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  1. heyney says:


  2. @steve says:

    Thank you for updateing us on what is going on.

  3. I use the Live services and tools very often and i welcome all the work you've done. It's great! So the Windows Live brand is gone?

    You talked about "Microsoft Account" and not about Windows Live ID since the Windows Consumer Preview event.

    Also i can't wait to see that Skype gets intregated in the "Windows Live" world. Would apprechiate it that the XBOX Live Gamertag would be also used for Skype nickname or so. Just one ID for all Microsoft services.

    And whats going on with desktop apps of the Windows Live Essentials. Do they get reimagend as well?

    Best regards

  4. says:

    Glad Windows LIVE is being rebranded. Love what you're doing with the Windows ecosystem!

  5. @Bastian92 Thanks for using Live services!  Microsoft account is the update for Windows Live ID, and is intended to be the one ID for all Microsoft services for individuals.  As we note in the blog, we'll be rolling out the change in nomenclature from Windows Live ID to Microsoft account over the next several months across our product line.

  6. Michael says:

    I just hope a syncing solution similar to mesh will be made available.

    I have certain files that I don't want to be synced to the cloud, but locally I would very much like them synced, mesh was amazing for this, simplest setup for this kind of thing.

  7. Oguz says:

    Welcome Windows Live Cloud!  New name to replace the old one.

  8. Igor says:

    Please make full size picture upload to skydrive via wp7.

  9. @Steve again says:

    I failed to see one major thing that I think needs to be added to the information above, that is that SkyDrive is now able to support a file size of 2GB, which is important considering that when we are integrating SkyDrive with the power pack of Windows 8 + Windows 7, in my opinion that is something that needs to be said loudly as it is not known widely that it was bumped up.  And with this bump we can now store items in the cloud that we will start to see with the tighter integration of the OS that we interact with and the cloud aka SkyDrive, with that being said I look forward to taking advantage of the new features that have been rolled out.

  10. Vygantas says:

    Can we finally change liveid country

  11. Sam says:

    The blog says Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker are for "Customers who use Windows 7". But the chart shows Windows 8 will have those two apps. So can you clarify if Photo Gallery and Movie Maker desktop apps will be available for Windows 8?

  12. simon says:

    I really hope that Microsoft take this opportunity with the rebranded Microsoft Account to fix the inability to change regions, and therefore make it impossible to make marketplace purchases. Will this happen before Windows 8 is released?

  13. @Vygantas As noted in the blog post, there are still some areas we continue to work on such as migrating your account (credit cards and purchase history) from one market (currency) to another if you’ve connected your account to services such as XBox LIVE.

  14. Sam says:

    Plus it seems Windows Live Writer is dead, which is a big shame as it was the best software of its kind. Can we expect a Metro style blog writer app?

  15. @Chris Jones Thx! I have another question. Could it be possible to make it easier to change the Gamertag? I set up a nickname just for a test for the Zune service, but i can't change it. I read that, when i own a XBOX (which i don't have) i could change there the nick, but otherwise it's not possible from what i have read on different forums.

  16. The chart with exactly what things were named and what they're named now is extremely helpful.  The naming consolidation is really appreciated.

    Also really glad to know that Photo Gallery will still be a product on Windows 8 going forward.  I was scared that the Photos app would be the only way to view/edit photos and it falls pretty flat when it comes to full featured editing and tagging.

  17. pmbAustin says:

    One thing that "Microsoft Account" needs to be able to do (and Windows Live ID before it desperately needed):  The ability to easily change email addresses and consolidate multiple accounts.

    Take for example someone who, long ago, signed up for Windows Live ID with an ISP Email address.  Since they, they also got a gmail address.  Now they're leaving their ISP and want to use their gmail address for everything:  being able to migrate everything you have from the ISP Email/LiveID to the new gmail/LiveID is vitally important.  IT NEEDS TO BE EASY AND OBVIOUS.

    Similarly, someone might have dabbled a bit with one ID, and created another later with anotehr ID, and now they just want to consolidate the two IDs into one.  Being able to migrate services from one id to another is important.  It needs to be easy and obvious how to do this.

    Finally, if you don't have a or ID, you don't have hotmail/webmail.  If you then sign up for microsoft's hotmail service later, you now have TWO accounts that are sort of hobbled.  You can "associate" the accounts, but that doesn't seem to do the right thing.  It would be nice if you could just have two email addresses (IDs) point to the SAME account.  It shouldn't matter which one I log into, I get the same services available.  This sort of merging/associating should be easy and obvious.  Or I should be able to just migrate everything off the old ID onto the new id, and throw away the old one.

    This is more that migrating from one market to another, but from one account (in the same market) to another.  I've found this to be a huge point of frustration, for both myself and others.

  18. Dylan B says:

    How will this fit in with the Azure Access Control service. Since LiveId gives us no information about a user (other than an application specific identifier) how would a migration scenario work to move users over that have been managed with Azure ACS?

  19. jader3rd says:

    So will the desktop Windows Live Essentials stop working on Windows 8? I find the metro app versions of these programs to be very insufficient (as of the consumer preview).

  20. Roger Jennings says:

    Sounds like Hailstorm revisited to me.


  21. davidacoder says:

    Is this meant to tell us that certain applications from the Live Essentials package will not be developed further? If so, can't you just write a straight English sentence saying so? 🙂

  22. pmbAustin says:

    @DeltaRanger509 … the apps included with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview are just early previews of what I hope will be FAR more feature-rich applications upon release.  I'm also hoping we'll see significant updates to these apps when the consumer Beta is released in a few months.

    One thing I *do* wish is that there were consistent handling for apps that straddle the line between Metro and Desktop… like IE10.  I wish there was a way to specify "default programs" for each environment, so that if I'm in Metro and click a video link, the "Video Player" app starts up in Metro… but if I'm in Desktop and click a video link, then Desktop's "Windows Media Player" starts up in a window on the desktop.  But that the two players share histories and settings and such to the greatest extent possible.  And I should be able to mix and match … such as wanting to use IE10 metro as a default in that environment, and, say, Google Chrome as a default in the Desktop environment (or perhaps IE10 in desktop, and FireFox's Metro browser in Metro).  Just as some examples.

    I don't see that happening, given the time frames they have to work with, but I think a LOT of problems would be resolved in people's minds if they were to provide this functionality and customization (i.e. desktop people could more easily 'remain in desktop' if they so desired by specifying the default player is ALWAYS the desktop version… while someone else might want the video player to ALWAYS default to the metro one… and someone else might want the player that launches to depend on what environmen it was launched from).

