Running the Consumer Preview: system recommendations

We’re very excited to get to the point in the project where we can provide a pre-release version of Windows 8 that is broadly usable by the tech community on a daily basis. We know folks who are anxious to run the Windows 8 Consumer Preview are probably interested in suggestions around what hardware to use. This post provides the technical details behind system recommendations. These are not system requirements, and are not final, but simply a view of what works best for running the Consumer Preview. Grant George, our corporate vice president of Windows Test, authored this post.

In the beginning of the Windows 8 project we started with the notion that you should get all that you need for computing from a single PC—that you do not need to choose between two desirable options, but that you can indeed have what you want in a single PC. The Consumer Preview is about saying “of course you can” to all those things you want to be able to do with your PC. You don’t need to choose between consumption and productivity, between portable and powerful, or between touch and keyboard. Windows 8 doesn’t force you to compromise. It isn’t about “modes” of working, but is about seamlessly moving through all the things you want to do on your PC in the way you want to do them.

And the first step in achieving that was making sure Windows 8 works great with the hardware and peripherals you already have. To run the Consumer Preview, we recommend you start with your Windows 7 PC identified by a Windows 7 logo. While some software and devices will require updates provided by the manufacturer, we are committed to supporting any device with a Windows 7 logo. Occasionally the manufacturer will decide that a PC or peripheral is not supported and will say so on their website. However, since we are still in pre-release, not every manufacturer has this information available and so we ask your patience during this testing period. Software utilities such as security, management, and disk tools are normally tied very closely to the specific Windows version for which they were designed and will require updates from the manufacturer.

Whether you have a logo PC or you’ve built your own PC, the recommendations for the Consumer Preview include:

  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

This setup gets you going with Windows 8 such that it is functionally equivalent to Windows 7, and as we have talked about previously, you should see measureable improvements in performance in a number of dimensions with a system at this level.

One new element to Windows 8 is the requirement that Metro style applications have a minimum of 1024x768 screen resolution, and 1366x768 for the snap feature. If you attempt to launch a Metro style app with less than this resolution (e.g. 800x600, 1024x600) you will receive an error message. Since the software is in everyone’s hands now, we will follow up with a more detailed blog post where you can learn more about the work we did for scaling across multiple resolutions and why this is a requirement in order to make sure developers can easily build applications that scale well across resolutions. We chose to allow Windows 8 to install even when a system doesn’t meet this requirement because, even without Metro style applications, your Windows 7 workloads on these PCs will improve and you can benefit from all the other features of Windows 8, including enhancements to the desktop. We have made sure that Start and Settings all scale well on 800x600 resolution screens.

Many of you asked about running on a virtual machine. Our recommendation for the Consumer Preview is to run it natively on hardware if you intend to run Windows 8 on hardware when the product is final. Some of you will run virtualized environments for enterprise workloads or specialized purposes, but we strongly recommend that you experience Windows 8 on hardware, as it was designed to run for the majority of consumer experiences. The most important reason is access to the rich experience powered by accelerated graphics, and the fast and fluid operation that you’ll experience when running this way. If you do run in a VM, which is supported as expected, please be sure your screen size meets the minimum requirements.

We previously outlined some of the requirements for touch hardware if you wish to experience Windows 8 in a touch environment (a touch tablet, convertible, all-in-on, or touch-capable monitor). We want to provide a short update on touch below and will post more about this soon. With the Consumer Preview, if you want to support touch, you will need a screen that supports multi-touch.

Although there are a number of existing Windows 7 touch devices and many are fully supported, we do recognize the touch experience of Windows 8 places a greater demand on a high quality experience than could have been foreseen when manufacturers were developing hardware for Windows 7. Our data is showing that a vast majority of Windows 7 touchscreens will perform well for Windows 8. This means that touch drivers continue to load, and you’ll be able to perform basic touch interactions with a reasonable degree of success. The following systems are a few that we have been using widely in our internal testing and self-hosting, although of course, this is not a specific endorsement of these PCs:

  • HP Elitebook 2760p convertible (Note: This PC is 1280x800 and so does not support snap.)
  • ASUS EP121 tablet (Note: his PC is 1280x800 and so does not support snap.)
  • Dell Inspiron Duo convertible
  • Lenovo x220t convertible
  • 3M M2256PW 22” display (Note: The raised bezel can make it harder to swipe along the edges)
  • Samsung Series 7 slate (Note: This PC has two models, one was provided to attendees at //build/ and the other is a commercial release; the latter has slightly different peripherals and firmware.)

It is also worth noting a couple of other features that have specific hardware requirements. (Note: be careful whenever you adjust your BIOS settings.)

  • Secured Boot requires a new UEFI BIOS, which is not available broadly on PCs yet, but is starting to be made available. If your machine does have UEFI, you can enable it via BIOS settings.
  • BitLocker does not require but performs more seamlessly if your PC has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Machines that have this sometimes require it to be enabled via BIOS settings. BitLocker To Go requires a USB flash drive that meets performance criteria evaluated at installation time.
  • Hyper-V requires a 64-bit system with second level address translation (SLAT) capabilities and an additional 2 GB of RAM. You can also enable SLAT via a BIOS setting.
  • Some games and other software require graphics capabilities compatible with DirectX 10 or higher (including some games available in the Consumer Preview and in the Windows Store. We will continue to improve the verification of your system prior to downloading or running software with these requirements). Some games and programs might require a graphics card for optimal performance.
  • If you clean install instead of upgrade (see below), you should check your PC manufacturer's website to make sure you install any specific drivers that they provide there. Many laptops will get better battery life with a power-optimized driver that is specific for that PC (often known as ACPI, Power, or Chipset driver).

Oh, and for a lot of things you’ll probably want an active Internet connection! Be sure to check out the metered network support if your connection has limits.

For those of you who have already been running the Windows 8 Developer Preview, you can install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview using the migrate option (just keep personal files), but not the upgrade option (keep personal files, apps, and settings). Or if you prefer, you can of course do a clean installation (keep nothing). The Consumer Preview release does permit upgrading from Windows 7, and will run the integrated upgrade advisor to check on any things you might need to look into. Please keep in mind that there is no rollback after an upgrade installation. We also strongly recommend that you perform a system backup prior to an upgrade, migrate, or clean install of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Also note that the final release of Windows 8 will not support upgrading from any prior Windows 8 "Preview" release, though the migrate option will still be supported. In any upgrade scenario, you can run the Disk Cleanup Wizard to remove the previous installation in order to free up disk space. The download will also support boot from USB for a completely clean installation as well.

Happy downloading and installing! 

Grant George

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  1. alewind says:


  2. Kim says:

    Can someone confirm the score of…/Hixie_DOM.html in IE10 with this CP release?

  3. Steve says:

    I wasn't here for the Wind 7 blogs so…

    Will the blogging still continue?

  4. Mike says:

    @Steven, congrads!

    @Kim, its too early to ask

    @Prettysure …. where is the troll killer?? you are! :->

  5. AMX says:

    Downloading… 🙂

    Regarding the resolution requirement for snap:

    IIUC, only 1344px are actually used for apps (1024 main + 320 snapped) the remaining 22px being used for the divider bar between them.

    Would it be possible to shave 6px off that bar, to lower the minimum res to 1360×768?

    I know 1360 is almost extinct, but it's such a tiny change…

  6. @Mike: It's true, not trolling! This OS sucks!

  7. MPXIAPP says:

    Your biggest concern is touch and multitouch and blablabla.

    The traditional PC/laptop user is not on your roadmap ?

  8. Captain Cook says:

    Till what period Windows Consumer preview will be working?

  9. Peter23 says:

    Will Storage Spaces created with the CP be compatible with the Win 8 final or is this not yet certain?

    Thanks! Peter

  10. You can remove my post, but it's still a piece of s**t!

  11. Chill out ladies,

    Before you start complaining, try it for a couple of days or weeks and get a feel for the Operating System before you go THIS SUCKS or [Insert Other Objection Here]

    Yes there are going to be things you don't like and fair enough, but to start complaining before you have probably even downloaded the Operating System just says to me: "Hur Hur, If it's not 95 then its not a deal"

  12. For me sinofsky's sneak and hide kind of communication is more than enought! His OS is a load of rubbish!

  13. mvadu says:

    To all those people who are mad as hell on MS for prioritizing on Touch for Windows 8:

    treat windows 8 as one more software Microsoft is releasing for different user base than traditional PC/Laptop users. Something similar to XBox, WP, or Zune. Only difference being they are using Windows-7 as their base, and extending it. Its a brand new offering for most of that user base, while a little fresh, little more advances to traditional users.

    If you are  so mad, please don't upgrade from your Windows-7 as the benefits are minimal, if you are stuck in Windows-Xp please don't even think about upgrade as you are better off the new OS. If you are planning to upgrade your hardware any time soon, wait till Windows-8 is released so you can buy a hardware with touch (touchscreen monitor or a laptop with touchscreen) then you can actually use Windows-8 to its full potential.

  14. Morgan says:

    Prettysure is a bad *** troll.. i wonder hired by google or apple?

  15. They **ed up the product! While they're communicate that they're doing an OS without compromise, and a hole lot of bull****.

  16. @Morgan: Don't care what you say! If sinofsky can afford to talk a lot of bullsh*t, than so am I!

  17. he done today at Miramar Hotel

  18. Mike Banigan says:

    Good info, thanks.

  19. davidacoder says:

    When I try this out in Virtual PC on Win7 I get "Your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart." Also it says HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. Does it not work on Virtual PC?

  20. An improvement over the preview, but... says:

    Wow, the start menu is gone indeed. I knew the rumours, but I really thought the replacement for the orb wouldn't suck. Wrong. It sucks. You need to navigate to far bottom left and pixel-hunt so that it re-appears. Reminds me of being stuck in graphical adventures.

    Yay, you can "easily" close metro "apps" now. An improvement. Unfortunately, it involes pixel hunting once again. This one is a mix of 90s graphical adventures and Black & White: You need to "grab" the application by its head and drag it down the drain so that it can disappear. Very apt for Windows 8 so far.

    I mean, who needs an easy way to open up the Metro Menu and close programs, right?!

    The "open file" dialog in Metro is a joke. Just open up the reader app and try to find a document.. You will yearn for the Windows 95 version of it.

    Shutting down the computer is like beating Le Chuck in Monkey Island 2: Find the right voodoo to squelch the monster. Its' just like a labyrinth. Wait, MI2 is too easy.. think Wizardy from the 80s.I must admit, I didn't beat the game and cheated by pressing ctrl alt del.

    But I admit, it's an improvement over the Consumer Preview (hardly a feat). It's way faster, no green eye cancer and with a bit acrobatics, you can even close programs. Too bad someone loved old Sierra/Lucasarts/Sirtech games a bit too much though.

    Given this trend, Win9 could be usable.

  21. Laz says:


    Wow – how eloquant you are. It's whole – not hole. You really going to get a lot of people taking your point of view serious with ridiculous speeling like that.  What, are you 11 or something?

    And, tbh – if you are going to claim that W8 is sh&%  – why don't you give us some reasons why?

  22. Lucian Ilea says:

    The Metro interface is very nice but without a tocuh screen,…

    I just hope it could be disabled without the use of third party apps

    Anyway the metro apps are very few,the rest of them are still displayed with their old icons

  23. Bill says:

    Not on topic, but is gotta be said somewhere:

    Really   Really!  Are you Serious?  Are you asleep at the wheel over there? REALLY!…/windows-8-for-arm-will-lack-enterprise-management-features.ars

    If am going to roll out a Windows Client no matter what ARCH I should be able to join it to my domain and manage it with the same tools centrally.  

  24. @Laz: Would you try my native language to write some post? If you do, and not have any spelling errors than you can come back. Sorry to not became a fanboy like you and not eat everything what sinovsky throw up!

  25. Mario Perez says:

    Try to install but keep getting the following error:

    Windows cannot read the <productkey>settings from the unatended answer file


  26. The Windows 8 details on look pretty interesting.  Can't wait till I get home from work.  I'm going to try installing it on a late 2009 Mac Mini 2.6C2D and an old P4 XP box.  Should be interesting.

  27. Laz says:


    Spelling or not (what is your native language?) – coming onto a forum and saying X sucks, Y is rubbish, and Z is stupid is pointless and annoying to everyone else on the board.

    I am not a fanboy, but I am excited to see the changes in Windows 8, it is a massive event!  If there were things I didn't like (i only tried the dev preview so far), and I wanted to come onto a forum, I'd atleast give REASONS why I didn't like something.

    Maybe you should try the same – you never know, it might even get changed…

  28. Mario Perez says:

    Try to installed Windows 8 x86 and Windows 64-bit but keep getting the following error:

    Windows cannot read the <productkey>settings from the unatended answer file

  29. Robert L says:

    I wish the ARM installation for HP TouchPad were available at least for no fault testing.  

  30. Developer Preview worked fine on my Intel Core2Quad 9550. Consumer Preview does not.

    1.) It won't accept the Windows 7 ATI drivers which means I can't deactivate underscan in the graphics driver => black border on my screen connected through HDMI – annoying.

    2.) It accepts the driver for my Atheros USB-Wifi but upon connecting to my Wifi network it pretty soon crashes, then counts to 1 for a restart and freezes.

  31. Amused says:

    @ Laz

    it's "at least" not "atleast" even in your language.  Don't throw rocks if you own windows

  32. Bill Dunn says:

    1. I agree with the Pixel Hunt comment to get back to the start screen, at least having a start button on the developer preview was better.

    2. There is no intuitve way that I can find without getting to a desktop and then right clicking the "Computer" entry in the explorer to add the machine to the domain….Painful…eventually I'll deploy with SCCM/MDT and that will be automatic, but at this juncture painful

  33. @Laz: The truth is that a lot of us give reasons in the past half year. A hole lot of reasons. Since I realised that MS or sinofsky is NOT going to answer the sensitive questions and see how they try to "sneak and hide" from it, I have not much to say than what you already read. Not to mention those spinning bullshit what sinovsky wrote sometimes to "answer" some question. There was a lot of obvious bullshit! The team only reply convenient questions!

    I know what all this for! And that's why I'm mad! They don't have any other way to force us to use they store! And why do they need a store? Because Apple and Google have one. They desperately want a piece from the pie in tablet market. But they not realised that they cannot win that war. And now, after they ruin the OS they going to lost the OS war too.

  34. Jarzka says:

    Windows 8 looks very ugly. What have you done 🙁

  35. ..a worthless store where you can buy cut the rope and angry bird like nonsense!

  36. Martin says:

    How about this awesome UI concept. Can you incorporate it in Win8?…/windows-desktop-ui-concept

  37. Mark Radabaugh says:

    I'm trying to install Win8 on a virtual machine using VMWare 8.  It's asking for a product key.  Does anyone know where I can get one?

  38. I have a concern; since there is still a desire to keep keyboard and mouse as first class citizens, does Metro menu navigation (such as saving into a directory, or selecting sub menus) have ALT-key shortcut underlining? Like, in Windows Explorer (on the desktop), Alt-F opens the File menu. Does Metro have an equivalent for that?

    If not, please make this so; it would increase the productivity and comfort of every user who uses keyboard shortcuts.

  39. Sanjay Shetty says:

    I've loaded it via as a VM on my Lenovo x220t using VMWare Player, touch works, however, it fails to recognize the pen, any suggestions?

  40. kinokijuf says:

    Will Windows 8 still run on the 800/512/40 configuration (that’s CPU, RAM and HDD in that order) that stereotypical grandmas have?

  41. @Mark it's right underneath the download link – the key that is.

  42. @Prettysure

    I agree with Laz. Maybe, you could make a summary of what you find useless in Windows 8 AND why is that.

    Saying "the store be worthless" is no point when you use no arguments at all.

    Take Bill Dunn as an example: he complains, exposes flaws AND make suggestions hereon.

    One last piece of advice: please, write 'then' with 'e'.

    on topic

    I use a 17'' display with a 1920×1200 resolution — which is pretty high for a 17'' display. Is there any possibility to seamlessly increase the dpi without causing fragments and broken menus? I'd appreciate that.

  43. Mark Radabaugh says:

    @Oliver:  I don't see any install code. What page are you looking at?

  44. Julián says:

    Downloading 🙂 i want to install it as principal OS. Anyone knows if this windows works with Intel Chipset Graphics driver? Thanks!

    Sony Vaio VGN-NR150FE (5 years old notebook. But, windows 7 and some games of the 2007 era works fine)

    Intel GMA X3100

    2gb RAM

    160gb hard disk

    Beats audio enhanced (Added  replacing original ones)

    I've installed windows developer preview on this pc and worked fine all drivers. Does this work too?

    Sorry my bad english!

    PD: When i install this OS, can i set up spanish language pack?

  45. slider2nl says:

    Most of the xbox live or live enabled features are not working here in the netherlands getting error like connection failed ect..

  46. Mark Radabaugh says:

    Does anyone know what kind of slate tablet I could install this on, and how?  Could I guy an off the shelf Samsung table running Android and wipe it?

  47. pmbAustin says:

    The people bitching about the Start Orb disappearing…. why?

    There's no "pixel hunt" .. slam your mouse to the lower left corner.  It's one of the four easiest pixels to hit on the screen.

    But more to the point, a start orb is redundant.  You have a start button right on your keyboard:  The windows key.  And new Win8 devices (tablets and slates) will have a dedicated hardware "start" button, just like WP7 phones (and iOS devices do).

    This is one weird thing to complain about.  Look at it this way: More room to pin more apps on your task bar so you don't HAVE to go to the Start Screen to find something!

  48. @Sven R. Kunze: It's pointless! That's what I try to say! The team and sinovsky is only reply convenient questions. They already show me how they handle this kind of situation.

    There's a hole lot oppinion on this blog since it was started, so I don't need to write more. They give a s**t about it. They just keep telling they oppinions!

    ThEn! 😀

  49. "Look at it this way: More room to pin more apps on your task bar so you don't HAVE to go to the Start Screen to find something!"

    Haha, are you kidding, right?! HAHAHAHA! Sorry, but it's a bit too much!

    More room?! For one more icon?!

    Have you ever use start menu? There was a hole lot of room, not for one icon but for a dozen. More then what you have in the start screen now!

  50. I have a Samsung Slate 7 I bought for Windows 8.  After updating to CP, the device manager shows two 'Other devices' with errors.  SM Bus Controller and a 'Unknown device'.

    Any idea what those might be?

  51. Is the desktop Skydrive icon (as shown in the post a few weeks past) still pending release?

  52. vsdreddy says:

    Anyluck installing this on virtual pc over windows7 64bit OS

  53. Balwinder Singh says:

    I am still afraid, because even though it is energy efficient in the metro style apps, what about the normal apps.  I really do hope that the Windows team will come up with a solution to save power for the normal apps so that anything I/we use in Windows 8, we can be assured that it will all save much more energy and give out more battery life than normal apps running on Windows 7.

    Windows team please Find a solution to make normal apps that are run in Windows 8 more energy efficient than run on Windows 7!!!

  54. John Stark says:

    If you install Windows 8 Consumer Preview using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Setup program, you won't need to enter a product key—the setup program automatically provides the product key. If you create installation media, start your PC from the media, and then install Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you'll need to enter this product key: NF32V-Q9P3W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8.

  55. MeMyselfAndI says:

    Win8 is the biggest bullshit ever seen!

  56. WhyAllThe8About8 says:


    There were posts about the reasons why the start screen has been created the way it is, posts also explaining why it is superior in most way to the start menu… If you stop bashing and think a little bit, it all make a lot of sense…

    They would not make all of these changes it there weren't any advantages, don't you think?

  57. End says:

    I'm really bummed that 1280×800 is insufficient to use the snap feature. It's so close to the requirements, it's just that my screen has a (superior, might I add) 16:10 instead of 16:9. Would the experience on 1280×800 really be that bad that you can't allow it?

  58. Please Microsoft!!!! You have to consider a new UI design for Desktop. The Consumer Preview UI looks really old!!

    To ALL, please take a look at this:…/windows-desktop-ui-concept

    This designer could change the future of Windows to have a real great & consistent UI!

    Please contact him, please!

  59. Kenneth - theKman says:

    Someone buy Steven Sinofsky a pair of shades because I think the future is looking bright for Microsoft and their customers.

  60. Agustin says:


    If you hate Windows 8 it's fine, but NO ONE cares and you're just annoying us with your TROLLING so please do us a favor and get out of here.

  61. Catalin says:

    I barely can see what I'm typing (my head is about to explode) after testing this bad joke (can't call it an os)…I never imagined that the start button was the soul of windows!…..for god's sake bring back Bill Gates…you are ruinig HIS company

  62. ekrash says:

    Is there, or are there optional IIS server or media server components such as with Win 7 or XP and IIS 6?

  63. James says:

    Where to provide feedback, they are bugs I want to report.

  64. Eduardo Valencia says:

    Ok i have been able to play with Windows 8 CP for a while.

    There are flaws in design that must be corrected ASAP.

    1.  The close,resize and minimize buttons are on the edge of the windows,for some reason it doesn't harmonize at all with anything,the look out of place and made in a hurry.

    2.  Windows Corners without curves? this makes the appearance very very unprofessional, and with bad looking,it is just awful

    3.  I haven't been able to put the Windows 100% in a transparent way ,no matter what i do in settings.

    4.  Non metro apps,look like crap in the start metro interface, Windows should at least update the icon with a database that suits the interface keeping it harmonic. If you want people to use more the metro interface,just give metro apps the unique ability of live updating in tiles,not for normal applications.

    5. Very low choices in metro desktop barckgrounds,there is now way to combine the colors or adjust .

    6. No shading att all in the metro interface,is this some kind of a joke?

    7. I haven't been able to resize the metro apps to a bigger size ( And i mean more than the extended live tiles)


    If this is not fixed i will go Apple and never lookback .

  65. Chen says:

    Not full functionality on 1280×800 ???!! This is the most common resolution among users today. EVERY single 13" and 15" laptop from the last 5 years has this resolution unless you go into premium range the last 2 years.

  66. Agustin says:

    I can't open the weather app in Argentina…. It says the app is not for my location. It's so dissapointing…

  67. Since it's the only post about hardware and Windows 8 WCP, I ask Microsoft to check this problem:…/2227c0d4-cb85-41e4-aec8-c6929e082adb

    It's very strange to see the problem with touch monitor in WCP, since Windows 8 WDP worked fine and the whole OS is adopted to work with touch…

  68. @WhyAllThe8About8: There is no question about you got brainwashed by MS. But what about the others? Why they don't let us to choose? Oh, because of the store..

    @Agustin: As you said no one cares what you think also. I don't care if you annoyed, just like other forum members do. But if you read all the comments you realize that you are the minority here.

  69. Martin Robins says:

    Like you have been testing on, I too have a Dell Inspiron Duo but I am struggling to get the accelerometer working. Can you offer any assistance? I have installed the latest driver from the Dell support site (in W7 compatibility mode so that it completes), but it keeps telling me that the sensor needs to be enabled and I cannot find the Sensors applet in control panel to enable it.

    I am sure it is just me missing something!

    BTW: Getting used to the start screen now! Still not convinced, but nowhere near as negative as I was with the Dev/Preview.

  70. Eric says:

    Why couldn't Microsoft buyout StarDock's UI and desktop enhancements like WindowFX, WindowBlinds, ObjectDock etc. I've been watching and using those products since windows 3.11 and they really got it right under Win7 32 and 64 bit. But if Microsoft does buy out StarDock UI products I hope its not just to eliminate the competition like Mcafee did with Dr Solomon's anti-virus. Windows 8…fine for tablets, mobile and maybe embedded systems, but for desktop and server grade… way.

  71. WhyAllThe8About8 says:


    It's not a question of being brainwashed or not, it's just plain common sense.

    Sometime companies have to make choices that bring things fowards even if clients don't see the benefits of it at first sight.

    In a way or another, base on what they know of their users (using telemetry, direct feedbacks or whatever), they think that what they are doing will benefit a vast majority of their user base (in the short, mid or long term).

    "vast majority" may not include you personnaly, but that's what happen when you create a system used by a billion people, it's simply impossible to please everybody.

  72. Guillaume Soucy says:

    Someone working for Microsoft can tell me if SkyDrive continute to be use with Windows Xp and too, if after the realease of the 2 Gb file size I can upload 2 Gb from the SkyDrive website or I need to use the app to do this?



  73. nnsun says:


    If English is your second language, then you should work on your grammar and spelling more instead of learning swear words.

