Running Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual environment

We wanted to do a quick post on compatibility with respect to virtualization technologies. We know there were some initial challenges and we've seen the community support process kick in and many people are unblocked as "how to" posts have gone up in various places. As this is a developer preview we expect to see other classes of issues related to app or device compatibility—the full breadth of our testing was not done (or intended to be done) for the Preview. Obviously this one was found early and we could have done a bit better. Sue Bohn, David Hicks, Cornel Lupu of our ACDC team (App Compat, Device Compat) authored this quick post. --Steven

We are seeing in the forums that there is a lot of interest in running the Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual environment. Our telemetry systems reported that approximately one-third of the early installations are on virtual machines. We apologize for not giving guidance up front on testing the Windows 8 Developer Preview in virtual machines. This blog post will provide some background and information on that topic.

For the ideal client computing experience, we recommend running Windows 8 Developer Preview natively on a dedicated computer. Windows 8 takes advantage of hardware acceleration to enable a fast and fluid user interface. If the option of a dedicated physical computer is not available, then using a dual boot setup is a great alternative that preserves your existing OS and setup. Here’s a helpful LifeHacker article on how to set up dual boot.

If you are not familiar with virtualization terminology, here is a quick primer. Virtual machine products allow you to run a guest OS on top of an existing host OS that runs natively on the physical machine. As many of you know, virtualization is a popular way to try out new operating system products since you don’t have to dedicate a physical machine, add a spare disk, or repartition. To run the Windows 8 Developer Preview as a guest OS, you need a virtualization product that supports it.

Some virtualization products only provide a basic display driver that does not support the high performance graphics used in Windows 8. As a result, you get a noticeably slower, less responsive experience when compared with running the OS natively. The setup and configuration process can be complicated and error prone when running as a guest OS, especially if you are running it on older hardware that does not support built-in virtualization optimizations featured in the latest generations of Intel and AMD processors.

Windows 8 Developer Preview only came out a few days ago, so many of the virtualization products on the market have not yet been updated to work well with it. We are working closely with all of the major manufacturers of virtualization products to support Windows 8 as we move toward release.

Forum members are reporting success using a few products. Of the most popular options, our baseline assessment is as follows:


  • Hyper-V in Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 R2
  • VMware Workstation 8.0 for Windows
  • VirtualBox 4.1.2 for Windows


  • Microsoft Virtual PC (all versions)
  • Microsoft Virtual Server (all versions)
  • Windows 7 XP Mode
  • VMWare Workstation 7.x or older

You may be wondering why virtualization products that work today with Windows 7 do not work with the Windows 8 Developer Preview. We take compatibility very seriously. However, there are categories of software that run “very close to the metal,” and deliberately take dependencies on internal data structures and intricacies of the Windows kernel. These dependencies are not typically publicly supported or exported APIs, and thus must change as Windows changes. We go to great lengths to avoid these changes, but sometimes they are necessary to enable innovation. As a result, some software will require updates when we make significant improvements to Windows. Other common categories include antimalware and security products. In this case, to improve boot performance and enable new CPU architectures, we took a new approach to high-resolution timers. Some virtualization products emulate older hardware timers that significantly compromise performance and will require updates before they can support Windows 8.

We work very closely with all software partners that build products that rely on these types of APIs and all have been informed of the changes in the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Each will choose to address future compatibility as is consistent with their business goals. Collectively we are committed to delivering a great experience as the release audience broadens.

Sue Bohn, David Hicks, Cornel Lupu

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  1. DamionM says:

    How do i select the app i have open without cycling through  all my open apps?

    How do i close apps besides using the task manager or allowing windows to "suspend them" while they still consume memory saving  states that are no longer needed?

    How do i disable the start button to go back to metro? Possibly create another button or link my profile on the regular win7 menu to metro interface?

    Will it be possible to scroll using the mouse (arrow not wheel) in metro mode and not the scroll bar below?

    Will we have non-full screen metro option?

  2. That explains why windows 8 is so SLOW on Virtual Box…

    it's practically unusable.

  3. Rowland Shaw says:

    I've found Virtual Box to be "acceptable", but then again, I am using the 3D and 2D acceleration options as well as dedicating two cores and 2Gb of RAM — have found disk access to be "sub-optimal" trying to load VS though

  4. Pierre says:

    It might not be the good place but I do not know where to post. I tried to instal Windows Developper Preview 64 bits in dual boot but in the process I'm asked to give a cd dvd driver. Therefore I can't complete the process… Strange I'll try a second download. Could the file be broken?

  5. I used Virtual Box (last version) and I worked.

    I don't notice any slow down.

    With Hyper-V in client, I guest Microsoft Virtual PC is not going to be update to 64bits… I don't use it anyway. I only used 64 bits OS for development.

  6. Jamie says:

    Works perfectly in vmware fusion 4.0!

  7. Mike says:

    Virtualbox has been OK for me ivew allocated 2 cores to the virtual server and a good *** of memoey and enabled 3d support

  8. Richard says:

    Parallels 7 on the Mac also works fine!

  9. jim says:

    thanks for the update. anyone who thinks this should work properly/really well inside a vm needs to rethink what they're doing…at lest at this point

  10. Thanks for this info. There are a lot of developers who only test new sw in virtual machines.

  11. ba says:

    There have been many blog posts (e.g.…/GuideToInstallingAndBootingWindows8DeveloperPreviewOffAVHDVirtualHardDisk.aspx and…/Installing-Windows-8-Developer-Preview-as-bootable-VHD.aspx) detailing how to run Windows 8 off a VHD without virtualization.  Is there a 'supported' option of keeping the Windows 7 boot loader and running off a VHD?  Or is the only way to replace the Windows 7 boot loader with the Windows 8 boot loader for this option?  The VHD option is a great way to test Windows 8 without having to utilize virtualization.

    Also, will there be any support for virtualizing Windows 8 within a Windows 7 development environment and hooking in visual studio's debugger into the Win8 vm during this developer preview?

  12. Srinivas Sama says:

    I have set up Windows 8  on Parallels desktop for Mac v7.0 and let me tell you it works great and very responsive. Was able to utilize all the developer tools loaded and also kick start development efforts!!

    One caveat though, with Parallels, the default Administrator account created by Parallels is no use and has lot of security issues. To around it, I have created another user with Administrative privileges and voila! everything works. I have even converted my ID into live ID to take advantage of the cloud syncing features (Have loaded Windows 8 on a 32 bit PC as well and saw the settings sync)

  13. no hardware acceleration says:

    I resent the statement that running natively provides a better experience due to video acceleration… My native install doesn't show a "display" category in the device manager, let alone allow me to install a driver. (I tried absolutely everything)

    I know, it's a preview, and im having fun playing around nonetheless, I'll just have to wait for the beta.

