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Today at our Windows Store Preview event in San Francisco, Antoine Leblond revealed the business terms and app policies for anyone developing apps for our new Windows Store. He showed some of the great apps that will be available in the Store at Windows 8 Beta, and demonstrated the design, capabilities, and flexibility of the Store as a platform.

Antoine has also just started a new Windows Store for developers blog, where he will provide info and updates related to the Store for anyone interested in developing apps for Windows 8. The new blog is the place where he will announce and discuss any information about the Store and have an ongoing dialog with app developers about terms, policies, revenue opportunities and platform considerations. It will supplement the conversation we’re having here and B8 will continue to be the primary place for our ongoing conversation about engineering Windows 8.

-- Steven

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  1. Ezequiel says:

    There will be a demonstration of the beta of Windows 8 at CES?

  2. Stan says:

    I'm from Canada. I won't be able to participate in the Windows 8 First Apps Contest?? This sucks.

  3. xBoxxer says:

    I hope the Zune stuff in Win8 is not like the new XBox interface where it is a discontinous experience as you "enter" and "exit" the Zune Marketplace in the XBox console.  It was a design mistake in the new XBox GUI to not have the video/music experience not be seamless (takes too long to transition to/from the dashboard to the Marketplace), I hope Win8 doesn't make the same mistake for its video/music/apps Marketplace.

  4. Joe says:

    Where is Silverlight 5 RTM? Or has Microsoft killed it?

    Let the developers know, so they can decide where to put their efforts.


  5. KS says:

    Sorry, I know this is unrelated, but…

    How come every other Windows version since 2000 has been crap? Do they have two different Windows development teams that take turns or something?

    2000 = good, ME = crap, XP = good, Vista = crap, 7 = good, 8 = crap.

    See a pattern here? Stop what you're doing before you have another Windows Me on your hands. Seriously. The biggest problem is this Metro UI garbage. Sure, it's great for Phones and Tablets but it DOES NOT work on desktop machines. It's stupid, out of place, and decreases productivity. At the very least, provide us with a way to turn it off.

  6. Change in subjects – Steve, I would be interested in seeing Windows 8 being navigated by Kinects. We all know Windows 8 is fully touch oriented for navigation and functionality, however, can windows 8 be maximized for motion navigation via Kinects for Windows? I look forward to the Kinects for Windows early next year. Windows with touch screen, Kinects, and Tell Me functionality and navigation, Windows 8 will definitely retain the future of PCs.

  7. combine metro with the desktop says:

    combine metro with the desktop yes have metro but keep the task bar or have it auto hide, or use metro as the wallpaper background so you only have to use desktop preview to see your metro stuff best of both no one will complain then.

  8. Ian Duncanson says:

    I agree Stan – ridiculous decision by Microsoft to limit entries to "the chosen few" countries. Shows how much they vaule input from us "thrid world" countries…

  9. Curiously, why was the minimum price point of $1.49 chosen over $0.99?

  10. TheMeII says:

    Most probably since it is a desktop app and it should cost more than a phone app.

  11. M says:

    Very excited about this. Metro will be a huge success. I'm not convinced about Metro and Desktop in same place, but I think it's matter of time to accept it fully.


  12. Alex says:

    I agree KS. Metro UI is excelent, but for tablets and phones. I expect productivity from desktop; I want to use desktop on fast way for business need, not for gaming. At the least, provide us with a way to turn it off. Let the user choose how to use OS.

  13. domenicoav says:

    Kinect ? Idiots idea for Tablet.

    I WANT TELL ME for Windows 8

    I Want Official EXTERNAL GAMEPAD (like Windows ) for Tablet, remember gamepad, this is a killer feature

  14. Shawna Mann says:

    Is there going to be an end-users forum for Windows 8 focussed on apps, such as being able to comment on existing apps, and for users make and contribute to others' wishlists? I would hope this would be important to app developers. Also, is there going to be a pre-screening of apps for the sake of copyright protection/quality control? Will Microsoft be providing incentives to developers for certain apps that it deems important to be developed? I don't know the details of Windows 8, do any of you know of some likely apps, other than those web store apps and stuff that might be useful for the useability of windows 8?


  15. Gordon F. says:

    So for those of us not interested in tablets, what have you guys been working on, apart from completely ruining the desktop UI experience and some trivial improvements to Windows Explorer?

