Reflecting on our first conversations (part 1)

When we kicked off this blog, the premise was a dialogue – a two-way conversation about building Windows 8. As we said we intended to do, we’ve started a discussion about how we build the product and have had a chance to have some back and forth in comments and in posts about topics that are clearly important to you. To put some numbers on things, I’ve personally received about 300 email messages (and answered quite a few) and in total, we have had just over 3,000 English language comments from about 1,700 readers. In terms of Twitter followers, we have leveled off at about 15,000, (which seems to be about the size of the “market” for following a blog like this based on comparable handles). Just as with the Engineering Windows 7 blog, early in the process I wanted to take a step back to reflect on the dialogue we’re having and focus on a few of the themes. This is a normal part of starting up a new blog—lots of early energy and everyone finding their voice and rhythm. 

We knew talking about Windows 8 would be different than talking about Windows 7. Whereas Windows 7 was about returning to roots, Windows 8 is about maintaining those roots while moving forward in a big and new way. Moving in a new direction always brings engineering challenges as well as challenges in just talking about what we’ve done. This is especially the case for Windows 8 for two reasons.

First, we’re talking about a product used by a billion people. No matter how you slice it, that is going to create a very, very large number of perspectives and customers to serve. Of course there is very high value in serving a broad set of customers with one very open product. We’re seeing a lot of this play out in the comments where people state emphatically their perspectives, reassert them frequently, and are diametrically opposed to one another. Our job, which we view with deep responsibility, is delivering a product that spans customer scenarios and builds on the value of having a single product (for developers, IT administrators, PC manufacturers, hardware vendors, etc.).

Second, we’re changing the user experience model of Windows 8. As anyone who has done user interface work (and more importantly as anyone who has used an interface) knows, having an opinion on user interface is not difficult. Even mocking up static images of how things could look is not that hard. My inbox is filled with mock-ups and proposals of dialog boxes and toolbars. But it already was—we’ve been doing this process for a long time. The difficulty in talking about UI through static images is much like trying to summarize or review a movie based on only viewing a still. Our own testing uses dozens of images in sequence when we evaluate designs.

We went back and forth quite a bit over how to begin blogging. There’s obviously a strong desire to know more. At the same time, we think that when we try to do big things there should be an opportunity to engage in a stepwise discussion of the story. Movies don’t start with the end and you get to meet the characters and motivations behind them (in a well done screenplay). There’s always learning for us in how we approach this, as the combination of the environment and work we’re doing is unique at each juncture.

In that sense, we learned one very valuable lesson early on, which is that discussing user interface is something a lot of people want to do, but doing so through static images very quickly misses the point. Very much like zooming in too far with a microscope, the big picture is lost. It also surfaces the least actionable sorts of feedback to wade through of the “love it” / “hate it” variety. Even with short videos we have not found the right way to put context around the overall experience. Given enough focus, light, and magnification, anything can become important and the subject of a big debate. We certainly contributed to that.

In this, and a subsequent post, I want to talk about four topics in particular: Feedback (which I’ll cover today), the Ribbon, Metro, and Media Center. I hope to add a bit of additional “focus, light, and magnification” without distorting the bigger picture here. Based on the comments and the dialogue, I do feel that each of these deserves some further discussion. One additional topic folks want to talk more about that we will cover at BUILD is the overall programming model. Early on it was clear this is the sort of topic that will take more than a blog post because we have so much to say and to demonstrate.


The blog is a feedback mechanism for sure. It is one of many. We’re committed to absorbing and internalizing the feedback. It is fair to say that no other product is both used by so many but also has this channel of dialogue, and certainly not before it is released. How we use this channel is certainly an interesting discussion.

I’ve certainly received my share of extremely warm messages telling me to ignore "those trolls and fanboys" and "what you’re saying resonates." Those are nice to read in the face of an equal number of messages telling me how poor a job we’re doing. We also receive a great many very specific questions and suggestions.

The importance of Windows to so many is clear when we receive such suggestions. It tells us how big a difference Windows makes in people’s lives at home, work, and school. Small changes in the product can make things much easier. Big changes have the opportunity to dramatically improve things, or perhaps not. Our job—what we come to work to do every day—is to figure out how to make changes to the product so that it is better at doing what you expect it to do, and at doing new things that you might not be expecting it to do.

We would love to answer each comment or comment on each proposal, but we are outnumbered, literally. And that is only talking about the blog. Our approach is to listen carefully. Respond to comments that are representative of a theme or represent a topic we think will shed some light on the dialogue. Members of the team have been part of the dialogue. At least 20 senior members of the team have posted comments so far. That will gradually increase as the dialogue evolves.

I just want to reiterate that we are actively participating. Believe me, this blog is the “talk of the town” here in Redmond. πŸ™‚ We look forward to the continued exchanges – the good feedback, the critique, and the constructive comments. It helps us deliver to you all a product that meets our stated goal of Windows, reimagined.

…more to come

-- Steven

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  1. Onuora Amobi says:

    This has been refreshing – seeing that after such a lack of information about Windows 8, we're suddenly getting a lot of insights into the development of the product.

    It's been very helpful to a lot of us and seems like a cool interaction model for future software releases.


  2. You guys are playing a serious play. Keep going.

  3. Thanks for all that the team is doing, this is awesome. We can't wait.

  4. Night Hawke says:

    I am waiting with baited breath to hear what you have to say about media center!

  5. Kent says:

    It's been very informative since Building Windows 8 was born. The web needs more facts than rumors. Keep all the goods coming.

    Cheers, Kent

  6. bob says:

    It is very exciting time bring on Windows 8~

  7. I eagerly await the next post. πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks a lot Stephen. I believe that Windows 8 will be a great Product, and ecosystem as well… Carry go!

  9. Tom says:

    We have 12 days to Build.  Thats not alot of time for some pre-Build information.

  10. As there is so much excitement on the run up to BUILD this is the perfect pre-introductory flavour for the product, and hopefully after the big reveal in a few weeks, this blog will prove the perfect place for reflection and ongoing dialogue to help refine the OS as it moves towards completion.  Great blog, but just wondered whether other teams within Microsoft are just learning about Windows 8 through this blog like everyone else outside it? Given there is so much to talk about, from possible Live/Xbox integration into the core OS, to enhanced file management, storage and backup solutions is it worth breaking down the blog into categories to target those specific readers who might be interested? As it sounds like Windows 8 more than Windows 7 or Vista is really overhauling both the consumer and business functionality and the message really needs to get out in a clear and targeted way.

  11. ShipWin8BeforeIpad3 says:

    Make your team work weekends and ship a quality product .. QUICKLY!

  12. Roberto says:

    I want the Advanced Tag Editor on WMP!

  13. Dlf says:

    Easier way to change system language! Also a easier & quicker way to start typing in a foreign language and keep it that way (for the length of time it's needed).

    ESPECIALLY Japanese. . . .

  14. Joe says:

    Stven – liking the frequent updates.  If you want to keep this high-level would love to know more about your views on the 'simplification' of computing.  Do you buy into this?  Does simplification mean reduced functionality?  What about legacy functionality in Windows 7 – what's the thought process about exposing that through the Metro UI?  Where do you draw the line?  Do you use telemetry data for this?

  15. epoxi says:

    being audacious always pay, keep on MS πŸ™‚ User experience is what's all about and you're on a damn good way !

    "the vengeance is a plate best served cold"  

  16. Anon says:

    Please add full HFS+ support. Thank you.

  17. Owen Pellegrin says:

    Could you please consider a font size for this blog that is readable? I have to fiddle with browser zoom.

  18. Boethius says:

    I love the new UI for the Xbox 360. The silver gradient is beautiful. You should use that background for the Windows 8 Metro UI AND the start screen for WP7. The purple background with the multicolor tiles isn't easy on the eyes.

  19. Tuxplorer says:

    I know this is off-topic, and probably something you don't want to discuss yet. And I usually don't post such comments either. But I couldn't resist asking this because I'm just so excited about getting my hands on a public pre-release build of Windows 8. So here goes the simple question:

    "Will you be making a public pre-release build of Windows 8 available for download at BUILD? Or will only the attendees get a copy?"

    I'm sorry for this off-topic comment — I promise this will be the last! But please answer this if possible. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, and then be disappointed.

  20. Matt says:

    I've been following this blog since the beginning and I'm surprised – in a good way πŸ™‚ – about this extensive communication about the development of Windows 8. Your posts made me confident to thrust the Windows 8 team! Seeing how you handle things carefully, listening to consumers,… It's convincing me to buy Windows 8 even before it's out πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the good work. Much appreciated!

