Making personal cloud storage for Windows available anywhere, with the new SkyDrive

In February, we told you about our goals for connecting your apps, files, PCs, and devices to the cloud with SkyDrive and Windows 8. Since then, we have provided the App Preview of a Windows 8 app to access SkyDrive, and we’ve updated the SkyDrive web experience. Today, we are delivering new capabilities for SkyDrive across the Windows platform.

Mike Torres, and Omar Shahine, group program managers for SkyDrive, co-wrote this post.


Over the last year we’ve been hard at work building SkyDrive alongside Windows 8, setting out a unique approach to designing personal cloud storage for billions of people by bringing together the best aspects of file, app, and device clouds. Meanwhile, we’ve made our file cloud more accessible with HTML5 and mobile apps, improved integration with Office and 3rd party apps, and built a device cloud for Windows and Windows Phone.

Today, we’re excited to take another big step towards our vision by making SkyDrive far more powerful. There are new storage options, apps that connect your devices to SkyDrive, and a more powerful device cloud that lets you “fetch” any file from a Windows PC.  Taken together with access from popular mobile phones and a browser, you can now take your SkyDrive with you anywhere, connect it to any app that works with files and folders, and get all the storage you need—making SkyDrive the most powerful personal cloud storage service available.

Here’s what’s available for use, starting now:

  • SkyDrive for the Windows desktop (preview available now). View and manage your personal SkyDrive directly from Windows Explorer on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista with this new preview app available in 106 languages worldwide.
  • Fetching files through Easily access, browse, and stream files from a remote PC running the preview app to just about anywhere by simply fetching them via
  • SkyDrive storage updates. A new, more flexible approach to personal cloud storage that allows power users to get additional paid storage as their needs grow.  
  • SkyDrive for other devices. We’ve updated the SkyDrive apps on Windows Phone and iOS devices, bringing better management features and sharing options to those devices. We’re also releasing a new preview client for Mac OS X Lion, letting you manage your SkyDrive right from the Finder.

You can download the new SkyDrive apps now, but you might want to take a look at this video first, which gives you a glimpse of all the things you can do with the new SkyDrive.

Download this video to view it in your favorite media player:
High quality MP4 | Lower quality MP4

SkyDrive for Windows

In February, we announced a SkyDrive Metro style app for Windows 8, SkyDrive for the Windows desktop, and a feature called “fetch” that allows you to remotely access files or stream videos from a connected PC. When you combine all of these features, you can seamlessly access any file on your Windows 8 PC from anywhere. The SkyDrive Metro style app was first made available with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and today we’re releasing a preview of SkyDrive for the Windows desktop including ”fetch” support. But first, here’s a little background.

Over the years, we’ve consistently heard from our most loyal customers that having SkyDrive accessible from Windows Explorer is important, and we’re happy to announce that, as of today, when you download the preview of SkyDrive for the Windows desktop, you’ll be able to access your SkyDrive from Windows Explorer on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. The benefits of SkyDrive integration with Windows are clear: you can now drag-and-drop to and from SkyDrive with files up to 2GB, access all of your files offline, and have the full power of Windows Explorer available to manage your SkyDrive files and folders. Files stored in your SkyDrive are in a plain folder on your PC, which means any app that works with local folders and files can now work with SkyDrive.

As we set upon the path to bring SkyDrive closer to Windows, we had a few goals that drove our plan. First, we wanted you to be able to “get up and running” as quickly as possible, with very few steps. Secondly, we wanted to “be quiet” on the system and make sure that all processing was entirely in the background, with your needs and your apps as the first priority. And third, we really wanted it all to “just work” as you’d expect it to, staying up-to-date automatically, and humming along without confusing dialogs or pop-ups. Here’s a bit more about where we’re at for each of those.

Downloading the preview of SkyDrive for Windows takes just a few seconds on most connections (the installer is under 5MB) and installs on most PCs in less than 10 seconds. There are just three simple setup screens and you’re finished.

Installing SkyDrive

Once it’s running, it’s out of the way in the system tray. A folder is created automatically for you in a default location or one you choose during setup, and your SkyDrive files immediately start to appear.

SkyDrive icon in System Tray

Once your SkyDrive is available on your PC, this special folder stays in sync with your SkyDrive. If you rename a file on your phone, it appears immediately in this folder on your PC. If you delete a file from, it is deleted immediately here as well. Or if you create a folder and move files from another PC, Mac, or iPad, those changes immediately sync, too.

25 photos in Windows Explorer with filepath ...SkyDrive\Pictures\We Shred

Power users can have fun with the SkyDrive folder too

In Windows Live Mesh, which some of you have come to rely on, we allowed arbitrary folders to be synchronized.  Our experience has been that this introduced too many unresolvable complexities across different PCs, with the path on one PC synchronizing to entirely different paths on other PCs and the cloud.  In order to maintain our goal of “it just works,” we designed SkyDrive to be the same everywhere, and to work well with libraries in Windows. 

If you’d like your SkyDrive folders to feel less like separate folders, you can add your SkyDrive Documents and Pictures folders to your Documents and Pictures Libraries in Windows 8 and Windows 7. 

Alternatively, you could change the target location for special folders like Documents or Pictures (or others) to folders in your SkyDrive, basically treating your SkyDrive as your primary drive (right-click the Documents folder, click Properties, and then Location). You can also customize the default root of the synchronized folder (to use a different drive, for example), and this option is available during setup of the SkyDrive app.

So, as you can see, the simple and straightforward model of having a single folder for your SkyDrive still leaves lots of creative options for personalization.

Fetching files through

As we discussed and demonstrated back in February, with SkyDrive running on a Windows PC, you can also turn that PC into your own private cloud to browse your files and stream videos from anywhere through This feature is great if you forgot something on your home PC and need to fetch it or just copy it quickly to SkyDrive.

Screenshot of SkyDrive website showing access to 2 computers: Graeme-desktop and Graeme-laptop. All libraries, folders, and drives are shown in the selected computer that user is fetching from.

Note that, in order to access a remote PC you will have to provide a second factor of authentication beyond your account password. You’ll need to enter a code that we send to your mobile phone or alternate email address even if you’re already signed in to your SkyDrive account (if you’re already on a trusted PC, you won’t have to do this every time, and it is easy to do this one-time setup). This means that anyone wanting access to your remote PC would have to have access not only to your account, but also to either an alternate email or your phone (which they would need to physically possess).

New, more flexible approach to storage

One of the challenges in building personal cloud storage for billions of people is scaling capacity and managing costs, while also meeting the needs of both enthusiasts and mainstream users. Different cloud providers take different approaches. Many promise unlimited storage or big referral incentives to attract enthusiasts – but then have lots of strings attached, which can make the service more confusing and less accessible to mainstream users. Do I really have to read multiple pages to understand my storage limits? Why do other people’s files count against my storage limit? Why does my upload speed slow down? Why do I get gobs of free storage but have to pay to sync my desktop files?

Our model for SkyDrive is friendly and accessible to all, and just as importantly, provides a gimmick-free service that strikes the right balance of being free for the vast majority of customers, and low-priced for those who want more.

Starting today, we are now offering:

  • 7GB free for all new SkyDrive users. We chose 7GB as it provides enough space for over 99% of people to store their entire Office document library and share photos for several years, along with room for growth. To put things in perspective, 99.94% of SkyDrive customers today use 7GB or less – and 7GB is enough for over 20,000 Office documents or 7,000 photos. Since the current base of customers using SkyDrive tilts towards enthusiasts, we are confident that, as we expand the range of people using SkyDrive, this 7GB free limit will prove to be more than enough for even more people.
  • 94.94% of users use 7GB or less; only 0.06% use greater than 7GB.

  • Ability to upload large files – up to 2GB – and folders using SkyDrive for the Windows desktop or SkyDrive for OS X Lion.
  • Paid storage plans (+20GB, +50GB, +100GB) so that power users who need more storage can easily add more at competitive prices (US$10/year, US$25/year, US$50/year). Please note that paid-for storage requires the ability to pay by credit card (or via PayPal, in some markets) and a Windows Live ID that can be associated with that credit card or PayPal account.

We know that many of you signed up for a service that offered 25GB, and some are already using more than 7GB of storage. So, starting today, for a limited time, any registered SkyDrive user *who has uploaded files to SkyDrive* as of April 22nd can opt in to keep 25GB of free storage while still getting all of the benefits of the new service. (For users who are already using more than 4GB as of April 1, we’ve automatically opted you in to 25GB of free storage to avoid any issues.) Just sign in here or view our FAQ.

SkyDrive for Windows Phone and other devices

SkyDrive has been available since 2007 from anywhere in the world through, but it wasn’t until the initial release of Windows Phone and our dedicated Windows Phone and iPhone apps in December 2011 that people had top-notch SkyDrive experiences from modern smartphones. These apps have been installed on over 2 million phones already by people taking SkyDrive with them wherever they go.

As a Windows Phone or iPhone user, with today’s release, you can now delete, rename, and move files in your SkyDrive, and access a full set of sharing options for all files and folders. We’re also bringing SkyDrive to the iPad, with all the same capabilities you now have available through the iPhone, plus support for the new iPad retina display.

Documents folder in SkyDrive app shows subfolders and documents Documents folder in SkyDrive app contains 2 folders and several documents

SkyDrive app shown containing 2 document folders, 4 photo folders, 3 Office docs and a PSD file.

All of these apps also have dozens of small improvements, including the ability to see your remaining storage space, landscape support, and various performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Almost 70% of Mac users also regularly use a Windows PC. Since we want every customer to be able to rely on SkyDrive to access files anywhere, it’s important for SkyDrive be wherever they are. Office for Mac 2011 already supports SkyDrive files, but starting today, you’ll also be able to manage your entire SkyDrive offline using Finder on the Mac. The integration with Finder means that any Mac app that opens from or saves to the file system will be able to take advantage of SkyDrive files as well.

A SkyDrive folder containing images on a Mac

Here’s where you go to try SkyDrive today:

If you currently use Mesh, we have a few tips for trying SkyDrive for Windows or Mac (preview) side-by-side with Mesh. We think you'll find SkyDrive to be increasingly useful over time.

Thanks for supporting SkyDrive and we look forward to your feedback!

Mike (SkyDrive apps)
Omar (

Note: Apps and the ability to purchase extra storage are rolling out now, and may take up to a few days to be available in all markets.


*Correction 4/23/12, 11:15 AM PST: Revised wording to clarify that loyalty offer is only for existing users who have uploaded files to SkyDrive before April 22, 2012.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Congratulations for the app ! It's going to be helpful to transfer data between our PCs and our Windows Phone.


  2. Livio says:

    You forgot the most popular mobile platform – Android.