    You're letting your traditional desktop users down big time. Don't be too surprised when Windows 7 becomes the new XP.

  16. Quppa says:

    Perhaps this was clarified somewhere, but will non-enterprise users be able to install Metro-style apps outside the store infrastructure?

    Having a centralised store is one thing, but making it compulsory is quite another.

  17. M says:

    M – 6 Dec 2011 11:37 PM:

    "Very excited about this."

    I'm not excited anymore. I can't register as developer. My country is not allowed to do that:…/hh694066.aspx

    There is nothing to stay here anymore. I can't do business with W8 and Metro. I'm shocked.

  18. Adam says:

    So is this app store going to be the mandatory way of installing apps on particular classes of devices? I would hate to think it is.

  19. i have a suggestion. My desktop was full by programs and files icons. i was obliged to move or delete some of them. but if was possible to scroll the desktop, i had not this problem. like pic:

    Scroll can be more thin.

  20. Francesco says:

    Why don't you let us sell apps for 99 cents? There are a lot of good apps for 0.99 and they are the bestselling.

  21. appdeveloper1024 says:

    The tax of 30% and 20% is too steep for what the app store provides. Why not be bolder and drop to a 0% tax for apps < $25k, and 5% for > $25k? One-up Apple.

    $25k of sales is not enough to sustain any real software business. So why tax them? You want Win8 developers to succeed. 30% of $25k makes a huge difference to a fledgling start up. Do a better job helping the smaller developers turn into lasting Win8 development businesses. Then tax them after they are actually sustainable, e.g. making O($1,000,000) a year.

  22. xpclient says:

    Nice! I guess a separate blog because it is going to post frequently about the Windows Store or continue even after RTM? 😉

  23. Demonstration of the crushing superiority of the Windows platform. Too bad it took Microsoft over 2 decades to realize. Hope Windows 8 fixes our pride problem for good. We're all tired of the fruity fanboy sneer.

  24. Ian says:

    Will there be an option to allow app installation from unknown sources like Android has? You've got to give your power users at least that option, right? Steve, you've got to comment on this, it will end up being a fundamental issue for advanced users looking to use Win 8.

  25. @Steven: Read this IDC study "Worldwide System Infrastructure Software 2012 Top 10 Predictions"

    It says what a lot of people feel: Win8 will be a FAIL!

  26. A Digital Store is a big step but it need a way to maintain apps updated.

    In another post you talked about the "new features" of Windows Update but you didnt talk about third parties apps updates.

    A "Windows" PC its not only Microsoft software. We have a lot of programs.

    Its Ok, All modern program have an updater or we can check app´s oficial page but It dont the way

  27. Can't wait for the Beta and Store launch!

    Do you publish the full video of the event on Channel9?

  28. Klimax says:

    @KS 6 Dec 2011 7:38 PM:

    Ah, supposed pattern. Not so. (There are two versions, both fail to account for some and are more or less subjective – somebody projected their opininion on others…)

    There is at most one cycle – new features and massive changes (95/NT4,XP,Vista) interleaved with stability release (98,2000,7) and it takes time to get used to those changes and fixup whatever broke. (like drivers and too low requirments for Vista)

    So it is not crap/good but changes/stability. And there are many mor teams then one…

    (FTR. I used Win 3.11,95,98SE,XP and 7 with some use of Vista on other PCs)

  29. Aethec says:


    Out of curiosity, why do you indicate EUR price for Switzerland when we have the Swiss frank (CHF) ?

  30. metro says:

    "This post kicks off a series of posts on the design of the Start screen and the evolution of the core activity of launching and switching programs."

    When do you go on with this series?

  31. @metro — we did 3 additional (lengthy) follow-up posts.

  32. ^Congrats on alienating your customer base tho/

  33. Nick says:

    Take the time to read the other blog before you go bashing this idea. It seems like the store will be very flexible. It doesn't sound like it will be mandatory either. They address enterprises too.

  34. LD says:

    @Steven Sinofsky

    3 Blogs defending the indefensible. We really having gotten a satisfactory answer as to whether metro can be disabled.That, and a serious discount for desktop users,  is the only way I'd even consider side-grading to windows 8.

    I've shown it to 15 people and one liked it… until I told her it was for the desktop.