    NVIDIA 8600m GT.

  14. McAkins says:

    You failed to mention the fact that some people are having issues with the install media, i.e. USB sticks, and the required Double-sided DVD required to install the OS with all Developer bits which is daunting. Not everyone has access to multi-gig USB sticks or double-sided DVDs.

    There is another option to use an existing Harddisk drive as Install media. Almost everyone has some old HDD lying around these days because they've been replaced with bigger disks. This disks could be prepared and formated to use as install media. I have documented this process for all of you having issues with your install media.

    Also the Life hacker article requires that the exisiting disk be shrunk, devided in half etc. There is another option to install Win8 in a VHD file siting on the same partition with the existing OS. The option called VHD-Boot, documented severally around the net.

    I have prepared an article with these solutions. For those of you that might be interested please see this link:…/installing-windows-8-on-bare-metal-with-vhd-boot

  15. Nik Simpson says:

    Don't know why some people are seeing W8 running slowly on VirtualBox, it's fine here. My VM configuration is 2 processors, 2GB of memory, 256MB for the graphics  with the dumb Microsoft graphics adapter. Experience scores are all in the 5 or better range except for graphics and the system seems plenty fast enough. The only thing missing is a decent emulated graphics engine so that I'm not stuck with 4×3 screen ratios.

  16. “a computer device for every human running windows!”

    PC is a computational devices like a phone or tablet, Microsoft dominates PC (desktop) which can transform (by adding specific hardware connected to the core OS) to anyone of these. This is the route Microsoft should take instead off calling it a phone, they should call it a mini PC (or palmtop) in its marketing campaigns and functioning. General population still think there is deference in these computer devices they should be corrected!

    You should not allow a distinction between the same computational devices (non mobile or mobile) this confuses consumers and producers present a clear path forward just computational devices in deferent physical formats for particular purpose and function running the same engine and not allowing deferent UI across the devices keep the traditional Microsoft UI feel to remind users this is a computer device and in your all your marketing campaigns.

    To achieve this remove the metro UI or allow users to choose between normal icon view on a platform (desktop).

    As an mechanical engineer i wont be using my fingers rather a pen/stylus or mouse on tablets or phones. The interface can generally be in any visual format (metro style included), if your products force people to change when they don’t want to change this will affect market share and you might loose, allow people to choose what kind of interface they want to use not force a particular visual style on them allow default windows desktop format enlarged to accommodate touch.

    Website interfaces are different relative to the audience or user group, windows OS should have non specific style for a general purpose, metro style is not appealing for business, government, academic, or student its more appealing to a niche design group, a style that will go out fashion like clothing or any other design. This UI hides the desktop, rather than find software programs or application icon within the desktop, laptop or palmtop (tablet or phone). It should have a main board or platform on its interface where you find all installed software programs/applications not pin social media as core, in business only PR and marketing will use this, how about accounting, operations, Research, Human resource etc, how about government units, how about academic units.

    Recommendations: 1. if you like it so much allow users to choose between metro UI and other millions of UI ideas or concepts that can be formed (designed by third parties including others that come with the OS).

    2. Or simply enlarge normal windows UI to allow touch

    3. Or add a mini touch pad like the on laptops with right click and left click to navigate pointer/cursor and a stylus on palmtops (phone and tablet), laptops, desktops. If users want to write or navigate they can use the touch pad or stylus or even plug in a mouse, this will avoid enlarging objects, using metro UI or using touch (the primary is to interact with the device in a simple way, doesn’t matter if you think it, touch it or use your eyes).

    4. Allow open use as windows has always been, allow user to reconfigure it in any they like, add external devices (printer, etc drivers coming from a download etc) easily with all the devices like always on all computer devices using your engine.

    A quote from steve jobs “users that are familiar with something that, you know, they don’t want a car with six wheels. They like the car with four wheels. They don’t want to drive with a joystick. They like the steering wheel.”…/d5-gates-jobs-transcript

    My predictions: The Computer is going to or should swallow the phone, why because it’s a computational device that allow a socket for a SIM card to be a phone, allow its screen to be feel touch to be a tablet, unplug its self from the wall and make its self smaller to fit your Desk (desktop), Your Lap (laptop) or Palm (phone or tablet)

  17. whyHAV says:

    Did you have to change the kernel to make Windows 8 not work with virtual machine products?

  18. andres1905 says:

    I have noticed that on VirtualBox 4.1.2 may be useful to enable the IO APIC option (System section on virtual machine Configuration dialog)

    When tried to run Win8 on Vmware Workstation 7, the virtual machine crashed and an error message regarding the APIC functionality was raised.

  19. Tilps says:

    VirtualBox certainly works, but I've been unable to get the virtualbox video card driver to install correctly.  The new VMWare on the other hand installs its fake video card driver just fine – it just fails horribly if you have 4G of virtual memory or more.

  20. andi d. says:

    Works fine for me in VMWare 8. I don't care that much about the performance hit, I know that is not representative of what the final product will be like so trying it on a VM is okay. What I can say for sure is that you can say "no compromises" all you want, but if there is no easy and convenient option to completely disable Metro UI on my desktop PC, I will be sticking with Windows 7 for as long as I can.

  21. bertelle nicolas says:

    Hi, it worked for me under ubuntu 10.10 updated , virtualbox 4.1.2 (3dacceleration io-apic enabled 2048ram) , devpreview-32bit, after couples of missed installs and with some crashes when using. video driver from guest additions dont work. splash screen is really better 😉 if anyone get a solution to make guest additions work 😉 @+++

  22. JeGueR says:

    I just installed the Windows Developer Preview on my Lenovo s10-2 Netbook and I can't use the Metro's Apps because my netbook only supports 800×600 and 1024×600 screen resolutions. Please make Metro Apps able to use them on a netbook!

    Sorry for my bad english.

  23. Microsoft looks at the Lifehacker website?!

    Now I've seen everything.

  24. It's pretty important for Microsoft to add metro apps support for some lower resolution displays or just at least give them option to choose whether or not to enable it. My netbook resolution is 1024×600 which is just a bit lower than the minimum metro app requirement. Metro Control Panel's still working even much nicer than I expected but others app not because you guy disabled it. This killed all of my good experience. Most tiles in this machine I had to unpin because it can not be launched.

