Connecting your apps, files, PCs and devices to the cloud with SkyDrive and Windows 8

Many folks reading this blog are active users of SkyDrive and Mesh, both part of the broad set of Windows Live services (like Hotmail), and the Windows Live Essentials programs (Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, and more). With their introduction and with Windows 7, we have talked about how these services really complete the Windows experience. As we developed Windows 8, we thought deeply about how these services can take an even more active role in completing the experience—offering a cloud service for each and every Windows 8 customer and all their PCs (and phones), should you choose to use it. In previous posts (Signing in to Windows 8 with a Windows Live ID and Extending "Windows 8" apps to the cloud with SkyDrive) we kicked off talking about cloud services, how you can automatically roam your settings to multiple PCs, and how applications can take advantage of this roaming. In this post, we will show you three cool things that you will get by choosing to sign up and use SkyDrive with Windows 8.

This post was written by Mike Torres and Omar Shahine, Group Program Managers for SkyDrive.


A few months ago we published our vision for designing personal cloud storage. While SkyDrive can store all types of files, the category of personal cloud storage is focused on the content that people create or capture themselves. Today we’re going to provide an update on how we expect to deliver our vision for Windows 8 and simultaneously scale to meet the needs of billions of customers who will store hundreds of petabytes of data in our service.

We think what people want in personal cloud storage is a single drive that’s available across all of their devices, tailored to the experiences they’re using, providing instant, secure, and private access to their files, and sharing files and folders with people they choose. To bring this to billions of people, our approach is to seamlessly connect the files (and behaviors) that people have today on the PC with the app and device experiences that they will use in the future. Rather than using a patchwork of services, people can use one service to connect to their files – with no compromises. No copying files from one cloud to another just to share or collaborate. No converting files or having to switch to new apps. No searching across different storage areas to find files.

Delivering personal cloud storage for billions of people

Today we provide personal cloud storage for 17 million SkyDrive customers. These are active customers who use it every month to privately share photos and collaborate on Office documents. We currently store approximately 10 petabytes of user data (one petabyte is a million gigabytes, or a million billion bytes) and we expect to grow that beyond what some of the largest scale services on the Internet support today (for example, Hotmail stores over 100PB of user data, and since we share much of the same infrastructure, we have a lot of deep insights and knowledge about how to scale SkyDrive). These are important numbers for us. We aspire to be a service that people find useful and valuable on an ongoing basis, not just a service that people happen to register for when they get a new device.

Growing our infrastructure is one of many things we have been busy working on, but most important of these are our investments in sync and cloud scenarios for Windows 8, which will finally bring the DNA of SkyDrive and Mesh together into one service. Given our goal to be the world’s hard drive, we will need to continue to build out the service, and you can expect our pace of improvements to continue through 2012.

This post will cover the ways that SkyDrive will evolve with Windows 8 from a website today into a true device cloud for Windows customers. We’ve organized the post around the three biggest things we’re doing:

  • SkyDrive Metro style app on Windows 8
  • SkyDrive files integrated into Windows Explorer on the desktop, and
  • The ability to fetch remote files through

We’ve also prepared a short video demonstrating these three concepts in more detail:

Download this video to view it in your favorite media player:
High quality MP4 | Lower quality MP4

SkyDrive as a Metro style app for Windows 8

Inside Microsoft, we’ve all been using Windows 8 on multiple PCs for some time now.  We clean install Windows 8 on a new PC and sign in, and all of our settings, browser history, and customizations just show up. In addition, one of the most important steps we take to make a new PC “ours” is to copy over our personal files – like documents and photos. With Windows 8, we wanted to make sure that your files would be instantly available and up-to-date as you move between PCs – without configuring add-ons or using a USB drive.

One approach to building a modern device cloud is to build a set of proprietary apps that hide files from users. But because we are building a cloud that can store different types of data and lots of it, we decided to take a different approach. We designed a no-compromise cloud experience where enthusiasts will be able to control files the way they want, while others who are less familiar with the file system can still take advantage of the cloud simply by accessing SkyDrive through the apps they use every day.

Enter the new SkyDrive app. With the SkyDrive app, an early version of which will be available at Consumer Preview, we focused on two things: 1) designing a fast, fluid, touch-first version of SkyDrive that makes it quick, easy, and even fun to browse and access your files, and 2) making your SkyDrive available for use from any Metro style app via the file picker (open/save) and the new Share charm in Windows 8.

To build a SkyDrive experience on WinRT, we took an approach that we expect many web developers will choose to take on Windows 8. We built the entire app using modern web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, and because of our recent updates to, we were able to use the same JSON APIs and JavaScript object model that the website uses. The only difference on Windows 8 is that we bind the results to modern controls that were built for touch. This is part of the reason it’s so fast, and the touch behavior works so well (and works on Windows on ARM too). Over time, we fully expect the Metro style app and to “converge” on functionality so there won’t be a question of which experience someone should use. When using Windows 8, the SkyDrive Metro style app will be the best way to browse and manage your SkyDrive.

Mike's SkyDrive, 12 items, including: Business documents (11), Holidays with Bakers 2011 (279), House Remodel (15), Ixtapa 20212 (186), January Fun 2012 (13), Music, Personal

House Remodel folder contains several images represented by thumbnails, and other files, represented as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel icons.

One of the most powerful features in Windows 8 is the ability to integrate SkyDrive functionality across other apps using charms and contracts. SkyDrive is available as a file picker, so from any app you’ll be able to open files from, and save files to your SkyDrive. If the app developer chooses, you’ll even be able to save files automatically back to SkyDrive. Alternatively, if you’re using a content creation app like a document editor, you’ll be able to save files back to SkyDrive in any folder that you choose.

Together, this will bring a file cloud to every Metro style app, allowing you to open files in your SkyDrive and save them right back to your SkyDrive just like you would on your local hard drive. This will work with any app that supports open and save for documents and photos, and will be the first time anything like this has been possible without any setup or configuration. All you need to do is register your email address on a PC that’s running Windows 8 and then, whenever you save files on SkyDrive, every Windows 8 device you use will provide seamless access to those files.

For app developers, this means that, so long as your app supports opening and saving documents and photos, it will automatically support SkyDrive without any additional work.

SkyDrive will also be available via the Share charm, which allows you to send documents or photos through the Mail app on Windows 8. With one tap, you will be able to choose to share files through SkyDrive instead of sending them as attachments, which means you won’t have multiple copies of your files, each with their own set of changes. And of course, you won’t be limited to the small number of attachments and total file size of most email services since the files are stored in your SkyDrive.

Image shows a SkyDrive album with several photos of a man and his children, and buttons: Choose picture, and Cancel.

An email from Mike Torres to Omar, showing a PDF file that is being shared via SkyDrive. Option is also available to "Send using basic attachments instead".

The best part about building this on the Windows 8 platform is that any Metro style app that enables its users to open and save files will get SkyDrive integration for free. Without adding a single line of code, users of the app will be able to access and store files on SkyDrive. So essentially, SkyDrive is one touch away from any Windows 8 app.

SkyDrive on the desktop

We’re also bringing the power of SkyDrive to every Windows 8 desktop through Windows Explorer and to desktop apps like Office as well.

Since the start of SkyDrive, we’ve consistently heard from our most loyal customers that you want SkyDrive on the desktop, and we’re happy to announce that we will be releasing a desktop app. The benefits are obvious: easy drag-and-drop upload and download support for SkyDrive, anywhere access to your data, offline access, and the power of Windows Explorer to manage your files and folders. All of these things will be available with SkyDrive on the desktop.

To start, we took what we learned from Mesh and FolderShare/Sync and built a very simple, highly efficient app. This app will be available with an installer that’s less than 5MB and that takes about 10 seconds to install. You’ll only need to install it once per PC, as SkyDrive will always keep itself up-to-date. Once installed, your entire SkyDrive will start syncing into the folder you choose (the default location is in a SkyDrive folder under your user folder: %userprofile%\SkyDrive\) and it will always be up-to-date with your latest changes. As you update files on your PC, they’re uploaded immediately to the cloud–and as changes are made in the cloud or on another device, they’ll sync back down to the PC. There’s very little to manage or control and you won’t be bugged with pop-ups or dialog boxes. You won’t even need to know it’s running, as we’ve also spent a lot of time on network efficiency and overall performance.

As an example, here’s an image from Performance Monitor showing performance while a 500MB file is progressively uploading from the desktop to the cloud. You can see how little of the CPU is being used for SkyDrive during idle as well as for the file transfer halfway through (the blue is total CPU, the black is SkyDrive).

A graph showing performance of CPU and of SkyDrive while uploading a large file.

Of course, there are people who will use older versions of Windows for a while, so SkyDrive on the desktop will also run on Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you want to make sure your files come with you to Windows 8 and you’re still running Windows 7, you’ll just put them in your SkyDrive folder. This makes it easier to upgrade to Windows 8 or make sure you can access your files across all of your PCs.

SkyDrive for the desktop will also provide the ability to sync up to your available quota of storage (and the ability to unlock more), along with unmatched performance on your PC. Oh, and we will also have support for uploading large files (up to 2GB) through Explorer, another big request from users over the years.

SkyDrive on the desktop gives you a no-compromise cloud experience. Here are some preview images of SkyDrive in action on the desktop. The first one is the SkyDrive folder visible in Windows Explorer, and the second shows the entire Windows Phone camera roll synced automatically to the desktop:

Folder is identified as Mike Torres > SkyDrive and contains 12 folders

Folder path is Mike Torres > SkyDrive > SkyDrive camera roll. Images in folder are shown as thumbnails, and a scrollbar indicates additional images.

Fetching files through

With SkyDrive in Windows 8, you won’t just have cloud files synced to your PC. You can also turn your entire PC into your own private cloud, and use its terabytes of local storage to easily access, browse, and stream your files from anywhere by simply fetching them from

When designing the new SkyDrive, we knew not everyone would want to put 100% of their files in the cloud just yet. People are selective, and while some will move all of their files into SkyDrive, others will want to start slowly and use SkyDrive just for roaming some important documents and pictures from their Windows Phone camera roll. Knowing that most people would still have files on a remote PC that weren’t available through SkyDrive, we built a new feature that allows you to “reach across” the Internet to access any file, stream videos, or view photo albums from a remote PC that is running SkyDrive on the desktop. For any remote folder or file, you can also choose to “copy to SkyDrive,” so that you’ll always have it across your devices.

Internally we call this the “Forgot something?” feature. If you forget to put something on SkyDrive, you’ll still be able to access it on your remote PC through We’ve done special work to enable remote streaming of video, and we’ll treat photo albums on your remote PC exactly as we do photo albums in SkyDrive, with the same beautiful full-screen viewer. We realize this is more of an enthusiast feature, as most people won’t have an always-on PC at home, but for those who do, fetching files works like magic.

Here’s how your remote PC will look in, and what it will be like to browse your Pictures folder remotely:

A webpage, showing many thumbnail images. File path is Krypton > Main (Z:) > Pictures > 2012 > January 2012

Of course, being able to remotely access a PC from a web browser has the potential to be abused. If someone has access to your account, without further protection, they’d be able to browse the entire contents of any SkyDrive-connected PC that happens to be online at that time. Naturally that isn’t something we’re comfortable with, so we’ve added another layer of protection for your remote PCs.

In order to access a remote PC, you will have to provide a second factor of authentication. This requires that you type a code that we send to your mobile phone or alternate email address in addition to having access to your account (if you’re already on a trusted PC, you won’t have to do this every time). This means that anyone wanting access to your remote PC would have to have access not only to your account, but also to either an alternate email or your phone (which they would need to physically possess). Here’s a preview of this:

9 Security 
Two-factor authentication is required before you can connect remotely

Webpage reads: We don't recognize the computer you're using / To continue, enter the code we just sent you. (phone icon) (206) 555-1212. There is a text entry field; a link: I didn't get the code; and a button: Submit. 
We’ll verify your identity using a code that we send to your phone in a text message

This is just the beginning

This is just a brief overview of some of the things SkyDrive will do to make personal cloud storage a seamless part of the Windows 8 experience.

Of course, you will still be able to access all of your files via from any web browser with one of the fastest sites on the web. You’ll also be able to work together online from anywhere using Office and the Office Web Apps. We will continue to make SkyDrive available on the devices you use every day, like Windows Phone and others, so you can access your entire SkyDrive on-the-go.

Over the next several months you’ll have access to all of the things we’ve discussed in this post. While there will be a lot more to say about SkyDrive as our story evolves, we hope a small peek under the curtain has helped get you excited for SkyDrive on Windows 8.

Mike & Omar (aka “Momar” around the office)

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  1. hamza says:

    Looks really awesome !!! Great work guys… BTW 8 days 20hrs left till the customer preview 🙂

  2. Wow! SkyDrive on the desktop! This looks like a great idea. I'll be glad to see this functionality come to Windows.

  3. John says:

    How about folders OUTSIDE the SkyDrive folder? Can I sync them too (without dragging them to the SkyDrive?

  4. Sam says:

    Did anyone see how many Geeebeez he had in Skydrive in the video? 😉

  5. Omar Shahine says:

    @John, in order for files to sync to cloud storage in SkyDrive and hence other computers the folders need to be in the SkyDrive folder, which by default is in %userprofile%SkyDrive

  6. John says:


    So what happens with Windows Live Mesh? Because with Live Mesh you can sync folders anywhere on your computer.

  7. @John Omar would add that you can also set the location with the UI and don't have to edit the registry.

  8. Dulwichdik says:

    I have Windows 7 and have already mapped my skydrive to windows explorer, shows itself in other network locations, I can drag and drop files into it and have on the browsers bookmark bar. Works great! simple to set up and no additional software, having this built in would be great though.

  9. Tom Servo says:

    What about APIs for internal use in applications?

    I want to write an application, that'd use Skydrive as backup location. Are there specific functions to push a file to Skydrive from within an application? If not, alternatively, opening a file with the file picker would make that work. What however if I want to offer an option like "Open last used file"?

  10. John says:

    @ Steven Sinofsky

    I don't care abot the location. I want locationS! One sync folder for everything is a bloody mess.

  11. wow!! congrats, nice additions!! 😀

  12. alvatrus says:

    As an avid photographer, one thing that starts to worry me is how I can find my images after having uploaded hundreds of images. How can I find the images from the shoot I did in Paris in 2009, or how can I retrieve all the images that feature my niece Cindy?