  35. gb says:

    everyone criticising metro needs to get a life. if you dont like it then stick to windows 7. this is technology we are talking about…..its time to move on….just get with it. im sure there was a lot of uproar when Microsoft was moving from DOS to Windows…..people were complaining about how the power of DOS cannot be matche with a GUI…and look where we have landed.

  36. gb says:

    One more thing I would like to add is a quote by the great C. Darwin "its not the strongest species that survives, it is the one most adaptable to change"- hint hint Microsoft is adapting to change.

  37. win 64 says:

    i want old desktop.:)

    Microsoft , what do you do?

  38. People are saying they want the old desktop. It's not gone! Metro is just a new Start Menu, which shows by default. Your (or your users') first action will either be to run an app (legacy or Metro, not important) e.g. Outlook, or, if you really want, go to the Desktop if you really need to by clicking the Desktop tile. For our education customers on XP/Vista/7 we lock the desktop down so they can only use the Start Menu anyway — so 8 actually reinforces that.

    Really can't see the problem. We're getting on with writing some Metro apps that are 'dashboard' tiles.

  39. LW says:

    Users really need more standard/native file formats support in Windows; just SIMPLY need to open/view/extract from them.

    Videos (Windows Media Player) – DIVX, XVID, MKV, FLV, rmvb

    Audio (Windows Media Player) – APE, FLAC, ALAC (AAC Lossless), wv, ogg

    Disk Images (Windows Explorer/Image Burner) – BIN/CUE, nrg

    Archives (Windows Explorer) – Unicode filename in ZIP files, rar, 7z, tar

    Images (Windows Photo Viewer) – PNG with transparent editing in Paint, GIF with animated viewing in Photo Viewer, APNG (Animated PNG), jp2, tga

    Electronic Documents – PDF (Already supported via Modern Reader)

    These are widely-used formats that Windows is currently missing. Please consider.

    P/S: Capitalized extension = Needed/Important.

  40. DannyM says:

    Why the stupid decision to limit app prices to $1.49? That simply reduces the amount of impulse purchases that take place, if you HAVE TO have a minimum price than what about $1.29  or even $0.99? You say we devs are the most important then put arbitrary limits on what we can do, it should be ARE choice ultimately what we charge for OUR apps.

  41. Martin says:

    What about the policies related to the Windows Store? Do I have the ability to install my apps on my machines without having them to be published (and to pay for) on the Windows Store? If not Windows 8 will be "no way" for me. Without question I like most of the enhancements that W8 provides but coupling  this Windows Store with W8 and selling it as a security measure for me is a joke only can be told to small children and make them believe. In my opinion this is rather more a perverted marketing BS idea for making money in a very unethical way (and I will also never buy Apple products for exactly that reason). Leave it open to the customer wheter he wants to use it or not.


  42. User says:

    @Steven Sinofsky, you are really annoying when somebody ask you something: you are not being helpful with your answers. I have a real problem that requires a real solution:  Can you tell me if Argentina will be allowed to submit Metro apps when Windows 8 becomes RTM? Yes or not. Please response.

  43. LOL@ App prices, It's not like we won't crack them anyway 😉

  44. Dude, it's a worldwide OS, that has ~%90 marketshare, I'm sure they will.

    And Steven isn't here to clarify anything that isn't prewritten for him, kinda llike the president with his speech writers. Honestly, I odubt Steven is even actually steven sfinofsky, it's probably some annoying fat piza faced *** staring at a screen.

  45. I'm waiting for post about multi-core scalability, performance in HDD and SSD, DirectX improvements, etc. That's have more importance than the metro-UI (There would be alternative shells for Windows).

  46. Final says:

    I agree with Freddy H.

    I care more about the function and how Windows 8 will be an improvement over Windows 7, or at least what Windows 8 can do and its limitations.

    Only one question for the App Market:

    Can I put the price of my app as FREE?

    I make apps to help myself out, or to help improve something that was not working right.

  47. @User — I'm sorry — I'm not sure what you are referring to but in any event:…/hh694064.aspx lists the countries of the store.  At release we will be avaialble for customers to shop for apps in 231 countries including Argentina with payment in local currency.

    You can build you app to support over written 100 languages in the user interface.

    This link…/hh694066.aspx shows the countries developres can sign up and receive payment in.  