    Microsoft needs to throw options and then we'll pick because at least it will not be MS's fault for doing that!

    Add 1024×600 support PLEASE!!!

  25. @Jhabril Harris says:

    Why not ? its the "open" web!

    P.S. a troll will always be a troll no matter what kind of treat u offer. You are on the right track. So keep up the great job MS guys!

  26. war59312 says:

    I also have no major problems with Win 8 on Virtual Box.

    Just wish guest additions worked. And do have an odd mouse problem.

    I have to triple click when you are suppose to double click and I have to double click for a single click. Very odd.

  27. carry says:

    @BumbleBritches57 Get a new computer then. Windows 8 runs nice and fast on Virtual Box for me. No problems so far.

  28. when i read about the resolutioin i  was like cool, who uses 1024×768 or lower anymore?????

    then i remembered, my iPod touch clocks in at 960×640 which is huge for the tiny display, but it won't be compadible with Windows 8, and i truely WILL download an ARM trial, JUST to see how well it runs on my iPod.

    you're going hardcore, fit into 128MB of RAM (gotta run apps too) and fit on 960×640 with Metro. and you'll have me and i think everyone worldwide convinced.

  29. dude, i have a quad core clarkdale CPU, 8GB of DDR3 ram and a descreet graphics card. running Windows 7 SP1 x64.

    it's not the hardware bro.

  30. I have followed the lifehacker guide and booted Windows 8 and played a lot with it, I am loving it, now, I got a problem, can't boot to my Windows 7 partition, when I choose it, it gets me to the boot repair options of Windows 8, and choosing to fix boot does nothing… how can I get this dual boot to work fine?

  31. @Steven Sinofsky

    PLEASE make one of the Windows App Store requirements, be no non standard UIs

    my god how iTunes and Photoshop CS5 look horrible…

  32. carry says:

    @BumbleBritches57 Weird because I have been testing Windows 8 on 4 different computers with VirtualBox, each with different specs and Windows 8 runs super fast on all.

  33. @@Jhabril Harris (What?!) What I'm saying is that le hacker has discovered many flaws in many of microsoft product designs, which then again could help benefit them now that I think about it.

  34. sunil says:

    why the flash video doesn't work on metro internet explorer???

  35. @Steven Sinofsky: thanks for another great article.   I'm setting up dual-booting now.  Virtualization on something that needs good hardware accel just doesn't make sense (I was just going to wipe my computer, but I thought better of it 😉 )…

  36. @Steven Sinofsky: I would like to suggest few things, when we're copying two things, and we click pause on the second one.. When the first finish the second stays in pause, i wish you make it automatically resume when the previous one is done.

    Imagine it's a list so when the first is done automatically it goes to the next until they're all done

    Or just a simple check box saying "Resume next action automatically"

    Also imagine that i have one hundred unused app in the new interface and i want to unpin then.. that will take for ever to finish unpinning, especially if i don't have a touch screen, i suggest you allow multiple selecting to unpin a group

    That's all, keep it up 🙂

  37. Bruce says:

    I am a senior software architect for large scale systems, own a successful consulting company and make my living off of MS technologies. I truly wish them nothing but the best. I believe over the past decade, they have turned a corner and have made so many wonderful innovations (like .NET and Visual Studio which I consider to be the best computing platform that the human race has produced so far) that it pains me to see this pathetic move. I realize it's a preview but that's what it means: an indication of where MS is headed.

    Regardless of how you nitpick the points raised in this article, you have to face the brutal truth: With this Windows 8 interface Microsoft is admitting defeat of creativity. Rather than position Windows as the professional-grade OS it has striven to become over 1.5 decades of R&D and customer loyalty/COST (not always voluntary), they are abandoning their brand and skinning an iPhone-style interface on the OS to cater to yuppie 16-year old girls chatting on facebook with a minimalism consumer mentality.

    Rather than invest in true Usability research and continue simplifying and streamlining the existing OS experience, they are abandoning all of it. Instead they're desperately latching onto the cell phone paradigm of push-style UI and over-automated app management. Essentially they're telling us "Even though we couldn't make the last OS great after 15 years of struggle, trust us; we'll make the new one work eventually". Give me a break.

    This product is the *** love child of a drunk one-nighter between the MS greed machine and bad software architects. The greed machine wants to capitalize more on the tablet and cell phone consumer markets (even though MS clearly can't compete in these two markets due to greedy licensing policies). The ONLY value and leverage they had to bring to those markets was use of existing windows apps and existing user experience for their Windows and Office usability models; EXACTLY the two things they're abandoning here!!! WTF?

    And here is the poor software architecture behind this. Up to this point MS has been supporting the pc, tablet and phone platforms with an extension approach: a common core with specialized platform extensions. This is and will always be the correct approach. But due to some inexplicable zeal rivaling the unification theory in nuclear physics, here they are trying to cater to all platforms with a single usability paradigm. In the process they will end up with the lowest common denominator (the worst of all worlds). Instead they should have continued with a desktop edition that leverages the powerful CPU, graphics, large screens and keyboard/mouse (and doesn't benefit from tiles and all that crap; in fact is harmed by it), and the mobile/tablet edition that tries to compromise and give the most functionality possible with limited hardware, screen size and alternate input devices like touch or pens.

    Here's the bottom line: if you ever looked for a strong reason and perfect opportunity to abandon the OS prison that MS has enforced so carefully for the past 15 years, now is the time. If you're going to deal with limited usability and limited app compatibility, why tolerate the high Windows computing overhead and price tag. Switch to Android and wish MS a fond farewell.

    Again, I make my living in MS and do not say this lightly, but ask any seasoned software architect and they'll tell you that with the wave of standardization and low licensing costs provided by Android, MS won't survive the next decade. Neither will apple, although their usability creativity will carry them for some time. Eventually the Andoid team will encounter these problems as well in their evolutionary growth, but so far they've demonstrated a mature software architecture discipline and reasonable levels of business greediness. Let's hope it stays that way.

    We're at the turning point in history where a computing OS is become a cheap commodity. Windows 8 is the proof, a dinosaur that is trying to adapt to the new world and failing due to its huge overhead with crippled value.

  38. Steven Downer says:

    I found many issues running the Windows Server Developer Preview in VMWare Workstation 8. Though they were all easily solved by running VMWare as Administrator and telling VMWare that it was a Windows 7 x64 Operating System I was installing.

    Oddly, doing the above worked flawlessly.