  23. Martin Geuss says:

    @jader3rd: I have several Windows Live Essential Desktop applications like  Mesh, Photo and Movie Gallery running under Windows 8 CP

  24. davidacoder says:

    Oh, and I should say that at this point the whole skydrive story seems not integrated at all, but rather like a complete last minute "oh god, dropbox is coming" thing. Here is a small list of things that I would have expected to see in a truly integrated win8/skydrive package:

    – Skydrive desktop client bundled in win8, not a separate app (it is quite ironic that you talk so much about roaming etc, but that actually the skydrive desktop app will NOT just flow with me but that I'll have to install it manually on every computer before using it)

    – Metro client to use offline stored versions of skydrive files from desktop client (why on earth will I be able to access files offline on the desktop, but not when on metro?)

    – ONE place for skydrive in the metro app directory namespace. If I am not mistaken, with the desktop app installed, I will be able to access skydrive either via the skydrive metro client or via the skydrive local folder (created by the desktop app) from any metro app, right? Super confusing.

    – There are UI elements in explorer for sharing, having offline copies (of network folders) etc. But they all just operate on network shares. A proper integration would have made all those UI elements work in the skydrive folder

    – Ability to access stuff that is shared with me offline (gee, again, I can access stuff that others shared with me from metro client, but not in desktop client, why??)

    – Right now it seems that it will get REALLY confusing with Office. Again, I will have two ways to open each file on skydrive: from the offline copy in the skydrive folder (but then I don't get any of the co-editing capabilities or the ability to open files that are shared with me) or directly from skydrive (but then I don't get offline).

  25. Thanks. Some requests and suggestions:

    – First, I second Bastian92: please make it easier to change the Gamertag, at least once.

    – Please give us a good task manager that would sync our task list on all devices.

    – Please add to the Live family of apps a good feed reader that would also be synced on all devices.

    – Please improve the responsiveness of Messaging on Windows 8: it currently reacts with a considerable delay and is a lot slower than Windows Live Messenger.

    – Hotmail’s list of contacts makes it possible to merge contacts. Please implement People apps on all devices with the same merging feature.

    – Emails that are marked “read” on my Windows Phone are still marked as “unread” when I access my Hotmail account from elsewhere.

    – Please enable syncing of groups through all Windows Live services.

  26. Sent On Behalf Of says:

    I'll never be able to use HotMail because there is no way to get rid of the "sent on behalf of" text in the From field of messages that I send.  I have a business address ( and I simply cannot have "sent on behalf of" in all my outgoing messages, it looks ridiculous and it confuses some clients.  If I can't use HotMail, then little else of these Live services interest me — I'll stick with Yahoo Mail which doesn't have this artificial problem.

  27. byg says:

    we like everything that you are doing (getting used to metro now). Thanks windows team for blessing the world with a great product continue the great job the economies of the world needs it. but we have some concerned on the advertising side, its very hard to advertise on your services given the user base and potential click through rate for businesses across the world its heaven for advertsers. please please make it easier for small, medium and larger business to advertise on this services, it will benefit both you and the advertisers. Allow direct advtersing from Microsoft Adcenter or Publisher to this services and not having to go through 3rd parties in the US and outsider the US, this also applies to microsoft adpub (and an new affilaite marketing service like linkshare, or commission junction) too, the economics between MSFT and advertisers will benefit the users in further development of the services more features.

  28. UCFw00t says:

    Hey Chris. I think you might want to learn the branding of Microsoft's products a little better. It's "Xbox", not "XBox".

  29. jader3rd says:

    @Martin Geuss

    I have them working as well. I'm more concerned about when Windows 8 RTM's.

  30. Forever says:

    Good work guys….keep changing names and keep people getting confused. Well done!

  31. @austinPMB – I completely agree on the multiple account thing. I signed up for Xbox Live with my ISP email address. Then needed a Hotmail account for SkyDrive so I had to add and maintain two separate logins. I recently signed up for Office 365, but I cant attach SkyDrive to it – it seems it's different than a usual Live ID. Got a Lumia and I have to sort of hobble a bunch of different accounts into it to get all my services. I REALLY want to go all Microsoft but the disconnect makes it extremely hard to have a fulfilling experience.

  32. JF says:

    Great job on the rebranding!

    I've given all of the Live products a good run (half a year of use) and have found myself drawn back to Google's offerings for a few reasons:

    1. Tags

    Tags are much more powerful than folders, particularly for emails and photographs. Please finally ditch folders 🙂

    2. Interface

    The Live web portal is a mess, inconsistent with the clean and intuitive message being pushed by WP7, W8 and Xbox. A mess full of distracting, in-your-face advertising. I could only take so much. I hope the integration effort includes some serious consideration to the improvement of the website.

    3. Applications

    One of the big draws to Mac OSX is iLife. I hate to admit it but the iLife suite is superior in every way to Live essentials. I hope that this is the bar you have set for yourselves, and not competing Windows apps.

  33. Hey guys,

    Please tell me this major issue is finally solved with Windows Live Contacts??

    Have a look here for farther details on the issue.…/1549715-allow-ability-to-assign-multiple-mobile-numbers-to

    We need the ability to have more than 1 Mobile number per contact.

    Even better Contacts (now People) need to stop using the preset fields for information and give us the ability to add unlimited number of any Contact entry like Google Contacts and anyone else is doing.

    That's the main reason I am not switching to Windows Phone right now. Most of my contacts have two cell phone numbers and are sitting nicely any other mobile platform. Windows Phone and Windows Live Contacts are not supporting this second mobile number so when I attempt to transfer my 500+ contacts are getting mess-up and contact loosing information because of this major issue.

    Please tell me that this issue has finally been fixed.

  34. hoopskier says:

    Can we "reimagine" the word "reimagine"?  That word has been so overused since you guys started talking about Windows 8.

  35. One more suggestion: please implement SkyDrive with an online PDF reader, so that we won't need to download the file to see it (where browsers don't support add-ons).

  36. @Steven Sinofsky

    If Windows Live wants to be successful, they need to change (overhaul) the UI for Mailbox, calendar,photo, skydrive are outdated. It needs change. Don't you see Google, Yahoo, iCloud have been ahead of this trend changing and improve the look of the online service? Why don't implement these website with new Metro. It should be great!

  37. Barb says:

    What happens to Windows Live Writer?