  48. JustAstudent says:

    Would it be possible to undertake a discussion on reg edit.  I really would like microsoft to prevent malicious programs/root kits from editing system regedit file.   If you get one of them, its a pain trying to figure it out on removing it.    

  49. chrisrt says:

    yes tell me for windows, but more advanced than siri from the other company. and kinect too. how about windows 8 for microsoft surface, we see a big big future with surface and power users.

  50. User says:

    @Steven Sinofsky, thanks for your time.

    I live in Argentina, and I understand that I'm not allowed to register for a developer account because Argentina is not listed in…/hh694066.aspx .

    That site says: "When the Windows Store is open for submissions, developers who live in the countries/regions listed in this page can register for a developer account in the Windows Store and get access to their Dashboard."

    I want to know if I will be allowed to submit my work from Argentina at time of Windows 8 will be released ( or a short time after that). Am I missing something?


  51. KJCHU says:

    On an unrelated note, I feel that the live tiles for existing applications (e.g. tiles for Word, Access, Photoshop etc.) should be improved aesthetically to look more like the Metro-style tiles.

  52. Just one (non-developer) guy's PoV.  As a consumer who values computer system openness I almost never buy applications for my three Macs from the App Store, though I initially bought a couple of cheap ones just to see how it worked.  Naturally the App Store purchase experience was perfect.

    I prefer CD/DVD hard copies but mainly I don't want to screw around with Apple's "authorized machine" BS.  Really, if I legally own a license to use a particular application on two Macs I'll decide which Macs it's installed on.  I might or might not want to register a new Mac under my old ID.  My license, my decision.

    While I prefer Windows 7 for many types of work Microsoft still hasn't figured out that a huge reason why Windows machines don't fly of the shelves like Macs do is the lack of really great casual user software.  I haven't found anything in the Windows world even barely as good as iPhoto, iDVD, QT, iTunes, iCal and the rest of the pack.

    If a user really wants to do cool things easily with great results the Mac is The answer.  Sure, Macs are easier to set up and make typical user adjustments but that's not it.  The problem isn't the OS.  To use a common phrase, It's the software stupid.  Even if Windows 8 with all of its improvements can be run on a desktop without  Metro (I hope) it won't change the equation very much since Windows 7 is already a very good OS.

    To the point; the Windows platform is very sadly lacking in excellent, affordable, single-purpose, third party software.  Consider RipIt, EyeTV, Audio Hijack and A Better Finder Rename for Mac.  Fantastic stuff that looks as great as they work, the visuals are important.

    That where the developers are needed.  Windows Media Center and Media Player really suck big time.  A lot of third party media software is really clunky to use.  Since Microsoft has been unable to create Mac quality applications I'll be looking for great Windows 7/8 apps that can be purchased directly from developers on the Web.  I am not interested in the Windows App Store with its rules and restrictions.

  53. Charles Meyer says:

    Do we have to write our app twice?

    As a developer, I am concerned about the "Two different worlds" of Metro and desktop.  

    If I want the Metro full screen user interface, but we need to still have the ability of putting it in a window on the desktop, can I have a single executable  in the store and let users switch between the two experiences with a single keystroke (f11)? Having two apps like IE10 is not acceptable. When I am browsing the web in metro and switch to desktop (like when I connect my tablet to a keyboard dock,  so I can open another window beside it, etc.) everything goes away, and I can't just keep surfing. I can't give that same experience to our users. Distributing two versions is not worth it, but we can't ditch desktop (our current customers).

  54. Marcus100 says:


    I agree. Failure on MS part. Beautiful update regardless (on the 360 of course!)

  55. Axel says:

    Hmm… out of about 200 countries in the world, citizens of only 27 are allowed to register to develop Win8/Metro apps. Spot the flaw.

    As for the “best developer opportunity ever” is more like the best Microsoft opportunity ever: $99/year from every developer, plus 20%-30% of every software sale and total life-or-death control over every products in Microsoft hands is really the greatest opportunity ever for the company, however it is unclear how many ISVs will abide by those rules and agree to pay the Microsoft Tax just to be allowed to exist.

    The store will quickly get polluted by vendors playing tactics and willing to pay large amounts of money to Microsoft to get preferential placement for their product, either officially or unofficially (like buying their own app in large volume to keep it on the top list).

    In fact for us smaller developers it’s not an “opportunity” in the sense that we have no choice, other than develop for another desktop platform such as the fast rising and in some ways superior Apple OS X platform, where the store is OPTIONAL.