    @DanStorm7: categories could make navigation easier, but on the other hand there is a good search and tag system which should do the trick. I think most users here know how to use tags? Categories can be confusing as for some subject X belongs to category Y, but for others it belongs to category Z. And creating too many categories could make navigation even worse… I think the actual search system together with the tags is the best alternative.

  21. Stefan says:

    I can't wait to hear what you have to say about media centre!

  22. I'm wondering why all of windows 8 demos that I see so far, the Windows Media Player icon on the taskbar- three of the basics along with document and IE is gone so there won't be 13th version of it? I'm now using windows 7 and as a gamer I also use Game folder built in but my experience with this folder is not really good because it loads pretty slow. It would be great if the team improve it along with some additional games on it as well as updated version of built in games in windows 7!!!!

    I hope "W8" will hit store one year from now not five year like Vista–just kidding:))))

    Keep it up Windows teams!!!!!!!!

  23. G Harris says:

    Whilst we are talking about the UI, I use the command prompt quit a bit. In using the command prompt I am continually frustrated that it is limited to set sizes. I would dearly love to re-size it so that, if needed I can maximize it fit the screen

  24. Kevin says:

    It's great that you're encouraging feedback from a number of sources instead of internalizing it.  I've been reading the blog for a while and I appreciate the openness.  Keep up the good work.

  25. Gray Knight says:

    Thanks for doing this blog.  It is good to hear why choices are made in Windows development, it will help me make wiser choices in my own applications.

  26. Jerry says:

    Thanks for listening and providing such intriguing insight.  Keep up the good work!

  27. Interfaces?

    I mean, UI needs phisical interface to interact. I wonder there will be differences between Metro and Desktop.

    Are we going to see small touch pads/screen to control big screens (TV, external outputs…)

    I'm sure the OS development has to do a lot with it. Maybe another revolutionary new hardware. Like mouse was?

    And of course what kind of device (PC or Post PC  ja,ja,,,) is Windows 8 designed for?

    Thanks a lot for this blog.

  28. Interfaces?

    I mean, UI needs phisical interface to interact. I wonder there will be differences between Metro and Desktop.

    Are we going to see small touch pads/screen to control big screens (TV, external outputs…)

    I'm sure the OS development has to do a lot with it. Maybe another revolutionary new hardware. Like mouse was?

    And of course what kind of device (PC or Post PC  ja,ja,,,) is Windows 8 designed for?

    Thanks a lot for this blog.

  29. plz tell me we'll have zune on windows 8…plz plz  :-B

    By far the sexiest product by Microsoft.

  30. Sergei says:

    Everyday posts are awesome! Keep it going

  31. I am very happy that you specifically mentioned Media Center.  This is by far my favorite MS product (not that all the others aren't great too).  Media Center powers my whole entertainment experience.  I really hope that you have some good news for us here.

    I'm okay with the new start screen and the Metro UI replacing Media Center as long as all of the functionality remains.  I have noticed how great photos/videos navigation is in Metro from the videos that have been posted.  The one main area that I have yet to see in the videos for Windows 8 is TV/DVR functionality.  I hope that it hasn't been abandoned, since I've come to rely on it since I first started using it.  Media Center is the simplest and cleanest DVR system.  I was even able to get my parents hooked on it!  

    Anyway, I'm seriously hoping for some good news on this front.  I think Windows 8 is turning out to be a spectacular system and keeping DVR functionality in it will definitely keep it at the core of my entertainment system!

  32. Keith Hill says:

    I don't envy your team.  πŸ™‚  It is a huge task to strike the right balance for such a large user base. I love it that Microsoft has taken usability studies to heart and has been using scientific methods to design "usable" APIs.  Please keep in mind that the somewhat non-quantifiable "aesthetics" of a UI are becoming increasingly important as well.  While there's no doubt that there is some science behind pleasing aesthetics, I think it comes down to hiring graphics/UI designers who have good taste and a sense for what the next "hot look" is. The new Metro start screen looks really nice! Please don't short change the aesthetics of the Windows 8 desktop.

  33. Leonardo says:

    Does my comment need to be approved?

  34. Tablet says:

    When are you going to release Windows 8. I am not buying a tablet till you release Windows 8, so please hurry up Microsoft!

  35. I appreciate the fact you are taking feedback.  It sounds like it's very hard to have real discussion about the big picture wthout seeing the big picture.  Something you don't seem ready to unveil until BUILD.  I hope that we will all leave build wtih enough to understand the bigger picture and participate in the discussion.

  36. I guess that there should be rules of the game to avoid chaos, so your guideline is welcome.

    Anyway, how the comments are published? I wrote some lines yesterday and they have not appeared.

  37. OrpheusMann says:

    What you are saying is that you are listening to positive feedback and ignoring negative feedback by labeling those others as trolls. You may as well not listen to feedback at all if you are only interested in comments that only confirm and don't challenge.

    In this regard, it's business as usual for Microsoft.

    Let me help fix your OS:

    Get rid of all legacy support.

    Offer alternatives to IE and WinMP during installation.

    More personalized installation with more control over what elements are installed.

    A single version. No Home, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, or Double Espresso Grande versions. Just call it Windows 8. Nice and clean.

    Stop cluttering your OS with useless junk. The only people who use the gadget bar are people who can't figure out how to get rid of it!

    Use more open standards instead of constantly trying to deliver your own half-hearted attempts.

    Update AppLocale!

    Strict guidelines on how software should update, making new software update seamlessly in the background through a single service instead of having to run multiple third-party apps to receive automatic updates.

    Better and simpler virtualiation. I should be able to open an old program, have the OS recognize it is a DOS or Win95 application and immediately start a virtual machine for that OS running that software.

    Fewer background processes. Stop using improved performance of computers as an excuse to have anything and everything running in the background. And stop trying to make the OS eat up as many resources as it can just to justify buying a higher-end PC.

    And that last point is the most crucial. If you want to sell new PCs, then focus on ACTUAL benefits and not worthless bells and whistles in your fancy new UI. Talk about BluRay, 4k video, high-end gaming, 3d, … stuff that consumers actually want. Maybe your UI is nice, but at the end of the day when I watch a movie or play a game I don't want to worry about the UI. I want it to disappear and free all of its resources for what i am actually going to use my computer for.

    I know, Microsoft doesn't care about PCs anymore (even though it's still where you make the majority of your money in the consumer market), but most people who use MS products at all still regularly use a PC.

    Maybe you should just admit that there is no reason for most PC users to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8, considering it will be absolutely no different except for another GUI that hogs more resources and is useless to them…

    I hope these rumors about Steam for Linux are true!

  38. fresh_bacon says:

    Very good! At least someone listens to us πŸ™‚

    (Well, in the end we are the users, so why can't we decide a little bit upon the future of the OS we'll use for some time?)

    I feared that this was just a "promo" blog with nothing really new announced, and feedback going *plonk*.

    Keep up the good work!

  39. Ali says:

    As i work with storage system for some time i have some suggestion for you if possible to implement natively

    1) Add support for raid levels changes without losing the data.

    2) Support for add /or delete some space from volume without losing data.

    Not relate to storage but useful:

    1) Registry cleaner.

    2) Better add/remove program maybe with registry and temp cleaner.

    3) Support for windows phone 7 sync natively instead of Zune.

    4) Better backup solution for windows server with full / incremental / deferential option for backup with tape backup support.

    5) File level / Application level mirroring or backup (I do not mean clustering).

    6) Better codec support for windows.

    by the way windows phone 7 is great please add native VPN support.

  40. Blake from Albany, GA says:

    Thanks for the continual flow of information and all of the hard work. Keep it up!

  41. domenicoav says:

    Thank You!!!

    Build -12

  42. Anon says:

    Please add tabs to explorer! it badly needs it !

  43. Fishbert says:

    I really like what you are doing with Windows 8 like keeping the UI clean and simple, but a better out-of-the box experience would be great!

  44. Jason says:

    Great job, keep up the good work. i LOVE what  I see in W8 so far.

  45. Andrew Morris says:

    Please bring on the discussion of the programming model.  There are a lot of developers who have to make very serious, consequential choices about what technologies to focus on every day.

  46. @ShipWin8BeforeIpad3 — hmm..working lots of weekends rarely results in a quality product πŸ™‚

  47. Richard says:

    I hope this is all as honest as it sounds. I think a really key moment for this blog will be the day when you write "after reading the feedback on this idea, we made some changes – what do you think?".

    If that day never comes, it pretty much destroys the claim that this was a "dialogue".