  74. JJBowles says:

    You've got to FIX THE DESKTOP EXERIENCE!!  The Metro touch stuff is cool, a little quirky, but forward thinking. #congrats.  However, as the manager of 7000 desktops in a corp environment I am freaking out about the direction the desktop with keyboard and mouse is going.  It is a complete regression since Win8 developer preview. If you don't get this cleaned up and fixed then Win8 will be another Vista flop in the corporate world. Let me say that again… WIN8 WILL BE ANOTHER VISTA  I could write a small book on the issues here.  

    My users range from tech savy to plant workers and truck drivers.  Like all of us, the start button is baked into our DNA. Heck, it evens makes sense to us to click start in order to shutdown.   If you don't know where to go, click on "START" and all your problems are solved.  What once took one click, now takes some mouse gymnatsics to hover in that weird 1/4 inch area next to the clock that used to be show desktop.  (try hovering there with multiple monitors — talk about extreme dexterity). Once you hover, then the magical charms appear on the right side of the primary screen.  Now you see a familiar looking start button, but SURPRISE!!!  It doesn't take you to "all programs" — it takes you to the touch optimized Metro start screen.  Talk about poor decision making.  

    Trying shutting your computer down with a mouse.  

    Try launching a CMD prompt.

    How can I make the desktop the default UI?  I'm not going to deploy metro desktop to my users as the default screen. I would rather deploy a slew of ipads and I'm no ipad fan that is for sure.

    How do you pin a program to your task bar now?

    ..and WHY isn't the trashcan on the start bar?  Having it as a desktop icon has never  made sense because you have to move windows around just to get to it.

  75. @WhyAllThe8About8: "Sometime companies have to make choices that bring things fowards even if clients don't see the benefits of it at first sight." – It's all about money, and market share. Everything else is the PR.

  76. @N. Sun: You are right, I'm on it!

  77. So, how do you shutdown the computer only using the mouse? Do we have to create a BAT file containing "shutdown /s" and pin it to the start screen?

  78. JGodo says:

    To shut down the system with mouse… move pointer to top right pixel corner, drag down carefully, click settings, click shut down. Almost as easy as it were with our beloved start button : /

  79. It's funny! Even the shutdown causing issues on this superOS. Oh, boy!

  80. Stefano says:

    Using it on a VM (VirtualBox) Metro Snap doesn't work. Or maybe I have to try this: "To snap a Metro application, right-click on the left side of the screen and select Snap Desktop (to Snap the desktop) or “Snap <application name>” to snap any active metro application."…/windows-snap.jpg

    In the VM the screen resolutions are few and fixed and I can't see it fullscreen (1600×1200 is too much, I have 1680×1050) and the others are lower screen resolutions.

    Another thing or two: Can I put a tile as autoexecutable at Windows start? For instance, I want the Desktop tile (or any other one, for example I use a program everyday and I need it to open as soon as possible, could be Word, could be Autocad, could be a GPS navigator, or any Desktop program or Metro tile) to open automatically as soon as I reach the Start screen.

    Will you add downloadable free language packs in the course of time?

    Thank you.

  81. systemx says:

    I using D4 resolution 1024×600

    it cant use metro app (dam..)

    cant use metro app is JUST Windows 7 Extra!

    any plan to use 1024×600 metro app run ?

  82. JJBowles says:

    @JGodo-  That's my point.  The simple stuff is now hidden and harder to perform.   Win8 desktop is a hot ghetto mess.

  83. toth3max says:

    Anyone know how to install it on a usb drive? So that the computer boots full Win 8 desktop from the usb drive. Thanks in advance!

  84. @toth3max: Use "Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool"

  85. The Frase says:

    I'm finding it pretty damn weird, but good in places. I can really see metro working well on tablet as it does on phone now. But ive installed

    it on my HP 6930 and ive got issues with the GUI.

    The number one thing I am doing ALOT of – moving the mouse to corners of the screen looking for something to happen. Especially in IE where I couldn't get my second tabbed page – it just went. Then i'm hunting for a window to appear.

    1. IE is just not good – response is slow, and I cant get the multiple tabs working. Also Start menu to the bottom corner is good in the sense of saving real estate – but you need to overlay at least on first use something that says 'Start Here!'. Maybe a corner triangle bouncing against the bottom left corner, like a helper overlay for first time use. I'm an experienced power user and struggled. God help someone who's casual. Also the left hand menu looks tacky, not smooth at all.

    In fact a helper overlay would really help for a lot of this – right hand menu as well. Just some useful text on first use.

    2. Enterprise config needs some work – the icons are not categorised clearly for additional applications. .

    3. IE is buggy – while typing this text is disappearing and formatting incorrectly in the window. Also – I have IE 9 on the desktop – the upgrade didn't remove it so now I have two versions available, but only IE 10 works. IE 9 just hangs.

    4. I hope the rumours on lack of Domain management on ARM on wrong. Or is this a nudge to Intel to kill ARM and force Intel Ultrabook

    tablets into pole position? Hmmmm. Cynic?

    On the plus, it has a lot of potential, I want to see it on touch I think that wil sell it.

    So what's the deal with Tablets – what can I install this on where vendors have already tested it out.

  86. cpsltwr says:

    @JJBowles: "Try launching a CMD prompt."

    there is actually a new easy way to do this in the CP – hover over the start screen preview in the lower left corner and right-click. It'll bring up a menu with a bunch of shortcuts to common desktop utility-like things, including Command Prompt and administrator Command Prompt.

  87. Morgan says:

    @Prettysure, switch to your beloved ApeMac or ***nix or Goffy-Chrome-OS.. but do all of us a favor and gtfoh!

  88. hovering??? says:

    @cpsltwr –  Really, when I'm working with someone over the phone you want me to tell them to hover in a specific region of their screen????  Let's face it, Win8 (when it comers to the desktop) is a complete regression over Win7 in so many ways. Simple things got more complex and I don't think Microsoft is listening.  Win8 will become the VISTA of the corporate world.

  89. cpsltwr says:

    "Really, when I'm working with someone over the phone you want me to tell them to hover in a specific region of their screen???? "

    I don't understand the difficulty – is "lower left hand corner" hard to say over the phone?

  90. André Paixão says:

    Allready downloaded it, allready installed it xD

  91. No Start Menu, no use. period.

  92. JGodo says:


    You have never tryed to train an old person or a noob, by the way, aren´t you? It´s difficult enough to tell them to clik a particular button that they can identify, if you need to tell them something like click anywhere were is nothing… ( for deselect as an example ) that is like a complete barrier. Now we are going to have buttons that are not there… thats the more clunky think in any OS I have ever seen, and its going to be a pain for a lot of technical services for sure.

  93. Oh yeah, you also need to Give Regular Windows transparent scrollbars as well.

  94. Waseem says:

    Awesome work!!

    looks like a lot of things people asked for are included in this version!

    One thing tho,

    a notification center!!

    what if the app tile is all the way at the end of the start screen, u have to go there to see the notification on the tile!! not good enough!

    also wt if the app has no tile and a user missed a notification?

  95. 1 last thing, I love the rectangular windows, but these rounded buttons don't match, fix that.

  96. JayKannan says:

    Desperately needs multi-touch trackpad support. the drivers didn't work on install – but it isn't very intuitive with it. trackpad support is close to touch and essential.

  97. @BumbleBritches57 says:

    If you right click in the lower part of the Start Screen a stripe with an All Apps button appears. In Windows 8 the applications are displayed that way. Using the Desktop it's better to Pin all mostly used applications to the taskbar. Right click where the Start button (or Orb) was, at the very corner of it, to get a useful list of commands and paths, for example Run, etc…

    The right click is the solution (what a phrase, LOL) 😀

  98. Dude, Mountain Lion = Epic Win, Windows 8 = Epic Fail.

  99. A major flaw with multi-monitors and mouse-keyboard combo (basing what I've seen here:

    1) The corner hotspots need work. Should be a trigger, or a very clear hover over spot, not just the single corner pixel. Else, too often would the pointer skip over to the other screen.

    2) Charm button placement: With mouse-keyboard combo, the charms should appear right next to the pointer, maybe in its own contained box besides it (like the context menu), but definitely not in the center. If not in its own box, make it such that the charms are positioned upwards to where the click/pointer was positioned. Centering it looks nice (and certainly works for touch), but it doesn't WORK well with a mouse.

    3) Why doesn't Metro extend multiple displays? Is there a good reason for that? Is a fully extended Metro detrimental to the experience? I like the idea of a persistent desktop, but it makes not sense that the Metro Start — which would be fully immersive if extended to multiple monitors — be only on one selected display.

    4) The left of the taskbar should be the "show start screen" button — like it always have been. I don't need a picture or icon, but I need to know that if I am on any monitor, I can CLICK that area and have the start menu appear. It appeared as a parallel to the "Show Desktop" button on the right, but as it seems, not exactly? Why was this choice made? Click right, show desktop. Click left, show start screen. The little gap on the right, where the "show start screen" button should've been, is just wasted space now…

    5) Start Screen placement: If my mouse pointer is on one of the multi-monitors, and I trigger the start screen with my keyboard, the Start Screen should appear on THAT monitor, not the "designated" one (again, why does there have to be a designated monitor in the first place)?

    I /like/ it, but just because its functional doesn't mean it is by any means the best. It certainly still needs work.

  100. cpsltwr says:

    "It´s difficult enough to tell them to clik a particular button that they can identify, if you need to tell them something like click anywhere were is nothing… ( for deselect as an example ) that is like a complete barrier. Now we are going to have buttons that are not there… "

    But it appears when you move your mouse there – it's not like you're blindly clicking on a hotspot. You move your mouse to a certain well-defined location, then the start page preview appears, then you right-click.

  101. Stephen Kellett says:

    "Consumer Preview is about saying “of course you can” to all those things you want to be able to do with your PC."

    Such trivial things as:

    Being productive and effective in a desktop environment.

    Your facilitate such things by removing that troublesome thing the Start Menu

    and then force us to undergo a context shift known as the Start Screen.

    Same for Search.

    Open a web file in desktop and end up in Metro IE.

    That is a recipe for failure.

    Just give us the Windows 7 Desktop with Start Menu and Search and leave all your Metro in place

    and you'll make most folks happy.

    I'll be using Windows 8 (on a PC) entirely in the desktop. I'll never use Metro. For this to be

    worthwhile the desktop needs to be as productive as Windows 7 (better if the start menu was like XP).

    But what you've given us is unusable. Completely useless.

    Windows tablet and Windows phone – I'll be completely happy using Metro on these devices. But for doing work

    on a PC (this is where I make my living) I need to be productive. The Windows 8 desktop is anything but. All

    the useful stuff has been removed.

    Don't ask me to learn obscure Windows key combinations. I haven't needed them for the last 17 years

    (how discoverable were they – clearly not) and neither have my non-technical parents and siblings. I'm

    not about to start learning such key combinations. Good usability means things are easily discoverable

    (which explains why my 73 year old father complains about Windows 7 start menu and its cramped unusable space

    but loves the easy to navigate, explorable and discoverable Windows XP start menu). Same for my mother.

    "Windows 8 doesn’t force you to compromise."

    Yes it does. I have to learn completely new and alien ways of working. No start menu. No desktop search.

    Please, please, please, fix the Windows 8 desktop. I'm not asking you to trash Metro. I'm just asking you NOT to trash the

    desktop. Just leave the desktop experience alone (or improve it in the Aero style). As it is it is a mishmash of Aero and

    Metro. The two together are horrible. Its an awful, jaring, non-productive context switch. Totally useful for anyone that

    works in an industry where "flow" is all important. To do anything it has to be trivial, easy and not require you to

    stop and think "how does this work". This is also why the Windows 8 desktop search doesn't work. You have to spend so

    much effort starting a search that will fail, then modify it to one that will work then search. With Windows XP you could just

    say search, specify it then start it. Simple, seamless. No starting a search that will fail just so you can get to the point

    you can edit it. You are breaking the "flow".

  102. Stephen Kellett says:

    "Consumer Preview is about saying “of course you can” to all those things you want to be able to do with your PC."

    Such trivial things as:

    Being productive and effective in a desktop environment.

    Your facilitate such things by removing that troublesome thing the Start Menu

    and then force us to undergo a context shift known as the Start Screen.

    Same for Search.

    Open a web file in desktop and end up in Metro IE.

    That is a recipe for failure.

    Just give us the Windows 7 Desktop with Start Menu and Search and leave all your Metro in place

    and you'll make most folks happy.

    I'll be using Windows 8 (on a PC) entirely in the desktop. I'll never use Metro. For this to be

    worthwhile the desktop needs to be as productive as Windows 7 (better if the start menu was like XP).

    But what you've given us is unusable. Completely useless.

    Windows tablet and Windows phone – I'll be completely happy using Metro on these devices. But for doing work

    on a PC (this is where I make my living) I need to be productive. The Windows 8 desktop is anything but. All

    the useful stuff has been removed.

    Don't ask me to learn obscure Windows key combinations. I haven't needed them for the last 17 years

    (how discoverable were they – clearly not) and neither have my non-technical parents and siblings. I'm

    not about to start learning such key combinations. Good usability means things are easily discoverable

    (which explains why my 73 year old father complains about Windows 7 start menu and its cramped unusable space

    but loves the easy to navigate, explorable and discoverable Windows XP start menu). Same for my mother.

    "Windows 8 doesn’t force you to compromise."

    Yes it does. I have to learn completely new and alien ways of working. No start menu. No desktop search.

    Please, please, please, fix the Windows 8 desktop. I'm not asking you to trash Metro. I'm just asking you NOT to trash the

    desktop. Just leave the desktop experience alone (or improve it in the Aero style). As it is it is a mishmash of Aero and

    Metro. The two together are horrible. Its an awful, jaring, non-productive context switch. Totally useful for anyone that

    works in an industry where "flow" is all important. To do anything it has to be trivial, easy and not require you to

    stop and think "how does this work". This is also why the Windows 8 desktop search doesn't work. You have to spend so

    much effort starting a search that will fail, then modify it to one that will work then search. With Windows XP you could just

    say search, specify it then start it. Simple, seamless. No starting a search that will fail just so you can get to the point

    you can edit it. You are breaking the "flow".

  103. says:

    I've made a step-by-step guide for people using Apple Mac OS and VMware Fusion. Head over to my blog for the article ->…/how-to-install-windows-8-on-vmware-fusion

    Good luck!

  104. tink5150 says:

    Still no choice to use the standard desktop if you are not using a touch interface.  Windows BOB is better than win8.

  105. Me says:

    @Kim, who asked for data from:…/Hixie_DOM.html

    Total elapsed time: 21988ms

    Breakdown (fraction shows time relative to append time):

     Append:  1.00; 154ms

     Prepend: 1.08; 167ms

     Index:   137.84; 21228ms

     Insert:  1.10; 170ms

     Remove:  1.75; 269ms

    Bad bad IE!

  106. joe says:

    How do I unstall it? I checked it there was a program I needed would conflict with the new system checked out ok. Install Virtural Server will not work. It said I need this file so found it selected and now when I try to go to the virtural machine it crashes. I got to get this off to work any suggestions???????

  107. Simpy says:

    Running the setup program it told me my bios was no good and kicked me out of the download/install – gonna try the ISO next….

  108. Irfaan says:

    Hi, I am loving the CP build of Windows 8, and have installed it on a Laptop, an older tablet I had and a desktop. The issue I am having is that my apps complain the .net framework is not installed…. and when I go to the site (to download the .net framework) it says I have a higher version then that im trying to download/install.

    What is the fix for this please?


  109. Havoc says:

    Downloaded the Win 8 CP and it wont even install, pretty Cheezy if you ask me the DP installed just fine.  All i see is the ugly beta fish and the spinning dots below that, what a waste of time.

  110. @Irfaan

    Try looking at the .NET framework options in the System Component list. (It can be accessed from the Add/Remove Programs screen.)

  111. Swaggtastic21 says:

    Is it possible for me to go back to my windows 7 os if i already donloaded the win 8 os and dont like it?

  112. Prettysure2 says:

    Hey folks, I 100% agree with "Prettysure" I love Prettysure's review of windows 8.


    Yes Prettysure, windows 8 sucks, it is piece of sh!t etc..

    But do you know what else "sucks"????? Your Mama!!!!!!!

    You know what else is "piece of sh!t"??? You!!!! (and your english).

    You know what else is "load of rubbish"??? The fact that your mama and your papa created a load rubbish like YOU.

    You know what else is "worthless"??? you and your opinion.

    So since I have made myself so clear, why dont know go back to your "HOLE" and hide in there while we can peacfully have a civilized conversation.

  113. @PrettySure2

    Good to see Microsoft employees acting like uncreative, butthurt children.

  114. @Microsift, aside from acting like grown ups, you sould at least change the default search to Everything or All. we shouldn't have to change the search setting, you're ancinet code should be updated to atleast be capable to faux intelegence.

  115. Prettysure2 says:


    That comment is a b!tch ha???? hurts????? Hope you will able to walk straight tomorrow morning 😉

    Well, a small suggestion, before you post your comments probably you can do a grammar check in MICROSOFT WORD. Its really a helpful feature for users like you and good for you that MICROSOFT has kept that feature in windows 8 as well!!!!!!

    Go get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. SteveOZ says:

    Perhaps Microsoft can deliver "Desktop Core" to power users and rid ourselves of this dumb-ed down GUI. For Windows Search, I just go to a CMD prompt and use the command line. Much faster and easier. I wonder how long that will survive before it gets the crunch?

  117. A user from the South Hemisphere says:

    The blog post had been hijacked by a couple of kids…

    Anyway, back on topic, I can say that effectively MS did a great job in Windows 8 for run it seamless. For example, running Windows 7 x64 on single core CPU and 2GB RAM the experience was not so fine, but on same machine with Windows 8 x64 the experience is fantastically fine. I can prove it by myself.

  118. Tx2 User says:

    Works beautifully on a Hp Tx2 with 4gb ram and a AMD Turion dual-core. Had to use 7 drivers for multitouch and the hardware buttons, but other than that any screwiness is down to HP not knowing how to properly design a cooling system.

  119. Ban the moronic kids please.

  120. ryan newby says:

    Ys yahoo wndows 8 consumer preview is here… but now I only have on problem in australia…. high speed internet at a good price… ummm7 hrs later qsk me if I have windows 8 damn aussie and internet.

  121. John says:

    No Yahoo Mail account supported for Windows 8 Mail Client?

  122. John DJ says:

    Anyone know when the SkyDrive desktop client will be released ?


  123. Mike says:

    Installed Windows 8 on virtualBox for 32 bit version. UI is really great (I am a windows phone user).

    Faced 2 issues so far.

    1. Windows was hanging as soon as I logged in (I found there were 5 pending updates, installed them and hanging issue was resolved). Still hangs intermittently, not as frequent as before.

    2. After installing the update, Mail icon just disappeared from home and I am not able to find in search as well. How can I get it back?

    I was able to install chrome browser and use it without any issues.


  124. rseiler says:

    Mike, did you happen to follow a procedure from a Zdnet blog post about VirtualBox?  If so, you don't want to have it set to ICH9 as mentioned in step 8. For me, that caused the exact hanging problem you're seeing.…/ff0259e8-42b9-4652-86c9-bd91ac08d86c

  125. Anonymous says:

    Please, fix that EXTREMELY DISTURBING Metro Apps not loading anymore after some time issue. I have never turned UAC off, never messed up with explorer.exe, and yet, after less than a day, they won't load anymore.

  126. ynnihC says:

    Guy I have a like over 20 MAJOR improvement that needs to be made to this OS. I LOVE how you guys intergrated it with the desktop PC's, I LOVE the games/apps idea. But seriously, please don't make this another disaster like Vista. Make sure that everything is compatible before  releasing it. I cannot install ANY programs on Windows 8…

  127. Reading this on Win8 Consumer Preview. Some native apps – maps, people, messages, run intermittently and always takes time, about 5 seconds to load. I got old but still decent hardware (quad-core oc'ed, 8gig ram, 8800gt (yeah this one's Jurassic), ROG mobo). Maybe because I went through the upgrade path instead of clean install?

  128. Anonymous says:

    As a desktop-pc OS, this sucks big-time.

  129. simmy says:

    Xbox and zune not avaliable in my region Australia

    what the hell? this is useless. I just wasted 3 hours of my life installing this

    last time i checked I have a workiong xbox live account on my xbox 360 and a zune marketplace pass on windows 7 and my windows phone. Fix this Microsoft totaly unacceptable

  130. Laura says:

    Sad seeing jealous pretentious @pple users troll here. I wish Steven Sinofsky would remove these comments.


    OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion is superior, it leaves the OSX desktop alone while integrating all the features from iOS, not breaking your workflow. With Metro Start Screen, good luck trying to adapt.

    Ballmer, Sinofsky and the entire Windows team should be fired for Metro Start Screen and Windows 8. MOST UNINTUITIVE CRAP YET SINCE VISTA FAILURE.

    Time to switch to a Mac.

  132. I have been using W8 all day and I can say now I will not be upgrading to Windows 8 based on what I have seen today. I have upgraded to every new version of windows since 3.11 windows 8 will be the end of that chain.

    As someone who works in a corporate IT team I will certainly not be recommending this update nor would I recommend to family or friends.

    On a desktop PC( I am working with dual 24" monitors so full screen metro apps are just a waste of space) the Start screen is just a out of place nuisance. While there remains no option to make the desktop the default environment this for me is unproductive environment to work in. While it may be fine on a tablet on anything that isn't touch it is just the most frustrating OS I have ever dealt with e.g finding the shutdown button was just annoying.

    While there are improvements these are cancelled out by the jarring experience that the metro interface is.

  133. hamakaze(fromJapan) says:

    I finally get it. I feel I now still use cannot prepare the environment cannot be the seen seemingly quite Tablet if it is usability. News, there are some voices, and see comments such as message boards or some, still inconvenient. I think pros and cons is the official version is fun.

    Also for IE10 Windows 7 after I wait. Despite criticism, everybody would keep good improvement.

  134. Mohamed Omar says:

    Great Job Windows team

    Keep innovation ON and ON

    Mr. Sinofsky please I need to hear your words @ MWC 2012, any video any link please

    Great job guys AWESOME OS and AWESOME Dev. tools 🙂

  135. RobboRobbo says:

    I have to agree with JJBowles and SAPaleAle. If you can't disable the Metro this will be a non-starter for us. I only manage 100 desktops, but most of my users are in the non-techie, definitely non-keyboard shortcut camp. It's starting to look like Apple might be the way forward for us.

  136. Windows8rox says:

    Mountain Lion is nothing compared to Windows 8. You are just a blind iSheep. Get back to your dumb down macs (scam).

  137. asca says:

    I can't install on a virtual box… I allways get an error when starting the installation from DVD…. any idea ?

  138. @asca

    Make sure PAE is enabled for the virtual machine. That's what caused such an error for me on a 32-bit install.

  139. Ma7moud says:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp i have 2 hard drivers only 1 shown up OMG i want the other one too

    & i have C:/ & E:/  ??? E instead of D:/

    e-mail me @  plzzzzz

  140. phujitiv says:


    Stephen Kellett


    Bill Dunn

    Eduardo Valencia


    The Frase


  141. jm says:

    My opinion on UI:

    1. Metro applications and desktop applications are on separate lists – that simply is ineffective because it makes working with applications harder. In my opinion:

    a. All applications should be on single list (task bar) and all application should have preview when mouse hovered (or finger pressed – when finger is swiped right/left, preview for next app is shown, finger is moved aywa – app is chosen. This would also work for previews for multiple windows of single application – just put finger on taskbar, preview appears, move finger on preview, choose windows, move finger away).

    b. Remove right click on icons on taskbar – just add second row over preview with all actions available (ie. pin to taskbar, jump to webpage, start new instance etc.) – you get all possible actions with single mouse movement of finger action. Put menu centered right above the application icon (ie. preview is for 10 IE tabs – it’s very wide but actions are just above icon – simply move finger up and choose “New tab”).

    c. For metro applications and all full screen mode applications taskbar should be visible when mouse is at bottom edge (or finger is moved from bottom to up to “drag” taskbar out). Of course applications can be changed by swiping from left to right or opposite.

    d. Please note that you force metro applications to be horizontal scrollbable (to scroll by finger swipe) – so why you implemented vertical list of applications? Taskbar also can be horizontal scrollable (carousel) – if running apps cannot fit on screen.

    e. When multiple windows of same application are running, clicking on taskbar (or pointing by finger) should switch to last used window instead of showing preview. Keeping mouse over icons or keeping finger pressed should show a list of windows. This is very annoying when you have multiple tabs in IE opened and for each click you have to find right window.

    2. Start screen – covering whole screen is ok but taskbar should be visible when start screen is on – this way when I show start screen but I change my mind, I can quickly return to app I want. Also showing taskbar all the time will eliminate the contrast between desktop and metro interface – there will be no “jump into different OS” feeling. Start screen should not be separate from taskbar – when start screen is shown, taskbar simply is part of start screen – just another way of starting and navigating programs.