    Finally, as a developer, I don’t want my creative freedom to be bound by a sandbox, a long list of forbidden APIs and other’s decisions regarding what is good or bad style for *MY* customers, as well as submitting every minute updates through a long approval process.

  56. Axel says:

    @Charles Meyer Win8/Metro-style uses an entirely new and entirely incompatible programming interface (WinRT) which has no couterpart on the desktop side of things, so if you want a desktop version and a Metro-style version of your solution you need to write two distinct apps. From scratch.

  57. Mister Office says:

    Any info about Office 2012 for Windows?

    Any info about Office 2013 for Mac OS X Lion?

    Will I be able to buy them from the Stores (Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store)?

  58. @Axel

    these are the EXACT same temrs and condictions Apple sets on it's App stores, and they've sold over 10 BILLION apps in JUST the iOS app store.

    stop bitching, people will FINALLY be able to discover your shitty app this way, this is perfect.

  59. Sandor Nacsa says:

    @Steven Sinofsky

    The call to developers worldwide was: "… the 500 million licenses sold mark for Windows 7, which represents half a billion PCs that could be upgraded to Windows 8 on the day it ships. That represents the single biggest platform opportunity available to developers." (Quoting from the Antoine Leblond / Ted Dworkin post)

    The reality at the same time is that developers in only 27 countries out of 231 will be able to develop Metro style apps as the store opens late February.

    How will Microsoft work with developers in those 204 countries? Will be any sense to have the Beta there? Etc.

    With all due respect please give a honest answer for those countries indicating the real reasons why developers there were left out of the store!

    In addition please formulate the exact developers communication for those countries otherwise media forces thriving on bad publicity will formulate that instead of you. Something like "Windows Store is dead from beginning in 88% of counties" .. you can imagine things like quite easily I hope.

    I am also wondering what will happen when Amazon will extend the Kindle Fire offering and the associated developer program outside of US?

    With the effect that even now — when Kindle Fire is not available outside US — Android tablet vendors are sharply changing their strategies because of Kindle Fire (even the Chinese white-box vendors!) Microsoft could easily loose developers in 204 countries to Kindle Fire throughout 2012 if will indeed neglect those countries at Windows Store opening.

    Thanks ahead for honest and answers ans best regards

    Sandor Nacsa

  60. WindowsUser says:


    3 blogs? I thought there were only two – this one and the Windows Store blog.

  61. Willian says:


    Antoine Leblond officialy said the Windows 8 Beta will be available in late February 2012.

  62. I'm curious as to the relationship, if any, between app installs and users Start screen groups. Is their a mechanism for relating the two? Example: A user buys and downloads a multimedia type app. They already have a Start group called 'Multimedia'. Can the app installer offer to add the app's tiles to this existing group – or alternatively create a new group called Multimedia and place the tiles there? Can installers create new groups? Can they suggest to users what a 'logical' location for the apps tiles might be?

    My suggestion is; given some sort of app installer/group management functionality exists, there should be something like a web page for developers, with recommended category names. You wouldn't want a situation were MM app A wants to put it's tiles in group 'Media' and MM app B wants to put it's tiles in group 'MultiMedia'. Some sort of standardization should be 'nudged', by Microsoft, and a web page that lists and defines recommended app category and subcategory names might be sufficient to achieve this.

    Btw, i hope the Metro app install experience is going to be an improvement on the slightly inane 'Next, Next, Next, Next, Finish' procedure used by most desktop apps. Will the installs run fullscreen, with all install options placed on a single screen, or will the need to run through wizards be continued into the Metro world?

    I would also (like @xpclient) like to see a mechanism for backing-up app installers and licenses locally, that does not require re-downloading and re-activation from/to the Store. Anything that accelerates and/or automates OS re-deployment should be supported.

  63. All I want is to know if I can set the desktop as the default start environment instead of metro its a question Microsoft just refuses to answer. Yes or No it shouldn't be that hard.

  64. Axel says:

    @BumbleBritches57 another Mac bigot that confuses downloads and sales, Marcus?