  48. 6205 says:

    Blog something about evolution of Windows 8 theme from past design proposals to most current status not yest seen by anybody to furure plans. Show us more of the new theme, mockups, planned changes, rejectec concepts… etc. More about W8 theme BEFORE it's news πŸ™‚

  49. Don Reba says:

    I am interested in hearing more about the possibility of phones running Windows 8.

  50. Taimar says:

    Make the body text larger, please. It’s uncomfortable to read those long blog posts.

    Thank you.

  51. @Ali

    Registry clears only damage your Windows and bring no positive enhancement πŸ˜‰

    Read what Mark Russinovich wrote about those useless tools:

    "I haven't and never will implement a Registry cleaner since it's of little practical use on anything other than Win2K terminal servers and developing one that's both safe and effective requires a huge amount of application-specific knowledge."…/registry-junk-a-windows-fact-of-life.aspx


    hear what people say and give user the choice if they want the ribbons or not. What's your favorite dish? I doubt that ALL readers have the same taste. What's your feed you hate overall? Do you like if you're force to eat this everyday? Think of it and give users the choice! And again, increase the number of overlay icons. Dropbox and Tortoise users really need this fix asap.

  52. Robert says:

    I have to say, when I first started following this blog, I figured we would get an update every few weeks or something. I am loving the frequent updates!

    Regarding the programming model, it would be really nice if we could at least get a very simple statement from you. For example: "HTML5 isn't the only way to write Metro apps. More to come at build — stay tuned." or "There will be some kind of Silverlight/WPF/XAML type of programming thingy in Windows 8. More details to come at build"

    Most devs aren't looking for any kind of details beyond that. They are looking for a single statement providing some clue. Pretty please?

    I am most interested in the Metro blog post. So far we have only seen bits and pieces of things. What isn't clear at all is what the wholistic experience is going to be like. What is the synergy like between Explorer and the Metro start screen? We have seen a Metro-ified start menu but how does it fit in with Explorer? Will Explorer get an Aero makeover to make it fit in visually with the start screen? What under-the-hood technologies were used to make the Metro start screen (XAML based I hope?). Is the only way to switch between apps in the Metro screen, the thumb flick gesture? Or will you be able to get a deck of cards like in Windows Phone Mango? Lots of details about the Metro start screen and how it works side by side with explorer from a user experience point of view would be nice. Also, a longer video showing some of these things would be excellent.

  53. kaspik says:

    C'mon, bring beta ! :)… I'm looking forward to connect kinect to this great UI and control my home pc connected to TV with kinect!

    Also bring some great media streaming model for all home – win8 home server, win8media pc, win phone 7 (and PLEASE include subtitles – srt- support to stream!!!)

  54. kaspik says:

    C'mon, bring beta ! :)… I'm looking forward to connect kinect to this great UI and control my home pc connected to TV with kinect!

    Also bring some great media streaming model for all home – win8 home server, win8media pc, win phone 7 (and PLEASE include subtitles – srt- support to stream!!!)

  55. Todd Garrison says:

    An amazing post.  I think you have one of the hardest jobs in the world right now.  Given the number of positive and negative comments on this blog, I think it is awesome that you can still write a post like this.

    Internally I have developed UIs both by successive screen shot as well as by very crude (but actually functional mockup).  Both of them are proof that the "static" screenshot is virtually useless when truly explaining what the experience will feel like.

    Please keep it up.  I look forward to seeing what other things you have up your sleeve.

  56. Cesar says:

    well thanks, that was the only think that was concerning people in the metro post, itΒ΄s hard to not get passionate about a product as big as Windows.

    good to know this isn`t final design, looks like we gonna have to wait until build to see how you guys gonna pull this integration between metro and aero, as already said is a big part of developing w8.

    so blow us away with something amazing and unexpected, just like windows 7 interface in PDC 2008.

    we`re talking about the guys who created all the amazing, superbar, aero snap, peek, ribbon and metro UI, I`m sure we can expect something great coming in the next days.

  57. msft777jf says:

    Great….good  to know that Microsoft is maintaining their focus on Windows 8…this will truly be an achievement to behold!!!!

  58. I have to say, you're taking on some challenge with an open blog like this, much like you did with the Win 7 blog.

    The Explorer post quickly got buried under Ribbon Talk (mostly anti-ribbon talk, it has to be said), because a large part of it was focussed around the Ribbon. I get the impression that you guys knew it would be divisive, so you determined to explain as much as possible. I think it probably would have been easier on you to state it was coming in, but that it was optional and you could make the whole thing disappear.

    I was an avid follower of the W7 blog, but I eventually got the impression that it was less of a "dialogue" because Win7's feature set was very much set in stone at that point, and more of a case of "here's what we've done, you're stuck with it, so here's why". That got frustrating when it became clear that issues very high on the wishlist of a lot of users (focus stealing etc) were off the table, possibly permanently. Hopefully Win8 isn't already set in stone and serious architectural changes can actually be influenced here.

  59. Thanks for reading our feedbacks, I wish Win 8 have:

    – Improved search, alowing to search by tags (music, pictures, videos,…) and by text content;

    – Simple Tag editor for Music, Videos and Photos;

    – Improved Windows Media Center adding Native support to .mkv, .srt (subtitles) and dual audio videos;

    – Improved music library to WMP and WMC, alowing to ad multiple artist on the artist tag;

    I hope that all the Music "now playing" features on WMC will be stll there on Windows 8 with some improvements (alow multiple artist on the artist tag).

  60. Quick Feature Fix says:

    There are an ton of suggestions I have, but putting those aside for the moment, one quick thing that you should do, now. (I'm surprised this made it through to Windows 7 RTM!)..

    Ctrl+Alt+Del when you're already logged in – for the love of god, make T bring up Task Manager, just like in XP. Please underline each item in this list with a keyboard shortcut, but make T bring up Task Manager. I still try to press T to this very day, hoping it will work. Simple request, simple fix, should never have been released without this shortcut on the screen. Thanks!

  61. Great vibe, keep your posts coming!

    Just please fix the file preview experience in Windows Explorer. Preview Pane is so inefficient (takes too much space, Keyboard shortcut too complicated, cannot preview a lot of types like PSD, PDF, AI, PS, PHP, …; is slow with files like sound or video and doesn't show things as big as possible like on the Mac) – I've never really used it because of that, whereas on my Mac I use Quick Look daily instead of opening the respective app to view it.

  62. Win 8 Feedback says:

    All I know is, I want Silverlight baked into Windows 8. No more downloading. HTML 5 has a lot of hype. But it's going to be W3Cs IE 6 πŸ™‚

  63. TestComment says:

    I posted 4 or 5 comments since the blog started, under my msdn account or logged out with just a name, but it seems that only 1 has ever been published.

    Does your blog have difficulties processing comments, or is blocking some users?

    There is not a single error message, so I am giving up providing useful feedback.

    I'll check if this one passes…

  64. herbyflo says:

    i want know how developpers  can  rewrite legacy app (like photoshop) in to metro styletheirs

  65. You made some great points about static images and losing focus.  It sounds like you are really on the right track with Windows 8.  I'm particularly glad to hear you emphasize the fact that "Windows 8 is about maintaining those roots while moving forward in a big and new way."  That is the sort of perspective that keeps me exicited about this product.

  66. Stefan says:

    "We knew talking about Windows 8 would be different than talking about Windows 7. Whereas Windows 7 was about returning to roots, Windows 8 is about maintaining those roots while moving forward in a big and new way." – returning to roots means returning to classic Windows. Here i think You should do that. Vista, W7 and W8 are a lot of crap in my eyes. You had a very functional Windows with Windows 2000. After that it has been more and more clicking doing the same things. That is not (!!!!) to make Windows a more productive OS. The only two Windows versions that still rock is Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I haven't understand why i have to run Windows XP virtual in another Windows version. Waste of resources to be exact. Same goes for what hardware resources needed….a waste of Earths resources with Vista, W7 and W8. Go back to the roots even there, lower the requirements ! You are going the wrong way !!! The UI in W7 and W8 stink ! πŸ™

  67. mesasr says:

    a little off topic but thats because for some reason my comment on Explorer article didnt get through, this time I will keep it short

    my concern is multitasking in the "classic" desktop mode, alt+tab is more or less the same for a very long time now and while I actually understand that there is little or nothing left in its potential that can be achieved, at the same time its still the primary way for switching between windows for those who do it with the keyboard and that in my opinion, is an alarming problem , surely there is a need for a newer, modern and powerful method

    on the other hand there is the win+tab with useless visual effects and nothing else – in my opinion a perfect candidate for a complete refresh. Also considering what the Touch Mouse can do, I think that most if not all of its capabilities must be included in Win8 natively, particularly something like its "3-fingers-up" can be that next multitasking tool I think Windows needs  right now, whether with the help of win+tab or something else

  68. domenicoav says:

    Mce+Wmp+zune ?

