Welcome to Windows 8 – The Developer Preview

If you’ve been following this blog, then you know today is a big day for the Windows team. At the BUILD conference we are about to preview Windows 8. There’s a ton to see in the product and so we’d really encourage everyone to check out the available streams on http://buildwindows.com, where we will webcast the keynote. The BUILD conference this week is focused on developers and hardware partners, and there are over 100 sessions (all of which will be available from the link above within about a day of the scheduled presentation time).  In that sense it is good to keep in mind that today is the launch of the developer opportunity for Windows, not the launch of a product (and certainly not the launch of new devices).

Windows 8 represents a reimagining of Windows from the chipset to the experience. Since this is a week focused on developers, we also detailed the bold underpinnings of the re-imagination of the Windows platform, tools, and APIs. We will show off the opportunity to build applications for all of the customers of Windows 8, no matter what type of PC they have—from tablets to laptops to convertibles to desktops. We will show the brand new tools that allow you to code Metro style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, C/C++, and/or C#/XAML. The investments you have made as developers in all of these languages carry forward for Windows 8, which lets you choose how to best make use of the Windows 8 system services. We talked about Windows 8 being a no-compromise OS for end-users, and it is also a no-compromise platform for developers.

Many are interested in Windows 8 for ARM processors. Everything we showcased today at BUILD also runs on the ARM-based Windows PCs being created by ARM partners and PC manufacturers. Windows 8 running on ARM will ultimately be available with ARM-based hardware that  you can purchase.  ARM requires a deeper level of integrated engineering between hardware and software, as each ARM device is unique, and Windows allows this uniqueness to shine through. The new development tools enable you to start today to build Metro style applications that will seamlessly run on x86 (32 and 64 bit) or ARM architectures. Even if you use native C/C++ code, these tools will enable Metro style apps to target specific hardware if you choose.  As new PCs become available for testing, PC manufacturers will develop seed programs for developers.

You probably want to try out the preview release—and you can. Starting later tonight you can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This includes a 64-bit (x64) build with development tools to build apps, and a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) build without development tools. The releases also include a suite of sample applications (please note these are merely illustrations of potential apps, not apps that we intend to ship with Windows 8). The ISOs are linked to from http://dev.windows.com.

Upgrade from Windows 7 installation is not supported for pre-release code; only clean installs are supported. Reminder: this is a developer preview release and is not meant for production. It is not a beta release. We will be updating the release with various quality updates and drivers over the coming weeks/months just to exercise our overall update and telemetry mechanisms.

We’ve got a lot more blogging to do. So stay tuned. This blog continues to be a big part of the development process. Now we have a lot more shared context, and so we expect folks commenting on posts to be running the Preview so we share in the context of the release. Let’s keep comments focused on the topic at hand and we’ll pay attention for potential new topics.  We know there will be a lot—that comes from reimagining a product used by a billion people!


UPDATE (10:10 am PST) - Slight correction inserted above.

UPDATE 2 (11:30 am PST) -  I bet a lot of you heard about the machine that attendees at the conference received (this was a limited production run and is not available for sale). It is pretty cool. Keep in mind, Windows 8 is a no-compromise OS, which means you do not need to have a tablet or touch-capable machine to experience Windows 8. Mouse and keyboard are first class in the whole experience. If you are curious, a little later today we will post some of the touch hardware we have experienced in our labs so you can see what existing Windows 7-based hardware experiences we have. Keep in mind there are no PCs designed for Windows 8 yet—that’s a big part of the BUILD conference—gearing up for newly designed Windows 8 PCs of all types.

NOTE: The preview build does not include every feature shown this morning.  Shown but not in the Developer Preview release include the Windows Store, Windows Live Metro style apps, and some of the user interface features.  The focus of the preview is the API and development tools for building Metro style apps.

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  1. Veiko says:

    If the Builds really will be released, then it's AWESOME. I just got Dell ST2220T screen last week, which supports Multi-Touch 🙂

  2. Rick says:

    Wonderful to see MSFT roll out an OS that is touch frinedly that is more than a toy. I can do both work and play with Windows 8!  THANKS

  3. Srikanth says:

    Cant see the live stream at buildwindows.com. I'm on Win7 and IE9. does any one else see the same problem?

  4. vfurso says:

    Is update from older builder of window 8 supported?

  5. Malcolm says:

    Please release an ARM version that would be so brilliant!

  6. R7 says:

    Anyone know the full build number and build date of this pre-release build?

  7. Selorm says:

    Please I am having difficulties watching the event live..any help??

  8. That's AWESOME! I can't wait to try out the WDP myself!  Thanks Microsoft!

  9. Chris Paton says:

    http://dev.windows.com/ redirects to a "Page Not Found" message at msdn.microsoft.com/…/home. Are the ISOs simply not up yet?

  10. Prayaas says:

    Oh! I can't wait to download it! 😀 😀 😀

  11. telerik says:

    microsoft must created one free and powerfull compiler for c/c++ programers.google created new programming language.!!!!???:(

    objective c and native c++ are very good selection for  all of peaple.

  12. it is so cool i love windows 8

  13. Gus says:

    @Srikanth try his URL http://ow.ly/6t8en

  14. Poland-Windows8-blog says:

    Czyli to tylko jest Wersja Deweloperska???

  15. Wilferik says:

    The text above clearly states builds will be made available at 8PM Seattle time 🙂

  16. i'm soo happy to work for this company

  17. seeyou says:

    i cant wait to try it!!

    ms wins the battle

  18. seeyou says:

    i cant wait to try it!!

    ms wins the battle

  19. R7 says:

    Windows Developer Preview

    Evaluation copy. Build 8102.winmain_win8m3.110830-1739

  20. 坑爹呢这是 能不能确定一个时间


  22. Josh G. says:

    Based on Anandtech's recent review of this, my two biggest concerns are as follows:

    (1) The Start menu is being replaced with Metro tiles. As a desktop user, I don't ever want to see this crap. Please tell me that the Win7-style Start menu will still at least be available as an option.

    (2) Making ARM into a walled garden is a mistake. What makes Windows so useful is that it's an open platform where I can run anything I want to. Why should we give that up just because we're moving to a different architecture?

  23. user 10 says:

    I am pleased to see improvements in win8. It looks really great. There are few things I did not like. Its good to see classic Start Menu but I do not like how it looks (flat dark grey shaded icon without transparency or animation). Also where is the program list?? Do we have to search an application each time?? Hopefully it is not the final version.

  24. Ferine says:

    @Josh G. Watch the keynote on http://www.buildwindows.com. You can switch back and forth from desktop to metro.

  25. raymond says:

    No silverlight for building metro style apps? That's disappointing.

  26. Quppa says:

    > in HTML5/JavaScript, C/C++, and/or C#/XAML


    What was the rationale behind mentioning only the first of these before now? There was an awful lot of goodwill lost within the developer community for no reason.

  27. Bastien says:

    @Jush G.

    Of course you can choose between the win 7 style and the tiles thing. This was confirmed by Microsoft.

  28. Bastien says:

    @Jush G.

    Of course you can choose between the win 7 style and the tiles thing. This was confirmed by Microsoft.

  29. Are there any restrictions on the Windows 8 Dev Preview?

  30. @Poland-Windows8-blog: Tak, to jest wersja developerska, nawet nie beta, tylko jeszcze wcześniej. Nie wiem jednak czy "Windows Developer Preview" to jest lepiej czy gorzej niż "Community Technology Preview" 😉

    Na prezentacji było powiedziane, że najpierw preview, potem otwarta beta dla wszystkich, potem RC i wreszcie RTM. Ale bez określonych ram czasowych – będzie, kiedy będzie gotowe.

  31. BobPr says:

    I'll be thowing this up on a machine tonight.  Can't wait….

  32. Lawk says:

    I think I would appreciate Metro UI on tablets. Makes sense. But for Desktops, can it be FULLY disabled? I just want a classic desktop with classic start menu, ill launch my programs, sorry, apps, ehem, from icons on the desktop. I don't want to SWITCH around either.

  33. wow the ISO… my netbook is waiting for it!!!

  34. I just can say: WOW! well done so far. I am really excited to try out this cool stuff. there is so much to try! I don't know what should try out first 😉

    Keep going this great work.

  35. Jason says:

    Very interesting.  Can't wait to download 10pm central!

  36. TeddeRz says:

    i better format my usb so i can boot of that and put in my other hdd for when i download it 🙂

  37. tic says:

    current leaks:







  38. Can't wait till I get my hands on this release. I bet this will be the best windows yet.

  39. Ian Aldrighetti says:

    Darn, so I only have 32-bit computers, so I can't try developing any applications?

