Introducing the team

Thanks for the comments and the flood of email we received (and to the number of folks now following us on Twitter, too). It is definitely humbling to see all the enthusiasm and interest. There are clearly already few important threads in the initial comments, some of which are based on the previews of the Windows 8 user experience. We’re definitely gearing up to discuss these issues, the design, and tradeoffs. Windows 8 has new features across the full breadth of the product. It takes quite a team to build Windows 8, and so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the team structure—sometimes the “how” can help folks to understand the “what” and the “why.”  This will give you an outline of the places we added features to Windows 8.  It will also serve as a bit of a guide as we talk about the product.

It is tempting for some to think of Windows as one entity or group, or for some to think of Windows as just a set of specific people. Sometimes someone speaks at a conference or has a blog, and that comes to represent the product for you. In reality, Windows is always a product of the whole team and much of Microsoft.  Nearly every development group contributes to building Windows 8 in some form or another.  And Windows contributes efforts to most other groups as well.

Windows is a fairly broad project made up of a set of coordinated smaller projects. When we started building Windows 8 we had a clear sense of the direction we were heading and so we built a team structure to support that direction.  Many of the teams work together while at the same time we try to break the work down into fairly independent groups—obviously as a customer you want things to work together, but as an engineer, you also want to be able to work independently. That’s a fine balance we work to maintain.

A lot goes into building a team structure to get all the work of Windows done. The most important first step is deciding “what” we plan to get done, so that we can make sure we have the best teams in place and the best structure to do that work. At the same time we have to make sure all the engineering processes—like daily builds, integration, quality, security, and all the fundamentals—are integral from the start (lots to talk about on these topics!).

We have several engineering roles, or disciplines, that make up our team. The implementation work on Windows happens when developers write code. This code implements features that come from specifications written by program management along with interaction designs from our product designers.  Testers are responsible for making sure the spec is complete and the code does what the spec says it should do. This is a simplified view of the relationship between roles, since we routinely walk a bit in each other’s shoes. There are several other equally important roles on the team, but we tend to think of our engineering effort as development, test, and program management working together in lockstep throughout the entire release—each role has an equal voice in the outcome and choices we make.

We organize the work of Windows into “feature teams,” groups of developers who own a combination of architectural elements and scenarios across Windows.  We have about 35 feature teams in the Windows 8 organization.  Each feature team has anywhere from 25-40 developers, plus test and program management, all working together. Our teams are all focused on building a global product, and so some of our teams are located outside the US and are also delivering globally.

In general a feature team owns and builds what that most folks would identify as an area or component of Windows. “Feature” is always a tricky word—some folks think a feature is a broad architectural component like the "user interface” or networking, and other folks might think a feature is something more specific, like the “start menu” or IPv6.  So the term is a bit overloaded. When we set up different feature teams, we pair the architecture (code, subsystems, components) with the scenarios (user experience) in which users will encounter it, while also working to make sure we keep teams small and manageable.  We long ago stopped trying to count new features because of the difficulty in defining a feature.  We do count work items, which do map to the work and specs that we build (but that is a pretty long list).

When folks do the math and come up with the number of developers on the team, we usually hear one of two reactions: “wow, that is a lot, and there is no way that can work,” or “wow, you build a product for a billion people with a pretty small number folks.” It is to our benefit to have the smallest number of people on the team possible, but it is to your benefit to have the largest number of people adding all the things that folks might want. So, we find a place in the middle. We want the team to be manageable and able to produce high quality, full-featured code.

I mentioned earlier that Windows contributes code to lots of other products and vice versa, so when you look at this list, keep in mind there are features from other groups (for example, our browser language runtime comes from the development tools group) and some of the work here goes into other products, too.  For example, all of our kernel, networking, storage, virtualization, and other fundamental OS work is also part of Windows Server—that’s right, one team delivers the full Windows Client OS and much of the foundation for the Windows Server OS. And some features are built in the core OS but are ultimately only part of the Server product.

Many of the teams listed below describe features or areas that you are familiar with or that you can probably figure out based on the name.  As we post more, team members will identify themselves as part of these teams.  We also have organized these teams in seven larger groups that pull related teams together—fundamentals, devices and networking, core OS, developer experience, user experience, web services, and our engineering system. The Windows Live group (Hotmail, Messenger, Skydrive,  Photos, LiveID, and more) also has a similar structure. Internet Explorer group is also a couple of teams on its own, but obviously contributes across Windows 8.

  • App Compatibility and Device Compatibility
  • App Store
  • Applications and Media Experience
  • App Experience
  • Core Experience Evolved
  • Device Connectivity
  • Devices & Networking Experience
  • Ecosystem Fundamentals
  • Engineer Desktop
  • Engineering System
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Global Experience
  • Graphics Platform
  • Hardware Developer Experience
  • Human Interaction Platform
  • Hyper-V
  • In Control of Your PC
  • Kernel Platform
  • Licensing and Deployment
  • Media Platform
  • Networking Core
  • Performance
  • Presentation and Composition
  • Reliability, Security, and Privacy
  • Runtime Experience
  • Search, View, and Command
  • Security & Identity
  • Storage & Files Systems
  • Sustained Engineering
  • Telemetry
  • User-Centered Experience
  • Windows Online
  • Windows Update
  • Wireless and Networking services
  • XAML

In addition to these teams made up of development, test, and program management, there are many others that are part of the product development team. Our content development team writes and edits our online assistance, website, deployment documents, and SDKs, to name a few things. Product planning leads customer and market research and also pays very close attention to feedback and telemetry around the pre-release software. Product design develops the overall interaction model, graphical language, and design language for Windows 8. Our research and usability team creates field and lab studies that show how existing products and proposed features perform with all types of customers. Localization brings Windows to over 100 languages (and localizes this blog).  Our operations team runs services that are used by hundreds of millions of people and almost a billion PCs.  Just to name a few..

When we started Windows 7 some people told us that the Windows team was too big and had reached a size that caused more engineering problems than it solved. At the same time, you can look at all the comments and see the incredible demand for new features across a very wide range of scenarios.

Folks want new things, and changes to existing things; they want features to be available globally, to be accessible, and to be super high quality; they want things to work on existing hardware, and to take advantage of the latest new hardware. Our job is to get as much done in as short a time as possible, at a very significant scale. That's all a pretty significant engineering effort.

For folks who are counting my words, I am still under 1,500 words, so I think I will call this an introduction to the team. Keep the comments coming, as they are helping us get ideas for posts and shape the dialog. I hope this post helps to develop some shared context in terms of talking about Windows 8.


Comments (272)
  1. Windows Explorer and FTP over SSL Client says:


    In Windows explorer, when you click to expand a folder in the tree, the selected folder moves to the bottom of the pane, which is extremely annoying since you have to constantly scroll to see the newly-expanded subdirectories.  Please expand subfolders in the tree in-place.

    Also, when will there be an FTP-over-SSL client?  Maybe map a drive letter over FTPS?


  2. Dan says:

    App Store team? Is this the 1st time Microsoft has hinted that there is going to be an app store in Windows 8? I know everyone has been reporting on it already but a lot of that was from leaked screenshots… Or does this mean something else entirely?

  3. niall says:

    yay, confirmation of an app store, will be nice for bringing  everything together in 1 place.

  4. Thomas says:

    I've always been curious- are you able to talk about whether the teams follow a global SDLC, or are separate teams free to experiment with different methodologies (so long as they externally integrate / communicate on time etc)? I've always wondered how (or if, even) agile could work in across such a large project, and I'd love to hear a bit about your experiences with it.