  38. Red Star says:

    @Steven Sinofsky

    Will there be a new Microsoft Suite for Desktop including Mail, and other apps or will they come only in form of Metro App for Windows 8 Platform. The reason i am asking this is because i am not really interested in Metro App version of this Suite. From Business and other reasons i have to stay on Desktop for the most part.


  39. hudi g. says:

    @austinPMB and @superkrad. I can't agree with you guys more. I've been using a WLID with a Gmail account but a couple months back decided to go all in on Microsoft so I set up a hotmail/live email address and signed up all my newsletters and personalized my entire email experience but when I went to try and change my login for WLID to my @live email address I CANT!!! I've spoken to multiple Customer support agents through twitter and chat to find a workaround bit so far no luck. I'm hoping with this new unification through Microsoft account I will finally be able to ditch Gmail for good!! 🙂  Why is Microsoft forcing me to use a competitors service!?!?!?!?! 🙁

  40. I have 2 live accounts with different purpose. I want to keep both of them, but I don't want to frequently switch between different login accounts on win8. I hope that all the cloud services on win8 can connect to both my live accounts simultaneously, just as what happened for other services. If not, I hope there is at least an easy way to switch between them, e.g., the way on with only one click (without the logout, enter user name & password and login procedure).

  41. Jamez says:

    The problem with all your services is the convoluted and busy designs, you've made a great first step getting rid of the stupidly long names, but work still needs to be done. Just a couple of months ago, a group of 20 of students, all of reasonably intelligence, and all of whom have grown up surrounded by technology/Microsoft products, were absolutely baffled by SkyDrive (half the class hadn't even heard of it). Our teacher was asking us to share a document with him,a supposedly mind numbingly simple fast, and it took an hour, and an IT support guy to actually get us to be able to upload and share it with our teacher. In the end, even though we'd got it to work, we just decided to print our out our work and give it to him to make the edits because it was just too much like hard work to use SkyDrive.

  42. Kevin says:

    Just give me back Outlook Express on Windows 7 and I'll be happy.  Don't trust the cloud and probably never will.

  43. Max says:

    Can you finally fix these horrible contacts, so I can add my own fields, add pictures to my contacts and any information I need. And if I link my contact to Facebook Contact it doesen't mean, that I want you to replace all it's information from FB. Same with Windows Live Messenger. If I have a friend in WLM every time he changes his information It changes in his contact card. It looks like I have no control over my own contacts list!

    Second: Windows Live Mesh. I use it to sync IE Favorites and some folders from Documents. I can't do it with SkyDrive application (btw, since when you switched to Apple-style App and Application? Microsoft was always about "programs").

    Third: can you make a tool to sync RSS feeds in IE on Windows 7?

    Fourth: Is it really hard to allow us to install Gallery program without that ugly, limited in every way victim of abortion you call Movie Maker?

    Fifth: Why there is no information about Windows Live Writer? Lots of bloggers say that this is best program for writing blogs.

    Sixth: Will you update Windows Live desktop programs for Windows 7 and Vista? I understand that your goal is to force all people to switch to that ugly bricks that you call Windows 8 (personally I can't use it because of Epilepsy (Yes, metro causes it)), but I'm stick to Windows 7 and if there is no hack to switch off metro than I think I'll switch to OS X 10.8 that will be released in a month.

  44. @Chris Jones

    What on earth do you mean with REST? I suppose you mean HTTP, don't you? REST is no standard and no protocol. It is an architectural style. I think you can do better.

    Nevertheless, nice improvement you are going to administer to the Windows ecosystem.

  45. Davor says:

    I really, really, really hope you get the migration process sorted out as soon as possible.

    I have mistakingly locked my liveID (microsoft account) to wrong region while checking out xbox live years ago, and am now unable to buy WP apps+games, nor will I be able to do so in W8.

    If you don't think my money, and the money of the many people in my position stinks, fix it. I want to give it to you because the future MS has imagined and is now bringing looks awesome. But it's worth little when there are these huge frustrations blocking the way.

    Also, I'm glad you guys finally realized that branding is like 40% of the success unfortunately.

  46. jader3rd says:


    I love having contacts manage their own information. If I had to manage it all myself, it's bound to get out of date.

  47. GeoBlank says:

    How about Family Safety and other Live services that may not be covered?

  48. what's the deal with having 2 different Photo apps? I get it with Video and Movie maker but seems unnecessary with Photos

  49. I need BRAND new (wave 5) writer, messenger, photo gallery for DESKTOP. What if I installed Windows 8 and app doesn't run because it doesn't resolution requirement. Will I have to give up the experience for that? Metro APP is okay but please all make new desktops app as well.

  50. vantsuyoshi says:


    migrating account to another country's marketplace/store in works!

    its not like we just live in one place the whole of our live 🙂

  51. Chikahiro says:

    I would love to see Windows Live Writer carry on in some form or another. Its an excellent piece of software! Of course, arguably, it could just be integrated with Word (Office, Starter, Office Online)…

  52. JF says:

    I think I'm out of scope here, but hear me out.

    We can all agree that touch-centric interfaces will only become more common. We can also agree that the need for powerful applications will remain. And finally, I think most will agree that touch-centric interfaces are not particularly well suited for powerful applications that are typically control-dense and require smaller "touch" targets.

    Why have two completely separate applications for what is essentially the same task: viewing, managing and editing photos. If WinRT could detect the input method, couldn't applications be designed to adjust their layout and controls to fit that scenario? For example, if I'm using touch to browse through photos, I'd expect a clean, simple intuitive interface that provides basic functionality. For some complex editing, I could grab a stylus/mouse and the interface would then readjust, offering more control.

    I say this in regards to the Photos app, but this is ultimately true of any app.

    If there is a single downfall to Windows RT, it's that apps are apparently not context/input method aware. Until that's the case, you will continue encountering scenarios where touch is cumbersome (like trying to use the desktop or legacy apps), or the interface too simplistic (like using Metro apps with a mouse+keyboard).

    Just a thought.

  53. Will there be a Revamp Live Cloud Contact to be able to store Notes on Contacts with more than 1024 Carracters?

    As of now, the Notes on contacts in Windows Phone 7.5 are truncated if greater than 1024 Carracters.

    Will there be a way to sync Windows Phone Contacts to Outlook on PC Via USB or WiFi?  Not with the Cloud? Like the Good Old Days?