    Actually, for my DAM I use Lightroom, which has one of the best set of catalog features I came across, but I still worry about it. How are we going to retrieve anything from thousands of files?

  13. I agree with John, Steven don't make a step back please, let us choose the locations like in Live Mesh..

  14. lozenp says:

    Looks awesome. Brings up 2 questions:

    1. Will this be the end of Live Mesh?

    2. Any chance that photo uploads from Windows Phone to SkyDrive will be full rez anytime soon? For this to be a true photo backup, having just the low-rez versions from my phone doesn't cut it.

  15. Just amazing.  This is a huge step for the consumer, how we can use the potential of the Cloud!

  16. I forget, is this the end of the Windows Home Server?  Even a remote fetch functions is in SkyDrive available.

  17. Wonderful post and great integration of skydrive. Moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8 will be a seamless transition including keeping the same number of files and not keeping too many duplicates in other services.

    Looking forward to Consumer Preview and heavy use of SkyDrive App (Metro and Desktop) on windows 8 and Windows 7.

    Cheers MSFT

  18. Panda X says:

    Good to see SkyDrive finally properly integrated into Windows.

    Though it would seem to me it'd work better as a Library type folder in which you can add multiple folders from multiple locations.

    Also the icon overlay looks a tad too large.

  19. W. J. Zeallor says:

    So this is more like Dropbox and less like Windows Live Mesh? In other words, if I want all of my pictures and document "in the cloud" I will have to put them in the SkyDrive folder instead of leaving them in their Windows hierarchy folders usernamePictures and usernameDocuments?

  20. Dax says:

    Sounds great all in all but will you lift the file format restrictions? At the moment SkyDrive only supports a very limited amount of file types which is limiting its relevance for us developers quite a bit. Not every application is solely about pictures and word files.

  21. Omar Shahine says:

    @John As the post notes, we built on what we learned from Mesh and FolderShare/Sync in building SkyDrive for the desktop.  We have nothing more to share at this time.

  22. Rubén says:

    Incredible! I was looking for this since SkyDrive was launched. I think that it will be a huge competitor to Dropbox. In fact, I think it is far better, is integrated in the system, and it cannot be compared the 25 GB given by SkyDrive to the 2 GB of Dropbox.

    Quite a good job Microsoft. Keep it up!

  23. Paino says:

    I agree with @John, copying Dropbox with its limitation is not a good solution.

    Mesh can sync every folder I want, from the desktop to the picture folder to my documents folder.

    If you kill Mesh, I want the new SkyDrive client does not lose this extremely important functionality.

  24. Omar Shahine says:

    @lozenp I just posted a response to your question on Mesh. with respect to #2, the Windows Phone resolution, thanks for the feedback. It's something we've heard from customers but we don't have anything new to share at this time.

  25. @W. J. Zeallor  — Keep in mind libraries mean that you can just add any folder to the library and it acts like it is in the pre-defined locations.

  26. Omar Shahine says:

    @Tom Servo

    we have APIs for SkyDrive that you can read about here…/hh528485.

    Additionally, as the post covers, Windows 8 metro style apps will be able to open and save via SkyDrive.

  27. Omar Shahine says:


    there aren't any restrictions on what files can be placed in SkyDrive via the Metro style app, or SkyDrive for Windows Explorer. There continue to be file restrictions on the REST APIs and we don't have anything new to announce there.

  28. Spivonious says:

    Fantastic! I've been waiting for these changes for a long time.

    One question: Will the skydrive app be available on OSes other than WIndows 8? XP support would be awesome, but at the minimum Windows 7.

  29. Martín says:

    +1000 for this.

    -10000 for the restricted developer program on Windows Store.

  30. James says:

    I hope it's online more than xbox cloud storage is…

  31. AndyCadley says:

    The SkyDrive desktop functionality is a very welcome addition, finally bringing it to par with other online storage providers. However it's the Metro integration that is really the star of the show, because that is quite frankly epic. Really looking forward to the Consumer Preview now and getting the chance to try some of this out.

  32. @Spivonious

    The post calls out Windows Vista and Windows 7 support, so yes on those 🙂

  33. Great post and awesome news! Questions:

    1) “we will also have support for uploading large files (up to 2GB)” – Am I understanding correctly that the size limit of a file will pass from 100 Mb to 2 Gb?

    2) I agree with others that forcing us to use one single location is a bad decision. Please enable syncing of files where they are.

    3) Is there a special treatment for music or picture files? Will we have to relocate our music or picture folders into the SkyDrive folder?

  34. @AndyCadley – thanks!

  35. @Steven Sinofsky

    I don't know the reason why the teams still keep old UI for the sites of Windows Live Services such as mailbox, skydrive, documents… I see many web services (Yahoo mail, Gmail, now switching its interface into somewhat larger, simpler, more elegant, touch friendly, and less cluttered. Since Microsoft is revamping its websites with Metro UI,  I wish when Windows 8 comes out, Windows and its service UI will be refreshed with that trend as well. I have the very good experience about for its simple UI, smooth animation, I think it would be great if the teams consider to implement these elements into Windows

  36. Derek says:

    With the new release, do you also plan to remove the restriction on the password length? I create a new Live account few days back and was very surprised to discover that hotmail does not allow for password with more than 16 characters.

    What is even worse is the fact that I couldn't find any mention of this restriction anywhere on the site.

  37. Mike K. says:

    I first got my Windows Live ID when I signed up for my XBOX Gold account many years back using an email with a custom domain. I connected my SkyDrive account to it and have been using that for years. I have about 15 gigs worth of data in there. With all the new features in Hotmail and the added features you get by using them together, Ive wanted to add a Hotmail account to my Windows Live ID but it won't let me. The best I can do is 'link' the two accounts but it keeps the SkyDrive files totally separate. Will I be able to properly add a Hotmail account to my Windows Live ID to use with SkyDrive? It is the one thing holding me back from going all-in with this solution, and migrating to a Windows Phone.

  38. Spivonious says:

    @Mike – d'oh! That's what I get for speed reading.

  39. peterpulmonary says:

    am i correct in the following:  

    once a folder is in the skydrive designated folder on my pc,

    then when i edit a document in that folder,

    it will sync to skydrive and be accessible via the browser from a different pc or

    be accessible from another of my own devices to which i have authorized access

    so it is like live mesh in that you dont have to make a deliberate syncing command each time you edit the document.  because if you cannot remember if you synced it, that is what creates the uncertainty over which is the uptodate copy etc.

    if so, this is truly awesome

  40. pmbAustin says:

    Two questions, about the status of existing Skydrive/Mesh features:

    1) Can I sync specific folders between two (or more?) PCs WITHOUT having to use skydrive storage?

    2) Can I remote into one of my PCs from a web-browser on another?

    Side question:  Why isn't the desktop skydrive just included in Windows 8?  Is there a reason one has to download and instal it?  I can understand needing to do that to add backwards compatibility to Win7 and Vista PCs, but why force users to do this on Win8?

  41. @Dany: Yes, you'll be able to upload files up to 2GB.  

    The way we think about SkyDrive isn't really as a "single location", though it's clear that it is now to most people.  We think about it as a peer to the local file system – which means you can treat it as such.  Keep some Pictures in SkyDrive, and keep some locally – and use Libraries as Steven refers to in order to unify them.  We aren't doing anything "special" for specific folder types outside of what we already do which is customize the views for them.

    @nowuniverse, @Derek: That's good feedback, thanks!

    @Mike K: We don't have anything to announce on this, but we're definitely aware of this.  Thanks!

  42. @peterpulmonary: Yup!

    @pmbAustin: With SkyDrive, the files are all cloud-backed.  This way you don't ever have to worry about one of the nodes being offline and your files not getting to the other device.  The model is pretty simple: if it's in the cloud, it's available across your devices.  When you say "remote into", do you mean to fetch files or remote desktop?  SkyDrive doesn't have remote desktop support – but as we demo in the post, you can get to any file you need.  Thanks for the feedback on installer too!

  43. Nishkarsh Kankaria says:

    I noticed a slight delay in clicking the skydrive icon and opening of the app.

    the time is consumed by transitions.

    will windows 8 also have an option to disable all such animations/transitions effects across all metro style and non-metro style apps?

    i just don't like the delay. i don't need those animations/transisitions.


  44. markiz says:

    I hope MS starts being more precise and say clearly will the skydrive act as a libray or a regular single sync folder. Not everyone reading these posts is technical.

    If in fact it does work like mesh, it's gonna exterminate every other cloud service. can't wait.

  45. so there will be no more sync between pc, I mean without storing files online, right?

    From your post it seems skydrive will be the successor of live mesh too..

  46. KP500 says:

    @Mike Torres: Mike, what pmbAustin and many other people are calling out capabilities that are provided today in Mesh, not Sky drive.  There is concern that some of those capabilities may be going away. With Mesh you can configure folders to sync between PC's without being stored in the cloud which is useful for large directories or ones that you just don't want stored in the cloud.  An additional Mesh feature is the you can remote into any computer running mesh and use it much as you would with remote desktop.  This is a great way to TS into a machine at home which does not have a dedicated IP.

  47. Toni says:

    Great work…

    Now its a matter of time. Skydrive apps needs to get out before GDrive comes out and before Dropbox raises their 2GB to 25GB or more.

    Its all a matter of timing.

    A OSX version is needed also. So it can truly beat Dropbox and friends…

  48. Leoberto says:

    I know you're busy with Windows 8, but I would really love an iPad app, you know, like the one you relesead for the iPhone. So I could sync my PC files with my tablet =D

  49. pmbAustin says:

    I want to echo what Mike K said (even though it's only tangential to the topic of this post).

    Working with Windows Live IDs is now going to be more central than ever… and there absolutely needs to be a better way for users to manage and deal with multiple Windows Live IDs, including but not limited to being able to change the ID, merge an "older" ID (data and such) into a "newer" ID, delete old IDs, etc.  It needs to go way beyond the very limited "linking" of multiple IDs.  The limitations and confusing web UI in this area are major impediments to wider Windows Live ID adoption.

    An ideal solution is that "linking" should give you ONE view, with the different IDs simply being aliases.  So if you have an "old" Windows Live ID that uses, for example, an ISP email address… and you get a "new" Windows Live ID that has a hotmail/ email address, you can log in with either, and see your Hotmail/ email just the same, and have access to all the same storage and files and data (calendar, contacts, everything).  If you DON'T link them, then they're two separate accounts.

    I've had non-technical friends just give up on Windows Live IDs because they found them too confusing, too difficult to manage, and too frustrating to transition from old emails to new IDs, etc.  This is a serious issue that really MUST be addressed soon.

  50. George says:

    In a picture I can see the .pdf Reader app icon, so it's confirmed! Good news 😀

    First time in Windows in 30 years! An integrated .pdf reader 🙂

  51. Good job. I didn't use Live Mesh, because it synced my files to a specific folder to SkyDrive somewhere out of my own folder hierarchy. This solution seems to be better, but as mentioned before by other people, I would like to see simple mapping of local folder to a specific SkyDrive folder too.

  52. Mystogan says:

    I have to agree with John here, please reconsider using a single location for sync. I switched from Dropbox to Live Mesh + SugarSync because I can sync files/folders from whichever location I choose.

    Besides that this SkyDrive update looks great and look forward to the Consumer Preview 🙂

  53. Gabe says:

    We need an Android app now! and the iOS one optimized for the iPad!

  54. pmbAustin says:

    On an unrelated-but-tangential note:  I would LOVE to see some discussion of how Windows 8 will manage contacts.

    One of the things people sync are their contacts.  Will Windows 8 have a built in core of contact management, like Windows Phone's people hub?  I ask because it would be really nice to have just ONE location for all my contacts… and have them sync across my phone, my email address book, my messenger lists, etc.  I've not really seen anything like this, but it's always struck me that Windows desperately needs a centralized "Contacts" store, that ALL apps can use for picking and storing email addresses, Instant Message IDs, Skype numbers, etc.  And have it all sync transparently through the cloud (so if I update a contact on my phone, it's instantly updated the next time I go to email that person).

    Is there any plan to improve this situation in Windows 8, and if so, can we get a blog entry about it?  Thanks!

  55. domenicoav says:

    PS @Steven @Omar #Mike

    Team PLS use Skydrive API to unify the save points in gaming . This is important feature for #Gaming for Windows

  56. abdo says:

    this one is great step from microsoft….

  57. pmbAustin says:

    @KP500 is correct.  I'm concerned about existing functionality going away.

    @Mike Torres:  I think it's great what is described, with fully cloud-backed file storage.  I also see how having the separate folder, and then simply "including" that folder (or subfolders) into the appropriate libraries, should work fine for most of my needs.  And I think being able to "fetch" files via is great.

    HOWEVER.  I have a library of large video files, that I want to keep synced across two PCs (so I can access them locally/quickly, and so I have backups… two birds, one stone).  I do NOT want to store these files in SkyDrive, because they're VERY large and would require that I purchase a lot of extra storage from SkyDrive (like, a terrabyte).  I do not want to do that, as it gives me no real value.  I use the "Windows Live Mesh" feature that allows me to keep arbitrary folders on two PCs in sync.  And I'd like to keep that capability.

    SIMILARLY, I use the "Remote Desktop" functionality via web-browser in more ways than just to "fetch a file".  Yes, the features alleviate some use cases, but sometimes I need to run an app that is only on my desktop, when I'm away from home using my laptop.  Even better would be the ability to access the desktop of my PC or Laptop from my Windows Phone 8 🙂    So no, I don't just mean "fetch files, I mean "Remote Desktop via the Web access".  I know this isn't built into SkyDrive, but it's currently built into Mesh, and I'm just concerned about the future of that feature.  It's VERY powerful, and VERY useful, and I'd hate to lose it.

  58. jader3rd says:

    The issues I have with the desktop client is that it'll only sync files under the SkyDrive folder. This really doesn't work for me. Most of the files I upload to SkyDrive are pictures of the family, and so they're stored under C:UsersPublic on our computers. That way everyone in the family sees them, and has access to them. If I started syncing all of the multiple Gigabytes of files I have in SkyDrive it would result in the files living in multiple places on my computer. What a waste. Plus under my %userprofile% there already exists an organized directory structure, and I'm not going to reorganize it around a new SkyDrive folder.