  5. Mauricio Gonzatto says:

    Please, tell me that Win8 will bring a new optimized Internet Explorer – this is killing Microsoft web image

  6. Cosmin Tataru says:

    Looks like "Building Windows 8" official blog is quite active. Already new and interesting things in the list above:  

    •App Store  •Core Experience Evolved •Device Connectivity •Hyper-V •In Control of Your PC •Presentation and Composition  •Search, View, and Command •Security & Identity  •Storage & Files Systems •User-Centered Experience •Windows Online •Windows Update •Wireless and Networking services •XAML

  7. domenicoav says:

    Awesome post.

    Mr Steven , No Media center team in Windows 8 ?

    Zune Desktop or Media player in Windows 8 ?

  8. Cristian says:

    XAML Team … Media Team… And lot's of "Experience" Teams ….  I Like 😀

    Can't wait to BUILD..

  9. domenicoav says:


    Français Deutsch Português (Brasil) 한국어   日本語   简体中文  Русский etc. etc.

    Where is Italian ? 🙂

  10. Ian Walker says:

    As a WP7 App developer I am interested in the App store:

    1. How much work will be required to migrate code from WP7 to Win8?
    2. Will the existing App Hub (XBOX/WP7) be shared in Win8?

    3. As a user If I have a WP7 App do I have to pay again to use it on Win8?

    (My interest in the latter question is in terms of the renumeration model for the developer).

  11. yuriylsh says:

    So App Store, Hyper-V and XAML teams… This confirms many of the rumors floating around 🙂

  12. Pedro says:

    What's the fuss about XAML?? It's been know for quite some time that the XAML team moved over to Windows. And silverlight is in WP.

  13. Nik says:

    Hey, the app store has been hinted by microsoft way before. If you see the Windows 8 screenshot, there is a tile for that.

  14. efjay says:

    Are Live Mesh, Live Essentials going to live on in Windows 8 and will Mesh in particular see greater integration with Windows Phone? How does Windows Home Server fit in as well?

  15. aldie_lab says:

    I don't see an Accessibility team, so I'll assume that the accessibility responsibility is spread across all of the teams. I'll be interested in seeing how you will enable the new UX paradigms.

  16. It's interesting to hear more about the background of developing windows. Windows is such a big product and different teams for different tasks for the Windows development is comprehensible. I think it's not easy to manage all the teams that are working for Windows. My respect. Windows is on the right way. The work that WinVista and Win7 introduced shown the hard work of the Windows team, even if the work wasn't assumed to be positive (Vista).

    Now we are at a point, where we want sth. new and modern. So we (community) and MS should take the chance to make Win8 unthinkable good.

  17. TheTechFan says:

    I'm really curious about the Graphics Platform. Will there be a new version of DirectX?

    Also, how will the media experience be handled? Since Windows 8 will run on tablets, I assume that some sort of "Zune" functionality will be built in. But where does that leave Windows Media Player and Media Center? I don't want multiple programs that duplicate the funcitonality of each other wasting space on my PC.  Hopefully when you pop in a DVD it will play in the new Metro UI, not switch to the desktop and a different media player.

    It would be awesome if IE 10 came with spellchecking and a modern extension system.

  18. XelaMon says:

    Many people have probably already asked this, but can someone from one of your teams (maybe the Applications Team or Graphics Platform team) comment on whether .NET programming techniques (XNA/WPF/Silverlight etc) can be used to program new Windows 8 applications alongside the new HTML5/Javascript programming techniques, as well as whether the DirectX and Win32/64 APIs will still be there for use?

  19. Yo Momma says:

    By any chance, is the Storage & File Systems Team the developers of Paragon?  & I still wanaa know what kinda FS Paragon is exactly, if for some reason you'll tell me.

  20. Mr Green says:

    I'd love to get an idea of the daily routine of a typical Windows dev. Maybe you could find someone in one of the teams who wants to write down everything he does at work for one day (e.g. 8:00 arriving, 8:30 dev meeting, …., 13:00 lunch, 14:00 continuing working on this component etc..). Just an idea..

  21. e-labs says:

    This is a pretty awesome set of teams. I bet there isn't a more impressive set of software engineering teams in the world. We're really exited for what you are producing and we're rooting for you!

  22. Rodney says:

    ISO Mounting PLEASE!!!  TechNet and MSDN downloads are all ISO files, I can mount VHD files, let us mount ISO files without 3rd party apps!

  23. Cosmin Tataru says:

    May I suggest site pinning for this blog and a dynamic article title jumplist ? Thank you very much !

  24. Tagged MP4 support in Windows Media Center was number one on my wishlist for 7 and unfortunately still is for 8 having to create a folder for every single movie when theres a perfectly good tag system similar to that in MP3 is the main thing keeping me from using Media Center.

    Yet we have Tagged MP4 support in windows explorer, its desperately needed for Media Center.

  25. ActuallyHitATriple says:

    Stop chasing Apple. Stop chasing Google.

    HTML 5 and Javascript might be ok for web sites and other gee whiz mobile apps and the hacker mentality that permeates there.

    Silverlight ?

    WPF ?

    .NET ?

    C++ ?

    Or this another attempt to spew … "WE cant find qualified engineers except in India"?

  26. DevPlus says:

    How many lines of code windows 7  have ?

  27. GoodThings2Life says:

    Yeah, I gotta second the request for ISO mounting and extracting… burning was a nice start but also incomplete.

    Can't wait for actual details… and for the love of God, make sure a Media Center discussion is near the top of the list so people can STFU about the rumors of MC's demise. 🙂

  28. Yo Momma says:

    @Rodney It's already been confirmed you can ISO mount.  (People who illegally downloaded it noticed the feature, & thus, it's confirmed.)  There's also a successor to the VHD in there called VHDX &, yes, you can mount it.

  29. Ever thought about making a photo of the entire Windows Team? Maybe with red, green, blue and yellow t-shirts, arranged in a well known shape and photographed from above? 🙂

  30. Yo Momma says:

    BTW, I can't believe I called Protogon, "Paragon," b4…

  31. With enterprises wanting control of what is installed in the OS, what features will there be for managing and maintaining applications?  Or will users be locked out of the App Store and applications handled by SCCM?

  32. Frank Trout says:

    My guess is that you are leaving out the bulkier apps from Windows 8 (Media Center, etc.) to live up to the promise of a slimmer. more lightweight OS. I am also hoping you will make such apps available optionally from the Windows Store. My concern is the lack of information on the business aspect of the OS and how all these new features effect it. I also know it is extremely early to be concerned about it, but thats my job 🙂

  33. Ra Puke Moana says:

    When selecting a directory would it be possible to see all files in it and it's sub directories as an option.

    This would eliminating much hunting.


  34. @aldie_lab  — Accesssibility is both a team (within one of the teams above) and also the responsibility across our entire organization.

  35. @Mr Green  — click on the link for "developer" in the post and you can read an old blog post on being a developer at Microsoft I did.  Also Larry's post from Windows 7 might be interesting (we'll look to update that maybe)…/engineering-7-a-view-from-the-bottom.aspx.  –Steven

  36. Mohit says:

    Cant wait..this is going to be exciting

    waiting for ISO mount, commom media center, ability to play .mkv format etc, auto spell check and translation in IE 10…list is long 🙁

  37. SUnnySkyTONY says:

    What plan is for win8 to run off SSD like OSX does on Air?   THe cost is down and the requirements for TRIM to reduce write cycles to the registry must be a concern.  WHich department manages the overall OS and 3rd party tendancy to update registry values constantly.

  38. @Mohit — .mkv is a container, that can have nearly any format stream in it. It is not a format by itself 😉

  39. Sunshine says:

    Man, I can't wait for a thin, ARM-based, 8+ battery life Win8 tablet! I wanna connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse when I am feeling more productive. Beats the heck out of a limited giant iPod touch like the iPad.