  54. It looks like improvements have been made to Live apps. Here are my issues, just one user but maybe there are more like me;

    1. I am reluctant to put data on SkyDrive due to security concerns.  Even my photos have a ton of metadata in them that are no one's business except my family and me.  Excel docs with personal info, no way.

    2. Some kinds of data I only want to keep locally.  For example if I edit smart phone movies they only need to be on one machine until I'm done, i.e. the Live apps need to be fully functional without any kind of interface to SkyDrive.  Each app needs to work with the other Live apps like "email movie" or "add person to address book".

    3. Here is (still) the show stopper.  I downloaded and viewed the above linked video (lower quality MP4 version).  As usual Windows 8 looked great on the tiny little viewing window that opened. However on a 24 or 27inch monitor? No Way.

    Only a Windows 8 without Metro and with the Windows 7 start button will work for me.  There is just no point in replacing a perfectly operating Windows 7 installation with one that is going to splash the display with stupidly huge rectangles in ugly colors every time I want to do something.

    Just from some forum browsing it appears that Mountain Lion is going to correct some of Mac Lion's poorly conceived changes while at the same time Windows 8 is going to ruin the Windows desktop experience while only adding a couple of nice but unnecessary features for desktop users.  That's no way to win the battle that is currently raging between OSs.

  55. Michael Jones says:

    Guys, so given all this connected-ness and the use of microsoft accounts, would you please fix your current stupid policy of locking people out of their accounts for up to 6 months if they no longer have access to a stand-by e-mail address?  I understand the need for security and disabling SPAM, but this is ridiculous.

    Right now I can't share settings between 2 Win 8 PC's because I can't 'trust' them since I lost access to the e-mail account in my backup security profile.

    See…/ffced105-5ee7-41c7-91d9-c04c09054bb4 for example.  Lots of others on your Answers site.

  56. I'm having big problem with these 4 apps.

    See the screenshot –…/bug.png

    The "Get help with this" link is dead.

    (All other metro apps are working fine though (other than apps which use accounts like fliptoast and skydrive, which are also crippled))

    I've tried re-installing the app (people/msg/mail/cal) to no avail.

    I've tried creating a new user, still the same issue.

    I don't want to refresh or reset because I have about 100 desktop power apps installed which'll take me days to install again.

    I'm not getting help anywhere regarding this.

    What about when win 8 goes RTM and we have similar problems? Every app should have a developer support link

    as well as a fix without resorting to refresh.

    And by the sometimes, metro freezes and I can tell by the pointer than the desktop apps are running and the pc is still running (I can see hand, resize cursors etc)  So there should be a fix when metro freezes. We should be able to get into desktop (coz task-man is still in desktop)

    I love Metro but it still feels like pre-alpha. And we're past the beta stage now. 🙁

  57. The truth is hard to accept says:

    How long will Microsoft continue to support the CISPA bill ? The bill that censor our internet and kill our freedom on the internet. I boycott Microsoft until they back down. You should do the same !

  58. hamakaze japan says:

    What happens in Windows 7 or Vista? Please announce officially a little early.

    Although now may still be sufficient, if possible, please give me simplification.

    Even so, it is impressed by the seriousness of the latest Microsoft.

    Since it expects that the product which may hear the voice of a user or a vendor rapidly from now on can be developed, it is very well.

  59. Sven says:

    As a developer, I want to be able to upload any file type to Skydrive. Right now the allowed file types are very limited, which makes no sense at all. I've integrated Skydrive in my desktop application by copying any file to the Skydrive folder, which then gets pushed into the cloud. But I can't do that on Windows Phone, because of the limited API.

    Please remove the file type limitation and allow developers to upload/backup any file type to Skydrive. This is currently the biggest problem with your service and force me to keep using Dropbox in my applications.

  60. Phil says:

    Will the Messaging app in Windows 8 support chatting in Groups created in WLM2011?

  61. @Steven Sinofsky

    Mozilla just presented their slides about UI of Metro Firefox as well as the enhanced desktop version that are very promising. Compared to IE (both versions) they look way better. IE10 desktop looks like the same as IE9 (no new significant enhancement) and its Metro counterpart feels very inconvenient to use and navigate. It's pretty much a warning to IE 10 and Windows team in the Release Preview and the version of their products. One is to give people more flexibility to choose and use different browsers in both UI. Two is they have to be sure doing the best with IE10 because if they don't people will choose Firefox as default browser and they will loose market share on both side (Desktop and Metro). So decide Microsoft!!!!

  62. Awesome. Thx for sharing ^_^

  63. xpclient says:

    Okay I'm gonna post my comment again without swear words.

    These apps (under the Windows Live branding) are the absolutely the worst in terms of how they treat end users. They change their interface radically with every single release! First we had Outlook Express/Windows Mail, Picture and Fax Viewer/Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Address Book/Windows Contacts/Calendar and MSN Messenger. Then the interface was "reimagined" for Windows Live Mail, Live Photo Gallery, Live Movie Maker, Live Messenger. Then it was "reimagined" yet again for adding the Ribbon to every single app forcing re-training yet again. And for the nth time, it's being "reimagined" again for Windows 8's Metro style. It seems you don't care at all about your users having to constantly re-learn stuff all over again. MS fools around with the UI as they please, you reset the feature set in every release and expect your users to just catch up. Whatever happened to consistent interface design? Not only that, but even if we learn the new way and adapt to these changes, these apps keep losing features and the feature set constantly changes. It's a completely new app every time. The new Metro style apps in particular aren't just "reimagined" they are "simplified", or rather oversimplified to the point of being useless for a power user. Some good products and services like Live Writer and Live Mesh are entirely discontinued (no SkyDrive is not a Live Mesh replacement). Compare that with third party services which care about customers not requiring to re-learn and re-adjust to them all over again constantly and losing features in every single release. The 2011 version of Live Messenger for example, was widely and universally shunned by many for doing some pretty horrible changes to an app that already worked great. An MVP on the Messenger team told me, there wasn't even one dedicated team at Microsoft working on these apps. For every release, a new team would work on them and they would radically alter these as they saw fit with no consideration for previously shipped features and UIs. I am sure Skype and Live Messenger will be haphazardly merged once again, dropping features from both and "simplified for user satisfaction".

    Are the previous releases of Live Essentials even going to be supported on Windows 8 and tested for proper compatibility or just left out to pasture?

  64. NP says:

    What about Windows Live Essentials. 500 million users are waiting for a response. Arre you going to update them? Don't leave your 500 million users behind. They are not going to all magically upgrate to Windows 8 in a week, in a year or even in 3 years. It's going to take loooonger.