    3. Why you don’t use context menu for start screen items? Simply long press on item, menu appears, such menu should have close sign in the corner to close it without any action. Choose uninstall or make larger and menu closes. Simple, effective.

    4. I would keep the orb – that’s at least something visible – how anyone can find that moving mouse into corner will show sth? Is it a good interface when you have to know such things instead of see them? Also when I show start screen but want to close it I can click the orb (because task bar is still visible with orb glowing) to hide it and return to previous place.

    5. The right panel (I cannot remember the exact name – sorry) with search etc. – why it cannot be part of start screen that is static (still visible at the same place at the right when start screen is scrolled)? I don’t get it why we need separate thing jumping out of nowhere when we have whole start screen. Also showing this screen can be problematic when multiple monitors are used and to left there’s whole screen – I don’t know how to show this thing in such situation. And again, how ordinary person can find out that there’s sth on the right side?

  142. phujitiv says:

    I'm not somebody that posts much, but I felt compelled to say something about this Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  I must say first that I am someone who has worked with computers since I was 6 years old, back when Commodore 64 was cool.  I had posters of Windows 95 on my bedroom wall in high school from PC Mag and Computer Shopper, etc.  I've loved the Windows eco-system for many years, and hated Apple every step of the way.  I've even interviewed with Microsoft and was flown out to one of their facilities.


    But today, and ever since the Windows 8 Developer Preview, I have grown very concerned over the direction of Windows 8.  I feel like they stripped out the life and color of Vista/Win7 and made everything flat.  It is hard to navigate the Windows 8 OS.  I find myself using the Task Manager to close programs because I can't close apps.  It just isn't intuitive.  It is very frustrating.  I tried to use the Windows Key + Tab function that makes your open windows and programs go around in a carousel fashion… that didn't work at all as expected.  The Aero interface looks much more beautiful and artistic.  Metro looks like monocrome or 4-color (evga?) from the DOS days.  Very ugly.  I mean, what is with that fish at bootup?

    After rebooting back to Windows 7, everything just seemed so much more vibrant, organic, and alive.  Even the login screen for Windows 7 looks head-and-shoulders better compared to Windows 8.  I honestly was happy to be back into Windows 7, with its Aero interface… like I was back home.  Or finally awake and free from the bad nightmare that Windows 8 is becoming.  I know I'm not giving really specific details here, but I just wanted to share my initial impressions, thoughts, feelings, etc.

    Technologically though, under-the-hood improvements such as OS-wide spell check are nice additions.  This will help my mother a lot. Those types of improvements are awesome and should continue.  I just really don't like the look and feel of Windows 8.

  143. phujitiv says:

    MY PLAN:

    I am going to sit my step-father down to this new install and let him play with it.  He is not much of a tech.  But he is a small business owner.  I will say nothing and just let him explore this preview.  If he can figure it out and do his business as usual, then all is okay.  If not, then the Windows 8 OS is dead-on-arrival… and we will stay with Windows 7 forever and end up like people who still haven't let go of WinXP.  I have to say:  "I've got a really bad feeling about this."

    Nevertheless, I can understand why Microsoft feels that they need to jump into the tablet and smartphone world.  I've seen the market trends.  I just feel that the strategy Microsoft is currently employing will alienate many regular consumers and desktop/laptop owners.

    On a side note, my family and extended family are heavy Windows users.  We mostly own Windows Phones.  No Apple products ever.  And generally we are early adopters.  Finally, I have the biggest influence in computer purchase decisions for my family and for my step-father's company.

  144. Stefano says:

    Using screen resolution of 1600×1200 in VirtualBox "Metro Snap" works. The Store email and password go into the Credentials section in the Desktop Control Panel, it's possible to delete it, if you remain always connected to the Store it could be a danger if someone else buys apps. This when it will be fully operative and apps will have a cost 😉

    It's a bit of a mess having 2 control panels, one for the desktop and one for the Metro settings…

  145. Another Anonymous says:

    The task manager has lost the description of opened process, I miss that.

    You should give even more info about opened process win7 already give, instead of removing it 🙁

  146. Maryus says:

    regarding UEFI…I know I have the option to turn on uefi in my bios settings, but as far as I know that only helps to recognise a drive greather than 2TB, so enabling that will get the fast boot and other features provided by uefi? PS my motherbord is a Intel h61

  147. Another Anonymous says:

    Someone here has stated that you trying to fight a war in the tablets/smartphones and that you will loose that war and the OS war also. If this is your idea of multiporpouse OS, I'm sorry but he is right.

    Look what google bought:

    If you dont do something with this windows 8 you will see what others are going to do wait and see what they will bring up with this "app".

  148. tjaldid says:


  149. @Maryus

    you can't turn off UEFI, it's a BIOS replacement.

  150. karl says:

    @Stephen Kellett

    do not ask ms for anything! They simply do not want to listen! Stay with win7 and be happy.

    I have to thank ms, because they eliminated any wish to spend just one more eurocent for any future version of windows.

    To my good fortune there are laptops without preinstalled os .

    Who designed the new "gui"? the former team of the messy vista/w7 explorer?

  151. windows 8 says:

    windows 8 in Desktop Mode is very weak ! ?

    we are waiting for next features .

  152. Make It Better says:

    After using the Consumer Preview I have the feeling that Microsoft is still not thinking from the user experience but from the engineers’ perspective.

    Windows has gained more complexity and is now quite confusing; especially with different panels for the system settings.

    I love Win 7, but it also has too many descriptions, too much text to read which is confusing and slows down the working process. This has not been improved, but made much worse.

    Another thing that annoys me very much is the impression that things are not thought trough in the details. It’s also the details that make an OS to be liked or not.

    The narrator e.g. is now finally not total crap anymore, but still not what it could be. Why not integrate the ability to convert a document into an mp3 file. That were great for the users (also for the ones you don’t have disabilities). The voices are very good, but the way to use the program is still ways beyond what it could do to be a great help and experience for the user.

    In the preview window of the explorer: Why not highlight any searched words in the whole preview of the document? That would help so much in the searching process! Think about the work students and scientific writers have to do, not some engineers.

    In general, the metro design is, with these horrible colors and the boring icons, quite repulsive. Please, get some professional designers. The Aero design is beautiful and one should have built upon that to create a homogeneous looking UI.

    Forcing two different looking UIs together is disturbing and confusing. Bring back the start-button! For me as a desktop user Windows 8 is uncomfortable in this way.

    It is very disappointing for me to see how many obvious mistakes Microsoft makes, since I think that overall Windows is much better that any other OS.

  153. kostas t 000 says:

    I can install it in the Windows Virtual XP Mode?

  154. Daniel Gu(구재윤) says:

    I think that picture viewer is best!!!! I can show library photos with facebook photo : )

    (포토뷰어 매우좋은게 하드드라이브에 있는 사진이랑 페이스북 사진이랑 같이 볼수 있어서 최고예요 ㅎㅎ!!!!!!!^^)

  155. Running other programmes says:

    Can someone please help me, on windows 7 i had adobe dreamweaver which i use a lot, but i can't run it now because i can't simply install it. Please help.

  156. What @Microsoft dosen't get, is that IMAGES express ideas much more easily and fluidly than Text.

    I see that you're still using the bloated bmps instead of switching over to PNGs. why is that? you already have the code built into the OS to support PNGs, all you're doing is being lazy and wasting RAM.

    DWM uses ~70MB of RAM now, what are you using it for now? it'd seem like a 1×1 png with a simple color would use alot less ram, memory leak?

  157. Guilherme says:

    I would like to be able to see two metro apps at the same time when working on multiple monitors, there could be a way to drag an Metro app to the next monitor (like holding the mouse on the top to close it, or touching the top) and keep another metro app in the first monitor. Same thing with the snap app feature, you should be able to snap at least one Metro app in each monitor.

    Maybe include a mode where you could have only "snaped" apps in a monitor, maybe three or four, would be very usefull to replace the common behavior of having more than on classic window open.

  158. About PNG, you guys shold honestly compress your PNGs with PNGGauntlet, it's lossless compression, and for example in Shellstyle.dll.mui in C;/Windows/Resources/Aero/Shell/Normalcolor folder is Shellstyle.dll.mui, I extracted those images, Image 20004 went from 2.07kb to 1.82kb that's a 12% reduction, at absolutely no cost, you could really save alot of space is you did this to all images .

    PNGGauntlet uses PNGCrush, PNGOut, OptiPNG, And DeflOpt. All opensource.

  159. And Apple uses PngCrush already with Xcode, which is one of the resasons their UI is more fluid, theres simply less work to do as each image is ~50% the original size.

  160. Ok, an update on Shellstyle.dll.mui, the RCDATA section was 118kb, it's now 48kb.

  161. Sorry, 1 more thing, you should also compress your HTML and CSS and JavaScript files as well. come on guys, this is basic ***.

  162. david duncan says:

    leave the start menu. and improve it. maybe open the start menu, tile home screen, and explorer with one start button then you have everything. i hope microsoft doesnt forget people do use these machines for work. i love everything else but i can tell you the people in or office will not upgrade to a radical change. again leave the start menue just move the button to the center.

  163. david duncan says:

    leave the start menu. and improve it. maybe open the start menu, tile home screen, and explorer with one start button then you have everything. i hope microsoft doesnt forget people do use these machines for work. i love everything else but i can tell you the people in or office will not upgrade to a radical change. again leave the start menue just move the button to the center.

  164. david duncan says:

    leave the start menu. and improve it. maybe open the start menu, tile home screen, and explorer with one start button then you have everything. i hope microsoft doesnt forget people do use these machines for work. i love everything else but i can tell you the people in or office will not upgrade to a radical change. again leave the start menue just move the button to the center.

  165. Anonymous0000001 says:

    You should mix this two menus into one, I really tought you remove the info:

    Anyway windows 7 has more info:

  166. Anonymous says:

    this blog not working well it's s***

  167. @Anonymous says:

    this blog is working perfectly well, the same as windows 8. We just don't get it…

  168. Joseph says:

    I can see in the disk defragmentation that Windows 8 detects SSD 🙂

    Now my question is that it says it needs optimization but what does it do? Is it "safe" to hit the optimize button?

  169. Thanh Pham says:

    Driver for ATI radeon mobility hd 5430 cannot running on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Do you fix it?

  170. Thierry says:

    This great OS needs at least two more years of dev…

  171. Thierry says:


    That designer should be hired right away!!!

  172. Thierry says:

    If desktop is not refreshed (i.e.…/windows-desktop-ui-concept), this OS is destined to failure

  173. Neptun says:

    Win 8 is anti intuitive, anti ergonomic, anti flexible and bad looking primitive Metro UI

    MS removed Start menu from desktop, because 'no one really use this'. But menu with

    applications appears in Mtero. For what reason if ''no one really use this' ?

    Hiding options at screen corners is compeletly wrong, especially with high wastage of screen

    space (Metro and Desktop)

    Overall worst, and more importand – most nonsense OPERATING S*** !!!

  174. Stephen Pate says:

    I cannot believe with all Microsoft's resources you haven't got a list of compatible monitors. The Metro interface is problematic with a mouse. Users will need a multi-touch monitor. That is simply unacceptable.

    The 3M one listed above costs $1,500 – more than most people spend on a computer. There are at least 3 consumer-priced monitors that should be been tested against this build – Acer T231H, Planar PX2230MW, ViewSonic VX2258wm – that cost less than $400. Some of them are listed on the Build 8 site.

    Would Microsoft like the user community to believe they are or are not compatible. Without monitors, the Consumer Preview will be uninstalled within weeks. No one is going to put up with the agony of using a touch interface in a mouse driven world.

  175. LOL @Trolling, no ones trolling, want to see trolling?

  176. @Joseph, Windows 8 is retarded, don't EVER defrag or "Optimize" an SSD. it'll ruin it.

  177. This is a distaster. Windows 8 is going to be a the biggest flop in IT Industry. Metro needs to go away from Desktop it doesn't belong there. Workflow is so sad with Windows 8 that people ended up having shutdown script on desktop. Metro doesn't allow multitasking. PC is not a giant smart phone. MS went against all UI principles, as i said one word -> disaster.

    Dear Microsoft,

    Remove a damn thing from Desktop Windows. It can work on Tablets and Phones and focus Metro development on those devices but completely remove it from Desktop.

  178. Travis Brown says:

    I just got done downloading last night cant wait to use it I seen previews on windows 8 on the Buildwindows website I guest it the preview it pritty awsome. I used the Development Preview it was pritty nice plateform I just cant wait to see what they change or if they deed not change anything. It was a good download am talking about the windows development preview that was a good preview verison of windows 8. I just cant get over it windows Consumer preview is a free download for the public Thank you Microsoft I love you. I wish there was a way that I can be part of development preview like makeing the apps and all the good stuff on windows 8 That would be a dream come true I know I can download visual basic for windows. Thanks again for the download Microsoft I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. @Prettysure2 [MFST]: Haha, you’re mad as hell!

    That “piece of s**t” comment was removed right after it was posted. Only MSFT team was able to read and very few forum members. Pretty obvious that you are one of these clumsy MFST stuff member. That’s why your comment is still there.

    But that’s okay, and I’m understand that you nervous and frustrated! You shipped a useless beta OS. And you know that. Everyone complaining about this crap and there’s just a few who is satisfied (they are the brainwashed individuals/fanboys).

  180. JGeerWM says:

    I'm glad to read that internal testing is using the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible.  This PC may finally realize its full potential with Windows 8.  It would be good if Bluetooth and the Accelerometer driver worked.  If someone at MS has found drivers, this would be great information to post.

  181. Agustin says:

    There's a spelling mistake in the date of the lock screen (I currently have my date and time settings for my country: Argentina, but I think all spanish-speakers will have the same), the lock screen says: "Jueves, 01 1e marzo" and it should say "Jueves, 01 de marzo" it actually takes the "d" from the word "de" as the "d" to display the number of the day. The date settings of the desktop don't change those of the lock screen…

    I hope you can fix this… and btw start the name of the month with capital letter.


  182. Ok, here we go. I can't figure out how to get apps pinned side-by-side in metro using a mouse and keyboard.

  183. When I pull the application down from the top, the shrunken version of it doesn't stick to my mouse and it appears there is only one thing I can do with it: drag it all the way to the bottom. I still can't get applications side-by-side.

  184. Okay, this frustrated me just now SO much:

    Please remove the silly 16 character password limitation on Microsoft Accounts. Or holy hell let the users know when they are changing their passwords that 16 characters is the maximum!

    With the Windows Live applications, it was transparent because the app would cut off the extra characters in the field. UNFORTUNATELY, Windows 8 does not do that. If you enter in what you thought was your "full" password, you wouldn't be able to log in. You have to use the first 16 characters to be verified correctly.

    Again, please allow passwords greater than 16 characters. There are some of us who do care about users…

  185. wlsetup-idcrl.exe, which Word Web App is prompting me to install is considered unsafe by IE10 on Win8.

  186. Nicholas Davidson says:

    Glad that you're still desting with the Dell Inspiron Duo, it's a fantastic machine, but PLEASE, can you address the issues with the accelerometer/magnometer, and the bluetooth?

    Great job on W8CP, loving it so far. (apart from the lack of UK support for signing into apps like music, etc…)

  187. With this new thing of having to move the mouse to the corners to activate the start menu (if you want to use the mouse) how would that work with the MS tool Mouse without Borders? It would be near impossible to hit that small target if my mouse could move to another screen. I intend on testing.

  188. wlsetup-idcrl.exe generated the error Couldn't install programs when I forced the execution. Error: 0x80096010

  189. .Net 2.0 isn't included in Win8 CP. I would suggest that be included in the final release. Lots of applications use .Net 2.0.

  190. @c_barth: Pinning Metro applications side by side requires a 1366*768 resolution. (It won't work on virtualized installs, in other words. I found out the hard way too.)

    Additionally, please improve keyboard navigation in the Metro interface. ALT-key underlining isn't even there, something we keyboard-enthusiasts look for. Tabbing and arrow keys are not functional. Hitting start to navigate with the arrow keys is inefficient. going to the ALL APPS bar thing in the Start Screen requires a right click from the mouse.

    If anything, please reinstate ALT-underlining navigation in Metro, and please have a shortcut key build for getting to ALL APPS. You have shortcuts for various search capabilities — but sometimes, all I want to do is see ALL my applications. Is Win-A taken? If not, it would make a perfect candidate for getting to All Applications.

    The store doesn't support keyboard scrolling, nor does it support tabbing through menu items. The demo apps PewPew is unplayable with the classic WASD combo and requires a mouse. If this is the case, in your Metro application guidelines, PLEASE enforce and make it mandatory that touch controls can also be reasonably substituted with sound keyboard and/or mouse controls. These are MICROSOFT's guidelines; please change them before the final release. The Microsoft store, as it stands, is a poor example of traditional keyboard-mouse intuitiveness and Metro-touch-friendliness.

    Additionally — the next time Microsoft does preview/customer releases, please release a version of documentation with it, and put it RIGHT ON THE DESKTOP (or start screen?). With this new interface, we truly need a "getting started" guide or even a README. I had to read third party sources (such as…/1) to even know what keyboard shortcuts exist in Windows 8 and that docking doesn't work with 1024*768 resolutions. The lack of documentation and affordance to the user gives them a bad experience and poor reviews; it creates negative publicity — and that needs to be fixed.

    So, summary (TL;DR):

    Improve keyboard navigation all across the board for Metro interface.

    —ALT-key underlining and navigation should be a must.

    —Have a shortcut for getting to all apps. (Win-A, for example)

    —Make it mandatory (in your SDK and app guidelines or something) for Metro apps to have a viable and reasonable substitute for touch-navigation.

    ———-ESPECIALLY the store.

    Include a form of documentation in your preview releases. Put it on Start Screen or Desktop, and make it such that a user can quickly become familiar with the new ways of doing things and continue to be productive. Do anything to help the user understand the system and minimize the unreasoned and ignorant negative opinions/publicity that is generated by lack of documentation.

    Finally, please have native support for the Colemak ergonomic keyboard layout (; you would please many communities of keyboard enthusiasts even more with this inclusion. (However, shortcuts are what we need most.) These communities include those found on, geekhack, and deskthority, and I'm sure we'd all appreciate the efforts. (Please?)

  191. Windows 8 Vista Second Edition says:

    Looks like Steven Sinofsky will be joining the previous Windows Chief, Jim Allchin(last worked on Vista) on the way OUT. What a disaster, does any retard on the Windows team actually used Metro Start Screen with a mouse? Obviously NOT.

  192. OndraSter says:


    are there any other real hardware requirements other than HDD and RAM capacities? Because my Toshiba Portege M200 refuses to boot with error code 0xc0000260 — people said that enabling PAE/NX helps for virtualPC/vmware. The thing is – I am trying to boot it natively (tried both within VHD and directly from HDD). And I can not enable NX mostly because the CPU doesn't support it (Pentium M 735, 1.7GHz). What is interesting is that W8DP worked and booted fine. CP doesn't anymore…. 🙁

  193. Prettysure2 says:

    Sympathy. I have lot of sympathy for your miserable life of a failed little web developer, who could not achieve anything other than new heights in hating others work. Life, full of hate for the company who introduced the world Personal computers. I am not MS employee and I am not a windows lover either. I am just someone who is requesting you to shut up on this forum so that others can have civilized conversation. Please do that other wise you will not be able to walk straights today either, just like yesterday.

    Again my little friend, go  get a life, play with your iDevices or linux or what ever you like other than windows, ok?

    Please keep quiet.

  194. ByronG says:

    well done this going to change the OS game no doubt. suggestion; please make sure you represent the desktop app as an work enviroment, Why? this gonna help simple users understand whats going on and how to use the OS (have turorial videos installed too), some basic users are asking questions like, will it run Photoshop, even some top managemnt people are saying this, so please make sure desktop is not app u can pin or unpin have on the charms menu or something make it obvious and right in your face. and have that too in you marketing campaigns too just make sure people know this the same good old windows.

    Pen input is still very very important please make sure you have this for every device sold, why? well for many obvious reasosns which include note taking, Art design, field engineering graphics, etc pen can also help add more input (in IE10 cant find a way to simple "save as" a simple picture, in IE9 u can simply right-click and choose) touch in combination with a pen is the future since you set and input at the same time like crl-click using a pen. fingers cant mechnically tell the device what the following input means, accept by having series of setting then click, like right click or ctrl-click for example. a real no compromise means that u can do generally anything despite the input device pen, touch, voice, keyboard, mouse etc with minum deference in precedure.

    for the UI please have some shadows under the tiles and some menu bars, to avoid th flat feel, just subtle shadows will help visually.

    For some regions in the world some consumers dont have credit cards, e.g students. so have carrier billing options for paying for apps too or any other way including cash deposit.

    please have cool native apps like bing app and other apps just like the phone.

  195. SNAP!" says:

    Cant snap apps,  i use a keyboard and a mouse and cant snep apps side by side…. my scren res is the recomended one, i trye pullling rigth clicking Windows key …. etc HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. Mouse without Borders is entirely broken on Windows 8 CP. The mouse moves over to the second PC, but it also sticks to the left edge of the Win8 machine, opening the bar on the left side, though I can't do anything with it until I move my mouse back in to the range of a few pixels wide. This is definitely a problem. I would STRONGLY encourage you go to back to the Start button or use some other method. Moving a mouse to another machine via the edges of the screen is quite nice. I would imagine in a multi-monitor setup 'corner' functionality is also broken. What about those instances where the monitors aren't perfectly aligned horizontally or vertically. You can end up with far more than 4 corners, how does that work? Or did you disable that feature? I don't have a multi-monitor system to test on.

  197. The Dev Preview license key caused major problems for people trying out win8 on VMs. There was no way to reactivate an image.

    Is there any hope that the beta supports either MAK or KMS licensing for those of us working in a publish and deploy VM environment?

  198. @Happy-Dude, my screens native resolution is 1440×900 on Windows 7. For some reason Windows 8 chose to use 1024×768 as the default and will only let me set up to 1280×1024. So apparently there are some driver issues to sort out because it does correctly detect my Dell flat panel displays. Thanks for that heads-up though.

  199. Why can't Win8 automatically detect my timezone on installation. Chrome knows approximately where I am based on IP address, certainly Win8 could take a best guess.

  200. Kip_42 says:

    My primary observation is that this should not be called "Windows 8." It should be called Metro, WindowsTouch, or anything else. Windows 8 implies, to the general consumer, an incremental release, not a complete departure. Now, you may argue that it is built on Windows 7 and thus incremental, but from a consumer perspective it is disruptive.

  201. Germano says:

    Very very hot this version of Microsoft Windows

  202. Bill Gates to Steven Sinofsky says:

    Microsoft Please… Stick this Windows8 for tablets,leave my desktops/laptops..I luv Windows7

  203. ShelLuser says:

    Why doesn't this critter run using Microsoft's own Virtual PC while the competition (Sun's Virtualbox) has no problems with it at all ?

  204. Using Consumer Preview…

    – Come on, not even an Alarm-Clock tile in the Metro interface ?

    – Knowing and using Windows + … shortcuts can greatly help using Windows 8. And Alt+F4 still allows to close applications to free resources.

    – Right click in a free space of Metro allows to choose "All applications", but then you have to scroll in a huge panel. Finally, it is much quicker to use a text list of my apps. Wait… Wasn't this called "Start menu" before ?

    – I have a feeling of downgrading to the level of phones OS (Apple, Google) only made to try and sell me apps…

  205. Anonymous1000001 says:

    You shoul give ppl more options when install OS's. I miss the win98se days instaling and removing things I don't need from windows installation (nodays this will apply to the metro UI, live account, charm bar, etc…).

    Or at least, give ppl 4 options during installation:

    Where are you going to install windows 8? Select





    Each one with direfent options oriented to the hardware/software where you are going to install windows. And if posible MAKE ALL OPTIONS AVAILABLE in every option.

  206. Anonymous1000001 says:

    You shoul give ppl more options when install OS's. I miss the win98se days instaling and removing things I don't need from windows installation (nodays this will apply to the metro UI, live account, charm bar, etc…).

    Or at least, give ppl 4 options during installation:

    Where are you going to install windows 8? Select





    Each one with direfent options oriented to the hardware/software where you are going to install windows. And if posible MAKE ALL OPTIONS AVAILABLE in every option.

  207. Mahesh Abnave says:

    Atleast pure Aero should have Win 7 start menu.

  208. Fernando says:

    simply METRO is no good for a PC AT ALL….