  40. iahu says:

    不要辜负我对你的期待啊 win8 !

    Win8, do not make me disappointed!

  41. Darren says:

    As mentioned in the keynote, I believe the ISO's will not be up until 20:00PM PDT Time. Suprising they didnt put Developer tools in the 32-bit version, really blows it to be honest.

  42. John says:

    Is vb.net dead? Will you be able to build metro style apps with it?

  43. Brian says:


    >>What was the rationale behind mentioning only the first of these before now? There was an awful lot of goodwill lost within the developer community for no reason.

    They did it for the lulz.

  44. Faiyaz says:

    "32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) build without development tools" – Is this what you actually meant? No dev tools for Win 32 build.

  45. Rich says:

    i cant wait for Mr Steve,

     Please tell me what is the different between the bata and Windows Developer Preview ? how can i download developer preview? is it free? is it working on windows 7 or seperate os?

    Thank you

  46. Windwalker says:

    I couldn't watch the live keynote. Please tell me I would be able to watch the whole thing later? Please?

  47. Daniel says:

    Shame about the lack of dev tools on the 32 build, my computer monitor just got trashed and this laptop doesn't have 64. 🙁

  48. @ Steven – Does this release installation automatically create dual boot for my old Windows 7 along with Windows 8 preview?

  49. Me says:

    Video doesnt play anymore on the site… X(


  50. Brett says:

    Any chance we'll see ARM support in either Hyper-V or VirtualPC?

    Just askin…

  51. oh my god says:


  52. @Steven Sinofsky, Nice job with the Keynote presentation. I enjoyed every bit of the 2hr 20min long presentation. And Wow, I can't wait to try Windows 8. Congrats to the team.

  53. raider says:

    Good job, very impressed. But…

    Gimme the Start menu back.

    I'm very upset to see it gone, if I'm using the classic desktop, why should I switch to Start screen to open apps? Let me the usual Start menu!

    I hope to see it coming back in an update shortly.

  54. She canna take it Cap'n says:

    Please consider putting the BUILD vids up on YouTube.  Your site doesn't seem to be able to cope with the load :o(

  55. David says:

    Mr. Sinofsky,

    Well, I saw your Windows 8 keynote at Build today and it was awesome – I give you a AAA rating for Windows 8 (higher if I could)!

    I started program Windows with the first beta of Windows 3 and Petzold – we have come a long ways.

    I am really excited about the possibilities with Windows 8 and I am incredibly relieved to see that I can develop with Silverlight and C#.

    However, I cannot express how disappointed that I am with you and Microsoft for the way you have treated Microsoft developers relative to expressing support for Silverlight and C#.

    Companies have lost projects and developers have lost their job because you and Microsoft could not say something as simple as "Silverlight and C# will be fully supported in Windows 8".

    So for developer relations and support I would give you a grade of 'F' or lower if I could.

    I know you filter your blog so I am sure this will not get posted.

    I will commit to developing for Windows 8; however, you and Microsoft have completely lost my loyalty – I assume you could care less.

    Best regards and good luck with Windows 8,


  56. Two quick questions. Is MS Security Essentials Windows 8 compatible and how does it compare to the new Windows Defender (and why do you still have two products here)? Also, will the Windows Vista/7 ISO install method work for the Windows 8 installer?

  57. uhmm says:

    1./ Have you from Windows 8 finally removed useless Windows Defender?

    2./ Have you from Windows 8 finally removed useless Windows Mail from Program Files and Contacts from home folder?

    3./ Same for DVD maker…

  58. Jimbo says:

    Wouldn't it be cool to have the same Win8 app run on a workstation, tablet and a phone without a recompile. Please, please, please make that happen.

  59. trukhinyuri says:

    Спасибо Стивен! Спасибо команде Windows 8! Я знаю, что вы учите русский язык! Это потрясающе! Вы изменили мир к лючшему!

  60. trukhinyuri says:

    Спасибо Стивен! Спасибо команде Windows 8! Я знаю, что вы учите русский язык! Это потрясающе! Вы изменили мир к лючшему!

  61. Mike says:

    I can't see the BUILD keynote, it's Silverlight. Can you make sure standards-compliant videos are published so everyone can see them?

  62. cmwind says:

    I really hope the Windows sounds are getting a complete Metro refresh as well… I also hope Windows Phone 8/Xbox will sync up with the subtle/small visual and UX changes Windows team is making to Metro iconography/UX

    really excited for the future… good job

  63. jbenisek says:

    the current site is having issue and you might have to refresh I'm sure it will be this way for the next few days.

    Good luck!

  64. Sainik Biswas says:

    I really enjoyed the entire keynote. In fact my first Microsoft keynote I watched live stream from my Computer.  I just want to start develop apps for Windows 8.

  65. Renran7 says:

    Looking forward to release Windows 8 ISO files!

    Want to include Chinese version!

    期待公开Windows 8下载!希望有中文版可以下载!

  66. Ethan says:

    Certainly impressive overall, but having to switch from the standard desktop to Metro in order to load applications, rather than via a simple start menu is horrible.

  67. I finally get to put an appropriate OS on my Gateway pen-tablet.

    Windows 7 was never very tablet-friendly.  

    Anybody downloading the Developer Preview, I will surely be there to hogg up Microsoft's bandwidth…

  68. Alvaro says:

    Can Windows 8 be installed side by side with Windows 7 ? Dual boot?

  69. raymond says:

    It's nice to show everything horizontally and that works for desktop. However most people that use a tablet use it vertically or portrait mode.

  70. Alvaro says:

    Can Windows 8 be installed side by side with Windows 7 ? Dual boot?

  71. dm3281 says:

    Windows 8 looks like it rocks!  Can't wait to downlod the Developer Preview tonight!

    I would like to say that it's a shame that you're only offering the Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC for attendees of the conference and it was a limited production run.

    I'd love to pay a few hundred for some hardware that leverages a lot of the benefits of Windows 8 and allows me to develop while lounging around or whatever….   Too bad you aren't taking pre-orders and will make a special run… I'd love to see this.  Is this even possible?

    Why should the attendees get all the benefits?

  72. Ford says:

    This is great news for windows 8 lovers, cant wait to try…

  73. domenicoav says:

    Sinofsky is a KING!

  74. Amine Bouhafs says:

    Love to try some gamin' in this OS!

  75. Ripu Daman says:

    Yep…can't wait to try….its is suppose to be revolutionary OS

  76. chris says:

    Is there a feed for the break-out sessions?

  77. thetruckinglife says:

    sadly i missed today's presentation

    any idea on what the hardware requirements are?

    looking forward to downloading the ISO tonight, i have been waiting patiently and avoiding all so called leaked files to prevent any damage to my test machine.

    thanks Microsoft.

  78. wtrmlnjuc says:

    Just a suggestion, can you also turn the regular desktop interface into a metro look? I'm talking about the windows, the bars, scroll bars, icons, ie10, that kind of stuff?

  79. Jman says:


    Keynote video at buildwindows.com is down. Can you please get it back so that I can watch the remaining keynote.

  80. Incredible!  

    Popcap, Gamehouse, and all causal game makers need to consider creating games for WINDOWS 8 RIGHT NOWWW!!!!

  81. SixShotDoc says:

    Can someone please fix the video feed on http://www.buildwindows.com/

  82. Steven says:

    Windows 8 will be MS best. Really enjoyed Build.

  83. Cedric KOCH says:

    Great news !

  84. Daniel Herder says:

    One of the worst things in Windows is the system-preferences. They are so complex and I always search long. The system preferences should be much easier to use. And they should be tranformed to Metro Style completely.

  85. Mario Rojas says:

    I need a simple question answered: is there a way to boot straight to the desktop? I don't want or need Metro while I'm using the PC as a PC.

  86. Dolce says:

    the video feed is down, I was on there earlier and it worked 🙁 please fix it soon…

  87. Mike says:

    Will the developer preview of Windows 8 run in a VM environment such as VirtualPC?

  88. Christopher Estep says:

    Windows 8 Developer Preview system requirements are identical to those of Windows 7.  The surprise is that it takes up less memory and uses fewer resources (despite having more features) than 7+SP1, which is itself trimmed compared to 7 RTM.  What is this – the *Neutron Jack Welch* edition of Windows? (Welch ggot the nickname *Neutron Jack* because of the massive layoffs he instituted at GE – a company which was not known for laying folks off.  While he was – properly – credited for saving General Electric from imploding over the size of its payroll, he was treated rather harshly in the punditocracy.)