    Just like how uploading/saving to SkyDrive is possible under Metro, the SkyDrive desktop app should act like that.

  59. It is not clear in the post but will Skydrive act as library?

    See I'm a photographer, I have around 200 GB of photos, I don't think I can put all of them in Cloud.

    So my question is there any way to Sync Subset of my photos without reorganizing?

  60. Asbjørn says:

    Please don't tell me that you copying the piece of crap that is Dropbox! I have zero use for a single folder for everything – I want to be able to add any folder I choose and keep its current location. You know, just like Live Mesh does now. If I wanted Dropbox-style limitations, I'd just use Dropbox. If this is what Mesh is going to become, I'll be switching as soon as I find an alternative.

    Otherwise, this looks great. But it is of zero use to me, if you want to force me to use a single. I simply don't get why that is considered useful. I already have my files where I want them – I just want to sync them!

  61. anthonyd says:

    Cool. Hopefully we'll be able to upload picture from WP to Skydrive without compression, which is impossible for now 🙂

  62. Hugh S. Myers says:

    Text to my cell-phone. I've a single black phone that just barely has touch-tone buttons. How do you propose to communicate with it? Perhaps you might want to add email as a backup? Or in typical Microsoft fashion, just write off all of those who can't or won't dance to your tune?

  63. This is truely awesome….I am very thing though I know this might not pertain to this post but when I use both computers with windows 7I can send an instant message and they show up instantly on both PCs. With that said can this feature be included with windows phone I mean it shows it but its not also might be my service provider but my facebook chat app does this really well. Sometimes I'll messaging on my computer and have to step outside and I want a no compromise experience on my phone just as if I was still on my pc .thank you hope am making sense

  64. Arthur says:

    On the desktop app, will it be possible to sync folders that are not into the SkyDrive folder? (for instance I want to sync a picture folder that is in the "My pictures" folder as part of my pictures collection)

  65. Todd Garrison says:

    "Once installed, your entire SkyDrive will start syncing into the folder you choose (the default location is in a SkyDrive folder under your user folder: %userprofile%SkyDrive) and it will always be up-to-date with your latest changes."

    Ok, so on one hand this seems like a really good thing.  I understand the power users complaining about the fact that you cannot sync random folder locations into the SkyDrive, but I understand (at least for now) the necessity of changing this.  In order for this to work for the average person it needs to set a single SkyDrive mount point on the hard drive of the local PC, help them set up folders in their SkyDrive for Pictures, Documents, Music, Libraries etc … to match the existing library folders, ask them whether they would like the SkyDrive folders to be the default location for these libraries to save files.  For a huge majority of users I suspect the answer to all of these questions is YES.  Install the SkyDrive client, create matching library folders in SkyDrive, and set the SkyDrive folders as the default.  I suppose the final piece is to allow them to choose whether their existing content should be copied over to the new SkyDrive location.  If they go ahead and "agree" to these configuration routines it will be absolutely epic.  From a USER perspective, absolutely nothing has changed.  I go to Pictures, and see my pictures.  I go to Music, and see my music.  But on the back-side everything is being synced to the cloud.  So I can now go get a Tablet, log on using my Windows Live ID, install the SkyDrive app, and wait an hour.  And with virtually no effort on my part my NEW tablet has local access to all the stuff that my OLD computer has access to.  And the magic of the mesh will keep all of this stuff in sync without my lifting a finger.

    I have two questions:

    1.  What if I need access to (say) 500GB of Sky Drive storage in order to store all of my stuff?  There are rumors floating around about +25 +50 +100GB plans.  Will it be possible to purchase +100 5x in order to effectively increase the size of a SkyDrive?  I will be afraid to adopt this if it isn't clear that the capacity will simply be there when I grow to need it.

    2.  What if I have a large 150GB SkyDrive that is mostly full, and I install the SkyDrive client on my new x86 Tablet which has (per Microsoft's requirements) a whopping 10 or 20GB of free space post Win8 install.  What happens then?  You say that the native app will download my ENTIRE SkyDrive.  But this isn't possible, because I don't have that much free space locally.  Do I get "remote only" access?  Can I pick and choose what to sync?

  66. Donny says:


    If you watched the video you could see that the Skydrive folder is under Favorites, not under Libraries.

    So I guess that it will just sync one folder only.

  67. shrippen says:

    So SInofsky said something about libraries but I didn't quite get it… So I just rephrase that question 🙂

    Will it be possible to reroute the %user%/Skydrive to something like %library%? It could be very well possible. You have a default save location defined where new stuff from skydrive could be placed in, and you can just add random folders from anywhere to skydrive the other way around. Would be magical and the structure of libraries is already available! So it would be quite easy?

  68. Finally great desktop / Metro app for windows and finally large files thank you thank you thank you

  69. W. J. Zeallor says:

    @Steven Sinofsky So this will work seamlessly with the Windows hierarchy? Because what I see in the video is the user dragging files to a SkyDrive folder. Which means that I can't maintain the logical c:usersusernamefolder hierarchy and have those specific folders backed up.

  70. Hi All

    Wonderfull ! You openned the door !!

    Now think about other products from Microsoft :

    _ will an Home Server be able to be recognized as a PC (ie reachable from outside without using the old-way interface of WHS

    _ will an xbox be able to view photos for example ?

    _ will skydrive be openned to a Windows Phone fully (for exemple to access PC's files)

    Will raw photo format / other external files format be synchronized, viewable ?


  71. Theo V says:

    So are the files downloaded to the PC or are they only accesible with an internet conenction?

  72. Michael says:

    Great post, you are definitely on the right way with the SkyDrive services.

    As others mentioned too i do not want to loose the existing functionality that LiveMesh offers:

    Local syncronization of multiple folders between my computers without the need to store them in a cloud. So i put a photo in these folders and they get synced to my devices. I do not want to have everything online. Also the need to create a library to share multiple folders seems like a hack for me.

    Live Mesh solved this problem in a nice an elegant way. I can choose a folder and then the destinations. Simple and great. This is the top most reason i am NOT using any other service (DropBox,….) because they force me into a predefined structure. Just add a preference page in the system settings where i can put in a random numbers of folders and then they get synced…

    Some other points:

    *) A redesign of the page would be great. I am waiting for a metro-style page 🙂

    *) Greate to see that i can now extend the storage if required …. 🙂

  73. temp says:


    People, don't worry. They (microsoft) know that they have to support more locations. It is a MUST

  74. LocationS says:

    I'd prefer to map several locations to SkyDrive as well, for instance ProgramData, some user profile folders, and data that is already stored in appropriate locations of my computer. Software works best when it can adapt to the user, not when the user is forced to obey requirements that don't make sense but just make it easy for lazy and uncreative developers. That's the whole point of programming IMHO.

    Our data is personal and professional, it has nothing to do with SkyDrive and should not reside in the SkyDrive folder or another single folder. SkyDrive is just the storage for our data, it should work transparently to the user. With such a strict requirement, SkyDrive and its limitations are becoming much more obvious and visible than they should. This single folder feature almost limits the usability of the file picker as you can browse only one folder, which can't really be called browsing or exploring any more.

    Take a look at BackBlaze backup service for comparison, they don't specify one single folder for automatic sync, they use all folders of all drives by default, and exclude some known folders. This opposite approach is what works best for users.

  75. Mike says:

    But… I use SkyDrive and Dropbox and Google Docs. Why do you only support your own cloud storage? It seems like you have made a choice on my behalf. Please open up the API so that any app on my system can provide this service, just like on my Windows Phone I can have contacts from any service appear together.


  76. How will MS handle files that violate the TOS? For example, images containing nudity?

    SkyDrive will be seen as an extension of one's personal, local storage. So, I imagine that a large number of people will naively violate the TOS.

    In addition, how does MS detect violations? Are there employees who screen content or is it all dependent on the Report Abuse link?

  77. Dave says:

    Mesh won't let you sync a folder if there is a reparse point(symbolic link) anywhere in the path.  If SkyDrive would follow links that could be a solution to syncing multiple folder locations.  You would have the single %USERPROFILE%SkyDrive folder with links out to other locations in the file system.

  78. @Asbjørn

    In case this new SkyDrive replaces Mesh but doesn't include the great syncing abilities you can always use AeroFS instead. It is a nice, though not perfect, substitute for Live Mesh.

  79. If files are to be synced exclusively through one dedicated folder, then please implement basic apps (picture/video viewer and music player) with the option to rearrange folders using filtering settings. WMP already does something similar (“Rearrange music in rip music folder, using rip music settings”). It would be incredibly useful if those basic apps would support (as an option) automatic relocating of files into the SkyDrive folder according to rating or tagging. For example, in the case of music files, that would mean that all songs in the local “My Music” folder that have a certain rating or tag would be automatically relocated in the “SkyDrive/My Music” folder. This way, we wouldn’t have to deal with relocating files ourselves — the syncing process would seamlessly work without requiring us to leave our content oriented apps. The moment we would rate a song or tag it with one particular tag, this song would be relocated in the SkyDrive folder in order to be synced to all our devices. The tagging option could even work with Office documents in the local “My Documents” folder.

    Please consider some similar solution, because the Dropbox-like limitation to one single folder spoils all those big improvements you’ve brought to SkyDrive.

  80. I've mentioned this before, but would like to emphasize. I LOVE Live Mesh. It was a pain to go through the transition from Live Sync to Live Mesh, mostly because there was no migration path and XP support was dropped. However, the ability to not only keep 10s of GB of data synchronized, but also to have access to my entire computer when I'm on the road is awesome.

    What would make this feature even cooler is if I could dedicate a portion of my new SkyDrive space to enable greater functionality in Live Mesh. Right now both computers need to be one in order for a sync operation to complete. Sometimes I forget to turn on my notebook before I hit the road and thus am left without the latest version of all my files. It would be wonderful if Live Mesh could upload the changes temporarily to SkyDrive and then when the notebook comes online it could check SkyDrive and download the changes and then delete the SkyDrive copy. This way I don't consume all my SkyDrive space, but I can keep files in sync. I know there is a Dropbox-based piece of software that does just this.

    I know you have nothing more to announce at this time, but please don't brake Live Mesh or make us migrate to a new service without a migration path again. Stuff like that makes it no fun to be a user of a certain service or piece of software.

  81. rkellogg says:

    I have to agree with what many have said.  

    Please do not eliminate the ability to select which folders I would like to sync.  The Dropbox one folder method is inferior.  I realize the need for simplicity in order for Skydrive to succeed, but please figure out a way to have a work around for those of us that chose Live Mesh over Dropbox because of this critical feature.

    Also the remote desktop feature of Live Mesh is great and I hope the team finds a way to make this available.

  82. zscregan says:

    I agree with the majority of the commenter's here, you should definitely keep the ability to sync specific folders to SkyDrive. Currently, I sync my 'My Documents' directory to SkyDrive with Live Mesh, and this ensures that all of my Visual Studio Projects are all backed up and synced across my computers. I also extensively use the ability to sync directories across different computers directly without using SkyDrive. It's unmatched in it's ability to keep my music collection synced throughout the house.

    I love all of the SkyDrive related upgrades in Windows 8 so far, but please don't remove these two features. They're the exact reason I switched over from Dropbox.

  83. pmbAustin says:

    For those complaining about the single SkyDrive folder syncing, please consider this:

    You can create folders under your SkyDrive folder for "Pictures", "Documents", "Music", "Videos", etc.

    You can then add these folders to your Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos libraries.  

    This solves half the problem:  Your sync'd files will appear seemlessly with all your non-synced files, right there in your libraries.

    You can create additional libraries as well, and then add non-synced and skydrive folders to them, if the basic set of 4 out-of-the-box libraries isn't sufficient for your organizational needs.

    What it doesn't solve is the issue of saving to the library or dragging and dropping to the library… at least at the top level.  You'd have to open the library top level and drag to the skydrive folder buried in there, in order to ensure new files or dragged-and-dropped files will be synced to skydrive.

    In short, there's a solution here that will resolve many issues.  What it won't resolve is the ability to sync peer-to-peer for LARGE folders, without storing the files in the cloud as well (and taking up precious skydrive space).

  84. Yannick says:

    Does it discover computers in the same network for the transfer instead of getting the files from the cloud ?

  85. Suave says:

    Will you also censor for content like you currently do, i.e. nudity etc.?

  86. lehons says:

    Finally! I've been waiting to make the switch from Dropbox to Skydrive ever since the Live overhaul. Keeping my files synced *and* editing them online with the Office web apps will be amazing.

    Might even be enough to get me to switch back from gmail…

  87. DropBox is popular for a reason, and I don't picture Momar/MS leaving the "cloud drive" model to go back to focus on the PC-to-PC disparate folder sync (though it would make sense to keep Mesh going as a separate app, maybe separate team).

    My questions: The File Picker is only available to WinRT apps, right? So if I have the SkyDrive desktop app syncing files to my hard drive, then the SkyDrive Metro app doesn't actually know I already have those on my machine, and will always get files from over the network… and I'm basically duplicating efforts. What about offline access then? I guess from a Metro app I'd use the Picker to browse the local file system and pick from my %user%SkyDrive folder?

    Next: Even if it's touch-first, why does every target in the Skydrive app have to be so huge? That means I see fewer items at a time, which is not cool when I'm working with file storage. I think the layout here is very inefficient, even for tablet use, much less mouse and keyboard which will still be primary for most of us.

  88. shrippen says:

    @Dave but that would be very uncomfortable using, but yeah a possible solution for the DIY user

    @jimbrowski – it should only violate the TOS if you SHARE that stuff, and even then only if you share with the public not your own kin

  89. DutchHarm says:

    Will there be a recycle bin in skydrive? I accidentaly deleted a folder with documents on skydrive and couldn't recover them. A recycle bin could prevent a mental breakdown in de future.

  90. +1 to multiple sync locations for the desktop app. Having to use the Libraries workaround is too cumbersome.

    Also +1 for computer-to-computer sync (bypassing the cloud storage), for large and/or sensitive files.

    And a web accessible remote desktop, that "magically" bypasses firewalls and NATs wouldn't hurt either.

  91. Will says:

    I agree with others, syncing multiple locations is a must have, this is the reason I use Mesh and not Dropbox.

    Apart from that, good work, should be really useful!