  209. michele says:

    problems under dell latitude xt2:

    – touch does not work

    – system freeze

  210. File manager in metro should allow PREVIEW and SEARCH of files.


    In the Mail metro app I want to attach a file to an email. When browsing the files, I have to navigate from folder to folder, and I can sort by name or date and that's all. I can't search for a specific file whereever is located as in the Explorer search box. Neither can preview the file (picture in real size or word document for example) before attaching it to the email.

    I think this is very unuseful and annoying. It should be improved.

  211. JOE says:

    my opinion:

    PC ————> NO METRO, just DESKTOP

    Tablet ——–>  METRO + traditional desktop

    windows phone,XBOX ——–> METRO

    A PC don't need metro at all and a windows tablet is interesting enough for any developer to start develop app for that and subsequently for windows phone…..metro is very good for windows phone and windows tablet but NOT for a PC…


  212. Check out this scenario:

    1) Two monitors on dektop PC.

    2) No metro apps open

    3) On desktop, in main monitor drag the desktop from the top border to the bottom of the screen as to close the application.

    Result: second monitor will continue to show desktop. Main monitor will show an EMPTY unuseful screen with same color as the Start screen's background.

    I think three possible correct scenarios under this situation:

    a) On main monitor show Start screen and on second monitor continue showing the desktop.

    b) Close the desktop on both monitors and show Start screen on main monitor.

    c) Close the desktop on both monitors and show Start screen spanned in both monitors.

  213. Emi says:

    Sinofsky, why my other 2 machines an AMD pc and an Intel Laptop, the search indexer servoce "wsearch" doesn't start, if i want to start it it gives me the 1053 error. and it "searchindexer.exe" uses 50% cpu on both devices.

    this Works fine but its a new pc from 1 year ago. but the others are a Little old maybe 5 years+

    all i can do its disable indexing but that's never good, since i was hoping in Consumer Preview those devices would work normally (yeah, developer preview had this issue as well). is there a fix for this?

    anyway I love Consumer Preview, here Works perfectly! of course i wanted to try it in other pcs aswell! but its an amazing release, and I love the new UI.

    it Works fine with my desktop and laptops and tablets! (and yeah i use win8 for work and gaming so i can be sure about "it works")

  214. After playing with Win8 CP for a while I would have to say a lot of the usability issues could be fixed if you would just disable the left two corner hot spots and put back in a start button when in desktop mode. Otherwise, you can leave it as it is. Honestly, from breaking Mouse without Borders to constantly wanting to move my mouse to click the start button that pops up in the lower corner and starting IE accidentally, that removal of the start button is really a problem. Besides, it is very easy to explain to people the old desktop is there, it is just a new Start menu if the button is there. When you remove the button a user looking at the desktop will have no idea what to do: 'I got here now I can't see what to do to get my start menu back!'. Even though the corner is easy to hit, many people won't move their mouse there unless there is some indicator/indication to do so.

    Imagine grandma who has been clicking the start button since 1995. Now her machine gets upgraded and we tell her just tap the desktop icon for all the stuff you used to do (especially until applications get the Metro upgrade) and then we have to explain that there is no start button and she's OK with that. Then we can get a call every day for a week from grandma, 'my start button is gone!' There are so many people that could follow the direction to click "Desktop" to work the way you used to, but it is a major change for people to see their familiar launcher missing.

  215. I have to agree with @proculsi. Having a blank area is really strange. At first I didn't know what to do when I was looking at that. It even happens if you are side-by-side in Metro and then close the big side. Instead of the remaining application becoming full-side a blank area appears that clicking on brings up the Start screen, but that isn't obvious.

  216. Suad Mahmuljin says:

    I am getting this error. I am unable to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview – the error message is telling me that a critical driver is missing or corrupt…Help?

    File: WINDOWSSystem32Driversacpiex.sys

    Error code: 0xc000000f  

  217. GregH says:


  218. GregH says:


    This is what Steve Ballmer meant when he said the risk with Windows 8 – this is a very, very big risk at a time when comptetitors could easily absorb the market for professional users.

  219. When using 2 monitors, and the main monitor is the one on the left, it's not easy to go with the mouse pointer to the corners on the right to make the charm appear because the pointer will continue moving to the second monitor.

  220. Litepurple says:

    I love the new Metro interface and like the direction Microsoft is taking with this. However, I am having problems with the CP on both the machines onto which it's installed. My laptop is set to 1200*800 and the desktop connected to the TV is set to 1368×768 both of which exceed the minimum 1024×768 for Metro apps, however when I open Metro apps on both systems, they simply close and go back to the Start Screen. Is this an error? I cannot run any Metro apps. This is really frustrating as I'm getting a limited experience.

  221. @c_barth

    Under "Turn Windows Features On or Off" in Control Panel you can activate .NET 2.0

  222. Barcaz says:

    Hi I am trying Windows 8 Consumer Preview and I had a lot of problems using the internet key, for example that his installation can't complete…..I revolved it installing manually net. framework 3.5 or 3 I forget it…..but now, to connect, I have to manually connect in the Network tab and after in the connect botton of the software…..when I do this, it connects to Internet, but after some minutes it disconnects and I have to close and reopen the internet key software (Vodafone mobile connect)…..but the best problem is that I can't surf or do long downloads with the key! Please, fix this (it disconnects because the software all in a time doesn't recognise the internet key, so it can be matched with the management of the hardware or bug in the Network controls) (you did a good job with 8 :D)…..oh, also fix Solitaire that it closes itself when I drag the cards….

  223. Barcaz says:

    Or have you please an advice on how to do? Excuse me for double post

  224. Dan says:

    Ok, here's my first issue I've run in to;

    File History

    Is this actually a dumbed down version of Volume Shadow Copy Services? I can't seem to find VSS controls anywhere and there are no "previous versions" tabs on any file/folder properties pages. I wouldn't mind if I could find a way to customize what was included in File History. But as far as I can tell, it only snapshots your libraries and you have no say in choosing other locations. Please tell me this isn't so and there are, at least, ways to add additional folders to the File History store.

    If not, this is a monumental step backwards from VSS of old. Yes, the interface is nice and easy to use for the average user. But that's no excuse for limiting what this system can snapshot. Please tell me there is a way to use VSS in a similar manner to the way it always was.

  225. benjiee says:

    Metro UI at a tablet is nice. BUT not at a Desktop-PC. Pls give the option to disable metro. or its definitly the flop 2012.

  226. @Prettysure2 :

    Hey mofo, do not explain! Just stfu, you will never be the man your mother is!

    I feel contempt toward you because you’re regularly doing autofellation every day. It’s not a shame, just take the consequences. Everyone will think about you as a brainwashed msft c*m. A c*m that missed the drain (or your mama’s mouth) and right now it’s drying on the floor. What a loss!

    I know that you hate everyone who use them PC to more complex tasks than run FB or cut the rope as you do. You hate whose work with their PC, coz you’re desperately envy. It’s completely understandable. It is your failure. A jerk*d off c*m on the floor cannot do any complicated tasks. You are just a consumer.

    Keep that sentimental bullsh!t about the ‘company’ for yourself. I’m talking about the product, f*ckward! There’s no need to cry like you got sand in your vag!na! Do you talking about civilized conversation?! It’s a self-contradiction.

    You are just a pathetic nobody whose try to request something, LOL! Keep that in mind! And I don’t think that you will be able to walk straight with that huge anal plug in your a*s with the brand new win8 logo on it, will ya?

    Just keep hiding behind that nick coward!

    Your mother had two cunts. And you're one of them!  😀

  227. Jb091 says:

    Remote Desktop Metro App displays black screen when remoting into Server 2008 R2 box.  Good thing MSTSC still works.  The panoramic dual monitor display is awesome.  Took me a bit to get used to the location of the control panel, system properties, etc.  I added it to our domain with no issues.  I will keep messing around with it.  

  228. jdhurst says:

    I have Windows 8 installed.

    I have used everything, from DOS 1 through to Windows 7. I understand it all. And Windows 8 is a big disappointment. It is a warmed over update of Windows 3.1.

    For people who have to think for a living. Windows 8 does not work. Go to the search charm and type in a common program. Nothing found. I have to look through Windowssystem32 for what I need, copy it, and paste it as a shortcut onto my desktop. Painfully slow compared to XP, Vista or Windows 7.

    It needs a real Start Menu button and the ability to key in two or three characters to get your programs.

    I have what Windows 8 offers already. I have my iPhone. But my iPhone is also just a toy. I cannot survive only on my iPhone, and I cannot survive on Windows 8. I *can* survive on Windows 7 or Windows Vista or Windows XP.

  229. Andrea says:

    Hi Windows Team I really like what you're doing and Windows 8 looks nice, but I don't know why but for me it hasn't something that can make it the best o.s. of ever…….I don't know why, it's just an impression….perhaps it needs more implementations in the Desktop or create something of very fantastic for the Metro UI (I also sincerely can't see the Metro UI for the pcs that we use to work)…..

  230. TaskManager says:

    Hi I have two advices…..first add an option to make us able to run the Desktop in the boot without doing anything, so setting it as default, second in the Task Manager add temperature monitoring of the hardware…..

    For me little improvements can do big changes……

  231. I find it odd the when a Metro application crashes there is no notification that something went wrong or that Windows is going to try to do something about it.

  232. Guillaume Soucy says:

    Can have a answer PLEASE.

    My question is ; The SkyDrive app for Windows 8 can be install on Windows Xp.

    If I can have information about this, sorry but I cannot buy Windows 8.

    Please dont delete my post im just a custumer who need information.


  233. I suggest to start moderating these comments a bit more aggressively.

    I really don't see th point of all these childish "zomg, win8 sucks apple rules android 4ever!!!111!!!1!eleventyone".


    Some of us come here to actually try and learn something and exchange usefull and constructive ideas.

    Trolls have no place here.  Go play angry birds or something.

  234. A. Neto says:


    I must say, Start is not that bad, but the way it's now is really awful to work with with a regular mouse in a Desktop, it should have a "Hand" mode, like Adobe PDF, so you could easily throw it to one side or another with the mouse. The screen bar, page up/down, mouse weel, none of then can be as powerful as a hand mode that would apply of course only outside an tile. Consider this carefully, try it and figure out.

  235. Mark says:

    It seems the site ate my first comment, so…

    I think a lot of the frustration is a difference in expectations between the Windows development team and the power-users who are interested in a preview. I believe the power-users are expecting to spend most of their time in the desktop and the Windows team fully expects that the desktop will not be used. Microsoft expects that all apps will be ported to Metro and when you want to use Office, Photoshop, etc. you will be in Metro, dropping into the desktop for a minute only to get some old legacy thing – hence the lack of priority in making the desktop more fluid, intuitive and usable.

    I think it is naive to believe the desktop will be used so little on a mouse/keyboard. Certainly for the next few years there will be a large number of desktop apps and I have yet to hear from top-tier development houses on how serious apps such as modeling, CAD, video, etc. would work as a Metro app.


  236. Arturo_AzW says:

    Its monotone and plain ugly.

    There I said it, it needs polishing and more integration.

    Also I wrote a 1/2 hour post with technical details and recommendations but this $hit forum (or ie10) ate my post, now I will just say that windows 8 us ugly.

  237. Stefano says:

    Metro can't be disabled mainly because of the Windows Store… it's all for money, as usual, it seems… unfortunately… I agree with giving the choice to boot to the Desktop directly, especially for the tower/desktop PC's or notebook PC's without touch screens. How many people will use the Store? Maybe they think that doing so will make people use the Store… I hope instead that there will be the possibility to boot into Desktop directly. Frankly, I would NOT buy a new PC (tower or desktop) with Windows 8, no more Windows 7 as soon as Windows 8 is out (bad behavior [or behaviour, I give you language selection for free, no need to buy an Ultimate expensive version, LOL] by Microsoft, in my opinion), I'd be disappointed if it remained like it is now with the Consumer Preview…

    Windows 8 will be fantastic and more enjoyable on tablet PC's or slate PC's only.

    Suggestion: improve the desktop part and its security, don't create Metro and a closed ecosystem and say it is more secure.

    Macs are better for those things, and even in the desktop part they are fantastic.

  238. Laurynas says:


    I downloaded the consumer preview onto my touchsmart tm2t-1100 and all seems fine, just I can't launch a single metro app!! I looked through blogs, forums and articles and couldn't find a solution to it: resolution at 1280×800, upgraded ati graphics to catalyst win8 rc, UAC is set at default and tried with both, local and live account. Nothing works. Really don't understand what the problem is 🙁

  239. JGodo says:


    Since in metro there is only a "pseudotasking" ( from an usabilty perspective ) there is no way proffesional people switch to metro for work. Only two metro applications visible at the sama time? not placed where and how you want? really? that´s silly. There are many people with much more monitors than two for one good reason. The power of desktop for work are the fully configurable windows, wich metro lacks completely. I can´t believe Microsoft really thinks the future for all us will be Metro like it is designed right now. Windowed applications must be there for work, in windows or in any other productivity oriented OS. While I think a unified OS for all that hardware is a very good idea, an evident one indeed, I´m starting to think W8 is only for phones and tablets wich is were microsoft is loosing the battle, for desktop W7 is still youngh and works extremely well. May be W9 will join the two worlds in a propper way. W8 still does not. But metro is not for sure the future for productivity, and if Microsoft try to force this situation, then the future for productivity will be mac or linux.

  240. Arturo_AzW says:

    BTW, If you are going ahead with this, I have a list of suggestions:

    Make a single main interface, no one likes having half the apps on the start screen and the other half on the desktop.

    Improve the Start Screen to be a good interface (and by good I mean as good as functional as the desktop or more) for real apps (you should start by making office and VS for metro (an idea would be to make a 'Metro Desktop' where you have immersive apps running, and it easy to use with mouse andor touch)) and leave the (old) desktop for legacy apps only (think about this, if Photoshop cant run on the Start Screen, you are doing it wrong).

    Follow the zune UI guide lines, this needs more reflections, details, glows etc.

    XNA integration (Or replacement).

    Shader Effects class for development.

    More stuff in the App tiles, right now most of them are plain and monotone.

    Better window manager, pinning to left or right is not enough, we need a windowing system (that is touch enabled).

    The corner stuff is not ideal, there is no hint pointing to menus.

    Think outside the box when it comes to integration, for example you could use narrator to read books for you.

    Add more customization options, (like animated backgrounds and stuff).

    Make Expression blend Express, some of us  they look ridiculous.

    Dont make a Photos App, make a Pictures app; Some of us have many wallpapers, textures, and funny images we don't want to see in the 'Photos app' next to the face book photos.

    Not all of us have facebook, do not show facebook everywhere I go.

    Many more… I might post them latger.

  241. @PrettySure Calm your balls, nobody cares, keep thinking you're the *** tho, I love watching the Special Olympics. ^_^

  242. ReMark says:

    Maybe somebody has still wrote that…

    but an option to select WHAT SHOW after the start could be very appreciated, like:

    – I use the pc for surfing the web, I choose IE10 Metro as the default app after the system start

    – I use the pc for working, I choose Desktop as the default "app2 after the system start/boot/whatever

    – I wanna see the Metro Start, I choose MetroStart as the default screen after the system start/boot/whatever

    … etc

    So the users can customize their "pc intro" (obviously Metro Start is still there when you click WinKey etc…)

    Users want choice, you know.

    Other suggestions?

    – adding the "hand mode" on start screen for the mouse

    – system shutdown button in the charm bar!!!

    – right menu no "start button" is interessant, but UGLY

    – workspaces?

    – customization is the keyword

    These are all the little things you can implement in days, but that add a GREAT VALUE and customization to Windows 8.

  243. @ReMark +1 in most of your suggestions

  244. Frenz says:

    This is frustrating. I've based my whole career around Microsoft technology. I have started my own software development company based around Microsoft technologies and I'm betting my entire business on the success of Microsoft.

    I've enjoyed the ride so far, all the way from MS DOS and up till Windows 7 and Azure, but for the first time in all these years I'm starting to doubt whether I'm betting on the right horse – if Microsoft really believes "Desktop is dead", we're heading for a catastrophy.

    I'm getting worried.

    I'm worried that you are silent as the grave on this matter.

    You've been ignoring all the Metro vs Desktop feedback lately on this blog (also before the release of the Consumer Preview).

    I see Microsoft employees answering all kinds of questions elsewhere on the internet, except those who want an answer about Metro, Desktop and professional usage – maybe it's just that they agree, but that's worrying in itself.

    It's hard to ignore these signs – do you honestly believe this is just a case of "who moved my cheese"?

    Let me tell you something about cheese. As someone like myself who love Microsoft technologies – who have been using C# since it appeared as a beta, who am a first-mover on Windows Azure, I feel sad that we've been doing a lot more iOS development lately than I like (Hell, we even invested in a Mac and iPad) – but that's me looking for "cheese". As a developer, a platform is only as interesting as the money you can make from it – and right now, that means iOS.

    I know you are trying to put an end to this missery with Windows 8 and Windows Phone – and it looks REALLY promising in this area, AWESOME! But don't ditch your professional users on the desktop – I would rather prefer not to have to search for "cheese" in this area as well!

    It's time for the big guys to step up on this issue.

    Steven, you need to make a blog post about this whole issue, you need to ensure us that Microsoft is not about to abandon professional users.

    The Desktop might be dead from a consumer point of view – you are probably right about this one.

    But please ensure us that you do not believe the Desktop is dead from a professional point of view – please ensure us that you do not envision fullscreen Metro apps in the future to replace Desktop applications for professional users.

    Please put our worry to rest!

  245. Guillaume Soucy says:

    Someone know if Xp users can install SkyDrive app?

  246. The K Man says:

    I know its probably too late for suggestions but one thing I would like to see in Metro Apps regarding mouse keyboard usage is let the scroll wheel do all the work depending on which scroll bar you have the mouse over.  For applications with both horizontal and vertical scroll bars, the wheel pans left/right when positioned over the horizontal bar and up/down when positioned over the vertical bar.  Would eliminate the need to keep picking up the mouse when scrolling in either direction.  I realize it works that way most of the time for vertical bars but it needs to work for both, especially when both are present.  Thanks for the great product.  Using IE 10 to enter this…

  247. Default User says:

    Why is there no Click-and-Drag-The-Background-to-Scroll with a mouse within the Start Screen or within in all those Metro Apps?  Having to use the scrollbars to scoll with a mouse is very annoying.  The mouse is essentially a finger.  Why not make it act like one too?

    What I am saying is, you can do a swip gesture with a finger to scroll, so why can't you do a swip with a left mouse click gesture to scroll too?

  248. Xero says:

    Can you guys provide the brightness feature like Mac where user can dim the brightness till the screen is all black? Also, rather than having the fixed values (+20% jump), please make the dimness/brightness scale continuous to give the user a smoother experience.

  249. Xero says:

    Also, for improving IE.. please consider my request for a missing shortcut:

    "While holding Ctrl, if we click back or forward button of Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer, the corresponding page should be opened in a new tab (in case of IE) and new window (in WinExplorer's case). This shortcut is present in EVERY non-IE browsers so at least provide this *missing shortcut* in IE10."

    Incomplete Shortcut:

    "While holding the Ctrl button if you press 0 (zero) on qwerty keyboard, the zoomed page is reverted to normal. But if the 0 is pressed on numpad, the shortcut doesn't work. Since Ctrl + numpad-0-key is not reserved for any action, please override this shortcut as EVERY non-IE browser does."

    Please guys implement these shortcuts for the welfare of windows ecosystem!

  250. A. Neto says:

    Well, after some minutes in the Windows 8, I have some considerations that i think are really important.

    – First, I would like to say, it took me less than five seconds to get used to the new Start, I'll not miss the start menu, Start is a lot better, but as I said in other comment, it need to have a "hand" behavior like pdfs in Adobe Reader for users with a mouse, and not only the Start, but all the Metro apps. Everything in Metro is big, really big, and it take a lot of space and you need scroll for everything. It should be less painful if you could just click and start draginf from where the mouse is instead of needing to go to the bottom side, find the bar, click and start draging. The hand behavior when not over a clickable contente is a MUST.

    – Second, there's no problem in the Metro and desktop coexistence, but it need a more fast way to go back do the desktop. The bottom left corner to the start is nice, work perfectly, but sometimes you are in some metro apps but have a lot of stuff running in the Desktop and just want to go back to Desktop immediatly, and Windows+D isn't a good enough solution. Maybe the right bottom corner when in metro? I think it should work and keep coherence, once it is the "show desktop" in desktop is the other MUST.

    I don't think there's any other think bothering me, but these two are big ones.

  251. tim says:

    great job guys a lot improved than developer preview.

  252. paladin238 says:

    @ A. Neto,

    I agree with the hand like in pdf's I actually tried to do this with metro apps. I also agree Start Screen took 5 minutes to get used to. now I kind of like it.

    as far as moving to Desktop from Metro being faster? you have many option. (I think I agree with the contextual difference, if in Metro bottom left is fast switch to Desktop, whereas while in Desktop bottom left switches to metro screen.

    But you do have,  Win+D, Win+ Tab, ALt+Tab, Window button itself switches the two as well.  Also if you have multi-monitors if you click on your secondary monitor metro closes.

  253. my other live account cannot log in after install windows 8… saying email address already been used…

    anyway, i want to report a problem from my machine.

    I have a late 2009 Mac Mini, dual boot Windows 7 and mac os x.

    Then yesterday i upgrade the win 7 to win 8 beta…..

    then my screen got flickering every half minute…. it is dell u2711 @ 2560*1440…

    I have to downgrade the resolution to 1920*1080 to avoid the flickering…

    the graphics card is nv 9400M. i saw the driver is from MS WDDM 1.2

    anyone know how to solve this problem?

  254. Tablets says:

    bill gates with table 🙂…/36313831620201039726.jpg…/96975788124400066671.jpg

    but we like Pc for pro works.

  255. Videos in "Video" app have much lower brightness than in WMP or any other player. I've tested with an .mp4 (H.264).

  256. GregH says:

    Can i just ask – does the Consumer Preview mean its finished – or do they do more work on it?

  257. Marco Tulio says:

    I'll take something less with windows 8 will be the windows sidebar gadgets there will be some replacement in the new desktop operating system on some form of continued use with my windows 8 gadgets?

    I would also like to comment on the player windows media player which will be your future in windows 8 am afraid of losing the applications always use while listening to music since I use windows media player and shuffle old way of windows media player 11 I want it back please….!

  258. GregH says:

    Not to mention my new Lumia 800 Windows Phone is now out of sync with Windows as a whole – the branding is different. I thought bring this togather was one of your aims, that needs comment.

  259. GregH says:

    Whats happening with Zune – I have invested a whole year getting to grips with that and you are just bringing in a crappy little Music Metro app, why???? the desktop is the most important thing!!!! FACT! the zune software is great – a real show of what MS should be doing.

  260. SonY8t says:

    Why (on my computer) i have to uninstall Norton??? I am paying for this service and now your telling me that windows 8 will open my computer up to viruses?? Great job guys, really it only takes a preview to throw people off your software…

  261. Mike43110 says:

    Add another vote for changing the minimum resolution for snap to be 1360×768.

    Most HD ready TVs are this resolution, so for all of us with HTPCs, this will be a nice change(The dividing bar can simply be made smaller in this case)

  262. Mihai says:


    Please let me know where can I find a driver for NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 that works with Windows 8. Tried out different solutions and still it isn't recognized. Now it is using "Basic Display Driver" from Windows with 1024×768 resolution on a wide TV. That means I see the image centered and it's half of the screen.

  263. ScottS says:

    Not a MS hater but I hate Windows 8 so far.  For tablet toys it might be fine but for my professional workstation with two 24" monitors and lots of power it's a very sad joke.  And here's why…  Windows no longer supports windows.  Can only have one app at a time and it has to be full screened.  I don't want to hear about a snap app on the side they are still both full screened.  That is a huge waste to a lot of real estate.  Right now I can have 10 different programs running at once and see everything on the desktop at the same time.  Can't do that in Win 8.  Next to dump the Start menu for Metro is a horrible idea.  Again may work for tablet toys but for a real computer is a horrible idea.  I've been using a touch screen for 5 years and hate it so why do I want to be forced to use one at home.  The finger printers are a pain to look through all the time be it on my iPad or at work.  Tried to use the Windows UI or legacy UI but that resulted in 6 blue screens so it's clear MS won't let you use a UI paradigm you are used to.  My assumption is they are tired of being in business and trying hard to kill their products and company.  Windows 8 is a great step in that effort.

  264. Taantric says:

    Vast majority of the criticism will disappear if they make the Metro UI & Apps not take up the whole screen. For example make the Start Screen use the lower left quadrant of the screen when it pops up and the Metro apps become floating resizable windows. And done. Those who want full screen can simply maximise the app window.