  89. BingoPongo says:

    No word about WPF. Can I assume that the future for desktop Apps is HTML5?

  90. Luke Shoesmith says:

    Hi, I watched the Keynote earlier on today but it sparked a question.

    Will the current program applications run on an ARM cpu? (if it had the power to do so of course)

    e.i would photoshop cs3 (which runs on my 1.6ghz atom netbook) run on ARM architecture?

    My gut says no….

    Thanks 🙂

  91. Really, no "snapping" on 16:10 widescreen machines is just wrong. You shouldn't overthink such details.

    Besides, most windows tablets have a 1280×800 resolution: you're pissing off a lot of early adopters and loyal customers for no apparent reason.

    Anyway, windows 8 looks like heaven, and Steven is lovely!

  92. NICE work guys!! Keep it coming!

  93. Forest says:

    Пацаны ваще ребята! Могёте, умеете, чётко!

  94. wayne says:

    Why I have to re-install ALL applications everytime I upgrate the OS? it would be a huge upgrade incentive and improvement if we can just upgrate OS and all the existing apps are continue runing.

  95. Spanished says:

    Sinofsky, a couple of words about win7/win8 dual boot. Please.


  96. Noah says:

    I'd either dual boot it, or if possible, run it in within a program such as VMWare? Is that possible?

  97. Yes dual boot  or vitualbox/wmvare ?

  98. Why do you cheat in the Keynote video? The 280MB RAM usage was not the overall RAM usage. You trimmed the working sets of all apps and write the data to the pagefile. The real memory usgae was 549MB and 589MB on Windows 7. So with Windows 8 you have 40MB improvement 😉

    But thanks for making the Preview available to all 🙂

  99. @BingoPongo

    XAML was shown in the picture about the Windows Runtime API (WinRT). Yes, you can still use WPF/SL.

  100. DevPlus says:

    Please i need some information about ARM Version for NVIDIA DENVER PROJECT ( ARM FOR PC ) ?


  101. kejserdreng says:

    I think it looks very promising, impressive, but if you could customize those bricks to be a little smaller?

    I only a consumer, but time will tell..i think it looked very very good..Keep up the good work


  102. kejserdreng says:

    I think it looks very promising, impressive, but if you could customize those bricks to be a little smaller?

    I am only a consumer, but time will tell..i think it looked very very good..Keep up the good work


  103. Garry says:


    Can't wait! Windows 8 looks promising.

  104. Michael says:

    You guys would be absolute heroes to hundreds of thousands of people if you sold Win8ARM for HP TouchPad. Not to mention it would be a rare moment of positive news about Microsoft in the press.

  105. Waiting patiently for the downloads…

  106. James van den Berg MVP says:

    Hi Steven,

    Keynote was great today, watch it live at Microsoft Netherlands.

    Can't wait for the Slate with Windows 8 in the ARM Chip 😉




  107. Steven, loved everything you showed and I'm glad that it all is looking good… however it just feels disjointed, I don't know whether it's the UI or the inherently different experiences of Metro styled apps and the traditional desktop apps but they don't gel in anyway.

    You made no mention of non-metro UI stuff so is that something that is being worked and is likely to changed between now and beta? The two experiences work great when they are separate but switching back and forth between them is mindbogglingly confusing, even for me and I'm a developer! I'd hate to see consumer reactions when browsing in a store for example.

    Btw a better task switcher for metro style apps is a MUST, even you guys got confused during the demos on stage surely that tells you something?

  108. Jon Austenaa says:

    How is the hardware acceleration of the UI of this release? I guess the metro part is accelerated, but the classic desktop UI is not. I hope desktop photo viewer and explorer would use direct2d in the future, they are kinda slow today on recent hardware (core i7 2500 and geforce gtx 470). If browsing around in my filesystem was as fluid and responsive as Metro and DWM… the explorer ui elements could animate in just like metro but still desktop and mouse friendly with small icons and UI features it would be awesome. Thumbnail generation and scrolling would really benefit from the capabilities of the GPU. Today on win7 they use quite alot of cpu and are noticably slower than XP.


    Direct2D has gotten a lot of  criticism but should be much better than GDI/+


  109. jahxp says:

    Can anybody tell me if its possible to use in a touch netbook with a 1024×600 resolution? Thank you!!!


  110. McZ says:

    @Lukle Shoesmith

    "e.i would photoshop cs3 (which runs on my 1.6ghz atom netbook) run on ARM architecture?"

    As Photoshop is written in C, it needs a new compilate for the architecture.

    Every .NET app should do without it.

  111. To everyone at Microsoft:  Great Job!

  112. China-User says:

    Wow!It's greater then Windows 7! Good !

  113. Windows 8 is incredible so far! Congrats Microsoft.

  114. Florian Wartner says:

    I really can´r wait.. It´s 01:17AM here in germany and i will be awake untill i can download the preview! Thanks Microsoft! ♥

  115. ShelLuser says:

    I'm really not convinced that this is going to do well on the desktop.

    Everyone keeps saying that you can use the classic desktop but so far all the official channels say that the 'old' desktop is basically an application of its own. The moment you click the start button in there you do not get the old start menu but are moved right back into the Metro style start environment.

    And that would mean that instead of having to move my mouse a small bit upwards to start an application I'd now risk having to move it all the way across the screen to reach the right tile.

    How is that going to make things easier for desktop users ?   I think Win8 is going to shine on tablets but I don't see this catching on with desktops.

  116. MYousufAli says:

    Great work Microsoft. Hope it will rocks on touch gadgets.

  117. 1 question. Can we also download Language Packs (MUI) for the Developer Preview to check language issues while coding Metro Apps?

  118. Tiago says:

    I agree with @ShelLuser. Windows 8 is not meant for Desktop users. This using the mouse with the live tiles is really afwul… Hope you guys at Microsoft understand the obvious. I think this might be a Vista Desktop flop and brilliant Tablet OS. Desktop UI should have more power and possess the same ability as windows 7.

    Besides as someone mention, an task-switcher to Metro UI is necessary. The swype from left is really neat, but not really pratical.

    And please, please allow the tiles to be transparent and the background to be customizable. (Background images).

  119. raymond says:

    Why is there no silverlight mentioned for windows 8 metro styled apps?

  120. Sean Frisbey says:

    For those that do not want the Metro UI, it is possible to go back to the normal Windows Explorer UI.  You are not restricted to using the Metro UI.  It is merely a really cool option if you have the hardware capable of touch input, or if you are logging on as a normal, non-power-user session and you just want to check some stuff out.  I think that is it more or less like having a tablet in the first place: it is probably not going to REPLACE your desktop experience, or even your laptop experience; but it will enhance it by giving you some things that you want right now, right there, in an intuitive, accessible location.

  121. Sniffovsky says:

    Two punchlines went to a bar, and Chrome-less browsing counted "iEww 6/7/8".

  122. Be sure to throw the phrase "What's New in Powershell v.Next" somewhere in your keynote tomorrow.

  123. Michael says:

    i can't wait to get it tonight !…. let have some fun !

  124. Eddies says:

    I can download now WindowsDeveloperPreview-64bit-English-Developer.iso, but the servers are being overloaded now. Downloading at 52kb/s…

  125. Jhabril Harris says:

    Slow Download, servers overloading, BUT WON'T GIVE UP!

  126. Giovani Ceotto says:

    Yeah, kind of slow, 300kB/s but I would wait the whole night if it was needed

  127. Alex says:

    Is there any credence to the rumor that Silverlight is gone from Windows 8?

  128. I'm downloading at 2.6mb/s. 27mins left. Can't wait to try it.

  129. Gandalf50 says:

    Downloading now. Very interested on seeining how it runs as a destkop with a mouse and keyboard.

  130. Damn… I can't install it 'cause it says my partition is an MBR while it need a GPT…

  131. Farhood says:

    @Steven Sinofsky:

    Are you going to continue posting videos and posts on this blog. Please, continue. Because I'm living in Iran and we have a really low bandwith we can't download this kind of things! The only thing for us is these videos that you're posting on this blog! Please, keep posting!


  132. Has anyone got it installed yet. Great job guys but the windows button

    Taking us back to metro is not the best

  133. Musafir_86 says:

    Hi Steven,

    -Would you make the BUILD keynote available for download?

    Thank you.