  65. Andrew says:

    As always with Microsoft there is a number of unexpectedly irrational decisions behind their techs, which you discover right after you bought the product or choose their platform for development. I would really like to look into the eyes of the guy responcible for the decision to downscale images uploaded to SkyDrive from WP7. Or at least give me an explanation—why doing that when nobody else does?

  66. sreesiv says:

    Windows Live Apps on Windows 7 are very useful, although as rightly pointed out they felt "bolted on" and lived in their own separate silos. With 8 they feel much more seamlessly connected.

    go into detail on Microsoft account, cloud services, SkyDrive, Hotmail, Messenger, >>>> as well as our upcoming work with Skype <<<<….couldn't control the anxiety about that bit of information. 🙂

  67. Stilgar says:

    Live Mesh remote desktop functionality (and possibly settings sync) in Skydrive app please!

  68. Geoffc1 says:

    "There are still some areas we continue to work on such as migrating your account (credit cards and purchase history) from one market (currency) to another if you’ve connected your account to services such as Xbox LIVE."

    This has been an issue for at least the last five years. It also leads to incorrect data (country of residence) in our Zune/Xbox Live/Windows Phone account if you ever move country. If you are an EU citizen, then in this situation Microsoft may well be contravening EU law, by refusing to correct this data. See for the full details.

  69. hamakaze japan says:

    It is related with morning writing …

    In OS before Windows 7, with Windows Live, since it is pre-installation mostly and is called name change, I think whether it is good at Windows 8 or Windows Phone.

    Please inquire.

  70. Sam says:

    I hope there will be a way to select only some facebook friends to add to my normal contact list.

    I especially hate my calender being swamped with birthdays of hundreds of people I am a "friend" but where I don't care about the birthday!!

  71. technogran says:

    I simply can't believe that such a popular blogging editor as Live Writer is going to be abandoned! It's like Live Mesh isn't it? Two great programs and concepts that really are unbeatable in how they work and what they do for the user, no one else has the equivalent, yet Microsoft drops them. If they aren't being used, its because users simply don't know about them, not because they are rubbish! I often wonder why MS never seems to advertise these programs or shout about them! People have to learn about Live Writer from other bloggers (by word of mouth) rather than know of its existence, heck, it was even hard to find on your PC if you downloaded the Live Essentials Suite! Live Mesh. Well, when are MS going to realise that not everyone is enamoured with storing things in the 'Cloud' (online) and that often, all they want is to sync from one device to another WITHOUT using the cloud?

    Just my twopenceworth.

  72. Nick says:

    What about Outlook Hotmail Connector?  Will it get improved?  For example, it still misses support for Tasks, and integration with Labels is somewhat flaky.

  73. Dave Sussman says:

    The one thing that is critical with this move to Live accounts and shift in emphasis to the cloud is that the Live team need to allow people to change their account country. My live account was set up in 2002 as a US one, for reasons which are now lost, but I've never been in the US; I'm in the UK and always have been. I don't have a CC attached to the account, I have no music bought through Zune, and even though the Country/Region in my account overview says UK, services using my LiveID assume I'm in the US. The XBox is a classic case, where we now have iPlayer support, but only if you're in the UK. Live thinks I'm not, so I don't get iPlayer. If I login with a UK created LiveID then I see iPlayer.

    You need to push the Live team to a solution for people who move countries. I understand the issues that surround the licensing of content, but for some people that's not an issue. I have no content. My entire Microsoft online life is tied to my LiveID and you've effectively made it so I can't use services from my own country. The only solution we've so far been offered by Microsoft is "create a new Live account". Right.

  74. Davor says:


    The live essentials are being replaced with photos, people, messaging, email and calendar apps. there will be no more new versions. Maybe only small bug fixes and such.

  75. David Bailes says:

    Accessibility problems with the Mail App. In the folder tree, you can't use the first character or characters to quickly move to a folder. The ability to do this is extemely useful for keyboard users, which includes the blind. In addition, automatically moving the focus to the message list if there are messages in the folder isn't helpful. Please can these be fixed, especially the first problem, which currently exists in windows live mail, and still hasn't been fixed.

  76. Lex says:

    I'd appreciate a way to fully merge Live/Microsoft accounts. I set up an account for personal use and one for XBOX Live but now that means my Phone needs to use the XBOX account for Xbox Live/Zune etc… but all my personal email and storage are on another account – which is a less than ideal experience.

    Some sort of migration that allows you to choose the 'master' version of each service (Xbox Live, Zune, Messenger, Skydrive and billing) or better yet merge them or store as aliases (like Hotmail already does) would be amazing. Not to mention handy for the same reasons that Hotmail aliases already are!

  77. Jonsson says:

    From what I've seen so far of the SkyDrive apps for Windows 7 and 8 they do in NO WAY replace Windows Live mesh. I'm quite worried about this. As a matter of fact, the more I see of Windows 8 (I do have the customer preview installed) the more I'm wondering what the f… Microsoft is really doing 🙁

  78. Davor says:

    @geoffc1 @dave sussman

    Maybe we were loud enough and they really are addressing this. Hopefully it will be soon fixed.

  79. Quppa says:

    I don't mind the rebranding of Windows Live, but please don't stop investing in the Windows Live Essentials suite of desktop programs, even if the name has to change. Even if Windows 8 turns out to be popular, chances are that Metro-incapable versions of Windows will command a majority for several more years and I don't think it's unreasonable for Windows Vista/7 users to expect more than the odd QFE patch for WLE 2011. It's been over a year and a half since Wave 4 was released, and while I look forward to seeing how the new Metro-style apps have progressed since the Windows Consumer Preview, I must admit to struggling to imagine how they can adequately replace their older desktop counterparts so long as the Metro environment lacks concepts like overlapping windows.

  80. I, too, am very concerned with the future of WL Mesh capabilities. Mesh is integral to my PC routine and work. Specifically, the ability to sync folders -regardless of their location- is very, very important, and is why it gets much more mileage than my DropBox account. I have no problem with the features being integrated into SkyDrive – that makes sense – but please don't limit our syncing capability!

  81. ReMark says:

    Remember to put in "Getting Started" on W8 the links or a section for all the downloadable Microsoft Windows Software.

    How users can know Expression and the other downloadable tools? With a google/bing search?

    Or create a x86 section in the market/store/whatever.

