any other way?

    Same the shortcut for switching to Metro Start screen will be nice…

    …also it will be nice to have two separate (x64 and x32) versions of Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer… 🙂

  430. andrewz says:

    @EVERYBODY WHO IS COMPLAINING ABOUT CLASSIC START MENU: What would you say about a solution like this?…/AbbIBXTbgxtpLyBHfFUzLtMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0 (just a quick sketch; maybe just category names could be shown)

    @Darren: I think that this solution could satisfy you. 🙂…/V3vnSg-SPxXS-7H1d31K2tMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0 (not available yet, just a quick idea)

  431. rolas says:

    why the file browser doesn't have tabs? like internet explorer

  432. Suggestions for Windows 8

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview has shown how Microsoft Corporation is committed to provide a superior offer for PC and tablets users. The new Metro interface is fluid, genuine, and intuitive, which proves that it's the right design for a modern system, along with Windows Phone and Xbox.

    I am a marketing graduate, as well as a diehard fan for every Microsoft product, I chose to make a marketing research about Windows Phone, and make it my graduation project.

    For me, my Windows Phone was the motive for this project. And by researching the market for this product, I got ideas about what users wish to see from their PCs and operating systems.

    So I collected my findings and I wish to provide you with my suggestions that may help improve Windows 8 from a market oriented perspective.

    Windows and Windows Phone

    Since we are talking Windows, Windows Desktop OS and Windows Phone OS should have more integration abilities and features. Windows Phone should be displayed in Devices, so users will be able to manage internal storage files – not system ones of course – enabling users to manage files, music, photos, and phone settings from the device stage on Windows.

    Also it will be efficient to have Windows Phone available in every metro and desktop app, as in Settings, Explorer, Media Player, Office apps..

    Windows Update should also be the client to update Windows Phone OS.

    Charms Menu

    Charms should always be accessible by users. When their menu isn't activated by users, it should display an edge of it with three dots, so when users click these dots they see the charms, similar to menus in Windows Phone.

    At the start screen, users are able to see their apps by holding on the background and clicking 'All Apps'. This makes users unable to easily access the applications menu.

    To make it easy for users to view their list of apps, Charms menu should include a button named 'Apps', for reviewing all installed apps on the system.

    A power charm should also be added so users are able to easily shut down, hibernate their device or make it sleep.

    Switching between running apps by swiping from the left of the screen doesn't make users see a list of running apps. So a charm for running apps would give users a list of tiles that represent launched apps, and enable fast app switching.

    Explorer in Metro

    Windows Explorer is an essential application for all file management activities. Why it's not available in metro??

    As SkyDrive Metro app manages files stored in the cloud, a similar app can be developed for a Metro Windows Explorer, with a yellow tile on the start screen.

    Ribbon Menus in Metro

    Windows 8 introduces Ribbons into desktop explorer for more ease of access. It will be a nice addition to have ribbons in Metro styled apps, as in Explorer Metro App, SkyDrive, Music, Videos, Photos, Mail, Calendar, Games, and in Office Metro apps.

    Microsoft Account Management

    Since Windows 8 mainly connects with Microsoft Account, then there should be a section for managing the account details and info directly from settings.

    Exiting Metro Apps

    While using Metro style apps provide a continuous connected experience, users should have the option to exit any app from the multitasking view, by clicking an X button or swiping the tile upward.

    Photos App Editing Features

    The new metro photo app should bring advanced photo editing features, for cropping, sizing, color and brightness enhancing, and red eye fixing.

  433. Suggestions for Windows 8

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview has shown how Microsoft Corporation is committed to provide a superior offer for PC and tablets users. The new Metro interface is fluid, genuine, and intuitive, which proves that it's the right design for a modern system, along with Windows Phone and Xbox.

    I am a marketing graduate, as well as a diehard fan for every Microsoft product, I chose to make a marketing research about Windows Phone, and make it my graduation project.

    For me, my Windows Phone was the motive for this project. And by researching the market for this product, I got ideas about what users wish to see from their PCs and operating systems.

    So I collected my findings and I wish to provide you with my suggestions that may help improve Windows 8 from a market oriented perspective.

    Windows and Windows Phone

    Since we are talking Windows, Windows Desktop OS and Windows Phone OS should have more integration abilities and features. Windows Phone should be displayed in Devices, so users will be able to manage internal storage files – not system ones of course – enabling users to manage files, music, photos, and phone settings from the device stage on Windows.

    Also it will be efficient to have Windows Phone available in every metro and desktop app, as in Settings, Explorer, Media Player, Office apps..

    Windows Update should also be the client to update Windows Phone OS.

    Charms Menu

    Charms should always be accessible by users. When their menu isn't activated by users, it should display an edge of it with three dots, so when users click these dots they see the charms, similar to menus in Windows Phone.

    At the start screen, users are able to see their apps by holding on the background and clicking 'All Apps'. This makes users unable to easily access the applications menu.

    To make it easy for users to view their list of apps, Charms menu should include a button named 'Apps', for reviewing all installed apps on the system.

    A power charm should also be added so users are able to easily shut down, hibernate their device or make it sleep.

    Switching between running apps by swiping from the left of the screen doesn't make users see a list of running apps. So a charm for running apps would give users a list of tiles that represent launched apps, and enable fast app switching.

    Explorer in Metro

    Windows Explorer is an essential application for all file management activities. Why it's not available in metro??

    As SkyDrive Metro app manages files stored in the cloud, a similar app can be developed for a Metro Windows Explorer, with a yellow tile on the start screen.

    Ribbon Menus in Metro

    Windows 8 introduces Ribbons into desktop explorer for more ease of access. It will be a nice addition to have ribbons in Metro styled apps, as in Explorer Metro App, SkyDrive, Music, Videos, Photos, Mail, Calendar, Games, and in Office Metro apps.

    Microsoft Account Management

    Since Windows 8 mainly connects with Microsoft Account, then there should be a section for managing the account details and info directly from settings.

    Exiting Metro Apps

    While using Metro style apps provide a continuous connected experience, users should have the option to exit any app from the multitasking view, by clicking an X button or swiping the tile upward.

    Photos App Editing Features

    The new metro photo app should bring advanced photo editing features, for cropping, sizing, color and brightness enhancing, and red eye fixing.

  434. Suggestions for Windows 8

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview has shown how Microsoft Corporation is committed to provide a superior offer for PC and tablets users. The new Metro interface is fluid, genuine, and intuitive, which proves that it's the right design for a modern system, along with Windows Phone and Xbox.

    I am a marketing graduate, as well as a diehard fan for every Microsoft product, I chose to make a marketing research about Windows Phone, and make it my graduation project.

    For me, my Windows Phone was the motive for this project. And by researching the market for this product, I got ideas about what users wish to see from their PCs and operating systems.

    So I collected my findings and I wish to provide you with my suggestions that may help improve Windows 8 from a market oriented perspective.

    Windows and Windows Phone

    Since we are talking Windows, Windows Desktop OS and Windows Phone OS should have more integration abilities and features. Windows Phone should be displayed in Devices, so users will be able to manage internal storage files – not system ones of course – enabling users to manage files, music, photos, and phone settings from the device stage on Windows.

    Also it will be efficient to have Windows Phone available in every metro and desktop app, as in Settings, Explorer, Media Player, Office apps..

    Windows Update should also be the client to update Windows Phone OS.

    Charms Menu

    Charms should always be accessible by users. When their menu isn't activated by users, it should display an edge of it with three dots, so when users click these dots they see the charms, similar to menus in Windows Phone.

    At the start screen, users are able to see their apps by holding on the background and clicking 'All Apps'. This makes users unable to easily access the applications menu.

    To make it easy for users to view their list of apps, Charms menu should include a button named 'Apps', for reviewing all installed apps on the system.

    A power charm should also be added so users are able to easily shut down, hibernate their device or make it sleep.

    Switching between running apps by swiping from the left of the screen doesn't make users see a list of running apps. So a charm for running apps would give users a list of tiles that represent launched apps, and enable fast app switching.

    Explorer in Metro

    Windows Explorer is an essential application for all file management activities. Why it's not available in metro??

    As SkyDrive Metro app manages files stored in the cloud, a similar app can be developed for a Metro Windows Explorer, with a yellow tile on the start screen.

    Ribbon Menus in Metro

    Windows 8 introduces Ribbons into desktop explorer for more ease of access. It will be a nice addition to have ribbons in Metro styled apps, as in Explorer Metro App, SkyDrive, Music, Videos, Photos, Mail, Calendar, Games, and in Office Metro apps.

    Microsoft Account Management

    Since Windows 8 mainly connects with Microsoft Account, then there should be a section for managing the account details and info directly from settings.

    Exiting Metro Apps

    While using Metro style apps provide a continuous connected experience, users should have the option to exit any app from the multitasking view, by clicking an X button or swiping the tile upward.