    P/S: Please leave it in original form (WVC1) if there's no more higher quality source available – re-encoding/transcoding will degrade the quality! 🙂

  134. thetruckinglife says:

    downloading very smoothly at 300kbps

    only 1hr left till burn and install!

  135. screwbal says:

    Pulling down at 2megs per second 35 min until the fun begins!

  136. clarence.Yang says:

    it's so cool, ms i am standing your side always

  137. JoeH says:

    Damn, getting an error that it needs a CD/DVD driver, despite the fact I'm attempting to install from USB, with no DVD drive connected.

  138. imdrunkonbeer says:

    just tried it out, I'm sorry but the new UI is frustrating on keyboard and mouse, if I cant change to the traditional taskbar and start menu and keep it there i don't want it. Tux, baby, looks like I'm coming back to you!

  139. Danni says:

    ".. that allow you to code Metro style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, C/C++, and/or C#/XAML .." is VB missed or it simply not supported ?

  140. JoeH says:

    Sorry, my image is failing a hash check, I'll have to try redownloading.

  141. 北冥之魚 says:


    Downloading…but the speed is so poor, 8k/s, oh……..

  142. Michael says:

    I would have liked to see an ARM build. Yes, I realize every device is different, so maybe drivers will need to be handled like x86_64 Windows and be added in as modules instead of having to custom tailor the OS for every device.  I'm mostly looking forward to this to attempt to load it on an HP Touchpad as WebOS has many deficiencies where I think Windows 8 or Android will excel.

  143. Paul says:

    Well done Microsoft – you have managed to completely destroy the desktop version of windows by getting caught up in this "touch" fad. Once the novelty wears off and users realise that it's too much effort to reach up and cover their screens in grease, they will yearn for the old UI.

    The destruction of the start menu is a complete failure, especially the idea that you have to switch between two completely and utterly different user interfaces just to launch a new program – a completely and utterly confusing and overly-complicated mess that will overwhelm any novice computer user with its complexity.

    Windows 8 looks like it's going to be well on the path to another Vista flop for desktop users. I loved Windows 7 and was a big advocate of it to others, but if development continues in the current direction, then I'm going to have to start seriously considering which KDE Linux distro to switch to.

  144. Nathan says:

    How 'bout hosting a torrent tracker for the ISOs?

  145. Jhabril Harris says:

    Using it right now, what's with the start button?

  146. Don Reba says:

    I was completely blown away by the presentation, and finding out that Steven Sinofsky learned Russian was just damn awesome! Downloading the Win8 ISO with developer tools.

  147. Clinton says:

    Will you be able to run vb6 applications under Windows 8?

  148. xpclient says:

    Thanks for making it all so easily accessible and convenient open download (No registration, no activation etc). Windows 8 looks like a heavily optimized fast version of the Windows codebase compared to even Windows 7. Please please please support 1280 x 800 resolution for showing two apps/snap/docked in the Start screen.

    Hoping that the beta will be feature complete (no bits missing) so we can truly give feedback if anything's inadvertently broken and not working and everything will be fully functional and compatible for RC and RTM.

  149. harry says:

    @Paul You have no idea what you are talking about.

  150. @ToyTanks: Defender in Windows 8 replaces Security Essentials.  There is no need to install Security Essentials separately.  SE will continue to exist for Windows 7 etc…

    @BingoPongo and @Raymond: WPF and Silverlight continue unchanged for the desktop.  New to Windows 8 is the ability to leverage your WPF and Silverlight knowledge (and code with some changes) to create Metro Style applications.

    @LukeShoesmith: Existing desktop apps won’t run on ARM devices.  We will not provide emulation.  Metro Style apps built in HTML/CSS/JS or C#/XAML will run across x86/x64/ARM.

    @ddpg: Metro Snap will work on a 16:10 display, IF it has >= 1366 horizontal resolution

    @jahxp: Your 1024×600 netbook will run but Metro Style apps won’t run.  The minimum required for Metro Style apps is vertical resolution of 768 pixels.

    @Danni, @Clinton:  Assuming your VB apps run on Windows 7, they will run on Windows8 on the desktop.  VB can be used to create Metro Style apps too.

  151. Bryan S. says:

    I love you microsoft! To show my appreciation, I'm going to port all the games I've been developing to Windows 8. You guys rock! You're the best friend a developer could have.

  152. Guido says:

    Could not install the x64 Developer iso on VMWare.  Got a VMWARE error at the beginning of the installation process (right after it says 'Windows 8 …').

  153. Fletcher says:

    Issues installing on VMWare workstation too.

  154. Fletcher says:

    Issues installing on VMWare workstation too.

  155. Installed, and it works pretty well in a vm. http://www.facebook.com/…/set

  156. Irfanfare says:

    Downloading it, to install in a triple boot with Win7 !

  157. Zack says:

    Is anything on the new Start menu actually supposed to open, or is it just all broken because I'm running in VirtualBox? I click the apps but they just do the little click animation and don't actually run.

  158. Paul says:

    Apple has a lot to answer for for introducing all the fanboyism into these geek presentations. All the whooping and cheering is an embarrassment!

  159. Jason says:

    How do I restore Windows 7? I would very much like to go back to my old system.

  160. FelipeBuenoBR says:

    Fletcher, this problem might be related to the screen resolution set on your VM. Take a look at Jon DeVaan's comments…

  161. FelipeBuenoBR says:

    Sorry about that last comment. I meant Zack, not Fletcher.

  162. More general help with the Windows 8 Developer Preview can be found here: social.msdn.microsoft.com/…/threads

    Thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm!

  163. castidade says:

    It‘s awesome.but what kind of system can is considered the cloud system ?

  164. ZEIGHY says:

    Just dropping by to say, YES you can dual boot w8 and w7… just make sure w7 is installed first before w8

  165. Russ Painter says:

    Why do you tease me…   I needs a 32 bit with developer tools.  Come on guys!

  166. Windows 8  Developer Preview  no for Chinese ?

  167. Richard Parslow says:

    Can you use the Windows 7 USB Tool to prepare a USB stick to install Windows 8 Preview ?

    If not can you think about make a newversion of the tool for M3 ??

    Just an idea.


  168. www.lookthesky.com says:

    thank you cctv  MTV…

    谢谢CCTV  MTV….

  169. Rhandy Cas. says:

    Cloud is for mac! i already try it and it looks awesome. maybe they can do better this year.

  170. Steve says:

    So many IMMATURE fanboys posting one-liners, I'm tired of scrolling through all these nonsense comments.

    Probably the same interns that wrote all the throw-away (cr)apps for this W8 preview.

    Also, WHY ON EARTH YOU KEPT DEAF SILENCE ABOUT XAML and C#…. Nobody cares wasting time with stupid HTML for windows apps.

  171. Muhammad Raza says:

    Join This Facebook Page….


  172. coan says:

    Switching back to windows. Mac is crap!

  173. antiufo says:

    What does it mean "What would you like to keep -> Nothing"?


    Will Windows 8 format my hard disk, or will it simply move existing Windows files to C:windows.old?

  174. Ken says:

    Any reason for omitting 32-bit (x86) with Developer Tools??

    I am using Virtual PC.

  175. rtreit says:

    @Richard Parslow, I used the Win7 USB tool on the Win 8 Developer Preview ISO and it worked great.

  176. Nick Berder says:

    The most annoying thing in Internet Explorer is the zones-model. Nobody wants to decide which sites are trusted, which are not trusted and which are a not-known internet-zone. Other browsers don't have this and they are secure too.

    If a technology isn't secure it shouldn't be used instead making a zone for it.

  177. DJRipster says:

    Just installed and played around with the developer build of Windows 8, Cant help but notice it is quite different from the version which was presented in the keynote…

    No Marketplace was obvious,

    But anyone know how I can access mail, messenger and calendar apps ? Next release or am I missing something ?

  178. I downloaded the dev preview and it is awesome.

    I'm facing a small problem, after I rebooted my laptop, the app on the Metro UI does not work anymore!!!

  179. Catalin says:

    Can someone tell me whrere is the shutdown and restart buton? 😀

  180. Liam Crozier says:

    Is it possible to disable metro and restore the Windows 7 start menu?

  181. TuxFire says:

    Ought to have a live CD for trial or some VMware VMDKs.

  182. Luke says:

    Looks good for HTPCs… You won't need the media center anymore.