  92. temp says:

    the Remote Desktop feature is useless, better to use logmein

  93. No complaints, guys.  This is just the kind of thinking we need.

    I hope that either now, or over time, we can remove all the strange file type limitaitons on sky drive, so we can store "anything" there.

    And BTW, kudos on the increase of the limit to 2GB.

    Very well done.

    I can't wait to see how Windows 8 Consumer Preview will perform on my Developer Slate.

    -thanks again


  94. Eric Malamisura says:

    The feature set sounds great but the SkyDrive site just looks so old compared to other Cloud sync services.  If you could spruce up the site to make it look more modern it would be awesome.  

    Also if you could add a versioning feature like DropBox has where you store multiple versions of the file as it is changed, this has saved my butt on numerous occasions where I accidentally changed a file and DropBox had the previous version for me to revert.

  95. And BTW, when are you going to fix the blog software?

    The comments don't work most of the time, showing 'Loading…', but no loading occurs.

    The IE10 network capture for…/GetComment

    shows result "(Aborted)".

    How about handling the AJAX call failure, and showing "Comment loading failed", instead of "Loading…"? And better yet, solve the cause of the failure.

    Then the posting. If you compose a comment, but other users posted other comments before you finish composing, the first "post" does nothing.

    Not exactly nothing, but it just refreshes the page to show the new comments, and it's not obvious the purpose of the behavior is to allow you to read the new comments and, if you still feel that your comment is relevant, click "post" again.

    So, put a big red alert "Your post has not been submitted yet. Please read the following new comments before clicking "post" again: [new comment list].

    I'm certain this poor behavior causes both lost comment issues and duplicate comment issues for the users that don't understand it.

  96. When do you replace the sticker with the Windows Flag of Win7 on the TV with the new Windows Logo, which you have shown us recently? 😀

  97. Sven says:

    That looks really great, awesome! Finally Skydrive is getting useful and is nicely integrated, great work! Now please remove the file type limitation for the REST API's, it doesn't make any sense. As you said, users can store any file type with the file picker in WinRT, but that isn't available in Windows Phone. I need to be able to sync the user data files (SQLite and XML) from my apps across Windows Phone, WinRT and desktop. You know, 3 screens and a cloud…

  98. temp says:

    Skydrive website need also a new look.

  99. pq says:

    Will multiple Live Ids be supported? How will this work if I have one Id for work and one for business?

  100. @pmbAustin: Many people rely on sync or cloud storage services to provide backup. However, as you may know, backup has a different set of needs when compared with sync or cloud storage. For example, between the two of us we employ numerous onsite and offsite backup technologies like RAID-1, cloud backup solutions like Crashplan, offsite backups of the backups, and BitLocker to secure backed up data. If you only rely on cloud storage for your data the reality is that when you lose data, cloud storage often doesn’t provide “instant” or “easy” restore of the data. For example if you had 1 terabyte of cloud storage it would likely take about 2 weeks to “download” all that data all over again, assuming continuous 1MB download speed (1TB = 1,000,000MB = 278 hours at 1MB/sec).  Of course, your data is “safe” in SkyDrive but it’s not the best option for true backup today.  We’ve really focused on making SkyDrive a great place to store files you want to get to from many devices or share with other people. Sync provides benefits that when combined with cloud storage and local backup in Windows give you robust file availability, easy access and sharing.

    Also, to your other comment further down, you can also set the default save location for libraries to be SkyDrive today.

    @Todd Garrison, Laurent: We don’t have any more to announce today other than what’s outlined in the post (though we do mention the ability to "unlock" more storage)

    @Dave: Good idea 😉

    @Theo: They are downloaded and kept in sync.

    @Donny: You can always add any SkyDrive folder to libraries.

    @craig.smikle: Good point re: touch targets, thanks.  In general though, you can also rely on Explorer and all of its capabilities for more advanced manipulation of files.

    @DutchHarm: Good idea, we’ll see!

    @Chief Scientist: Thanks!

    For those saying that the website needs a visual refresh, that’s good feedback too thanks!

  101. Omar Shahine says:

    @Mike K. Hotmail has a feature that allows you to create an email alias…/hotmail-delivers-aliases-to-help-you-manage-and-secure-your-email-account.aspx

    this allows you to add additional addresses to your account.

    However, what you cannot do is combine an existing @hotmail account with another existing

  102. Mike K. says:


    Thank you, I have tried setting up the alias. The problem is, I cannot use that alias to send/receive email on my WP7. There's basically no way to 'log in' using that alias, so for my needs, it doesn't solve my problem. When I try to enter that alias to sign in I get a message stating 'that account does not exist.'

    I need a true Hotmail account with its own sign-in/password that I can connect to Outlook, WP7, etc.

    It's actually quite a deal killer for me, since I currently would have to keep my SkyDrive files on a separate account than my email, which defeats the purpose of using Hotmail, etc.

    But, I appreciate the personal reply and enjoy following your posts on Twitter. =)

  103. @ Win8 Dev Team

    Do you plan to release a Windows 7 Client version of this? Great iOS app for this too! I't's about time you have started to remove all of the inconsistencies from Windows. Thanks for confirming the new logo for me too. Does that mean you are going to re brand Windows to "Doors" LOL!

  104. @Mike Torres and Omar Shahine

    I agree with Mike:

    "Please open up the API so that any app on my system can provide this service, just like on my Windows Phone I can have contacts from any service appear together."

    Could also reduce workload for your servers. 😉

  105. Doug Kiley says:

    @Steven Sinofsky: Watching the Skydrive walkthrough video reminded me of a basic question which I don't think has been answered conclusively.

    Users require the ability to quickly move between multiple windows at once, a concept proven by the success of the Windows operating system and indeed, all operating systems that use the desktop metaphor as a user interface.

    The small screen size of tablets and smart phones forced a compromise, and so we ended up with the various approaches taken by iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

    What was the rationale for making the metro UI the default interface for desktop PCs?

  106. JTSteinman says:

    @Mike Torres adding SkyDrive's folder to a library would just be redundant.

    In my opinion a user should be able to simple right click a file or folder and click a Sync option and be done. Having one folder can mess up people's file arrangements. Say if I had a folder called Projects and I had 10 project folders in it, and only wanted to sync 1,3, and 7 I should have that option to maintain consistency. Not have some projects in this folder and some projects in that folder or have duplicate data.

    Honestly I think integrating SkyDrive in Windows is one of the best features, but it seems like you built it up to 95% of what it could be and just said "that's good enough".

  107. Like it, and will be a killer if integrates the same with phone and TV.

    Fetching files through skydrive talks special handling of video streaming, I hope you are not blocking audio streaming…

  108. Will SkyDrive on the Desktop also work with Windows 7? How about Windows Phone 7.5 and non-Microsoft platforms?

  109. Omar Shahine says:

    @Mike K. totally understand and sorry that what you want can't be done right now. I will pass the feedback on to the Hotmail and Live ID teams.

  110. Omar Shahine says:

    @butilikethecookie yes, per the post SkyDrive on the Desktop will also run on Windows Vista and Windows 7

  111. Omar Shahine says:

    @Todd Ogasawara anything you place in your SkyDrive is visible and available for all the SkyDrive experiences. We have already released mobile SkyDrive apps…/introducing-skydrive-for-iphone-and-windows-phone.aspx

    and SkyDrive for the Desktop works on Windows 7.

  112. Toni says:

    @OmarShahine will be released a Mac app? When will the Windows desktop be released?


  113. @OmarShahine Thank you for your response. Looking forward to trying out SkyDrive for the Desktop on Windows 7 & 8 soon. If you have any advice for how I should modify this SkyDrive/Mesh relationship diagram I created for a BYTE article, it would be appreciated.…/232600055

  114. PowerDVD Metro says:

    Here it is the famous program PowerDVD in Metro style, found at random:

    Pause this video at 0:55 to see it better.


  115. This looks great, but I didn't see any mention of shared documents?

    This feature is really important to me as I have my own files; however my wife and I also manage shared family albums and documents.

    I hope Microsoft was able to include the ability to sync shared documents in this update.

  116. I would love to see unlimited storage for images and other file types such as Office documents or MP3s.

    Especially pictures is a big deal. Google Picasa for example is offering unlimited storage for Images.

    This would be a great addition to Skydrive.

  117. A. Neto says:

    OMG. I almost had an orgasm. Killer feature, that kind of feature that will make every single user happy. I just would change that little red icon to show the file is in sync, btw, the whole windows iconography should be reworked, like I said in another post. But Skydrive if well worked can be a huge win, Microsoft have everything in it's hand to make Skydrive and Windows an wonderful and transparent combo, please, use that potential like you're showing you'll.

  118. @ mike k

    I faced a similar problem with my SkyDrive being tied to my googlemail live id as that was what I had used with my Xbox.

    I think you can resolve, but does require some jumping through hoops!

    You can go into account options for the hotmail id you want to use, and change it to a random id, thus freeing up the email address.  You can then log in to your SkyDrive id and change that one to your preferred hotmail address.  This should then give you everything under one roof as it were.

    I'm fairly sure this works as I did something similar, the only slight difference was I changed my googlemail address to my alias instead.

    The windows live id issues do need addressing though… mine wasn't without its pain, as I was forced to hard reset my wp7 losing all game progress(cloud saves please!) as well as some apps which are no longer available… I digress… rant over!!

  119. cool.scientist says:

    @Mike Torres  What is the upload limit for

    Glad to read this post and Kudos to You Guys! MS ROCKS 🙂

  120. What is your problem microsoft, posting stupid pictures of idiots and retards for every presentation???

    This is moronic.

  121. Glitch177k says:

    the fatal flaw in your implementation of skydrive…

    "should you choose to use it."

    I shouldn't be conscious of the cloud. It should just happen. I should be forced to log into windows with my windows live ID UNLESS I force it not to (like my winphone does) and the saving to the cloud should be by default without me making the decisions.

    Skydrive is great, but my mom will never "opt in" because she has no idea what you are talking about with this cloud BS.

    Now, if it were mandatory and she logged onto her new computer and all of her stuff just magically showed up LIKE IT SHOULD, she would then see the light.

    Take control of this implementation before Apple does. I'm an IT guy who is sick of doing the legwork on these things and whoever gets the brainless implementation going first is going to get all of my referals. It would absolutely kill me to give that to Apple if it's them.

  122. Glitch177k says:

    the point, skydrive shouldn't be "ON" the desktop. It should be fully integrated INTO the desktop.

  123. GenesisCC says:

    How can I get on the beta for the desktop application.  We are wanting to use the app for students using Live@edu?

  124. Omar Shahine says:

    @jimbrowski, @Suave

    The goal of our Code of Conduct and related processes is to uphold people’s privacy and ensure the integrity and availability of our services across the countries we serve.

    We know no process is perfect, and we’re always evaluating our processes to ensure we’re achieving our goals, but we have nothing further to share at this time.

  125. Waseem says:

    @Omar and team

    Great work!!

    I think the skydrive desktop app should come pre-installed on windows, so more people can discover and use it.

    Also I have to join my voice with people who suggested the ability to sync any folder in system. Boy it would be cool if we can just right click any system folder and choose a sync option 🙂

    btw when you talked about fetching, there was no mention to music! any streaming possible?

    windows 8 blogs have talked about many things, but never music or the future of media player. it will be interesting to find out

    Also it would be awesome if we'll be able to fetch things from a windows phone!!!

  126. alan says:

    can't get an answer to this problem.  I used live mesh with win 7 to sync folders on my office personal computer.  my id was associated with my xbox live id which was stollen (which is wierd, becuase I don't even go online with xbox).  I was unable to recover my id so i created a new one then tried to sync the folders on my computer with my new live id skydrive.  i got an error that i couldn't becasue my folders were already synced with my old id but there was no way to cancel that sync so i could re-synch them to my new id.  Catch 22.  can't get an answer to this problem with live mesh from tech support.

  127. Marauderz says:

    @Omar I'm gonna echo the similar concern of the problems which are inherent by synching a user's ENTIRE Skydrive folder without giving the user a choice.

    I've been using Skydrive to store files for a long time, files for myself, files for certain people and files for everyone.

    I sincerely DO NOT want the years of files to drop back into my PC, I don't NEED that. While it is a great feature to say that you want to make it easy for the users to get started by just grabbing the whole Skydrive off the cloud. It doesn't work for everyone! Are you even sure it fits into the 80/20 rule?

  128. @Marauderz: Good feedback.  This is definitely something we're thinking hard about.

  129. Kai says:

    @Mike Torres @Marauderz  I totally agree that automatically downloading everything on your skydrive to your hard drive is not behaviour that we want to see, especially on mobile broadband where you are paying to have all of those GBs sent back to your machine (or on tablets/ devices with small storage spaces.).  Having all of those files available for use/ download at a moments notice is great, and maybe you can implement a 'shadow file' solution where the files' icons and metadata are downloaded, but the actual file is not, until you try to open it.  This would be similar to downloading only email headers until the message is opened.  Also letting the user choose to customize the behaviour they want is always a good solution.

  130. I love this, it's all great. But like others have said, i'd really like to have the ability to sync multiple folders, not just stuff inside the default SkyDrive folder. For instance being able to right click on any folder and having something like "Sync with SkyDrive" would be great.

  131. @Glitch177k: Thanks for the feedback.  We look forward to you giving it a try yourself and providing feedback on whether or not it's simple enough in use.  We're constantly looking for ways to make things easier.

    @Slx64: Those pictures are of my (actual) family on (actual) vacation or at family events.  They're all photos my wife and I took.  So they're pretty authentically real people 🙂

    @alan: That's odd – not sure what's happening there.  You are talking about Windows Live Mesh from  The old Live Mesh beta from years ago is no longer available or supported.

  132. Stefan says:

    I must agree with others have said. As someone who uses Skydrive, Mesh and Dropbox, but only really uses Mesh(except for WP7, Skydrive works OK there). This is a huge step back, and the first truly disappointing thing about Windows 8.

    I'm thinking about all the folder restructuring I'll have to do, just to get similar functionality to what I have now.

    This feels like a deal breaker.  Please fix this.