    Photos App Editing Features

    The new metro photo app should bring advanced photo editing features, for cropping, sizing, color and brightness enhancing, and red eye fixing.

  435. Brontok says:

    Thanks! Is more better than consumer preview 🙂

  436. @Steven Sinofsky

    Will you add integration with Microsoft's music services to Windows Media Player? The current Music app is inferior to the existing Windows Media Player, and for users of desktop PCs, it makes sense to integrate Microsoft's music services into Windows Media Player and to integrate other applicable services into other desktop apps, allowing these services to reach a wider audience of Windows 8 users.

  437. Nitz Walsh says:


    You don't seriously expect them to improve WMP do you?  First off it's a desktop app, and they obviously have little interest in those any more outside of Office.  Secondly the changes they've made to it over the years have been incredibly minimal – they've never really shown much interest in it.

    Here's my experience after installing the RP and clicking on the Videos tile:

    1) Took ~8 seconds to launch – far slower than launching WMP or Zune.

    2) First screen – full of ads for videos I don't own.  Nice – the video application on the $100+ OS you just bought gives you advertising, and takes away your ability to just view a DVD without paying extra.  Remember those Winphone videos that MS produced internally painting Google as nothing but advertising leeches?  Starting to ring more than a little hollow now.

    3) So I use the mousewheel to scroll down – which means left in Metro world now (intuitive?) – and see there's a spot where my videos are supposed to go, but no way to add them.  There's a "Tell me More" link to show how to add videos to the library…and it then opens up *desktop IE* with a Silverlight "CLICK THIS TO READ THIS PAGE".

    4) So silverlight installs…and then IE is restarted.

    That's it.  That's the first-time experience of using the Videos app and trying to view my videos.

    Sweet jesus.

  438. bd says:

    now after windows 8 what ? will you again reinvent ? Come on, under the hood things still suck. Trying to copy others you have lost your way, if you plan to release every year then do plan to give it free or for a less amount like 5$ for those who have windows 7 ? how much more do you want to earn ?

  439. andrewz says:

    @Steven Sinofsky: Let's start with a simple visual bug: . I know, it's a detail. I have already discovered many more serious bugs, but they require much detailed description (so I will unveil it later). Do you want me to present it one by one or all of them at once? 🙂

  440. @Nilz Walsh

    That's why Microsoft needs to integrate its services into desktop apps. While Windows 8 itself appears to be a capable platform, many of the Metro-style apps are missing important functionality and are less usable than their desktop counterparts, which, naturally, drives people away from them.

  441. I've already shared my suggestion related to the way a mouse is used in Win8 (please read and reply with your thoughts) but I have another idea that could make Metro and Desktop UX more consistent and overall, make Win8 seem like a more polished product…and it's just a simple skin change.

    We already know that the default Desktop theme will be plain white, very clean and simplified, and I must say I like that direction more than Aero. But what I would like to see is Metro and Desktop sharing the "accent" color (selection boxes, buttons etc.). In Win8 RC, Metro has gotten a number of background/accent color combinations and it would be a nice touch (in my opinion) if Desktop theme picked up the Metro accent color you've chosen, similar to the way it works in Taskbar for icons. Windows has been using blue for such a long time and it would be refreshing to see some other colors. Just look at Office 2010 suite for a reference.

    I think this is a must have "feature" for Windows 8 desktop theme. Please, reply and share your thoughts. Thank you.

  442. DMack says:

    For all the people complaining about metro you have to realize that touch is a new market for windows and Microsoft.

    1) Metro works here:

    a) tablets

    b) kiosks

    c) cars

    d) boats

    e) trucks

    f) phones

    g) tvs

    h) terminal input devices

    i) home automation panels

    j) home appliances

    k) interactive sings and billboards

    l) and more…

    2) Desktop works here:

    a) dekstop PCs

    b) laptops

    c) netbooks

    d) and that's about it

  443. what a crap? says:

    This is one of most crap produce ever. Windows me was even better. What a joke. Apple wins

  444. Legolash2o says:

    Still no option to return the Start Menu! This RC has hanged more times than the Beta :/

  445. @DMack

    The problem is that tablets, kiosks, cars, boats, trucks, phones, TVs, terminal input devices, home automation panels, home appliances, interactive signs, etc. are single-function devices, while PCs are designed to perform many functions from a single place.

  446. @Amy Gx

    Getting used to it, does not mean is better!!!

    Start screen and metro apps covers the taskbar, and all(there's a lot) at a glance info on it(i will not list them, if you're a old Windows user, you'll agree with me!)

    I can give a chance, of course  i'm doing right now, until i have to pay for that rubbish.

    Not useful, if i use Photoshop, Excel, Thunderbird, 10 opened sites, have music in background with song info on taskbar….(new experience forces me to use too much mouse, hides to me vital info i need and to have it at a glance)

    Never possible in Metro ambient, NEVER …NEVER….

    So which chance i can give???

    I'm not a chichatter, immersive experience as offered, is a full small holes in the bottle of water that leaks it….

    Wait a while, you'll have empty bottle!!

    At RTM stage, there are too much bugs, and yeah, Mr. Sinofsky said, feel free to list them on W8 forum,

    and i say to him, do you read all messages in the blogs?????????

    I'm a 20 years Microsoft lover and user, i miss Bill GAtes, but Metro is not for desktops and notebooks, where you usally need not only basic functions, furthermore hided behind charm bar, settings(two steps instead, having all in menu bar as all standard programs, that are moveable, resizable and overlapping) that experience is called Windows!!! …. well elegantly presented in a fully customizable Aero theme!!

    And 8 has nothing to do with it, remove the features, mean loose customers, OEM vendors, PC manifacturer that has built Fast processors, excellent performance GPU to perfect render Aero!!!!!

    As you now well described, we do not need faster CPU, few gig graphic cards…. oh yeah you'll have more battery life!!!

    On Desktops???

    On Notebooks(the battery life in nowadays is limited by tecnology, not software – look a Apple macbook, excellent and faster, aero rendering, long life battery)

    Know what?

    8 remain in my notebook until RTM, on my I3 desktop connected to a 32" led TV is unusable, miles with mouse…. and where's my Media Center???

    huh, in 7 is free, why downgrade and pay twice to have it?

    We are going to give a chance 1000 times, until they remove istead add, will not mean we buy!!!

    And trolls/haters, mean testers that give negative feedbacks?

  447. @DMack

    1) Metro works here:

    a) tablets      STILL SMALL MARKET SHARE



    d) boats       FOR WHAT?




    h) terminal input devices        SINGLE FUNCTION DEVICE WITH SELF OS LOADED

    i) home automation panels        SINGLE FUNCTION DEVICE WITH SELF OS LOADED


    k) interactive sings and billboards

    l) and more…


    a) dekstop PCs     THE MOST MARKET SHARE

    b) laptops         STILL AFTER DESKTOPS

    c) netbooks        HUH, IT ARE GOING TO BE REPLACED BY TABLETS(android and ios on top)

    May i comment more?????

  448. shahin says:

    guys , you still complain about start menu?!! haven't you get tired !  get over it and grow up a little .

  449. Peppe says:

    Hi Steven, I notify to you that the random freeze problem present into the CP version of Windows 8 is still here!!! It's very annoying having to reset every time the machine without knowing what actually happened. Report this problem to your team before it's too late!!! #epicfail

  450. Eric Hill says:

    Well, after finally figuring out how to get my Hotmail account configured in the Metro Mail app and having my e-mail appear there for a couple days, it suddenly disappeared.  The Mail app is now a completely blank screen with the word "Mail" at the upper left.  I thought maybe it forgot my Hotmail account, so I went to Settings > Accounts, but it still lists my Hotmail account.

    Also, there seems to be a common problem with the Metro Calendar app and the Windows Phone Calendar app.  Both of these apps are showing appointments that shouldn't be there and multiple copies of both correct and incorrect appointments.  I entered a Microsoft Answers topic on this, but Microsoft Answers seems to have changed and I can't find my topic anymore (it used to list my topics when I would log in to Answers.)

    On the bright side, summer is here, so maybe the summer interns who wrote all these apps are back on campus now to fix all the bugs.


  451. i have Windows 8 Release Preview setup on my desktop with two monitors. i really don't understand how Microsoft has chossen to implement multi-monitor support with Metro.

    first of all, i like having two taskbars. i really do, it's very nice! but i feel like it's an excuse, a cop out for bad metro implementation. why is it i can not run two metro apps at the same time across two monitors? seriously, why not? two metro applications run quit well on the same monitor, yet if i try and span my applications across two monitors, one monitor always gets kicked back to the desktop. i really don't understand why Microsoft is working so hard to make me like the new start menu, and yet it's not able to run well across two monitors. but it's not only that i can't use two Metro applications at the same time, i can't even really use one when a second monitor comes into play.  if when watching a movie in or listening to music in the new Metro applications on one monitor, and I'm trying to work in the other monitor, there will come a time when i need to open up a new desktop program. so i open the start menu on my primary monitor, and my movie on the secondary monitor gets interrupted and kicked back to the desktop. boy do Metro application feel useful then! certainly, i can pin my favorite desktop program to the taskbar, but one day i'll need a program that's not pinned to the taskbar, and i'll have to open the start menu. in a very jarring and annoying way, whatever Metro application i had running will quickly be gone.