  183. djonik says:

    I can't install on Windows Virtual PC. Show 🙁 HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED

  184. moderndog007 says:

    install on acer emachine d725 is work and than faster

  185. ginpb says:

    It's unfair, american developers gets free hardware, and european developers nothing 🙁

  186. John says:

    Just wonder, why UAC and Action Center is still in windows 8. Its most annoying features.

  187. JoaoCorreia says:

    Hmm, just installed it on a tx2 touchsmart from hp. And now, seriously, how do i get back the REAL start menu, and totally disable the metro thingy? its a nice toy, but for real productivity, i need a REAL start menu like win7, not going totally out of context to the metro ui to start a program – WHICH, incidentally, is a real mess after you install 10 or 12 programs.

    Please don't make this another vista. PLEASE.

  188. john says:

    windows 7 startbuttom must be need. u choice another option for metro ui .

  189. jack says:

    i think u may put metro ui option right corner with user picture on taskbar. i need windows 7 startbuttom

  190. varma says:

    i want app or option for see all app running background in grid view.

  191. jack says:

    i think u may put metro ui option right corner with user picture on taskbar. i need windows 7 startbutom. please………………

  192. jeo says:

    i want app or option for see all app running background in grid view.

  193. varma says:

    i want app or option for see all app running background in grid view.

  194. Start Menu says:

    There are many comments on the Start Menu, and logging in to the Desktop rather than Metro.

    One answer to this which I think might be intuitive in use is for Windows to be smart about the context.

    If the Start Button is touched, go to the Metro touch first experience. But if the Start Button is clicked on with a mouse or stylus, give a traditional click-first Start Menu (with an option to flick over to Metro with a click). Because this recognises the expected interaction style, I think it will be intuitive.

    For the Windows key, it could be confusing for it to have the new behaviour of swapping between the Desktop and Metro experiences. Instead it can also be smart about the context. If the Metro experience is live,  the Windows key would return the user to the Metro home. But if the Desktop is live, the Windows key would open the Start Menu (with the option to flick over to Metro).

    Then finally there could be an option to choose whether to log in to the Metro experience, or direclty to the Desktop. Alternatively this could possibly be done on the same theory as the Start Button. If the login is by touch or biometrics, go directly to Metro. But if the login is by external keyboard, mouse, pen the default could be the Desktop. However the result does feel slightly more likely to cause user confusion in this case, often login is a distinct activity from using the desktop and the login mode might be different to the user's activity flow following it, particularly for a login using biometrics which is very ambiguous.

    Sorry if this comment shows up more than once, I've tried posting a couple of times but it doesn't seem to be showing up.

  195. Wow, there is some negativity here already!

    Try it first, give it a chance, then complain if you must.

    Personly, I can't wait to get this ISO burned and PLAY PLAY PLAY! And try the tools too, of course 😉

    @ Mr. Sinofsky:

    Fantastic presentation. Your (and the other presenters') enthusiasm for all of this is a real pleasure to see!

  196. JoaoCorreia says:

    I post this being totally frustrated by windows 8 start menu. Don't get me wrong on this. I do belive it can be great on tablets and other touch friendly devices.

    But when you're working on a desktop, or a laptop, and are doing something on one program (say, word, or visual studio, or photoshop), and need to launch, say, calculator or notepad, going to the start menu on the corner is MUCH easier from a usability POV than going to a totally different full screen (filled with blobs of color, no less) and then searching through something that is not instantly completely visible and try to locate what you need in that mess.

    Start menu was a great thing you did on Win95. Dont throw it away for everyone. Sure, it may not be ideal for tablets, and for those, let them opt for metro (or let the others opt out). Forcing this down everyone's throat will make it a new Vista debacle.

    Corporate customers will never update to this if it means re-training hundreds or thousands of workers into a new interface. People are already used to, and rightly so because it works (its no wonder why the start-menu paradigm exists across the OS board). Tablets require something else, so give it something else. Other than that, i don't see the company i'm a sysadmin at upgrading almost 2000 desktops to this. And we upgraded to windows 7 almost immediatly.

    And to add insult to injury, its really a shame. Most other things are great additions. Copy dialogs, Hyper-V, taskbar across multiple monitors, responsiveness, are all desirable things. But the start menu is a showstopper.

    Make it optional and you got a killer OS.

  197. v says:

    please give windows 7 startbuttom. it was quick access for program or search. so i need. please…

    put metro ui option on start buttom or right side with user picture on taskbar.

    windows 7 startbuttom is very important and without it. os is useless

  198. Steve says:

    mr Steven Sinofsky , please need windows 7 startbuttom . choice another option for metro ui.

  199. Better to see once than hear a hundred times! watched a presentation of windows 8 build! impressed and impatient to try the new OS. Especially the function Refresh & Reset OS.

    When will be available a trial version of the operating system for public testing?

    Tell us about the possibility of changing the background for the Metro style UI, is it possible to assign applications to its color scheme on startscreen?

    With the button Start, I noticed several cars during the presentation, click scent design changed from the standard form windows 7, to a gray button with a color logo. Will you be able to customize the color scheme of a button?

    Tell me more about the authentication system on the picture, I mean the wonderful example of when you need to touch or hold on to certain sites on the picture to enter the system.

  200. givebackstartmenu says:

    This should help a bunch.

    To get back start menu and get rid of metro, Rename

    c:WindowsSystem32shsxs.dll to something else

  201. Drewfus says:

    @Christopher Estep: "Windows 8 Developer Preview system requirements are identical to those of Windows 7.  The surprise is that it takes up less memory and uses fewer resources (despite having more features) than 7+SP1, which is itself trimmed compared to 7 RTM."

    You could probably add Vista to the end of that list. Operating system resource requirements seem to have stabilized, or even declined, at least for the decade 2006-2015. This is great from a performance point of view while Moore's law still holds, but i wonder if it makes the transition to 64-bit on the desktop seem redundant, when technologies like PAE (36-bit addressing) exist. en.wikipedia.org/…/Physical_Address_Extension

    If Windows 8 will happily run on a 1GB system, what need would there be for > 64GB systems in the forceable future? x86 desktops with fully implemented PAE might have sufficed until well into the 2020s. A lot of memory will be purchased between now and then to offset the greater memory footprints of 64-bit systems, without specifically benefitting the end user.

  202. zeek says:

    Currently installing, I'll tell you my first impressions soon =)

  203. Nikolaj says:

    if that's what gives ustarovke what to do


  204. Quppa says:

    @Start Menu:

    > Then finally there could be an option to choose whether to log in to the Metro experience, or direclty to the Desktop.

    There's a Group Policy setting to do just that ('Do not show the Start Menu when the user logs in'). Regrettably I can't get it to work, but that might be down to a mistake on my part.

  205. zeek says:

    Can you rename this Windows 8 to Windows 8 Mobile? thanks

  206. Duelund says:

    Can it be installed on VPC/Vmware WS ?

  207. WW says:

    According to Windows history, im not so confident with win8.

    win98       good

    win2000   bad

    winxp        good

    win vista   bad

    win 7         good

    win 8 ?

  208. Santosh says:

    Tutorial to install Windows Server Developer Preview & Windows 8 Dev Preview on VirtualBox 4.1,



  209. Dave says:

    doesnt work in a VM. ive only tried virtual box thus far. anyone else having issues?

    0xc0000225 An unexpected error has occured

  210. Jake says:

    You can install this Preview on VMware Workstation 8 RC, I have it installed there and it works great!

  211. xpclient says:

    I have a question: Metro apps can only be installed from the Store right? Is there a way to back up the downloaded apps offline or their installer? Can you "own" the Metro style apps?

  212. xpclient says:

    Wish there was an option to use both interfaces without disabling the other. Like what to open (Start screen or Start menu) when you:

    1.  Click the Start button with the mouse

    2.  Hit the Win key using the keyboard

    3.  Touch/tap the Win key using a touch screen

    Can you make it configurable in the beta? That would be so amazing. Totally customizable.

  213. John says:

    Fails on an HP Pavilion (the big touch screen computer) with error code 0x80070714.

  214. Prachi says:

    Expectation are very high from Windows 8. Now with the developer edition is on air, what all things user can expect from Windows 8? – http://goo.gl/b6cf4

  215. Please don't force Metro on users… it will end in another VISTA disaster.

    Provide a personality mode option, to allow the choice of default desktop environment.

    Clearly, Metro is not going to be the environment for Windows Server (or at least I hope not) so it should be possible to allow it to be made the alternative environment rather than forcing everyone to use it and then try to get back to classic app environment from there.