  65. pre1 says:

    folder size in win 8 or 7 in default state is very tiny…/4682.The_2D00_VHD_2D00_appears_2D00_as_2D00_a_2D00_hard_2D00_drive_5F00_thumb_5F00_51CACCE0.jpg

    Tiles mode in win xp is good for look.

    also thumbnails or etc reduce system speed.(show internal pictures or …)

  66. in Windows8 please add network send/receive animation icon like XP.

  67. shocked says:

    My country is not present in the developer country. Total dissapointment. Quit metro app development

  68. chrty says:

    Please have links to websites on metro windows 8 store that sell classic apps too, its hard to find windows apps and users just dont know which is secure or not.

  69. {AND@#@} says:

    Why does the demo Win8 have all these disabled/not there features than the dev prev?

    Like start background…

    I agree that there should be a Metro/No Metro switch, and if they must force it apon us they change the desktop to have a "Metro-Style" theme

  70. @Microsoft

    can we have an honest conversation about the redundancy contained within Windows?

    Why are there 10 copies of the same wallpaper? (not even gonna ask why that wallpaper is BMP instead of PNG or why it's only 1024×768)

    some copies are labeled setup.bmp other winpe.bmp, others yet named background.bmp and even another named bacnground_cli.bmp and two MORE being kep in spwizimg as item 517 and 518.

    Why can't one wallpaper suffice? you'd require less diskspace, I'd imagine the less disk space is used the better it'd perform,

    seriously, can I get an answer to this?

    my topic;

    Why aren't your binary's compressed?

    In that pic, all I did was compress spwizimg.dll with 7-zip to an 7z file using ultra compression and i ticked the "compress shared files" box.

    do you see the size difference? the compressed file is 16 times smaller.

    here's a file that is mostly code, unlike the last resources only dll.

    Now, I've looked at the .text part, and I see abunch of blank space, everywhere in fact, so your compiler is purposefully adding these blank spaces everywhere, why don't you compress it? I've gone over al this stuff earlier, but honestly, what possible motive could their be for doing this?

    Please respond.

  71. I apologize for the grammar mistakes and general readibility issues of my last post, I'm tired right now.

  72. Hi Steven,

    I have a question regarding the Contest, and I don't know where to ask it.

    I would like to know if the entry could be submitted when the publisher is a company registered in Germany. Would it be enough to meet the requirements regarding the submission? I mean can the entry be submitted in the name of company, which residents in country eligible in the contest?

    Best regards

  73. Computermensch says:

    Great with the store. May be the biggest innovation for desktop users in Windows 8. So good – but also bad its the only really visible innovation in terms of value to desktop users.

    I certainly hope more of the metro ui apps among the new Windows base apps will provide extensive value beyond proof-of-concepts for tiles and the new middleware that can speak with and help couple different web services.

    I.e. Look at the web … do a search … how high hopes was for some new file system. It's 2011. I hope the storage dedupe will be in the client and not just ReFS or really the Windows Server.

    That's still how I kind of see it. Marketing people at MS taking some really bad decisions about the new tech … way too often. You need to build some stuff that engineers would use themselves. A lot of that is inside Windows … only too much goes to the server … i.e. you need to pay IBM-prices to get it.

    Then look at Xbox! More coherent … but alsoi way too old now. Hope to get one next year though. I.e. again marketing. We can still sell it! No innovation. No new stuff. Well, kinnect so great. By why not the box? Can't even do usb 3 now.

    I really just hope marketing will not be building the new Windows or disrupting it! Your getting your products and innovative stuff destroyed by marketing and BS.

    No new exiting feature – directly available before real availability of metro apps (marketing opening, not produced apps)? Then never mind. Windows 8 risk getting destroyed like Vista – and we'll have to wait for Windows 9 while your marketing guys are prototyping (experimenting to learn software is about new stuff of actual value).

    The store and metro will take some time to build momentum. When Windows 8 comes out it has too bridge the gap also providing imediate high value for desktop users.

    As this blog started out … PC's are all about files.

    So make storage and files a real proposition with Windows and PC. Stop marketing in thinking – how do we then sell more servers from the shevles? Servers are just for more PC's in COPORATE ENVS. PC's may live – but local or private servers are the ones dying out for some users and smaller businesses.

    So get that storage and file tech into the PC's!! How hard can it be? Have the marketing guys do the posters instead of disrupting the engineering.

    Whats of actual value on a PC!

    Better file stuff. Not just adjustments. But really new stuff … can do much quicker. Automated. Fills less. Can integrate.