    A: i can not use two Metro Applications at the same time in a multi monitor setup (one monitor must always be in desktop mode)

    B: i can not use one Metro Application when using desktop mode on a separate monitor. as soon as i launch the start menu, any metro applications will be gone. (one monitor must always be in desktop mode)

    because of these design flaws, i CAN NOT fully immerse myself in a Metro experience, no mater how many applications are in the store.

    Metro won't work well with itself across two monitors, and Metro won't work well with the desktop across two monitors. great, i'm buying Windows 8 just to use desktop mode 99% of the time? believe me, i like the ribbon Explorer, Simplified Task Manager, and dual taskbar…. but that's not enough to make a sale. especial with how jarring an experience it is to use Metro. Believe me, i understand Microsoft's race to get Windows on tablets, but Microsoft has taken a powerful multitasking operating system like Windows 7 and completely destroyed that experience in Windows 8. even something as simple as giving us back the Windows 7 Start Menu would solve my gripping. Metro is not fully baked, and unless the code monkeys at Microsoft get some seriously high caffeine coffee, Metro won't be fully backed with the flexibility to be efficient on all platforms. the Windows 7 Start Menu and desktop is more efficient in a multi monitor setup, why can't we have the option back, like what was in the developer preview, to turn off Metro. at least until Microsoft is able to fully implement it and it actually becomes the powerful tool that it's meant to be.

  452. now if only it wasn't so difficult to turn off! SERIOULY, why can't the Shutdown button be next to the "Sign Out" and "Lock" in the drop down menu under your picture in the Start Menu, it's only logical. is a fourth menu option going to kill you! i have never used an operating system as hard to turn off as Windows 8. how embarrassing is it going to be when all these people phone Microsoft after realece because they can't turn their computers off!!!

  453. If only Microsoft had spent (less) time and money to make serious improvements in Windows we would be looking forward with excitement W7.5 or what ever they wanted to call it.  A new Windows release with the traditional Windows workflow that provides support for the newest hardware would be something to behold.  I guess I'll be waiting for Windows 8 Desktop, or Windows 9.

  454. wow says:

    you do not have a good blogging system. my comment is gone or deleted. What a Joke. Get the wordpress and run on a linux box.

  455. Steffo says:

    To You Windows 8 Fanboy/girl:


    Stop try to convince us who don't believe in Windows 8. We don't believe in it because we don't. Nothing can change that, no matter how hard You try to convince us. We aren't interested. And we will continue to give the same feedback until Microsoft start to understand what a huge failure Windows 8 is. As long as we, people with negative feedback, don't get any answers, we will continue to annoy Microsoft with what we really think, because that is what this blog is used for (should be).


    I am a business owner and i would never use Windows 8 LegoBS on any of my computers. It is pure rubbish on desktop computers. It looks like rubbish as well. Ugly ! I wonder what planet the designer came from ?


    The first thing i should block in a corporate environment is the Microsoft Store. The second should be Skydrive. Third: all other stuff that don't belong in a corporation; external email, chatt clients, Facebook and so on. Nothing of that belong in a corporate environment.


    I still use Windows 2000 (SP4), XP and XP x64 due to the lack of backward compability in later OS:es with the software i use and need. Most compability disappeared with Windows Vista, and it didn't return in Windows 7. (I don't see any use of XP mode in Windows 7 either – neither did compability mode help anything) That is why many corporations still use Windows 2000 and the two XP versions. Not many people seem to understand that.


    It will be better when Microsoft hire some new developer team that really do understand what their users really need. Until then there will be no more money for Microsoft from my wallet !

  456. Atanu Ghose says:

    I use a Dell Vostro 3550 – Core i3/8 GB/Win7 Pro / 320 GB HDD / Intel Graphics 3000. I had posted earlier in this forum about the blank screen problem with CP [was not there in the Developers preview]. I tried everything, Win 7 drivers for Intel Graphics 3000, Windows Update driver update upto WDDM 1.2 with no effect. It would not recognise the laptop screen and only an external monitor was usable. I also tried the Microsoft Basic driver, which restores the display on the laptop screen, but @ 1024x 768 [ my native screen resolution is 1366 x 768 so the aspect ratio is screwed] so I reverted back to an external monitor. Then I saw a posting on the 31st of May by the moderator saying that these problems will be sorted out in the RP. So on the 1st of June, as soon as RP was released, I downloaded and installed it. Guess what, it still does not work. So thank you Microsoft for not fixing the problem. I have been a Microsoft Beta tester since 1991 when NT 3.1 Beta was launched and have never been so frustrated in these 21 years, as I am now. If MS can't fix this after 3 releases  of Beta, it is shameful. Mr Steven Sinofsky, is this what you call Windows re-imagined. It leaves everything to imagination since you can't see what is on the screen.

    Can we have resolution to this problem soon, not when Windows 8 is launched? Dell is one of the most popular brands and has a large user base for its Vostro and Inspiron laptops, will Windows 8 re-imagined completely bypass these products. My Dell Vostro 3550 is only 7 months old. Is it obsolete already?

  457. Valkyrie-MT says:

    After using Windows 8 Release Preview a bit, there is a lot to like.  But, here is some feedback…  I found that if I have an app with a photo open when last used and I was app switching from the left edge, I had no clue what that app was, because it had no titlebar.  I don't know if it is skydrive or facebook, or local photo, or photo editor or something else.  Even when I chose the app and brought up the toolbars with a swipe from the bottom, I got a non-descript black bar with a few buttons and STILL had no clue what app I was looking at.  As you swipe from the left, the title should be overlayed on the app and fade away if brought to the foreground.  Also, if you swipe from the bottom to bring up the toolbars, consider having the app title overlayed in the middle of the app translucently.  

    Also, sometimes, I open the share or device charm and "There's nothing to share right now".  If there is nothing to do with a charm, I want the charm greyed out, so I don't waste my time opening it, thinking there is something to do.  Over time, I might not bother with the charms, thinking I already know there is nothing the charms apply to, but that may change over time…  

    Live tiles should pass context into the app.  I tapped the photos tile because it flashed an interesting photo and when it opened, I was shown tons of albums with no clue where that picture was within the albums.  It should have opened in the album containing the picture from the tile.  

    Also, IE10 has locked up a few times and was unresponsive to taps on the right when a secondary app was docked on the left.  But, when I made IE10 full screen, the button worked.  This was on the hotmail web page.  

    Also, you are re-directed to the live settings WEB page when you try to make certain account changes.  That's fine, but the page has small text, is very inefficently laid out and is not as conducive to touch or Metro styled at all.  You know the "Beauty of the Web" HTML5 demos?  How about using some of that stuff on these pages and make it touch-friendly with Metro Style.  

    Also, when I unlock the tablet, windows should presume that this is likely a new user and show the user account icons.  If I had previously used it an hour earlier it shows that last account with a password prompt and a left arrow to get to the account page.  If my 3 or 5 year old picks this up, they are likely to lock the account.  But it they had been presented with the user accounts with their picture, it would work great and they would be able to get right into their games and books.   They pick up the iPad and use it all the time.  I want them to be able to do the same with this.  At the very least, make it an option to always return to the account selection screen after tablet lock.  


  458. (ex-)WindowsFanboy says:

    Having spent a lot of time evaluating both the Consumer Preview and the Release Preview, as a Desktop power-user it's clear that Microsoft have designed Windows 8 for devices with devices with a Small Screen OR a Low Resolution Input Device:

    – phone: small screen AND fat finger input

    – tablet: fat finger input

    – tv: large screen but low res input (some sort of remote, don't see your average plus-size reality TV fan getting up from the sofa all of a sudden and start touch-swiping the channels with their greasy fingers)

    – embedded applications (airport kiosks, in-seat screens on planes, your high-tech fridge/washing machine/toaster, etc.)

    Which leaves those of us with Large Screens AND HiRes Input Devices, i.e. Desktop + Mouse/Tablet users SOL. Metro apps are useless to anyone with a large screen and a mouse, except as clock, weather and stock WIDGETS on the start screen…

    And Microsoft's insistence that the Desktop doesn't need a Start Menu is hypocritical. What exactly is the Lower-left corner + Right click menu if not Start Menu's ugly stepchild!? So wait, Microsoft admits that the Desktop needs a start menu but let's kill the useful, stylish, customizable one and replace it with a hard-to-find, ugly, non-customizable, bare bones one. Seriously?

    While we're at it, let's really neuter Desktop users' experience and kill the, wait-for-it… Fast-and-Fluid Aero experience.