  216. Person != Developer says:

    Can someone please let me know whether am allowed to download the Win developer preview even though I am not really a developer …

    Yes I know I can click and download but the problem is that the website says it meant for developers and am the kind of per who rather not break an EULA.

  217. MoWeb says:

    I can see a bit of a learning curve here. I will continue to tinker. The issues I am facing may just be my choice of demo box (Lenovo X220 Tablet), but here are some things that have seen so far.

    1) Start Menu switching. So okay. The Aero button opens the Metro interface, which is full-screen live-tile "Programs" menu with built-in search capabilities. Interesting. I guess I can live with that, but it would sure be nice if things like "Search" and context-menus on that button were available. Echoing others here, if you can read a click, pop up a menu with in-built search. If touch, switch to Aero. And make that an option so that you can click for Metro as well. There just HAS to be an easier way to get around the desktop. I am totally reliant on the Windows Search from the Start Menu these days.

    2) Getting to the Aero interface. There HAS to be an easier way to do this as well. Sure, commands like CTRL-ESC work, and if you have Windows apps in the list it can open them directly… but surely we can make it easier. Why can't the "Start" label on the Metro interface be used as a toggle or something. Either that or "Desktop" needs to be a default tile. Making matters worse, switching between metro and Aero is easy with the Windows key… but only if you're not in a Metro app (that key returns you to the Metro Start page and toggles between this and the app that was open). You can use it to toggle between Metro and Aero, but not until you have loaded the desktop for the first time. This could be easier.

    3) I had a horrible time getting the sidebars to pop up. My guess is the first-pixel on the X220 isn't good enough to trigger

    it. I get it sometimes, but not often. If this is meant to work on existing Windows 7 hardware, then maybe there needs to be a

    more compatible approach to this. Win+C works… but I needed to search the net to find that key combination.

    So to sum up… I think I can get used to this as a consumer, if a few usability issues are addressed… but as an SOE Designer, Software Packager and Deployment Administrator (in a domain environment), I have some serious concerns about the system.

    Finally, on a different matter, what is with the "Restore" options? I take it those will be disabled in a domain environment? Because doing what is essentially a "revert to snapshot" would surely break the computer account password in Active Directory. And I am pretty sure a lot of our users will be hating the way the start menu has changed. Don't get me wrong… I hate the cluttered "Programs" list… but we also need the "User's Files", "Computer", "Control Panel", "Devices and Printers", and "Search" features there as a minimum to ensure usability.

  218. MeWant says:

    Hi Steven, can you confirm that the machine given to attendees is similar to the Samsung Slate XE700T1A-A01US due out in a months time?

  219. I think the start screen is beautiful but please allow it to be much more customizable. It is said it's highly customizable but really all you can do is pin nearly everything but not really change the look of the start screen that much. You can change the tile sizes and have groups, but the green background i don't think everyone will want that color. can you allow that color or background to be changed and customized?

  220. @MeWant…similar  but I haven't seen the retail one.  the specs are the same but the sensors are not there since there is no support in windows 7.  I don't know if there is a wan option or the firmware specifics.  

  221. MICHAEL says:

    Windows 8 be installed side by side with Windows  XP  WELL   Dual boot  IT WILL NOT LET ME REBOOT  IN TO WINDOWS  XP


  222. pkn2011 says:

    Hmm, I was wondering how to go about fixing my Laptop. (partly broken Vista OS) I don't know if it'll handle Windows 8 though – but hope so! could be just the thing by the looks. 🙂

  223. Ben says:

    I can't get the Windows 8 Developer Preview to get past the splash screen before it gives me a BSoD… Running it as "MS-DOS" (cause that gets me further) in VMware player. How do I bypass this issue? I was using the 32-bit version. Looks great! 😀 (MICHAEL, you were supposed to hold CTRL to get to the dual-boot menu when you started you computer…. )

  224. Jonas Hansen says:

    The explorer should have the option to choose which standard-folder should be open, when opening the explorer.

  225. But is it possible to install the Dev Preview on a WMWare Virtual Machine?

    I'm just trying but after files are installed W8 gives me an error:


    I have enough space and resources!!

    Thank you.

  226. http://goo.gl/jSTuY – Some issues that I encountered while using Windows 8.

    Cannot find an easier way to Shutdown or Reboot the computer. Clicking on the user profile icon in the new Start screen brings up the menu Lock and Log Off, but no Shutdown or Reboot.

    Cannot find an easier way to close Metro applications.

    Metro app settings are not easily visible. To access the settings, the user needs to mouse hover on the bottom left of the screen, and click on the Settings menu item that appears afterwards.

    Thank you Microsoft for giving us early opportunity to give customer feedback!

  227. Remy says:

    I love the new Metro-GUI!

    But the virtual keyboard should have a number-row! (With shift for punctuation marks.)

    And it should have not only left/right, but all 4 arrow-keys for faster, easier and more precise placement of the cursor. And in combination with shift those 4 arrow-keys should have quick navigation: shift-left/right for going one word left/right (always beginnings / endings of words) and shift-up/down for switching sentences back/forward (always beginning / end of sentences.)

  228. LOLO says:

    Sad I have installed win 8 on top of win 7 . all my applications are gone .

    Can I revert back to win 7?

    I have got windows.old folder how can I use it?

  229. LOLO says:

    Sad I have installed win 8 on top of win 7 . all my applications are gone .

    Can I revert back to win 7?

    I have got windows.old folder how can I use it?

  230. Max says:

    why windows 8 DP can't be installed on external USB HDD?

    it is giving an error that Windows 8 can't be installed on USB or IEEE external HDD..

    windows 7 can be installed on external HDD then why can't Windows 8??

    Can anyone suggest me the workaround?


  231. Robin says:

    The Metro GUI should have a gesture (like tapping with 3 or more fingers) that opens a multitasking-screen with thumbnails of all open apps.

  232. max says:

    @Mike Delpach


    more shortcuts :

       Windows+F – Opens File Search

       Windows+C – Opens Charms Bar

       Windows+i – Opens Settings

       Windows+Q – Opens App Search pane

       Windows+W – Opens Settings Search app

       Windows+Z – Opens App Bar

  233. Jeff says:

    One annoying thing in Windows are all these different versions. Windows Starter (where I even can't change the windows-wallpaper), Windows Home, Windows Home Premium, etc. etc.

    There should only be one consumer-version for all PCs, Netbooks, Tablets, Clients and one sever-version.

  234. WhinyBabies says:

    Do you guys realize it's just a developer preview? It's for developers… Of course it won't have everything yet. It's not completed.

  235. Rahim Ennassiri says:

    I've tested Windows 8 both a multi-touch device as a normal keyboard and mouse laptop.

    The new start menu doens't work well with a mouse and keyboard. (I know it's a developer build)

    Can we please have the old windows start menu back?

    As for tablets, I'm definitely going to install windows 8 on my Asus Eeepad transformer (honeycomb) as soon as it becomes available.  

  236. Steve Faleiro says:

    This is the best news in the software development and enterprise IT industry in a long time. A refresh in thinking. Not to forget the hardware vendors – it was Intel's 2nd generation SandyBridge Core line of processors that started this revolution.

    *All brand names, trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

  237. Dear Microsoft and specfically the WINDOWS TEAM…….

    GREAT JOB!!!!



    Thanks you very much!  I love Windows 8!

  238. In Windows 7 the greatest part of the Start menu was the ability to hit Start and begin typing the program I want to load.  I type V-i-s-u-a and before I know it Visual Studio 2010 is there and I just hit enter and its up and running.

    Fortunately, this still works in Windows 8, however the workflow now contains two very jarring transitions: one when I'm transitioned into the Start screen, and another when I hit enter to run the classic Windows application (like Visual Studio or Notepad).  While the Metro UI is very minimalistic (and stylish!), the transitions of running classic Desktop applications isn't very smooth.  I lose focus with what I'm doing when all my classic Desktop applications are replaced with Metro tiles, only to be suddenly pulled back into the classic Desktop.  I want these two transitions to go away.  In Windows 7, this procedure doesn't require any large graphical transitions, which means your eyes don't lose focus on what you're doing.  I keep wondering "Why do I need to go this fancy screen when its only going to bring me back to where I was at the Desktop?".

    One partial workaround is to type Start+R within the Desktop, but that only works for applications like Notepad and Calculator (which I use a lot) where the .exe is in the path and is easily knowable.

    A more "Metro" suggestion:

    1. I'm at the Desktop

    2. I click the Start button on my keyboard

    3. the charms show up above the Start button, additionally the "Search Apps" bar appears on the right side of the screen.  However I'm still in the Desktop.