  39. c.s.m.n says:

    i need full deatail windows 8 instal used securitly

  40. I used VMWare Workstation 8 and Windows 8 is running just fine all over the day. If you use the exclusive fullscreen mode, its feels like Windows 8 was installed on the hardware. Its fast and stable. The VM has 4 CPU cores and 3 GB RAM with 3D support.

  41. Lovely girl says:

    I do agree with all above comments.. Juz install w8 last nite and saw it a nice starting… Cant wait more for the perfect version

  42. Mr.Windows says:


    You guys should add support for 1024*600 screen resolution in the Start Screen as many Netbooks use this resolution,I could not get any of the apps to work on my Netbook.Also you guys should provide users a choice to choose between the traditional Windows style or the Metro style since many people are complaining about the new Metro style.

  43. Mac says:

    Mr. Sinkofsky

    Metro ribonization of the whole windows means Microsoft is gaining maximum 50 million tablets at the cost of 1 billion PCs. It is even possible that you lose both markets.

    I would definitely continue current windows but provide 2 totally separate shells (like Linux, where you can select your window manager at login).

    One window manager would do PCs, the other would do tablets.

    A product software manager with 20 years of experience.

  44. Ecl says:

    How about Hyper-V Core on Windows 7?

  45. Ecl says:

    How about Hyper-V Core on Windows 7?

  46. Mac Lover says:

    Possibility to choose standard desktop as default (especially for notebooks and tower PC's and netbooks).

    Anyway, many people will stay with Windows 7, the desktop part hasn't changed much, unfortunately.

    I have made my choice (completely different).

    Windows 8 vs. iPad 3 (in 2012).

    Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will gain market shares, since classic desktop won't improve much in Windows 8…

    iPad 3 will sell very well, I see troubled times for Windows…

    People will be angry for the tiles Metro interface as default, I foresee…

    You should listen to what people want or don't want, that's what Apple does, and better.

    Mandatory ribbon was and will be another bad move…

    Bye bye.

  47. Edric says:

    I am running WDP 64-bit in my MacBook Pro i7 with OSX Lion, in a virtual session of Parallels 7.0 with 4GB RAM. It is running great, just like the other //s VM in which I have Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. I dared to install it on my main PC, and even games are running better that Win7. No OpenGL OK, though, my most today run on DirectX, anyway.

    Being a former Beta Tester for Vista and Win7, I can say that this preview version is way better than the first betas of these earlier products. I risk to say that MS has, in fact, released a very good Beta version…



    I resent the statement that running natively provides a better experience due to video acceleration… My native install doesn't show a "display" category in the device manager, let alone allow me to install a driver. (I tried absolutely everything)

  49. This Win 8 is a step back! And I feel that Steven and the team WANT this OS to looks like as is. No matter if the users begging to throw that metro s*it into the trashcan, etc, because it's Steven and the crew personal will.

    Don't want to hear that this is just an alpha, etc. They not going to listen to any advise, and make it as they want!

    Shame! You make a crap OS just because of the tablet hype.

  50. This Win 8 is a step back! And I feel that Steven and the team WANT this OS to looks like as is. No matter if the users begging to throw that metro s*it into the trashcan, etc, because it's Steven and the crew personal will.

    Don't want to hear that this is just an alpha, etc. They not going to listen to any advise, and make it as they want!

    Shame! You make a crap OS just because of the tablet hype.

  51. vt08 says:

    @DamionM check this video " you can see that app switching in Windows 8 is much better than you think! check this video "

  52. The best way to test W8 is using VHD Boot 😀

  53. MrElectrifyer says:

    Seriously, why does Windows Ei8ht have to look so ugly despite it's gret funtionality? Why the paperish, cartoonish and eye repelling theme? This is big step back in the UI with a little step forward in the functionality. Bring back AERO!

  54. Shal says:

    I tried it on VirtualBox 4.1.2. When I tried EFI settings, the installation didnt started at all. Without EFI it worked, but installation stopped. Mostly at 37, 78 and 97 procents. It took 6 installations to finish it correctly. And even after that, it is very slow and Metro UI lags.

  55. Dan says:

    I just tried the Windows Developer Preview x64 with Developer Tools to install on VirtualBox 4.1.2 and it comes out an error that this operating system cannot be installed to this virtualization environment because it won't support the 64 bit processors. The Windows Developer Preview x32 can be installed without problems. Windows Developer Preview x64 with Developer Tools runs fine on VMware Workstation 8.

  56. guillaume says:

    I was to late to run it in a virtual machine, but how do i uninstall Windows 8 ? plz help thx

  57. Just a note on Xen support – within two days of the preview release the xen community identified a problem that was blocking support and provided a patch that resolves that support. Xen can now run win8, with the appropriate patch of course.

  58. Greg says:

    Can we get a post on File History or improved backup features like the Live Sync we saw at Build.

  59. Yup I Got IT says:

    Windows 8 is working on my VMware Workstation 8, im so excited!

  60. Architect Live!, Inc. says:

    We have successfully set-up from the .iso download VHD to BOOT for Windows Developer Preview which allows us to take full advantage of the Hardware and still allowing us to preserve our previous Windows 7 Enterprise OS.  I personally have set this up on 2 Dell Laptops of very different configurations. I hope to set-up a nice Post soon to share how I got is to work. In fact I am posting this comment from this set-up I am referring to. More to come….stay tuned I will post how.

  61. MC says:

    Bring back Aero interface for windows 8

  62. Guillaume says:

    Does somoane know how u cann remove windows 8 when u didnt run it in a virtual machine ?

  63. ACID3 says:

    Steven, its so UNFAIR that you didn't tell us that IE10 actually passed the acid3 test with 100/100!



    & keep coming the great software!

  64. @ACID3 says:

    This is really a good news.

    Now, let’s try to run this test:…/Hixie_DOM.html on IE 10, after that try it on "other" browsers! Are you sure you don't want any "other" browser?

    I wonder if they will do something about this issue:…/a-dom-manipulation-test-ie-performance

    We appreciate the improvements made by MS, but there is still lot of work required to catch up with the competition!

  65. alex says:

    please insert automatic configurations for running Metro style or Windows old Desktop.

    for example, after installing , windows 8 searching system hardwares.

    if –> find tuch screen display

     run metro style for first showing


     run windows old desktop

    i think mouse , keybord and other old technologies are useful for some works.

  66. Windows 8 Enthusiast says:

    @Steven  Does native x86 code run on ARM or has to be recompiled. NOW you HAVE to answer tjis question buddy. BUILD is over and you owe us the answer.

  67. will says:

    windows 8 preview desktop interface look ridiclus.