    Only one pls

  69. Nils Nyman says:

    Will Windows 8 have native support to calculate md5 (or similar) hash-sums of files to verify integrity of files?

  70. @Steven:

    I think Win7 will be the next XP.

    I remember when I saw this video and I had Vista.

    I was an envy windows user. It's an Ubuntu FOUR! years before. That's how a desktop computer should work and look like. That's a UI. Not just looking cool, but it's pretty usefull.

    Steven, You guys should improve the current Win7 a bit[like as You doing now, without ribbons] and make it as usefull and stunning just as the old Ubuntu, but in a more profession "microsoft" way.

    Make it fast, seamless, spectacular, stunning, ect. Use the "live tiles" as the gadgets, and make them good looking.

    Make windows[this is the name of the product] fully customizable. Like OPACITY or multi-folder view in the explorer window. Make that windows live! Burn them[like ubuntu], freeze them, explode, bend, custom color, etc-etc.

    Leave that "Metro UI" to the phones, tablets, etc. If I once in the "explorer view" than why would I go back to Metro UI?!

    Sorry for my bad english!

    Best Regards!

  71. JimmyFal says:

    So excited to have a place to vent in a non-complaining fashion. I promise to be good in here, and only offer constructive posts that resonate from and end user who has been dealing with MS products intimately for over 30 years. I feel like MS has been taking such a beating in the media over the past 10 years, some of it greatly deserved, but I also see a company that is DEVOTED to making themselves better and the best. Proud to be fanboy!

  72. I pray that there was not that what happened with vista! I hope you guys will be able to find the middle ground, the compromise that will satisfy most users and a lot of future users.

  73. Media Centre! says:

    Skip the other stuff – it's clear that everyone wants to talk about Media Center!

    I joke, but the bottom line is: as long as my 10-foot experience is preserved and I can use it with my good old MCE remote control, I don't care what it's called. I use Media Center mainly for videos these days, which got ghettoed back in W7.

  74. Jonathan says:

    I'm really excited about Windows 8! But even more excited about what you plan to do with Media Center!!! I hope it's in your next post!

  75. HandNF says:

    I have to say that you guys are doing a good job, considering. It's tough trying to create an operating system for a billion users. Honestly, I haven't upgraded past XP yet, but I'm considering it once my current PC goes ka-punk.

    This blog is a great way for this two-way feedback. I remember all the Windows 7 commercials. "Windows 7 was my idea". It's same this time, where we can help shape the product.

    Your logic relating to design suggestions makes sense. Although we can dream up the most beautiful ideas, they may not be practical. You guys need to keep that in mind when somebody trashes your user interfaces. You've done the research.

    One thing that I would love to see in this blog are enhancements to stock Windows programs. Paint, Windows Movie Maker, Sound Recorder, and Calculator (to say the least), could all do with enhancing.

    Paint would be a lot better with layers. If I create text, and don't like it, my image is ruined. I could always undo, redo, but I'd prefer to just shift the text over a few pixels. Of course Photoshop will still be better, but Paint should be able to hold its own among graphic artists. Adding Webcam pictures would be a nice addition too. You could do photo manipulation like tagging friends, adding filters, etc.

    Movie Maker could use a simple revamp. Sound Recorder (on XP as least) is horrible. A minute to record? Audacity is open source, you could partner with them to bring simple audio editing to everyone. Calculator is fine as is, but adding additional features would make it much more powerful. Graphing and tables like on TI calculators would make the PC better than a seven year old calculator.

  76. Nicholas Zimmerman says:

    First thing you need to do for user experience is start with the box. There should be one version of Windows 8. Open box. Put in disc. Follow instructions. Not two versions. Not three versions. Not seven versions. ONE! ONLY ONE!

  77. Mitchell Jones says:

    Windows 8, I'm happy you're coming next year.

  78. femtobeam says:

    Windows 8 : Security, Security, Security… specifically a routing tracker coupled with a built in keyscrambler to protect logins to Live ID. Perhaps an image fingerprinting system to assure that installed updates are really from MS Update servers. A PORT Guard program? Forget certificates, they are all pawned. Also, if the key is to increase profits and usage of IE as a browser, in light of the competition and projections of a decline for IE… open source WebRTC or something similar must be considered. The industry is going fiber, better, faster and free. The source of income from advertising must be a Microsoft managed environment whereby reporting is done for an advertiser via requests and not by their own downloading of malicious cookies onto the client. How about a cookie sandbox? If Microsoft misses the boat on IE security this time, they will lose more than market share on the browser. Image is key and Paint doesn't cut it. I want my Paint Dot Net! Printer support for all models within the browser. People are not going to switch to managed print services and throw their printers away because there is no support. Unless these value issues are resolved.. eventually, due to high costs, long term problems and lack of security … they will just switch to Google and wipe everything each day with Ccleaner to clean up after ad assaults.

  79. Katherine Moss says:

    I am just wondering, in terms of the programming model, are you going to give us a heads up on whether the .net framework is staying or going?  I am learning how to program with it right now, and I hope that I can continue even when Win 8 comes out.  

  80. Mikael Rodriguez says:

    Please, MCE+WMP together and support for MKV files, many LED/LCD TV'sand BR players playing MKV files, so, why not Windows 8 OS, please, support this standard media file.

    Waiting for more, greetings.

  81. Chris McGrath says:

    On the topic of feedback, you really need to improve how we give feedback. Let's be honest, blog comments really is a poor mechanism. Especially when you can't directly reply to a comment.

    You need stackoverflow style of comments. Where the good comments can brought to the front (and agreement is given with an up vote, instead of posting an "I agree with X comment") and poor comments (in the copy dialog one how many people complained it didn't do something it actually did?) get buried.

    Responses from Microsoft (or others) should be threaded under the initial comment.

    P.S. Really looking forward to hearing about Media Center

  82. woodsdog says:

    Refreshingly different, it great that MS is being more open and showing how different things can be done, where other hide in the shadows. I'm sure this blog is the talk in alot of Project Management course's esp in IT…. around the world.

    Really looking forward to the Beta testing…

  83. Just keep it up! Windows 8 will be certainly my next OS when it release!

    So BUILD will be talking about the programming model of Windows 8? As a CS student this would be interesting for me, not just revealing the features. It will answer my questions then on how we will make Apps for Windows 8 and if .Net is still use (C++, C#, VB.NET).

    Looking forward of Metronize apps and legacy ones (Office, Adobe products, etc…).

    We will looking forward for next post.

  84. Paul from Italy (alias: Marco) says:

    Regarding the explorer ribbon topic, I've made this little preview about a possible idea on how I'd like to see the new Windows 8 file explorer…/default.html

    (only the File hybrid-tab is implemented as an example)

    If you have any question don't hesitate to contact me at

  85. Peter says:

    So what exactly have we contributed? In what ways have you changed the product based on our feedback?

  86. Zain Adeel says:


    It is always informative to know how a company works to deliver a brilliant product. I downloaded the Beta of windows 7 and always been excited about the future products of microsoft because that is when i realised that you guys can refine products to perfection. Windows 7 is a big win and i want Windows 8 to be a bigger win.

    I want to ask that as we know how important tablets are going to become in the coming years. I would really like to know how are you collaborating with manufacturers to deliver good hardware with Windows 8. I have seen all the android tablets and the iPad. I would wish that you shed some light how are you working with the manufactures and set standards so all tablets are quality devices. From design to battery life. And everything in between.

    I see Apple and they do great with design and build quality of their products. And i really liked the Zune HD. Seeing so. I am still wishing for a very high end WP7 device and i wish the same for windows 8 based tablets. Wish your team all the best! Also. Please tease us some more with the Tiles UI of windows 8.



  87. Guys, this is great to see the team seeking feedback this way. It must be a good feeling to see all the positive comments. I work in the IT industry in which Microsoft has been a key part of my career for so long now. I want to see a successful product as much as the team does. On a personal level my home entertainment and media revolves around many Microsoft products including Windows 7, Media Center, Zune (pass, software and hardware) and of course the XBOX, XBOX Live, Kinect, Windows Phone 7, bing, SkyDrive, etc… The level of integration I have today across all of these products is great. I am doing today what the competitors are only trying to achieve. I can literally get to all of my media from any device in a consist manor and take it to go if I choose to. Heck, I can even talk to my TV, I love the fact I can pause when watching a movie on Zune. I see where the UI is going across the Windows 8, Windows Phone, and XBOX product lines and look forward to this next generation of UI and the consistency that comes along with it. To me that standardized, consistent UI across many products is very important. I like my screens to have the same feel to them. I have plans to expand on what I currently have in place to include a few touch screens placed through out the house and possibly even a few more Kinext sensors. The speech recognition capabilities (TellMe) are also going to be a key part of where I am heading. I really look forward to the day I can talk to my house, I know it is just around the corner. I am so excited to get my hands on the Beta of Windows 8 just to start messing around with the new functionality. Keep up the good work.