    4. I type the application I'm looking for (e.g. "V-i-s-u-a" as mentioned above)

    5. As I'm typing the application name, results are being displayed in the "Search Apps" bar which I can select via keyboard or mouse.

    5. I hit enter then the application starts in the Desktop (without any transitions to the Metro tiles), the Charms and the "Search Apps" bar goes away.

    6. If I want to back to the Metro tiles, I would hit the Start button while the Charms are being displayed above the Start button (effectively double clicking the Start button).

    Another way would be to just bring back the classic Start menu, but allow another way to transition back to the Metro Start Screen.  This would surely lure more unsure Windows 7 fans over with a more familiar UI.  Don't mistake me, I've been using Windows 8 and I love the new Metro Start Screen… it seems very touch-friendly, attractive, and easy-to-use.  I *don't* want a solution which removes/disables the new Start screen.  I'm just concerned about the noisy workflow right now for those of us who will primarily be using the Desktop and Desktop applications.

  239. Steven

    I'm hoping your comment "some of the user interface features [are missing]. The focus of the preview is the API and development tools for building Metro style apps"…. means that the final product, which I realise is still a long way off, will allow a user to choose which interface works best for them as I personally feel that the Metro UI and the new start menu behaviour, although great for tablets & touch, has no merit on traditional PCs.

    In actual fact, I actually like the Windows 7 UI (including the 3D artefacts and curved Windows), so I hope that will be an option that can be activated as well. You did a great job with the Windows 7 UI (touch aside), so please don't go backwards!

    Sorry to be so controversial 🙁

  240. BurningOrange says:

    Dear Steven,

    please let the whole of the Windows team know how great a job they are doing. Windows 8 is incredible.


  241. @burning orange. Will do!

  242. GJB says:

    Just a suggestion. Just because I want to mute my TV tuner in windows media centre does not mean i want to mute my entire PC

  243. Bob says:

    Any chance of a separate docs & headers SDK download?

  244. CapoxD says:

    Dear Steven,

    I have installed Windows WDP as my primary OS, even though is not even a beta it works great!! I have installed it  on  my hp g50, no touchscreen but i like a lot. Very fast boot time on core 2 duo, 3gb of ram and a 5400rpm disk. Only problem i noticed now is that to write this comment it took me a long time, I tap some keys on the keyboard but they didn't  show up.  i had to type them a few times. Then I use the onscreen keyboard and then i could write with the keyboard a little better with just a few letters not showing when i tap them. I also installed acrobat x and I can open the files but on explorer they show a blank icon.

    Another thing I want you to know is that well my monitor is old, only 1280×1024. I couldn't get side dock to work, I read somewhere that is because of the resolution i have… still with this resolution i see the explorer with the ribbon not as something ugly or too big that take to much vertical space.

    Great work so far and I just want to thank you and your team for this wonderful preview of windows 8. I will continue using it till march 8, right?

  245. Jim Swarr says:

    I really wish that Microsoft had built a few thousand more of the tablets handed out at BUILD for sale to MSDN subscribers. Given the economic times ( and available space at the conference ) , quite a few of us MS supporters were unable to attend – but would still like to be afforded the chance to play with a tablet with all the  features.

    I really think thast MS is missing an opprotunity to create a lot more Windows 8 evangelists by not having them available. Come on guys….

  246. Cristi-M says:

    Pitty it does not work well on my computer. After each restart it lose all the settings. Quite annoying.

  247. Anupom says:

    Its nice. *****We want Windows 8 more more faster & with low memory consumption******. And we also want some of most important features like ***Linux based operating System. Such as **VIRUS Free OS, **Outlook/Themes, **Style customization, **bug proof, **more driver supports, **3D automatic Vision ready, ***prevent storing Junk Files!


  248. JM-PHL says:

    tested Windows 8 developer preview, and so far I am Loving it… but I am having some concerns such as The MULTITASKING between Metro UI and Desktop Environment,.

    Been reading the article written by Engadget about their experience using windows 8 in a laptop, and they have put in words what I feel when using this OS. Like when trying to paste a print screen copy of metro ui to paint,

    I am imagining if microsoft ca implement the card view multitasking found in WP7 in order to jump between open Metro UI apps and desktop.

  249. marianv says:

    i have developer preview in a lap top for a two days and so far its great few problems with opera  and Skype this two programs just wont run.

  250. zothos says:

    Just started using the Windows Developer Preview 64 bit edition and already noticed after trying to install the Nvidia GeForce driver 175.33 win7 64 bit on the new OS build 8102 it completely messes everything up starting with the start page where all the apps are and i am also getting an error when trying to install a windows update for my usb optical mouse gives an error code but in the windows help search it just came up empty other then that i love it even the Metro UI even though i dont have a touchscreen monitor its still really cool and even though its a win 8 beta it runs pretty darn fast and smooth very nice i already used the PC Refresh button and after i did it fixed my problem with the nvidia driver 175.33 by not using it lol so now im using the driver that came with the win 8 64 bit beta 8102 build i just dont like the fact that i dont have my nvidia control panel anymore 🙁

  251. ZoTHoS says:

    I am gonna test out some things like black ops to see how games run i already know steam works on here so that's good!! 🙂

    I am also gonna probably test out some benchmarks as well and will let you's know how everything turns out.

    It is a lot different and kind of hard to find things at first but once you figure it out its very easy and i like it switching to the app screen back to the desktop screen is so easy its awesome but my wife saw the App Screen and was like that seems like its a cell phone i was like you know your right with the Metro GUI and having Apps it is almost like having a cell phone type of interface that right there is kind of dumb lol but it seems to me that Microsoft was going for the Touch Screens on this one and not all of us have them but in reality i actually sstill like it but it makes me want a touch screen monitor so bad and i just dont have the money for it… 🙁

    I also found the cmd prompt and snipping tool and everything else that would be in your start menu just by being on the Metro GUI screen all you do is start typing and a box on the top right corner appears with what your trying to search for then a picture of what your looking for shows up just click and go!

    In the CMD Prompt i noticed when looking at the TCP Global Parameters they have added a couple new options and they disabled some others that you cant use anymore like the NETDMA it says you can change the value but it will have no effect.?. So i enabled Receive Segment Coalescing State thats one of the new options it is set to disabled by default and the Initial RTO is set to 3000ms by default i havent messed with that i just left that alone but i enabled Chimney Off-Load State and after doing all this i exited CMD Prompt and did a speed test now in places where i use to get like 10-24ms ping now in those places i get nothing less or more then 5ms ping WoOoW! so black ops should be alot better for me because the ping should now be even lower then what it usually is when i play its usually around the 60's for my ping and thats not bad for me connecting from PA to a Chicago server in black ops!!!  🙂

  252. Karoly says:

    sf.net/projects/skar77 I learned that projects built with the Express version of Visual Studio 2010 are resulting programs capable to run under Windows 8 Developer Preview. Just as single threaded application subdivision surfaces app of the open source project (like probable features of a future DX12?). Coding under VS 11 Express there are options to make the project multi threaded, worth trying modifying the hereby present source codes to be built as multi threaded for Windows 8.

  253. tom says:

    Here  2 suggestions for windows 8

    1- it seems to need feature like mission control in mac lion os(you can put a button for it in start bar that slide from the right side of the screen in windows developers preview of tablets) ,which when you click on it you can see all your opened apps in one screen and close any one. in addition each METRO app must have a CLOSE button and Minimize button so you can minimize any app to "mission control" or what you want to name

    2- we want tiles to serve as folders so you can put  FILES  or apps in it .

  254. Kyonzuken says:

    Great!! Awesome! Keren banget coy,,, Ga sabar pengen download siahhh… wkwkwkwkwkw

  255. Kyonzuken says:

    Great!! Awesome! Keren banget coy,,, Ga sabar pengen download siahhh… wkwkwkwkwkw

  256. Kyonzuken says:

    Hi.. Istagaa! Ampong jua hello,,, Orang Ambon numpang liwat.. ixixixixixix :'E

  257. Julian P. says:

    Nobody likes to make much preferences / system-settings and search for settings. Therefore Windows should have less settings in less categories. Only things, people really need. The settings should have much more overview.

  258. Marc S. says:

    One of the best ideas to make the interface more comfortable are the right-click context-menus. But Metro gives the right-click a new meaning: switching the GUI-widgits on/off. That's very bad! Right click should remain to open the context-menu.

  259. Panya says:

    Please make available the 32-bit version with development tools.