  265. ScottS says:

    Just put a sell order in on my Microsoft stock.  If this is the direction Windows is headed than I'm getting out now before the world sees this and the stock takes a dump.  Windows 8 is Windows ME bad and we all know how Microsoft paid people to forget about that one.

  266. Kiyori says:

    So when are we getting our start button and functionality back? I'm not buying this mess of an OS right now in it's current state. If you think users are going to spend time searching Google how to shut off their machine through the charm menu you are off your rocker. Keep this OS on a tablet before people actually start to hate tiles.

  267. Ron says:

    What about adding a "Shutdown" icon in the Charms Bar underneath the "Settings" option. Will make it easier to shutdown, fewer clicks and hassles.

  268. Alex says:

    Stop being paranoid – Windows 7 will continue to be sold until 2014. More then enough time for Microsoft to fix the UX issues with Windows 8 on desktop. I see W8 as being a great tablet OS for now and no reason to upgrade on my PC. But I am looking forward to a Nokia W8 tablet in 2013!

  269. Stefano says:

    I already suggested to have a "Shutdown Tile" on the Start Screen, why not? It would be fast, fluid and immediate. No more people asking how to turn off PC with Windows 8, believe me. Keyboard combination Winkey + I, you have to get to know this, it's not fast and immediate and can't be typed on tablets. "Charms – Settings – Power – Shutdown" is way too long as a combination to turn off a PC, even on tablets, I think…

    In the Desktop I press ALT – F4 and click on (or press enter) OK (shutdown is already selected in the dropdown list), easier, much faster and immediate.

    Follow my recommendation for a Shutdown tile, please. Or make it easy to create one.

  270. Stefano says:

    I forgot to say: insert a way to lock Tiles (password required to add or remove Tiles to/from the Start Screen) and password protect the Refresh and Reset features.

    Thank you.

  271. hamakaze(japan) says:

    I too, this time a reputation too evil. Good luck!

    But I think that many people because this design change is large now is untenable, not defeated. Further improvements is to continue towards the retail version.

  272. Catalin says:

    I want to be able to resize Details pane(can't make it smaller)…..when I click on "X" to close a window in full screen that stupid charm bar appears…argh this is so annoying!!!!!!!!

  273. Stefan says:

    Swedish forum for IT-professionals about Windows 8 – all people there say NO to Windows 8 in corporations.

    Englsih forum for IT-professionals – Most people there say no to Windows 8 in corporations.

    We are also still a few people that expect Microsoft to fix the bugs in Windows Vista that we have payed money for.

    Sent You an email about that, but never got any reply back. Microsoft suck when it comes to customer care !!!!!!

  274. ReMark says:

    There is a lot of work to do in the metro ui and in the windows basics.

    @Catalin: I agree

  275. GTW says:

    Not fond of the ribbon in Explorer but I can live with it.

    Lose or otherwise revamp the Metro stuff to make sense on the desktop and I'd use this.

  276. known bugs:

    1 weather and so on don't support markets in some countries;

    2 some apps like cut the rope cannot function well;

    3 when maximize some windows in desktop mode, the title bar and the address bar will sometimes turn into black;

    4 recommendation: some windows have ribbons, some don't have ribbons, and some even have left task panel. To make them one.

    OS: WCP x64, zh-CN

  277. Koan Neuer says:

    Will family safety work on Win 8? And can I limit the store access as well as lock the tiles for a child protected account?

  278. Xing says:

    @Steven; Its brilliant to have ISO mount and ISO burning … it would also be good to have ability to burn the ISO onto a USB drive (if pluged in) instead of a DVD R/RW media

  279. Pentium M / PAE or NX bit / 0xc0000260 error says:

    Steven et al,

    As you probably know, people are having trouble to get Consumer preview running on Pentium M machines. Could you please comment on this?

  280. mny says:

    @ prettysure

    why dont u stick ur head up your ass and see if it fits. why dont u go and complain somewhere else.

  281. Vikram says:

    The Install is failing for me after rebooting it says preparing and gets stuck at 10% mark.

  282. You have arrived later and now want to turn any PC into a surrogate Tablet!

    The worst thing of all is, finally, the lack of separation between interface and Metro Desktop Interface: If a user finds himself sitting at a desktop PC and does not want to see the large checks, or if you have a Touch Tablet PC without a mouse and accurate pointing and not want to see the old desktop … can not do it. Or do you both or you do not take anything. There can only use one or the other only the interface: sooner or later, for some functionality, the system will jump from one interface to another ….

    Windows 8 is already a failure as you thought. It 's only good for a tablet of 10 "

  283. Hi. This morning I woke up with a "sour taste" about my testing results of Windows 8 CP last night.

    I've decided to make a post about my dissapointments about this Consumer Preview.

    But, I realize that it haves not sense at all to make a big post about it.

    I've read what people are saying about W8CP. It's seems like Microsoft didn't care about.

    I'm agree with:

    – Metro needs to go away from Desktop it doesn't belong there.

    – Workflow is so sad – With Windows 8 that people ended up having shutdown script on desktop

    – Metro doesn't allow multitasking.

    – PC is not a giant smart phone. MS went against all UI principles, as i said one word -> disaster.

    – Remove a damn thing from Desktop Windows. It can work on Tablets and Phones and focus Metro development on those devices but completely remove it from Desktop.

    – I cannot believe with all Microsoft's resources you haven't got a list of compatible monitors. The Metro interface is problematic with a mouse. That is simply unacceptable.

    – PC: Desktop (more important), then Metro Apps (hidden)

    – Tablet: Metro + traditional desktop (as an optional app)

    – Windows phone: METRO

    – I have used everything, from DOS 1 through to Windows 7. I understand it all. And Windows 8 is a big disappointment.

    For people who have to think for a living. Windows 8 does not work. Go to the search charm and type in a common program. Nothing found. I have to look through Windowssystem32 for what I need, copy it, and paste it as a shortcut onto my desktop. Painfully slow compared to XP, Vista or Windows 7.

    It needs a real Start Menu button and the ability to key in two or three characters to get your programs.

    I have what Windows 8 offers already. I have my iPhone. But my iPhone is also just a toy. I cannot survive only on my iPhone, and I cannot survive on Windows 8.

    – I believe the power-users are expecting to spend most of their time in the desktop and the Windows team fully expects that the desktop will not be used.

    – I think it is naive to believe the desktop will be used so little on a mouse/keyboard.

    – Since in metro there is only a "pseudotasking" ( from an usabilty perspective ) there is no way proffesional people switch to metro for work.

    – Only two metro applications visible at the sama time?

    – Windowed applications must be there for work, in windows or in any other productivity oriented OS.

    – Metro is not for sure the future for productivity, and if Microsoft try to force this situation, then the future for productivity will be mac or linux.

    – This is frustrating. I've based my whole career around Microsoft technology. I have started my own software development company based around Microsoft technologies and I'm betting my entire business on the success of Microsoft.

    I've enjoyed the ride so far, all the way from MS DOS and up till Windows 7 and Azure, but for the first time in all these years I'm starting to doubt whether I'm betting on the right horse – if Microsoft really believes "Desktop is dead", we're heading for a catastrophy. I'm worried that you are silent as the grave on this matter. You've been ignoring all the Metro vs Desktop feedback lately on this blog (also before the release of the Consumer Preview). I see Microsoft employees answering all kinds of questions elsewhere on the internet, except those who want an answer about Metro, Desktop and professional usage – maybe it's just that they agree, but that's worrying in itself. It's hard to ignore these signs – do you honestly believe this is just a case of "who moved my cheese"? Let me tell you something about cheese. As someone like myself who love Microsoft technologies – who have been using C# since it appeared as a beta, who am a first-mover on Windows Azure, I feel sad that we've been doing a lot more iOS development lately than I like (Hell, we even invested in a Mac and iPad) – but that's me looking for "cheese". As a developer, a platform is only as interesting as the money you can make from it – and right now, that means iOS. I know you are trying to put an end to this missery with Windows 8 and Windows Phone – and it looks REALLY promising in this area, AWESOME! But don't ditch your professional users on the desktop. Please put our worry to rest!

    – Vast majority of the criticism will disappear if they make the Metro UI & Apps not take up the whole screen.

    – When I click on "X" to close a window in full screen that stupid charm bar appears…argh this is so annoying!!!!!!!!

    – Swedish and English forum for IT-professionals about Windows 8 – all people there say NO to Windows 8 in corporations.


    @Steven Sinofsky & @Grant George:

    Afer reading this comments… and all comments in those 2 last posts:

    are you still sure about keeping your attitude about "No compromises"?

    are you not afraid of loosing more PC users?

    are you sure to call it "Windows 8" … or it will better to call it "Microsoft Tiles 8"?

    Don't get me wrong… Metro is the future… but for phones and tablets.

    You're not considering millions of desktop and laptop users. You're really desperating blind.

  284. Panda X says:

    Jesus this Prettysure guy is crying over software. How pathetic. If you don't like it, don't use it. No one's forcing you.

  285. Cédric says:


    I think you started on the wrong track with this interface Metro. In all cases after testing the Consumer Preview. I am really disappointed and would advise you to separate interface and Metro traditional OS. you should do as Windows media center for a separate application. If you do not want to do it like vista, you still have time to react and give us a start button, so that we can access our applications faster.

    After it's up to you to choose and in any case if it does not change I intend to leave the Windows world to pass under Mac OS.



  286. xpclient says:

    Please bring back the Start Menu. The Start Screen is not a proper replacement for the desktop form factor, not does it do everything the Start Menu did (refer to older blog posts and comments on how the Start Menu is more suitable for the desktop). Keep the user in control and allow him to choose.

  287. B. says:

    this is a joke, Developer Preview with Samsung Slate 7  – mostly every driver worked, except graphic.

    Now Customer preview – the Samsung Slate 7 what was used for the preview – Windows 8 does NOT support screen rotate and can not load driver for acceleration Sensor, btw the Developer could do it!!

    Microsoft you diguss me, really.

    Get your Engineers back to the Drawing board and start from Scratch!!!!! To bring once in livetime a OS what works with the newest hardware.!!!

  288. Wack0 says:

    i successfully updated from WDP, but I lost all old metro apps and didn't gain the new ones.

    Not that I care, I never used Metro UI in wdp anyway..

  289. @Panda X

    Jesus this Panda guy is crying over prettysure comments. How pathetic. If you don’t like me, don’t write to  me. No one’s forcing you!

    If you take a better look 95% crying here about the software.

    Why don’t you wrote some usefull information? Huh? Because you’re more interested about feeding the troll than the topic?! How pathetic!

  290. Kevin says:

    Love what I've seen. Two items that would help:

    1) In full screen metro apps, I have a reflex to hit Esc to back up (or exit the app). Would be nice if Esc could function as a back button of sorts to cycle.  (would be nice to have arrows in the history dropdown as well for this purpose). The history thumbs are nice, but a bit hard to hit with the mouse it seems to me.

    2) In the old desktop mode, it would be good if there was a slight infusion of some metro concepts. If I drag an old window down to the taskbar, could it be ended?  It sounds odd, but there is such a gap that I actually tried to kill IE10 by dragging it down – after only like an hour using the preview.  I like the Drag down, but some of those actions would be less of a context switch of they were allowed in the shell.

    3) More of an app issue, can't delete from skydrive or photo app, can't seem to delete accounts (i linked one account to a hotmail and can't figure out how to change it or remove it).  

    4) In People section, there were links to "Map"  (i saw an icon) and it would open IE10 in the old desktop. Seems like any webbrowser reference should open the Metro IE, sort of surprised to see that happen.

    After just using a few hours at home, I am very excited to keep using it. Great work and I look forward to more apps :>

  291. Answer says:

       Windows 8 Starter edition  NOOOOOO  No comment on this version, sucks!

       Windows 8 Home Basic Edition   NOOOOOOO it surely SUCKS!

       Windows 8 Home Premium edition   OK

       Windows 8 Professional edition   OK

       Windows 8 Professional Plus edition  ???????  NOOOOOO

       Windows 8 Enterprise Edition   OK

       Windows 8 Ultimate edition  NOOOOOOO

       Windows 8 ARM edition  OK

    ?????????? are you nuts ????????????? someone found those names in the Consumer Edition registry, please clarify, it's time to reveal the SKU's of Windows 8 NOW!

    Can't you really reduce the number of versions? You suck then! :((((

    Very disappointed if this will be true.

  292. @PrettySure.

    Ummmm… Panda X is legendary bruh…

  293. @Answer: Wow, nice finding! It's sound, well, it's sound so microsoft! 😀

    Sad that they won't make a "Desktop" edition!

    @BumbleBritches57: You know that my english is poor! 😀 Never heard the word "bruh" before. What does it mean? Rhesus monkey? 🙂

  294. Please execute this says:

    @ Steven

    I have a suggestion, on the classic desktop view > open charms > go to settings > there it shows 1. Control panel (excellent), 2. Personalization  (awesome) 3. PC info 4. Help. Can you please also include "ALL PROGRAMS" there, it should navigate directly to "ALL APPS" section, that is all I need. I don't want to get distracted by going to Metro Style when I am busily working on the desktop view.

    Every thing else is great, off course it definitely requires much more refinement. Hoping a very powerful and no compromise windows 8 final version.

  295. think about this says:

    Include "ALL PROGRAMS" in the right click menu in desktop view, and a win 7 start menu like all programs list (only classic desktop related apps) should appear from the top right corner should drop down. So that I don't have to to to metro when I am working on the desktop.


  296. ReMark says:

    @Please execute this,

    yes! I agree, a "All programs"  ("apps" brrrrr goosebumps, buzzword from Apple)  voice could be very useful!

    A power off button too…

    alt+tab is ok but I wanna navigate tru desktop applications too!!!!


    There are a lot of little things to fix. We need more features and power in the Desktop Environment!!!!


      Windows 8 Starter edition

      Windows 8 Home Basic Edition

      Windows 8 Home Premium edition

      Windows 8 Professional edition

      Windows 8 Professional Plus edition

      Windows 8 Enterprise Edition  

      Windows 8 Ultimate edition  

      Windows 8 ARM edition

    Seriously, what is that??? PLUS??? Are we in 1995?

  297. Terrible. says:

    The metro UI is extremely horrible and is only ok for touch devices. If the computer has a mouse and keyboard DO NOT EVEN RUN METRO. Just have it boot to desktop. Everyone will be happy because no one likes metro it's abysmal. I will not buy Windows 8 if it's anything like this.

  298. Fernando says:

    Please…someone answer me!

    in my country i can't use windows store….it says: sorry! windows store isn't available in your region….


  299. Bad execution says:

    The concept of unifyinig tablet and desktop os is great. Absolutely commendable. But you havent done a good job in implementing the concept. I have to admit the truth, I can't go and say "excellent job" even though it is not. You made it look like a skin or theme downloaded from internet. It does not befit Microsoft. Don't make youself cheap with this kind of stuff.

    I hope you guys will do good job in the next six month for the W8 final release. If not you'll be loosing one of your customer. (You are not giving it for free right,)

  300. @ Bad execution says:

    I totally agree with you, hovering the mouse in the corners and sliding down, good God this doesnt look professional. Cheap execution. It is looking like, you just want to pack up with guesters to get the job done, and they are not caring how they are implementing.

    It made me think that this blog is a bogus, they are pretending as if they are listening to the user community may be they are listening, but their executions are looking like childlish.

  301. Marc says:

    Remove the ugly computer montior under the screensavers preview! It has been the same since XP, pleaaaaaaase change it, I beg you!

  302. Marko says:


    Back in 1981 there was a division in Microsoft called app division for applications… so yes "apps" is not Apple's word its more of a Microsoft thing.. you lose!

  303. Fred Markle says:

    I had an idea to improve the start screen while you have something in the main content area it would be nice to still see your tiles in the smaller part. I have a link to a mockup image I made. I think it would be nice to see your tiles update while working.

  304. Guillaume Soucy says:

    Someone working for Microsoft or people who know the answer can anwser my question PLEASE?

    My question is very simple; Can install the SkyDrive app on Windows Xp? Yes or no?

  305. About the Windows key + printscreen option, I took many screenshots in quick sucession, and only 1.4th of them showed up, I had to reboot for the others to popup. and the ones that did show up were out of order, the black ones didn't show up at all, and heres a screenshot of the screenshots (it's INCEPTION!!! OMG) and the screen fading to black took WAY too long (Note that I'm running Windows 8 in the latest version of VirtaulBOX with the guest drivers instaled, and drop out of vm into host dosen't work.)

  306. Oh yeah, one more thing, I LOVE that wallpaper on the desktop, I stolez ett :/

  307. DMack says:

    The problem I see with metro and desktop interfaces is that it was decided to go full screen with metro and remove the start menu from desktop. If metro apps were placed in an actual window or frame you would be able to provide the user with a way to actually navigate, alerts and information without the need for hidden gestures and reaching into the corners of the screen for pixels that is completely unintuitive. The window's frame could  tell the person what to do etc..But since metro apps control the entire screen there is no way to do this and you have to go with the only area you have left. The far corners of the display surface.

    This one decision (of full screen only metro apps) in the design process is where i feel that it just led to a lot of poor design choices.

    But I like metro and I feel that this can all be tweaked and improved upon while there is time. As many have pointed out. There is no reason to have full screen weather app, or full screen solitaire game. Not even as a snap/side by side window. I suggest that you quickly place metro apps into a windowed or framed container that you can use to display information for the user and provide a means to control the app.

    Also why is there the word "Start" on the metro start screen that does nothing just to be there?

    1. Metro apps should be allowed to be windowed, and full screened. This fixes numerous issues

    a. closing metro apps..You no longer have to drag it to the bottom of the screen

    b. metro app navigation and progresses

    c. you can have more than two metro apps running side by side.

    2. The start menu needs to return to the desktop. How do you open recently opened programs and files? How do you know what recent programs or files you actually used? Is a person supposed to open each application on their system to know what they recently opened? During the CP preview on the 82inch screen the guy on the right left had to ask Steven to hit the start menu. Do you not see how obviously this was broken due to the elimination of the start menu? So if someone is showing something on a 82inch screen they have to walk over to hit start? instead of accessing it from both swiping on the right to bring up the charms and hitting the start button on the lower right corner?

    3. Reaching into corners for hidden navigation items such as charms is not acceptable more so on multiple monitors where the mouse moves you over to the next monitor.

    I hope this helps you make a better RC version of windows 8.


  308. paladin238 says:

    power users if u want fast access to things  hit Windows +D, or  mouse over the bottom left corner and right click when the StartScreen queue pops up.

    All this talk about Windows 8 not multitasking? are you on drugs? I run three 27 inch monitors. with applications all over the place, just like in Windows 7.  THE DESKTOP IS STILL BASICLY WINDOWS 7. Everything just works.

    Also there is a way to make  a tile for shut down on the StartScreen. Go to howtogeek for the knowhow. But I'll agree that it should be something you should be able to do with out any ninja tricks.

  309. paladin238 says:

    to close metro apps you can;

    drag to bottom

    hit window +f4

    while in windows +tab right-click thumb nail hit close.

  310. Edyabo says:


    I have dual boot win7 and win 8 win7 is on raid stripped SSD drives  80GB Each Drive, win 8 is on SSD no raid 120GB I also have 2 WD 750GB Hard Drives on Raid stripped. Win 7 Pro shows all my disc. even the win 8, But in Win 8 CP it will not find 2 WD 750GB Hard Drives on Raid stripped. these are all plugged in to Serial ATA II connectors XFX 780I MOBO. any suggestions how to get those drives back in Win8CP.  Thanks

  311. Polled Ants says:

    Windows H8 == all the technical genius of Ballmer rolled in the acid-fantasy of an undertalented graphics designer and bathed in the babble of a thousand doomed marketing drones to produce the perfect … radioactive leper OS. And what a poetically expensive, garish neon monument to mark the acceleration of M$'s share-price suicide. Apple, Google and RMS have definitively broken Gates' iron grip on the popular computing mindshare, from which, in a fair competition based on technical merits, there is simply no way back to the position of dominance on which the M$-model of milking the locked-in depends. With a decent MSO-substitute looming up in the form of LibreOffice, it's 'Game Over' very soon for the frolicking extortionists of Redmond. Ubuntu will also snatch sufficient tripe from the table as this slo-mo slaughter of the Holy-Cash-Cows inexorably proceeds to ubiquitous Software Freedom! All praise be to Stallman!  ";0))

    P.S.: Prophetic words, Brethern! After writing the above, I just checked what's new from TDF and found this delightful nugget – – Intel has signed up as their latest partner and will be pushing LibreOffice onto all new Windows UltraBooks via its dedicated 'AppUp' software portal, and serenely smiling as they heartily twist the dagger in the bloated gut of an erstwhile 'ally'. Beautiful execution!

  312. JohannesB says:

    There are four corners of a monitor and there are also four sides. Use all the sides for dragging in bars with touch and use all four corners for activating squares like the ministartscreen with the mouse. This would be consistent and logical and easy. As it is now it is a bit confusing and the learning curve is a bit to steep for the average user.

  313. leo says:

    i have problems with vm ware and actualization with windows 7  not run only apear the fish 8 can every one help me thanks

  314. all members says:

    windows 8 all versions :

  315. Judith Ormelliada says:

    My Suggestion:

    Have a separate shortcut for Switching Metro Style Apps and Flip 3D (for switching desktop applications)

    For me, I have missed Flip 3D and I want it back.

    The current keyboard shortcut for switching metro style app is Alt+Tab. Can you please get Flip 3D back and make a new keyboard shortcut for it? (Feature for switching metro style app and a feature for switching desktop legacy applications)

    Hoping MICROSOFT you are reading every comment and suggestion. Thanks.

  316. vick says:

    I want to go back to Windows 7 but what do you know I open my box and no Windows 7 disc, WTF! How do i go back?

  317. paladin238 says:

    @ Judith

    Win+ tab switches between metro apps

    alt + tab all apps

  318. Judith says:

    Please add support for Yahoo Mail in Mail application.

  319. Judith says:

    Please add Temperature Tab in Task manager..

    A tab in task manager which monitors Windows temperature.

  320. Judith says:

    Please add stop button in Windows Store when you are downloading/installing app. Pause/Continue button is the only button available there..

  321. Judith says:

    Windows Store Suggestion

    Please add information to the app we are downloading/installing like Percentage progress, size of the metro-style app and estimated time left.

  322. Tom Ziman says:

    Has Microsoft worked on the ability to move the hibernate files off the System drive to an alternate drive? In this date and age, having an enormous hiberfil.sys on an SSD is quite painful and it would be wonderful if we could move it to a traditional spinning HDD in >2 disk systems.

  323. Judith says:

    It's Great in the metro-style internet explorer 10 you can pin a website to start, but can you please Microsoft add an option to PIN A WEBSITE TO TASKBAR USING METRO-STYLED INTERNET EXPLORER? (I knew that you can pin a website using Desktop IE to taskbar)

    THANKS. Hoping you will consider my suggestion

  324. My pad is only 1024*600 , all the apps are not valid. You made me crazy in win8 but made me cry in metro . I wanna to use metro app in 1024*600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. martin says:

    It`s good, but it`s DRY. Guys, it`s missing the SPIRIT! MAKE IT FOR THE PEOPLE NOT JUST SELL THE PRODUCT! otherwise great work.

  326. nanasi nihon says:

    Windows 7 and Windows Media Player are same, would leave version 12. Version 13 is, preferably without a change I want to thank you. Later in Real Media format and the FLV standard should support with no codec playback, it is. You already have feedback overlay please.

  327. Touch not rotating on screen rotation says:

    The only major problem I'm experiencing is that when I rotate the screen, the touch & pen layer do not rotate correspondingly. Basically the touch is then registered at the wrong place. I'm using thinkpad X220 Tablet. Is anyone having similar issues?

  328. Judith says:

    Windows 8 is a fast, great operating system. I personally like it.

    I like that Windows 8 starts fast with the OS' feature Hybrid Boot/Fast Startup.

    I also like the new Start Screen. It is the cleanest user interface I have seen.

    At first glance, I hated the OS. But when I take time to learn about it,

    I started to like the OS!

    Besides, I am now using Windows 8 Consumer Preview as my Main OS(Dual

    Boot with Windows 7)

    The problem is that many people do not like the new interface.

    Do they think that Metro is useless, hard to control on desktop?

    Do they think that Metro is for tablet only?

    Is it because they rely on the old Start menu?

    Is it because they do not know how to control the Start screen?

    Is it because they do not know the gestures on how to control the start screen?

    For me, If they do not know the new gestures, how to control/manage the start screen

    they will hate it at first glance because they rely on the old Start menu.