  133. Mike Henriquez says:

    I have been rooting for Microsoft's cloud services for so long and at some point I gave up on you guys and ended up buying and using Apple's hardware and lots of Google's services, I started using Live Mesh after reading about it in a Wired's article of an interview with Ray Ozzie and it all seemed so sic-fi like to me. I hope this works and believe me when I say I would return to MSFT's eco-system in a second if your services are as good as the competion's. Windows 8 looks awesome, SkyDrive's vision is great and WinPhone is a really attractive mobile OS however it is not available here in El salvador and most of Latin America and that is a shame.

  134. Ryan says:

    It sounds like the SkyDrive site will be getting a refresh. Currently, of all the websites I visit, SkyDrive is one of the few that consistently and continually hogs CPU time–20-30% on a dual core, 3 GHz Core 2-era CPU. I love SkyDrive and use it a lot, but the performance of the site can be a huge drag on the computer. Will this be addressed?

    The works looks awesome–very much looking forward to trying it!

  135. Ryan says:

    One other question regarding the ability to upload/download from any app–will this be very basic access, or will custom actions be supported, such as adding comments/tags to a file via any application? One thing I'm quite curious about is whether or not this type of feature will be coming to SharePoint/Office 365. The ability to set required fields in SharePoint is largely great (with the exceptions of the lack of true hierarchical metadata support using Managed Metadata or otherwise, and the lack of "deny access" ACLs), but the implementation client-side is awful from a UI perspective, and worse, it's only supported by very, very few applications (a couple Microsoft Office apps; Adobe Acrobat/Reader X have *some* support, but not *full* support, and even then, it's just not very good or consistent). Worse still, you can save to SharePoint using Windows Explorer (though this feature is quite unreliable–about half the time, you get an error message), but even though additional metadata fields are required, nothing prompts you for those fields or prevents you from saving the file–it still saves, with the required fields left blank.

    Consistent Open/Save dialogs with that kind of power and support for all applications across the OS would be HUGE.

  136. xpclient says:

    Right from the day it was conceived, SkyDrive has continued to evolve constantly. Brilliant job, MS. The simplicity of the Metro style app is the biggest plus for novice users, so they won't have to deal wih file paths and navigation while the desktop app still remains available for power users. The second authentication requirement for remote access feature is also awesome and will ensure peace of mind for me. I am going to recommend SkyDrive to everyone I know. I trust Microsoft with my data more than any other party.

    Some comments and questions:

    1.  Control over what sub-folders will be synced inside the SkyDrive folder and preventing de-duplication is very important. Syncing the entire SkyDrive folder is not ideal. If you can use something like hard links so there is no duplication of data inside the SkyDrive folder and files on the file system. That's what Live Mesh offers with its multiple-folders-located-anywhere-but-kept-in-sync feature. For both, bandwidth and local disk free space purposes, control over what will be synced is really important.

    2.  A concern, please answer, can I expect that the SkyDrive clients for older versions will continue to operate smoothly with SkyDrive even after the latest client may drop support for an older OS or after older Windows products are no longer supported?? Otherwise, it becomes like a scenario where you must continuously upgrade your OS to keep access to your SkyDrive account. When an OS becomes old, it becomes inaccessible for SkyDrive? Like what happened to Windows XP users and Live Mesh Wave 3?

    3.  What is this file format restrictions that you mention? (…/hh561489.aspx) I thought SkyDrive from the web interface already let you upload any file type? Or these "supported" file formats are only for syncing, but you can store any file format on SkyDrive?

    4.  Make it play nice with the "Reduce data usage" option which Windows 8 will have for mobile users to avoid bill shock.

  137. i am ashamed to admit that im not a big user of skydrive because i find it a bit tedious to use and the web interface is quite dull it looks and feels too much like hotmail.  having it on metro and desktop sounds fantastic so i will deffinately start using it a lot more.

    i agree with Marauderz comments though because if i store files on the cloud i dont want them downloaded onto every computer device i use and i think the whole point of storing files on the cloud is so i dont have to keep them on my computer. Kai had a great idea of simply displaying a icon'd list of your files in skydrive so its more of a on demand system where you can select and download a file when you want it.  it would also save users and the skydrive servers a lot of bandwidth imagine if someone had to download 10gig of files from their skydrive just to gain access to a file that was 1mb in size,  what a waste.

    all the tiny nigs and nags aside i think this is a great feature and windows 8 is looking better every day,  great work x

  138. Carlos Sarmiento says:

    When are you writing an article regarding Windows 8 and the Enterprise? Please, a lot of people in the Enterprise want to know 😀

  139. Waseem says:

    Mr. Steven,  Who is DOGFOOD?, Which is written on the Image  "Fetching files through" at the TOP LEFT corner, Near Windows Live Logo in this Blog here is the Link to Image :…/8272.8_2D00_SkyDrive_2D00_fetch_5F00_0FDCB379.png

    What was that??? & REALLY MEAN???

  140. rseiler says:

    It should be pointed out that the #1 feature request for Dropbox, with 163,206 votes as of this writing, is the ability to sync any folder, ironically something that MS is giving up. Maybe you can send the code over to Dropbox to hurry them along with it?  They've been dragging their feet on it for years.

  141. sreesiv says:

    Desktop/Explorer integration of SkyDrive tool and tunneled remote access for local storage is KEY & MUST for Windows 7 clients as well. People will continue to use their Windows 7 PCs and laptops for a good amount of time even after 8 is available. Ensuring first class support of these two scenarios is very important.  The Desktop/Explorer integration and the Sync service should have the same qualities, and comparable performance & resource consumption as 8.

  142. Davide says:

    Very nice. The only problem is privacy. How will SkyDrive guarantee that users' private documents will not be analyzed/open/used in some unauthorized way? Will SkyDrive store users' documents with encryption keys so that not even Microsoft can have access to them and only the owner can open them? Amazon S3 cloud service provides something like that (not for free).

  143. Walter Z. says:

    @Waseem Check out:…/Eating_your_own_dog_food

    This is what Microsoft is doing.

  144. Stefan M. says:

    I honestly hope that you do NOT kill the option to sync folders between computers directly. In my opinion this is the best option to backup and sync files on different machines. You already crippled the sync capabilities with the last release of Live Mesh by removing read-only folder sync. Please, do NOT make it worse!

    Other than that I like it that Microsoft finally comes up with a real dropbox competitor!

  145. Mayur Prayag says:

    Current IE Team is not brilliant ,talented.They can't think from user's view.Steven ,Please Remove IE development team ,appoint new team like Windows 7 team or give project to Google ,they will develop IE like Chrome and later you tell world that we(Microsoft) developed "the IE"…..but finally we will get better IE ….Please reply me or guaranty me that future IE will be a benchmark …..the best…..better than Chrome……

    Below are IE's failure Reasons:

    1) IE's UI feels very heavy when first opened.

    2) IE is not simple means back button and forward button is not light.

    3) IE is slow

    4) IE takes more time when loading Facebook and Twitter…..!!!!!!

    5) Give IE's development to  "Google" and they will tell you how to develop a web browser.

    6) Please,copy the chrome UI ,responsiveness , simpleness…..then and then only IE will be great         otherwise whatever mini Internet,millions test you do ,it is of no use……

    7) chrome feels very light and IE feels like ton of load on our head..

    8) when we open any site IE ask for default browser in a very sluggish manner…

    9)  IE smart screen filter very slow takes much time

    10) Remove status bar from IE

    11) Take some development lessons from Google Team so that you can develop OS like Android and browser like Chrome….

    12) Within 3 years Google showed your position in market(Browser)…

    13) Microsoft is not very serious about IE…

    14) Current IE 9 is like Windows Vista ,make some strict steps and give IE 10 like Windows 7,8 performance …..

    15) Make proper Acid 3 tests,because when user sees Acid 3 tests after release on various sites,they give very less marks to Internet Explorer….

    16) Make UI clean,again I'm giving warning otherwise within 5 years you will lost completely..

    17) When we Right Click on empty space,a lot of items appear…..Remove many items(Translation etc) from right click

    18) Keep less items for Right click …..we want that

    19)Current IE Team is not brilliant ,talented.

    20)They can't think from user's view

                                                              Most Importantly, All will agree that,        "  Last thing ,we all people wanted that IE must beat chrome…….when we double click chrome icon on desktop ,it opens smoothly and feel softs,smoother …..whereas IE feels like scratches on our Screen,skin etc……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.."

    I hope you will take a lesson from above .I'm a end user.

  146. Mayur Prayag says:

    Current IE Team is not brilliant ,talented.They can't think from user's view.Steven ,Please Remove IE development team ,appoint new team like Windows 7 team or give project to Google ,they will develop IE like Chrome and later you tell world that we(Microsoft) developed "the IE"…..but finally we will get better IE ….Please reply me or guaranty me that future IE will be a benchmark …..the best…..better than Chrome……

    Below are IE's failure Reasons:

    1) IE's UI feels very heavy when first opened.

    2) IE is not simple means back button and forward button is not light.

    3) IE is slow

    4) IE takes more time when loading Facebook and Twitter…..!!!!!!

    5) Give IE's development to  "Google" and they will tell you how to develop a web browser.

    6) Please,copy the chrome UI ,responsiveness , simpleness…..then and then only IE will be great         otherwise whatever mini Internet,millions test you do ,it is of no use……

    7) chrome feels very light and IE feels like ton of load on our head..

    8) when we open any site IE ask for default browser in a very sluggish manner…

    9)  IE smart screen filter very slow takes much time

    10) Remove status bar from IE

    11) Take some development lessons from Google Team so that you can develop OS like Android and browser like Chrome….

    12) Within 3 years Google showed your position in market(Browser)…

    13) Microsoft is not very serious about IE…

    14) Current IE 9 is like Windows Vista ,make some strict steps and give IE 10 like Windows 7,8 performance …..

    15) Make proper Acid 3 tests,because when user sees Acid 3 tests after release on various sites,they give very less marks to Internet Explorer….

    16) Make UI clean,again I'm giving warning otherwise within 5 years you will lost completely..

    17) When we Right Click on empty space,a lot of items appear…..Remove many items(Translation etc) from right click

    18) Keep less items for Right click …..we want that

    19)Current IE Team is not brilliant ,talented.

    20)They can't think from user's view

                                                              Most Importantly, All will agree that,        "  Last thing ,we all people wanted that IE must beat chrome…….when we double click chrome icon on desktop ,it opens smoothly and feel softs,smoother …..whereas IE feels like scratches on our Screen,skin etc……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.."

    I hope you will take a lesson from above .I'm an end user.

  147. Mayur Prayag says:

    Current IE Team is not brilliant ,talented.They can't think from user's view.Steven ,Please Remove IE development team ,appoint new team like Windows 7 team or give project to Google ,they will develop IE like Chrome and later you tell world that we(Microsoft) developed "the IE"…..but finally we will get better IE ….Please reply me or guaranty me that future IE will be a benchmark …..the best…..better than Chrome……

    Below are IE's failure Reasons:

    1) IE's UI feels very heavy when first opened.

    2) IE is not simple means back button and forward button is not light.

    3) IE is slow

    4) IE takes more time when loading Facebook and Twitter…..!!!!!!

    5) Give IE's development to  "Google" and they will tell you how to develop a web browser.

    6) Please,copy the chrome UI ,responsiveness , simpleness…..then and then only IE will be great         otherwise whatever mini Internet,millions test you do ,it is of no use……

    7) chrome feels very light and IE feels like ton of load on our head..

    8) when we open any site IE ask for default browser in a very sluggish manner…

    9)  IE smart screen filter very slow takes much time

    10) Remove status bar from IE

    11) Take some development lessons from Google Team so that you can develop OS like Android and browser like Chrome….

    12) Within 3 years Google showed your position in market(Browser)…

    13) Microsoft is not very serious about IE…

    14) Current IE 9 is like Windows Vista ,make some strict steps and give IE 10 like Windows 7,8 performance …..

    15) Make proper Acid 3 tests,because when user sees Acid 3 tests after release on various sites,they give very less marks to Internet Explorer….

    16) Make UI clean,again I'm giving warning otherwise within 5 years you will lost completely..

    17) When we Right Click on empty space,a lot of items appear…..Remove many items(Translation etc) from right click

    18) Keep less items for Right click …..we want that

    19)Current IE Team is not brilliant ,talented.

    20)They can't think from user's view

                                                              Most Importantly, All will agree that,        "  Last thing ,we all people wanted that IE must beat chrome…….when we double click chrome icon on desktop ,it opens smoothly and feel softs,smoother …..whereas IE feels like scratches on our Screen,skin etc……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.."

    I hope you will take a lesson from above .I'm an end user.

  148. J says:

    Wow. Finally. SkyDrive done right. What took you so long?! 😉

  149. Awesome work! Cant wait for W8 to try that out. Tight, native and intiutive integration into devices (W8, Windows Phone, ..) while delivering best-in-class performance and stability – that's the right direction guys! If the Live website (skydrive, hotmail) is improved as well (metro-style and usibility like the mail and skydrive apps in W8 and WP7) I'm happy 😉

  150. @Moderator says:

    Does this blog have a moderator? Please delete the offtopic duplicate and trollish from this blog. Makes reading comments easier.

  151. Michael says:

    Thanks for this post, some of the changes sound great.

    One question I have is that we have family photos and documents we would like shared amongst all our family members as well as our own personal stuff. Is it possible to have two Skydrive accounts when logged in as one user, a shared skydrive account for the family and one for ourselves?

  152. Darkmen says:

    While this might be of some kind of use for some people, using Skydrive might violating a companys security policy. It might be simply forbidden to upload companys files on servers controlled by a US-company which are prone to seizure by US government at any time when they feel like it.

    So from an administrators view, it must be possible to compeltely block the use of skydrive via group policy.

    Even better, incorporate a skydrive server into  Windows Server 8 to be able to build a companys own cloud with all the deep integration with Windows 8.

  153. Paras says:

    So is the skydrive folder available for Windows 7 now or we have to wait for few days.

  154. Simon says:

    Better integration of Skydrive, Live Mesh and Windows sounds great. However, reading between the lines I have a few concerns/remarks:

    1) Please do not remove Live Mesh's PC-to-PC sync ability without uploading it to Skydrive. No other software implements this feature so well as Live Mesh currently does. I use it to synchronize my music and programming (code + libs) files between my desktop and laptop. At over 100GB, it would take me more than 2 weeks to upload it to Skydrive (and much more if I trigger upload caps) and would force me to shell out for additional storage I don't need.