  40. Jason says:

    Two words: XAML Team.

    I want to hear ALL about the XAML team.

    1) What are they doing?

    2) What is the future of XAML technologies in the Windows (Desktop/Xbox/Tablet/Phone/etc) ecosystem?

    3) What kind of tooling support will be available for XAML technologies in the future? Blend v.Next? VS?

    4) Expression Blend needs to support both HTML web apps and XAML native apps.

    5) What technologies were used to make the new Start screen? Is it a XAML application? Please say yes.

    I would love to see XAML based apps as the premier and preferred way to write native apps across the Windows ecosystem (Desktop/Xbox/Tablet/Phone/etc). I would also love to see HTML5 based apps as the premier and preferred way to write non-native cross platform web applications. I want to see Blend+Visual Studio support for XAML and HTML5 apps. I want to see Super Preview built into Blend.

    This is my dream:

    1) Open up Blend and select: "Create new Touch application".

    2) Write my data and logic layers using the MVVM architecture.

    3) Blend has a "switch" to toggle the artboard between "Tablet" and "Phone" modes. You know how the artboard in Blend shows fake Windows Phone chrome under the LayoutRoot? This switch should toggle that fake chrome between a tablet and a phone.

    4) I design both a tablet and a phone version of the UI, using this toggle switch to flip between the two.

    5) I hook up both interfaces to my view models. Effectively, I write my app once, but design for multiple form factors. All in Blend+Visual Studio.

  41. Shell Guy says:

    One of my hobbies is writing custom shells for fun. (I know, I'm strange!)

    Can you still set a custom shell in Windows 8? In other words, could i replace explorer.exe with my_full_screen_kiosk_app.exe?

    Is the new start screen a part of explorer.exe, or is it a separate process? How, exactly, do the two interop?

    Is the start screen a WPF app? DirectX? XAML v.Next? C#? C++? Tell me its not HTML5+JS.

  42. Ravi says:

    Could you please make internet explorer faster like Chrome. Also the system startup is annoying it loads hell lot of processes. Make it better by just loading the essential things and also giving the user a good App to manage them.

  43. WINDOWS USER says:

    my mac friends are making me green with envy about:

    1) how well their touch pads work on their macbooks.

    2) all those touch gestures it supports

    3) all the native file formats their OS can "quick preview" out of the box.

    5) battery life.. BATTERY LIFE!

    6) a combination of small form factor, long battery life and relatively durable construction at a price no one else does.

    7) an OS that is less targeted by hackers. I consider windows more secure than osx but knowing how much more malware there exists for windows, I could use something to enhance my peace of mind about the security landscape. I am paranoid about security (and with good reason) so what I would like is an application white-list I can manage. I dont care if I have to jump through a hoop to access it because im a power-user. Also, I really love how android apps have to inform the user about every major API they use, eg. phone, write storage, web connectivity, etc.

    8) casual consumer space penetration. All my friends have iPod touch or macbook or iPads in their reach 90% of the time. I have invested heavily in CLR app development aimed at consumers. Where are my sales?

  44. Win8 looks Gr8 says:

    Wow! My favorite thing about this blog, so far, is the -frequency- of updates. Please aim to provide at least one update a week!

    A video blog entry would be awesome also. I would love to hear Mr. Sinofsky post a weekly video where he reads some of the comments in this blog and answers them. That would be pretty epic.

  45. alamfour says:

    Steve, it is great to read about the great work you and the team do. Keep it up. Windows 8 is already looking fantastic. Can't wait to test it when the beta is released. Also, if you have time, would you check out my tablet blog at

  46. DanglingPointer says:

    Quick question: Does WindOS8 imply WindOS x WindCE marriage?

    Feature Request for Windows 8 (File Management):

    1. Please provide us with the slight advance features, like batch rename and find duplicates natively.

    2. Please let us group the files with color coding, in addition to group the files with the list of attributes. Handy if the user is looking for custom grouping criteria.

    3. Upon File/Folder Right-Click, please provide:  Sync with SkyDrive & send to > SkyDrive

    4. Integrate Zune, Windows Media Player & Windows Media Center.

    5. Optimize Media Player and Windows Indexer (coz sometimes they are considered CPU resource hungry memory hog) and enable the indexer for all drives by default.

    6. Easy way to share files with people on network or internet rather going through implicit ways to share files. [FOR NETWORK SHARE] show the network map with Groups and Individual Devices and the user can select among them to share the file with ease. [FOR INTERNET USERS] File can be shared with friends having live IDs. WLM can be used as a P2P client (avoiding the SkyDrive overhead).

  47. joe says:

    Yo Steve you're killing me. Its been forever since the last vid, when the next one out ?

  48. Scott Barnes. says:

    ~1500 words of mindless dribble that answers questions that nobody I can see in either the press or community has asked?

    To summarise. "We have a large team that does stuff for ourselves and others".

    The questions being asked aren't about whether or not you folks are doing your jobs? nobody has really ever questioned that. What the questions being asked are "what are you writing and who is it for? and what aren't you writing and why not"

    The hordes of XAML/WPF/SL fans out there can't use this one bullet point called "XAML" as being a case of "phew, they're still working on XAML…thank god…" the question still remains why are they using XAML still, whats it going to be in the future and lastly what does it mean for my current career and projects today.

    When you go to market in Sept, keep this one thought in mind. "Why should we all change over to the new? when you've not sustained the old"

    Spend 1500 words answering that question 😉

  49. Jagannath says:

    @Ravi,  IE 9 is almost on par with chrome. Well if it is slow, it depends on the add-ons you have.  A fresh install of Windows does not load as many processes as the one pre-installed with lots of software ( crapware I should say. ).

  50. xpclient says:

    "Windows 8 has new features across the full breadth of the product." Wow that sounds so exciting. Can't wait.

    Broadly speaking, I would like to give one piece of advice to the Windows teams (although I am sure they know better than me): just let Windows 8 do everything did Windows 7 did and more. Take special care to not cause major feature regresssions and existing features breaking or done away with. That will keep everyone upgrading happy. As an example, Windows 7 made improvements to the taskbar but certain abilities were lost such as group actions on applications (group close, minimize or maximise) or multiple columns of icons when the taskbar is vertical.

    P.S. How do I contact the Windows shell and search team? I have many bugs and feature regressions to report, new feature ideas building on Windows 7 shell features and plenty to discuss about usability and customizability in the shell. Back in the days of Windows Vista, there used to be a shell::revealed website. I can be contacted at the same username on Hotmail or

  51. Rajesh says:

    Would like to see better peer to peer connectivity and user experience for transferring content, like how apples lion os has.

  52. security says:

    Why is it possible to see system files? Why does windows still ship with a registry where one app can bleed into the namespace of another? If an application has to access anything outside its own very specific, isolated, sandboxed, encrypted, firewalled, (you get the point) space, it should need to do so via specific APIs that are restricted to applications digitally signed by Microsoft. And any "special access" APIs should be visible on install.

  53. Eduardo Valencia says:

    I think Microsoft should implement a new file system, Make windows 8 a OS that doesen't fragment overtime!,always like fresh!.

    The main focus on this new release should be this one,and maybe perhaps start the process to eliminate the registry system,and implemnent something much better.Wich will help avoid installation problems and usability problems.

    THis is what windows 8 should focus on!

    Good Luck!

  54. It is pretty obvious from your team structure and the already discussed features of v.8 that work has been underway for some time. Just for curiosity's sake, when did work properly begin on this new version?

  55. Sajeev says:

    A file encryption or security system should be built-inso that files can open only on specified domain or computer and should be active even when file is emailed. So files on my home PC will open only on that PC

    At present file security is only at folder level and file can be emailed from secure folder

  56. Humility says:

    Is not simply saying "we're really humble". You're 3 from 3 on using the word in these posts. Being humble is not saying "I am humble".