    Effectively Microsoft is giving their Desktop users a big, fat middle finger (oh, the irony…) which leaves me no choice but reciprocate by sticking to 7 on the Desktop and actively supporting the phone and tablet iCompetition. Call it spite if you will, but can you really blame me given Microsoft's stubborn insistence that Desktop experience isn't broken in Windows 8, despite virtually unanimous disagreement from their user base.

  459. Victor says:

    Oh Man! The Aero on Release Preview is sooooo nice! Keep it on final version, please.

    So beautiful!

  460. Adriana says:

    Aero, Aero, Aero, Aero, Aero, Aero, Aero.

    Thank you so much for this awesome visual.

    And for the Metro. I just love Windows 8.

  461. I like what Windows 8 is doing, the mix between metro and the desktop works well for me. One thing that might be missing though is some kind of notification from the desktop to metro. A way for me to know that something on the desktop needs my attention while I'm using metro.

  462. Darren says:

    @Warr8: You have the GREAT Start Screen. Microsoft is telling you it solves all your problems. You need notification from the desktop? For what? Desktop is an "app", so it should support live tiles notification? Who the f*ck cares? Who needs the desktop anymore? Change your workflow. Buy Metro apps. Let Microsoft dictate how you gonna use your computer. Make your machine Metro only so greedy Microsoft can earn commission on every app you purchase.

  463. hadi says:

    my pc crash even long or short period use,memtest 100% coverage still no error detected..i dont wnt migrate to w7 ;(

    need solutions..

  464. Kat says:

    I didn't race in and install the Release Preview, but stayed on the CP.

    From what I've been hearing, that was probably a good move at this stage.

    Seems that many are having significant issues.

  465. Dmack says:

    @ Alex74 and WindowsVista567


    a) tablets     – growing marketshare, useful for consumption, general input and presentations

    b) kiosks       – good for purchasing tickets, receiving gneral information, atm at banks, room general information at hotels, malls, etc..

    c) cars          – navigation, radio, temp controls, call for help, auto crash detection uses your phone to automatically call for help through nfc/bluetooth or 3g to a service etc.., radio and entertainment, adjusting evironment (seats, lighting), car diagnostics, general maintenance information, locator, alerted if your car needs to be moved, auto pay parking meeter, alert over the phone, lock doors remotely via phone/pc, get a alert if your alarm goes off etc…

    d) boats      – similar as car, find fish, weather.

    e) trucks     –  same as car, check load, monitor mileage, gas,

    f) phones     –  growing marketshare, multiple uses (as we all know), entertainment

    g) tvs           – good for presentation in meetings, can use a handheld with metro or phone to interact with content, change channels, volume, know what's up next, receive ads etc..

    h) terminal input devices/handhelds  – one at each table in restaurant, purchasesing, card processing, ordering, provide general customer information/feedback such as displaying the menu at resturant, when food will be ready, change the music, order more drinks/food, alert waitress/attendant etc.., product inventory,

    i) home automation panels   – home temperature, adjust blinds/lighting, home diagnostics, home alarm system, alarm notification via phone, show home cameras on phone or on display panel, fire/smoke alert, monitor electricity and water usage.

    j) home appliances     – washing machine alerts when cloths is ready, machine diagnostics, better control over water and electricity usage, fridge keeps records of what is needed to buy/ offers recipes,  sends you list or alerts on phone, AC comes on only when you are just about to arrive home. All these will save you time and money

    k) interactive sings and billboards – consumption and provides information, or interactivity.

    l) glasses – new market…hands free with use similar to handhelds and phones

    m) vending machines – new market…purchase drinks, mix drinks, food, receive anvertisements,

    n) arcade games – new games, new markets

    o) and more…


    a) dekstop PCs     – saturated market

    b) laptops         – saturated market

    c) netbooks        – saturated market

    What more can i say?

  466. Dave says:

    Its a shame you are removing Aero to be honest as this new flat aero look in the RP looks very nice although the process bars are a bit dull compared to the glass effect. Please at the very least give us the option to keep it!

    I also agree with the calls to add a shutdown option on the start screen. Having it in the settings button makes no sense at all.

  467. ReMark says:

    Also bring back some customization…

  468. Darren says:

    This annoying charms clock is scrambled sometimes. and charms pop up even when mouse is not touching any of the rightside hot corners.

  469. Darren says:

    Ugly annoying charms clock scrambled:

  470. Man_the_feedback_machine says:

    Dear Steven,

    Given you have invited comments to your blog post, I think it would be helpful if your team could mount a timely (if not realtime) response to the feedback you are receiving. Best wishes, MTFM

  471. Mihai says:

    When should I be expecting the RTM version?

  472. pmbAustin says:

    @shawnm46 makes an excellent point about Metro dual monitor support.  Start shouldn't make your Metro app go away, and Metro apps should be displayable on multiple monitors at once.

    @Darren makes an excellent point about Start-Screen Search… in addition to not being able to get 'back' to your search results, it's extremely annoying that you have to manually click/touch "settings" if you're typing a setting name… I've seen all sorts of great suggestions on how to make this better… whether it's "default to the first cateogry that has actual hits, and don't show 0 hits in Apps if there are hits in other categories, or to just by default combine Apps and Settings in the results and let you filter by touching/clicking a category…

    I made another point about how the upper-left corner (which will take you back to the last app, or allow you to list all running apps to select one) behaves oddly with the Start Screen… if you only have one Metro app running (the one you're looking at), mousing up to the upper-left does nothing.  No "back" to the start screen that you just came from.  When you combine this start-screen oddness with the oddness both @shawnm46 and @Darren bring up, it's clear that you need some usability and consistency refinement in this area.

    Please consider it, or at least respond to these issues … at the very least, let us know you've read them and are aware of them.

  473. Darren says:


    The Start Screen Search ist not worth anything. This artificial distinction between apps, settings and files is odd. An normally you would first display ALL results and then let the user apply a filter. So it should be that while the cursor is in the textinput field all results are shown and then the user can click one of the 3 filters to only display what he is looking for.

    But as said the distinction is odd. Websites that have been added to the Start Screen show up as "Apps" in that search.

  474. andrewz says:

    @Darren: Don't forget that you can also search from ordinary file explorer via Ctrl+F shortcut.  Or you can use the search bar which stands next to address bar.

  475. Darren says:

    Another Start Screen search weirdness is if you conduct a search. If you type your search phrase and then select files and then click into the text input field then everyhing below the text input field moves down and your search phrase is getting shown in that area offering some kind of search history.

    The weirdness is that this only happends with file search.

    @andrewz: CTRL+F does not work from within the Start Screen. And if you compare search results from the Start Screen search with the results from an Explorer search you will see that there are significant differences , so this is not a substitute function. Try it yourself searching for desktop: While explorer finds tons of files, Metro Start Screen Search does not find any (at least in my case). And while Explorer does not find any settings containing the term "desktop" Metro Start Screen Search finds multiple settings.

  476. Meh says:

    Metro is nice and all, but It just doesn't look as good as Aero.  I won't upgrade unless the option to use Aero themes is there. Functionality matters, but visuals matter too. Apple didnt get to where they are with functionality. People buy their junk because it looks pretty. Metro is nice but it is divisive, some don't like it. With Aero, pretty much everyone liked it (people even sued over NOT being able to use it in the vista capable problem!)

    Saying something is "dated and cheesy" does not make it dated and cheesy. People love windows 7 in general. You're changing it in the wrong place.

    I don't care if there's a disjunction in the visuals between metro land and the desktop, I'm a power user who isn't going to use anything but the desktop anyway. I really do want the performance benefits and multimonitor support, but I'd rather spend most of my time in a desktop environment that's visually pleasing to me than one that isn't. Its not that metro is bad. But compared to Aero, it feels like a serious visual downgrade. I don't care what's the default, but if Aero isn't an option (by either a registry hack, control, whatnot) Then I won't be upgrading any of my 6 machines. Just make it an add on, downloadable theme at least. Just *some way* to have it, and i will upgrade. Not having it is a deal breaker, and I guess i'd be sticking with DisplayFusion for multimonitor support for the next few years, until hopefully windows 9 fixes this awful misdirection.

  477. CertificatesBite says:

    It seems there are some issues trusting internal Certificate Authorities.  Windows 8 gives me the "This certificate has an invalid digital signature"  error on the certs for our intermediate and root CA, yet no other OS has any problems with it.  BTW, whoever did the certificate rework for windows server 2008+ needs to be taken out back and shot, they took what used to be  5 minute process and turned it into a multihour hell in some cases.  God forbid you need a web server certificate for an internal web server that isn't on the domain….

  478. Markus Welby says:

    I definitely like the clean look of the component controls. Very well done! The UI in general for the desktop view is sleek and clean as well.

    I have Windows 8 installed on a lenovo X220 tablet. Here are my thoughts on it. Contrary to popular belief, with Windows 7, if you configure things correctly (scaled up components and such), you can actually get a decent touch experience.