    Look forward to the beta. Let's see if it will do that for files.

    The primary selling for Window 8 initially I think will be how much new stuff it can do for files

    Later the screaming Cloud buzz word may come into action … but its too much about technology right … our platform can do this and that … and too little on the value. We still have to learn to write those apps … not just games … or hey I can open a flicker picture from inside my photo viewer …

    … but something of real use. It wll probably be about sensors … and then we may have to wait a bit for pervasive computing to really take off including Windows 8 as a core base in different devices.

    Meaning Windows 8 will provide the integrated foundation needed … but at least … to spread it to PC's initially it has to be the file and storage stuff (what PC's are about) that brings such huge value that it makes sense to replace Windows 7. So not just a better file copy algo … but really something big. Including built-in dedupe for i.e. Windows backup and so on.

    I.e. you already merged PC stuff into services … it's bi-directional as well … merge the file-services from the server into the PC to support it's native role to the maximum extent. files and storage …

  74. @oskar.szulc  — All of the official rules are here  The submission must be from an organization that fits the rules.  THe individuals in that organization must meet eligibility requirements.

  75. @Steven Sinofsky. Could you please, in one of your future posts, address the question whether indexation of partitions will be possible?

    Could you please also consider writing a future post on music, videos and pictures in Windows 8? I really don’t understand why there currently is two media programs: WMP and Zune. It complicates things so much.

    – First, why opting for a 3-level rating strategy (like, unlike, unrated) in Zune? This is so insufficient for those of us who have thousands of medias. I want my computer to sync my favorite songs to my phone. But by “favorite songs” I don’t mean all songs I occasionally or generally like (3 or 4 stars in WMP), but only those songs I want to hear at the moment (5 stars). Please implement Zune with a 5-level rating, or add one more level: unrated, unlike, like, prefer. But at the very least, adopt the same strategy for both Windows Media Player and Zune.

    – Why are search results so unclear in Zune? Why are songs I already have and songs I could buy presented on the same results page? And why are buyable songs listed without further precisions than name and artist? How can I know without multiple clicks from which album these listed titles are from? Zune doesn’t give enough information. Without further clicks I would expect to be informed of the album, the year, and the downloading popularity.

    – Why is there no easy way to rotate a video in Windows Explorer or in Zune?

    – Why are there no folders for the Videos section (as for the Pictures section) in Zune?

    – Where are in Zune those data we easily find in WMP: contributing artist, composer, year, tags, etc.?

    – Why is everything so uncustomizable in Zune?

    – And why do songs always cost more at Microsoft Marketplace than at iTunes Store?

    – Finally, why do we need to buy Microsoft points rather than just buy through money? This is really annoying. One has to calculate each time to get to know the real price.

    Please give us only one media player, with everything in it. Please add a RSS feed reader to Zune or at least to the Live bundle, a reader which would get synced and actualized on all devices according to a unique Live account (so that my computer will know what posts I already read on my Phone and vice versa). Please enable more formats in Windows Media Player/Zune, at least more lossless formats. And please give us more space on SkyDrive for music.


  76. @Dany Rodier

    This is the Windows Team and not the Zune team!

  77. @Bastian92.

    Thanks, I know that already. I suppose I said too much about Zune here. But where then? At Zune Insider? I have seen no page there for feedback. Or at Microsoft Answers? This site seems rather unfit for feedback.

    But my question was really about Windows 8, that is, about a better built-in software for music and videos, for buying and syncing. I think Windows 8 would offer a good opportunity to make this right. For I suppose Zune is here to stay, since it is so central for other Microsoft products (WP and Xbox). Why not, then, integrate an optimized version of Zune in Windows? At least, why not improving both programs (WMP and Zune) to make them more compatible?

  78. Let me add one short comment on the close connection between Windows 8 and Zune. It seems to me that the personal computer market gets more and more organized around ecosystems. People have come to see Apple products as belonging together. iPhone customers will tend to buy Mac computers and iPads. I think something similar could happen between Windows 8 and Windows Phone (and even Xbox). But in the end, the strength of an ecosystem mainly depends on the syncing experience. This is where Zune (and SkyDrive) comes into play. My point: an unsatisfying media syncing program will do great harm to Windows 8 (as well as toWindows Phone).