    2) It seems you have settled on the single sync folder concept, even though that's the biggest drawback of Dropbox. Have you considered offering a default sync folder with the ability to add additional sync folders? Alternatively, at least traverse junction points so that power users can create junctions that link other directories (for example, to include files on different drives).

    3) If you opt for a single folder, please make it possible to select or deselect individual subfolders to avoid downloading all data to each client. Space is limited on my laptop, so without selective sync this would limit the amount of data I can store on Skydrive.

    4) Better security is a must. I see you are implementing SMS/trusted computer authentication for the browsing of remote files. Please consider extending this two-factor authentication to accessing *any* Skydrive data, and perhaps the initial Windows Live login.

    5) What about 'bitlocker on Skydrive'? It would be great to have the ability to store data on Skydrive in encrypted form.

  155. WOW! Looks great! I love the work being done!


    – It would be great if when you opened my computer you saw your C drive but you also saw your SkyDrive. I think it would really help people with the concept. The folder idea is awesome but in my experience, the average user does not understand folder hierarchy all that well. Libraries in Windows 7 were a great step forward.

    – User scenario that I want to work: My wife stores all her pics on her laptop and keeps Windows Live Essentials signed in as her. I want to sync those folders to my media PC using Mesh (SkyDrive in the future) the problem is that my media PC uses my Live ID. There needs to be a way to have other Live IDs validated for certain folders and enabled for constant syncing.

    – SkyDrive and Hotmail websites: SkyDrive looks great in the file browser but the overall site is ugly. The boring things, the text links, ads (Mostly your own). Make it metro and more simplistic. Use icons like a metro trash can to delete an email. Make it almost so that a traditional browser experience for using hotmail could almost be used by touch…

    Seriously love the work that you are all doing. Keep it up. Mountain Lion OSX10.8 is looking to do a lot of the same "desktop OS to mobile OS" transition. Don't just keep up with them, destroy them with a superior product!

  156. Litepurple says:

    These improvements look very slick and I look forward to trying them

    out with the Win8 CP.

    @Richard Tallis, Mike K, pmbAustin: I concur with those on here who

    say the Windows Live ID issues need to be sorted out. I myself moved

    with work from the UK to Australia. When I moved here, I wanted to use

    my existing main created-in-the-UK WLID which had all of my contacts

    and my Skydrive data with my new Windows Phone and Xbox. However, as

    the WLID was created in the UK, I could not make purchases from the

    Australian Xbox and Windows Phone marketplaces. So, I had to create a

    new Australian WLID and assign my Zune and Xbox tags to this. However,

    this means that I cannot use my main UK-created WLID which has my

    Skydrive files, on my Windows Phone. I have to use either the UK or AU

    WLID as my main WLID on my WinPhone; this means I have to choose

    between having access to my docs on Skydrive via the Office hub – and

    my UK WLID messenger contacts integrated into the messages hub – OR

    being able to make purchases from the Australian Phone and Xbox

    marketplaces. Crazy. I write this because it’s clear WL ID is going to

    be play a central part of providing Live services in Win8 and for

    people like me who move countries, it results in a frustrating and

    incomplete experience. I am hesitant about going “all-in” again with

    Skydrive because I may have to move countries with work again and

    don’t want to have my data spread across multiple IDs. (My Apple ID

    moved fine). A quick search for “WL ID moving countries” shows this

    problem has been around for at least a couple of years, if not longer.

    Live Support is well aware of the issue but it still is not fixed. It

    really needs to be sorted out as Windows proper is an order of

    magnitude bigger in terms of sales than Xbox and Phone.

    NB once a WL ID is created as a UK ID, it cannot be changed to another

    country. You can change the address and all that (for example, to

    Australia) but it will always remain a UK WLID, preventing you from

    using it in non-UK marketplaces.

    I guess the moral is don’t move countries or use WLID, sadly. Rant over.

    Well done on the Skydrive changes, though. They do look awesome!

    They’ll certainly give the competition a run for their money.

  157. That feels really great. Skydrive desktop app? Incredible. I have being waiting for this for a long time and it finally here in windows 8. Im still waiting for the Consumer Preview. 8 more days to go….

  158. Ernie Mink says:

    Nothing will EVER make me use Apple Gentry EVER! Microsoft has never EVER been beaten at all by Apple! One way you can see this is the fact that Office and Windows is used in businesses and not Apple. Games are better and you can build a PC with Windows from the ground up. Apple is pointless in all of these areas and their browser and format is out of touch with internet standards overall and very insecure. I use the HTC Radar Windows 7.5 phone with Mango, Zune Marketplace and IE 9. Nothing else is even close! When Windows 8 is released, it will be again another security update and a step forward again!

  159. Xero says:

    @Dulwichdik, I have also configured SkyDrive in Win7's windows-explorer. The only major thing missing in that method is to assign permissions from the explorer.


    In Windows 8, would there be a way to assign permissions to the file/folder (residing in my SkyDrive) directly from the desktop version? Like right-click > Security > Permissions.. where we can supply Windows Live Id and other options like "public", "my contact list" etc.?

  160. techs uk says:

    Looking forward to this preview like no other! I'm going to sort out my skydrive and desktop/files now in readiness..

  161. reasonv says:

    When this SkyDrive apps/program will be available for Windows 7?

  162. no privacy says:

    @attn: Davide 20 Feb 2012 11:20 PM #

    microsoft searches and examines all data being uploaded as pictures. just recently some professional photographer got threatened by msft to remove infringing pictures he took professional in his studio, related to nudity and other stuff.

    so microsoft basically doesnt guarantees you to have your own files private. the photographer did not share his pictures, just tried to synchronize some of his files to his windows phone.

    so much for these cloud services being simply a remote private service to the users world wide. the service providers feast on these data and strip search everything and build a huge illuminati backed database of this planets dwellers.

    good luck to all naiive people out there. microsoft is good for you.

  163. no privacy says:

    story of photographer (in germany german language) from german news site:…/1533902

    good luck too all of us with handing over all of your private files to corporations.

    best of regards. many hugs and kisses.

  164. Hi,

    what about securty?

    I would use Skydrive, but I don't know how secure are my pictures.

  165. An ubuntu user says:

    THis is an amazing progress with skydrive. Thank you very much. But what happen with the security. I had very very important files.

    Keep up!

  166. Marc Scheuner says:

    "Skydrive on the desktop and in the file system" – well, IT'S ABOUT TIME!! Competitors have had this extremely useful feature for YEARS. With this, SkyDrive might actually become useful – AFTER ALL ! …..

  167. Bytestar says:

    Fantastic, but the overlay icons are too big, and I think SkyDrive would be very good as a library.

    I am looking forward to Windows 8, when comes Windows 8 for TechNet Subscriptions?

  168. Byron says:

    Please maintain the option to sync any folder. Having to copy the things you want to be synched to a "Skydrive folder" makes synching annoying, and creates a bunch of copies, since the Skydrive location is probably not the place you created the files in the 1st place. It's going to mess up people's work flow.

    Ultimately I think most folks want Mesh and Skydrive feature sets to be merged. The ability select any folder (via a context menu for example) and select:

    1. Sync to Skydrive:

    2. Send/Upload to Skydrive

    The biggest issue is the current space and upload limitations, and the inability to navigate your Mesh files the way you can navigate your Skydrive files.

  169. small_mountain says:

    This improved integration of SkyDrive is great!  I will echo this concern raised by others, though:  How are you guaranteeing privacy?  The company I work for already does not want us to use shared OneNote files because they are shared via SkyDrive, and they have no idea who might be able to read them.  I think a key emphasis for SkyDrive marketing needs to be about how these files are encrypted/private/secure.


  170. Marc says:

    Very nice update! I guess it will be VERY useful for many people. But, as many comments on this entry, I would like to make some suggestions:

    +1 to the ability to sync an arbitrary folder, just like Live Mesh does right now. Libraries could be useful if you have your synced folder in the root of the library. But as JTSteinman suggested, what if you want to sync only some folders inside a subfolder? For instance, I have a folder in "My DocumentsPersonal" folder called "Games". How can I sync it to SkyDrive without syncing all the "Personal" or "My Documents" folder? I’ll have to put it in the “SkyDrive” folder and  then could make a shortcut or something inside “Personal”, but I guess many programs will not be happy with this approach (backup programs?). This is why I (and many others I guess) don’t use DropBox.

    SUGGESTION: Sync all files to the “SkyDrive” folder by default, but have an (advanced) option to specify where you want each folder to be placed.

    +1 to not having to sync ALL my SkyDrive to the “SkyDrive” folder on every computer. For example, I have a netbook with only 32 GB. I can’t sync every file on my SkyDrive with it. Also, it is my job computer, so I don’t want my “Games” folder on it.

    SUGGESTION: As Kai and Simon (and others) have suggested, show all the SkyDrive data, but give the possibility to only download things on demand, or to specify which folders to sync and which not. As shown in the video, all the folders have the green checkmark when synced. You could add another icon to indicate that the file or folder is not physically on the computer and it has to be downloaded if needed. Also the file/folder could be greyed out to make it more obvious.

    +1 to keep Remote Desktop connection as in Live Mesh. I (and many others as I can see) need to access a remote computer not only to retrieve files but to run applications. So it should be possible to make a Remote Desktop connection bypassing NATS, Firewalls, etc. LogMeIn is ok, but having this functionality integrated with the system is perfect!

    SUGGESTION: Leave this option disabled by default, and have the advanced users activate it in case they need it.

    So these are my suggestions. I hope it is useful for you.

    I guess what I and others are asking for is more related to Live Mesh, and this post is more related to SkyDrive. And I guess we are envisioning a system where you don't have to think WHERE the files are. You just have them THERE. With the "SkyDrive" folder approach, you always have to think if you have it on SkyDrive or on your computer. Nowadays, with Live Mesh, I have them “there” and the only thing I have to do is to ask Mesh to sync it.

    Anyway, congratulations for the great work you are doing!

  171. You had better support apps like TextNOW and iMessage.

  172. @John, you're an idiot. you can clearly use subfolders in the SkyDrive folder.

  173. Suman says:

    Very interesting. I have been waiting for such integration for years now.

    As several others commented before: Removing the ability to pick folders to sync will be a bummer. (Considering the fact that: Its the single most important feature why I use Live Mesh over all the other sync tools out there)

  174. Tobias says:

    Just a few questions:

    1. Will you support update revisions, so that one can access a file from a previous state?

    2. Furthermore, what happens if I edit a 2 GB file, which is synced. Does the new App has to resync the whole file or does it just upload the changed parts?

    3. How do you handle conflicts, eg. parallel changing/adding of the files on the desktop and laptop?

    Thanks! Nice Work!

  175. A. Neto says:

    When I said "little red icon" I meant GREEN.

  176. @Mike Henriquez, @Amy Gx, @J, @Martin, @Gentry,@fordcom: Thanks!

    @Ryan: We’ll have more to talk about re: developer support for this soon.  With respect to your experience on & CPU usage, we’d love to know more.  Which browser + version is this happening with – and when you see this, are you doing anything specifically on

    @xpclient: Thanks.  The file format restrictions people are mentioning have to do with the APIs.  Control over which sub-folders sync is good and consistent feedback and we know people want options here.  When the apps are available, we’ll have more to talk about with respect to support lifecycle.

    @Waseem: That’s just an internal word we use for testing and that’s where the screenshot was taken.  You can learn more here:…/Eat_one& (looks like Walter Z. already found)

    @sreesiv, @Paras, @reasonv: Thanks.  As we discussed in the post, this will be available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well.

    @Davide: See Omar’s comments above on the terms of use.

    @Stefan, @Simon: We won’t be offering a way to sync between PCs without using the cloud as we’ve found that it adds complexity.  Both technical complexity as well as, more importantly, complexity in the overall user model.  The SkyDrive model is really quite simple in that it’s “cloud-first” and not “cloud-optional” which means you no longer have to worry about the timing of various PCs being online to sync, or having files that are only available on PCs but not through or mobile devices.  Conflicts are far less likely as well since the cloud is always "online".  The fetch feature addresses the need to “get back” to stuff that you haven’t put in SkyDrive yet.  There are tradeoffs either way, we realize that, but we decided to focus on a simple model and really work to get that right.

    @Michael: A single SkyDrive is associated with a single Windows Live ID.  While you could create another Windows Live ID for a family, we also support Groups which is an option for family photos and documents.

    @Tobias: We support versioning on Office documents today but don't have more features to announce at this time.  #2 is something we believe in and are working towards.  With respect to conflicts, we'll have more to talk about on this soon as it's actually pretty hard to get right — and we want to go into more detail on how we approached when the time is right.

  177. André says:

    Have you ever thought of offering something like Hamachi natively?…/hamachi

  178. Just needed to leave a note to express my initial joy followed rapidly by disappointment. Specifically, it's good to read that "we took what we learned from Mesh and FolderShare/Sync ". Good to read but hardly believable. Of all the comments and suggestion I've read about Mesh and Skydrive in recent years, the only one that absolutley crops up time and again is the merging of the two such that all the 25GB can be used as synced storage. Never have I heard anyone suggest that it would be in anyway helpful to remove the ability to sync any folder!

    Like many others here, I moved from Dropbox specifically to use Mesh's sync any folder feature and I was one of the 163,000 votes for Dropbox to implement this. I gave up waiting after three years. This was an incredibly exciting post in many ways but the inability to sync any folder is bizarre in the extreme.

    Curious workarounds have been suggested regarding libraries but this hardly make anything simpler. With Mesh, I could select a folder and basically say: "I want this synced here, here, but not there". How much simpler than that is it possible to get as a model and yet it still provided a way to sync any folder, sync on cloud only, sync between two PCs without cloud etc. I can't accept that simplicity was the major driver behind this retrograde decision – I suspect there are technical difficulties which are not being shared with us. It would be more helpful and honest to broach them.

    In many ways, the improvements are a great step forward but the emasculation of the Mesh model will leave me in the hunt for decent sync software that offers the very facilities you've chosen to remove. What an incredible shame for a new operating system.

    I really hope the team can reconsider this – the feedback to this post shows a nearly universal strength of feeling in this area.


  179. Seems like my first post got killed…

    A neat solution, but as many before me has mentioned, restriction to a single sync folder compared to Mesh isn't the best of solutions.