  3. Gefest says:

    Thanks for new app 😉

  4. xpclient says:

    SkyDrive desktop app doesn't run on XP but does on iOS and OS X? What a strange business decision. Especially when XP is still dominant. Apparently, MS thinks not supporting the most popular platforms, XP on the desktop and Android in mobile is something bad for their latest products. But supporting iOS is no issue? Doh, I'll simply use Dropbox and never recommend SkyDrive to anyone.

  5. Windows mobile says:

    Will this app be available for Windows mobile 6.x devices? It will make old phones more productive.

  6. Alessandro says:

    Great job guys! The new app is easy to use and SkyDrive is now the best cloud solution out there!

  7. Daniel post attempt 2 says:

    XP is over ten years old, its done get over it people. There are no tasks that need to be run on XP anymore that cannot be done with a VM if you really must.

    People should drop all support for XP and even vista without sp1. The sooner the better, also windows 7 has the highest share anyway.

    I hope I can intergrate SkyDrive support to my windows7/8 and Wp7 RPG game for saving support. But there doesn't seem to be any secure way to so that currently…

  8. Romit Mehta says:

    This is fantastic. Awesome work, folks.

    Some comments:

    1. Can we have a choice of what we'd like to bring to the PC when we first install the app? I have ~3.5GB of stuff on SkyDrive and when I installed the app, it started syncing the entire thing to my local drive.

    2. I am going to miss sync-ing my IE favorites like I do with Mesh. I know it is built-in with Windows 8, but a) Windows 8 is not final yet and b) one or more of my PCs is going to be Windows 7 for some time.

    3. I will miss the ad-hoc folder sync like what Mesh offers. For some of the apps, I can re-point their working folders and save locations to the SkyDrive folder but in my case, Windows Live Writer is unable to have the folder re-pointed. Since I blog from multiple PCs, it would be nice to have my drafts available everywhere. Maybe the SkyDrive "folder" can become a library itself, instead of being a folder?

  9. SomeBS says:

    I agree with xpclient. Dropbox is what I will also recommend. Yet again Microsoft rewards the enemy and shits on their consumers, just because you want people to stop using XP and buy 7. I really wish Linux supported more applications that I use frequently, so I could stop putting money in micro$oft's greedy hands only to be let down time and time again.

  10. vagina says:


    just increased to 25GB.

    but what about data in mesh?

  11. Excellent news! I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. Now to get my Docs/Pics synced up.

  12. Talderon says:

    Ya know, I really LOVE most Microsoft products, however, when you have a link in a page like this (Above: download the new SkyDrive apps) and when someone with a competing browser tries to click it (Chrome) and it crashes the browser to the point when it is re-launched and tabs restored it repeats the cycle, it really makes you annoyed and slighted when thinking about using a product. 🙁

  13. Anon says:

    It is called the System Notification Area, not the System Tray. Read the Old New Thing blog to find out why.

  14. raver314159 says:

    Excellent! Was a part of Skydrive for 2 years, but moved to Dropbox for this feature alone. HELLO WINDOWS, WE MEET AGAIN.

  15. jjking says:


    I used Chrome to download mine.. maybe its a problem with your computer?

  16. Milo says:

    Excellent and really appreciate the free capacity provided for all users.  I do wish you guys will start supporting all nokia phones

  17. xpclient says:

    Two more requests:

    1.   When I share a folder, I would like to see download stats for it – how many people have downloaded the file I shared. From the web interface too.

    2.   SkyDrive supports sharing individual folders but not selectively some pictures in a folder. When I share photos, usually I use folders for grouping them by occasion or event. I don't use folders to decide how or who I want to share them with. So if I could select *multiple but only a select number of pictures* in a folder & then share them but not all, that would be great.

  18. Tim says:

    Two questions:

    1. Is an Android App comming?

    2. What is with Linux users? You tell the community, that you love linux. So… Can we expect an Linux Client?

  19. Suga says:

    Great work, thanks to Skydrive team, im waited so long for this, its little late and im expecting more from skydrive 😉

  20. Donny says:

    As long as there is no Android app I will NEVER switch to Skydrive from Dropbox. Get that Android app and I will consider switching 🙂

  21. vagina says:

    in win explorer, extra large tiles, i don't like creepy low resolution green icon

    and i really need way to generate direct link from win explorer like in dropbox public folder

  22. Garbee says:

    Thanks for bringing this out, it will make syncing much easier than previously possible.

    P.S.  @xpclient, XP is on EOL support.  Why are they going to waste time and money coding for that platform when everyone should be moving off of it.

  23. WAT? says:

    [Window Title]

    Microsoft SkyDrive

    [Main Instruction]

    SkyDrive can't be run using full administrator rights


    Please restart SkyDrive without administrator rights.


  24. jjking says:


    There is a 3rd part Android app which works just as good as the official apps.

    Its even recommended on the Skydrive site…/4c12c1cf-063a-4440-a75b-1fe1ea0b9df5

  25. nedim says:

    I have installed on windows 7 and it doesn't show icons like "green mark" and other like it should.

    Also, I installed on windows 8 and it works great, it show "green mark" but on w7 it doesn't show anything (but It still copying files)

  26. Umut says:

    Dear all,

    At last MS made something useful before W8, why they waited so long to highlight Skydrive ?? But they did good now.


  27. tume says:

    So what will become of Windows Live Mesh? Because I can still see it in the Devices page. Will it cease to exist and officially be replaced in the future?

  28. António Marques says:

    Nice work!

    Can we assume that this in fact merges the functionality of Mesh and SkyDrive and that Live Mesh wil be discontinued?

    If that is the case, what happens to the information in the Mesh? Should we manually migrate it to the (new) SkyDrive?


  29. Ryan says:

    The upgraded iOS app is nice, but I am disappointed that the Mac app is only for 10.7, not for 10.6 as well..

  30. Wolftail says:

    This app is useless to me. I don't want a Skydrive folder to mirror what I have on the internet. I already have some of the files scattered on my PC in their dedicated folders. It's a huge waste of space. I need an app that will make Skydrive function like every other drive in my computer and allow me to transfer files as I like. Therefore I will keep using SkyDriveExplorer.

  31. concerned for MS says:

    you should probably use your own phone OS and hardware when demonstrating your product in the informational video instead of your competitors…

  32. Xabier Granja says:

    Absolutely excellent. I've been using Skydrive for win8CP for a few weeks and love it. I think I'm finally going to take the plunge and upload all my picture library to Skydrive. If it goes smoothly, I'll most likely do the same thing with all my work/office documents. Accessing them from my WP would be great, though I feel the WP versions of office do need some work.

  33. Robin says:

    I've been waiting for this since SkyDrive was rolled out.  Thank You!

  34. Incredulous says:

    "available anywhere" — but not on Android? Sounds like Jobs' 'reality distortion field' is present at Microsoft, also!

  35. Nice app, works fine for me.


    I have an another Hotmail account created last year, which never was used for SkyDrive so far. Is it possible to get the 25GB for this account as well? The option isn't there to upgrade to 25GB.

  36. domenicoav says:

    Thank You !!

  37. Velocet says:

    This is just great! You had to do this a long time ago.


  38. Android App? says:

    Hi, I'd like to thank you for everything. This new service looks promising, and I'm sure it's going to help a lot of people. But as an Android user I'd like to ask: Can I expect an Android app in the near future?

  39. jader3rd says:

    I have not had a top notch experience with SkyDrive and my Windows Phone. Primarily because at around the time WP7 launched, SkyDrive decided to remove itself from the Messenger Social status stream. A top notch experience would be when I upload a picture to SkyDrive, from my WP7, then people in my Contacts list would see an update at showing them the picture I uploaded. If this functionality gets put back in, I will agree with the top notch experience statement.

  40. Entegy says:

    I love the idea where this is going. However, this feels like a huge step back from Windows Live Mesh right now.

    No peer-to-peer sync: I'm not a cloud hater, but I don't want everything in the cloud. I LOVE my peer-to-peer syncing of Mesh.

    The "SkyDrive" folder. The things I sync require folders to be in specific locations. This Dropbox method of having everything in one folder requires I start messing with symoblic links. It's why I started using Mesh over DropBox in the first place

    Downloading everything. Not all machines I sync on are capable of holding all my synced data. I loved my specific folders on certain devices. I don't need everything on every device.

    Pretty much, my only issue with Mesh was that Mesh synced folders were separate from the real SkyDrive. That was the only thing that needed fixing in my opinion.

    Here's to hoping things will improve by the full release.

  41. Krunal Sheth says:

    It would have been nice to offer 8 GB (to align with 8 in Windows 8) instead of 7, marketing folks would have liked that for sure 🙂

  42. Barb says:

    This is great news!  I love the new Manage Space options 🙂

  43. Resplendent says:

    Agree with everything Entegy said. This new version trades the much better control of Mesh for massively increased storage of Skydrive. Why can't we have both? I don't want everything to download on all my machines, and removing ad-hoc folders takes away Skydrive's main advantage over Dropbox. I sincerely hope these two features are rolled out once the final version is made available- else Mesh still beats it hands down.

  44. Mat says:

    What is with this 2GB file limit? Even for paid plans?

  45. @Garbee says:

    XP has millions of more users than OS X, iOS or even Windows 7. Therefore I see no business reason why the desktop client shouldn't be supported in its Windows Explorer. The Mac or iOS users aren't going to upgrade to Windows 7 either. Plus, SkyDrive has got competition from Apple, Dropbox and soon Google. So it's their loss if their service doesn't get as popular by not supporting millions of XP customers.

  46. No update for the metro app?

  47. RCV-519 says:

    When can we stream Music from SkyDrive to Windows Phone and Windows 8?

  48. pmbAustin says:

    So my initial comment is the same as my last comment when this topic came up… what is happening to existing "Mesh" features that aren't covered by the new Skydrive and syncing abilities.  To be specific:

    – The ability to sync arbitrary folders across two PCs without having any of it live in SkyDrive (i.e. I can keep a 20GB folder synced between my laptop and desktop without using any cloud storage)

    – The ability to log in via Remote Desktop from any browser, not just to access files, but to access apps.

    Will these features be supported in Windows 8, either built-in, or via some free add-on (like Mesh was)?

  49. Rashid S. Alkaabi says:

    Why there's no support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Leopard?

  50. @Steven Sinofsky

    I don't know whether you guys have any plan to overhaul the UI for but I really disklike it. Take many other popular online services such as Icloud, Google, Yahoo as an example: their UI is  touch friendly, simple, less clutter…. Microsoft goes metro for many of its websites why not for…. Its hotmail inbox, skydrive, office apps UI and UX is just look outdated for many years. I hope the teams also consider making Metro UI unfied across Microsoft products and services.