  68. @Windows 8 Enthusiast — there's been no secret of this.  There's no "recompile" only metro style apps. This is the most recent transcrspt or you can look at all the news storoes from as far back as the first announcement at CES 2011.  See the second question.…/09142011_FAM_ExecQA.docx

  69. Architect Live!, Inc. says:


    Link to word document.

    <iframe title ="Preview" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" style="width:98px;height:115px;padding:0;background-color:#fcfcfc;" src="…/.Public

  70. Architect Live!, Inc. says:


    Link to word document.

    <iframe title ="Preview" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" style="width:98px;height:115px;padding:0;background-color:#fcfcfc;" src="…/.Public

  71. k4kaliazz says:

    I couldn't find where to put my suggestion so here it is, however off-topic it may be :-

    The left swipe from side brings up the last used program. But it is way too inflexible to replace alt-tab right now. So here is my suggestion. We can extend the left swipe behavior depending on how far user brings in the swipe. If it is a quick flick, the last used program comes in. But if she holds on to the swipe or brings  the swipe in till the center of the screen, bring in the other running programs as well, on a slide or any other mechanism. Then we can select one program from that slide and bingo! Alt-tab for the metro…

  72. I know you folks from MS love to put out LOTS of versions of Windows. Please, create a ENTERPRISE or HOME WORK versions without ANY METRO stuff in it. I would love to buy them, also, bring back ON these versions the full search capabilities on the start menu. I am using the dev preview and the search is only for categories…. and then I have to change between then and it sucks. Metro is ugly, it's not built for productivity or work. This is for teens to bounce around on Facebook. I use my pc for productivity . OMG, what are you people thinking trying to toss this thing around everybody? Making it a mandatory thing on windows… The Start Screen is UGLY. The whole process of setup is UGLY. I felt like on PAINT. Who did this design??? UGLY UGLY UGLY GUI is UGLY! Tablets are for lazy people. Who actually WORK do it with keyboard and nice!!! Wake up!

  73. @will says:

    in your opinion, yeah! (subjective, biased)

    lots of people are loving metro UI !!

    MS: as it has been said a troll will always be a troll and you cannot expect any positive or constructive feedback from them… so just ignore these trolls!

  74. @Steven

    Now that BUILD is over can start answering more questions now? My first being is the desktop UI we see today design complete or is that subject to change?

  75. Tom Servo says:

    Would be nice if you could clarify in near future what Windows Update plays for a role in the test. Whether it's hotfixes to urgent issues, or if it's going to be used to keep the installed base a roaming target and update them to following stages of the beta. That is, if you install the WDP, you'll be at beta stage via WU, by the time it's going to launch, and from there on gradually be updated to RC as the fixes come in.

  76. JohannesB says:

    Love the metro full-screen apps style. I do however feel that there is some optimizations that could be done for keyboard/mouse. I'm sure we will see tons of improvements until RTM.

  77. Persuadable says:

    How about finally providing a bulk-rename capability for Explorer?

  78. Greg says:

    Ok, I am bored of Metro now – can we get back to how the actual Windows system is improved, I want to build a successful business not play with a few quirky apps and update my Facebook status.

  79. Xero says:

    Where is batch rename and find duplicates!!

    I cannot snap two programs on metro. Is it confined to tablets? I am using desktop with 4:3 wide LCD. Can I happen to enjoy the luxury of snap. When I try to pull the other app at the side it replaces the current app — no snapping for me!!

  80. neil.. says:

    need more improvement on desktop feature?

  81. Architect Live!, Inc. says:

    Sorry this comment section is quite limited in it's edit ability: the links posted above where not working as expected. Here's a working link.

    <a href=" by Step How-To create a VHD from an iso then boot from VHD for Windows 8</a>

  82. Senzune says:

    Not sure if this is the appropriate blog entry to post this in, but I'm trying regardless.

    The Start Screen feels sluggish if controlled by mouse. The scrolling seems out of place, too.

    How about Click+Drag to get the same effect as you would get when you tap your finger against a touch screen and slide it? It would most certainly improve efficiency, as you keep continuous control of the mouse. Currently, this control is lost temporarily and annoyingly when you use the scroll wheel or even more with the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

  83. David Graham says:

    Vitual Box is running great… here's my walkthrough for getting it started……/getting-windows-8-developer-preview-running-in-virtual-box

  84. Arjo Chakravarty says:

    Works great with VBox 1GB ram. Does not require much HW acceleration. Boot time is a little slow. Also you need to enable PAE and Vanderpool technologies.

  85. kely kely says:

    metro style is only black and black.that is apathetic.

  86. neil says:

    Bring aero look for desktop mode windows 8

  87. neil says:

    Bring aero look for desktop mode windows 8

  88. santosh says:

    Guide to install Windows 8 on Parallels 4, Virtual Box 4.1 & Vmware Workstation 8,…/guide-installing-windows-8-on-parallels.html


  89. Aero removed? says:

    Will Aero disappear from Windows 8 desktop?????

    If so, why?


  90. I saw the developer preview but i would mildly request to provide options to customising the windows behavioural animations- the animations which occur while opening and closing a window in windows 7 and what about a MEDIA PLAYER in windows 8 with metro style buttons and design?I am waiting for it.

  91. Peter says:

    Well, after a few minutes of test it seems me really uncomfortable to use it when you don't have a touch screen.

    is it possible to change the green background on start menu, at least blackt would be better, even though it depends on what you like

    I'd like the possibility to get back to the windows 7 start menu

    But it seems great if you do have a touch screen

  92. lefleur1987 says:

    sweet OS. Transformer manufacturer's wet dream turned into reality

  93. PART 1 –

    I'm a designer and multimedia artist. I use Windows since 1995, and I frequently use about 30 programs for: design, software/widgets development, surfing web, chat, using e-mail… (including: WL Messenger, WL Mail, Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Sony A/V Creative Software, different media players, iTunes, uTorrent, Skype, Total Commander FTP, and many more.

    I have W7 64x installed on my notebook right now, and it function very well with all this soft installed and many more.

    Maybe you hear about me before, because I've made a concept, and "static" vision of what I imagine (or I would like to see) for a future UI for Windows Explorer, and I've post it in comments before, that is here:…/Windows8ExplorerConcept1.1.jpg

    I've read many replies from people that like my concept, and I'm glad for its positive thoughts about it.

    Now, I've installed and used W8 Preview and I would like to share some thoughts about it with you.

  94. PART 2 –


    Both UI are really good. There’s no discussion about it. Metro is modern and minimal than Aero, that’s something that almost everyone knows.