    The desktop experience on windows 8 with touch is a great improvement.

    There is an addition that I think is necessary in Windows Explorer: Select Multiple.

    As of right now, it is frustrating to select files in non-sequential order without a mouse and keyboard. Even though a virtual keyboard is available, cntrl selecting didn't seen to work, and even it if did, it would be awkward to do so. While there is a checkbox selection method, you have to touch a precise corner on the file icon, or else you lose your entire selection. It happens much too often.

    Since there is already a Selection section in the ribbon, I think a toggle-able Select Multiple button would solve this issue.

  479. Wow, the Building Windows 8 site is getting so bizarre.  Generally speaking the scene consists of a bunch of serious, informed users imploring and begging Microsoft to build a product so that the said users will continue to purchase products from Microsoft.

    The RP is really a mess on my Mac Pro.  So little work was done between the CP and the RP that I wonder what the point was of calling it a release preview.  There is not enough function in either the few things I like or in the multitude of things I don't like to give me any realistic idea of what the final product will be.  How can I lean to love wonderful Metro apps that aren't fully functional? Got a metric for that?

    Metro is so crappy on a 24in display that I'm going to dump my Windows 8 boot drive and reinvent it as data drive.  I always need more data drives for archiving so there is no reason to waste a 500GB drive on W8 Release Preview.

    I think I'll try it on my MBP and see if Metro might have a raison d'être on a 15in laptop. Not quite sure if Bootcamp will install on W8. I'll find out tonight.  Please, Microsoft, if you want to convince us (detractors) that Windows 8 is so great then release a fully functional version soon.  I'm tired of playing the frustrating beta game and reading users rightfully complaining about limited functionality.  Can a fully functional Metro email app be that hard?

  480. pmbAustin says:

    "Can a fully functional Metro email app be that hard?"


    As I said before:  Win8/Metro will rise or fall based on the strenght of the Metro Apps themselves.  And right now, they're really, really weak.  And with only 3 months to "finish" them before RTM… that's a lot of new work to do right before release.  Mail, Video, Photos, Camera, … all the base apps need to rock out of the box.  And they manifestly do not.

    Coming late as this stuff is, it has to at LEAST have parity with equivalent iPad apps.  The Mail app in particular is very lame.

    And what MS should be is a point of convergence.  Apple has all it's own "apple" things.  Google has all its own "google" things. But if I use Win8, I should be able to use and manipulate apple, google, micorosoft, whomever calendars… emails… image stores… cloud servers…

    And I'm not seeing that either.

  481. Martin says:

    A few problems with multiple boot:

    I have three systems installed (xp, 7 and 8RP) but while installing 8RP (on top of 8CP) it added a fourth entry to boot menu, "previous versions of windows", selecting it just give error message followed by reboot.

    xp failes to load after installing w8RP.

    W7 regional setting was changed after installing 8RP, causing LOT of problems with excel files due to changed decimal separator.

    There are two different boot menus (W7 style and W8 style), which one I see on boot depends on which system was last used.

    These cannot be by design, right?

  482. Darren says:


    That´s it. You have just named it: There is no "microsoft" way. But Microsoft tries to mimic Google and Apple. But this is not what Windows is about. Windows is a swiss knife. At home in any environement. Laughing about the limitations Google and Apple are imposing on their users. Now with W8 Microsoft tries to do it the Microsoft way. Which is a huge failure. Microsoft never will be as cool as Apple or Google or trendy like Facebook. No matter how hard they try. Look at Zune, Kin or the Windows Phone.

    So from my point of view by trying to be like Apple or Google, they are heading 100% wrong direction. Instead Microsoft should show how limited it is what the competitors offer.

  483. temp says:

    can you change the mouse icons in windows 8 to the one you use in green on the xbox smartglass demo.…/capturemea.png

  484. Steve says:

    Steven:  I cannot even test RP because I refuse to wipe my CP install and reconfig everything!  Why couldn't you have built RP to upgrade seamlessly from CP just I installed CP over W7?

    I also hope that 3rd party Start icons are not blocked…this would 2 x epic failure.

    Extremely disappointing.

  485. Yannick says:

    Big issue after enabling Hyper-V. I had to restart to make the change and at the restart I received "Unknow harderror". All titles except the desktop and the store have disappeared. All pinned items to taskbar also. I can't search for a programs..

    after a second reboot random titles appeared but not the pinned items…

    I will reinstall.

  486. Yannick says:


    The weather app show Offline and doesn't update when I create a Hyper-V switch

  487. Hubris says:

    So disappointed that the team that designed Office 2007 and Windows 7 is actually going release this misshapen mess.

    Releasing it when the desktop experience is half-baked is understandable – the real world has tight timelines.  

    But forcing everyone to use it when it's half-baked is unforgivable.  

    And tying all your new initiatives – Metro, App Store, new XBox features – to an OS that everyone is going to avoid like Vista is stupid.

    If you were serious about your new platform, you would've made upgrading from Windows 7 a no-brainer.  "Don't like the Metro stuff?  No problem, you can turn it off, it's still faster, it still has the App Store and all these other improvements."  Instead, you're tying all your new initiatives to an awkward and unfinished user experience.  Just look at Visual Studio – it's clear that, for all your focus on simple tablet apps, you have no idea how "real" apps are supposed to work in a Metro environment.

    (Not to mention that, as the only desktop app designed for Windows 8, the Visual Studio installer dumps a pile of ugly icons, including something called "MP Uninstaller", on my Start Screen.  How can you look at that and think it's in any way acceptable?)

    At this point, it looks like Microsoft deserves to lose the tablet wars on hubris alone.

  488. Eric Hill says:

    Have you considered the possibility that the app tiles on the Start screen are not visually distinct enough?  As I've tried to use Windows 8, I find that I hit the Start key and I'm presented with this sea of tiles that all have a romper room color (that I cannot set), a plain white icon and tiny text.  My eye is not drawn to what I'm looking for, and I end up scanning a long time to find, say, Mail or Internet Explorer.  The Sports app doesn't even have text.  

    Contrast this with my wife's iPad.  The tiles may be "dead", but they are highly visually distinct.  When I want to play "Where's My Water?", I already have a visual picture of what that tile looks like, so it is easy to find.  It is far more distinct from other app tiles on the iPad than Metro tiles are from one another.

    I also think you need more sizes than small and large for the tiles.  On my 23" monitor, I'd like to make Mail and IE twice as big as the large size to make them easier to spot.  Of course, if the tiles were more visually distinct, maybe I wouldn't need the size contrast.

    One more thing: No time and date display on the Start screen.  My Windows Phone has it.  Why not my computer?


  489. WindowsVista567 says:

    Windows Team,

    Please make the brightness control continuous (with smaller step) rather than straight away 20% jump when using the laptop control or Windows control. Currently, in Windows 7 and 8 if my brightness is 100% and i start lowering it from the keyboard button, it will hop to 80% on first press then 60% then 40% and then 20% and thats all. In Mac, it would dim the screen more fluidly and continuous (perhaps they set the step to 1%  rather 20%) and the most amazing thing is: they lowest brightness is 0% (totally dark screen) which makes sense.

    I hope you will consider it for future release and thank you for bringing making Windows OS better and better.

  490. steve says:

    I have noticed that in my upgrade of windows 7 to the windows 8 RP that direct access is not working.  the GP was applied and the tunnels are up, but for some reason I don't have connectivity.  it was working on the consumer preview, but not on this version.

  491. Burhan says:

    awesome changes in explorer window, really like the inbuilt image Mounting Feature.

  492. Maybe I should have been a bit more specific on my last post.

    When I'm talking about notifications from the desktop to metro, I'm not talking about notifications from any specific desktop applications (like email apps, IMs or others). What I would like to see is for the desktop to maybe be a bit more of a metro app actually.

    Currently, when a window needs attention, the taskbar button flashes to let us know that we should check it. Maybe this action could also display a toast notification from the "Desktop app" if not currently in use. That way the system can inform us that something has happened on the desktop and if we want to, we can go and check it out.

    And of course, anyone should be able to activate/deactivate it in the notification settings like any other metro apps.

  493. SteveOZ says:

    "dated and cheesy", well take a look at ANY Linux GUI and you'll be living in the 1990's. Come to think of it, Windows Explorer has the pink and yellow colored tabs, kinda like IBM OS/2 Warp version 4

  494. Michael says:

    Just finished moving back from using Apple products. Windows 8 on an UltraBook + Windows Phone + Xbox + SkyDrive + Window Live = superb ecosystem. Now just need a decent W8 tablet!

  495. andrewz says:

    @Darren: I'm not saying that today's state is ideal. I just try to help you. 🙂 I would vote for allowing the start menu to be snapped to the edge of the screen as shown here…/BetatestingWindows8ReleasePreview .