    To solve it, WOULD

    They need a proof that the new Start screen is easier to use than the old Start menu?

    They need a tutorial on how to control and manage the new user interface?

    To solve IT: (My Suggestions)

    a video would do.

    OR a step by step comparison in different aspects of the start screen and start menu proofing that Start Screen is way more

                     better, TABLE.

    OR a step by step comparison in different aspects of the start screen and start menu, proofing that Start Screen is way more

                     better, ILLUSTRATED.

                     OR a step by step comparison in different aspects of the start screen and start menu, proofing that Start Screen is way more

                     better, WITH VIDEO.

    OR a Welcome Center will be included in the final release showing the new features and why METRO is


    OR a Welcome message will pop up after the installation of Windows showing why the start screen is better

    than the old start menu, showing the new mouse gestures on how to control it and a step by step tutorial on how to

    control the start screen

    OR a video showing that Windows 8 runs great and easy to use on both Desktop and Tablets.


  329. Elías says:

    If you move the cursor to the bottom left corner and then up you can see all the running applications, the problem is that it shows a live preview of the applications so it's hard to difference them, so instead of a live preview, it should show the application icon. That way it's easier to find the application your looking for,

    Thanks and keep the good work!

  330. Asesh says:

    I have been using and developing apps for Windows for more than decade and guess what? this is gonna be the worst release of Windows yet. I hate that metro crap and you guys still don't listen to customers do you? that's why every major version of Windows have failed miserable eg ME, Vista etc. Heck, even Vista was much better than this crap. Microsoft, you guys are going the wrong way and it's too late. I was considering permanently switching to Mac and I love my MacBook Pro and OS X but am sure now I will. I am not an Apple fan boy. I use Windows, OS X, Linux but Windows 8…no thanks

  331. Chefdog says:

    All with all, Windows8 seems to be a good solid OS. I understand the difficulties for MS, when approaching their legacy markets and the so called post-pc markets. You notice this as you are able to go back and forth between the desktop and the metro interface.

    For me, as a web/mobile/cms developer and early adapter this still gives me not what I need. MS explained and displays this OS, as an OS that fits anywhere and that the user makes choices based on form-factor (PC VS Tablet, VS Laptop). I totally agree.

    But if this is the case, I should be able to set preferences that match the form-factor and/or things I want to do. So if I am working as an developer, I would like to boot/logon straight into the desktop (non-metro), because as a developer you cannot launch/work in visual studio under the metro interface. So why would I even bother to go there, when using my development PC?

    If I would buy a tablet, why would I want to go to the desktop? I want to stay in the metro environment, as the old desktop is not touch optimized?

    Conclusion; I see the need of the old desktop, but why can't I set my configuration in the settings, where I initially want to go? Metro or desktop?

  332. Guillaume Soucy says:

    Can install the SkyDrive Metro app on Windows Xp?

  333. Persuadable says:

    Please let me know when the Windows 8 Desktop Edition is available.  You know, the one that works on a, what do you call those things?  oh, yeah, COMPUTER!

  334. I'm Windows 8 says:

    Too many inconsistencies in the GUI of desktop applications. Please remove vertical gradient in the menu bars and unify the colors of all applications. Please correct at least in pre-install applications, this would give the impression of a more integrated system, younger and better thought no longer tied to old legacy of the past.

  335. Me too, can I also have a real version of Windows, the one I can use on my desktop without spending 3 hours moving rectangles around?

    Your persistence on force feeding us the Metro lobotomized UI on the desktop is beyond belief. Even the Windows Server 8 has been infected by the plague of Metro. The only reason I am not a UNIX user/developer is because Windows was easier to use/develop on the desktop and servers computers, now it looks like it is the other way around.

    Can you please speed up the release of the Metro abomination version so you all fail, lose your job and then MS can start building some proper versions of Windows?

  336. System remarkable! Works very quickly. Productivity is optimized, the dispatcher of problems is very convenient, therefore for many scenarios necessity has disappeared to use applet Productivity (it was caused in Windows 7 of the Dispatcher of problems).Система consumes not enough memory. From the established 4 gigabyte it uses only 900 mbyte unlike Windows 7 which used more than 2 gigabyte. A difference big. Color of the panel of problems changes depending on dominating color of background drawing. It is purely esthetic aspect. Hasn't checked up Windows Media Center. There there was an error in the interface: when the visual effect control panels an audiofile not translucent, and have accurate rough outlines of a rectangle joins. About it I will write necessarily as in new OS it is necessary for correcting.

    The system is processed. It is appreciable. There are some complexities. So, application launch Wether gives nothing. The loading screen is displayed, but further it doesn't go. It, of course, an error of the developer of this appendix. However, if Wether not to close, starts of other appendices from the screen Start-up lead to full lag of system.

    I should tell and several words about the interface of the screen Start-up вцелом. Frankly speaking, such sensation as if Steve Ballmer has dismissed all designers developing interface Windows 7. A difference accurate. From cleanliness and a transparency doesn't remain also a trace. I perfectly understand that desires of users concerning Metro most likely all the same will be ignored, as it contradicts the general concept of system. Therefore I very much you, developers, ask: realize, please, the tool, allowing to disconnect Metro for in it there is no that magnificence which was inherent Windows 7.

    Concerning language support I want to thank, because the system really then becomes rather international. It will not be necessary to spend the big means for acquisition of the Maximum version any more.

    Speaking about the screen announcer and speech recognition, it is necessary to tell, there is an impression that Russian support, at last will be realized.

    At Windows 8 DP also was feature – stable work of old games was supported. For many, including for me, it is a prominent aspect. I hope, in this direction work too will be continued.

  337. Terrible interface says:

    The Metro interface is trash. My corporate environment is not a bunch of xboxes.

    We (120,000 employees) will not be using this abomination. What are you thinking?

  338. John says:

    Make this possible Microsoft. This ui concept is amazing.…/windows-desktop-ui-concept

  339. I will tell fairly, I like this operating system! Very much! The interface – not the main thing. Absolutely. The leading role is played by speed and stability. Concerning stability I have already written in the last comment. Now нетерпится to me to tell here about what. Windows 8 Consumer Preview I have established on the virtual car though two logic are accessible have undressed on it. But it would not be desirable to subject Windows 7, the basic OS, to tests. Has established and has started old game "Group" Delta ". Operation"Special troops". My favourite. I check to it compatibility modes. I didn't expect that has seen. It was excellently started and works!!! It it was not possible to other OS! It is the FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Thanks all of you for such gift! After all there is nothing better when support of old programs proceeds, after so much years! THANKS!

  340. Thierry says:

    Tiles are new neat shortcuts to apps and I finally like the full screen start screen after one day of use, as a transition for metro apps. Was able to install every apps and drivers with only two workarounds and the exception of antivirus. However, file copying lags 10-15 sec everytime (99% calculating…) while moving is instant. Please fix as I don't want to revert to Win 7 for that single bug.

    ////////CATCHING STEVEN ATTENTION//////// 🙂

  341. Don says:

    No clock and/or time on the Start screen?

  342. Don says:

    I'm using a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 keyboard. In the Metro apps, the Backspace key doesn't work as Back. Same for the Back key (the one on the palm rest).

  343. Don says:

    I'm running 3 monitors. I'd like to see the Charms popup activated in the corners of all of the monitors, not just monitor 1. Same for the Start image. Etc…

  344. Rio says:

    what the problem with pope connection in 8?

    metro apps can't connect to server and says that you're not connected while I'm surfing the web with IE!

  345. Finally found a use for the MS Shortcut but using Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard is utter crap! Great default the Start Menu off but at least give users the option to turn it back on!

    I can't see the joy of faffing with shortcut commands and wiping my fingers all the time over the sodding screen. I cant see my business clients going for this consumer junk, nor them being bothered of learning to use a PC yet again because MS says so! Maybe a time to move to recommending Mac??? At least these seem to be defining the limit between a tablet and a standard computer!

  346. Built with VS2010 under Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and works perfectly. 2nd, 3rd, 4th+ run results in slowing down compared to Win.7.…/files Conclusion: as my program lacks array variable deletions at the end of it, while Windows 7 usualy frees up its used memory and any further run of it ends in near same time, the Consumer Preview may lack correct memory management, to free up used memory by the program, even if it does not by its own. I noticed it mostly while set the resolution to 4980×7020 (600dpi), and runnned it several times. The resolution (within the awesome and correct, free, and open source, reusable, downloadable project) is set to 2490×3510 (300dpi) so it perhaps may not be noticed at first.

    But, casting 15 million pointed and 15 million surfaced objects and rendering it on 600dpi takes all of the 4GB, and afterwards each further run of the program takes longer time, and the opsys uses all the time the hard drive (what does not with the first run under Win8CP nor with any run under Win7). May reuse my code. Do You need a part time low level cpp coder?

  347. Johan says:

    Simple, it doesnt work on my E-350. UEFI is active but the installation breaks with a popup "Your hardware is not compatible…" . Any suggestions? I mean if my hardware is not really supported in the preview, how sloppy will this be in the end?

  348. Zach says:

    Overall, good job, but there are some issues that haven't really been discussed. Why does the consumer preview not use ClearType for any of the metro stuff? It's really painful to read stuff without it. Even the desktop-mode IE uses the non-ClearType rendering. I thought one of the main points of developing DirectWrite was to never again have an excuse for hardware-accelerated text rendering to look terrible, lol. I was hoping to use the consumer preview as an everyday OS, but I'll have to hold off until ClearType returns.

    Other than that, multiple monitor support is really broken compared to the developer preview. It has probably already been discussed above, but it's almost impossible to activate one or more sides of the new edge actions if it lies on a monitor boundary. There also doesn't appear to be a way to swap which monitor displays the start screen on a whim like there was before. It's shaping up overall though.

  349. Peter Krohn says:

    What is is it with this obsession with hiding the menus, buttons, icons etc? I think this regrettable trend started in Windows 7 and it's maddening. Exactly how does this increase my productivity when I have to hover over some piece of screen hoping that my "charms" or the start button will eventually appear? Please why not provide a simple "switch" that will switch ALL the menus on for those of us us who still prefer to work that way?

  350. Microsoft, Windows 8 is wonderful.

    The start screen, the lock screen… everything is great!

    But where is Flip 3D?

    In Windows Vista and Windows 7 I always use it to switch beetwen my windows… :'(

  351. Alexander says:

    IE10 is SLOW on this page. IE10 should NOT be slow on this page.

  352. Alireza Noori says:

    I'm currently in Windows 8 and first thing in the morning, I'm gonna switch back to 7. Why? Because I couldn't set any visual style on Windows 8 and everything was bright, my eyes are hurt after just one day of usage. Please consider adding the option to make MetroStyle apps as well as the desktop software dark. For the desktop, there are existing visual styles that I hope can be patched soon enough but for MetroStyle, I want to see the same thing we already have in Windows Phone. Is that too much to ask? Thanks.

    Also, how can I post feedback on the Consumer Preview and the software that don't have feedback tool?

  353. ai says:

    Do win8 RTM metro finally support 1024*600? Too many netbooks are 1024 * 600 and do not want to be abandoned。

  354. 24h says:

    Would you like to disable the Start Screen on desktop PCs?

    Yes, replace it with the Start Menu – 46%

    I'd just like to default to the desktop – 19.9%

    I think I could get used to it – 15.2%

    I like the Start Screen on desktop PCs – 18.9%

  355. Abid Din says:

    *Recommendation for Windows 8 improvements

    I think that the hot corners is a great idea but people with multiple monitor setup have a hard time using this feature. Please improve this functionality.

  356. Jona says:

    I love the look and feel of Windows 8.  I am very excited with this product.  You continue to have access to the desktop and other Windows 7 features which is great.  My only suggestion is to create close (X) buttons on the right hand corner of the Settings Window and/or other windows not running form the desktop control panel feature.  Windows 8 is going to be a great success because of its stream and sleek look as well as maintaining many of the great features of Windows 7.  

    Another suggestion, I am having some problems in launching the Start Menu apps, can you offer me any guidance on how to fix this problem?  I am running as a local computer, do I need to change to the pc sync feature to be able to access start menu apps such as photo, calendar, etc.?  

    thanks for your help!!

  357. Marten says:

    If you use a desktop, you know like most windows customers use. This is really bad effort. Horrible to use. Disjointed and bizarre.

    Good luck with the thousands of table users. The millions of desktop users will NEVER buy this.

  358. nanasi says:

    But I think it can use Windows 8.

    I think Windows 7 still or good connections or Mac. I'll say the says firmly.

  359. vista and 8 says:

    Windows vista failed in hardware requirements , Windows 8 will be fail in designing requirements.

  360. Tom says:

    This list of improvements is impressive, I mean that sincerely. But why not give us these things with a UI designed for desktops? I do not want to click this corner, drag this corner, stand on one foot and click a circle to bring this up, ect. Many of us out in the world who use Windows hate the Metro UI. I do not want my screen taken up by big blocks, tiles or otherwise. I do not want the Metro UI on my desktop, on my lap top or on my smart phone which is why I will not buy a windows phone.

    I can't help but be absolutely turned off by the screen shots. I can't imagine having to look at those big over grown squares on my desk top for 6 to 12 hours a day I'm at my PC. I'm all for improving Windows.

    Windows 7 is hands down the most pleasurable version of Windows I've used since, well Windows came out. If Microsoft comes to its senses and offers desktop/lap top users a choice of a standard desk top or Metro at the time of installation, I'll gladly upgrade to Windows 8 and choose the standard.

    If they try and force Metro down my throat, then Windows 7 will be my last upgrade until this whole Metro disaster is a thing of the past. Many people find Metro to be pleasant, but I think a majority are not impressed by it. Please Microsoft use whatever you want on your tablets but leave the desktop alone.

  361. Vista 2.0 ( 8 ) says:

    To me the concept of The verge do not like anything.

    As much as Some blogs / websites do compliments on Windows 8, the truth ends up winning, all earned reputation with Windows 7, you will lose with 8 (Windows Vista 2.0).

  362. Mahesh Talluri( says:

    Windows8  has problem with connecting modems i tried to connect MTS ,ALCATEL the sofware reported it as "NO DEVICE FOUND" but they run perfectly in WIN7

  363. nanasi(from japan) says:

    Also want to see. So is the site of the Japan language, would appropriately nice translates to English, etc.. Is the latest evaluation of the Japan giant message boards. Is there a place specifically written, so I want to thank you for your reference.…/1330826421

  364. Feedback says:

    If I am in Metro how I do browse my documents without search,  how do I see a list of what I have without going to desktop or doing a search.  Also in WP7 phone if I want to see my apps it is one tap on the arrow.  In W8 I have to swipe up from the bottom then tap on apps.  What is the point of this?  It is two movements I have to make. How about getting rid of the word start which needs to be retired and replace with arrow like WP7.

  365. Deva [MSFT] says:

    Very nice…. i am playing it in my Hyper-V (windows srv 2008 r2)…. great work guys!!

  366. Stefano says:

    Scenario 1: Mac for desktop daily use and Windows 8 preinstalled on a tablet.

    Scenario 2: Mac for desktop daily use and an iPad 3.

    Scenario 3: Windows 7 for desktop daily use (until the hardware of the PC will work, when it breaks it's over) + Win8 on a tablet or an iPad3.

    In any case, the boxed retail and the downloadable version of Windows 8 will be a flop and Macs will rule the market. Sorry Windows 8.

    More and more people will switch to Mac when they try and understand and see what Windows 8 is, on their desktops…

    No one of the people that I know liked Windows 8, they have seen the Consumer Preview on a typical desktop PC.

    Nobody liked it, they were all surprised in a bad (negative) way…

    If you preinstall Windows 8 on new notebooks or desktop PC's, the Windows Vista period will return… don't you think?

    And this time it will be worse…

  367. Ben says:

    CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected (Windows 8 CP x86)

    all ASUS Notebook A6 and A7 Series with (ATA-DVD)

    Intel D525MW (SATA-DVD) (if AHCI is ON)

  368. Ben says:

    I hope ATI make a new ATI Catalyst™ Legacy Display Driver

    …the 10.2 win7 driver not work with Windows 8

    …the Windows 8 CP driver is extremely slow (Pinball FX2 , ect.)

  369. Steven Sinofsky: Our Windows users will spend a lot of time on Windows 8.

    Windows Team: How can you say that, we think most of them will stop using the Consumer preview in less than 5 minutes.

    Steven Sinofsky: No, they won't!

    Windows Team: How can you be so sure?

    Steven Sinofsky: I've hidden the shutdown button! :trollface:

  370. Assad says:

    I've installed win8 CP from bootable dvd on my win7 desktop pc now the problem is that all of the default metro style apps are not working except desktop tile whenever i click anyone of them nothing happens and also im enable to change my picture when im clicking on change your profile picture nothing happens another thing which i've noticed is that there is no metro style control panel icon in my start screen which i've seen on a number of demos my screen resolution is 1024×768 which is recommended for metro style apps i dont understand why metro style apps are not working for me when i installed win8 CP my system and video drivers didnt worked they fail to install so the driver issue could be the reason ? Here is my system info,

    MSI K9AGM3-FIH Motherboad

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 4400+ 2.29Ghz

    2.25GB of ram

    ATI Radeon X1250 Video Graphic card (Out of drivers at the moment)

    1TB sata hard drive.

    Looking forward for responce Thanks.

  371. Tom Richter says:

    Wow… I can't image not running window 8 on my netbook! MS please support netbook screens… Unbelievable.

  372. Michael says:

    The requirement to use snap feature is weird for me, I have 15.4" screen with 1280×800 resolution

    There is plenty of screen estate but I can't use snap, please enable snap for WXGA screen

  373. karl says:

    @Vladimir-C N

    5 thumbs up. They can talk about telemetrie and the other alibi bullsh..t as much as they want, the point is : in former windows versions

    the important information where to go was centralized in an "old fashioned" start menu.  MS does not WANT  to understand that change just for change's sake is nonsense.

    Somebody must have sh..t into the heads of the responsible managers that they eliminated the classic startmenu, because nobody even

    with just iq of 50 would do this.

    Conclusion : Steven S and Julie … should be fired

  374. Cameron Bonde says:

    With the Store please show less apps with more description. Showing 30 apps with a single icon and the name doesn't give me any real information. This has huge inplications as it forces devs to make overly literal names, just like AppStore and forces users to click and open every app to get any real idea of the content.

    Show something like 10 with the start of the description text, maybe a metro screenshot cycler. Please don't copy AppStore here, we're on big screens remember.

    Also, left mouse drag = scroll with interia. Right mouse drag = rearrange. Right mouse is after all the 'long press' equivalent.

    Check here for some mockups

  375. Bob White says:

    Using 3 monitors and though Win8 is faster than Win7 the metro interface does not work for me.

  376. After using Windows 8 CP, I can say I will be using windows 7 and XP for years to come. Windows 8 offers me nothing to get real work done, it's a play toy at best.

  377. James says:

    i think you are dead wrong with you views on window 8 i went back to windows 7 i do think window 8 is at all desktop friendly one bit an you feel lost  an too many clicking on tiles an also i do not like having to right click on a program to have to close it an sometime you do not even know whats left open as well i do not see any  boost on my brand new computer in performance as well so why would anyone want this version unless on a tablet an this version get a big F in my book layout an design an fuctions….well rember good old me well this version is a bad

  378. Hugo says:

    I am testing Windows 8 CP on a very old computer and it works very smooth and beautiful. I had a few problems with wireless connection, but is already solved. The biggest problem for me is, obviously, Windows 8 is a touchscreen OS. There is nothing that indicates that you should use the edges of the screen to swap between apps or to access the charms or that you have to push the app to the bottom of your screen to close it. The UI needs a lot of work before become final.

  379. Not-a-win-8-fan says:

    Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 must be some very stupid operatingsystems. At least the setup process of a dual boot. Every older versions of Windows are named "Previous version of Windows". Linux finds it as what it is; 2000, XP, Vista…but that a Windows version can't name a previous version as what it is make me think that the programmers aren't very professional at all…more like amateurs. Just my personal point of view.

  380. far says:

    add a shutdown option in the user title man! so annoying to shutdown, even task manager freezes now man! u call that a customer preview????

  381. Cmoney18 says:

    Will this work on PCs? Will this also work in Acer Aspire? I have windows 7 on my laptop and I am wondering if it will work on my laptop.

  382. Fernando says:

    after 2 day using win8 CP I must change my last suggestion!

    it's super fast and fluid, beautiful and AMAZING!

    metro is also ok on PC…I'm adapting!

    thanks all…just some bugs!

  383. Gary says:

    Once I got my Windows phone… I had to try it on my laptop…  it is awesome…  cannot wait for the real deal to come out… It's unfortunate that there is not windows mail program attached to the beta…

  384. JGodo says:

    The real concern here is not windows 8 itself, not metro or start screen, wich you can avoid easily the most time if you want, even not being desiderable that it comes up sometimes, and being of course a little worst user experience than win7 for desktop users. The mayor concern here is another: That I think Microsoft wants metro to be the future for ALL apps in windows, even productivity apps. They now call desktop the way to acces legacy apps, the old apps ( I really would like to know when exactly photoshop become an app and not a program ). Future windows will be only metro and metro apps ( Good bay desktop ), that´s the real plan. And thats what botthers me the most as I will never want a machine that only offeres what metro offers, this is: apps that can only be downloaded trought microsoft store, that don´t support fully configurable multitasking and wich interfaces need to be tocuh friendly: this is big buttons and large mouse moves for all ( That´s because I dont own an Ipad, I don´t want that thing ). Think about that, because that is what Sinofsky wants. This is Microsoft becoming Apple. If this really happens and the future is Microsoft offering the same Apple does, I really preffer Apple´s UI design or the Linux freedom. A lot of Microsoft clients are here because they don´t like the Apple way to do things.

  385. Doko says:

    @JGodo: Don´t Forget to mention the kill Switch which will allow Microsoft to delete apps and Content that have been created with them from your computer. For ANY reason.

  386. JGodo says:


    If I don´t remember bad there is a way to disable that while instaling the OS. Don´t know if it really works or if that option would be in the final version. Of course if that can´t be disabled then is a complete no go only for that.

  387. Stefan says:

    Comments about Windows 8 from the swedish forum for IT-professionals:

    – Is it created by the developers kids ?

    – Vista i gave an hour, but this only 10 minutes.

    – Did they even think when they created this ?

    – I hope there will be a desktop version without Metro, else i will not use it.

    – Is it an early April the 1st ? Windows 8 is a joke….

    A few comments from IT-professionals.

    I have watched a demo about Windows 8, and on tablets it might work well, but on a desktop pc never !

  388. Chris says:

    Would love to test but im unable to install on Asus p9x79 pro

  389. @Chris: Sorry, your PC is too good for this OS.

  390. GregH says:

    @Chris – I had the same problem trying VirtualBox – VMware Worksation works.

  391. Tay says:

    The amount of anti-Metro trolling on some of these blog posts is pretty amazing, especially the few posters who keep posting incessantly, often under different names (their style is telling though).  People can be afraid of change, especially set-in-their-ways IT folks.  I'm just glad Microsoft doesn't seem to be letting a vocal minority shout down necessary progress; for everyone shouting "OMG YOU MUST GIVE US THE CHOICE TO DITCH METRO!!!" there are probably 1,000 of us just working away with the Consumer Preview, happy with what we see and so far less likely to go around trolling about how awful change is.

    I've been using the Consumer Preview since release and am very impressed with the Start Screeen/Metro experience and the direction it's going.  When people actually see some great productivity apps running under Metro and get an idea of the real workflow improvements, I think that'll go a long way toward silencing the vocal minority of critics.  Already, on several forums I've seen people like Fernando above who start out saying things like "simply METRO is no good for a PC AT ALL…." and after a few days of getting used to the new ways say "after 2 day using win8 CP I must change my last suggestion!  it's super fast and fluid, beautiful and AMAZING!  metro is also ok on PC…I'm adapting!"  Yes, he's right: people will adapt, and it is beautiful and amazing.

    The people complaining about how many applications they have to keep open at once and how Metro will interfere with multitasking are especially misguided.  The thumbnailed application pane available on the left is an excellent solution for keeping 10 or so applications–as many applications as most people will ever need at once–at their fingertips.  About the only improvement I can think of for that, would be if we could snap applications together to share a screen and then have that shared screen appear in the thumbnailed application pane.  I can see situations where users might want to always have two apps appear together in a certain way when multitasking, and would benefit from being able to easily switch between sets of shared screens rather than focus on single-app switching.  Maybe this isn't practical or intuitive for some reason I'm not thinking of, but when I first snapped apps together to share the screen I just assumed they'd stay together this way when I used the pane to switch to another app.