    If you use a Windows Phone, you will see how simple and great can be Metro UI in front of your eyes and fingers. It’s just awesome.

    Aero haves something great and unique: Aero Glass. It does a great and innovative invent from Microsoft, and I’m glad to see it every day when I use my PC.

    But, till I’ve test W8P, I’ve release that something could be wrong, let me explain why.

    I use my laptop with an external monitor connected (it’s more comfortable for working), a Samsung monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, with a matte screen.

    My first reaction with Metro screen was “wow”, I like the movements and transitions, and the excitement of having a new “toy” like the apps, but later, when I start using the whole OS, I release that is not very funny using it as is (at least).

    I feel the W8 Preview is very oriented to touch screen devices with medium & small screens with a glossy surface. In a bigger screen, Metro UI lacks style and bright; it looks flat and empty, and the full screen apps with a mouse don’t feel good at all. It have not sense viewing a weather app in full screen. It has no sense viewing a group of apps that fill the screen in a desktop PC. It’s only to play around the first time… but… what will be happen when you saw this start screen every day? In a desktop PC could be really annoying.

    All the bigger fonts used in Control Panel, Settings and more, as well as the whole Metro UI feels like a too simple and flat design for an HD monitor. Just imagine Metro UI in your 24” monitor, without touching it! Only with a mouse and keyboard… Don’t get me wrong, I love Metro UI but I think it’s more suitable for smaller devices with touch screens.

    By using a Desktop PC, just make yourself these questions:

    – It’s really necessary to go fullscreen, and switch between 2 stages to see the weather report app?

    – It’s really necessary to go fullscreen to open Control Panel?

    – What will happen when you use IE app, and try to watch some YouTube video, or Flash website, and you release that plug-ins don’t work on IE10 app?

    – How many “clicks” you’ll have to do for only view an app and do a fast action?

  95. PART 3-


    I think the desktop must continue to be the main space in a PC, like a "welcome home", but improved in many ways.

    To make it clear, in first place, please take a look at this image:…/w7.jpg

    You’ll see here and empty an almost not functional default desktop. In this image you can access only the recycle bin. The whole thing in desktop can be improved by giving it “life” to it.

    No-one likes a desktop full of icons (like this one:…/desktopfull.gif), messed up, or I’m wrong?

    Ok, what can be made to improve the desktop in a very interesting way?

    This image says it all:…/desktop+metroapps.jpg

    I show you here that it can be possible to integrate Metro Apps right in the desktop without compromising desktop organization! And, the best thing is: there’s no need to press Start button to switch between apps and the desktop!

    If you take a look at this screenshot again: , you will see -apart from metro apps and the taskbar-, a bunch of icons and shortcuts, organized inside “Fences”. Fences is a 3rd party program that allows you to organize the desktop icons much better than the “organize” native function of Windows.

    This program/technology can be acquired for Microsoft for its implementation in the next version of Windows.

    So, with this screenshot, it’s proved that 4 elements can coexist well together: desktop + icons/shortcuts organization + apps + taskbar.

  96. PART 4 –


    I’m a designer & developer; I like and use both technologies.

    HTML5 is a new standard, but it’ll not replace Flash. Apart from other matters, Flash uses vectors, typography, and complex animations and actions that, in most cases, are very hard and impossible to build with HTML5. It’s not true that Flash it’s “buggy software”. It can run very stable on my PC. Sometimes I have more than 15 websites using Flash opened in different tabs of the browser, and it never hangs.

    I use Google Chrome as my default browser and it’s the most stable browser in the market. I can make a video to proof that it is true what I’m telling you.

    I list here some examples of websites made with Flash:…/list.html

    And the question for developers and Flash-haters is: Can you do these websites with HTML5? I don't think so.

    HTML5 is very welcome too. You can do amazing things coding in HTML5, of course. Both are good technologies, and I think the users have the right to use whatever they like; so I think it’s not a good idea to forbid Flash or other plug-ins in IE10. The plug-ins can be disabled by choice.

  97. PART 5 –


    There's no need to switch back and forth between Metro/Desktop scenarios (as I show you before). A desktop/laptop PC has enough space to share apps + taskbar + desktop icons in one place: the desktop.

    In a touchscreen phone/tablet you need to access fast to many apps that do simple things, like view your contacts, send a mail/message, view the weather report, so it have more sense to have Metro UI start screen.


    Ribbon can be very useful, but it really needs to have a better and consistent design, the same for each icon in it. And we need a way so we can customize/add/delete commands from the ribbon.


    – Aero Snap it's one of the most important features for everyday work, but it needs to be improved. It needs 2 additional functions: 1) that you can snap windows in 4 or more parts of the screen, like was implemented in Google Chrome. 2) that you can “stick” 2 or more windows using the borders to resize windows automatically (as showed with Metro Apps windows)

    – Control window buttons must be redesigned… Take a look at this screenshot:…/buttons.png –  here you will see a good example for button/window design…

    I have many many suggestions… for the taskbar and many more…

  98. PART 6 –


    The design of old versions of IE (8.0 to 1.0) was very cluttered, with icons, menus, and lots of screen space wasted in many ways.

    But, when Google Chrome saw the light for first time, the world was fascinated for how Google handles to have a very innovating UI design and amazing functionality: tabs at the top of the window, speed of response, and very innovative integration with Windows native UI (aero glass support, Segoe ui font). Chrome was born a little time ago, and its incredible how fast people are using it as its primary browser.

    It’s not a coincidence that IE teams, later, understood what a good example of concept and design Chrome was!

    So,  it’s not a coincidence at all, that IE9 sports now a very sleek and minimal design, very close to Chrome UI.

    So, here are some questions:

    1) Why IE team took the risk of redesigning the whole UI for IE9; without been afraid by customers?

    2) Why they did a UI design WITH COMPROMISE for IE9, and now Steven said "no compromises" replying when people here asked for a new & polished interface?

    1) Why Windows 8 team seems not been interested in redesign the Ribbon, and they’re not care about of what many people want?

    2) Wasn’t Google Chrome UI a proof enough of what the people want?

    We'll never know.


    Windows its not open source software, so it’s clear that Msoft and its employees have the last word, so, we only have to wait.

    But, let’s face it; no one is forcing us to keep using Windows forever. There are other alternative OS that everyone knows, and, we always have the chance to create a new, open source and free OS! It's time to work, people. Msoft and Apple are just OS created by people… Nothing is stopping the rest of the word to create something new.

    Once more, the people are expressing here, and this blog it’s a reflection of the people voice.