  51. TB says:

    I'm very happy with most parts of this. The only things stopping me from adopting is the 100gb limit. I currently use SugarSync with a 250gb plan and need most of that space. Any chance of adding a few more tiers? What would be the harm?

  52. Gauss says:

    Having the same problem, "SkyDrive can't be run using full administrator rights" on Vista 32-bits. Any help?

  53. Koloth says:

    Hey MS Team!

    Do you have any idea what causes me to keep getting the "SkyDrive can't be run using full administrator rights" error on my Vista Ultimate 64Bit system? It happens everytime at the end of the setup or when I attempt to start the executable and it only tells me to "Please restart SkyDrive without administrator rights.". I dont have a secondary user account setup and do not plan to. It should be possible to install and use the application as admin, right? 😀

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  54. temp says:

    Congratulations guys!! the app is great, doesn't go above 15MB and work out of the box. Still, I'm not able to see the network usage in Windows in the new Task Manager. Does it use the BITS service ?

  55. temp says:

    Good bye Dropbox!

  56. MILO says:

    Hey guys I downloaded this application a few hours ago and still syncing the folders and also I deleted the windows live mesh as this is a lot better.

    But just a suggestion, and that would be that it would be great if the user could select the folders he/she wants in sync with the computer from the online skydrive cos it takes a long time for this sync to take place 🙁

  57. revanmj says:

    App is great with one exception mentioned already by some users – there is no way to exclude chosen folders from sync. I keep on SkyDrive some things like backups or photos which I don't need on my hard disk. When I want them, I will just download them or view directly on the SkyDrive website. So please, give users a choice which folders should be kept on the hard disk.

  58. Really nice update and good tier prices. Just as a heads up for future updates; if a file name is too long when the SkyDrive program attempts to sync the file it crashes the application.

  59. pmbAustin says:

    I agree with a comment above:  reconsider the capacity limit for free users, and set it to "8GB" … it would make a very easy to remember value, is nice and round, and gives good branding/advertising opportunities with Windows 8.  Somehow "7GB" seems like such an ODD number (pun intended).

    I also agree with the above comment that it would be nice to not be forced to sync the entire SkyDrive contents on every device that links to it.  It would be nice to just have the ability to grab a file on demand, and copy a file to the SkyDrive on demand, without having to sync down every single file that is in SkyDrive.  It's okay if that's a power-user feature that you'd have to turn on, but it would be incredibly powerful and useful.

    And finally, I agree with the comment that we need a really easy way to send links to specific files to others… right-click, copy-public-URL, and then paste into IM or email to give other people instant access to a specific file.  And the URLs need to not be scary looking or outrageously long (use a URL shortener if you need to)… my initial experiences with trying to link to Skydrive files a few years back was awful, because the URLs were so ugly.

  60. Chetan G says:

    In Skydrive Setup, please provide an option to merge the Skydrive folders with existing Document/Music libraries automatically.

  61. Thank you so much for this feature! And for the free 25GB! This may just be my favorite Windows 8 feature so far – and it's not really even Windows 8!

  62. Pol says:

    I don't know I have a Pc with Windows but I use it like a Mac.

  63. Romit Mehta says:

    For remote fetch, the issue is Library browsing does not extend to network locations. I have a Library which includes a folder on my WHS2011 box, and I cannot remote fetch it from Maybe it needs time to index the network location?

  64. Dario D. says:

    Haha, I like the iPhone/MacBook highlights in the video. Jolt of joy. I think if all tech companies did stuff like this, technology would become a much more positively-charged industry, and people collectively would pay more attention.

  65. Felix says:

    Please release an Android app soon, you have the power to be better than the upcoming google drive.

  66. DarienHawk67 says:

    Yes, with reduced free capacity from 25GB to a paltry 7GB–a reduction of over 70%.  Nice.  Really makes me want to invest and embrace the "cloud."  Smart move MSFT, smart move.  :

  67. Justin says:

    How are symlinks resolved with skydrive?  I.e. if I create a symlink (soft) inside my skydrive, is it synced?  Or is the target of the link sync'ed?

  68. dlh2009 says:


  69. So now that we have this great SkyDrive app (everywhere!) what will happen to all us Windows Live Mesh users and our data? Is there a way our Mesh data to SkyDrive?

    Love to hear your input.

  70. Mark says:

    Is it possible to browse/sync folders that other people have shared with you on your desktop?  This is a must for me.

  71. R says:

    Please provide option to disable green check marks on files, it is really obtrusive and prevents me from wanting to use this for more than just a few files.

  72. pq says:

    What's the story with multiple Live IDs (work, personal etc…)?

  73. Rich says:

    Been a Skydrive user for years, but have cut back usage for lack of true Android client.  Hope to see one soon.

  74. Ted says:

    does it work with Windows RT?

  75. Stan says:

    I agree, absolutely pointless without Windows XP support.

  76. Allan says:

    just watch the video anyone here know the name of that song

  77. Alan says:

    The ability to remotely access ANY FOLDER on the PC with Skydrive running is a security nightmare which I hope will immediately be removed.

    Just an example: a friend shares his pc with me ->  install skydrive app -> give MY credentials tu skydrive app -> obtain access code on MY cellphone (this is soo stupid) -> get unlimited remote access to my friend's PC -> PROFIT!

    Are you guys out of your mind or what??!! Please change the way passcode is handed to the user and close this gaping hole NOW!

  78. I’ve just purchased 20 GB of additional storage from Microsoft for my SkyDrive. It appears that SkyDrive user can purchase at most 175 GB of additional storage (20 GB, 50 GB, and 150 GB) for a single SkyDrive account. When you need more, you are out of luck; or as always, you can get another SkyDrive account. SkyDrive would automatically opt to renew my service each year and try to collect money from me using my chosen default payment option. Rather than having Microsoft deduct money from my account automatically, I would like to renew manually. From the service agreement, I know that if I cancel the service, the service would remain to be active until the end of the remaining term. Not wanting Microsoft to deduct my money automatically, I immediately cancel the subscription. Now I run into another problem. It does not seem to me that there is any way to renew the subscription before the subscription expires, unlike the service I got from (owned by Tucows, Inc., a domain name registrar). I wish Microsoft can fix this and allow me to renew the term to a longer period at any time I want.

  79. MS has said numerous times that they aren't going to support Live Mesh features…so we're all up a creek here. However, we can use AeroFS, which has some of the features of Live Mesh. What is seems many at MS don't realize is that my documents are, in fact, MY documents which means they don't belong to a company to host, which then provides them to governments that ask for them.

    MS also says they want to make it "just work". I would love to know how "just work" means that I have to either have two copies of all my files (SkyDrive and Local) or I have to divide my files in to two locations (SkyDrive and Local). With Live Mesh I just put everything in one place and it sync's where it needs to go. I don't use DropBox for the same reason.

    A quick Properties of my current documents folder: 8.75 GB; music folder: 59.8 GB; photos folder: 58.5 GB. None of that shows up in SkyDrive right now because I use Mesh. I think it would be interesting if you updated your graph to show how much data people were syncing with Live Mesh. You would then see your real market.

    The only other solution to this is to allow setting up a Windows Home Server as a SkyDrive target. That would get me to buy a Windows Home Server and would allow me to keep my files in my control. It would also keep things simple for syncing as I can appreciate how Live Mesh can have a rough time of things when syncing files when not all computers are on. Again…please allow me to specify a SkyDrive target as a server that I own; that would make this whole issue of SkyDrive not supporting Live Mesh features go away and would get all of us to by more Microsoft stuff.

  80. John says:

    Unfortunately many of us are still on Windows XP.  Since the operating system works there is no plan to change this.  Excluding XP users isn't going to encourage me to upgrade.  I can't!

    I hope Microsoft sees the light and includes XP users in this.

  81. John says:

    I see many of you seem to think we can snap our fingers and move off XP and that we should have done it long ago.  For many of us it's not a choice.  Our fiscal year just started and there is no plan at all this fiscal year to adopt Windows 7.  So we're at least a year away from moving off XP.  New hires are being handed computers running XP.  I've also noticed our customers and our vendors also continue to run XP.

  82. Omar Shahine says:

    @Bastian92, you need to have uploaded a file to your SkyDrive.

  83. Music says:

    What's the name of the Song of the video?

  84. Stilgar says:

    I came here to say that we need the whatever cloud client you decide to develop to incorporate remote desktop functionality like Live Mesh does. I don't care how you will call it I want remote desktop (without acual remote desktop with public IPs or remembering IPs at all).

  85. @Gauss, @Koloth: On Vista, you need to make sure you have UAC enabled when you install.

    @Rashid: There are platform components in Lion that we depend on that aren't available in older versions of OS X.

  86. temp says:

    Guys! don't forget this is the preview version. Of course MS will add an option to not sync folder. Imagine your 25Go being downloaded on your mobile phone!!!!

  87. Omar Shahine says:

    @Allan – People Change by Wildlife Control –…/B007IE7IW4

  88. Csavar says:

    Brilliant and so amazing! SkyDrive an absolutely cool stuff! Love It! 🙂

  89. Omar Shahine says:

    @jcsonic at this time you cannot pay for extra storage without auto-renewing

  90. Benjamin Gray says:

    Quick comment:  It would be nice if we could place two Metro apps next to each other in a wide format for resolutions that are high enough for two 1024×768 next to each other, or several of the narrow bars next to each other and one 1024 or even all narrow bars.

  91. LMKz says:

    OK so obviously MS has a deliberate policy of disabling XP support in all new software (Visual Studio 11 & IE9 being others) for no good technical reason (all Windows since 2000 being more or less the same under the skin).

    Our work PCs are all still XP so for me this is next to useless. As usual an MS policy backfires and hands the advantage to their competitors. You'd think they would've learnt, what with Chrome killing them in the browser market (no IE9 on XP).

    People are going to come off XP over time. Please don't punish them in the interim. For many such as myself this is beyond our control in a work environment.

    (PS your blog engine still sucks my previous comment disappeared)

  92. LukaszWizla says:

    It's great that skydrive app for windows is finally available. I've alrady moved all my files from dropbox (just because skydrive give me much bigger amount of space) but i still miss one feature from dropbox – sharing just from the context menu (sorry for my english, I'm still learning).

  93. Chris says:

    Does anyone know how to uninstall SkyDrive for OS X Lion (preview)??

  94. @Omar Shahine

    Ok, to bad 🙁

    It would be much userfriendly, that excisting users have the option, whether they have uploaded a file or not.  

    Nevertheless my main account is upgradeable and thats the main point. So I'm happy 🙂

  95. LukaszWizla says:

    I wanted to attach link with screenshot of what I mean but it seems that posting links is blocked on this blog.