  88. imuyang says:

    Thanks for doing this blog.  It is good to hear why choices are made in Windows development, it will help me make wiser choices in my own applications.

  89. nnsun says:

    I love how Windows 8 is going, but I feel like Microsoft should place an even BIGGER role on Zune. Sure, people on Windows Phone know what Zune is, and most likely so do Xbox gamers. BUT, PC users have been using iTunes as their main media player. I know that if Zune is the default media player on Windows 8, Apple will jump all over you guys with antitrust like they always do (stupid Apple, always resorting to crying to a judge when they are at a disadvantage), but you could advertise Zune more on TV like how Bing is advertised. Another thing that would help is to make another Zune PMP. Zune HD is alright, but either you need a new Zune design or you need to drastically improve the Zune filmware. We need a faster and more modern version of IE, a Youtube app, and app developement open to developers! That way Zune will look more appealing to potential customers. Thanks.

  90. Cranialsurge says:

    I've loved the idea of communicating with your user base this way ever since you first introduced the W7 blog. Couldn't stop asking "When is Steven going to be back with W8?!?!". Love the thought, intentions and efforts put in to what a majority of us call home when it comes to a computing ecosystem. I do have my qualms about a few things, especially metro and treating the desktop experience as a second class citizen, but I am like a lot of other readers here and across the globe still young and naive to the overall vision that is W8. However that apart, I laud this open communication and will definitely try to be as integral to this process as I have been an admirer of what Microsoft stands for ever since I was a high schooler.

  91. I really like to know the exact time for posting new posts on this blog. Also I'm a UX / UI ideal and I have made more than 12 concepts for Windows. I'd started making concepts about 2 years ago when I was 13 years old. These days I stopped working on my concepts because I really like to see the new UX / UI of Windows 8 and after that making concepts for it. All of us (ideals) have big problem we don't any place to show our concepts have feedback and know about some technical people like you (Steven Sinofsky). All this 2 years long I have a idea for not only the Windows team but for whole the Microsoft to build a blog for ideals to share their concepts freely. You can be pretty sure if you run a blog like this there will be a huge ideals that wants to be the member and even you can see some feedback or even some posts from none ideals like the IT pros, developers and even the end users and customers. I think this kind of blog can really help you to better working on Windows and any kind of products you have in Microsoft by only looking at them you easily can get a end-user wanting what from your different product lines. And I have to an ideal is a end-user that can easily tell you how was his/her experience and what do they need never mind by making still images or making movies with Flash or Silverlight and even the text only comments!

    Thanks a lot to all members of Windows team. for this nice blog and the whole Microsoft for hard work!

    Farhood Kankash

  92. war59312 says:

    This blog could use bigger front?

    Three ctrl + scroll up 3 times is way better. πŸ˜‰

  93. I just feel as an IT Pro and Windows user over the last 20 years that I've lost control over my PC experience.

    My biggest concern is how Microsoft is trying to control the PC's resources rather than giving the user a choice over how they interact with their PC and Window's ecosystem.  

    And it's the finer details that may seem insignificant to Microsoft that ultimately drive users away from Windows. So it would be appreciated if you could listen up and listen good.

    If users want the 'show desktop' icon to the left of the start bar, it should be movable.

    If users want their Windows Explorer view/preview buttons to the left rather than way over to the right, give them a choice.

    If users don't want their hard disks to be thrashed by superfetch they should have a choice of what is cached.

    If users want their Windows Explorer experience to show "x objects (disk free space:) on the bottom left of the Windows Explorer window they should have that choice.

    If users want icons rather than words to display choices in Windows Explorer they should have that choice.

    If users want ALT-ENTER in Windows Explorer they should have that choice.

    If users want to change the Windows UI colours in "Windows Classic" Mode, they should have the choice rather than have grey on grey.

    NO MORE "please wait…"  then "Welcom" when Windows is processing GPO's – not good enough.

    Please engineer Windows to be responsive to the users demands – NOT a "user versus windows" clash over resources.

    Please Microsoft stop tinkering with stuff that aint broke.

    Thank you,


  94. Mantikos says:

    Please include a way to create an ISO

  95. hdw says:

    Steven I don' know whether you read my comment in the previous post . I'll just say it again; Please minimize that ribbon by default. I agree it's quite functional compared to any other solution ,but it LOOKS Cluttered to many people and that matters more than you may think.


  96. I'm very excited for these changes for Explorer. I am a fan of the Ribbon interface thus I approve of the new Explorer Ribbon. At the same time I think some people here have given good ideas on ways to streamline the interface further.

    I don't like hiding all the options, which is one of the reasons I disapprove of the Windows Vista/7 Explorers since they hide useful options behind menus or shortcut keys. Imagine the joy when I first found out about Shift-Delete! Thus I think this new Ribbon design is a good middle ground between a lean interface and a full-featured interface. And power users still have all of their shortcuts, so it's not as if they have to use this ribbon.

    I think the IE9 beta was handled very well and I have high hopes for Windows 8 as well. Great job Microsoft! And thanks for sharing this info with us Mr. Sinofsky!

  97. Bryan S. says:

    This blog is one of the most awesome things that microsoft has ever done. But, credit where credit is due, you did do one before (for win 7) that was just as good. Anyway, thanks.

  98. Danny says:

    I like what I've learned so far. Keep up the great work!

  99. DanglingPointer says:

    Please implement FindDuplicate and BatchFileRename functionalities for WindOS8…

    100 up!

  100. One of my favorite posts to date on this blog is "Designing the Windows 8 file name collision experience" and learning how you come to the current evolution of a feature. This story of the how a feature came to be made Jensen Harris's blog on detailing the new interface in Office 2007 immensely enjoyable to read.

    If you are looking for feedback on features, your approach of posting an entry on a feature followed by a post detailing the design process of that feature later is a good format to allow feedback without distortion of it's history (because the majority of users will have no idea on how a feature came to be).

    I hope you continue with a series of "Designing…" blog entries along side the regular entries detailing new features. I appreciate Microsoft opening their doors to give the public a chance to peek into its next product (there was an obvious pun to go for there, but I didn't take the bait :).

  101. GregH says:

    You rarely see openness on the development of a key product like this form many other companies, allowing people to influence the Windows team even in a small way form open dialogue is commendable – a good example of how this allows us to feel that we are part of the product rather than just 'users' having to buy into the brand. I have genuinely been happy with Windows 7 – my productivity went through the roof and I am back on board in terms of loyalty, I hope that you can build on that with Windows 8 and continue to boost productivity for my business – which is bottom line.

    I would be curious as to what Sysinternals work is being done to make Windows 8 better and if someone like Mark Russinovich might interview or we might be expecting any exciting improvements or information of what is at the core of Windows reimagined.

  102. @OrpheusMann

    So you ain't a troll.

    "Get rid of all legacy support." – This must be the worst idea ever. Why do you think businesses aint moving to Linux? Just because the system changes day by day. Why do you think so many people are still on IE6? You can't replace every line of code you've made every time over and over again. Compatibilty and legacy support is extremely important. I as developer can build something for Windows that works for 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8. Did you expect me to remake a program for every version?

    "ffer alternatives to IE and WinMP during installation". – In the EU we have the option not to purchase WMP and after booting you have alternatives to install. So whats your point here? Installations should be simple, and we all know that IE has to be installed because programs depend on it. Even when you don't know it.

    " single version. No Home, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate. Just call it Windows 8. Nice and clean."- You are probably having the fastest internet connection available, have the most expensive mobile phone operator agreement, purchase all software that is demo'ed on your laptop? No, you want to save money on stuff you don't like. You're probably not using the most expensive deal with your mobile operator, just because you don't use it all, so why pay for it. You earlier had about adding choice that was already there. Now you're saying to remove choice. Make up your mind!

    Stop cluttering your OS with useless junk. The only people who use the gadget bar are people who can't figure out how to get rid of it! – Maybe you ain't using the gadget bar, but people are using it and like it alot. I even have people asking me to make more gadgets. Simply because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's useless junk.