    Maybe they understand and eventually will take care a little more. If everything stays the same, they will learn what it is losing its own customers.

  99. audhihtyan says:

    when windows market will be released in windows 8 developer preview?

  100. kev says:

    hey steve , what happen to the Aero apperance ? its look ugler now. why no flash support??

  101. Mac Lover says:

    The only good thing of Windows 8 is that with the abandon of Flash maybe HTML5 will gain market shares faster and usage in the whole world and Flash Player will be abandoned forever and for all platforms.

    I would hope it will abandon Flash also in the desktop part, when it's released in 2012…make that drastic decision please and encourage the use of HTML5 everywhere.

  102. Eduardo Valencia says:

    @Mac Lover

    Besides that Adobe Player has a fair part regarding of Vulnerabilities in IE and Windows.

    I also hope they dump Adobe Flash Player once and for all.

  103. Linux Nerd says:

    It works well using KVM on Fedora 15.

    It works better once you turn off the metro UI.

  104. Achilles says:

    @Steven Sinofsky  Please bring back the windows xp sp2 compatibility mode, also remove the black tile start menu, orb is more good. I don't want to replace my motherboard to test winodws 8. To be frank don't remove any thing/support   for old drivers , i like windows 7 bec its support all, why windows 8 not supporting old applications  .?

  105. kev says:

    windows 8 preview work too damn slow

  106. Pedro Oliveira says:

    I'm running it with VMWare Fusion 4 on Mac OSX.

  107. Pedro Oliveira says:

    The Samsung hardware is still only for development and testing purposes and it will get improved with time, but you did a very good job with the Windows OS internals. It is a very lean and performant foundation to build on top. Don't forget about LOB applications, they will never work in the Metro environment in desktops.

  108. @will Nerds are loving the Metro UI. I wonder if they actually work. METRO is a bigger version of the Windows Phone GUI that they wanna toss down our throats. It simply does not function well on the desktop. Mice and Keyboard works!

  109. @Greg that's what I actually talked about before. The whole Metro thing is useless on the desktop. Besides, on the desktop is more comfortable to use mice and keyboard. Try to work all day long touching your screen….

  110. @kely kely yes, they use only colors and tiles. I've never seen such poor design in my entire life.

    @neil They wont bring back Aero…. lol They don't want the experience on the desktop to be pleasing on the eyes. They want everybody to use the Metro. Turns out, some people actually work and will be pissed when they find out about this. Why do you think they tossed the Ribbon down to desktop??? So people would find Metro better, less complicated.

  111. @ Peter. Metro is not supposed to work well with mice. They want you using your hands all day long….

    @Kev  yes is ugly but they wont hear us lol

  112. @Achilles bye bye start menu. But hey, now is the time folks . If anybody had a doubt, now it's time to try out Linux or OS X!

  113. They need to bring the full featured windows 7 search to Windows 8…. Seriously!

  114. Greg says:

    Questions or request that I would ask: Which Windows team is responsible for the graphical design? Is there a dedicated art director? Does the design team discuss all graphical elements of the OS and scrutinise the quality of each element? Are you aware that there is a problem with the quality or tastefulness of design elements that are created by developers as displayed clearly and sometimes documented in both Windows 7 and the Windows 8 developer preview? A request: Can you invest in design and the desktop as a priority to make sure that Windows meets the expectation of hundreds of millions of your most loyal professional users?

  115. pepe says:

    why yoy do't use MKV format or other new formats for online videos.

    1.5 Gig ,  5 Gig … it's very large for download.


  116. Damian says:


    I canno't agree more with you!

  117. Michael says:

    Also runs on Citrix XenClient v2 (64bit only)…

  118. Alexander says:

    Надеюсь она будет быстрой и лаконичной. Хочется чего то нового.

  119. @Steven Sinofsky

    PLEASE man, enough with the cryptic marketing stuff.  You are talking to developers here.  We need straightforward answers.

    You linked to…/09142011_FAM_ExecQA.docx in response to a question about "legacy" applications (why are they called LEGACY in the first place???) on ARM and refered to question 2.  I downloaded the document and read it.  Now I'm even more confused.

    Please, PLEASE, answer this question with a simple YES or NO:

    Will there be a desktop on ARM devices?

    If the answer is "no" then I advice you to do a blog post on why on earth we should by a win8 ARM tablet instead of an iPad or some droid.

    If the answer is "no" then what the hell happened to the BIGGEST buzz that win8 had going, being that it IS a pc and not just a glorified e-reader.

    Also, you keep saying that "you were clear from the start on ARM".

    I refer you to one of the very first demo's where the hardware guy (don't remember his name, but he does waaaay too much sunbathing) demoed an ARM machine that had a desktop which was running Word.  The machine was hooked to a printer and in the demo a page was printed.  From an ARM device.  Using Word.  On the desktop.

    I have one last request, and that goes for everybody at microsoft…  STOP with the secrecy.  You are not Apple – thank god.  Yes, you compete with them.  That doesn't mean you need to act like them.  You guys are driving me insane.  

    Here is a fine quote from your founder, Mr Bill Gates himself, which I think applies here very well:

    "Don't play the game.  Change the rules."

  120. xpclient says:

    –  After using the Start screen UI for some days (did I mention it's awesome for tablets) and genuinely trying to use it with the mouse in a productive way, I have to say that the *default* for desktops/laptops when Windows 8 ships should IMHO be the traditional desktop, the *default* for x86 and ARM tablets should be Start screen.

    –  The boot manager seems to have no respect for NTLDR partitions. I had a triple boot system working with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP x64 and I merely formatted the Windows Vista volume and replace it with Windows Developer Preview but my XP booting is broken. The boot files were stored on the Windows 7 volume (C:Boot) which is untouched. You should not ignore NTLDR loader.

  121. Achilles says:

    '"Early adopters can run Windows 8 Developer Preview even on modest, pre-Vista era hardware, .''…/Windows-8-Developer-Preview-System-Requirements-222306.shtml

    But please add windows xp sp2 compatibility support for programs, i got many old computers (motherboard 2002 or 2003 ), just i dont  want to trash it bec of old incompatible drivers. Am planning to install Windows 8 home edition on my computers. Please fix this problem immedietely ,thanks.

  122. @xpclient Could not agree more, xpclient. They should also do a version without ANY Metro in it.

  123. Guna S says:

    The day Win 8 Preview was available i used it on Xen Server 5.6 Sp2, it worked liked charm, i updated an existing Win 7 VM to Win 8. Its working without any need of reboots, installed Xen Tools as well without issues.