  96. Omar Shahine says:

    @Romit Mehta it works for mapped network drives

  97. SevenDead1ySinz says:

    To everyone complaining that it is now only 7 gb; that is still more then the majority of every other cloud storage solution. Most only offer 5gb for free, Dropbox only offers 2gb.  Adrive is the only one that offers more.

  98. Chris says:

    @Omar @Mike Hi guys, great work, but could you please advice where I can find uninstall instructions for SkyDrive for OS X Lion (preview)? I installed the app but ran out of disk space when it started auto downloading files from my SkyDrive acct. I need to uninstall the app and clear the file cache, Can't seem to find instructions for this anywhere….

  99. Claire White says:

    i use best cloud storage by miles if you want simple, cheap, unlimited and fast. They use amazon s3 so files will be safe as houses 🙂

  100. TS says:


    On Windows 7 i am getting this error…

    "Skydrive can't be run using full admnistrator rights" ???

  101. @TS you need to re-enable UAC if you've turned it off

  102. Romit Mehta says:

    @Omar: This is not a mapped network drive – it is a network share included within a Library. Makes any difference, or should work the same way as a mapped network drive?

  103. Is it possible to change root sync folder after installation? Or do I have to reinstall the app?

  104. @Mike Torres says:

    Thanks, but didn't worked either.

    Had to cmd: RUNAS /trustlevel:0x20000 SkyDriveSetup.exe

  105. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE have a tutorial for users in the final version because nobody will understand it otherwise

  106. @Krzysztof you can't move the folder once it's syncing, sorry.  It's part of the first-run experience.  If you uninstall and reinstall you can.

  107. LMKz says:

    I haven't tried installing the client yet as I am at work on XP. However this concerns me:

    @Mike Torres

    — @TS you need to re-enable UAC if you've turned it off

    Why the hell do I need UAC on? I have it disabled on my home machine as I am the only one using it and (I like to think) I know what I'm doing.

    I love the way MS touts "it just works"… oh, except if you try to run it on XP (you just get a random error), or if you have UAC disabled apparently.

  108. TS says:

    Sorry @Mike Torres

    This was my post (TS).

    Thanks, but didn't worked either.

    Had to cmd: RUNAS /trustlevel:0x20000 SkyDriveSetup.exe

  109. What about Androide? says:

    What is the state for a an app for androide phones? Please force the development on an app for androide!

  110. Chris says:

    @omar @mike Hmmm.. are you ignoring questions from Mac users or do you simply not have an answer? Does anyone know how to uninstall SkyDrive for OS X Lion (preview)??

  111. asdf says:


  112. Ash says:

    So wait are you telling me I get an extra 8 gb of storage added on to my 25 gb of storage I already have if I install this program.

  113. JW says:

    Great job!

    But one big problem still to be resolved is the Outlook pst file. Many of us can't use the simple email application in Windows 8 – we have to have an industrial-strength email application and especially our saved and indexed emails – so Outlook is the only way to go. Can we put a pst file here? Assume of course that only one PC at a time has Outlook running and receiving emails.  

  114. @Chris – I actually did respond but it didn't show up for some reason, sorry.  To uninstall the app it's just like any Mac app.  Delete the app or throw it in the trash.  Then just delete the folder.

  115. LegacyLover says:

    wat's android?

    M 4 Meallica, Microsoft, MetalGearSolid and Nothing Else Matters !! m/m/

  116. Adam Smith says:

    Doesn't support case sensitive file systems on the Mac.  

  117. NI says:

    All you need is excluding folder sync (for backups, music folder that I don't need synced on all my PCs) and this is perfect!

  118. Justin Kirk says:

    Skydrive for android?

  119. Xero says:

    Great step towards cloud integration in OS! Previously I had the SkyDrive mounted via Add Network Drive in My Computer (Computer).

    Few suggestions:

    1. Would be wonderful if we have the sharing option in the Windows 7 desktop app! So I can right click the file(s) > Sharing > [enter] Gmail or Windows Live IDs > [enter] Message > [press] OK.

    2. On SkyDrive website: Unlike copying file from one folder to other folder, copying file from root directory to some folder and vice versa is not allowed! I can upload a file in root folder but I cannot move it or copy it from there. It should be fixed.

    3. It would be a great feature if we have option to synchronize the favorite or bookmarked sites and folders (categories) between SkyDrive and IE, so my favorites are always accessible wherever I go via IE built-in support and Bing bar (if using some other browser or platform). Also provide a simple web-based CRUD app (using MVC, with categories and search) which acts like a webapp for SkyDrive and webservice for IE and BingBar to manage, organize and synchronize my favorties.

    4. On SkyDrive website and Windows Phone app, *.xps files should be opened natively! On website, provide the web-based option; View Online similar to *.pdf docs. On Windows Phone the implement the xps viewer natively!

  120. This is just FANTASTIC.

    A couple of things are still missing though:

    – Skydrive: file versioning/undelete

    – Windows desktop client: sharing/permissions from the contextual menu; selective sync of folders (currently your entire skydrive is pushed to any linked machine)

    – iPad app: accept files – docs, pdf, images – from other apps ("open in skydrive"). Currently you can open files in other apps from skydrive (finally!), but you can't e.g. edit them and move them back to the skydrive app to get uploaded.

    The next one is for the Office team:

    – Office web apps: enhance compatibility with mobile devices (iOS!)

    Keep up the Amazing work!

  121. OneNote user says:

    What is the recommendation for using OneNote with SkyDrive now? Should we open the OneNote files from the folder, or continue using the "Open from Web" option?

  122. DroidFanBoi says:

    For android check out "Portfolio for SkyDrive" app…/allapps

  123. AndroidFanBoi says:

    Check out the following apps for Android from Microsoft SkyDrive Team!…/allapps

    Portfolio for SkyDrive

    Browser for SkyDrive

    Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive

  124. I agree with multiple commenters here that state the challenges with syncing all content from your SkyDrive to your local PC storage {SkyDrive folder}.  I have been a Mesh user since the Developer Preview and a SkyDrive user from the start.  I use Mesh to keep files I want synchronized across multiple devices (and the cloud) and SkyDrive as a locker/archive for files I don't need replicated (i.e. I don't use that much but need access to from the cloud from time to time or 'emergencies').  By forcing me to sync all of my SkyDrive to my local PC, I've just realized that I now need to switch to either a second service for 'cloud file lockering' OR create a second SkyDrive (live) account that DOES NOT sync with any devices.  I think we need a property / attribute on each folder that indicates if it is synchronized or not with each device (a la Mesh)… I am OK with providing a consistent Path per install… but putting up to ~25GB across each machine with no ability to segment what goes where (personal vs. business for example) is a non-starter for me and this service as my "end all be all" — and I really wanted it to be!

  125. Mark says:

    This is very cool and it looks like something that is massively useful – I can see a lot of uses in my personal setup, though I have reservations about the security of it.

    I find it frustrating that there isn't any focus on security, the paragraph about the teams "goals" doesn't even mention it. None of the posts ever mention security being a focus, none of the W8 desktop posts, none of the Metro/WinRT afticles, none of the SkyDrive articles, none of the browser articles – its all just the "it just works" mantra. I really get the feeling that Microsoft considers security secondary to functionality and they have adopted a "lets get it all to work and worry about security later" attitude which is a recipe for disaster.

    I wish the posting had more technical details and less sales fluff such as how to manage things if you have some docs you want private and some you are ok with moving/copying to the cloud, or how to manage things when you have multiple live accounts. Or how to diagnose problems if something does occur, or what to do if you are running out of bandwidth for the month, or what happens if you upload a file and go over your 7gb limit, etc.

    Please give us more technical information in a future post!

  126. JD says:

    I use SkyManager client for WP, but uploading is limited by MS API with a max of 2048px photos. Will that restriction be removed?…/ba9793c7-6151-45d1-a5c4-f76187e01bd4

  127. AndroidFanBoi says:






    @Android App?

    and alll android fans..…/allapps

    – Portfolio for SkyDrive

    – Browser for SkyDrive

    – Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive

  128. theNewDanger says:


    Those all suck

  129. AndroidFanBoi says:

    nooo mister. this is gonnabe funnnnnnnnn

  130. Doug says:

    This is the greatest thing Microsoft has ever done for awhile. Kudos to your development team. I am switching over from Google+ and Picasa now 🙂

  131. Rob says:

    XP is End Of Life in less than 2 years…   makes perfect sense for MSFT to drop support of XP and push Win7 AND the built in integration with Windows 8 which will be out before the end of this year…  

  132. Ben says:

    Lol at all the people wanting support for xp. XP is dead and we are better for it. MS no longer supports it. Do yourself a favour and buy win7. I have to say after all the negative things desktop wise I have said about windows 8 I think skydrive will be a welcome feature. It just makes sense to integrate it into the os. I tried dropbox and hated it but I really think that I will use skydrive.

    Cool stuff ms. Now fix windows 8 for the desktop!!!!

  133. Aryanos says:

    Are there going to be more file support in the future? It seems limited and I hate having to zip up files to upload because they're not supported.

  134. Omar Shahine says:

    @OneNote user the best thing to do is to use OneNote to open your notebooks on SkyDrive either through OneNote or via the "Open in OneNote" in

  135. timmy2 says:

    Hey I cannot setup this app on my computer! My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate K x64. When I started to setup, it stops!

  136. Daniel says:

    Any plans for Android app?

  137. Malinda says:

    How can I see other people's shared folders in my Windows 7 app? I don't see any of the folders that people have shared with me. Without this feature, I cannot stop using DropBox.

  138. @Malinda: Right now the SkyDrive experience on the desktop is for your stuff and not shared stuff.  It's a great feature request though, thanks.

    @timmy2 Did you get any error at all?

    @Aryanos If you use the desktop app, there's no limitation.

  139. timmy2 says:

    Yeah I got an error in installing step, then it stops.

  140. An app for Android please! Oh common! Why not android!!?

  141. NP says:

    The first screen of the setup program for the Windows Skydrive client is completely unnecessary in my opinion. It simply has one button called "Get started". What is the purpose of this screen other than informing potential users of the features of Skydrive, features which they would already have known about if they have already downloaded the app? And why is the button called "Get started" instead of the standard name of of "Next". A minor point but it will remove one step from setup.

  142. Jonny says:

    Loving these apps for both Windows and Mac.

    Could I suggest an improvement to the Mac app though?

    Could there be an option to display an icon in the menu bar only? Utility style apps like these that run in the background should not force an icon to be displayed in the dock as well as the menu bar.

  143. #auburnonenote says:

    Is there ever going to be an increase to the 100MB onenote single file upload limit?  Is there a way around this?  We have MANY students hitting this limit.