  57. Diego F. says:

    Please talk about Xaml and DirectUi rumors!!! I agree with Jason, I want to know everything about native Xaml support. Whats going to happen with Wpf?

    Please please please write about it! :))

  58. Jt says:

    Please add a kinnect sensor and sdk in every windows 8 tablet

  59. sreesiv says:

    Awesome and very exciting. I have always looked for this post by just changing the URL of Engineering Windows 7 blog, from e7 to e8. Didn't know that you guys changed the link end to 'b8' :-). That itself shows the quality of the dialog that you guys had for Windows 7. Keep up the good work and community process with Windows 8 as well.

    Grant me a wish: – that you guys would put an end to the Tablet 'hydrogen balloon hype talks' and to those hundreds of crappy sub-standard small and big electronic bricks (referring to phones and fat phones, a.k.a tablets :-)) with low quality software, having bakery item nomenclature.

    Trust me, I am not a fan boy and I work with lots of technologies fundamentally competing with Microsoft, but as a techie, genuinely want to see a very good, respectable product WIN!!!. Full Stop.

  60. Danny says:

    I loved following the Windows 7 blog and was excited to see this one now going. I'm personally very excited to see that  Windows 8 will be a significant change from the past. We've outgrown the ever out of control start menu program lists and have needed something new here for a while now and the live tiles looks like they may be just the thing, I just hope they are customizable enough. Despite hoping for big changes, I lam also looking forward to seeing how Microsoft's progress with visualization will help compatibility.

    I loved the videos on Windows 8 I've seen so far. The only thing I did not see what a way to choose a running program without having to 'flip' through all of them. I have to assume something along the lines of ALT-TAB will be there, but it would be nice to know for sure. Hopefully we'll know after Build.

    What made Windows 7 so great was a focus on ease and simplicity. Advanced features are great, but only when implemented in a way that makes them simple to use. I can't imagine going back to Vista or XP and giving up Snap, or how it takes only two clicks to join a wireless network (what took this one so long?). The ease of dealing with projectors is another example of great thinking. These are the types of things that make an OS a joy to use and I hope the trend started in Windows 7 will continue into Windows 8. There's still room for usability improvements with home networking, backups, sharing media and other areas. I look forward to see what strides Windows 8 makes to build on what Windows 7 began.

  61. MikeK says:

    Mr. Sinofsky

    HTML5/JScript is not a panacea. I really hope the body of dedicated Managed (C#, .NET FX, Silverlight) and C++ native developers will be able to write immersive applications using Visual Studio.

    HTML5/JScript are not appropriate for real, industrial strength, bread and butter software despite what the world would like you to believe.

    I really don't understand why the hype over HTML5/JScript, and I don't think I am the only person that feels that way.

  62. greggy says:

    don't forget about font smoothing!!

  63. Sandor Nacsa says:

    +1 vote for

    Scott Barnes:

    "… why are they using XAML still, whats it going to be in the future and lastly what does it mean for my current career and projects today.

    When you go to market in Sept, keep this one thought in mind. "Why should we all change over to the new? when you've not sustained the old"  "

  64. @TrooperKal — we finished Windows 7 in July of 2009 and had started our long lead work on Windows 8 a little before that.  That's similar to how we worked on Windows 7 relative to the previous release.

  65. andhja says:

    Team workshop sounds a bit non agile!?

  66. Kazi says:

    •Presentation and Composition


    I understand, those two names are only names, but keeps my WPF hopes alive :-). Can't wait to watch BUILD presentations.

    Exciting times for the whole Windows ecosystem.

  67. Andrew F says:

    Since folks are already throwing out random feature requests, I'll add mine. =)

    Let me snap windows vertically as well as horizontally. Sometimes I rotate my monitor to a portrait mode, and it'd be nice to snap one window to the top half and another to the bottom.

  68. Kazi says:

    Btw, I'm planning to buy a Win8 tablet, when it will be available. It seems, it worths to wait 🙂

  69. Stanislav Zhelyazkov says:

    Hi guys,

    Your work is great. I like the new user interface but I think it should be made the default interface for only multi-touch enabled screens, so if you install Windows vNext on a PC with regular monitor Desktop should be the default interface.

  70. Raymond says:

    Really looking forward of a total computing solution that is not limited by the form factors / hardware. Love to see a consistent UX throughout all the Windows devices / systems.  🙂

  71. XAML and App Store

    -I do hope to see XAML to be the main way of producing user interface. Integration with DirectX and XNA.

    -For the App store, it will be awesome if the developpers and the consumers can communicate direcly together in order to improve the applications (blog,review,comment,etc..). In fact its one feature i think that could make Windows App store different and much better than the other app stores.

  72. Hardeep says:

    Isn't 'App Store' a trademarked term (currently under dispute, true) ?

    I also find it interesting teams have names like 'App Compatibility and Device Compatibility', 'Applications and Media Experience', 'App Experience' and yet the folder for storing these 'apps' is called 'Program Files'? Microsoft has always called these 'apps' 'Programs' and Apple has consistently called them 'Applications'…. Perhaps the folder 'Program FIles' will change to 'Applications', much like 'Documents and Settings' did to 'Users' did when they copied Apple there before.

    Anyways, this is a minor point. I guess I'm hoping for more originality and so see less copying of the Apple vocabulary. I hope Windows 8 builds on the success of Windows 7 (which was a great relief after the debacle that was Vista)

  73. Programming Thomas says:

    App Store? Microsoft, I salute you. Congratulations.

  74. I hope that Windows 8 includes Hyper-V instead of Windows Virtual PC.

  75. Kelv says:

    Great post – Steve…been so tired at hearing how amazing Apple are..when they develop they talk millions of users..when Microsoft talk..they are trying to take billions of users into account..take a bow!!!

  76. Rik says:

    Hope that the confusing media player options (Zune MCE and Media Player) are consolidated into one central app or built right into the OS.

    The media player should support just about every format going out of the box, with hardware accelleration for video like in MediaPlayer Classic (but without all the messing about). Also improve streaming options to XBOX and other devices.

    Time to make windows THE platform of choice for media in the home

    Good Luck!

  77. Intersting article. In fact it give a quick view of what effective management should be. It's intersting that Windows dev is organized into small target-oriented groups of people working together for a target technology or direction rather than a specific feature. And, what's more interesting is that all these groups of people collaborate!

    By the way, it is interesting who is in charge for storage platform development? I mean what team is focusing on file system technologies, particularly on a new era of NTFS. With each new version of Windows you realize how big are the changes in every piece of OS, consider the TCP/IP stack alone. I think what we had in Windows 7 was a huge leap forward. Everything changes but the file management. It is still very complicated for the end-user. The user still has to manipulate files and volumes and not entities like you do in SQL database. Does MSFT plan to work on creating storage operations more abstract and more real-world, much like it is done on Windows Phone 7 where you mostly don't think of a file or a partition but rather concentrate on content or or the document itself?

  78. Looking forward to learn more about Windows 8.

    Please – could you add a +1 button for Google Plus to the social connections buttons at the end of each article?

    Here is how:…/button

  79. sCooBy^ says:

    In the IE 10 would do well to spell correction function 🙂

  80. dineshkaushal says:

    I hope that Windows 8 provides better accessibility features than Windows 7 does. I am a blind developer for assistive technology products for Windows and Windows Mobile, and I lost my job because Windows Mobile was replaced with Windows Phone. If my job loss was due to the better accessibility features in WP7, I could be happy. But the job loss was due to the fact that Windows Phone 7 does not have any accessibility support and nor does it even allow third party developers to develop accessibility products.