  124. Nicolas Drouin says:

    I can confirm that the Win8 Dev Preview works with Hyper-V Server 2008.

    My setup:

    Physical machine with Hyper-V Server 2008.

    Physical machine with Win7, Remote Server Manager toolset installed.

    Copy .iso to Hyper-V Server

    Create new machine via Server Manager, set .iso file as boot OS.

    Boot up guest machine via Server Manager, use Server Manager "Virtual Machine Connection" (like mstsc) to connect to guest OS from Win7 physical machine.

    Set up Win8.

    After the install, I did not get the Start screen tiles.

    Used the 'send ctrl-alt-del' button via Virtual Machine Connection to get a Win8 menu which allowed me to restart.

    Tile and desktop mode work after a restart.

    I tried to install the Hyper-V Integration Services Startup Disk: Win8 reported that it was already installed.

    My impressions:

    Apps work, they request proper proxy authentification to access the web in my corporate infrastructure.

    Rendering is choppy:

    – while sliding the start screen around is choppy

    – while animating the weather app

    This is expected (and acceptable) due to the virtualization scenario.  

    Its a bit hard to slide to go to the desktop or otherwise with a mouse: you really have to go get the first few pixels on the left; I would widen this zone (perhaps you can, I haven't checked).

    I can't slide the start screen without the of the horizontal scroll bar or the mouse wheel.  I would have expected to be able to grab the green start screen background and slide to the next set of apps.  Perhaps this is by-design for mouse use; or perhaps its a virtualization thing — not sure.  Sliding (reorganizing) the tiles works, however.

  125. Nicolas Drouin says:

    Note: I needed to be in full screen mode to get back to the start screen from an app via the "Windows-Key" on the keyboard.

  126. Jim Hubbard says:

    Hyper-V is not working correctly in Win 8 Preview.  Simply the act of installing it renders all Youtube videos broken in Firefox 6.0.2 – did not try youtube videos in IE before I disabled Hyper-V.

  127. swamish says:

    i am getting driver not found error ……. when i am trying clean installation ……….

  128. swamish says:

    i am getting driver not found error ……. when i am trying clean installation ……….

  129. Vinod Tadepalli says:

    I tried it on Hyper-v Windows 2008 R2 and the installation experience is pretty good. The only configuration that I had to make is network related. Otherwise everything was just seamless.

  130. Ashton Snapp - Computer Tween says:

    I would like to know if there are ANY games on there and if it could enhance the "HP Touchsmart 310 PC Software".

  131. Luigi Bruno says:

    I've installed Windows 8 DP in VirtualBox (1.5 GB of RAM) on a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 host OS (4 GB of physical RAM installed): the installation was quick enough and the system has a good response speed.

    At this moment I've only noticed that sometimes the shutdown procedure does not end the right way and I have to close the virtual machine in a brute force way by closing the VM window.

  132. wjhaser says:

    i found win 8 trotally unacceptable, the loss of periphreal use is totally not a good thingt, both  hands down, the design is confusing to say the least and unoperable

  133. Hi Windows guys !

    Running Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual environment?

    Must be kidding with me:)

    Two computers I had and both of them failed installing WDP in virtual environment.

    The only chance for testing was to burn a copy from the downloaded iso and run the setup directly on bare metal on a 3 years old Fujitsu Siemens laptop, which formerly came with Vista Home Premium.

    Been running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit on the same until now but have to say Vista collaborated better and more stable on this hardware, guess OEM pre-delivered versions just cooperate more seamlessly.

    Anyhow, the installing process didn't complain as much as the issues i met in VirtualBox.

    As this was made on a computer with Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz CPU & 2GB RAM the expectations wasn't that high in speak of speed but think WDP saved me a couple of minutes compared with Windows 7.

    The same when it comes to boot times, approximately a few seconds faster than Windows 7 but quite small difference from what I've noticed on this one and not that overwhelming as I thought it would be.

    Seems there is a big difference after all which kind of hardware it's running on. One reason in this case is that this notebook doesn't have support for either UEFI nor hardware assist for virtualization aside from it's also an x86 machine with less resources inside. What's make it interesting on the other hand is how WDP shows itself when working on to older hardware. As less resources (CPU size) in the device as more time it needs when booting up that's logical. What's also logical is that new innovations can be buggy, the new bootloader I've seen switching between the Windows 7 & WDP's interfaces now and then (having dual boot with Win 7). Been a few times when things get stuck so have to re-boot. One that's been tricky is the Multi-tasking that just stops working between moments, otherwise it's a quite cool new feature to keep.

    What's standing against my understanding are the implementation of hardware assist which prevent me from using Windows 8 in a virtual machine. For some users one choice would be run WDP inside Hyper-V but because that alternative needs to be running on 64bits hardware that's No solution in this case.

    Almost seems like Microsoft don't want to support users with this kind of equipment in the future.

    Would be nice if it can be kept open for discussion please.

    Beyond the wondering Thanks for a great article!


  134. Reelix says:

    VMWare Player 4.0.0

    The x64 version gives a "DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION" error. Googling around, this does not happen with the x86 version (My main OS is Win7 x64, so it's not necessarily an x64 related issue)

  135. Win8 looks cool, but the metro thing will take a bit to stick, particularly as there is no need for it if you are not using a touch UI.  Maybe have an auto switch that detects if you are using touch UI or not for picking the default view as well as AN EASY switch.  People use windows because it works, so if its not broken then don't fix it.

    Have the Developer CTP running really well on a VM in HyperV on server 2008 R2.  Everything seems cool sofar, just annoying to have to learn something else new particularly when you dont have to.

  136. Bilo_Cape Town says:

    Just a small add-on to my earlier post:

    I am part of a team of volunteers in a Paltalk PC Technical help lobby, who have successfully installed Windows 8 in VMWare on various systems. It is called 'All that Technical Jazz' – Our motto – KIS

  137. Jacques Lederrey says:

    Hello dear blogers,

    I have installed the 32bits preview version of W8 on VMware workstation 8. The installation was OK and W8 starts well. But, there is no recognition of the Network Adapter which is Intel 82566DC Gigabit. Is somebody was facing the same situation and has had chance to solve this issue?

    Many thanks for your expert feedback

  138. Jacques Lederrey says:

    Hello all,

    Finally I found a solution. I have made an upgrade from Window 7 and my Windows 8 has found the right pilote for the Network Adapter and for the sound card

  139. Érico Porto says:

    I don't know how hard it would be, but isn't there a way to make it install like an application – like ubuntu does it, if you don't want to make a partition – or a live pen drive of some sorta?

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