  144. Rand says:

    While XP is old and I would certainly recommend anyone using it to upgrade to Win7, I have to say it is absolutely hilarious that Microsoft is more concerned about supporting their competitors in Apple iOS/OSX then they are in supporting their own customers in WinXP users. 🙂

  145. Benjamin says:



    First, Android, while a popular mobile platform, is certainly not the most popular. iOS is.

    Also, Windows XP is aging. While I agree its desktop experience and user-focus made it the best Windows yet, it's aging. It's well out of mainstream support and in some time will be the end of its extended support. Also, the number of internet-connected Windows 7 computers outdoes XP computers, and when you factor in systems running all releases newer than XP, there's a lot more dominance there than on XP.

  146. @theNewDanger says:

    whatever microsoft deliver, fukss like you never get statisfied… u fukinn trolls

  147. LeaNDRo says:

    I was waiting for this app for more than 5 years..!

  148. Hello Microsoft says:

    How about this design Steven…/windows-desktop-ui-concept , i think many people like this, your designers can't do some thing like this? current metro UI is incomplete  and ugly

  149. Hello Microsoft says:

    How about this design Steven…/windows-desktop-ui-concept , i think many people like this, your designers can't do some thing like this? current metro UI is incomplete  and ugly

  150. RN says:

    Can't believe that MS does not support XP!

    It's your OS and many customers are still using it.

    People just go off and start using other cloud services, rather than upgrade their OS.

  151. If I have GBs of files on skydrive and they are also available on my PC, then how do I sync them without requiring to download/upload GBs of data?

  152. says:

    What is the use of Windows Live Mesh? Its better to merge all of them into one single service – SkyDrive!!

  153. Tom says:

    It's a deal breaker for me if I can't sync shared content. I'll keep using Mesh. Why can't I sync a subset of folders on specific devices like Mesh? I can't believe how many times Microsoft keeps releasing the same app under a new name, but with less features. FolderShare anyone?

  154. Ari says:

    Me again, please fix the Localizable.strings in your lion app.

  155. Conrad says:

    Seriously, how can you not have an Android app?  You guys keep reinforcing the stereotype.

  156. Conrad says:

    Is there a receipt or confirmation function on skydrive so I know my recipient was able to access/download the file???

  157. Philip says:

    I've already been using SkyDrive on iPhone for a while and it works perfectly, so I'm loving the new Windows desktop client.

    This is outstanding guys!

  158. Joey says:

    Snow Leopard support please! I'm glad you support Lion but there are a bunch of us out here without it. I'm excited to try SkyDrive

  159. JustMe says:

    Why is there still no official skydive app for ANDROID since this is the biggest mobile OS ???

  160. Andrew Rockefeller says:

    Excellent, brilliant, simple yet really flexible, kudos.

    <b>Feature Request:</b>

    I'd like to be able to put a picture/file into my SkyDrive 'Public' folder (on my hard drive), then right-click and select a 'Copy URL' option (all from within explorer).

    Why? Because the process of posting/linking something online currently envolves several steps. Open the browser > log in > find the file to that was right in front of you 3 steps ago > Click 'View Original' > Copy the location. It's unnecessarily complex. Please don't view this as a criticism, it's just a thought I had that would be a particularly powerful tool for me.

  161. Mark Barnard says:

    Have the most popular mobile platform…Android,…no thanks…sticking with dropbox.

  162. arson says:

    I was expecting this to be posted on the windowsteamblog .Since it's not exactly win8 announcement.

    Nice work anyway .Keep it up!

  163. Drazick says:

    I wish I could download the full size image in the iOS app.

    It let me view and download only a low resolution version of the image.

  164. Asbjørn says:

    And so starts the hunt for a Windows Live Mesh replacement…

    Why, oh why do you have to copy the stupid, stupid idea of Dropbox? I Don't WANT one folder for everything, I want to be able to sync existing folders in their current location. If I'd wanted one folder, I'd just have used Dropbox.

  165. LD says:

    And how is the data secured?  I'm wondering how safe this really is as it's hosted by a company.  Can I set my data to encrypt and decrypt locally and automatically to protect my privacy and my company's privacy?

  166. winaxter says:

    Asbjørn look up how to do symbolic link documents, it'll function the exact same as mesh, just with 5x more storage with those in place.

    Just wondering if anyone can help me, I shared a folder with my friend, but it hasn't shown in his skydrive folder, only on the web, is this not possible like it is in dropbox? or is there a setting i just can't find?

  167. Sam says:

    1. Please offer a "Get a link" option in the context menu in Windows to share any file stored in the hard drive.

    2. Right now only links shared to Twitter are shortened. Please give an option to shorten any link obtained through "Get a link".

    3. Can you explain how the syncing mechanism works behind the scenes? I am on a limited data plan, and would like to know if SkyDrive uses delta syncing or any other efficient syncing mechanism.

    Finally, thanks for making SkyDrive the best cloud solution.

  168. Bamse says:

    This -^

    Everything this man says, listen to it 😛

  169. Paul Coddington says:

    An encryption option would be nice, so that even Microsoft cannot access stored files.  This would solve some adoption problems (concerns with confidentiality, intellectual property, etc).

  170. Sun says:

    The storage usage statistics is not taking into account the fact that for a great period of time you could upload only files smaller than 50 Mb and that the only way to upload was through the web interface which was (is) sluggish… so of course that there are only 0.06% of users that have uploaded more than 7 Gb of data.

  171. Dropbox says:

    why just don't buy Dropbox?

  172. Dennis Lyberg says:

    Awesome!! this is way greater then any other "dropbox" look a like´s… this combined with office365 is an unbeatable concept..

  173. So, a free 25GB storage service gets reduced to 7GB when there is finally a tool available to manage the service?

    You should change the Live login page, it still shows 25GB.

    And no support for XP? Or Android? But support for the fruity competitor?

  174. Tuan AnhTruong says:

    Developing more app for Webos phone and Touchpad. We love Skydrive

  175. Hayden Jones says:

    I think you should think about compressing files before uploading them to the server (unless this is already done).

    Many of us have bandwidth limits by our ISP's. If you found a way to use less bandwidth when uploading and downloading files, people would be able to upload more files, and pay for more space.

  176. Shri says:

    I recently tried the consumer preview of Windows 8. I tried looking for a feedback option on the consumer preview blog, but since there is none, wanted to list it here.

    Unlike many others who either hate or love Metro, I was just plain curious to see how it would affect my day-to-day work and information consumption. The Metro tiles looked great when reading the blog – I would always have info to glance at quickly.

    Then, last week, I tried Metro, both on a non-touch PC and a touch enabled one. The word that came up was – schizophrenic.

    As a long time user, I am accustomed to various keyboard shortcuts that are burnt into my autonomous nervous system. Though I use a Mac at home and Windows at my workplace, I always 'know' which keyboard shortcut to hit when I'm sitting at a PC.

    And then, when I try Metro mangled with the desktop, my system quickly unravelled. After a couple of min looking through metro tiles, I wanted to go to the desktop to get work done. Guess what – Desktop is a tile that I need to navigate to – no clear keyboard shortcut.

    It gets worse. When I'm in the desktop mode, Metro shows up as an application (which has applications running within it!). Suddenly, I need to cope with two schemes of multi-tasking in one interface. Why?

    If I hit Win on the keyboard, I am chucked into metro mode. If I hit Win+D, I am in Desktop mode. And Win+F takes me to a search windo with my cursor suddenly to the top right of the interface. After all the motion studies that you guys have done, didn't it seem a little weird to folks who used the interface?

    In the Metro interface, Alt+Tab does not take me to other metro windows (though after some struggle, I figured that Win+Tab does).

    After a few min, I was very confused and was actually straining to use the system legibly. It's a shame, because I love the Windows Phone Metro interface for its simplicity.

    A couple suggestions to improve this:

    – Why can't all desktop apps be pinned in  a separate group to the Metro interface? That way, the Metro can be glancable + act like alt+tab that I am used to. This would also reduce my cognitive discomfort at navigating two interfaces. Alt+Tab could navigate within groups, with Tab used to switch between groups.

    – Why can't search still be at the bottom left? The rest of the search interface is fine, but I'm always looking at hte bottom of the screen when I type (even for this blog post). So take advantage of the natural progression there (Windows 7 does that right – I like the placement better than Spotlight on Mac, as I do not have to shift focus between tasks)

    – In Metro mode, why can't I swipe up or down from the bottom or top of screen to bring up all running apps? The current action is very non-intuitive.

    Metro has a lot of potential. Please rescue the current implementation and reduce the dissonance in shifting between systems.

  177. pzstm says:

    I would like to see an option that just download/show the shortcuts, but do not download my 8GB cloud storage (btw it's so slow) Just download specific files I want. And a right-click menu for the skydrive folders should be good too 😉

  178. Tom says:

    this is great! btw, cool song in the Video 🙂

  179. this is great! btw, cool song in the Video 🙂

  180. Tolga says:

    Finally! We were waiting for this app for years.

  181. Chris says:

    @mike Thanks for the reply about uninstalling on a Mac yesterday. Sometimes the comments function can be really discriminating 😉

  182. pppp says:

    I subscribe to everything Entegy said, and the rest of the commenters, about Mesh. Please don't kill it.

  183. Alicia says:

    When will support for Encrypting File System (EFS) be added?

  184. arson says:

    Skydrive really needs a new search function . and needs to handle new file types in the web interface ; I can't believe simple things like text files can't be viewed !

  185. Steveeeeee says:

    I'm waiting for Office for Mac designed specifically for Lion and for Mountain Lion (full screen mode, etc…), OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8…

    Any news?

    Compatible with Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 even in the case it's released only from the Mac App Store…

  186. Does the SkyDrive file viewer have auto sort?

  187. Quasar says:

    Can't say I'm happy about aving a single skdrive folder. Its one of the reasons I never used dropbox.

  188. temp says:

    Only 2 feedbacks:

    – Option to not sync folder to other device (on windows or on the web interface)

    – A new elegant HTML5 webpage for because really it sucks!!! This explorer like is really ugly 🙁

  189. temp says:

    for silent install:

    -Add an switch parameter / to specify an folder location

  190. davis says:

    Windows application doesn't work behind a proxy server 🙁

  191. temp says:

    @davis, It works behind a proxy. I currently use it at work

  192. Gunjan Bansal says:

    Proxy Settings are taken from IE. Specify settings in IE and it should work.

  193. Tony says:

    Please make an official app for Android.

  194. Richard Hay says:

    For those concerned about losing the ability to sync IE Favorites it is possible – here is my post and video showing the steps to use the Target folder property to do this between multiple machines.