    I bought a touchscreen Dell 2305 last year because I needed an all-in-one for a desk in the living room, and factory-refurbed direct from Dell it was almost as cheap as a non-touch model.  I wanted the touchscreen option because I'd seen the Win8 demos, and I thought they looked fantastic and that they'd give touch a chance to be useful even for the desktop–so knowing that Win8 was coming, I wanted to keep my options open.  I didn't expect touch on the device to get much use until Win8, but I was surprised that when touch is there, people use it (even on the desktop).  Although navigating around Win7 with touch is cumbersome, I quickly found that my family and guests try to use touch for most things, even when using the mouse would be quicker and easier since Win7 is so clunky for touchscreens.  I even found myself using touch for a few things (although I stuck with the mouse 90+% of the time), particularly scrolling around long webpages and documents.  The stereotypical worries about "Gorilla arm" I found to be inapplicable, because I rest my elbow on the desk when I'm going to be using touch for a while.

    But now that I actually have Win8 Consumer Preview working on this machine, I find myself using touch a lot more and really liking it a lot.  For the first two days I used only the mouse for most navigation, because like an idiot I didn't realize that the reason I couldn't get certain gestures to work was the Dell's bezel overhang–I assumed it was some bug, but it turns out a calibration under the Tablet PC Settings control panel compensated for the bezel overhang and got things working fully.  But since I had to use the mouse extensively for the first two days, I just don't understand how anyone could complain that mouse and keyboard navigation are being negatively affected.  Even using a mouse without touch, the new Start Screen/Metro experience offered some obvious advancements for workflow and really gave a glimpse of a positive direction; when some real productivity apps become available for Metro, I think this will become clear to everyone.  With touch input fully working now though, all I can say is: thanks, the Start Screen/Metro is clearly going to be a big leap forward for UI paradigms.  Using the mouse and keyboard to navigate Win8 with today's desktop programs is every bit as good as using them to navigate Win7, only it provides a better more straightforward workflow for most typical users (including most corporate users).  But when one is able to stay with the Start Screen and use only Metro apps, the experience really improves.  Using it with touch, the experience improves again.  It subtracts nothing from today's desktop experience, while building a firm foundation for tomorrow's Metro desktop experience.

    And by the way, using the Metro IE to navigate around the web effortlessly with quick taps and gestures on a 23" touchscreen provided the best improvement to the web experience I can remember for many years–it felt like the future in a very good way.  When we can do similar things with other apps, particularly productivity apps, in Metro, it's going to be a great leap forward for the desktop experience indeed.

  392. Adam James says:


    Create a shortcut called Shutdown that runs the command "C:windowssystem32shutdown /s /t 0" without quotes.

    Move this shortcut into C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms (the location of the start menu).  

    Anything in here can be pinned to the Start Screen.

    Go to the Start Screen, and into the Search charm.

    Don’t search; browse through the tiles and find your Shutdown shortcut, now visible as a tile.

    Select it (you tug it down slightly), and select pin from the bar in the bottom.

    Now you have a working Shutdown tile that will shut down your Windows 8 machine with no delays or requests for confirmation.


    Windows 8 will create much controversy.  Windows 8 will create too much controversy. Windows 8 will create way too much controversy, it's absurd.

    @Tay: you're too enthusiast and you've never tried an iPad before, maybe. Win8 is better on tablets, it cannot be good on desktop PCs. Too much Metro and desktop switches, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. On a PC I only want the Desktop, period. Everything else slows down my activities.

  393. GregH says:

    It’s taken a while to get used to – but now am I am willing to eat my words and say that desktop is pretty much the same as Windows 7 accept very fast with some additional features – I am now beginning to settle into the idea of the start screen, as an enthusiast I can see that this probably is more a resistance or shock to change – having only had less than a week with it. Thanks Microsoft.

  394. Tay says:

    @Adam James:

    iPads are nice for browsing the web casually and reading, for when you're on the go, and whenever a real PC isn't available.  But frankly I'd prefer to sit down in front of a large-monitored desktop computer than use an iPad or laptop both whenever I want to do anything serious with productivity apps, _and_ whenever I want to browse the web, game, be social online, etc.  My work involves a lot of writing, a fair amount of photo editing, and some bookkeeping, and my leisure involves a lot of reading, social media, online video use, and hunting down objects to buy and sell for my obscure collecting hobby.  I have an iPad and a couple of older Tablet PCs, but for almost everything a desktop PC is my first choice; it's where I work, and when I'm not actually out doing real things with real people it's where I play.

    I'm so enthusiastic about Win8, the Start Screen, and Metro, both because I've been a computer enthusiast for 20 years and because there's not a single thing I do with the computer that I can't see being made better when I can do it all within a Metro environment.  Frankly, I can picture very few usage cases outside of some very specific and exceptionally rare business uses which won't either benefit from Metro and the Start Screen or work almost exactly as well as they do now.  Even reading the complaints here, they basically break down into two categories:  1) "But I like it the way it is, it's the way it's always been! I'm used to doing things by rote in a very specific way and I don't want to have to learn how to do the same things in a slightly different way, even if it's technically more efficient!" and 2) "But this is going to mess up all of us real productivity users with our 4-screen 27-program layouts that we absolutely have to have open all at once and work in this exact configuration!"  I mean seriously, I'm only slightly exaggerating; all the complaints boil down to one of those two categories.

    Well, that's not exactly true; there's a third category, and this complaint is understandable but completely shortsighted: the complaint about having to switch back and forth between the Explorer Desktop and Metro being jarring.  Well, of course it's a little bit discontinuous, but before too long it'll be entirely unnecessary for most users–even most corporate users–as legacy applications get updated or replaced with Metro versions.  Only very old or very proprietary, rare-usage-case software is going to be not replaceable with Metro updates or replacements at some point within the next several years.  And surely you're not suggesting that we hold back the entire computing world because some people are going to have to tolerate an uncomfortable second of discontinuous task-switching during an important transition, are you?  This is exactly like DOS power users complaining that Windows is going to interfere with their favorite power shells or old methods of doing things.  This is exactly like Windows 95/98 users complaining about 2000's lack of support for all their old software or XP's UI changes.  Progress must be made, and people will complain about whatever changes there are–but they're for the better and we can't hold up the entire Windows computing world because some vocal minority don't want to be inconvenienced with an instant of seeing the Start Screen or whatnot.

  395. Stinomus says:


    Who would be looking at the start screen for 6 – 12 hours a day? On current and previous versions of Windows real work is done in applications, not in the start menu, the same will be true of the Windows 8 start screen, it's just an app launcher.

  396. Pa3kjoshua says:

    I hate that they didn't support 1024×600, which is the resolution of most Windows 7 netbooks since last last year…

  397. @Tay – "Progress must be made, and people will complain about whatever changes there are–but they're for the better and we can't hold up the entire Windows computing world because some vocal minority don't want to be inconvenienced with an instant of seeing the Start Screen or whatnot."

    Spoken like a true early adopter! Thanks Tay, every business and society needs people like you.

    @Stinomus – "…the Windows 8 start screen, it's just an app launcher."

    At least it could have been, if Microsoft had had the discipline to make it so. Instead they gave us another Solitaire – the new global time waster of PC computing.

  398. Azul Wizard says:

    Whatever happened to UIElement.Effect???????????????????

  399. I really like the new windows, it isn't ready yet but is going good

    i didn't like some features, like you can only give feedback of some apps,

    also I totally dislike the narrator, because it still sounds like a machine, I believe you can do it better than that, or at least buy the technology of someone else like

    and, you should make it easer to use for read mails, web pages and documents, maybe with an app or something like that, that would be a good function, and implement several languages please

    keep working like that men 🙂

  400. cuz84d says:

    shutdown should be on the user tile menu, also bring back the start button orb that will help because the mouse hotspot of 1 pixel doesn't work with a mouse very well (or just put the start screen as the start orb on the taskbar).  It also should have a much larger hit zone like the now missing Show desktop thingy, maybe just put that little box there on the left and right add some thumbnail of what it does (that would work).  You have to make it easier, not just different for the sake of helping your userbase, otherwise you right alienating people who are not intuitive people like half the user base is as shown in all these comments.

    Also since most people didn't read up on how any of these new features work, or watch any of microsoft keynotes, I believe including Windows 8 tour videos will be helpful (just like it worked for XP or 95).  I'm also concerned about the multiple monitor mouse hotspots not working.  Aero snap is hard to use since only the left monitor and right monitor edge works but not in the middle of the 2.  

    I would make it easier to show all apps on the start screen maybe if you click on the word start it takes you to "all apps".  I think its also hard to pin start screen (desktop tiles) – apps back to the desktop taskbar without loading up the desktop first.

    Closing apps make sense for people who used webOS which is like 0.0001% of people.   You should be able to make a windows notification that helps users close it.  Its still not intutitive and obviously there should be a windows 8 website that has all these blog posts and help and tours and everything so people can watch and learn.

    What else, shutdown might be good on the charms bar too.  Since no know will think that shutdown is a setting – duh, this should be a no brainer.  (I though you guys were smart, but you tend not to think about who your users are and it should take a consumer preview release to figure that out)  The user base is all 3 power user/mainstream/and illiterate – KISS (keep it simple stupid) -with love

    Here is hoping you clean up this weirdness and make it great, not just another vista that will need a SP1 to realize we were right..

  401. Windows 8 Insists Upon Itself says:

    Why is it that Mouse users mus trigger the Charm Bar and App Bar from the corners, while Touch users triggers from the sides.  That is just so inconsistent.

    Why is it that Touch users can drag to scroll (in Metro), but Mouse users can't drag to scroll (in Metro) and must use the scrollbars to scroll instead?  So inconsistent.

    The Finger and the Mouse are basically the same thing.

    Tapping a Finger = Left Clicking a Mouse.

    Dragging with a Finger = Left Clicking a Mouse and Dragging.

    Swiping with a Finger = Left Clicking a Mouse, Dragging, and then Releaseing.

    The Mouse experience and the Touch experience should be more consistent in Windows 8.  Little things like this can make all the difference in the user experience.

  402. Joshua Richards says:

    Shut down should definitely be a charm, hear are my wants:

    1. backspace key should, go back to the app/page that was opened

    2. imap support in the email client

    3. ability to disable synced accounts, ie i want my gmail calendar from account x, but not its email


    5. More apps, and more google support.

    This is a great start, I hope RC1 tackles these issues effectively.

    Thank you!

  403. karl says:

    Tay wrote: "I'm so enthusiastic about Win8, the Start Screen, and Metro, both because I've been a computer enthusiast for 20 years and because there's not a single thing I do with the computer that I can't see being made better when I can do it all within a Metro environment."

    Sorry sir/madam i cannot see that you are a computer enthusisast for 20 years.

    Otherwise you would not write something like "I can't see made better ….".

    Unless you like walking thru 1000 stores instead of loving one store (win7 / vista start menu) where you have all in a clear, condensed presentation .

    You like to waste time searching and walking thru x tiles and charms.

  404. Home User says:

    Bugfix for Windows 8 Consumer Preview please.

    Intern Slim-DVD Drive Is Not Detected from CP

    but working fine on XP, Vista-x86 and Windows 7 x86

    Asus 17' Notebook A7 Series (A7V) with ATAPI

    PIONEER DVR-K06 Slim Drive

    and #PNP0510 is yellow on device-manager (intern ITE or IR-Port) ?

    but no Driver from Asus from Windows 7 working.

    …all other fine, …great work Microsoft!

    I love this new 8

    can't wait of RTM


  405. Peter says:


    I can not test the desktop computer to access the Store Live ID

    Have also tried to refresh and third once again to install WCP!


    Refresh media says something is missing ……..!

  406. Peter says:

    Indeed, the media center does not work!

    4 days ago and I try not to go!

    I'm sorry because I really like the Metro area!

  407. Steve "Metro Metro Metro Windows Windows Windows ridiculous fatman" Ballmer says:

    Pa3kjoshua said:

    I hate that they didn't support 1024×600, which is the resolution of most Windows 7 netbooks since last last year…

    I know, it's ridiculous. But maybe they want to remove the netbooks from the market. We don't know their evil plans. If they aren't able do a thing they eliminate it 🙁

    I'm sorry for the netbooks, I own a Samsung NC10 and it's great. Poor my little Samsung :'-(

    "There's always something WRONG in what Microsoft does".

  408. MetroMultitasking says:

    Add Metro multitasking also for 1280×800 displays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. Metro says:

    Add Metro multitasking also for 1280×800 displays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  410. Please include the option to configure underscan (overscan compensation) for each monitor.

    I have a laptop with a AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series video card and, when I connect a display through HDMI, by default overscan compensation is enabled, resulting in a black border around the display and blurry text because of the resize.

    On Windows 7 I could adjust this from the ATI/AMD Catalyst Control Center. But there is no Catalyst software for Windows 8.

    Either that, or convince ATI to disable this annoying default.

    The only solution in Windows 8 DP was to manually edit the registry to disable the underscan, using this script:

    — save as fix_underscan.reg —

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    — end of file —

    If anyone has the same problem, you have to replace {2B0E24FE-87F5-4640-98B6-DADE643395BF} with the ID of your video card, and possibly modify the display path number and the resolution to match yours.

    Anyway, the most annoying thing is that in Windows 8 CP even this solution doesn't completely work anymore. It seems the registry setting is now ignored at boot, and only applies when changing display settings.

    So now, after applying the registry fix, and rebooting the computer, I have to change the refresh rate tot 59Hz then back to 60Hz for the setting to take effect.

    I have to do this 59Hz/60Hz switch after each shutdown or reboot. This is horrible.

  411. Also I was getting used to unlock in DP by double-clicking on the lock screen. Why was this feature removed in CP?

  412. I found a simple way to fix the underscan issue after applying the registry fix, after each reboot, you have to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable, forcing the ATI/AMD driver to load the registry settings.

    Also, why isn't Num Lock automatically enabled when the PIN is asked, since it consists only of digits?

  413. Mark says:

    @tay I completely disagree with you. I find the Metro interface far too limiting and non-configurable, suitable for only the most basic of tasks.

    Although I admit it is difficult to distinguish limitations and issues around the current generation of apps versus the environment itself.

    You are projecting that someday Metro apps will give you all that you need, ( which I feel is a big "if" ) and accepting it as fact. Yet the current generation of Metro apps are so useless that it is difficult to project forward. The environment is usable, and a well-written Metro app can be usable, but I have yet to see how it is "better" in the Metro environment. Lets take the picture app. The app is well-designed and intuitive for a limited number of uses. Want to add more pictures that are not in the pre-existing locations? can't. Want to display more per "page" than 12? can't. Want to sort by different criteria? can't. Want to show larger/smaller views? can't. Want a larger scrollbar to more easily grab when scrolling? can't. etc.

    There is some truth in that there is resistance to change however in trying to be objective I feel the Metro system of only 1 (or 2) tiled apps is a big step backward. I want to be able to see two (or three) web pages at the same time, not right-click, select the one I want from a scrolling list and have the other one dissapear into the background.

    I will give it a more of a chance in the next few weeks, but I am not so sure that the Metro system is "better" than the Win7 system. The charm interface is particularly poor. Mousing to the upper right corner is not intuitive to do a search but it is something we will get used to. The delay in the charm appearing is frustrating but is something we will get used to. The difficulty in mousing down without accidentally moving to the side and having it dissapear is frustrating but something we will get used to. The lack of search functionality is frustrating but something we will get used to….Yes we will get used to it, but at this time I don't feel that it is better on a desktop than what we have with Win7.

  414. It's very clear that Windows 8 will not be embraced by (at least) 50% of the people.

    If Windows 8 really is a good, useable, well designed, advanced (and more) OS, there will be almost not person complaining here.

    I have a Windows Phone, and I love Metro Apps. But I tested W8 CP on my advanced PC, and Metro is USELESS.

    I don't know why Windows Team is SO BLIND. It have no sense at all to have this forum open. They seem to be ignoring what people relly want.

    I love Windows and Microsoft, but I will not using Windows 8 with Desktop and Metro mixed.

    After all, this will be good for all of us. We'll have to invent another OS paradigm.

  415. Using Consumer Preview as Windows 7

    – re-enabling classic start menu

    – avoiding all metro crap

    – trashing the new start menu

    Right then Microsoft, you'll create a perfect edition of Windows 7 SP2, extremely fast, stable and beautiful(i like basic theme with transparency enabled), and i will use as main OS till will expire…

    Windows 8:

    – New start screen is unuseful and non productive(with the full screen image you cover every info you have on desktop such as all programs opened, date, time, network status, gadgets and so far(with the classic one you keep everything under control when you push the orb for a new program)

    – WTH of sense is showing date and time when you select the charm bar(yaeh try to say that it is easy with mouse)

     All this info are already on desktop, so you MS guys did a big crap function

    – All metro apps cover the sensibility to have all the PC on "what are you doing" in fact the so beautiful and useful windows taskbar is not visible

    May i go on Microsoft guys? on this page is clear how many people are disappointed With windows 8…

    Maybe is the time to say:

    We will release Windows 7 SP2 for all PC's, and windows 8 for all tablets and slates

    Yes, this will be great!!!

    The lego crap is suitable on touch devices with fingers….. crossed to see if we have a new Vista?

  416. davnel says:

    answers to shutdown problem:

    1. Program the keyboard "Sleep" butto to shut the machine down.

    2. Set the power switch to shut down, in the BIOS.

  417. Mark says:


    The desktop computer can be shut down without having to reprogram anything. You have to mouse up to the top right and select "log out" from your account. Then when the splash screen appears, you have to mouse down to the bottom and grab the bottom edge of the spash screen and drag it up to the top so you can see the login, then mouse down to the bottom right where the power button icon is, and you can select "power off"

    This, in a nutshell, is Windows 8 – what used to be a simple task is now multiple steps and a large amount of mousing.

  418. Mark says:


    The desktop computer can be shut down without having to reprogram anything. You have to mouse up to the top right and select "log out" from your account. Then when the splash screen appears, you have to mouse down to the bottom and grab the bottom edge of the spash screen and drag it up to the top so you can see the login, then mouse down to the bottom right where the power button icon is, and you can select "power off"

    This, in a nutshell, is Windows 8 – what used to be a simple task is now multiple steps and a large amount of mousing.

  419. davnel says:

    I'm sorry, but Win 8 has a serious problem – Metro. This GUI will probably be fine for tablets and all-in-one desktops, but on a standard mouse/keyboard desktop, it's a disaster. If I am to install this, as it stands, it will be necessary to obtain a touch-screen monitor – an expensive proposition that I can't afford.

    IMHO, the Metro GUI should be made an installation option so the desktop types can opt out of it, since it won't be necessary or even usable. If I can disable or never install Metro, I end up with an updated Win 7, which may not be such a bad idea.

  420. davnel says:


    Yeah, but the buttons are so much simpler and cleaner. My Logitech keyboard allows the sleep button to be assigned to whatever I want, including shutdown (you do need to have the Logitech drivers installed). The BIOS, on most machines, includes the same functionality for the system power button, Why mouse around through 18 steps when one push will do it?

  421. Tom says:

    please…my monitor top resolution is 1360*768 and I can't use app snap…knowing that it needs 1366 in min!

    I also can't change my monitor just because of that 6 pixel…….. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    add app snap to 1360 rel also…..

  422. ByribG says:

    We like what you have done. But our concern is the basic and intermediate users, and some advance users, the new UI merger not metro but the merger is not necessary (it results in user confusion), but the technology behind it is necessary. Solution: simple Operating System UI Main Navigation Structure (OSMUINS) not a merger into one main window environment.

    please view…/6810601298…/6810601120

    The UI navigation structure will be based on the windows logo (4 windows), each sub window is a window or portal into an environment based on the function and technology behind it. This will it make very easy for the user (basic, between and expert) to figure out what’s going on and how to use the OS based on an obvious clear UI structure not mixed but clear environments. The metro desktop should work exactly like the classic desktop to avoid confusion and learning curve, all the functionalities, left click, windowing of open apps, full screen view at user choice etc accept that some tiles should have the ability to be fixed relative to the screen or background. Swiping out an app is not as effective has having a close X button on the top right corner, which should include auto snap on the top right corner that will automatically snap the app into position to view besides another app.

    To have Metro adopted you must have the same functions, features, human to device input procedures  (including better device to human output mechanisms)and capabilities as classic win32 desktop to avoid confusion and a learning curve, basically it should be the actual classic desktop running on new technology (WinRT) and touch friendly that’s all you need to do. Dont make desktop look like mere app because this what users have known for years as the main work environment at the moment.

    The 4 windows concept will allow you to add more windows in future when new technology has to be part of windows OS or u simply found a better way to do something and don’t want to disrupt the other environment, you can simple add another windows environment. This Structure sets the trend for all future technology with minimum disruptions and proper depreciation of older technology.

    The start button (which is seems to be removed but bottom corner says otherwise) should have the following list;  Metro/classic desktop (depending on the desktop environment you are in), help and support, Control panel, virtual desktop, Power settings.  The share button should not be part of the OS navigation list it should be part of the app in its tools menu bar. Yes you have done a few of this but this needs to on the charms menu so its accessible in any environment.

    The metro UI is flat, and that’s not good for the long term usage, the only solution to this is to apply shadows to the charms menu, metro bar, application bar, the maybe tiles and other. The reason behind is due the fact that users live in a 3D world, so its necessary to have some form 3D in the UI even though if its subtle it will help adopted to it more easily.

    One thing  we want is MSFT to partner with civil engineering and architecture companies to build connected homes (affordable on new and installed on old building), all systems in one place and be viewed and control from the windows device (pc. Tablet, phone etc) e.g home electricity management software, air conditioning management software, air purifying systems, entertainment management system, etc also you include software services, for health, legal advisory, financial advisory etc straight into the home management system. This possible with today’s technology but tech company seem not to be working hard at bringing this to market rather they focusing on single devices rather than a network of devices and the human user. We know you have concepts of this idea but people want it today don’t allow other tech companies to get ahead and claim invention to the media and push msft out of the market, msft must lead it.

  423. Tay says:

    @Mark: "You are projecting that someday Metro apps will give you all that you need, ( which I feel is a big "if" ) and accepting it as fact. Yet the current generation of Metro apps are so useless that it is difficult to project forward."  

    The apps available under the Metro styled interface right now are all just previews and simple things, meant to give an impression of what other apps can look and feel and work like when they're available.  Remember, this whole Windows 8 release is a preview, intended just to convey impressions and ideas about how the final product will look and feel and work.  It's not really fair to judge negatively based on what little there is right now, but I think there's enough, though, to extrapolate and infer what the real apps will look like at and soon after launch.  I don't see any limitations Metro is going to impose on what types of applications can work and how they can work; just picture your common applications and what they look like today, and now picture them redesigned with a Metro style interface and conventions based on the ideas we get from the preview and other apps available now.  On one level it's largely cosmetic because whatever your programs do today, their Metro versions will do tomorrow largely in the same way; on another though it should improve workflow all around because some conventions, styles, and methods will probably be more consistent for Metro apps than they are right now on their current Windows versions, where inconsistencies are all too common.

    @Mark: "Lets take the picture app. The app is well-designed and intuitive for a limited number of uses. Want to add more pictures that are not in the pre-existing locations? can't. Want to display more per "page" than 12? can't. Want to sort by different criteria? can't. Want to show larger/smaller views? can't. Want a larger scrollbar to more easily grab when scrolling? can't. etc. "

    You're trying to take the limitations of one particular preview app and draw conclusions from them, but this isn't accurate.  What picture viewer and/or editor do you use today?  Sometime at or near the Win8 launch, it will probably have a Metro version available that will do everything the current version does, only with Metro styling and conventions.  If the one you use today isn't ported, some other image viewer/editor that does all the same things will be.

    @LudoMatico: "If Windows 8 really is a good, useable, well designed, advanced (and more) OS, there will be almost not person complaining here."

    History proves that that's just not true.  In fact, the opposite may be true–that the more innovative and necessary a change in computing is, the more existing users will complain about it.  DOS users complained a lot about Windows (and about the mouse in general, saying that the mouse was a useless toy just as a lot of people say the same about touch on the desktop today); they had a lot of ways of doing things and a lot of software tools that couldn't work under Windows the same way they did under pure DOS.  Windows 95/98 users complained for years about the poor hardware and software support of Windows NT and 2000 (even though NT/2k were clearly the future), and NT/2k users complained a lot about the interface changes and overhead of XP.