    @temp: That would be a nice option in Metro UI. It would nicely correspond to the control button in the now-playing track timeline in Music app. :o)

  496. daniel says:

    Remove the desktop all together and make it possible to add a redesigned (metro styled) taskbar to the startscreen. Or something else where it is easy to see which applications are currently running, apps and ordinary applications.

    Let the startscreen be the new desktop…

  497. Darren says:

    @Eric Hill  

    I am seeing lots of issues with the tiles as well. And you are absolutely right: Not to be able to change the colours of the tiles is abhorrent. What shall I do with these pink, purple and orange tiles? Do I want my desktop to look g*y? How poor is that? I buy an app and the programmer of that app can force any g*y colour on me? Like pink on a green background and I cannot do anything? What kind of concept is this? There are way too many tiles you just hate. Just for their colour. Microsoft really needs to implement a colour changer for the tiles to override the colour chosen by the developer.

    But you are also right about what you call a visual picture. Although the idea of Metro is about easy to follow icons, it simply does not work the way it is implemented. I second that the icons quality is abhorrent and they are not as easy to distinguish from each other as the regular icons.  But this is something throughout the Metro style: Absence of good icons and way too much text. Microsoft did not realize that it is much harder to read, understand and memorize text than icons. But it clearly a word consists of several letters aka symbols. While an icon is only one symbol. So what is easier to recognize and to remember? The settings page is a really good example of how bad it is: You need to really read through all text categories and really THINK about what you are looking for. That´s simply not intuitve. Not at all. It is hard work using this.

    But also what Microsoft calls icons is not easy to use. On Start Screen when you turn on live tiles it is hard as well. The simple icon that you have memorized gets exchanged by dynamically always changing content and you have to rethink and reread your tiles any time as they look different all the time. And additionally Microsoft stripped away anything that might help you to remember a tiles position. If you have a bunch of tiles and start scrolling through them with your mouse you get lost easily. Then you have to start reading again.

    The concept also fails as there is no way to set the time between changes and refreshes of the tiles, which leads to the ridicuolus situation that I am having exactly 1 picture in my photo album and although there is absolutely no change there, the live tile keeps flickering and scrolling always the same picture. Same with the news app: Showing exactly one headline over and over. Usuallyl the idea was to have dynamically updating tiles whenever there is a change. Now these are dynamic tiles which change for the sake of changing making the entire Start Screen a pile of hysterically scrolling and flickering and ever changing squares with ZERO information value. This Start Screen is good for nothing. It is annoying and after a minute watching these dumb tiles scrolling around I turn them off. They have ZERO value.

    @andrewz: It would have been a much better concept to have the Start Screen (Menu) attached to the desktop. There would have been so many ways to make this so much better and more intuitive.

    My neck really starts hurting. I need to stop shaking my head over Windows 8. But I can´t. It is just so terrible what Microsoft has done to Windows.

  498. NoThanks says:

    It all started when I bought a Windows 7 tablet, the obvious reason is to be able to upgrade it to Window 8 in the future. Then I started previewing Windows 8 with every release, download it install it on my desktop and try to work on it. But based on my experience on the desktop so far, I hate Metro so much that I wouldn’t like to install it on my tablet even if it has a lot to offer in that factor over previous versions of the OS.

    The main point of Windows Everywhere is to have a continuation of the experience, not the same experience on all factors. A car does not give you the same experience as a bike, let alone a horse. Microsoft is telling us to drive our cars like we ride a horse, they must be hiring some real geniuses over the past few years in the UX department.

    The equation is simple: You force me to use (and develop) on the Metro UI in my desktop, that is stupid and I refuse to do so…I start disliking all Metro stuff, including my Windows Phone 7. I switch my phone to a blackberry, I stick with Windows 7 on my desktop and I buy a Samsung tablet with Android,. The only reason I would ever develop on your cr@ppy Metro is if my work was depending on it and thankfully it does not, you can keep your ugly UI.

  499. prams says:

    pongada kongapayalukala

  500. I'm looking forward to Windows 9 when all of the obvious issues of using Metro with a mouse and keyboard are properly addressed. As it stands, Windows 8 is probably going to be great for tablets, but it's horrible on a conventional desktop with a large monitor, or multiple monitors.

    The two biggest problems by far are I cannot zoom the tiles out to a size comfortable to my needs, and second there is nothing analogous to a program group making the list horrible and linear. But they're not the only issues. There is no easy way to sort lists or drag and drop whole blocks, and rearranging tiles is horribly counter intuitive due to the way they wrap around and rearrange

    It's clear to me that in the rush to make Windows "tablet ready" they've forgotten to make it "desktop ready". That's a huge risk IMO since it threatens to cause a rift even larger than the one that happened with Windows Vista.

  501. Jason Rossiter says:

    Windows 8 Release Preview causes my machine (HP Omni 220, Core i7, 8GB RAM) to lock up constantly, usually after only about 5-10 minutes minutes of use.  The system will freeze – the mouse will still move around the screen, but does nothing.  Didn't seem to matter what I was doing, or whether I was on the Start screen, in an app, or on the Desktop.  Only way out was to yank the power cord or reset with the power button.  I ran Consumer Preview on this same device with no issues.  

  502. @locka99:

    I agree with most of what you said, except for the part about Windows 8 being great for tablets, Microsoft is heading for a disaster that of epic proportions.

    First the tablet experience, once you get past that first week of exploring the new OS, is extremely lacking. Garish colors, poor usability and the combination of corners, charms and keyboard shortcuts feel like a reactionary design process where functionality was repeatedly added, when someone realized that there was no way to do 'X', and some dev team implemented a solution with little thought toward the overall design.

    After the first week of playing on my Asus Ep-121, I started to get serious about actually using the tablet as my primary information, note taking and presentation device. It was just a continuos parade of useless apps and a more limited desktop experience that had me running back to Windows 7 with a sigh of relief after a month.

    In addition, Microsoft has made it very clear that Windows 8 was focused on consumers. Their traditional business customer was not only ignored, they were actively dismissed in a design that no sane IT department would ever think about rolling out to their users. This is a monumental mistake as the only real market Microsoft has for their Windows 8 tablets was businesses.

    There is no way Microsoft is going to be able to compete on price with the iPad and Android tablets, the estimated $100 per device cost for the OS alone makes that impossible, particularly when you figure in the higher hardware costs needed to run Windows 8. Businesses are the only market that would overlook the price if the combination of Windows 8 on the desktop, tablet, phone and Windows 2012 server made for an acceptable user experience, it doesn't, that reduced development costs as internal developers could target the single platform.

    There is no substantial consumer market for Windows 8 on a tablet as the iPad genreation has been brought up to beleive Microsoft = evil, Apple = good and the Linux fans are only going to look at Android. Even a superior tablet OS from Microsoft would be unable to penetrate this market, let alone Windows 8.

    It is too late for Microsoft to change course without a major delay in release, at least a year, but even the costs associated with that decision would be preferable to their current course. But they will continue to bull ahead and destroy their relationship with business, forcing Metro on Server 2012 will see to that, while gaining no offsetting market share elsewhere.

  503. @Microsoft:

    Here are some key points you should defenetly improve on the final product:

    1. File/Folder navigation or selection using Metro

    Quick exemple: When using the music App – it takes way too long to navigate through folders to add music to play – The 'select all' option won't workr

    How about copying/Moving files using Metro? It's not polished at all.

    Metro is usuable using mouse keyboard – but it's not that convenient.

    2. Make 'real' Metro style Apps not just a small Mail App years behind any mail client. Also – why would a Calendar App require a Microsoft ID and internet connection? Say If I use iCal (on OS X) or Outlook – I dont require an internet connection to manage my calendar events.

    3. An easier way to power off the computer

    4. Unified search option – consider the following example: Typing 'ABC' would return results for Apps/Settings AND files.

    5. When selecting WiFi network: it would be interesting to see a padlock for secured neworks and directly see the network encryption type right away.

    6. Improve Windows Search responsiveness: why is Spotlight (search engine on OS X) much faster than WIndows search when it has the same usage? It's an actual question not a troll

    7. Could you integrate a filesystem monitoring utility built in Windows? On OS X – FSEventer (see does a wonderful job at doing it.

    It basically monitors any filesystem changes in realtime and shows all files currently used for each open App on the computer when monitoring is enabled.

    I noticed that you improve the help section in WIndows. It's more user friendly than it used to be. Good work!

  504. I've had a chance to use release preview a little bit more this week, I think Microsoft design teams have done a fantastic job with the new look and feel.

    However, there is a major loss of context and speed when switching between Metro and desktop apps. Users will get lost and mouse / touchpad users will hate swooping into corners etc…

    THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE: the taskbar needs to be across both Metro and the desktop. This will provide context and fast app switching. It will also pull the two worlds together so they do not feel completely separated.

    The taskbar should look and work the same way across all devices. It should have the option to be pinned visible or removed by sliding in/out from the side of screen. This should be Microsoft's signature.