    Even though Windows Phone has silverlite, it does not have UIAutomation which is part of silverlite on Windows 7. If Silverlite on WP7 could have UIAutomation, accessibility support could be added in WP7.

    I was surprised when I went to purchase Apple Macbook pro because mac has built-in screen reader that allowed me to use it right in the store. The accessibility on all the Apple products is very good. Although Windows also has basic Screen Reader called Narator, it is almost useless. The voice is not good, and it does not work at many places.

    I hope that Microsoft does not repeat the mistake that it did in Windows Phone accessibility while working on Windows 8, but the signs are ominous, because there is no team that is working on accessibility.

  81. How do you see the app store working with respect to publishing applications via it … controlled (e.g. Apple) or more open (e.g. Android)?

  82. Drawing on experience from Windows 7 how much does the vision change from the start to the final release?

  83. You talk about Windows being the product of the whole team and much of Microsoft. How closely do you work with other product teams? It seemed that Windows 7 support in SCCM came some time after the Windows 7 release … will this be the case with Windows 8?

  84. When you start you have a vision for Windows 8 … I wouldn't mind hearing in a post about how the vision is derived and agreed.

  85. Yash says:

    Please change the Restart, Sleep, Switch User, Lock, Logoff, Hibernate, etc., options and move it some other place, so that people may avoid clicking Shutdown button accidentally.

  86. Rami Alam says:

    @Lars Fosdal I highly doubt that a microsoft blog is going to put a +1 button for google on their site.

  87. Magnus says:

    Great that you finally add an app store so you have ONE place to search for programs.

    One problem today is that you have lot of software on the computer and it's hard to keep everyone updated. There is a security risk. Some programs have solved it by checking for updates on program startup, others have their own processes that check for updates; and for some programs, you need to check yourself if there had been an update. This could be resolved with the App Store which can then alert the user when there is a newer version of a program you have installed.

    The problem then is that it does not work for programs not available in the App Store. It could be solved if the program installation telling the App Store where on the internet it can find the latest version. Then the App Store can notify the user about updates even for programs that are not available in the App Store.

    I also hope that the hardware drivers were in the App Store. Then you can choose to use the drivers from Microsoft or drivers from the vendor when you install the hardware. And then you can get update information.

  88. Здравствуйте, Стивен. Искренне желаю удачи вам и всей команде разработчиков. Windows 7 как для сотен миллионов людей, так и для меня лично стала по-настоящему приятным сюрпризом. Я надеюсь, что вам и на этот раз удастся создать не менее впечатляющую, удобную и мощную систему.

    Отдельное спасибо за этот блог, за вашу открытость и расположенность к диалогу.

    P.S. Прошу прощения, что пишу на родном для себя языке. Знания английского у меня слабоваты, поэтому я решил ими никого не расстраивать 🙂

  89. WinHack says:

    Please, add a feature in W8 that permit to edit the context menu order and return to "factory settings", something such as a default "Control Set" (regedit) that can be restored in every moment 😉



  90. hey Sinofsy I was wondering if you are gonna dump the registry for something new? And will you revise the Desktop UI so that it matches the Metro touchscreen?

  91. Aus JG says:

    I remain hopeful, my dreams are high please deliver on the promise.

    My main focus for windows 8 is Tablets, Slates or Pads, you have already got other PC form factors beat.

    To remain competitive there are some significant issues that I feel need to be address compared to the current crop of Win7 tablets.

    1. Battery life
    2. Battery life

    3. Screen responsiveness, eg zoom, scroll and orientation change.

    4. Custom gesture support (for system control and shortcuts)

    5. System performance, even with a Core i5 tablet the platform is slow to execute most commands.

    6. Boot time from cold and from sleep.

    7. Even small screens benefit from higher screen resolution (more OEM but important).

    8. Storage. Yes its portable but many file formats I use are large and I want to carry them all with me, and the cloud/ wireless data just isn’t up to it yet (OEM again)

    9. Office needs a major rework for the tablet space not Windows 8 I know but please please tell me you’re developing them side by side. If I get a kick *** windows Table OS and no decent MS productivity suite 🙁

    10. Did I mention battery life.  If it’s not over 10 hours of actual use it’s not enough. If I have to charge halfway through my day Fail.

    11. I am glad to see the app store. Apps, widgets and panes all play important roles in information display, grouping and consumption. I couldn’t survive without the combination of them ALL don’t make it a one or the other.

    12. Software/ app ecosystem optimised for the form factor.

    Some of these suggestions it could be argued may need to be sacrificed in order to get the full windows experience and POWER. However for the platform to succeed globally it needs to appeal to Mums, dads, enterprise, geeks (like me)…. you get the point. I would sacrifice some of these things if I got everything else but Joe Nobody wont they’ll opt for the ‘slicker’ system because they don’t know/ use the potential power of windows architecture.

    UI Dream

    1. I want a continuous user experience. I want to drive my car whilst streaming music from my windows phone to the car entertainment system. When I get into my office I want to boot up my windows tablet and be able to pick-up from the exact same spot ect ect. Each connected device(phone, tablet, laptop, PC, media PC) tracks my media consumption and can auto resume from each other. Now carry that principal to music, movie web browsing, e-reader (remember where I’m up to in each book in my library) …….. ect
  92. The current Desktop/ home screen allows me to organise shortcuts, apps, software, widgets and panes in any configuration I want. This free form home screen (desktop) must be enabled as an option; some of us like to fully customise our interfaces. I would not choose to layout my device the same way your engineers do so allow me the flexibility to opt out of the standard format.

  93. I agree with all the comments about improved skydive/ mesh support for all Windows form factors. When I create a spreadsheet ect on one device I want to be able to open and modify it on any other device without having to manually move it.

  94. An outlook widget or pane to allow a quick look at a customisable display.

  95. In the brilliant future when data caps are large (or gone) the ability to stream my audio and video library would be good. Home server/ media centre I’m looking at you.

  96. For my desktops and laptops I would love a proper continuous desk top. Sort of a continuation of my first point but only for same form factors. All the same shortcuts, Icons ect when I add to one it appears  on the other. This is possible with mesh but shortcuts don’t carry over even shortcuts to files on skydrve which all devices can see.

  97. Desired Hardware Specs (again OEM or perhaps a close business partner, I’m looking at you Nokia)

    1. Low power fast multi core processor.
  98. Independent graphics cores for video and gaming. I will watch movies and play games on my tablet almost every day. (for gaming I will accept small to moderate power drain)

  99. 10.1 ish screen size. 720p minimum screen res. Multi touch obviously

  100. min 64 gb SSD (128 GB isn’t out of the question).

  101. USB (micro would do)

  102. HDMI (mini would do)

  103. SD card (micro would do)

  104. Cellular data 3G/4G

  105. Wifi

  106. Bluetooth

  107. ??NFC might be important for future compatibility when this communication protocol kicks off (also good for automated handshaking)

  108. Headphone jack & speakers

  109. Cameras

  110. a. Front facing I get but a decent res so people can actually see me

    b. Rear Facing I don’t get but I’m sure the market wants it so why not.

    1. Pen input (digitizer), Yes I want the option for some things it is significantly better
  111. Accelerometer.

  112. Gyroscope.

  113. GPS.

  114. Compass.

  115. Light weight Under 700 Grams.

  116. Thin under 1 cm.

  117. I don’t like finger prints.

  118. I don’t like feeling flimsy plastic.

  119. I have intentionally left off a LAN Port for the form factor I think it is too large and would compromise the aesthetics. The chosen docking connector should support fast date transmission. Can you use a new connector comprising of SATA and power?

    I hope this post demonstrates my passion for Windows and tablets, I don’t know if I can wait until September 2012 to boot up my new tablet though.