  82. Will there be Desktop version for former Live apps like Mail or only Metro?

  83. A lot of companies including Microsoft is trying to push Cloud Service without any big success. There is no better secured place than your own HDD or USB Flash Drive. I dislike idea of having Windows Connected to Cloud all the time therefore Microsoft Account is no option in Windows 8 for me as any Metro App is not an option. However i am interested in new Suite for Desktop so i can add my live, gmail and other accounts to it. As far as Messenger goes, i use old 2009 version. New is bloated crap with addition of more crap called Facebook.

  84. sagar says:

    If desktop Live apps are dead then I see no reason to continue with free Microsoft services. Thank god there's Picasa, Chat, YouTube, Google Calendar and Google Drive. I won't even touch Metro apps because of their inferior switching, multitasking and full screen-ness. The only Microsoft product I will use now is Outlook with its social connectors. Thank God Office 15 has the Metro look but still a desktop app. If it becomes a full screen Metro app covering the taskbar, I will dump it too.

  85. Please make life easy those of us who move around from one country to another and wish to continue to work in our mother tongue.

    I'm a native English speaker living currently in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

    My main LiveID was created in the UK and I can't use a Swiss credit card with it. (no W8 apps).

    Bing always searches for German websites, although my computer is set to English and German is my fouth language.

    I can't use my UK LiveID (which has a long history of useful stuff on MSDN and Technet attached to it) with my Swiss WindowsPhone, because Zune in Switzerland will only do French or German and won't link with a UK LiveID. I have not yet tried to buy anything for W8.

    The problems go on and on…

  86. Rolf says:

    Country Settings:

    I currently have Irish, but live in Switzerland. Strange thing, I have a swiss CC but it worked with the Irish hotmail account. So I pay the sales Tax for Ireland, but officially live in Switzerland. What a strange world! …and prob. not tax compliant.

  87. @jader3rd

    While it is great that people manage their own contact but sometimes, some info like mobile# etc are not suitable to be share on live contact.

    So I would like to manage these info separately without being overwritten by live update.

    I'm forced to use gmail to manage my contacts because my live contact are always overwritten by live update whenever the person update the contact.

  88. Jan T. says:

    @Steven Sinofsky

    I really appreciate the last SkyDrive updates. I really like SkyDrive. On your last blog post you mentioned that the most users use 7GB or less. Well you have the statistics so I think these numbers are correct, but I can tell you WHY this is the case.

    I started using SkyDrive since it was released in germany. Last year I thought about moving all my documents and photos to the cloud. Two problems: 1. How to upload that amount of data easily? 2. How to get more storage?

    With the current update these problems are solved. I can now easliy transfer my data to SkyDrive and I have an option to buy more storage.

    Yesterday I started moving everything to SkyDrive. It's so great. All my documents available everywhere.

    But one thing I want to know. What if I need more than 125GB of storage? If I move to the cloud I want to do that completly and forever. So I want to be able to buy more storage if I need it. Are there any plans to give us the option to buy more than 100GB? Please consider such an option.

    Keep up the great work you started on Windows 8. I really like what you're doing and I'm looking forward to get my hands on a new device later this year.

    I love using Windows 8 and developing apps for it is great!



  89. Captain Obvious says:

    What's funny is that nobody used or will use any of the Windows Live stuff anyway.

  90. JC says:

    From a software perspective Photos and Video is the one area that Apple is leaps and bounds ahead of Microsoft. Hope this is going to change in Windows 8.

    First, every Mac comes with iPhoto and iMovie installed. By contrast a Windows 7 user needs to download and install Windows Live Essentials Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.  For us “techies” this is not a big deal but for main stream users it is since most don’t even know these products exist so they end up using the built in Windows Photo Viewer which is not a full feature photos application. In the Windows 8 consumer preview Photo Gallery and Movie Maker are NOT included but I really hope they are in the final version of Windows 8.

    Second the user experience and features in iPhoto and iMovie are superior to Photo Gallery and Movie Maker respectively.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own a Mac but have used iPhoto and iMovie on my brother’s iMac and is the ONE thing I wish my windows PC had.

  91. Navjot Singh says:

    Please tell me that you are not killing Windows Live Writer because you have mentioned nothing about it in the post. WordPress 3.4 will bring some vast improvements to its XML-RPC API using which WLW can really beat every other blogging software out there. Please do consider in continuing it in some form or the other.

  92. Tony says:

    For consistancy, you should list rather than  Also is often heard as "hot male" and can make people think it is a porn site.

  93. Mark says:

    The integration of the Metro apps and Windows phone really looks like a winner for those customers. being able to make a lot of things follow you around without having to work at it will be immensely popular in the casual social space, though I worry about the security of all this stuff – nobody ever mentions security, ever! Facebook has whole screens full of security options yet none of the new Windows apps/connections even mention it.

    Despite the drive to ignore/phaseout the desktop, I hope the desktop version of the Live apps will not be dropped, it is hard to tell from the wording of the post. The Metro versions are not as applicable to the desktop partially due to design choices and partially due to the inability to multi-task (all non-visible metro apps are paused even if the processor is running at 99% idle).

  94. Wlm says:

    I have no interest in using Microsoft's Skydrive, nor Zune, and find the requirement to use them with WinPhone and Win8 to be obnoxious and annoying in the extreme.  They are NOT "optional"'  If Microsoft were still under DOJ restrictions, I would think it would violate monopolistic rules as well.  This isn't about "providing user service", but about locking in a revenue stream.

  95. blkbam says:

    I'll throw my hat in too for support of Live Writer. I use it several times a day to post to multiple blogs including WP. I might even use it more than Word itself.

  96. Simone Chiaretta says:

    Please, do not drop Windows Live Writer: it's the best blogging application ever developed, would be a shame to drop it.

    If you don't want to keep it as it is, nor migrate it to winRT (keeping the plugin model which is what makes it shine) think about opensourcing it

  97. Don says:

    Let me rename my SkyDrive folder! Why?

    Since day one, I've stored every file in a folder named MyFiles. There are of course, subfolders in MyFiles. I want MyFiles to be my SkyDrive folder!


  98. We’ve received quite a few questions about our Windows Live Essentials apps from folks who use them every day.  All of these apps work great on Windows 8, including Windows Live Writer.  As we noted in the post we’ll share more details on our apps and services in the coming weeks.

  99. The Martian says:

    I agree with @technogranny above.