  195. Barren says:

    @Omar I see your comments about opening in OneNote or from, however, on my iphone, I see the one note.onepkg file in skydrive, however, when I try to "open in another app", I get the following error:  There isn't an app installed that can open this file.  Please install an app that supports this file and try again."  I've had OneNote on my phone for a long time… it's current at v1.3.  Same results on my iPad.  I don't see a way to point OneNote to SkyDrive to open or sync a document.  What am I missing?

  196. Kise says:

    why you aren't publishing my comment?

    is too damaging to your idea of cloud computing ? people will know about it soon enough

  197. TeluguMuchatlu says:

    wow synching is so much better now!! and i can have all of my data anywhere, anytime now..

  198. It would be nice to see how much storage is being used when right clicking the skydrive icon in the system tray.

  199. xbox rightwingers says:

    @ stevensinofsky  If Live Mesh is to be deprecated (nothing announced yet) in favor of an enhanced SkyDrive, I sincerely hope the ability to synch between devices on a home LAN without needing SkyDrive will remain.  I use Live Mesh as an easy, effortless photo/music/home video backup/synch service between desktop/laptop devices at home.  Synching over 350 GB through the home network is far more efficient than getting throttled by the ISP or subject to the size limitations of SkyDrive. Hopefully this local synch feature will continue in some fashion, perhaps in the Win 8 OS as part of an updated Home Sharing feature that can synch as well as stream between devices.

    That said, the SkyDrive service itself is terrific.  I use it daily to store/share files, and love the new Windows Explorer integration. I tried this last night on Win 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 7 (3 desktops/laptops), and it works like a charm.  Once MS adds file encryption, I'll buy the additional GB of storage and use it as a general backup/synch solution.

    Great work, SkyDrive team!  

  200. DW says:

    This is a good start but i have to agree with a lot of the other commentors here regarding features to put in and remove. I for one would love to at least keep my work files synched to my work machine only, and my personal files synched to my personal machine only.

  201. @kise

    Copy your comment into the clipboard with ctrl+c before hitting "Post", as sometimes post screws up and doesn't post. Wait 5 minutes, and if your comment doesn't show up, paste it back again.

    I lost so many good comments to this problem 🙁

  202. Steven says:

    I get a script error message.  Line 13, Char 1, MWorkflow is null or undefined, Code 0.

  203. Jayaram says:

    Totally cool!

    A question – is there a way to configure all photo uploads to upload original, as opposed to resizing them to 2048px (the default)?

  204. Rtyh-12 says:

    Well, this is definitely going to be useful. I'm not sure whether it would be worth it to switch from Dropbox, though.

    On a related note: it feels really weird to have Microsoft software on an iPad…

  205. Stan says:

    Google Drive supports XP just fine, aren't you sorry you missed the boat on this one?

  206. temp says:

    Please make a better icon for the app. A Folder with a cloud in my start screen looks like something not innovative.

  207. skydrive blows.away apple cloud says:

    this is why Microsoft and windows phone is best in innovation. Not like apple products which just useless and just junk.

  208. shahin says:

    it only has one issue , why the hell it download all of my file to my pc ? I mean , I don't what it to work like that, there should be an option or something!!! imagine someone has 100GB on skydrive , when he/she open skydrive app it automatically  start to download all the 100GB to his/her  pc ! this shouldn't happen, don't you think?

  209. Jianmin says:

    Can I carve out a place in Skydrive where I don't want it to be sync'ed to my computer. This way, if a file is accidentally deleted, infected / corrupted, the disease won't pass on to the cloud. In short, a place for safe storage, rather than a convenient place for sharing.

  210. I just installed the desktop app on Windows 8 CP, works great. Now I can open my old skydrive Word documents locally, or access them from the web. I can also get to the Web Version from the Metro Windows 8 App.

    But then I tried to open one of the Word documents from the Windows Phone App.

    It just doesn't work, it opens a browser window with an error message:

    "This item might not exist or is no longer available"

    The URL for that page is:

    Then if I click "go to skydrive" on the same web page, it lists the document, and I can open it. This time the URL is:

    Can you fix this? 10x.

  211. Zingplex says:

    Windows sucks, get a mac!!!

  212. John says:

    I love Skydrive ! It will be even better if MS could create a native Android apps for us to access this service.

  213. @Jonny: Thanks!  Here's a workaround for the dock icon: Hide dock icon in Mac preview. In terminal, type “defaults write /Applications/ LSUIElement 1” Restart

    @Tom: Shared content and the ability to sync a subset of folders are definitely top requests – thanks!

    @Andrew Rockefeller: Hear you and agree!

    @LD: Yes, you can encrypt/decrypt stuff using other tools if you'd like.  So long as they're files, they'll get synced.

    On Android support, we tweeted a link to the apps page for some Android apps that work with SkyDrive:…/allapps

  214. Stefan says:

    It is stupid to lock out other Windows versions. We who have payed the price for our Windows are mad about how Microsoft treat us, their long time customers, that don't upgrade when every new version are released. We just will use something else online. To me all Microsoft related online stuff are blacklisted anyway, but to the people that want it i think they should have the right to be included. Cutting down the free amount was a really stupid move. Have heard many Scandinavians plan to move to other services instead. I use my ISP's cloud service. I pay for it, but it is cheaper than most other similar services. I still run Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP3, Windows XP x64 Edition and Vista 32/63-bit, and i am satisfied with them. I can't see any reason to upgrade the client, nor the server.

  215. Thorney Issues says:

    One has to question the motives behind providing and maintaining all this disk storage on remote servers where information, documents and pictures can be held, at their cost  ……..  free to you.

  216. McZ says:


    When you see no need to upgrade your computers, you seem to be comfortable wih your computing environment. The question is: for what do you need what equals a SkyDrive-Folder on your OS, especially if SDExplorer is still working fine?

    And, btw, SkyDrive is still 2GB larger than Google Drive, for existing users who opt-in it's 5x the size.


    When do we get something like iTunes Match for Zune? Is there anything planned?

  217. Ronald Bauer says:

    We need urgently a SkyDrive app for Android devices, please allows the full functionality of SkyDrive also on these devices.

  218. JoeH says:

    Great job, guys. Fantastic product.

    I also use Live Mesh for peer to peer sync, and really hope that continues being supported or (ideally) is integrated into SkyDrive.

  219. Real McCoy says:

    What is the time period after which the app will synchronize with cloud and vice versa? It's not event-based, that's for sure: I saved a word document in SkyDrive on PC and edit the same on web. It took like half hour/45 minutes to reflect the changes with PC ! Can we change the check frequency in settings? Perhaps, some people using are cellular networks, so they might want to extend the frequency. Or is there a better/performant algorithm implemented?

  220. Real McCoy says:

    When we refresh the folder, it doesn't update/synchronize the file promptly. May be the intended behavior?

    Developers! Developers! Developers!

    It would be a brillliant idea, if you guys provide the developers — the oppertunity to use TFS with SkyDrive. That would convince lots of developers as they cannot initiate a small private project without spending a fortune… Lucky me, I had the tfspreview invitation! 😎

  221. LeoStorm85 says:

    @Real McCoy

    What kind of browser are you using, because I had the same problem with Firefox, but it was someway related to browser caching. The update seems indeed immediate.

  222. Ron says:

    How do I install SKyDrive for all user of a PC? The taskbar app is available to me as an admin, but it refuses to install even with elevated privelege from another user's account.

  223. Floske-Tuf says:

    The peer-to-peer syncing of Live Mesh is missing.

    I do not want to copy ALL my files in the cloud.

    I need the possibility to sync a number of them between a pair of computers when they are both connected to my router (one via ethernet and the other one via WiFi).

    Is there any possibility to do that ?

  224. 1231 says:

    what is that song

  225. kristina says:

    I don't have tried W8 but I have a idea for you. Do you care about people who have post too many thread about "Window 98 is last thing Microsoft made this best". I  am not sure but I feel that gray color in important. are you made gray classic available in windows 8 or not.

  226. Real McCoy says:

    @LeoStorm85, IE9 but its not about the browser cache? I modified the file on SkyDrive web using "Edit in browser" feature and the web was reflecting the changes promptly. It took a while to reflect the changes on PC version. I gave it another shot and it reflects the changes pronto! 🙂   (Must be the internet connection issue!)

    IMO, if they still provide settings to change the check-frequency for PC version that would be a treat for those battery/data conscious users.

  227. Bash says:


    I hope the next version of office doesn't require collaboration with a save button. Get rid of the save button so that the file can update and save automatically!!!!!!!!!!!! The save button is a 1990s feature with floppy disks and CDs!!

  228. coddeau says:

    What documents can be stored on skydrive? only MS office documents and txt files?  I have tried with pdf files and they cannot even be stored.. not very useful.

  229. SkyeDrive is good to have and I'll use it, but Live Mesh is also MUST HAVE app for Win8. I'm using it for syncing significantly more than 25Gigs across PCs. In addition this is highly confidential and personal data that MUST NOT go any further than my switch! Live Mesh is exactly what I need

  230. Dean says:

    I've been waiting for this sort of implementation for some time now. Granted it may not cater to everyone, but it's what SkyDrive should have offered from day one! I've been a user of Live Mesh for quite a while now, and I've always been annoyed at the inability to use the editable section of SkyDrive to sync files; anything synced remained separate and inaccessible from Office Web Apps. This is ideal. Does need a little control though; as not everyone will want to sync every SkyDrive folder with every PC; especially if people are storing large amounts of data.

  231. jwolf says:

    I am testing skydrive. I am facing one issue. I uploaded few documents to skydrive using the browser. No problems there.

    When I tried to download the same files using the browser by selecting the checkbox next to the file and click on download or Right click download. Nothing seem to download the file at all.

    I tried 3 browsers . All behave the same. (IE9,FF10, Safari 5.1) . restarted the browsers, cleared cache etc..

    Any suggestions as to why skydrive not able to download the files from browser? Kind of puzzled

  232. Nitz Walsh says:

    Nice improvements, but in many ways it's a downgrade from Mesh.  I don't want my syncing between two PC's on a LAN be bottlenecked by my ISP's 1mbit upload rate.  Going to be great when I make changes to hundreds of MB/GB and have to wait 2 days for it to sync to Skydrive (where I probably don't want most of my data there anyway).  Mesh is not just convenient, it's fantastic as a backup system when you have multiple PC's – I sync my important data folders across my Mac/PC Desktop/PC Notebook/Work Desktop, and I never have to worry about one HD failing that I'll lose my stuff.  Not to mention there's no storage fee depending on how much data I have.

    Mesh was unique.  There was really no other product like it on any other platform (at least free).  Instead of "melding" Skydrive and Mesh, you've improved Skydrive, and killed Mesh.  That is not what most Mesh users were asking for when they wanted you to UNIFY the services.