    Ps make sure windows 8 can run on current Android Hardware so all of our brothers and sisters who had to change sides due to lack of early windows tablet options can port back without the upfront hardware costs!! (sorry Nokia)



  • João Pedro says:

    Hi there,

    First thanks for share the development of windows 8 with the community. And i want to make a suggestion. From the videos i saw the user management of the windows 8 multitasking are somewhat poor. To switch apps, and if i had a lot of apps open i have to go through a long list until i find the desire app. I would be much nicer to have some kind of shortcut(button or gesture, but preference to button because of traditional pc's) to a complete visual list of all apps open. These would make the multitasking experience much more effective.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • pm says:

    .Net?  What team is responsible for that?

    Same question with the WCF stack, where is it?

    Enterprise Networking vs Networking Core?  Why two groups?  

    Would love to see a "Mission statement" as to what you believe is driving your decisions on Windows 8.

    What are the research and market studies telling you that gives direction to what you are building?

    Enterprise?  Consumer?  Web?  Thick Client vs Thin Client?  Embedded?  

  • Cyberdyme says:

    Its taken an incredible amount of time and effort to learn C#, .Net, WPF or Silverlight, which are a great part of the windows experience. I agree that Microsoft has to be careful with what they disclose and promise for the next version.

    But it really would not take much effort just to point developer in the right direction..

    For the first time, Microsoft is actually shooting itself in the foot and actually getting developer to consider

    other platform and technologies which aren't MS.

  • Daniel says:

    One things for sure from this post – you just revealed some of the "secrets" that are coming in Windows 8 (and it's very exciting!).To name a few (and I have a few questions for each one):

    • XAML: This just shows that you are adding core support to developing windows applications through the XAML framework, which means you are planning a very different way of developing apps for Windows 8 (unlike the traditional Win32 / COM). Is this true?
    • Hyper-V: Does this mean you are going to integrate Virtualization into Windows 8? (until now it was just rumors)?

    • Windows Onlne: What does this mean?

    • App Store: Does this confirm that you are going to supply an app store that will integrate with windows? how will this work (in general)?


  • Nilayan says:

    Plz, further better IE and Bing and integrate them so tightly into Win8 that it kills google once and for all. as an added advantage you wouldn't have to worry abt android …

  • J.P. says:

    Will Windows 8 be the one Microsoft OS to rule them all? To put it another way, will Windows Phone 8 use the same kernel and UI APIs that the desktop version will (just with a device specific HAL)?  Also, will the Win CE and the Xbox 360 [720?] you the same kernel base?

    I ask, because it looks like to me that in order to push Windows forward onto multiple devices and form factors faster, that the Windows team(s) will need to simplify the code bases and development toolkits.

  • Joe says:

    Hi Steven,

    You mention that "when we started building Windows 8 we had a clear sense of the direction we were heading…"  That's great to hear, but I think a lot of us outside of Microsoft aren't as clear on what that direction is. Reimagining Windows sounds exciting, but also a bit scary without an idea of the overall vision.

    From the changes in the landscape you described in your first post, I imagine much of the vision is focused on making mobile/touch devices and applications first class citizens in the Windows ecosystem, as well as creating a consistent and connected experience across the board. Would you say this is an accurate description? Is it only part of the story? And how should the vision be interpreted from the perspective of an end user, a developer, and an administrator? Finally, how do each of the seven high-level groups you described fit into this big picture?

  • ePandit says:

    Great news, we were waiting for an Windows app store for long.

    Another feature we want in Windows is a full screen Linux style Command Prompt. Please do something about it.

  • meoge says:

    Please let us know what the future of Media Center will be.  I've invested a lot of many in the Media Center eco system and want to know that it will survive in some fashion.

  • Integration with existing Microsoft online services + general fit and finish + attention to detail

    These are things I'd like to see.

    Windows Phone has shown  that when Microsoft focuses on the above, it can compete with and surpass its competitors eyes closed.

  • Yuri Trukhin says:

    Hi Steven! Thank you for the important work that you do. Please make a console and notepad Unicode by default. Thank you.

    Windows the best!

  • Wes Kroesbergen says:

    I would like to stress that a tight integration with Windows Live end-to-end would be really, really nice. Things like profile pictures syncing with desktop log-on photo, Windows Address Book syncing with Live Messenger address book, etc. Preferences and other AppData attributes syncing via Live Mesh, similar to how Google Chrome syncs plugins/themes/saved passwords via the cloud. Perhaps even things like Windows Explorer/Start Menu defaults syncing across the cloud on sign-in/association of a Live ID to a Windows local account.

    Looking forward to reading more!

    Wes Kroesbergen

  • Harald says:

    yeah…Please let us know what the future of Media Center will be

  • Paul says:

    May I suggest a 3D XAML integrated editor like Zam3D? It is annoying buying a third party editor which also often crashes while modeling.. zam3d isn't definitely a quality product but it's almost the only choice to have complex 3D models imported into XAML

    Oh and what about implementing a better rendering/parsing engine in Visual Studio? Every time you try to load a XAML file with a complex model you get the IDE stuck

  • Yuri Trukhin says:

    I hope that .NET framework will be a main development platform for windows!

  • Madhav Kyatsandra says:

    @Steven   Dude give us another video !! And tell when we can download the beta !! Cut all other crap out !!

  • Aus JG

    To remain competitive there are some significant issues that I feel need to be address compared to the current crop of Win7 tablets.

    1. Boot time from cold and from sleep.

    Hybrid boot fixes it:…/index.php

    thanks for confirming an App-Store. Hopefully freeware tools can be deployed and AUTOMATICALLY updated there too to make sure the users use the latest version and reduce the security vulnerability for users by using outdated software. I sucks to have 20 update tools running to make sure you always use the latest version.

  • Tom Servo says:

    Would be nice if you could elaborate the reasoning between the assumed short beta period of this product (seems like there's going to be less than a year, like W7 which came with less changes, and the closed beta didn't apparently start yet). This isn't meant in a negative way, I'm just curious what's being done to ensure that all works out in this "short" time. After all, there's a completely new UI, not just a new theme, but UI, that by rumors replaces practically everything down to all sorts of obscure settings dialogs. I'd figure you'd want really broad feedback early on and time to make changes and test again.

  • the tech guy says:

    For the millions of people out there who are "the tech geek" in their family circles, give us this:

    A Rock solid OS that that is "impossible to mess up" and impossible to lose oneself in, that you can hand to a relative with pleasure, knowing they will not install browser toolbars, screensavers or other crapware/spyware. I currently DREAD letting them near any windows PC I still have to work with.

    So if it's unrealistic to make a high-caliber workhorse like windows take on a granny-friendly face, there should at least be a "koisk" mode that is impossible to snap out of without the admin password. Never should consumers have to see console-like booting screens or other geeky stuff.

    If this cannot be solved in windows 8, I will never, ever promote windows again as a casual/consumer product.

  • Paul2 says:


    Thank you

  • Mike R says:

    Love this post.  Hearing about the team structure and the approach to work is not only interesting, but encouraging.  I love that you guys are engaging via a blog and not just in something like Twitter because it's popular… this is a great forum for rich presentation and discussion.  Looking forward to more!

  • Kevin D says:

    I second the idea of a "managed" app store where companies can control what apps are made available but the employees have that consumer experience they love in the personal tech world.  I would imagine most of the "behind the scenes" work could be done by SCCM.  Adding an App Store interface on the top would make it very compelling.

  • Matthew O says:

    Heart warms at mention of 'XAML Team'.

    Keep it real.