    I guess for you, linux works the best. You have your choice, you have you'r daily updates that break everything you've build over the last years, and you won't have useless junk because the OS is 50-lifeyears behind. Windows 8 ain't your place to be, move on.

  103. Jzoladz25 says:

    @Nicholas Zimmerman there was even talk about having a web installer for Win8 to make things easier… dunno if this is just a rumor or if it is true..

  104. @Steven

    No, I am not an Apple fan, but read this:…/windows-8-vs-mac-os-x-and-ios

    They are kind of right….

    Ribbon is cluttered. Taking out the lower description pattern, also, makes the new window UGLY.

    Pick your side.

    Deliver a better Windows 7 on Windows 8… or just switch all over to Metro UI even if it's too big, too ugly and made for tablets and cell phones — fail Windowl phones…

    Why would you people put a FAILED UI from a FAILED Windows phone 7 into Windows 8?

    I don't get it….

    Who buys Windows phones??? Seriously. Nobody cares. It's ugly, it's flat, the design is POOR.

    For me (coming from the XP) in less than a month, Windows 7 was the best thing I've seen in the world of OS so far. It is fast, blazing fast and I have NO PROBLEM on organizing anything, on finding anything. The Explorer is PERFECT, also is the Start menu — I can type and find anything.

    I don't know why you people have to mess with stuff around just to deliver a new OS.

    If it' aint broken, don't mess it.

    A NEW OS could be a Windows 7 with new faster code, improved reliability, slower boot time, sp1 and sp2 already integrated. It means nothing shipping  "WINDOWS 8" if it's messing up with what Windows 7 have of good in it.

    Somethings should be left alone. re-imagining might turn into Re-MESSING it.

    Windows XP was good for a whole 10 years and currently Win 7 is making up for it… but if you try too hard you can mess it up and turn Windows 8 to a Vista come back!

    Watch it!

  105. ZipZapRap says:

    Well I guess I was unlucky to have my questions answered in previous blogs (about the touch UI in Windows Explorer) but no matter.

    I would love to hear more information about WMC. It's really a fantasic product that a lot of people use. My HTPC setup at home has everyone who sees it green with envy. An evolution of WMC, with support for DVD Rips, media librarys that skim external sources (such as MyMovies, or IMDB) would be utterly fantastic. WMC is where Metro kicked off.. I hope you guys honour well in Windows 8 πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thanks for the posts, is nice to read them. And good luck, we're all hoping for an excellent product from you guys. Blown away by how good Windows 7 is…

  106. Eienstien says:

    microsoft you guys are doing the right thing so far. i like the windows explorer and  iso stuff. some people are still talking about xp. those people are always use xp. but others need to move on. so dont listen to those xp users critics. move on to the next major metro ui , aero and ribbon.

  107. I'd fully support hdw's comment, the main problem with the Ribbon metaphor is that it LOOKS cluttered. I know that a number of the people I provide support to will find the changes to Explorer intimidating. I'd therefore echo another post which called for customer choice. If customers wish to simplify the appearance of (say) the Explorer ribbon, please facilitate and allow that to happen.

    I support multiple operating systems from popular Linux distributions through to Macs and I view with dismay the number of such systems which have gone towards simplification for better small form factor experience, but have coupled that with making any customization nigh on impossible. Microsoft systems provide far more choice. Please keep it that way, and enhance the experience.  

  108. Alright, assuming you have the patience to read down this far, here's my feedback.

    Kill Aero Glass. It has no place in the new order. De-glass the taskbar, de-glass all windows by default. It looks ridiculous when you put Metro and Glass next to eachother on the same screen and try to pretend that you're making a serious product.

  109. Pia D says:

    If there's only one thing I can suggest is helping spread the Windows Experience Rating Index. It is extremely useful, but unfortunately, no one ever uses it. Especially the people that should: PC Games. When it comes to being able to run demanding games and knowing what GPUs can handle what games at what rates on what settings, we should really be comparing Windows Experience ratings. But sadly, the gaming industry does not care.

    Microsoft, you have created such a useful experience, please help the gaming industry realize it, so instead of posting you need a Nvidia GTX 560 or higher, and trying to figure out how my GPU HD5870M compares to it, I would just go oh. GTX 560 is a 7.0 and mine is a 7.2, I can definitely run it fine on these settings. Please keep this feature, make it better, creating a wider variation of ratings and help the public use it better.

    Thanks MS.

  110. PLEASE make some tweaks and refreshes on the standard, desktop, Aero theme!! It's been almost 5 years since it was introduced in Windows Vista and it starts to get boring!! I also hope you will change the UGLY start button from Windows 7, without this orb, but afaik you have already done that.

  111. Well…. it will sound stupid but, i have few quarry. like

    1) will software for X86 will run on Arm?

    2) how Arm will stack up against X86?

  112. lxp says:

    I'm expecting W8 to be quite annoying and look slightly bloated directly after the install. But I know I can customize it to almost suit me perfectly. Those who are unable to customize will most likely need all the extra information and buttons to not clog up support lines.

  113. Please fix the bug in Windows 8 when holding the Close/Maximize/Minimze button the window is freezing!

  114. Marcel van Groenigen says:

    Can there please be an option for admins to allow users to install Fonts without making the user administrator? or even better, give the user their own font dir so they cannot touch system fonts.

  115. Andrea says:

    Please add the support to do and recognize trasparent backgrounds in Paint

  116. I like the MS blogging about Windows 8.

    But I still do not have a clue how it will look like and work in practice.

    I really hope that we will be able to download and install a beta real soon :

    – I will certainly install it

    – I really would like to actively participate in testing and giving feedback (can I subscribe ?).

    It is a pitty that the "Live Team" does not behave the same way :

    – there are so many suggestions for improvement filed by addicted Windows Live users

    – there are so many requests for help

    And it looks like the "Live Team" is ignoring all of them.

    Also the support via the "Windows Live Solution Centre" is a real catastrophy.

  117. Miky says:

    In windows 8 there will be a native support for iso and vhd (really good πŸ˜€ )……Can Microsoft add an option to run iso and vhd as a virtual operating system (for example, similar to VirtualBox) ????It would be very useful

  118. Although Windows 7 officially supports Twain scanners, applications that come with the OS do not support it at all : example = Windows Fax and Scan.

    This was and is very confusing for people who depend on flatbed scanners for their living.

    Will Windows 8 bring a solution for them ?

  119. John says:

    Please, please, please, fix (in Windows 8) my only real complaint with Windows Media Player, it plays cd boxsets incorrectly – let's say that there the boxset is a greatest hits, with two cd's – three tracks on each. iTunes plays it correctly: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 …whereas WMP completely messes up and plays it 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 (!!!) It's annoying as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My other complaint is lack of codec support in WMP, but that can be fixed with 3rd party installation.

    Oh, and don't change Windows Media Center (in Windows 8 from what it looks like in Windows 7) because I wanna be able to enjoy my music in that program – in the correct way!!!!!!!!!

  120. Flo says:

    LOL – good point Owen Pellegrin πŸ˜€ – I agree – (font) size does matter! πŸ˜›

  121. Owen Wilson says:

    @Paul from Italy

    finally something original! I was tired by all those static screenshots πŸ˜€

    keep up the good work

  122. EssentiaX says:

    What I love is that regardless of the topic or feedback, I get something new to read regularly, and it is interesting, I might add.

    Keep that up, Microsoft!

  123. pepe says:

    Microsoft.Net 4.5 exist in windows 8 ?

    also one free compiler for c & c++ programming.



  124. noppadonarms says:

    I am sorry for bad english. I want to replacement of windows media player to zune software. It is easy to manage music, photos and video files on your computer.

  125. casimir says:

    It would be great to hear about 32/64-bit. Windows 7 is still 23/64-bit. ARM is 32-bit only. Internet Explorer has 32-bit and 64-bit, but the 32-bit one should one use in generall. 64-bit Silverlight comes, 64-bit Flash, too.

    What about 64-bit Internet Explorer and it's 64-bit JavaScript engine?…



  126. casimir says:

    It would be great to hear about 32/64-bit. Windows 7 is still 23/64-bit. ARM is 32-bit only. Internet Explorer has 32-bit and 64-bit, but the 32-bit one should one use in generall. 64-bit Silverlight comes, 64-bit Flash, too.

    What about 64-bit Internet Explorer and it's 64-bit JavaScript engine?…



  127. sorry for being off topic, but i have no clue where else to submit this.

    it seems like there is a shader glitch with transparency in windows 7 SP1 x64. be great for Windows 8 to not have this.