    Second; The API's for SkyDrive ain't proper REST API's, a correctly implemented REST API describes it self by exposing/describing resources (Hypertext driven) just as hyper links works as an example, leaving URL building etc to the developers implementing / consuming the API's is madness and totally unnecessary, and wrong when using the term REST. (See this post by Fielding him self:…/rest-apis-must-be-hypertext-driven)

  180. Allen says:

    Will you be adding local database access to WinRt?  All Metro apps won't be about data in the cloud.  Many require the use of a local database.  Without it, it will be a huge step backward.

  181. Stefan M. says:

    @Mike Torres: Thank you for your response. I really appreciate that you are spending time on answering all the questions. However, I am incredibly disappointed that you have chosen to remove the sync-without-cloud option! This cannot be true! I really hope that you have plans to keep this functionality alive in a future Live Mesh version (maybe even rename it back to Live Sync). Please, take a good look at all the feedback here and reconsider your decision! There are so many scenarios where cloud sync is not an option (e.g. very large folders). Please don't throw away such an excellent, stable feature!

  182. GregH says:

    Exactly what I was hope to see!

    Now make the interface a little less XP – starting with the little green tick for synced items.

  183. Simon says:

    @Mike Torres, thanks for responding.

    It's incredibly disappointing that the two features that made me discover and start using Live Mesh (PC-to-PC sync and any folder sync) are being removed. I wonder if the resulting simplicity is worth removing the USP of a system that currently works.

    I have a further comment about the new USP, fetching content from a remote PC. This feature is convenient, but may have serious security/privacy implications. If I understand correctly, it's the digital equivalent of giving the keys to your front door to Microsoft. When a connection is authenticated using only a Live ID and a Microsoft-generated second key, it means Microsoft holds all the credentials necessary to browse all files on a computer.

    This implies all data on your hard drive could be accessed without your consent in a number of scenarios: 1) actions by select Microsoft employees, 2) a major Skydrive security breach, 3) when Microsoft is ordered to do so by a US government agency.

    I hope I'm mistaken about this. At the very least there should be an option to provide an additional, local password for the remote browsing facility. One that is *not* stored in the cloud.

  184. JTSteinman says:

    Will there be an option to link people to synced stuff from within the shell like DBox's public folder system?

  185. @Simon: We have very strict controls in place over who can access any content, whether it’s account information or data stored with us.  In addition, Microsoft and Microsoft employees don’t have the right to access your PC remotely.  We should also have mentioned in the post that this feature can be turned off on first-run or at any time afterwards.  You don't need to enable remote access / fetch in order to sync your SkyDrive with your PC.  We want you to be in control.

    @JTSteinman: We have very rich permissions support on SkyDrive and these permissions are applied to files/folders regardless of where you're viewing or editing them.  So you can send links, set permissions, and so on as you can today even if those files are syncing.  More here:…/skydrive-gets-simple-app-centric-sharing-for-office-powerful-file-management-html5-upload-other-updates.aspx

  186. danielgr says:

    First things first: this is overall great news. As always you give some and take some, but I feel that this time overall you gave much more than you took away, so thanks!

    Tried to read everything here, here are the concerns I share:

    • Seems integration with local networks is lacking. Being one of the rare users of W7 "public libraries" to share content across pc's and accounts at home I can't see a decent way of using SkyDrive without duplicating my files.

    • You do away with cloudless sync, meaning several computers on the same LAN will lose their ability to share limitless data, which was a nice feature of lsync/mesh. Sure I may not want to sync 1TB over the internet, but at home it was handy for the few that noticed it possible. Got mother and father, two PCs on different rooms, each with one account per person, all the family photos shared on public libraries synced through mesh on both computers, ensuring both nearly instant availability and redundancy over two physically separated machines…

    • you do away with sync outside skydrive; bye bye to syncing applications program files (other than built-in Microsoft products), which to me is a great loss since I sync user files for several ones that need to be located under program files.

    • how will you deal with limited storage on mobile devices remains an open question. Would be nice if syncing the full skydrive folder wasn't mandatory …

    • demoing the thing with wp7 camera roll was of bad taste for all wp7frustrated users that know only crapified versions of your pics get uploaded there. If mobile data use is a concern, simply make an option not to upload full-red unless on WiFi, automate the process so that crappy versions uploaded on mobile networks get replaced by full-red when reaching WiFi…

    • The more you improve cloud services the more I wished I had some "live ID management" options. My ID should be a digital key independent from my e-mail, and I should be able to change my primary e-mail without losing all my related services. As pointed out hotmail aliases are nearly useless since one cannot use them from any existing e-mail client (outlook, wp7, wlm, whatever). When I signed up for hotmail over a decade ago I had never envisioned my high-school time address to become the key to most of my cloud services, and I guess I'm not alone. One should really be able to merge id's, modify associated e-mails, etc. For as long as sufficient credentials are supplied.

    Anyway, never been so excited about windows, so as I said, this IS great news, and it seems despite not being the perfect solution for everyone, it will for sure be a pretty good one for most. Now my family will be able to use SkyDrive without me going through the "obscure" (for them) mesh configuration. Thanks!

  187. J Kong says:

    Looks great, but the sync checks look too big.

  188. Thanks for this blog post – there are exciting opportunities here with Win 8 and SkyDrive and where it all ends up….

    But I have to echo the mixed feelings expressed by many.

    I think the merging of "Sync" and "SkyDrive" is unfortunate, and to bury the sync functionality inside the SkyDrive app is misdirected.

    Here is my proposed model:

    Windows Live Drive (nee SkyDrive). The storage location hosted by Windows Live.

    Windows Live Devices. All the devices I have registered with my WLID, including WLDrive.

    Windows Live Sync. A service for syncing files between any or all devices.

    So for me, I like the way WL Devices currently works from a browser – I can see all my registered devices, including skydrive. I can remote logon to those devices for troubleshooting / maintenance, and I can see sync status on those devices(s) where relevant.

    On the web, via Devices, these 3 products work well together. I realise currently, this is achieved via Live Mesh installed on all the devices…

    For Windows8, I would like all the "plumbing" that unifies these three products to be be built-in and transparent to me, the user. The local machine settings for Windows Live features are exposed to me through a Windows Live management app. This app would let me set my sync settings, but also show other WL devices and allow me to interact with them same as per the web (eg I could RDP to them).

    For Vista/Win7 machines, the plumbing and management app would be available via download.

    For me, the Sync service is the most important. It is unfortunate you guys have appeared to equate Sync with SkyDrive. Sync should really just be service, that is available to *any and all* my WL devices, including my WLDrive. That is, I should choose which files I want to sync and between which devices. If O do not choose WLDrive as one of the devices for syncing a particular file, then the sync is done peer-to-peer between the other devices.

    Networks can be flaky, but storage is cheap – I used to host my photos, ripped DVD collection and music on my WHS machine and get all the clients to stream from the network location. I now use Live Mesh to copy that data to all the clients (the initial rips are still stored on the WHS). This overcomes any network issues and addresses part of an overall backup strategy.

    I currently store our family's shared documents on the WHS and use GoodSync to sync that to SkyDrive. Your current proposal for Win8 means I can replace Goodsync on my WHS with SkyDrive app, but I will have to replace Live Mesh on my client machines with GoodSync (for the peer-to-peer sync).

    Sorry for the long post…

    BTW, I notice Mike Torres mentioned support for SkyDrive Groups – I really hope this aspect will be improved. How will it work in the scenario:

    I have SkyDrive Group where only the Missus and I are members

    We store all our shared family documents in this group

    We have a Family PC where we both have separate logons

    This Family PC also includes logons for our children, plus a Guest logon

    SkyDrive app is installed on our family PC and synced

    Where do SkyDrive Groups docs get synced to? How will access to the Group data be controlled on the PC from the other accounts?


  189. Ryan says:

    @Mike Torres

    Re: CPU usage for Skydrive–I see this both with IE8 and IE9 on Vista and 7. It happens even if the browser window is minimized. I'll notice that the machine is feeling sluggish, so I'll go to check Task Manager to see what's going on. Typically, I have many, many iexplore.exe processes running–and many of those unfortunately also consuming a fair amount of CPU time–but when I have Skydrive open, there's one iexplore.exe that is consuming noticeably more than the others (~30%). If I select that process and kill it, I'll see the Skydrive tab reload. It's not always consuming that much of course, but it happens frequently. Perhaps it happens after having it open for awhile… I'm not sure.

  190. Ryan says:

    +1 for keeping PC-to-PC sync. If it *goes through* (doesn't sit on) the cloud as the transport to accomplish that, that's fine–I don't care about the path, I just don't want it stored there. I use Live Mesh as others have mentioned–synchronizing large files like videos and high-fidelity music recordings (I'm a musician), and I would exhaust my 25 GB very quickly if I had to keep it all on Skydrive.

    The PC-to-PC  feature of Live Mesh has worked incredibly well, and I use it daily. If nothing else, please let Live Mesh live on as a separate product. Without it, I would be using something else, not paying extra or shuffling files back and forth out of the Skydrive sync area.

  191. Andres @aplus89 says:

    "The Sky (drive) is the limit, don't stay in the (i)Cloud" =)

  192. Nagendra says:

    How does it differs from Dropbox ? Looks like its a copy of dropbox.  you don't need to buy windows 8 for this, you can install dropbox for free on your existing windows xp box and enjoy the same features.

  193. Srini says:

    Great News, and cannot wait to see it in action.

    Just have a question on how will the auto-syncing option for the SkyDrive work on Cellular Networks vs WiFi. Assuming I'm using a Win8 tablet without a Wi-Fi and running on a Cellular network, and drag and drop a huge file into my SkyDrive share folder, will the system start using all my cellular bandwidth to sync the file to the cloud? That won't be a good thing and I would prefer synchronization of huge files only on a non-cellular network to prevent a mobile bill shock!

  194. I love skydrive integration on windows and metro.  What about adding skydrive integration in the new ribbon in explorer.  I just want to click any folder or file or photo  and click sync from the ribbon in the explorer. Just one skydrive folder on the desktop is not a good idea. We have to be able to sync files or folders from anywhere in the windows. I call that a true cloud experience

  195. Jonathan says:

    PLEASE DONT REMOVE DIRECT PC-2-PC SYNC!!!! That's a terrible decision!

  196. Rob says:

    +1 for keeping p2p sync either within the skydrive app or as a seperate download. I keep five folders on three machines in sync, each is bigger than 100 GB. I am not willing to pay for that much skydrive space. Also it would take forever to upload everything. The cloud is not the solution to every scenario.

  197. Simon says:

    @Mike Torres: I understand that Microsoft employees do not have permission to browse your local files. However, the issue is that there it is technically possible for an employee or system with the right level of clearance to do so. This implies that your data could be accessed remotely if said employee or system is either malicious, coerced or hacked. It's good to know there's an off switch (I'm assuming this sets up local permissions, not in the cloud), but it would be even better to require a local password so that the feature could be used without the additional security/liability implications.

  198. 200 up! says:

    well well. check out the latest Google Docs for android slates…/google-docs-for-android-updates-adds-offline-support

    Does MS hav matching featues in Skydrive's office?

  199. Scott Cranfill says:

    I tried to comment earlier, but it seems the commenting system ate it. I was more eloquent before, but just to make sure my opinion gets out there:

    * Please do not remove direct PC-to-PC syncing, especially over LAN.

    * Please do not remove the ability to sync individual folders outside of the SkyDrive folder. Including the SkyDrive subfolders in a Library is a kludge.

    * Please do not remove the full Remote Desktop capabilities. I use this several times a week to actually use programs on a remote machine. Accessing the filesystem remotely is not an acceptable substitute.

  200. says:

    Loving to support for SkyDrive in Windows Explorer, can't wait to test this out for myself!

  201. sekhar padikkal says:

    @steven sinofski @omar shahin @mike torres

    A word of appreciation to you guys. Now thats one tight integration of sky drive to the windows 8!!!

    One suggestion though… Can we have Skydrive Desktop app preinstalled? Well that can also be used for the  marketing push.. Or will it create huge load on your data center?

  202. Paul says:

    I'm excited for Windows 8 but still on the fence about the UI. I hear you can't have custom wall papers and restricted to a couple of pre-defined accent colours. You can't have themes either which is worrying.

  203. Stefan says:

    No need to get Windows 8 – Vista and Windows 7 have support until 2017.

  204. Stefan says:

    Skydrive is a joke. You aren't allowed to upload whatever You want. It it heavily censored.

  205. Stefan go away and use linux

  206. Mark says:

    I posted earlier but it doesn't seem to have been successful. I am worried about the size of the scroll bar in Skydrive. It looks like its probably easy for a touchpad to use, but it looks really really tiny for mouse users. Please don't forget about those of us mouse users who don't have perfect eyesight when designing these 4 pixel high interfaces!

  207. Oliver says:

    I want skydrive for the desktop now, then I can install it on Windows 7 and get ready!

  208. BandwidthCostsMoney says:

    "entire Skydrive" gets synced to local computer?

    But I don't want that!

    I have three computers, and say 2GB of Skydrive used. I have an internet plan that only allows 25GB per month and I pay quite a lot for that. If I had to download that 2GB to all those computers, I'd be using 6GB in the first month – about 1/4 of my plan – just to get synced?

    Why would you make me sync all my Skydrive folders and not allow me to be selective?

    That makes Skydrive useless without something like Mesh locally, to push files between my computers.

  209. OK MSFT here is what I want. I save a docx to user/documents/creative/articles on one of my PCs and it, plus the new backup, are updated in user/documents/creative/articles on my other PC logged into my network without my data leaving my network.  Really, that's all I want in syncing.

  210. Metamathematician says:

    WoW & waaaaw!!! SKyDrive is BOMB & Microsoft is DON !!

  211. Bradavon says:

    @ Steven Sinofsky: "Keep in mind libraries mean that you can just add any folder to the library and it acts like it is in the pre-defined locations."

    Thanks for clearing that up. It's not made clear in the article the SkyDrive location is in fact a Library and not a regular Folder (as is the case with DropBox: My DocumentsDropBox I believe).

    That makes it much easier to use. You can just add your My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, My Videos folder to the SkyDrive Library and it'll sync across.

    Will that work as I describe?

  212. Murani L says:

    Will Windows Phone users have the ability to fetch any file from their PC through SkyDrive?