    The Mac world has had it even rougher: the switch from Motorola 68k processors to PowerPC was absolutely necessary because the 68k processors were a dead end, but even so 68k users had a lot of complaints about software that wouldn't work and emulation problems and they even had multiple versions of software that would only run on one CPU or the other for many years after the switch.  Lots of user complaints, but the switch was critical.  There were just as many complaints when the "New World" Macs ditched support for outdated hardware ports and the versions of the OS made to run on them started dropping support for older hardware.  Even the switch from their clunky ancient non-multitasking MacOS to OS X had a lot of users up in arms about how the new OS wouldn't support this or that hardware or software, and that was a hugely necessary step forward.  And even after that, they had another big architecture switch to make from PowerPC to Intel hardware, which left a lot of peopl (especially recent PowerPC purchasers) screaming at the rafters.  People complain about change in the computing world even when it's critical.  People get attached to their software and their methods of doing things, and change isn't easy for most.

    Compared to a lot of those previous changes, the changes a typical user will have to see between Win7 and Win8 are tiny.  If you don't want to use Metro, you won't even ever have to see it except for using the Start Screen in place of the Start Menu–and even then you could probably find ways around having to use that if you really want to.  You can most likely avoid ever having to use Metro apps for years to come, if you really don't want to use them.  On the other hand, anyone with an open mind is likely to have the Start Screen and Metro apps grow on them.

  424. Nitz Walsh says:

    "Remember, this whole Windows 8 release is a preview, intended just to convey impressions and ideas about how the final product will look and feel and work.  It's not really fair to judge negatively based on what little there is right now"

    This flew in the DP, it does not fly now.  It's ridiculous to say it's "not really fair to judge", it's the *final consumer preview we get before the release where we can actually comment*.  For pete's sake, from the announcement of its release on this very blog:

    "the Consumer Preview represents a refined product ready for broad and daily usage by those of you willing to test a pre-release OS."

    A *refined product ready for broad and daily usage*.  

    So yes, critique away folks.  This is what MS wants.  They won't listen of course, but they want your critique. 🙂

  425. I can’t shut down this sh!t.

    Few days ago it’s started to act like this: the shut down or restart doesn’t work. Shutdown.exe in Run.. also don’t work.

    Anyway, the “move mouse to right-bottom, move mouse up, click settings, move mouse down, click power, click shut down” method is brilliant. That’s how win8 works.

    Mysterious icons and folder icons show up in the taskbar like:

  426. Almost every window has different border padding and MS removed the option to change border padding to 0. [Win7 had the default border padding 4(don’t ask why) and I always set it to 0]:

    My desktop is starting to look like as in XP. Should I create an icon on desktop to every secondary tool like snipping tool, etc.? And of course I need to hunt them down from system32/Program Files/etc. folder. Or go to metro to launch every desktop application what is not on taskbar? That’s what you want, huh? Go to metro to come back. Are you insane?

    Metro app switcher in the left “charm” is crap. With mouse it’s ridiculous to close an application or switch between them. I don’t use start screen so I don’t care, it’s just funny to see how amateur sinofsky and the team. It’s a joke:

    If ribbon is for touch then why has the same small icons as the previous windows versions?

  427. ISO mounting is the only feature I like and the improved task manager. And that’s all! ..not much.

    ISO mounting: There's no need to auto-mount. If I shut down my PC I don't need to auto-mount the .iso on the next start up. Or make it optional, if someone need that feature.

    Change the .iso file icon to a better, nicer one, or at least use the larger type CD or DVD icon.

    I can set a letter(e.g. X:) to the virtual drive, but it's reset itself(e.g. D:) after I eject and mount again. It’s bad.

    Why do you removed the slider from the icon size switcher? And why do you left it in the Network Connections panel? Inconsistent, huh? There were useful sizes between large and extra-large icons and now it’s gone. But you left the most useless size: extra-large icon.

    That’s what I talking about in Network Connections:

    I like to have that size in windows explorer. Places like this:

  428. Tay says:

    @Nitz Walsh:

    The critiques I was responding to were based on the behavior of a specific picture-viewing app.  My response was about how it's pointless to judge anything based on what specific programs and program features are available in this _preview_, because when it ships there will be fifty bajillion other photo apps (or whatever other kinds) ready to use.

  429. Guillaume Soucy says:

    Someone working for microsoft monitor this discusion because I post several message and I have't any answer?

    Thats a joke or what?

  430. 0123456789 says:

    Bad custumer support from Microsoft…

  431. Andrew says:

    so far I've only come across some minor bugs between third party software and the OS and have been able to fix them. My big issue so far is just getting used to the navigation. it feels very different to anything I've seen from Microsoft other than the Xbox 360. My only real issue anymore is being able to customize more. I'd love to do something about that horrible start menu background, maybe blur from the desktop or be able to set a picture to it. I'd also like to be able to change the start menu blocks to something more fun, I dunno, like bubbles or something, and place them where I want. other than that it's been a lot of fun to test out and am looking forward to playing around some more. thanks guys!

  432. Mark says:


    I am not a Mac person so I can't really comment on how "critical" and "necessary" it was for Apple to leave behind their 68k and PowerPC users. My uneducated guess is that it wasn't critical, just cheaper for Apple to concentrate on the new and ignore the old – sadly I feel that Microsoft is doing the same thing only "old" means desktops. With desktop sales flat and all the expansion in tablet/pads for the near future, it makes sense that the next OS is oriented towards pads, I just feel sad that as a desktop user I am no longer Microsoft's focus.

    "just picture your common applications and what they look like today, and now picture them redesigned with a Metro style interface and conventions"

    I really am trying, if we had one decent app it would be easier. So far all we have are zero configurable apps that require significant mouse sweeping and can show little on the screen. I am trying to picture Outlook, with my current favorite view configured for my specific sized text (that makes it easy on my eyes), my low-contrast background, my 38 folder views, my 1847 emails from 4 different addresses placed into folders based on rules, my grouping views, my preview location, workgroup addons, my todo lists – I am trying to see how that will work in my monochrome blue 20-line Metro display based on the Metro email app with its inability to change any text size (I am guessing that is a Metro limitation since none of the apps have that ability), inability to change any views, inability to change any colors, inability to add columns, etc. I'm guessing it will require me to do much more swooping around on the mouse to see my calendar, to interface with with the meeting planner, to change categories, to search for mail (that already takes more work), etc. I just don't see how that is so "necessary"

    Although these ARE preview editions of the apps and I expect them to be updated, I feel that it is very significant that the "Metro" style of interface seems to be all about less flexibility, more Microsoft pre-defining what is easy for a casual user and less ability for you to work the way you want to.

  433. Premysl Vavrousek says:

    Windows 8 is a great system, but their current form is much more problematic. I created a custom design for Windows 8 UI, and I think that in this implementation of the system would be more acceptable for beginners and advanced users.

    I suggest a separate environment for Metro and for Aero, but which complement each other. The choice is up to the user environment and on what devices and applications primarily used. Even in one environment is not deprived of a second application environment, but without the constant switching, which is very distracting.

    Preview is available on my blog at:

    In short:

    In the Metro environment can run Win32 application without switching to desktop classic. The application runs like any other Metro applications – can sleep when you switch applications, renewal, or closed user. At the same time run a Win32 Application.

    The Aero environment is maintained Classic Start menu, which allows you to run Win32 applications and WinRT. The Aero environment, you can use Live Tiles panel that replaces the current sidebar.

    Metro applications can be run from the panel or from the Start Menu. Users can normally close as Win32. HD displays can also display multiple Metro applications in windows on the Aero desktop.

    I believe that this proposal for cooperation between the two environments was more acceptable to many users than the current version of the system.

    Sorry for bad English (Google Translator :)). I hope my proposal will cost at least think about.

    Good luck at work and in private life.

    Přemysl Vavroušek

  434. Laurynas says:

    The integration with Skydrive is quite disappointing. Not only can't I launch the app, i.e. it doesn't connect to my live account even though I am logged in. THere's also no Mesh-like integration into the explorer itself, so I still need to use Mesh to sync with the cloud and across computers.

  435. I'm disappointed says:

    Tell me at least one reason for switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on a desktop PC. I won't use Metro at all. So? No reasons? Few changes? No changes? Price will be too high for just a faster boot speed, the only improvement maybe. Price is always too high for a copy of Windows, this must change.

  436. @I'm disappointed:

    On my PC it takes almost the same time to reach desktop as in Win7. Right after the start screen loaded I click on desktop tile. There will be few more seconds until it’s load all the gadgets and other stuffs in the notification area.

    The shutdown seems faster only because Win 8 turn off the monitor earlier then Win7, imho. That’s the trick.

    It’s just the same Win7 as we already have. Only difference is start screen, metro ui, task manager, no more rounded borders, lot of bug, ruined user experience…

  437. Mark says:


    I hope they do something similar to your proposal. I do see value in the Metro interface, its easy to use and understandable. I think my mother could do (finally) email using it. But the core of the current Metro UI is that there are lots of programs running and only one (or two) visible at any given moment, I think is the wrong approach for desktops.

  438. Nanasi(japanese) says:

    1.How to shut down the confusing, unintuitive

    2.Longer mouse distance to shut down

    3.And in the context menu by right clicking in the bottom left and shut down the power button was added

    4.Should provide power management tile to access shutdown or restart of the start screen (if you have to put descriptive start shutting down much different)

    5.Shut down running is completely shut down, or you do not know whether the new Hibernate

    6.And without a shutdown from the GUI and do not pause the Session # 0 does not become a return during boot and will compromise the dual boot

    7.Traditional Hibernate State GUI, missing

    8.Metro screen color blocked I'm promotes bad feelings (wants increased freedom in color design based on user)

    9.Better personalization of the Metro UI-need (show hide items, etc.)

    10.Choice of big and small MetroTile low (a tile size cannot be changed)

    11.Desired color for MetroTile free

    12.Want to replace desktop apps that are pinned to the start tile favorite images

    13.Opening in the direction of "apps start → file" can be in the start screen, the same desktop shortcut "file → boot app" that traditional use of style, not

    14.」And can be pinned shortcuts for frequent references to files or link to start screen so as to

    15.Cannot create a shortcut to desktop from the Metro

    16.Metro application Kopi Yara images and characters cannot be the capable assuming even everyday uses such as input to another app while watching the information such as the browser

    17.Put the MicrosoftID Metro application most is not available as Music ()

    18.Many Metro application least not even function preview version very much though

    19.How to end Metro application subtle, not for further action on the big screen (drag from the top down)

    -Exit button right click on get the apps screen easy and intuitive

    -Want to remains so after you exit the snap-in Metro application any empty space automatically other apps make the whole screen

    20.Hot deals in the four corners of the desktop per decision is too narrow

    21.To change UI font

    22.Beautiful fonts, compared to the iPad, and

    23.Aero Glass enabled screen on desktop apps and window frame border are missing at any time just like Basic to Win7 flimsy miku, cheesy ← Aero Lite?

    24.Console app embedded glass Vista and 7 touch, 8 console floating feeling

    25.Ready white margins on either side of the console app

    26.Want tab feature to Windows Explorer (manage multiple folders in one window, the Internet Explorer)

    27.Folder to organize an inconvenient user any sort order I want revived

    28.And wants incorporate virtual desktop (features increase the desktop Linux systems page)

    29.Maintenance of GUI access to the storage facilities now I'm supposed to remain English and translation

    30.Look bad in the current font Japan to at least Metro UI, for the upcoming Metro screen for alphabetic style or better yet

  439. If Desktop was something like this:…/windows-desktop-ui-concept

    One of biggest W8 criticism is over: the gap between Metro and Desktop.

  440. ..about the icon size slider. CTRL + Mouse Roll is still working.

  441. SDreamer says:

    Ok, you guys need to properly explain why snapping metro apps cannot happen on lower resolutions. On my 1280×800 screen, it is 16:10, and it worked wonderfully on Developer's Preview with the work around you guys disabled. On my 1680×1050 screen it works pretty nicely as well, not to mention this too is a 16:10 screen. So I don't get what the big fuss is about letting older, much more prevalent 1280×800. You say that the 1366×768 is prevalent, and it is in the market, but just a couple years ago, when Windows 7 was out, 15.4" screens were still all the rage at 1280×800, even 14" and 13" screens came with this; this was the standard de facto, and I can imagine it still is a pretty big chunk of the laptop market share. If anything, 1280×800 should be the minimum for snapping Metro apps. I cannot see any reason why this cannot be the case. If it's pixels, it worked in developers preview nicely. If it's screen ratio, it works on any other 16:10 screen nicely as long as it meets those requirements. What about 4:3 old monitors which higher resolution? I can't really imagine it would work that much better, but it probably still will even though they aren't "widescreen."

  442. Ideaman says:

    Here is an interesting idea:

    Desktop taskbar for metro app switching:

  443. Naim IT Manager says:

    We need to have Start Menu its hard for user to find programs.

  444. Dennis Tonevi says:

    I tried installing this on a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop but it would not boot at all after the setup restarted it.

    I'm currently reformatting the hard drive in preparation to reinstalling Win XP. I'm not sure whether to try it again.

    The machine exceeds ot meets all the required specs except I am not sure about the WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. It has the latest driver for the car, an Nvidea GeForce Go5200.

    Any advice welcome (except "get a new computer")


  445. Windows Dude says:

    Please give users the ability to :

    1) Change the colors of the tiles

    2) Add Gradient color schemes to the tiles instead of a flat color

    3) Arrange tiles how I want to arrange them…snap to grid or auto arrange

    4) Allow users to add a background to Start Screen

    5) The pictures and videos in the metro apps seem to be not sharp and appear a bit stretched.

    6) Allow windows to see PDF thumbnails like iBOOK.

  446. Anon says:

    Windows 8 Insists Upon Itself


  447. Does Windows 8 run in .NET framework ? Does Windows 's performance up if i install .NET framework 4.5 Beta ?

  448. ReMark says:

    I say only a thing: more power/features/customizations to the desktop users!

    I repeat:

    for faster access to the workplace / desktop / whatever, just put an option with which you can set the application to start early.

    You can choose between:

    – desktop

    – An app (IEMetro, etc.)

    – Metro Start Screen (like now)

    So when you boot the system, Metro Start is shown for a second and then starts the usual animation to the preferred environment (desktop) or to the app.

    In this way access to the desktop for the user to work faster.

  449. kingnaoufal says:

    Is there really a point to hide start?

    Bring it back, please or creating option to hide it but you must reimplement it, if you wan't to loose 1000… of users in the world

  450. Stefan says:

    Swedish newspaper:"Windows 8 is useless with two user interfaces You are thrown between over and over. Our experience was destroyed by this."

  451. karl says:

    kingnaoufal: Create an autohotkey script and write into it :  Send {Lwin}. Then convert it to an exe file and pin it to taskbar.

    Analogously for the charms : Send #c.  

    For the settings win+i: Send #i.  and so on.

    If you like keyboarding : from startscreen you get the app screen without search window by ctrl+tab.

    Hope i could help you (and ms -) )

  452. Scoreggione says:

    Task Manager loads as the Windows 7 one if you select No at the UAC prompt or press Enter (same thing). Bug?

  453. ReMark says:

    another things…. preloading desktop…. in 2012 entering to desktop and seeing "white" icons flickering etc… is sooooo lame.

  454. ReMark says:

    Another thing…. preloading desktop…. in 2012 entering to desktop and seeing "white" icons flickering etc… is sooooo lame.

  455. Sim says:

    Sorry, we need a PERSONAL COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEM. Windows 8 with the so insistent "metro" is NOT an O.S. for PC.

    I need to work with a lot of softwares simultaneous, fast switching from one to another, lot of use of start menu. Win 8 is an "ugly car" with a ferrari engine… Win 8 lack of all rules for usability.

  456. Sachin Joseph says:


    How do I create an ad-hoc network on Windows 8 Consumer Preview? I was able to find an option for creating ad-hoc network in the Developer preview by searching from the Start screen. No such option comes up as search result when I try to search for ad-hoc or ad hoc in Consumer Preview.

  457. XtrMnIO says:

    Hi Windows developers, I'm a Microsoft fanboy and I love metro interface because I have a tablet but… I have some complains:

    – Why is mandatory to use 1024×768 resolution? I have 1024×600 and I think that this limitation doesn't have any sense. (yes, for standarization, but it's a bad standarization)

    – Why isn't Windows Explorer a Metro-like application?

    – It's essential to include a tutorial. ESSENTIAL, THE MOST ESSENTIAL!! I work with Microsoft everyday (vendor) and I'm still feel a little lost with this interface.

    – If I want Metro, I want Metro for everything, and if I want desktop, I want desktop for everything. Not jumping between interfaces like a 'Metro skin'.


  458. XtrMnIO says:

    Hi again, another ideas:

    – Skydrive is integrated with Office Web Apps, why Win8 can't open docs in the same window? they're opened in another (and hidden) IE window.

    – I need an easy way to close applications, please.

    – And I insist. I don't want two interfaces. I want only one, but well done. (Metro for tablets and Kinect powered devices and 'Windows-like' for desktop users). I can't imagine myself managing SharePoint (for example) with Metro.

    Regards, and keep working in Metro interface, I love it.

  459. Satish Kumar Pathuri says:

    Hi, I am using 3.3 GHz i5 processor with 8gb ram and 1tb hard drive.

    I have installed both Windows 7 and 8 on my machine and will select the required one during the boot-up.

    Windows 8 consumer preview runs fine for 5 hrs and after which the system hangs. This has happened thrice.

    Windows 7 runs perfectly fine for almost 5 days without any problems.

    Would like to know the reason why my system gets hanged when running Win 8.

  460. Blech says:

    In Win7 I could play a game while watching a video on the second screen. Now that no longer works. Is there a way to disable that "feature"?

    Apropos games; for years now most PC games have a console feel to them (with MS actively supporting that development in quite a few cases), menus just feel like they weren't developed with a mouse in mind, etc.

    Well, guess what, now you can have the same feeling with your desktop apps! E.g. you can't double click files in the file picker, you have to select one, then move to the "open" button, the back button doesn't work in most places, the wheel is hit and miss, the desktop feels tucked on and not integrated, most apps have an easier time accessing your facebook than your hard drive and so on.

    Are you excited? I know I'm excited!!!!111one

  461. ReMark says:


    I have two monitors, one for applications and games in fullscreen, one for chatting + browsing when I am in game.

    Are you sure about that??? I have W8 in a virtual machine, so I can't try that.

    Oh MS, you increase productivity in every step :facepalm:

    So workspaces and "associate a workspace to a physic monitor" are very useful, for work and gaming, but this OS is not more productive…   obviously on Mac Os I can put a fullscreen window in another virtual desktop and switch between desktop lke a pro, etc… since 2007.

    I know this is a Beta, but I don't think MS adds features to the RC.

    Features like a "Lite Mode" or "Gaming Mode", a mode in which Windows is running with the minimum requirements switching off and restoring some features (aero + other) for allowing BIG HUNGRY programs to run (games or editing tool).

  462. Stefan says:

    Swedish newspaper:"If Windows 8 is released with MetroUI for the desktops Microsoft are doing a very big mistake."

  463. Gigi says:

    1. Add snap for 1280×800 resolutions

    2. Sometimes the PC boot but not in Windows 8 Consumer Preview but in a black screen (generally the third time it really boot)

    3. Add a way to share the connection like the software Connectify, but do a built in software, so to have it natively

  464. Spike says:

    Everything Works Okay But For Some Reason I Cant Watch Videos Or Play Games On The Internet Explorer App But If I Open It On My Desktop It Plays Them…?

  465. ReMark says:

    Yeah, snap only on hi-res mutilated this feature…


    A way to "windowize" metro apps in the desktop (snapping in the center of the screen maybe), like gadgets (so, no buttons on taskbar but moveable and resizable apps), probably increases "visual multitasking" and usefulness of those apps on desktop environment.

    Drop the old gadgets (already done?) and use Apps like gadgets in the Desktop environment.

    So we can:

    – use apps in immersive fullscreen (useful in tablets or multiple screens)

    – use apps side by side/docked with the desktop or other apps (useful in tablets etc…)

    – use apps "gadget/window mode" in the desktop drag and dropping them in the center of screen (maybe an icon appears in the center of screen for indicating this possibility)

    Here in this blog, we're thinking about a lot of solutions that are applicable, more than valid, not valid.

    These solutions often do not want to sweep away Metro UI, but combine it with everything else. Check out!

  466. ReMark says:

    Ok, image done in 10 seconds, but explanatory:…/metro_ui_on_desktop.png

    and MAYBE the app in the desktop can change its "graphic mode" in Tiled (like the metro start) or Expanded (like in the image).

  467. ReMark says:

    With actions and the Weather App:

    😛   Not bad, not bad…

  468. Tay says:

    @ReMark: "use apps "gadget/window mode" in the desktop"

    There's a good reason MS won't do that–if they did, a lot fewer users would start switching over to Metro as their primary environment just because of inertia.  That's the same reason they shouldn't bring back the Start Menu and should keep the Start Screen mandatory–if they gave users a choice, too many would stay in the past instead of getting used to the new system.  Some people need to be prodded into the future whether they like it or not, but if one provides complete backward compatibility with no changes whatsoever t5hen users will just keep doing things the old way because they can, even when the new way is better.

    @Sim: "I need to work with a lot of softwares simultaneous, fast switching from one to another, lot of use of start menu."

    You'll get used to using the app pane on the left to switch tasks (it keeps 10 programs visible, at least on my 1920×1080 desktop), or better yet you can just use the keyboard shortcuts which is what many power users do anyway.  And if you ever get a big desktop touchscreen, which will probably become hot commodities once Windows 8 ships, you can just flick around applications at lightning speed.

  469. masood says:

    hi win 8 consumer edition has a lot parallel actions between win7 and new metro interface please work on it for example we have 2 control panel that referse to just one place . and simple icons finding is too deficult and we have a lot time delay between appearing power icons. good luck

  470. Not for desktops says:

    @Tay, I think you are missing the big picture here, Metro UI is not the future of the desktop computing, it is just a bad UI implementation for desktops.

    On the other hand you are hand, you are correct in saying they are “forcing everybody” down that direction.

    Unfortunately, any Windows user that values productivity is not going to follow. Not me and not all my colleagues I have spoken with about it.

    If you consider the desktop as a giant tablet then yes Metro UI is “good” for it. But we work with our desktop computers and a few random rectangles here and there do not constitute a user interface.

  471. W8User says:

    I hope Microsoft understands the main reason Vista failed – mostly due to the perception people built based on the picture painted by lot of bloggers'. I've used Vista on many machines without any issues, and know a lot of people who had the same experience. I also know a lot of folks who wouldn't even try installing Vista because they were afraid to test it due to the bad publicity provided by the bloggers around the world.

    I'm afraid Windows 8 is going in the same direction…

  472. W8User says:

    As a WP7 user, I'm used to the metro style UI, though a lot of things are missing in the consumer preview – e.g. the mail application doesn't seem to have a sync button available unless I right click the mouse button, unlike WP7 where I always have the sync button. Plus none of the outlook shortcuts seem to work to perform a manual sync, makes it unintutive for a long time outlook user!!!

  473. nikko bermundo says:

    i'd really love it if the final release of windows 8 would support netbook pc's some can't enjoy the benefits of metro ui due to low screen resolution.. thanks. ^^

  474. NNCOLOMBIA says:

    Hello windows 8 team, I want to say and reiterate the sudden change of user interfaces to Metro Aero, I hope you are working on it. Leaving a desktop interfaces more like what is the philosophy Metro.

    I also tell them not to forget the SPANISH please send an update to the Consumer Preview can be translated into Spanish.

    Thanks and hopefully can ignore my comments and those of all who write in this blog.

  475. Judith says:

    Suggestion for Semantic Zoom

    In Semantic Zoom View, please let us have an option and gesture that will unpin a group of tiles.

    (Maybe the same gesture for closing metro style apps)

  476. Stefan says:

    Yesterday i let my friend, a non-skilled computeruser. try Windows 8. I didn't say anything. It took him 10 minutes to reach following conclusion:"Windows 8 suck !".


    How will someone that never have used Windows 8 before understand how it works ? Same goes for skilled people that never have used it. How will they know how they should do ?


    And to all You Windows 8 fanboys here, stop nag about there is nothing wrong with Windows 8. I just don't believe You. You as well as i must understand when You have to make some settings in the classic desktop and other in Metro it will not work very well on a desktop computer. I must also add the taste is different from person to person, but it seem that You Windows 8 fanboys don't understand that.


    Windows 8 in my personal opinion is that it is a useless operatingsystem if You want to be able to work fast as You have done in prev versions, at least until Windows 7. I will stay with my 2000, XP and Vista, i am very satisfied with them, except some bugs in Vista that Microsoft still don't have fixed even if a lot of people have complained. That show how Microsoft see their customer….not at all. It is also seen here on this blog where the dev team ignore all negative comments. I can only say good luck, but i think they will have to find new jobs when Windows 8 flop around the world.

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