  128. I really like to see Windows 8 follows Windows Phone and XBOX product lines and completely remove Windows Media Player & Windows Media Center and move to use ZUNE as default. This think help us to interact with only media player in Windows not 3. Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center and ZUNE that's awful! Only ZUNE SOFTWARE has many advantages like:

    1- Now it uses the Metro UI!

    2- Other product lines move to it!

    3- Make a UX everywhere key point!

    4- Brings a native for Windows Phone to Windows 8!

    5- After that you only have one software to listen to music and organize contents not 3!!

    6- I think using ZUNE in Windows 8 helps to share contents between 3 platforms (Windows, Windows Phone, XBOX).


    Farhood Kankash

  129. Abouzar says:

    Can you remove the border of windows. I know It is called Windows but why do we need a frame around every app?!?

  130. xpclient says:

    My only request is that please take special care while developing Windows 8 to not cause feature regressions or reduction in functionality compared to Windows 7 even if a particular component is reworked or the UI is completely redone. That was a unique speciality of Windows in the 90s. Backward compatibility is not just about your apps and hardware working, there should be backward compatibility of user interfaces too. For example, the way Microsoft is currently promising the evolution of the desktop interfaces alongside the tablet one is the right approach. "Ditching" the desktop metaphor in favor of the new tablet trend would have been wrong. Don't be overly progressive to the point of removing older stuff which people have come to depend on and use daily in Windows. The first rule of upgrades is to preserve features and the value proposition of an upgrade is very less if things which are working in the current version get broken or removed in the upgrade. If Microsoft takes care of that, Windows 7 customers will happily flock to Windows 8.

  131. Mesonto says:

    Only two things this time around… add tabs to windows explorer and allow all windows to snap together. Please both of these are long overdue.

  132. "I am waiting with baited breath to hear what you have to say about media center!"

    Same here, You did an exellent job with windows 7 explorer and its ability to sort tagged mp4 just like mp3 but theres 0 support for MP4 in media center and no ability to get the media information from the tags its really about time windows media center supported mp4 considering how much its used.

    Secondly the ability to index a remote network folder on X64 computers, Fine if your on wifi its not a good itea but in this age of gigabit and fiber networks theres no reason to remove this feature. It was added back for x86 computers but no x64 patch was released.

  133. Theo says:

    I have a Japanese users.

    Dahlonega promise to translate the article in North America within 48 hours. ! !

    It is still not translated'll post three days ago. ! !

    Microsoft is not what I have seen the Japanese lightly. ! !

    Cerro updated as soon as promised to tell the Japanese Microsoft. ! !

  134. I have seen the evolution of the Windows product since its inception.  It has been an incredible journey from the original version to the Windows of today.  I am excited and look forward to the future versions.

    Providing a forum for users, IT Professionals, Developers and the like, to offer suggestions and feedback is an excellent outlet.  Being connected to the product in this way is unique in that it allows us to learn the product that much more quickly.  But more importantly, provides all of us the ability to be an extension of your development team, with our thoughts and suggestions.  As the saying goes, β€œYou’ll please some of the people sometimes, but not all of the people all of the time”.  Keep up the excellent work on Windows and the efforts to include us with this blog.  I look forward to upcoming installments.

  135. Hello. I think it would be very important to equip the Ribbon of a button for the fingers to simulate the Windows key + tab function. Including rotation.

  136. 80trgv9f767fod790t7 says:

    Make bold move with Windows 8 and create only 64-bit version with one Program Files folder not two like in W7. It's a mess.

  137. laco says:

    George Ellwood@ there are much more obscure UI elements, because Windows is full of old resources from Windows 3 era and they will never be cleaned. Optimization and cleanup are not Microsoft strong sides πŸ™‚

  138. Frederik says:

    Please focus on overview Microsoft.

    I see a quite big issue on most newer platform which is that a clear overview over currently running programs is missing.

    Which really concerns me in terms of studying and working on the new Windows Platform.

    I think that it would be hard to stop using the desktop app, i would rather stay in one OS while working.

  139. The post received  not many comment because no demonstration just bunch of words  like I have essay peer-editing with my friend. Please give some more new demo that give light for people. Just the sneak peak and the rest we can wait for BUILD.

  140. LateX says:

    Native support for PS, EPS & Latex in Microsoft Office Word

    Ctrl+O, Open Latex file

    Ctrl+S, Save as type Latex (convert, compile and then save)

    Insert Picture, PS & EPS files

  141. Ω…Ψ§ΫŒΪ©ΫŒ says:

    @George Ellwood, nice pick but how do you expect to show which control (button or link) is focused?

  142. jader3rd says:

    I know that Windows realizes that there are a group of people who never want anything to change. I'm actually impressed with the fact that people can turn off many UI features and revert the shell look to how it looked in decades old versions of Windows. I'm also surprised when I see someones computer set to those settings. So you are going to get a lot of "No, don't change" feedback, and I hope that you would not let that opinion influence too many decisions being made for improvements.

    I love Windows Media Center.

  143. Ryan says:

    Advanced music tag editing should be native in Windows in the properties menu of a file. That would be great. Eliminating needs for third party applications speeds up Windows and just makes it that much better.

  144. First, let me just say that whether negative or positive, I think the majority of the commenters here greatly appreciate the effort you and your teams spend putting together this blog to discuss new features with the community. Not many (none?) creators of such a huge products ever initiate this sort of dialog between engineering and users, and I for one love the insight it provides!

    When you speak of Metro, you seem to be referring to the new UI experience. However, I believe that when commenters refer to a "Metro-style", they are talking of the Metro design language elements:

    -content is king


    -focus on beautiful typography

    -clean modern

    Applying these UI language elements when designing the new desktop interface would go a long way to alleviate many criticism of a clash between the two experiences and modernizing the aging "Area glass" UI of Vista and 7, which so far seems to be making its way onto Windows 8 as well.

  145. W8 / Xbox hybrid UI says:…/w81.jpg

    Some of the live tile detail is missing, but you get the idea.  Looks better I think.

  146. @George Ellwood

    I absolutely agree with you about this dotted focus thing. It is dated back to windows 9x but I don't know why Microsoft doesn't want to remove it since it's not that hard. Or if it's still necessary for some scenarios so revised it, make change on this so people could see prettier look when a control is focused. The funny thing is even when the teams don't know how to deal with it yet– there are already hint at their current windows OS-windows 7–>

    Take a look and compare two buttons in"Delete Folder" windows in the picture below. Along with dotted thing, the YES button already has highlighting blue border around it that already tell users the "focused" status while NO button doesn't have because it's just not focused—>  so no more need for dotted thing to exist (not just button but the other controls like tab bar, link text and all. Hope the teams make change for the cursor with new Aero circle as well.…/microsoftpleasechangeth.png

  147. @W8 / Xbox hybrid UI

    The first demo of windows 8 Tile back in D9 conference–> it didn't have live titles that animate like MANGO's one so hope they will put it on windows 8 as well. They need to be unified as style.

  148. Work Spaces says:

    Please add in a native support for multiple desktop work spaces. Other OSes already have such functionality, and it really does improve productivity.

  149. Dileepa Prabhakar says:

    Whatever you do, don't aim for and release Windows 8 with half-baked implementations and change overs. In Vista and Windows 7, there are way too many inconsistencies in the UI and UX (too many different types of Control Panel screens//dialog boxes is just one example).

    My comment on your last post didn't "make it", but the gist of that comment was "Metro should stand on its own and the user should not have to go back to Windows Desktop to perform routine tasks and maintenance." If Metro is not a full replacement for the classic Explorer desktop,  you've failed *completely* no matter what you might claim.

    A lot of people have moved on from Windows. You may not recognize that in your echo chamber, but that's a fact. If you want them to come back and use Windows because they actually *like* Windows, you'll have to do a much better job of communicating what you are doing and *why* are you doing it your way.

    Having said all that, you turned around Windows after the Vista debacle (Windows 7 is pretty good) and there is no reason *not* to believe that you'll do something similar with Windows 8. Good luck!

  150. ItalyVicenza says:

    1. W Windows Media Center

    2. Add the multiplayer wifi and internet in the pre-installed windows games

    3. Re-add Pinbal pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Italian guy says:

    Ignore the guy above me, I'm from Italy but I DONT WANT pinball..

  152. i hope that Microsoft can figure out how to combine transparency and Metro. THAT'd be the perfect balance.