  213. @AZJack: Tools like SyncToy or SyncBack are great for this.

    @Bradavon: SkyDrive isn't a library, but you can add your SkyDrive folders to libraries (new or existing).  You can also change the location of your My Documents, My Pictures, and other special folders to SkyDrive locations.

    @Murani: We strive to make all of our SkyDrive apps better and better over time, but we don't have any features to announce for Windows Phone right now.  Thanks.

  214. chocoajay says:

    when it will be available for windows 7? the exe that blog is talking about.

  215. Sergey Z. says:

    + Multiple folders (an option to add folders in addition to default folder)

    + Option, how to sync folders (option not to download all from SkyDrive to local device/PC – on per folder base, I think). Default folder, by default, can be always synced (and auto-downloaded on all devices).

    + Syncing folders bypassing SkyDrive storage.

    + Remote PC/device access. Please!

    + Recycle Bin/Versions.

    + Encrypt data in SkyDrive storage (an option to encrypt data in folder?)

    THAT will be "Cloud".

    It may be simple "by default", but flexible & "feature reach" on demand.

    And thank you for your work, all MS team.

  216. Sheila B says:

    After reading this post about SkyDrive I was excited about getting full use of SkyDrive and the merging of Live Mesh with it, until I started reading the comments.  I’m now very confused and worried.  I’m worried about losing Live Mesh features when it is rolled into SkyDrive.  I had to do same research about the library feature in Windows 7; I did not know what it was and how it worked.  I have the following questions:

    1.  Will SkyDrive only sync what is in the SkyDrive folder?

    2.  Will I have to copy everything I want to sync to the SkyDrive folder?

    3.  Is the SkyDrive folder a library?

    4.  Can I manage what is automatically synced to other devices?

    5.  If I stop syncing, will the files remain on Skydrive?

    6.  If I stop syncing, will the files remain on the devices?

    7.  Can I sync folders to other devices without the folder being stored on SkyDrive?

  217. Stefan M. says:

    @Mike Torres:

    First of all, I want to point out that I am not the same person that is posting as "Stefan". I'm not that grumpy and impolite – although I am German. 😉

    I have a simple question: Will Microsoft continue to support the current version of Windows Live Mesh with its ability to sync without using the cloud after the release of the new Skydrive app? Or are you going to shut down server side support like you did with Live Sync? Currently Live Mesh is a unique piece of software and I am sure you know best that it is not at all comparable to tools like SyncToy or SyncBack. There's nothing out there on the market that is comparable.

    When your co-worker Dharmesh Mehta blogged about the Live Mesh usage data last year ( he wrote something that I can only underline:

    "This is in contrast to those who believe that it’s a cloud-only world and that everything should and will live online. It’s a simple idea, but our customers tell us they want a choice in what works best for them."

    I am one of your customers and I am telling you emphatically that I want to keep that choice. You say you wanted to avoid complexity. Only half a year after the release of Live Mesh 2011 more than three million people were using it. Obviously it was not that difficult to handle the complexity. Please rethink your decision! Right now you're about to turn Live Mesh/Skydrive into a Dropbox copy including all its disadvantages like no direct device-2-device sync and the one folder approach.

  218. Toni says:

    You could simply create another app which would only sync. Rebrand Mesh to SyncPC. That way you would have Skydrive new app and Mesh/SyncPC that would be totally separate and only used to syncPC's without any cloud…

  219. qwerty88 says:

    +1 for P2P sync

    +1 for Multi-folder support.

    I can see why you don't want to implement these features (complexity and user confusion). However they could be disabled by default and hidden in advanced settings.

    In worst case scenario at least don't kill Live Mesh! These features are really important to many people, especially P2P sync bypassing cloud, since this is currently a unique product and there are so many situations when syncing to Cloud in not an option.

    I understand your willingness to get things as simple as possible, especially when you see Apple success. But please don't abandon your power users. Windows was always our choice over MAC because of user control, power and flexibility. If this is lost I don't really see much point choosing Windows over MAC or even Ubuntu…

  220. Irfanfare says:

    SkyDrive, wow what an improvement ! Going to love it with all those features.

  221. Joe Capel says:

    " With Mesh, I could select a folder and basically say: "I want this synced here, here, but not there". How much simpler than that is it possible to get as a model and yet it still provided a way to sync any folder, sync on cloud only, sync between two PCs without cloud etc. I can't accept that simplicity was the major driver behind this retrograde decision – I suspect there are technical difficulties which are not being shared with us. It would be more helpful and honest to broach them.

    In many ways, the improvements are a great step forward but the emasculation of the Mesh model will leave me in the hunt for decent sync software that offers the very facilities you've chosen to remove. What an incredible shame for a new operating system.

    I really hope the team can reconsider this – the feedback to this post shows a nearly universal strength of feeling in this area."

    @Neil__Charlton: I echo your every word. Disappointed is an understatement. The removal of PC-to-PC sync is a mistake. It is the equiviliant of when Drive Extender was removed from WHS.

    @Momar: Please reconsider your decision to remove mesh's ability for PC-to-PC sync and any folder sync. Of course the community will find a work around but, nothing will be as good of a replacement as what your team could have created.

    I think that Scott Cranfill said it best:


    * Please do not remove direct PC-to-PC syncing, especially over LAN.

    * Please do not remove the ability to sync individual folders outside of the SkyDrive folder. Including the SkyDrive subfolders in a Library is a kludge.

    * Please do not remove the full Remote Desktop capabilities. I use this several times a week to actually use programs on a remote machine. Accessing the filesystem remotely is not an acceptable substitute."

    Thank you for your many hours of hard work. -Joe

  222. Lenny says:

    Are you planning on expanding the skydrive storage limits?  The curent limit is too small to post all my pictures and documents. I would be willing to pay for additional space.

  223. anir says:

    Can you please improve hotmail's Web email, contacts, calendar and syncing of all the above until it is at google's standard.thanks.

  224. Leviath says:

    are Groups supported? It's a feature I miss so much on the phone.

  225. pdh says:

    +1 for Multi-folder support. Use it everyday.

  226. Marc says:

    Hi Mike and Omar–

    Maybe I'm not quite picking up on the language you're using, but when you say files will sync back down to the PC you mean the full files will be migrated as with Live Mesh today?  I wasn't sure if what you were describing was a thumbnail that you could only use if you happened to be online to pull it down off the cloud or if it were similar to how Live Mesh works today with synching.  I'm really hoping the latter 🙂



  228. James says:

    Appears my comment was removed, take offense to me questioning the use of RAID-1 as a backup technology?

    Anyway as I said and so many others are echoing, if you take away PC to PC sync in Live Mesh you have just recreated DropBox, how original and the product no longer serves the purpose for what it was doing.

  229. @Marc Full file sync, not just placeholders.

  230. Tim Erbes says:

    Looks visually appealing. But it's nothing more than a Dropbox clone with a Metro interface. Live Mesh is so much more than that! Please do not kill it!!!

  231. Tim Erbes says:

    Looks visually appealing. But it's nothing more than a Dropbox clone with a Metro interface. Live Mesh is so much more than that! Please do not kill it!!!

  232. Robert says:


  233. windows_live_addict says:

    +1 for p2p device sync and +1 for multiple folders. momar, i really hope you don't ignore all the feedback here. it's not too late.

  234. Instead of making a separate folder, why can't you put a button in the ribbon which says "Sync to SkyDrive" for every file and folder?

    What I mean is this. I select a folder and click "Sync to SkyDrive" and whoosh! It is done. I don't use Dropbox because I hate maintaining separate folders. So, now I guess I won't use SkyDrive in Windows 8 as well.

    Guess manual sync is the only option left for me

  235. Toni says:

    What do you have to say about that???…/box_offers_50gb_free_cloud_storage_android_users

    Maybe MS should offer 100GB to wp7 users…

  236. Stewart says:

    Mike, you said earlier that ‚Conflicts are far less likely as well since the cloud is always "online".’. While this may be true for small files like word documents, it’s not true for large files like wave files or Adobe Premiere/Encore project files. In these cases it’s even more likely that conflicts emerge since it takes very long to upload those files to skydrive and even longer until they are downloaded to other computers. So the chance that two computers are out of sync is even bigger. Right now with Live Mesh it just takes a few seconds since everything is synced through LAN. Many people have asynchronous internet connections with low upload speed. It will literally take forever to sync large folder with several GB of content. This is a huge step backwards!

  237. Matt H. says:

    I'm really disappointed to hear that folder syncing directly between multiple PCs is going away. This is a huge feature that I (and many others) use on a daily basis. That way, we can keep multiple folders (including large files) synced without having to worry about using up our online storage space.

    You say this can be worked around via remote pull, but I say it's not the same. I want auto-syncing of certain folders directly into my Libraries so that I can work on a file on my laptop (like my finances or a graphic, etc) and then go to my desktop later and my latest changes are already there in the correct folder.

    Dropbox,, and others don't have this sort of functionality, which is why Live Mesh has always had a place in my workflow.

    Please, *please* reconsider your decision here. You could still abstract away these details by "hiding" them in an "Advanced" section for those users who require the added flexibility of direct sync.

    If this feature goes away for good, I would have to drop SkyDrive altogether from my workflow in search of another app that does what I need.


  238. Gunjan Bansal says:

    I am using windows from win95 era and following building windows 8 blog from sept. Only thing that disturbs me is in spite of better functionality Skydrive (with Office) is not being used as much as Google docs. More of a marketing failure than product failure. Consolidating Mesh and Skydrive into a single product with all features with apt marketing (at-least for vista and win 7) must do the trick.

  239. Teddy O. says:

    I have to agree with Matt H. and many others. Syncing through the cloud may make sense for people with a few GB of files, but I use the PC to PC sync feature of Mesh very heavily.

    From keeping entire local web development environments synced between work Mac and home PC to making sure that my family's picture library is synced between 3 PCs (because different people are adding pictures every day, even automatically with Windows Phones' wireless sync), PC-to-PC syncing is the only way to keep dozens or hundreds of GBs synced between computers.

    I'm sure I'll continue to use SkyDrive with Windows 8, but you're forcing me to look elsewhere for my PC-to-PC syncing and remote desktop needs, previously in a nice, tight little package in Mesh. 🙁

  240. commongenius says:

    @Mike Torres,

    I don't care if Microsoft employees have the "right" to access my computer. I care whether they are "able" to. If people never did things they did not have permission to do, we wouldn't have jails. Relying on rules is not enough. What happens when Microsoft is served with a court order to access a personal computer? Unless and until there is protection in place that prevents anyone but me, including Microsoft, from accessing my files, I will disable the remote access feature on my computer and every computer that I come across, and advocate turning it off to everyone I know. Leaving such a hole in a PC's security is unconscionable.

  241. Stefan J N says:

    @Mike Torres

    I'm glad that SkyDrive is being integrated into Windows 8 so well, but I have a concern about the security verification code sent via SMS.

    Will the feature work for mobile numbers anywhere in the world, or is it only limited to the US? For example the SMS feature in hotmail is only available to subscribers of Alltel, AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. I know that you can fix this problem, Skype can send text messages to the whole world.. please tell me you have a fix for this, and when you do, pass it along to the rest of the Hotmail/Microsoft team 😉

  242. Whether we can use the SkyDrive on the corporate network in the private cloud, not in public cloud?

  243. Guillaume Soucy says:

    @Mike Torres

    I don't speak very well in english but do you say SkyDrive App will be compatible with Windows Xp or not? Too, I will be able to upload 2 Gb files from SkyDrive website at or 2 Gb its just for the app on Windows 8?


    Guillaume Soucy

  244. Florian T. W. says:

    Mike, please do not remove p2p direct device sync! This is what differentiates Mesh from all other products. I use it every day to sync multiple folders with more than 350 GB of data. Syncing through the cloud is not an option for me, because:

    a) it would be very expensive to upgrade the Skydrive storage to the capacity that I need

    b) it would take FOREVER to upload everything

    c) I do not want all my files to be stored in the cloud

  245. censorism says:

    Funny how my postings are getting censored here because I am naming Windows 8 what it is:


  246. Irfanfare says:

    Have always been a SkyDrive. Now, I don't think I can ever stop using it. SkyDrive as an app on the screen is simply great news.

  247. Mike UK says:

    @Mike Torres

    Will SkyDrive Desktop for Windows 7 be available to the general public at the same time as the Windows 8 customer preview (i.e. this week)?

    Also, will support for uploading large files (up to 2GB) and the increased amount of storage space be available then?

    Many thanks,


  248. Alessandro says:


    If I add a picture with geotag, tags, author and all those details to the SkyDrive folder on the desktop, will it sync the photo with all the details attached to the cloud and to other PCs?

    Thanks in advance,


  249. @Alessandro: Yes

    @Mike UK: As mentioned in some previous comments, we aren't talking about availability right now – but it won't be available this week.  The new file size limit will accompany it once ready.

  250. Guillaume Soucy says:

    @Mike Torres

    Hi Mike,

    Can you tell me if SkyDrive continute to be use with Windows Xp and too, if after the realease of the 2 Gb file size I can upload 2 Gb from the SkyDrive website or I need to use the app to do this?



  251. Sandeep Singh says:

    Awesome feature, cant wait to see the Consumer preview…3 more days…

  252. Dixon says:

    I use Mesh on a daily basis and I really hope that MS will change its mind and continue to support direct p2p sync. I don't care whether this functionality is included in the skydrive desktop client or released as a separate product (Mesh 2012).

    Mike, I am glad to see that you are still reading the comments here. However, it would be nice to hear what you think about this. I mean obviously there's a strong demand for direct sync. Do you notice this? Do you care?

  253. Oletros says:

    @Mike Torres I know that the PC syncing only will be dropped, but if two computers are on the same LAN, will it sync through it?

  254. Ben T. says:

    +1,000,000 for device-2-device sync

    @Mike Torres:

    You wrote "you no longer have to worry about the timing of various PCs being online to sync". Well, now I have to worry that once you release the new SkyDrive client I will no longer be able to sync my folders at all. I sync lots of files which are bigger than 2 GB right now and it has never been a problem for me to make sure that the computers are online to sync.

    The fetch feature is a joke for private users. These days computers should be off or in standby when they are not in use in order to save energy. And when the computer is off there is no fetching.

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