    Also, the existing task list in Metro is flawed, it contains scaled down screenshots of the apps and these pictures are slower to recognize than icons, take more screen space and their position is constantly changing. This is a much inferior taskbar than the desktop version.

    Good luck with your work before the RTM.

  505. Darren says:

    @Mr. Sinfofsky

    I boot into W8 like 10 times a day. Because I like the speed. But then always huge disappointment hits me. The Start Screen looks ugly. The tiles are way to big on my 22'' screen. The icons are ugly. The colours are ugly. Only my nice blu background is nice.

    On desktop the hot corner start screen thumb just got into my way when I wanted to open Internet Explorer which is pinned to my task bar, so the Start Screen popped up and I had to go back. And last time when I wanted to hit the start menu thumb it disappeared so quickly that I accidently hit the Internet Explorer icon which is pinned to my taskbar. So IE opened and when I tried to close it, the charms  faded in. At least without the horrific clock. But still annoying. I can´t tell you how much of an annoyance this whole thing is. I know you don´t care but really: Everytime I shutdown W8 I am so happy to leave this c*ap and go back to my XP machine. This is not an os it is a nightmare.

  506. Haha says:

    Metro on Desktop is a epic fail!

  507. stavitian says:

    Where i can send issues to?

    I am having issues with ricoh SD card reader driver (integrated on t410) and skype that were not there on CP.

    It is making my experience with RP a little worst than CP and i hopefully see them fixed by final release.

    Thanks windows team for your hard work.

    And to every windows hater out there. Metro is here to stay. I can do anything 2 times faster than on xp now.

    The interface is so intuitive and powerful. Glad i used the it the couple of weeks needed for me to destroy my mental structures and be able to learn a new UI.

    Maybe it was as difficult as moving from 3.11 to 95 , but in the end, it pays.

  508. I think Windows 8 will be a very good tablet operating system but unfortunately for a desktop operating system I feel like the interface is a big enough detractor for most people to stick with Windows 7.  I just can not see the logic in forcing a start menu to a full screen experience?  I can just imagine the help desk e-mailing a client and asking them to perform certain steps and then the client finding out they can no longer view the start menu and an e-mail at the same time.  So I can just imagine that people are going to start printing or writing things down in order to work around it.  I really like the majority of Windows 8 but Metro is the killer especially for businesses.  I really think they need to have an install option at the very beginning asking for a platform of desktop, laptop, tablet and so forth with defaults based on what would work best for that platform.  Worst case scenario make it an option for the metro background to be semi transparent like aero so you can see atleast a few things going on behind it.  Plus allow the metro start menu items to scale a bit so they can be made smaller.  I am sure there must be an option to group things in metro instead of dumping everything on one screen but it is not as intuitive as anything Microsoft has had for a long time.  I think Metro is the way things are going but I will be waiting for a business OS and not a tablet OS till I decide to upgrade from Windows 7.  The benefits do not outweigh the negatives unfortunately.

  509. Anonymous says:

    The Metro and Desktop fight here, remembers me a fight I had with a friend about using same game on different plataforms. Using "Skyrim" on PC vs xbox360. It was funny when he realize all I can do with my mouse/keyboard vs the things he can't do with his controllers.

    Now with Metro things turn around, probably my friends tablet will do more than I with my mouse/keyboard. This will be funny if we were not talking about something that has more uses than games and it's used for serious matters.

    I only have one hope, this is still not the final product. Remember how much money cost MS add 256MB ram to xbox360? how much will cost you if you did not add that ram? This is same thing, you are still on time, give people the ability to choose between Metro and Desktop. Same goes to Start button.

  510. Beta tester says:

    Update the icon of "Windows Defender", because is ugly, and reminds the bad original Windows Defender of Vista, the Windows Defender of Windows 8 (MSE) is a great software, for that icon; update please the icon.

    Also, update to the theme of Windows 8:…/81999237.png

    And let´s see, retouch a little Windows Media Player in appearance, starting with the, ugly background dark aurora.

  511. I've got to be honest, in my attempt to call a spade a spade I've said some nasty things about Windows 8 and Metro.  All of them are true by the way.  I did have a pleasant Windows 8 experience today.

    Having no love for Metro on a 24in display I quickly installed the CP today on a 15in MBP.  I crammed the installation together while getting ready for work so I could take the laptop with me an fiddle with it at lunch.  Then after returning home tonight I would set up the wallpaper, user picture and other details.

    To my surprise the new W8 installation found my desktop, user pictures, and favorites via SkyDrive.  I didn't even know that my desktop computer's configuration was uploaded.  While slightly scary it's a great feature that saved me some time.  Excellent work Microsoft, dare I say almost Apple-like in how well the process worked?

  512. Building as Beta tester says:

    Shame, in Spanish Metro Start the word "Documents" nothing:

    But go BUG


    In Consumer Preview (Documents): Documents (Good)

    In Preview Release (Documents): Docume… (Wrong)

    Containing the same and being the same number of letters.

    Fix please.

  513. Building as Beta tester says:

    Shame, in Spanish Metro Start the word "Documentos" nothing:

    But go BUG


    In Consumer Preview (Documents): Documents (Good)

    In Preview Release (Documents): Docume… (Wrong)

    Containing the same and being the same number of letters.

    Fix please.

  514. Mitjah says:

    Will there be an option to install additional language packs to the CP preview before W8 will become available?

  515. Really says:

    Did they build a tablet OS and just say screw it lets use it for everything to save time. This is a mess on desktop systems. If it roles out like this it will be another OS that companies skip. No way I subject our users to this. I want to keep my job.

  516. @Steven Sinofsky, the Windows Team, and All Blog Readers

    This post will be the last of my comments on this blog. The Windows 8 Release Preview has been launched, and other than a few things that have already been mentioned, I do not expect any major changes from the Release Preview to General Availability. I can finally say that, despite its flaws, Windows 8 is a good operating system, and I am pleased with the job that the Windows team has done.

    If anyone was offended by my comments on previous posts, I apologize. If any of my comments were percieved as offensive, annoying, or "trolling," it was unintentional, and I am sorry.

    To Steven Sinofsky and the Windows Team, good luck releasing Windows 8. I look forward to seeing the final product.

  517. @andrewz

    That isn't a simple visual bug, but rather a design choice.  in the case where you are closing a bunch of tabs this design allows for you to quickly close them — deferring the tab resize allows for this.  We don't resize the tab until you move the mouse.

  518. andrewz says:

    @Steven Sinofsky: You resize the tab even when my mouse cursor remains in the area of the tab.

  519. Hemant Singh says:

    Steven : Thx to you & your team . I am downloading  the release preview of windows 8.

  520. Y.M.T says:

    Now… if only OEMs start building hybrid laptop-tablet (like Asus Transformer) with Intel/AMD x86 processor in it… this Windows 8 would be a perfect OS for both business and general consumer (not sure for geeks though) — Hybrid OS for Hybrid Hardware

  521. sagar says:

    eduthonde poda kopppae

  522. @Y.M.T:

    Actually, I used a bluetooth keyboard with my Asus EP-121 and found the whole experience extremely lacking. But I agree with you that to even get close to usable, that is the only form factor that I would look at if I chose to spend my own cash on a Windows 8 tablet.

    But at this point, I have no plans to.

  523. Simple Suggestion says:

    This should be able to make it to RTM seems simple enough…Not sure if it is already possible but i am not seeing any use of tapping and holding, or double tapping features in Windows 8 on touchscreens specifically when it comes to the hot corners.

    For example holding down your thumb in the corners shows up the charms or switches you back to the start screen or offers you additional menus and options. This would help you navigate the hot corners better. Also it would be nice if the holding time/tapping time was adjustable in settings (similar to mouse settings).  Also it could be emulated with the mouse by double clicking in the hot/corners?  They would not interfere with the holding of the device because there really isn't any reason your thumb would be up or down in those corners. The reason is because i still have a little trouble reaching the hot corners when remotely connected via a VM or remote desktop connection.


  524. danadak says:

    Attempted install on 2Ghz AMD Athlon, Win8 said processor too slow, aborted install ?

    Regards, Dana.

  525. danadak says:

    I had similar problem with Windows 8 Release Preview 64bit. The installator told me that "media drivers" are required. Although I had I selected them from my harddrive, they were not accepted. 32bit version works fine (if I omit all the imperfections of a software that is still in development).

  526. David Larson says:

    I have had a few problems- I wanted an upgraded IE. Somehow this morphed into Windows 8. I do not like the absence of a start menu, and a shut-off button, and the programs that have gone missing from my computer- Word, Photoshop, for example. Some things seem easy to operate, but again, they seem to be addressed to tablet/smart phone users, and not to someone who is used to desktops.

  527. @Steven

    off topic

    Do you have planned any way of adding for PC users all retro Windows themes back? I mean… win 95, 98, ME and 2000 (all of them seems the same, but they are quite different each other), windows XP, Vista and 7… I really dream of having the win xp blue theme on my windows 8 PC.