    Steve, and I also hope as you are busy integrating all these cloud services into Windows 8, you are not forgetting the fact that some neferous individuals are also busy trying to find loopholes. I am talking about Security! What assurance do we have that our data will be safe?

  100. The comments on this thread and on all of the others that I've read lead me to a conclusion, albeit an early one.  Windows 8 is going to have a few die-hard mega-fans who are happy to move forward in the post-Windows 7 PC world and enjoy the groovy new paradigm.  Then there is going to be a much larger group called "everybody else" who will just simply ignore Windows 8 and continue working in Windows 7 as they are now.

  101. One more thing; I'm really getting sick of "reimagined".  It sounds like the PR Dept, Marketing Office, Techno-Babble, meaningful-sounding while actually being meaning-less word that it is.  I don't think I'm nitpicking here.  What I would like to hear is "redesigned", "improved" or "more powerful".  Those words actually suggest that something is getting better.

    "Reimagined" really means "different" as in a less functional, Metro app compared to a previous useful Windows 7 app.  Again, I don't think I'm being picky.  The phenomena of less useful but brightly colored seems to be the hallmark of Windows 8/Metro.  

  102. TheRomit says:

    Are the Metro Photos/Music apps going to be sufficient replacements for the desktop counterparts like Photo Gallery and Zune/WMP?

  103. pmbAustin says:

    I wish that photos, video, email, etc., were all treated like IE:  Metro version *AND* Desktop versions, that interoperate… and the correct one should launch depending on what environment I'm in.  And I should be able to replace either (Metro/Desktop) independently if I want to, as part of customization (maybe use VLC as my desktop player, but MS's "Videos" player in Metro).

    Please make this happen!

  104. Excited for Windows 8 says:

    If I remember correctly, a recent post indicated that SkyDrive will allow up to 7GB (or is it 5GB?) free storage and that 99% of users don't have the need for any more due to some research you've done.  My only concern now is that, with Windows 8 using SkyDrive for everything from updating settings to automatically downloading all camera phone pictures, that storage space will be taken quite quickly.  This means that the 99% figure quoted by the Windows Team in an earlier post will be quite different once people start using Windows 8 forcing many of us to pay for additional storage just to use all the good stuff that Windows 8 will give us.  Is there any possibility that Windows will increase the free storage space in order to accommodate this growing need for cloud storage?

  105. Ellen says:

    Sounds nice (I think).

  106. Lars Kemmann says:

    Apparently, my attempt yesterday to post a comment did not succeed.  I'll try again.

    While the branding and repositioning is really great work (I'm glad Microsoft is becoming more of a cohesive offering for the consumer), there's an elephant in the room that no one has apparently seen necessary to address yet.  And that is privacy.

    Remember what happened when Google announced its unified privacy policy a few months ago?  There was something of a (justified) firestorm in response (although dwarfed by the SOPA/PIPA debate at the time).  Not that it changed anything.

    Microsoft, if (sorry, I should say *since* :)) you're taking this step, what assurances can/will you give us that you will not monetize or otherwise abuse the privacy of our ever-increasingly comprehensive user profiles?  If every photo, every email, every document, every search, and every contact (plus everything else that's linked to my Microsoft account, which of course will be pushed – rightly – for Metro developers to make use of) is available to you (Microsoft) in a single account, what assurances do we have that you will treat that data with the expectation that (the vast majority of) users have of you?

    Simply put, are you going to provide a public covenant (like you do – effectively – with patents and open-source software) that your privacy policies will not violate ethical principles – like using my data only in the way that I expect it to be used (meaning not for advertising or government tracking)?

    I'd appreciate a meaningful response to this.  It's important to me, and I guarantee you it's important to the rest of your customers – whether or not they realize it yet.

  107. Fsck that. I use Windows 8 instead of Windows 7 since the Developer Preview.

    But I love the desktop Windows Live Mail app. It's beautiful, elegant, and "it just works".

    I now access all my three Google Mail accounts through it (IMAP), as the Google Mail web app is horrible and using it for two years before switching to Windows Life Mail resulted in huge amounts of rage.

    I hate the Metro mail app. Although I didn't think it was possible, it caused me to rage even more than the Google Mail web app. So I don't use it.

    One example of utter stupidity is trying to send some file, for example a PDF, using the share contract: you open the PDF with the Reader app, open charms, select share, select a email destination, type the subject and a few paragraphs of text, then you need to reference something from another Metro app or the desktop in the composed email.

    You switch to the desktop to find the information you need to complete composing the mail and, immediately, without any warning, your partially composed mail is gone. No saved draft, nothing.

    I managed to send an email with an attachment only after 3 or 4 tries and lots of swearing caused by this badly designed "contract" crap, that loses the partially composed mail each time you switch apps. On the final successful try I had to compose the email in Notepad.

    It kinds of reminds me of this buggy blog software that loses the comment if you compose it for too long and/or another user manages to post another comment while you compose yours and, worse than that, it hides the error so the users assume censorship. And yes, I type this comment in Notepad.

    What it's even stupider is that now, when I no longer use the Metro Mail app and I read all my mails from all my accounts using either Windows Live Mail or the Windows Phone Mail app, the stupid Windows 8 Metro Mail App refuses to acknowledge that I read the mails.

    Right now the Windows 8 lock screen and the start screen live tile for Metro Mail show that I have 44 unread emails (that number continues to grow as I receive new mails), when there are actually 0 (zero) unread emails on the IMAP accounts. I will have to open the Metro Mail App to reset that counter to zero, and I refuse to do that.

    So, please don't discontinue the desktop Windows Live Mail app. Thanks.

  108. danny6114 says:

    So does this mean that Live mail is going away? I prefer the set up of live mail over Hotmail and that might be one reason not to upgrade to Windows 8.

  109. Max says:

    Will you remove unlock screen on PCs without touch screen since it is useless?

  110. Steven M. says:

    @Chris Jones: Please do NOT kill Windows Live Mesh with its unique P2P-Folder-Sync feature!!! Sync through cloud is not always an option (e.g. very large folders)! Do not turn off backend support for Live Mesh! Please clarify this.

  111. Nick says:

    I weep for mesh 🙁

    I also hop that the metro equivalents are not overly simplified.. eg. Photo Gallery has some really cool features! I hope they don't get lost!

    Otherwise, I'm excited about all the integrated scenarios!

  112. JoeH says:

    Please do not kill Live Mesh Computer to computer sync. There is not other product on the market that works as well as Live Mesh.