  260. Paul says:

    The lock-screen is just not intuitive. I mean how is a user who hasn't been told going to know to swipe up?

    It's also kind of pointless on the desktop to unlock this way.

  261. @Paul — it is how most all phones work and with a keyboard/mouse click or return will do the trick.  It isn't pointless since it allows for a customization and a level of privacy.

  262. HS says:

    Still testing.

    In the first place it is very user friendly.

  263. HS says:

    the scrollbar (right hand site) disappears when I stop . Plus Point the automatic spell checker works very well. (Try to write correct with 1 r only)

  264. HS says:

    Cant start any video clips (strange) Where is the Windows Media Player ?

  265. David Segura says:

    What happen with the spanish language? – ¿Que pasa con el idioma español?.

    Necesitamos los latinoamericanos y europeos que al sacar Windows 8 developer preview lanzen también en español, Windows además de esta evolución a lo simple tienen que buscar igualdad, todos queremos conocer a este maravilloso sistema operativo pero no podemos sacarle el máximo provecho porque ustedes no colocan el idioma español. QUE INJUSTO!

  266. Jonathan M says:

    I have a suggestion for multitasking if WIndows team can see this. To view all running apps in the Metro UI, why not add swiping from the left using two fingers to bring all runnning apps in the form of tiles?

  267. Jonas Burtscheid says:

    @Jonathan M:

    Or a tap with three or more fingers for opening tiles of all running apps. That would be a great multitasking.

  268. Jonas Burtscheid says:

    There should only be one single consumer version of windows. Not again a Windows Starter, a Windows Home Basic, a Windows Home Premium, a Windows Professional, …

  269. tom says:

    It is better to make the scrolling like rubber pan scrolling( like windows phone 7) even in the windows explorer and the desktop

    also to make the closing/opening animation of desktop apps  like that in metro apps

  270. arun kushwaha says:

    how can i download it

  271. I'm using it now on an Acer Aspire 8930g laptop and it works just fine. A couple of points:

    I'm using a dual boot via 2 separate hard drives and the boot from cold is OK, not fast but OK. However, the restart takes an age. Conversely, shut down takes no time at all.

    I've yet to find the sleep/hibernate function without using the hardware power button.

    So far all applications I have used work well, except Avast – which removed all the exe files from previously installed applications! I'm using Adobe CS4, Cerious ThumbsPlus, Picasa, Windows Live essentials, Olympus Studio Master, Media Player Classic, Winzip/Winrar, Flikr.

    My overall experience thus far is smooth, reliable, stable, fast, and rewarding. I'm looking forward to being able to personalise further (add tiles, change colours, use apps, more right-click context menus and actions).


  272. michael.bierbaum says:

    Linksys wireless adapter doesn't work, internal

  273. marianv says:

    its working great , i have installed  32 and 64 version of preview but they have same problem skype isn't working on any of them  . and on 64 i have problem with winfast tv card drivers seems to be ok but  a instalation of aplication results that windows wont boot

  274. akm says:

    start menu button does not looks good…………………..it's completely dark, flat button…previous win7 was 3d view and transparency  …….looked nice……………….and circular loading animation is not good as much widow 7 starting option shows…….insteead white balls ………win 8 should use colored win balls region…………..

  275. Mohit says:

    @ marianv

    Skype is working fine try And run with Windows 7 compatibility 🙂

  276. Mark Balan says:

    When I open bootmgr in the .iso file using notepad, it says:

    BOOTMGR image is corrupt.  The system cannot boot. BOOTMGR image is corrupt.  The system cannot boot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Windows Boot Manager is incompatible with this system.

    No physical memory is available at the location required for the Windows Boot

    Manager.  The system can not continue.

    BOOTMGR image is corrupt.  The system cannot boot. The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum.

    Boot Parameters size (0x%lx) is too big


    TRAP %lx  

    DEBUG TRAP   ================== DOUBLE FAULT ================================

     ===== STACK SEGMENT OVERRUN or NOT PRESENT FAULT ===============

     ============== GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT ========================

     =================== PAGE FAULT =================================

    ** At linear address %lx

     ===================== EXCEPTION ================================

    tr=%x  cr0=%lx  cr2=%lx  cr3=%lx

     gdt limit=%x  base=%lx    idt limit=%x  base=%lx

    cs:eip=%x:%lx  ss:esp=%x:%lx  errcode=%x

     eax=%lx  ebx=%lx  ecx=%lx  edx=%lx  ds=%x  es=%x

     edi=%lx  esi=%lx  ebp=%lx  cr0=%lx  fs=%x  gs=%x

     flags=%lx   Cy  NoCy  Zr  NoZr  IntEn IntDis  Up  Down  TrapEn


    Link %x

    Esp0 %x

    SS0  %x

    Esp1 %lx

    Cr3  %lx

    Eip  %lx

    Eflg %lx

    Eax  %l

    Would you please fix this? Or give me bootmgr file in Windows Developer Preview. Pls.

  277. paul says:

    I am a windows developer and am really excied about this. Although xaml will be a bit of a learning curve.

  278. paul says:

    I am a windows developer and am really excied about this. Although xaml will be a bit of a learning curve.

  279. luis says:

    I have no audio my motherboard is a asrock n68-s, I have the Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit (x86), someone can help me!.

  280. shrikant says:

    i am getting a error Driver_irql_or_equal error when try to connect internet how can i solve this if any one have any idea so email me at shrikantpandey2009@hotmail.com

  281. erichunt says:

    Whatever happened to the Metro-style UI elements of the old History Vault?!  http://www.winrumors.com/…/historyvaultwin8-7955.jpg I realize that the Developer Preview is pre-beta, but I certainly hope you haven't ditched those modern Metro-style buttons. Needless to say, using those buttons around the desktop (in Windows Explorer, for example) would help make the transition between the Metro Start screen and the Desktop much smoother, and bring a unified look to Windows 8. Please bring this clean, modern UI to the Windows 8 desktop! It's so beautiful, and it would be something I'd be proud to use.

  282. Shaleen Jain says:

    hello everyone

    i have installed windows 8 developer preview on my pc but i am getting some issues related to audio….. i have installed the audio drivers and also tried to do every possible thing to get my audio worked out but now i m screwed up doing all this stuff. plzz can someone help me ??????

  283. gganetpass says:

    Win8D works on virtual box 4.0.12 with 32bit lack devices issues like nic etc with 64bit it look good my be with time the desktop and other connectivity will good so I will rate you good

  284. mousefingerstylus says:

    Apple and Googles Mobile OS allows you to use your finger, to click and activate events, instead of a stylus.

    You will find that when you are surfing certain web sites using your Apples OS, you may not be able to perform some functions

    because of the lack of mouse / stylus (right mouse button, sharp pointed stylus) functionality.

    What happens if you need to use the right mouse button? Or if you want to draw pictures on your screen, done better with a stylus or

    a finger nail tip?

    Will a mouse-like icon appearing on a screen resolve this? Or using your finger nail tip as a sharp pointed stylus? Will this work in the type of screen in mobile devices?

  285. portrait_landscape_screens says:

    Microsoft seems to show their screens mostly in landscape view. Most tablet users like to hold tablets in the portrait view, imho. Make sure the new OS works fine in portrait view and it does not flicker or blacks out when switching from landscape to portrait view and vice versa.

  286. soft-gear ru says:

    Hi i installed this build and it's work not bad if u wanna more visit http://soft-gear.ru/

  287. windows 8 Dev Pre has doesn't satisfied me too much because Microsoft has only done few changes to WIN 7 do develop windows 8 . Meanwhile a large change in features improvement was seen at the time only when Microsoft windows moved from xp to vista . then Microsoft has done poor works just developed WIN 7 with few features improvement only because vista has failed gaining popularity on pcs . Now same *** for windows 8  

    Microsoft should take a look at apple and their improvements for Mac OS X. take look at here is an application program made my Samsung http://www.samsung.com/…/pcsw

    which does same work as a macs airdrop does en.wikipedia.org/…/AirDrop_%28OS_X%29

    So Microsoft should take the copyright`s or source code or logic behind the useful apps made by their partner O E M  like HP ,DELL , Samsung, Acer , and much more and invent them to windows 8 . then windows may have great value and popularity over Mac or Linux


  288. Geordi (Loves Win7Ult. and Win8Dev.) says:

    This is the best OS ever made i like to create own apps and it's pretty cool.

    you can add VHD's as normal disks and they're compacted.

    and easy create and burn Iso's

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