  79. dotnetch says:

    Vista had a marketplace too, are you gonna revive that too, for over 500 Mill apps already out there? please do, we will start by beating competition on this front if you have both market places side by side, classic and metro software program. Users find it hard to find secure programs online, please have a classic market place too. one more thing call it Microsoft Software program store or market.

  80. GregH says:

    I did say this about a month ago, we desperately need a unified media experience which blows the competition away – why would you not just combine WMP and Zune into the ultimate media player and pump the resources to make sure every codec is supported and making sure that the offering for music and movies is on par with iTunes, SkyDrive music syncing would be a bonus.

  81. Nitz Walsh says:

    At this point I'm not even sure *how* they would make a single media player, considering that so many other apps now require separate "desktop" and "metro" versions.  

    NO COMPROMISES (except for you know, actual usability with the intended platform.   Ridiculous).

  82. LW says:

    •Update the old Registry Editor icon, WinLogon application icon, please — they existed and left without visual update so long ago.

    •Update Windows Media Player (or merge Zune Media Player with), please. Seemed like WMP hasn't been updated lately

    •Update old Disk Space pie chart in Disk Properties.

    •Use Direct2D rendering across Windows, not GDI/GDI+.

    •Use Segoe UI font across Windows. Not a mixed of Arial, Tahoma, MS San Serif like currently has in Windows 7.

  83. LW says:

    "•Use Segoe UI font across Windows. Not a mixed of Arial, Tahoma, MS San Serif like currently has in Windows 7."

    Read "Fix Windows Vista’s Fonts!" by Chris Pirillo —

    And a simple Registration Entries file can easily solve this problem:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionFontSubstitutes]

    "MS Shell Dlg 2"="Segoe UI"

    "MS Shell Dlg"="Segoe UI"

  84. •Use Direct2D rendering across Windows, not GDI/GDI+.

    •Use Segoe UI font across Windows. Not a mixed of Arial, Tahoma, MS San Serif like currently has in Windows 7.

    Updated icons too, In other words, can we get a consistent, high quality UX in this ***?

  85. You guys should also completely move EVERYTHING over to the UTF-8 standard, instead of ANSI.

    I just tried that reg file above me, and I saved it as UTF-8, and Windows 7 said it wasn't a valid reg file, resaved it as ANSI, it worked like a charm.

    stop relying on GDI/GDI+ as well, You have Directx 2D use it.

  86. SnarkMaiden says:

    Just a note to other commenters that it's not worth asking about minor UX fixes at this point, when the Windows team has said repeatedly that we haven't seen the final 'fit and finish' of the UI…

  87. Windows7 says:


    "it's not worth asking about minor UX fixes"

    It's not minor fixes that worries me, Microsoft need to go back to the drawing-board and start again. This is the worst version of Windows in the history of Windows. In fact it shouldn't be called Windows 8, they should call it Metro 1.

  88. Nitz Walsh says:


    What worries me though is looking at the new Xbox dashboard and MS's websites, is that the Metro "style" see now will remain largely unchanged – if it were, it would conflict with this entrei

    Metro, from a usability & aesthetic perspective, simply doesn't *scale well*, IMO.  Big, pastel tiles and huge text headings work great on a small device that you largely operate with your thumb on the go.  Blown up to a 24" screen and with the precision of keyboard/mouse?  Ugh.  It looks damned ugly, and from the weak reasoning displayed so far by Sinofsky et al, it's really not going to change much.

    It will be "tweaked", sure – but it needs far more than tweaking.


    100% agreement – Direct2D and DirectWrite should be in regular Aero desktop now, and consistent.  It's ridiculous that launching IE gets you a complete different text rendering engine.

    Then again, hitting the Windows key now gets you a completely different interface, so….

  89. The thing is, I used to think that Microsoft was in transition, that they were having a hell of a time moving their devs over to the new system, and that's why they left the old one in place, but now I know they leave the old one, because they're lazy, fearful bitches.


    they WANT a CONSISTENT UX and UI, they get it with Mac and iOS.

    why does every group in Microsoft have to have their OWN damn copy of everything? why are there over 8000 scripting languages installed in Windows by default? why are their two text engines? if you're not going to use the new one, DON'T F*CKING BUILD IT!

  91. Nitz Walsh says:

    "If you're not going to use the new one, don't f*cking build it!"

    *Cough* Hello WPF Team *Cough*

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