  113. Davor says:

    Will the mail app eventually feature usenet reader?

  114. Jim says:

    Killing off Live Mesh would be a real blow. Syncing large folders between machines without needing the cloud space to store them is a really important feature. So is the ability to sync different folders to different devices rather than SkyDrive which puts everything on the local machine. Also, Live Mesh allows you to point to specific folders rather than having one SkyDrive folder with everything.

    Losing Live Mesh without having these features in SkyDrive would be a huge loss

  115. Samir Saleem says:

    Windows Live Writer is the best blogging tool used by Millions including me and my team of bloggers . Sad to see it die.

    Please make it alive again

  116. pmbAustin says:

    Will you still be handing out "" email addresses?  Or will you have a new domain account?  

  117. spring says:

    @pmbAustin – It seems that will still be used for some services and email will still be available.

  118. paco says:

    ¿Cuando dejará Microsoft de hacer paridas? Se está equivocando una vez mas.

    Dejala así, que así es la rosa.

  119. kofi says:

    the fact that windows 8 will not have dvd playback out of the box is insane n insulting to the average user. we need to buy an app for playing dvd after buying a windows pc? then why not buy a mac? grow up microsoft

  120. kofi says:

    the fact that windows 8 will not have dvd playback out of the box is so bad is almost funny. we need to buy an app for playing dvd after buying a windows pc? laughable!

  121. @Samir Saleen, see @Chris Jones – Microsoft's post about a page up from your response:

    "We’ve received quite a few questions about our Windows Live Essentials apps from folks who use them every day.  All of these apps work great on Windows 8, including Windows Live Writer.  As we noted in the post we’ll share more details on our apps and services in the coming weeks."

  122. @kofi (and others)

    Ed Bott wrote an interesting article earlier about the DVD playback issue. It's pretty informative:…/4962

  123. temp says:

    Steven, to success Microsoft must put the links of all services (skydrive, hotmail, live map, calendar…) on the bing page to access all the services. Remove also the grey color

    create also a web aggregator like google reader.

  124. @DanyRodier1,

    If you have Abode Reader or Acrobat installed, you can view pdf files on SkyDrive online

  125. @Microsoft, I agree with @temp about having a good RSS reader. Personally, I enjoy getting RSS feeds in Outlook, but a good, free alternative from MS would be a step in the right direction, especially if you're phasing out Live Mail. Actually, his suggestion about links to Live services from the Bing homepage is a pretty good idea, too.

    @DanyRodier1 & @Dom He, Foxit PDF Reader is a wonderful alternative to Adobe's products, if you're interested.

  126. greg says:

    Wow, a lot of responses here. So will "" and "user@hotmail" now change to "" or something else?

  127. No name(from japan) says:

    Although it seems that there is also such an opinion in Japan …

    How is only a Windows 8PC version in change at the following specifications?

    Or is not now found very much.

    – Appearance of Windows 7

    – the almost same user-friendliness (what returned the function here to some extent) as Windows XP —

    there is an opinion of if these are unified well, fine adjustment is carried out and it will be more nice.

    Although Meto UI is a thing with loading only the direction of Windows RT …

  128. guptamanas says:

    I'm very much disappointed with Windows 8 so far. As of now, I guess the Windows 8 CP wasn't designed / isn't meant to be used/tested in India. Most of the Metro apps like Weather, Maps, Music and Messaging do not work here. All of them report no Internet connectivity as the only issue, while I have a perfectly functional mobile broadband connection. And the reason I'm assuming this is an issue only in India is that I haven't seen anyone from other regions/countries reporting this problem.

    Even if the Metro apps are in preview state, they are at least supposed to be functional in order to be tested comprehensively. Also if Microsoft don't want certain services/apps to be available outside US as of yet, there should be a note/disclaimer some where.

    Secondly, even those Metro apps that work like Mail, People, Photos and IE do not match their desktop counterparts (most are part of Windows Live Essentials) in terms of GUI and powerful functions. So if Windows 8 is used on a conventional PC like mine which is a subnotebook, I don't think anyone would prefer the Metro apps to do what can be accomplished using conventional softwares in desktop environment in a much more efficient way. Plus there are hunderds of other functions and options for which softwares on desktop have to be used exclusively. And if one doesn't use the Metro interface often then what's the difference between Windows 8 minus the Metro interface and apps, and Windows 7!?! Why upgrade then?? Therefore, I would further dare say that Windows 8 hasn't been designed for conventional computers or even if its designers do think so, it's not going to be a hit on this form factor in the current form at least.

    Having said that and having used Windows 8 CP for more than two months now, I can definitely say that these Metro apps are pefectly designed for tablets and Windows 8 tablets would really be pathbreaking products once they hit the market.

  129. vsavage says:

    I think Windows 8 looks really good, but please, please, I beg you… Don't do to Skype the same crap you done to MSN Messenger!

  130. Fırat Esmer says:

    All in one. Nice improvement!

  131. Naceron says:

    So what about Windows Live Writer?!!!

  132. ShelLuser says:

    I'm very happy with Windows 7, Office 2010 and my Samsung Windows Phone. As to Live; at this time its the only social network I slightly trust. I don't share personal details about myself, but I do use it to store and share /some/ personal stuff with a select number of friends.

    Quite frankly I see where you're getting at but I sure hope that the service you provide now isn't going away or being changed too drastically.

    As to Windows 8: Not me. As much as I love and appreciate Metro on my Windows Phone I despise seeing it on my desktop. Being forced to work with full screen applications is bad for me since I miss out on too much information. Being taken away from my desktop the very moment I merely want to start something using the menu (I also heavily utilize win-r & powershell) is just too much distraction. I began appreciating Aero and now you're taking it all away again.

    Its good that you also left desktop apps in place with Win8 (for example remote desktop; us admins can also start mstsc.exe which doesn't have the full screen nonsense) but it still makes our jobs harder. Now we'll have to fend for ourselves to put this into a more accessible place.

    But there's only so much room on the taskbar (pinned items) now that jumplists and the recently started programs are gone. And I /really/ dislike a desktop cluttered with icons. Yet it seems that will be the only alternative.

  133. @Naceron, re: WL Writer: see 10 posts above yours: (@Chris Jones – Microsoft) "We’ve received quite a few questions about our Windows Live Essentials apps from folks who use them every day.  All of these apps work great on Windows 8, including Windows Live Writer.  As we noted in the post we’ll share more details on our apps and services in the coming weeks."

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