  153. ItalyVicenza says:

    Pinball is max 1mb of size it doesn't change too much, but another useful thing is to have a simple way to uninstall only a game without uninstalling all the microsoft games……this function can be putted in the games folder…..Also in the valutation of the system can be putted more point for the hard disk speed please?It's every time nearly 5.8, and it changes only if you take an ssd……a temperature monitoring would be useful…..but Microsoft you're doing a really good job… good luck πŸ˜‰

  154. @George Ellwood and nowuniverse says:

    Do you know what a keyboard is? πŸ™‚ The dotted focus indicators are required when using keyboard navigation. Since Windows 2000, keyboard focus indicators are hidden by default when using the mouse and only show when you press a key on the keyboard. What's the issue then?

  155. Randy says:

    I saw the videos of the new design for Windows 8, and I think it will be PERFECT for a tablet.  I'm not sold into the current batch of Android tablets or iPads.  They are consumer devices.  I can't do outlook, or use onenote.  That's what I want.  I want to use a stylus and take notes, and have handwriting recognition back.  I want to use a tablet like a notebook at work, where I can take it around for notes, sharing ppt presentations, email, etc.  And I want to search my notes easily.  iPads and Android tablets can't do this.

    Please bring this soon, I actually want a tablet I can work on, not just watch and play games on.

  156. i agree. pinball is sooo old. bring back hold'em and tinker tho, and enable dreamscene, with MP4 support. and generally make a good OS that goes head to head against Lion (TRANSPARENT SCROLLBARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  157. why can't they update the keyboard notification to match wthe current theme? why does it have to be a 15 year old BMP file in some dll god only knows where?

  158. that reminds me of something, Microsoft, you need to unify the entire GUI. get rid of bmps in every single dll and exe in the OS. make one file with ALL UI aspects, contained within it AND ONLY it. and upgrade to RGBA PNGs and a bump in icon res to 512 or 1024 would be good. 256 is too small.

  159. sorry for rambling, but one last thing i've been meaning to say for years.

    quit with the *ICO files, there's no need for 14 copies of the same image in different sizes, DWM can easily scale large PNGs to the required resolution..

  160. Lance says:

    windows 8 (includes)

    1. metro UI with HTML, java and css5

    2. 3D fully glassy aero interface

    3. Tiles with up to date

    4. push notification

    5. windows explorer with ribbon

    6. windows media player with high definition and 3D blu ray support

    7. new windows calender

    8. iso and vhd

    9. lock screen feature with widgets like time and push notifications

    10. apps feature

    11. auto windows up date

    12. new start menu

    13 . better security

    14. faster bootup

    15. microsoft Lync

  161. W8 / Xbox hybrid UI says:…/w8-x2.jpg

    Some of the live tile detail missing, but, pretty cool I reckon.

  162. Commentator says:

    I need a better way to organize the bluetooth devices connected, to have the possibility to disconnect them only with on click without install/disinstall every time the drivers.

    Also i need that the bluetooth/usb can recognize my sixasis of the PS3 to play the games in the way that I want….

    For Pinball: updates his graphics (and also give new functions, for example for the touch screen) and so add it

  163. Franco says:

    Improve shutdown time, is very slow in Windows 7.

  164. Randy says:

    You should also include the handy but relatively unknown SyncToy.  But make it sync with your skydrive.

  165. @Franco

    Shutdown is fast by default. Make a trace to see what is slow πŸ˜‰…/index.php

  166. This blog should be a model for the other technology releases.  Candidness will take you a long way with customers.  Be open, be honest.   Explain why things were done the way they were and those who want to understand, will.  There will always be those who will not accept anything, not even perfection.

    "Strive for perfection, achieve greatness."

  167. Also, as always.  Powershell, Powershell, Powershell!  It is growing exponentially and should be incorporated into all aspects of Windows 8.

    Can't wait for Powershell v.Next!

  168. You should use that "Re-imagined" line in your ad campaigns. Just that one line under a giant WinMetro logo (like the multi-color ones WP7 uses now).

    It would be a nice homage to Apple as well.

  169. Anonymous User says:

    I think a normal consumer wouldn't understand why Windows 8 is completely different.  It just trades functionality (like multitasking) for a TABLET UI.  But, people STILL USE laptops and desktops.  Windows Phone should just be upgraded to work on tablets, not to kill Windows to work for tablets.  I sort of like the UI, but it just doesn't work out for the non-tech savvy (99% of people).

    Plus, multitasking needs to be better, so you don't need to swipe through 10 other apps just to find the one you want, only to swipe past the app you want.  It needs to look more like Windows Phone's multitasking.

    Sorry if it was harsh, but I feel that is what needs to be done.

  170. Media center is easily one of Microsoft’s hidden gems.  I noticed that that that new metro windows 8 interface is media center?   Right down to when they did the demo they only used one finger.  Media center only utilizes one finger as well. The back and home button is right from MC.    Media center is also the bases of the origami project.  I am a huge fan of the new metro interface and windows Phone as well (I was the first windows phone buyer in the USA)   I love the new metro interface and hope it comes to MC.  it is also the only was to use cable card on xbox.  

  171. I have a suggestion for windows 8 user experience. If you add multiple desktop feature it will help users to categorize their applications and files easily. They can categorize with names like entertainment, developer , documents .. etc. And add effects for switching desktops it will more attractive.

  172. osorio says:

    just a suggestion that the next graphical interface does not ask much video memory and some do not keep me a nVidia GeForce GTX580. Greetings from El Salvador

  173. oscar says:

    yo pienso que lo mas importante de un sistema oprativo es que sea rapido muy rapido  estable

  174. Drewfus says:

    Regarding the Start menu, the power button should default to Sleep, if S3 sleep is available, and change to the 'pending WU updates' form, when appropriate. It is amazing that in 2011, most people still shutdown their PC's when not in use, regardless of all the sleep/hibernate technology that is built into their systems, from the CPU up. What a waste!

  175. kevin says:

    I hope i will be listened. I had some troubles with windows 7 that i would like to be changed in windoes 8. Any way to have a peraplication audio device option? There is an only one progam i found but its not compatible with win7x64.

    Other is a better manager for multiple screen for wallpapers and as mentioned before the audio device per aplication. Thats the problem for having an hdmi screen with audio output.

  176. Mr Spain says:

    hello can y ejoy this same lenguage in Spanish ??

  177. Den says:

    @Steven Sinofsky

    What will be the role of WPF/Silverlight in the new Windows 8 world?

  178. I have very much been enjoying the blogs and I am looking forward to the new version of Windows.  For the videos that you are embedding in the blog, is it possible that they could be in Windows Media Format or Silverlight?  The MP4 format doesn't seem to work as well.  

  179. Daniel Salunga says:

    About the Ribbon UI. I think what makes other people dislike it and likes the classic Menu is that it requires a lot of clicks. You always need to click a ribbon tab in order to view the actions under it. Whereas in the classic menu, you only need to click once and then just hover to the other menus to expand them. My suggestion is, why not do the same to Ribbon UI: when the user clicks a ribbon tab, they just need to hover to another ribbon tab to view the actions, without the need to click again.

  180. Will Kimmerer says:

    What will be the level of integration of Live and Hotmail… I would love to see full integration, with Xbox WP7 and other Microsoft devices… Also I know this may seem a bit off-subject but Is there the possibility of better integration with Android. I know there's a OneNote app for Ipad, but I would love to see a bit more integration and openness on this front.

  181. Dean says:

    I'm sick of all this worrying about the UI. People are nuts. You will never please them no matter what. The best way to solve this crazyness is to let people be able to modify the UI as much as possible down to the smallest feature as possible and leave it at that. Done. But put Group Policy options in place so us admins can fix things the way we want them.

    To me GROUP POLICY is where the worrying should be focussed on. That's where the people are put in control and what really matters. Windows 8 should be totally and completely Group Policy controlable. Don't make desicions where it's our way or no way. Like with the warning dialog boxes.

  182. Thanks, just keep up  the good work!

  183. James says:

    Regarding the Ribbon….here's a suggestion.

    When the Ribbon is hidden/minimized, and then you click on one of the Ribbon Tabs to show it, then it would be lovely if the other tabs in the Ribbon would then hot track when the mouse cursor hovers over them …. a la menu top level menu item behaviour…..this would make it infinitely easier to quickly be able to scan whats in a ribbon.

    Being more aggressive you could also hottrack the initial Ribbon tab interaction i.e. with a collapsed Ribbon as soon the mouse cursor is over a Ribbon tab title show it..thus alleviating an additional RSI inducing click.

    Failing that, add the Visual Studio 2011 ability to filter/search for commands so they can be found easily.

  184. jim kennelly says:

    Looks like it's optimized for touch – need some more mouse clues to do stuff since I don't have a clue.  I just keep clicking on random stuff.

    on this page –>Put the comment box on the top so I don't have to scroll through 6000 comments

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