  • Bart says:

    I hope this team (or group of teams) will work much more together then the teams that worked on Sharepoint 2010.. 😉

  • tk says:

    Please, please put some more work into pen support!  This is the main reason why I am waiting for a windows 8 tablet.  Right now handwriting recognition works very well, but it is far from immersive.  We should be able to write just where we want in a document, not in a cumbersome input panel.  Make it like the Courier.

    If you want an edge over the iPad and other would-be tablets, pen will do it.  Don't underestimate how important it is for productivity.  A windows 8 version of Onenote with better Math support would make a killing in the education market.

    Oh, and please work with n-trig to fix the terrible problems with their digitizers.  It can't hold a candle to Wacom.

  • Keith Hill says:

    I sure hope Media Center is lumped in under Media Platforms.  I would think with Windows 8 ability to run SoC that we could finally get some dedicated, small, fanless (maybe) Windows Media Center based DVRs.  Which would take us back a full decade+ to the Microsoft Ultimate TV (still a very nice DVR – well, at least until cable card came along).

  • WillGonz says:

    WIpe the slate clean:

    New file system

    Ditch the Registry go with something else like XML

    Get rid of Application dependency's installing allover the hard drive and contain them within the Application Package.

    Handle Backwards compatibility with VMs.

  • DranzerV says:

    Is Windows 8 going to have to separate OS's for touch and desktop, or a 2-in-1 interface that allows us to choose and/or detects which interface is required based on the hardware?

    Also, when are the Pre-releases coming?

  • Kevin says:

    I'm excited for Windows 8, loved the demo video.

    My number one request is that you make touch interaction smooth as butter. If you can do it as well (or even better) than Apple can, then you have my vote…and my money.

  • jader3rd says:

    So what happens to the Windows Marketplace?

  • Excited to see things coming together and how this team will fit into 10 inch tablet experience.

    Based on this post, I ended-up in a dream last night… A super sleek 6mm 10 inch tablet with no hardware buttons that can see me, talk to me, and understand me on which I can scribble, write, play, watch seamlessly I mean seamlessly that I carry with pride. Steve Jobs walk with me, stunned with performance, design and asks if he can get it on his ipad?

    So, good luck!

  • David says:

    I just like to know if there's is some website or blog to post or place features request for Windows 8.

    I'm very interested in that.

    Please let me know.

  • Jose Sa says:

    Interesting the division of the features. There are some that are clearly broader than others.

    For example. Perforfmance would expect to be an aspect of every team. Is this team working in any specific aspect of just helping out other teams in improving their code?

    Also, looking forward to meet team: "In Control Of Your PC"!

    And a quick word to "App Experience" team: 1 click installs. but don't forget options

  • David says:

    I would like to show a concept of a possible ribbon UI.

    I've seen screenshots of the new ribbon in Windows Explorer, but I consider it not well designed.

    Please, take a look at this concept:

    I'll work in a future concepts very soon.

    Thank you.

    My email:

  • Chris says:

    Startup and Shutdown in 5 secs, being able to display photos on a TV, or any display very easily

  • David b says:

    The Recicle Bin is something that should be re-thinked for future releases of Windows.

    I've designed a couple of icons, and I've collaborated with Mike Edward Moras, in the developing of his recent version of MiniBin, an app that runs of the tray, in a cool and handy way.

    Please take a look here:…/Cool-Windows-7-Recycle-Bin-184349357 (6500 people have seen this post in a very short time!)

    Thank you.

  • Bart S says:

    If you want to beat Apple and Google in the business tablet space, then please allow developers to code and implement .Net applications directly to the tablet, without having to purchase or sign up for a developer account.  I should be able to develop a WinForm .Net app, and deploy it to a Windows 8 tablet the same as I do a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Martis says:

    Internet Explorer is one of the most hated products of Microsoft. Internet Explorer 9 improved quite much but that still did not change much. Maybe Internet Explorer 10 will be a good browser but don't let it influence Windows 8 too much, don't make it into the main engine on which all apps will run. .NET can work on multiple platforms just like HTML5, it can work on ARM too. Don't make this mistake. HTML5 & .NET should be used as equal technologies to develop new kind of apps for Windows 8 including ARM devices.

  • Marco Tovar says:

    Espero que valga la pena Windows 8 con su nueva interface y ya se habian tard con la tienda de Aplicaciones.

  • Siddhartha Verma says:

    Please make it compatible with a PC that a common man can afford. Means a normal PC today wil run on Core2Duo/i3/i5 not the latest i7 one and is expected to have a 2GB RAM rather than a whopping 6 GB!!!

  • Ares says:

    And try not to make Laptop owners deprived (cuz I don't think many people wud make their tablets the main computing device. No proper (and urs is ugly too)keyboard. No ease of access while programming etc ). Utilise the multi-touch trackpads they have in laptops to browse through the homescreen and that too in a smooth-scrolling, not the crappy one as in Win7.

    Also, limit the backward compatibility cuz if it happens too much users will totally shift to the previous versions.

  • It's there a way to contact the "Media Platform" and "Search, View, and Command" teams?

  • Hey Steve i can't stress this enough about how much i love the Metro UI and i don't think i'll ever be able to explain it much. I just love the Metro UI. I want it to be expanded much more further then "start screen" Make some other places make it distinguishable from windows 7. Show people that the Metro UI isn't just for Windows phone. Shut those people up and make them eat their words. The Metro UI is beautiful and can be utilized anywhere and not just on a phone. I believe it can be even be the User Interface on a whole laptop or computer. I'm counting on Windows 8 to be even bigger then Windows 7. Move aside Windows 7 your time in the spotlight is almost over…

  • Mo says:

    Please put a real Shell in it. Like BASH or ZSH with all the UNIX Goodies. For a company as big as your's, it should be possible to make the to the right /. As a poweruser, i regulary need, ssh, grep, ncurses, curl, etc…

  • Also my features request.

    I saw how one can flick over through things that they were running. People have been saying that they wouldn't want to flick over a couple times to fine something. I think you should put something in the side bar or start screen that is an full screen thing that show your currently open programs, apps as tiles that really fit together and be just the right enough size to show what application it is. It could be a list even. One could change the setting if they it to be Metro or just a simple list. basically a "task switcher" don't forget multitasking! How you can access the task switcher it could be a key bored command or a simple click on a icon.

    The start screen don't forget to keep how it was don't put everything together or things will be a bit confusing. With all the folders other programs besides your main programs that one will see as soon as they start their computers those should be separated as "others"  "Frequently used" and "pinned" which should be accessed from a click away it could be a text command somewhere in the corner. Don't forget search command and other things. Organize stuff just don't put EVERYTHING all together.

  • Chapolin. says:

    improve over the prompt, integrating it more into the system.

    Give more attention to portuguese blog 😉

  • MediaCastleX says:

    I just wanted to say it sure is awesome to have an actual look at your process for building the next version of Windows, I really wasn't paying attention too much when 7 was on its way…"Windows Online" wouldn't happen to refer to the Bing and Windows Live products, would it? I gotta admit, I really do like the promise of the integrated and across-the-board look and feel of all your product offerings! Keep up the good work…

  • So there is a little snippit that says "our browser language runtime comes from the development tools group" Exactly what is a browser language runtime? Is this sort of like the CLR but provides javascript libraries for accessing the windows api's?  

    Whatever it is, sounds interesting!

  • ankit k says:

    What is difference between app compatibility team and app experience teams

  • NoBS says:

    There sure are quite a few "experiences" in Win8.

    Applications and Media Experience, App Experience, Core Experience Evolved, Devices & Networking Experience, Global Experience, Hardware Developer Experience, Runtime Experience, User-Centered Experience

    I love the words "Core Experience Evovled" 🙂

    Enterprise networking is a waste in Windows and must go away. I mean, how much as SDI, DirectAccess, IPsec and IPv6 been adopted? Support for the OSI layer model is more than sufficient in Windows.