    For current Mesh users, this is an absolute downgrade.  But hey, "CLOUD!!  WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THAT!" – MS acts like 5 year olds playing soccer sometimes.

  233. SkydriveEric says:

    I'd like to make a feature request that I haven't seen mentioned: when I right-click anything in explorer I'd like to get an option to "Send to->Skydrive" that will copy my selections into my Skydrive folder. This would add to the "it just works" motif by making it more straight forward to get things up into Skydrive while I'm looking around.

  234. How to Access Shared Files via Windows Explorer? says:

    If you have setup Shared Folders or Files with other Skydrive users how can these folders and files be made to appear in Windows Explorer? At the moment I can only see my own files in Windows Explorer and not all the files that my colleagues have given me sharing access to. It would be good for us to be able to access the shared folders and files so that we can collaborate. Thanks!

  235. J. Ky Marsh says:

    Great stuff, guys!

    The only other thing I'd really like to see on the OSX app is the little icons next to individual files/folders (checkmark/sync icon) that show if they're synced or not. Definitely need those. I see they're in the Windows app; include them in OSX as well please!

  236. I just installed the SkyDrive apps on W7 and Lion on my Mac Pro.  They're individual boot disks so only one runs at a time. I have two other Macs and a PC at work so SkyDrive could be handy.  Understanding SkyDrive's simplicity I just want to move files from one system to the other.

    On Lion when I drag files to the SkyDrive icon they remain in their original folder but are copied to SkyDrive. Perfect. On W7 if I drag files to SkyDrive they are moved to it rather than copied.  So instead of the ease of dragging files to W7 SkyDrive I have to copy and paste.  Did I miss something?

  237. Reply to AZJack from a friend says:

    Try holding the [Ctrl] button when dragging files to the SkyDrive folder (then release the [Ctrl] button after you've released the mouse button). This forces a "copy" instead of a "move". It's only necessary to do this when the files in question are on the C Drive and the SkyDrive folder is in the default location also on the C Drive (this is the standard setup for most users). Holding [Ctrl] isn't necessary when dragging files from the D Drive for example. Oh, and it's worth knowing that when you drag your files to the SkyDrive folder that they exist in that folder as well as on the SkyDrive servers (i.e. they are both on your computer and in the cloud).

  238. Here is some good reading: "Google Drive vs. Microsoft SkyDrive: 4 Reasons Google Wins Out" (…/google_drive_vs_microsoft_skydrive_4_reasons_google_wins_out.html).

  239. EriDro says:

    @Omar Shahine

    @Mike Torres

    I know it says you used to allow arbitrary folders to be synchronized with Windows Live Mesh and you wanted to create a more user friendle application with the SkyDrive app.

    But what happens with us who really like the ability to be able to select any folder on our computer to be synced with SkyDrive?

    Personally I use it like this.

    I have a couple of folders that contain smaller files I sync between a couple of computers for my daily use.

    But I also have a large folder contaning all of my photos. This folder is not someting I want to sync with all computers. I just sync this folder between SkyDrive (using Mesh) and my computer at home. I basicly use it as a cloud backup for my photos. The only time I would sync this from the cloud back to a computer is if my computer at home would break and I would lose all the photos on it.

    Is there any chance you could a this kind of functionally to the new SkyDrive app?

    I also like the sync favorites function in Mesh 🙂

  240. Alxndr says:


    What are you using to develop the desktop clients?, .Net for Windows and Mono for Mac?.


    – Alex

  241. I agree with Nitz Walsh

    Please don't ignore these comments about Mesh.

    Just assure Mesh users that Mesh is still intact and not going to be discontinued.

    The example Nitz provides (pcs on lan) shows that you don't need to do anything other than just keep the current Mesh software running.

    Don't kill Mesh just because Dropbox is supposedly getting better.

    And yeah, you need to add a download/upload limit speed limit option in the dropbox desk app settings coz right now, it's hogging up all my bandwidth.

  242. MEL says:


  243. this is my +1 vote to allow this very great piece of software to have *shared folders on the desktop app*. this is a showstopper for me and got to stick with LiveMesh until this feature will be implemented.

  244. nikoy says:

    needs a andriod app how can you actually miss putting a freaking andriod app on launch. Microsoft fail..

  245. Thanks for the loyalty gift says:

    I just claimed my loyalty gift of 25GB.  Thanks!

    Skydrive is the BEST!


  246. Nikos says:

    good but why it should be like dropbox fashion? one folder that syncs data to the cloud? i would much prefer to integrate live mesh functionality and give it skydrive's space so in a single app we can have pc to cloud and pc to pc sync. now we need to change the folder structure and move the files in skydrive folder. live mesh works flawlessly as long as i am using it more than 8 months with great performance and fast response to changes!

    my 2 coins

  247. Windows567 says:

    I told an Andriod/Google advocate about the SkyDrive app 3 days ago (without knowing that Google drive is gonna happen soon). Today, he came up prepared with Google Drive vs. SkyDrive. He was pitching on a point that google drive provides the link to DropBox while SkyDrive is missing it ?? Does it even count ?

  248. Missy says:

    @Windows567, yes it does count. But do tell your friend/advocate about the "Fetch any file from your PC – anywhere" feature of SkyDrive.. ofcourse its hard to be neutral.. but still one should give the devil its due (alteast try it for the change?) Like they both miss 'Dropbox explorer'!

  249. Missy says:

    The Dropbox get link explorer **

  250. Sarat says:

    This is quite a late entry for Microsoft. I appreciate it's not late than this and hit at right time. I always feel that Microsoft develop great products without vision. Once SkyDrive, Live Mesh has been desserted. Now with Windows Phone 7, aiming really high to make cloud integrated good initiative but it should be able to distinguish between DropBox and add value for user. That's what we're expecting from Microsoft.

    I shared my thoughts here.…/gdrive-skydrive-dropbox-box-icloud-we-are-all

  251. Love it and thanks for the loyalty gift – very cool.

    @SkydriveEric – try this to add skydrive to your right click context menu

  252. Parag says:

    It has been mentioned that "for a limited time, any registered SkyDrive user *who has uploaded files to SkyDrive* as of April 22nd can opt in to keep 25GB of free storage while still getting all of the benefits of the new service". I already have files worth 15 GB uploaded before 2 months, So do i have to worry about the same. Should I start getting the back up… As I am afraid that Microsoft will give some timeframe for old  user as well to get them to 7GB… Please clarify….

  253. MyPC Solutions says:

    Please include the following features (I have already submitted these to the feature request)

    All of these features are in Mesh, but are missing in Skydrive

    1. Ability to log in and out using Multiple Live IDs

    2. Ability to add or remove folders

    3. Remote Access to other machines.

    I mean these are essential to the way I can stay mobile and access everything I need when I need it.

  254. WindowsUser says:

    Bring back peer to peer sync!!! I use this for business and can't live without it. I don't want or need everything in the cloud, just synced across various windows machines.

  255. Joao M Correia says:

    "this 7GB free limit will prove to be more than enough" – yes, and 640KB of ram were too.

    Also, this is yet another slap in the face of all the power users out there – the ones that implement, manage, evangelize and promote windows everywhere. By dumbing down the systems (as you say, to reduce complexity of something as hard as having multiple folders sync'ed !! (as if that was complex)), you're at the same time dumbing down the users. Those that have half the neurons working are the ones being hit the hardest by every single design choice made since this whole windows 8 dumb started.

    Way to go.

  256. MessiaaH says:

    The new SkyDrive app is great, but is desperately lacking certain features a few of which are already mentioned.

    1) Ability to sync shared folders by other users. (I use live mesh primarily for this reason, MUST! have feature +100).

    2) Option to be notified via systray / specialized skydrive app window, when a file has been updated/added to a shared folder.

    3) Option in RightClick context menu in windows to Get Link / Share Link of skydrive file/folder.

    4) Office Apps (Word/Excel/etc) Should be able to open a file by browsing skydrive directly. Instead of first going to the website.

    5) Opening an office document from local synced skydrive storage should open the file in web/sync mode (as in #4), making realtime collaboration of office files seamless.

    6) Selective sync of specific skydrive folders only.

    7) Ability to sync a folder peer-peer with another user bypassing the cloud. (Available in Live Mesh but i can see why this feature wont be available in skydrive)

    Please add 1-3 soon so i can stop using live mesh 🙂

  257. JimmyJam says:

    Any chance there will be integration with Active Directory for a seamless sign-on?

  258. abhiman says:

    Whether android devices will get any apps for the skydrive?

  259. Mr X says:

    It needs a user interface to show files being uploaded, among size, time, remote permissions, etc. It's a common sense missing!

  260. Please implement SkyDrive client for pc/mac with the Zune-like feature of filtering media files to be synced according to rating. We could then save all our media files in the SkyDrive folder and simply select through rating which one are to be synced. Like Zune's feature: "Don't sync songs rated Unlike". The most annoying thing about having one folder for all synced files is that we have to move files from one location to an other each time we want them to be synced or not.

  261. I like the upgrades that have been made to SkyDrive, and while the new limitation of 7 GB of free storage that replaces 25 GB is not something that I think is a good idea, I don't expect to use even 7 GB of online storage (if I use any at all), so it's not really an issue. However, I have installed the SkyDrive app on my PC, and I am concerned about the ability of a malicious program to access the SkyDrive folder without any special permission given to the program. It seems like it would be easy for a program or even a malicious website to upload files to my SkyDrive without any user interaction, and I am concerned about allowing this SkyDrive program to run on my computer if something like this ever happens. Is it possible to restrict the SkyDrive folder so that nothing can modify its contents without my permission?

  262. MessiaaH says:

    The new SkyDrive app is great, but is desperately lacking certain features a few of which are already mentioned.

    1) Ability to sync shared folders by other users. (I use live mesh primarily for this reason, MUST! have feature +100).

    2) Option to be notified via systray / specialized skydrive app window, when a file has been updated/added to a shared folder.

    3) Option in RightClick context menu in windows to Get Link / Share Link of skydrive file/folder.

    4) Office Apps (Word/Excel/etc) Should be able to open a file by browsing skydrive directly. Instead of first going to the website.

    5) Opening an office document from local synced skydrive storage should open the file in web/sync mode (as in #4), making realtime collaboration of office files seamless.

    6) Selective sync of specific skydrive folders only.

    7) Ability to sync a folder peer-peer with another user bypassing the cloud. (Available in Live Mesh but i can see why this feature wont be available in skydrive)

    Please add 1-3 soon so i can stop using live mesh 🙂

  263. Paul Coddington says:

    Perhaps an option to view placeholders and only download files from cloud when first accessed?