    This themes should have icons, sounds, wallpapers… and so on….

    I'm talking nonsenses?? or a posibility during the time??

    I hope you can deliver us some of those nice Windows retro themes 😀

  528. Darren says:

    Microsoft gave away free tablets to reviewers to ensure positive feedbacks with the Consumer Preview.

    Now with the Release Preview there are no more free tablets, reviewers have to test on their desktop and the critics flow in:…/windows_8_tablet_reviewers_give_thumbs_down_to_windows_8_on_pcs

    Windows 8 on stationary computers is a nightmare. With Windows 7 you pretendet to listen to you users. Now with Windows 8 you don´t care at all.

    Mr. Sinofsky how does it feel knowing this os will fail and being responsible for it?

  529. pmbAustin says:

    Honestly, one of my biggest (of several) usability issues with Windows 8 is the start-screen search defaulting to 'apps only'.  Nine times out of ten when I search, I'm searching for a control panel settings or applet.  In my mind, there aren't any distinctions… and I don't understand why there is such a distinction in the Start Windows search.  Even if all you did was, by default, combine apps and settings in the results, the product would be a hundred times more usable for me.  As it is now, EVERY time I search for something, I end up having to take my hand off the keyboard, move it over to the mouse, and then click the "Settings" option.  Because there are ZERO hits in apps, and exactly 1 hit in settings… why wouldn't it default to selecting that ONE hit?  It's clearly the correct one!  

    I like the categories for FILTERING, but it shouldn't be the case that if there are zero app hits, that I would have to manually select Settings, where hits exist.  It should default to the first category where hits exist.  Or default to a union of results (at the very least, apps and settings) so that I don't have to take this extra step EVERY TIME.  This is probably the most frustrating aspect of the new UI to me.  I got used to most of the other changes, but this one is just constantly and consistently annoying.

  530. Darren says:

    Good job Mr. Sinofsky:

    "which meant that I needed to get information from two different Web pages.

    On Windows 7 or the Mac, I’d have done this by opening two Web pages in two adjacent windows. But in Metro, Windows 8’s primary interface, that’s not possible, because all apps take up the full screen. I could only have one bank site on the screen at a time, and I had to constantly switch between them. (It is possible to have multiple windows in Windows 8’s “desktop” app, which is basically a way to mimic Windows 7 on the new OS. Microsoft, though, clearly expects the new interface to become the dominant way to use Windows, so I’ve tried to spend most of my time using it.)

    The constant switching was annoying enough. But the effort it took to switch was even more trouble. If you’re using a touch-enabled computer, going from one open Web page to another requires swiping from the top of the screen to bring up icons of your open tabs, then tapping on the tab you want—a swipe and a tap, which feels like too much for a simple data entry task. But it’s even worse with a trackpad. To bring up the list of open tabs in Windows 8’s browser, you’ve got to hit the trackpad with two fingers, and then you have to switch back to one finger to choose the tab you want. This sounds easy, but if you’ve got to do it a half dozen times in a minute, the choreography becomes wearying. Things were especially difficult when I tried to mix selecting and copying text into the tab-switching routine. Then, for some reason, my fingers would frequently bring up the tab-switcher instead of selecting text or vice versa. The whole thing was such a mess that I eventually gave up and decided to switch my accounts using my Windows 7 desktop."…/windows_8_microsoft_s_radical_operating_system_redesign_will_aggravate_you_to_no_end_.html

  531. Darren says:

    My sad Christmas:

    This year the place underneath my Christmas tree will be empty. No new Windows Phone, no new Windows Server, no new Windows 8 and -after reading reviews on Windows 8 tablets- no new tablet.

    Great. I am looking forward to Christmas. 🙁


  532. John W. Hooper says:

    I love windows 8, I want to thank Microsoft for their hard work. Majestic. Accountability and powerful.

  533. Nitz Walsh says:

    @John W. Hooper

    Thank you for your contribution, MS-bot.

  534. tonychen says:

    I like the tile interface.

    Windows 8 look is very bold beautiful and fluid.

    im so happy for codename:Windows 8 and i think Windows 95 was a big deal for users and developers alike.

    Overall, this release feels smoother, faster, snappier, and more stable.

    with this your luck can be perfect.

    now with touch you can have all your requirements plus even more.

    and dont forget mark as anwser

  535. beth says:

    omg, give us a freaking start button already.  honestly, if I don't see that in the final version, consider 1 less copy of windows 8 bought.  it's just 1 copy yes, but there are tons out there who still want to see a start button.  At least make it optional!!  

  536. Steffo says:

    I hate windows 8, I dont want to thank Microsoft for their work. Ugly. Useless and ridicilous.

  537. Mike says:

    Guys, Install it natively on the desktop and try windows 8. It changes everything, you will appreciate the minute details that went into it. Earlier, I was using Virtual Box and didn't liked it so much, but once I installed it natively, now this is my main OS.

  538. Mike says:

    BTW, Let me add, that I am not a naive user, I am a IT developer (more than 10+) years of exp in Windows ;-).

  539. StevOS says:

    For all those wanting a "freaking" start button, just press the Windows key. Easy. In fact, if you press the Windows key and start typing say a few letters like "note", presto!

    Instant search return on the screen. How easy can it get?

  540. @Mike I have been dual booting windows 8 since the developer preview and on a dual 24" monitor PC Metro is just a waste of screen real estate. eg I have 2 gadgets (a clock and a calendar) on the side of one of the monitor if I used Metro apps that would be 1 whole screen wasted. Hitting "hot corners" is still an issue when it slides thru to the next monitor. As I have commented before I for one will not upgrade. As a desktop user the improvements in the underlying OS aren't worth the frustration I get dealing with a compromised metro/desktop interface.

  541. Frank Becker says:

    After havingba look to Metro, I see that Microsoft continues to affront the users as they started to do with Office 2003. No way to get rid of Metro? I just took the decision to get rid of Windows and started switching to Mac. Windows 8 will have the same doom as Vista had ….

    Bye, bye Windows – I loved you for decades. Now you're dead.



  542. Darren says:

    Just another example of Microsoft contradicting itself hit me: After installation of Office 2007 14(!!!) tiles have been added to the Start Screen. Now putting them into one group shows that not my info tiles are no longer visible when I switch to the Start Screen. Why? Because this tile madness is wasting all the space. Now I can move them around, either destroying my program groups or choose wether I want to scroll for launching an application or looking at my info tiles.

    While Microsoft trying to convice us that the Start Screen is both, a place to have information at a glance and launch pad of apps at a fingertip, the chosen crippled, limited and basically sad implementation of Metro shows, that it is nothing but a bad joke.

    If there were folders and a hierachical structure it would be possible to manage more tiles more efficient as it would not matter if an application comes with 1 or 100 new tiles. But this way there is always a trade off. A trade off which wouldn´t have been necessary.

    As usual I have to choose which of the multiple Metro limitation suits me best:

    I can remove the groups on Start Screen that I have created and put the tiles that I need most on top. This way I would have them available immediately whan switching to Start Screen. But this kills the order and the Start Screen becomes a mess of mess of Metro apps, bookmarks, applications and updating info tiles. A terrible mess.

    I can keep my groups and decide if I want to scroll to look at my info tiles or if I want to scroll to launch an app. In any way I cannot arrange the tiles the way I need it: As an hierachical structure with folders that don´t eat up all of the space.

    I don´t understand why Microsoft has to invent the wheel trying to tell people that hierachical structure is useless.

  543. Are there any plans to add add app store functionality to Windows Media Center for Windows 8 or just update it. At this point hooking up a Windows PC to a TV in the living room is pointless without the ability to add apps like BBC iPlayer or Netflix etc in the age of streaming media. Why can't we PC users have the same user experience that xbox owners have when it comes to internet streaming content. So sad to see no love for the PC market from Microsoft in this respect. You could harmonise the experience across all devices and make into reality the totally Microsoft run home environment, hell you could do away with media center all together and just port the new metro ui of the xbox 360 to the PC, bolt on media centers guts and inner workings then get us to sign in with our Live ID's and let us stream to our hearts content.

  544. somehow I feel it not stable

  545. Early Adopter says:

    Why no 720p support? Why 768 minimum. Why not even 600p support. FAIL.

  546. Metro requires at least 1024x768 says:

    My Windows experience on my TV looks best at 720p and it looks like crap at 1080p. Its due to the size of my TV. Also, many devices are only 600p. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? No Metro for me  🙁

  547. Mike G says:

    Good work!

    Minor comment…

    With an aero theme and a maximised window, the title bar stays transparent, (I'm sure this wasn't the case in Win7)

    It looks messy maximised you really don't want to see what's behind the title bar (I can see the recycle bin icon on my desktop) it also feels very non-metro!!

    Could you make maximised windows non-transparent please?


    Mike G

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