  264. Privacy concern says:

    With the skydrive app, can any technical employee from Microsoft in any possible way obtain access to my personal computer and to files I may not want to put on skydrive?

  265. ben says:

    Your comments are not loaded in Opera browser 11.62

  266. Dan says:

    Wow! This is one of the best features to come out of MS in the last few years. This is going to totally revolutionize the way people think about cloud storage.

    Everyone that worked on this should be really proud of themselves, what a great achievement.

    Is there some kind of folder sharing features coming to the desktop program in the near future?

  267. I'm so glad that most of the improvements which I was expecting for, came to reality by your considerate work!

  268. Danny says:

    Why you guys don't put "selective sync" into SD options ? Why i must us one folder and why i can't decide what i want to sync ? Ehh….

  269. ASB says:

    When it comes to Android, then we can think of it displacing DropBox. Until then, it will have to play second fiddle to even for me.

  270. Mark says:

    Why am I being prompted to enter a security code for my two PC's when I have already done this supposed "one-time setup"?  After completing this process two days ago, and accessing both PC's through SkyDrive via the web, I am now being prompted that this is required again.  How does someone get support for this or any other feature of SkyDrive?

  271. Ben says:

    Syncing of shared folders is essential, please add , pretty please.

  272. Richard says:

    Yes, shared syncing of folders, i want!

  273. Mac says:

    You don't really thing anybody trusts MS to store their data do you????  SkyDrive blows

  274. What do you guys usually store on sky drive? I carry 32Gb USB Flash drive with me and that is my Cloud, i don't know.

  275. ST says:

    So slow (like 10X slower than DropBox) that it is almost useless.  I assume there is a rush of upload traffic with this new release but it is getting too irritating.  If the speed does not improve and if they do not give an option to selectively sync folders (not all folders on SkyDrive sync back to my small SSD) soon,  I assume many people would abandon SkyDrive…

  276. Steffo says:

    My personal cloud drive is an 500 gigabyte external drive i share between several computers here at home. I would never trust Microsoft, Google, Dropbox and so on, all of them support CISPA (previous SOPA/PIPA).

  277. I'm not very happy with the windows xp situation, and I also think it's pretty stupid because there are still a lot of xp users.

    But you just have to be smarter than microsoft. This image illustrates a workaround:

  278. Brinke says:

    I've uploaded everything that I want—but one folder refuses to upload.  still plenty of room.  how come?

  279. Brinke says:

    PS—I made a copy of my 15GB photos folder and stuck it in the new Skydrive folder.  Why can't I choose which folders to send up—so I don't have to add more data to my PC drive?

  280. Phong says:

    I don't know where to report bugs, but the SkyDrive 2.0 app for iOS strips all EXIF metadata when uploading photos through it. The Desktop client obviously doesn't have this problem since it uploads raw files directly.

    This is an amazingly good service, otherwise. Thanks!

  281. Phong says:

    Addendum: that's even with choosing "Original" instead of "Resized" in the settings.

  282. hmoody says:


  283. Shahir says:

    Really Excited    <a href=><b>CLick Here to Enter A MaGiCaL WoRlD </b></a>

  284. clarity says:

    I don't love windows Clear type , but when i turn off it, some fonts in windows become unreadable.( my computer or control panel)

    may you solve this problem.(insert 2 type of fonts ex : black & white fonts).

    my eyes in clear type mode , have water downfall and sting.

    i don't work in windows 7 or 8 for long time.

    this problem is critical.

  285. For the moment, I've actually disabled the SkyDrive app because of the security concerns that I mentioned above. Will this issue be addressed?

  286. 6205 says:

    This post belongs to Windows Live blog. Show us some progress on new Windows 8 Metro visual style.

  287. Marketing Guru says:

    Do you think that perhaps a Lumia would have been a better phone to show in your ad?

  288. This app is dumb! All the files that I have backed up and already have on my PC start to download to the skydrive folder on my PC. Why not make it where you can select folders to keep synced to skydrive and not backwards. The one that AOL had a long time ago did it the way it should be. This is just a small pile of crap they put together to shut people up that have been asking for anything the last 5 years.

  289. Me.Name says:


    >This post belongs to Windows Live blog. Show us some progress on new Windows 8 Metro visual style.



  290. Pol says:

    Windows 8 the retarded one… Give us a real OS.

  291. Nir says:

    Can someone explain me why microsofy is deliberately ignoring Android?

    I have an android phone and tablet and personally, will not consider skydrive as a cloud storage option until I have a good android app for it.

    By ignoring Android I think you MS misses of almost 50% of mobile market share who will consider it as a dropbox (or box or google drive) replacement even if they do own a windows PC (like me)

  292. winston says:

    dear skydrive,

    great job! i've been using skydrive from the time it began. i like the syncing option, but please give users the option to NOT sync all contents in skydrive onto the mac/pc. the point of cloud is to keep a copy of our files up in the cloud. if we sync the entire contents of skydrive onto our pc/mac, we are gonna lose 7-25gb of hard drive space. give us the option to keep all files in the cloud, and all read/write be done directly onto the file in the cloud. sure, some users are gonna want to keep a copy on the hdd, but not all will want that.

    keep up the great job

  293. Anonymous says:

    No Linux and Android client? Seriously?

    I should just continue to use Dropbox then.

  294. Chris Warwick says:

    I must say I have to agree with the comments about the reduced functionality over Live Mesh.  This is a real issue for me because my Desktop PC runs off an SSD with around 30GB free space and that's not enough free space to enable me to sync my SkyDrive content.

    All my storage (including my "Documents" folder) is away on a server in another room.

    So, I'm disappointed because the predecessor to Live Mesh allowed me to sync from network shared folders and also ran fine with junction points whereas Live Mesh doesn't support those cases; I upgraded to Live Mesh and had to re-arrange my way of working – which wasn't ideal but has at least been useable.  Now I'm facing the prospect of Live Mesh being replaced by a product which reduces functionality once more.  Now I can't selectively sync individual folders or vary the folder destinations away from the fixed (once I've installed)  "SkyDrive" folder on a local hard disk.  

    For me this doesn't work and, basically, I can't use it.

    OK, I fully understand why you want to "keep it simple"; there's a general move to that across the board and it can be a good approach.  I can see why you just "want it to work".  You're going to have millions of users on those servers and it needs to be robust and reliable.

    What I don't see is why you have to remove the option of flexibility along the way?  In my case (and a large number of others on small/SSD drives), the flexibility is reduced to the extent that I can't use the service at all.

    As a solution for me and others, why not keep the same setup experience you have now, but expose the extra functionality in an "Advanced" dialog of the settings screen?  Carefully hidden out of the way for most people but available to those who really need it?  Or just make the functionality available from PowerShell cmdlets only?

    Your blog section on Power Users isn't very helpful.  Sure, we can add shortcuts to SkyDrive folders to libraries – we can do that with most any folder.  Changing the primary target of special folders to the SkyDrive folder is a cute idea but is only ever going to work in a few cases (and only if your Pictures/Documents/Whatever folder is small enough).  What is just PLAIN WRONG though is the assertion that … there are "too many unresolvable complexities across different PCs, with the path on one PC synchronizing to entirely different paths on other PCs and the cloud.  In order to maintain our goal of “it just works,” we designed SkyDrive to be the same everywhere".  This is wrong because when I run setup I can specify an alternate path to the SkyDrive folder on different machines – just as I can with Live Mesh.  This means that on one machine the SkyDrive folder could be at C:DataSkyDrive, while on another machine it could be at "D:Documents and SettingsMy Documents2012SkyDrive" – and the location could be on another different folder path completely on a third (and subsequent) machine.  How is this not using different paths on different PCs?

    I can easily handle the concept of synching different folders of different sizes to different locations on different drives on different PCs.  I can see why you want to avoid the complexity of that scenario in some cases, but for me it's a show-stopper.  Even so, I would put up with the restriction if I could and live with a single ("DropBox" type) folder, but I just have no option based on my SSD size.  I can't sync my SkyDrive to my desktop PC.

    So I'm sadly disappointed on several counts.  You've dumbed down your first sync product to give us Live Mesh, now you've dumbed down Live Mesh – to the extent that it's unusable – to give us SkyDrive.

    I won't miss the Live Mesh remote desktop; it was a great idea, but I can live without it.  But I will miss the ability to sync arbitrary folders.

    I'm loving Windows 8, Metro, Start Screen, all this new stuff.  I love the idea that SkyDrive fits right in there.  I love the way you blog about this stuff and the fact that you often respond to the feedback; but you're ignoring feedback on this point.  From the comments here and from comments on other articles it is clear that a lot of people are going to be missing the functionality I've been talking about.

    Please fix this.  It would be such a shame after all this great effort to end up with a product that just doesn't work.



  295. Talon says:

    Pretty sweet to bad I missed the cut off for the 25 gigs 🙁

  296. slimscraggle says:

    Please add peer to peer syncing of specific folders back.  This, and remote desktop have been the primary reasons I've used Windows Live/Mesh/SkyDrive.  The new model is such a dramatic downgrade in the service I doubt very much I'll use it at all without the peer to peer specific folder syncing we've been enjoying without complication for years.  Please add this essential feature back.

  297. Patrick Mohr says:

    No android AND no linux? What do you have against open source?

  298. 7GB is enough for storing files for me on skydrive. Now i can access my files anytime anywhere or any device even mobile or laptop.

  299. hamakaze japan says:

    Although it is not related to a report, is such  adopted in the head office or other countries?

    It is from South Korea.

    To "Pololo" of the South Korean character, and the basic application of Windows 8

    It was checked that "Pololo" had been contained in the basic application of the new "Windows 8" which is this autumn sale schedule.

    South Korean Microsoft (MS) was clarified on the 29th, saying "Pololo" is provided in the basic installation recommendation application of an application store (Windows store) of Windows 8, and application is under development with the iconics entertainment of a "Pololo" developer."

    Windows 8 is an operating system (OS) which can use not only a personal computer but mobile computing devices like a tablet or a smart phone.

    MS is the software developed to a counterattack in the mobile OS market pushed on an apple "iOS" and Google "android."

  300. Windows 7 says:

    Has anyone tried using a USB pen drive?

    I get the feeling Windows 8 is nothing more than a whole load of unnecessary gimmicky bolt ons to Windows 7.

  301. Please add in the Settings the option to include files that have been shared with me and, above all, the option to choose which folders are to be synced, as Google Drive wonderfully does (see Google Drive Preferences menu). This would partially compensate for the loss of Mesh.

  302. Michele Fioretto says:

    Hi all,

    I'm using the Dell Xt2 with windows 8.

    N-trig drivers now is ok (download from n-trig support site) and also dcomm bluetooth drivers are working well.

    Many thanks!!

    Windows 8 is really fast!!

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