  • I'm going to add my vote asking for a straight-forward answer to a simple and important question: with Win8, what technologies can developers use to write applications?  Will C# still be supported?  Will Silverlight?  What are the odds that all those WP7 apps will be easily portable to running on tablets that run Win8?

  • Martin Costello says:

    As a professional software tester, I'd be very interested in a topic which goes into the huge task that is testing something as massive as Windows 8, from low level kernel APIs all the way up to the UI/desktop.

  • Simon says:

    @Scott Barnes you nailed it. The most salient bullet point is by far the XAML team given the controversy and uncertainty developers have been subjected to over the last few months.

    "… why are they using XAML still, whats it going to be in the future and lastly what does it mean for my current career and projects today.

    When you go to market in Sept, keep this one thought in mind. "Why should we all change over to the new? when you've not sustained the old"  "

  • Johny says:

    I really want the ability to use more than one taskbar. Similar to toolbars in Windows XP, but with the same look and feel as the original and default taskbar. I hate all the docking applications…

  • Brutus says:

    I am definitely interested in Media Center development if any assuming it is even in Windows 8. There is so much that could be done and it is disappointing to see it ignored.

  • galibier says:

    +1 on Media Center developement.

    How will it be supported in Windows 8?

  • someone says:

    someone said, would be super cool if spellchecker is implemented as a service to OS so the apps like Notepad, wordpad, IE yada yada can utilize it! (also the 3rd party consumer apps..)

    ^^ +1

  • Yuri Trukhin says:

    would like to see the program easy to install and remove (xcopy?). for example to remove visual studio completely is not easy.

  • Devocop says:

    @DranzerV  We should see a "developer preview" at the Build conference…

  • Rami Alam says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have a suggestion about how to solve the issue that will arise about have too many applications open and switching effectively between them in the new Windows 8 GUI. While the one finger swipe from the left to switch between apps look and works great with a handful of applications open it won't work with a larger number of applications. A solution that I have thought of, actually it is inspired from Windows Phone Mango's Card switching interface, is to use a two finger swipe from the left which would bring up an interface showing all running applications as cards allowing the user to click which application they want to switch to. This is not a replacement for the one finger gesture that was demoed at All things D but an extra gesture that I am sure powerusers would love to make use of.

    Rami Alam

  • Rami Alam says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have a suggestion about how to solve the issue that will arise about have too many applications open and switching effectively between them in the new Windows 8 GUI. While the one finger swipe from the left to switch between apps look and works great with a handful of applications open it won't work with a larger number of applications. A solution that I have thought of, actually it is inspired from Windows Phone Mango's Card switching interface, is to use a two finger swipe from the left which would bring up an interface showing all running applications as cards allowing the user to click which application they want to switch to. This is not a replacement for the one finger gesture that was demoed at All things D but an extra gesture that I am sure powerusers would love to make use of.

    Rami Alam

  • Rami Alam says:

    Sorry about the double post. I accidently double clicked the post button.

  • Lewis Robinson says:

    Please use DirectWrite to render text across Windows 8, not just in Internet Explorer 10. This will make all text (not depend font type and size) anti-aliased.

  • Gaurav says:

    Hope Windows 8 supports newer technologies like USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiGig/WirelessHD out of the box. Windows doesn't want to be left behind when it comes to doing the fundamental things an OS is supposed to do: support the end user's hardware. By this time, I was really expecting XHCI generic USB 3.0 drivers at least for Windows 7 SP1 and Vista SP2. It will always be a chicken vs egg problem if Microsoft keeps delaying adding support because enough hardware isn't available for testing and the device manufacturers keep delaying their products because the OS lacks generic driver support.

  • mortenbpost says:

    Looking forward to see what HTML5/JS means to developers on this platform…

  • Edward Ocando says:

    Excellent information, but please: Add language support for Spain. I see other languages ​​and you give little support to Spanish, where there are many users of Windows and other Microsoft products. (Text translated using Google Translator)

    Spanish: Excelente informacion, pero, por favor: Agreguen soporte para el idioma Españo. veo otros idiomas y ustedes le dan poco soporte al español, donde hay muchos usuarios de Windows y otros productos de Microsoft. (Texto traducido usando Google Translator)

    Edward Ocando


  • Touching a monitor says:

    Just please, when you release Windows 8, only change the Tablet experience to Metro interface, please leave the old-school Start Menu for the hardware-keyboard PCs — I wouldn't want to be extending my arm to touch the monitor.

  • LongARM says:

    Oh I see! I tried to be friendly and don't want write a comment (in addition not on this site) that make Ms bad but if you don't want see my comment, how you invent your windows???

    What do you think? You just say that you take into consideration for invent? If I don't like Metro, why don't you tolerate this?

  • Hi Microsoft, But I am very concert about the new Windows Activation Technology. Is it going to be harder to Cr@ck the software? I request to microsoft please do not make it harder or make it like windows 7 at least.

    Just install SLIC emulator and boom get genuine windows ready.

  • Thomas Lee says:

    WOW – what a lot of comments.

    My question is simple: where's PowerShell in the list?

  • LongARM says:

    If you ignore that someone speak about crack and want illegal windows (that's not sure possible just I saw) then my metro-against comment why doesn't on the site?

    So again: Integrate hungarian-speech support or an options where I can speak english even I'm not english.

    • New UI style for PC not Metro

    • Make more programs like PDF-reader

    • Make even webcam-support or something like this

    • Make userfriend, user helpful UI and taskbar, 3D background, or a help center (but that's not just a help center, that help for users against viruses or some ideas like this).

    • Keep innovative "without windows applications".

  • @LongARM I posted that comment sarcasticaly.

  • LongARM says:

    @Sabyaadmin Yah that's what I said. If you write this comment especially sarcasticaly then why my comments WERE don't show. But I'm fine now and I'm not want debate with you just I noted.

    So finnaly my comment showed. I hope Ms take into consideration something from my and others comments.

  • Enrico says:

    Please dont discontinue MediaCenter. It has been my tv for many years now. A standard tv is sooo limited…

  • anir ayour says:

    Hi Microsoft, i wish that in windows 8 you add a new feature .among these i'm totaly interested that u add folder .second feature screen capture (if you can name it like this )ihope you add a command that will allowed the user to capture the screenshot without going though paint , because it 's take time .in the other OS  they have this quite simple command .sorry for english.

  • Can you make Windows 8 much more customizable???

  • x28 says:

    Anything for spatial visualizers in the Windows Explorer folder pane? Like drawing connections between the files on a FolderCanvas ?

  • Thomas Lee says:

    @Mo – you need to learn PowerShell. It's got all the features you would need to monitor, manage and support WIndows servers (and desktops). PowerShell is object oriented, thus removing much of the need for GRED/SED/AWK and indeed all the string parsing (aka prayer based parsing)  you HAVE to do on Uinis/LInux. PowerShell is built on top of .NET, with the ability to to access easily COM and WMI objects. Handling XML is a breze, and eventing is built in, as is module control and a host of other things. I look forward to seeing what things MS is to do with PowerShell in Windows 8. No doubt we will hear soon enough.

    Steven – any clues here??

  • Please continue to spruce up and support Windows Media Center.  With CableCard tuners becoming more and more accessible its user base is exploading.  It really is an absolutely amazing platform and with ARM and SOC tiny, quite, and cool HTPC's will become seriously affordable.

  • I just want to ditto BrianR78 on Windows Media Center.  I just built an atom based HTPC for the bedroom and much prefer it to a regular tv.

  • Rajesh says:

    Would like to see Safari Reader like feature in IE 10.

  • LongARM says:

    Oh I forgot it: please make more customisable the windows. When was 98 it is fully customisable, Xp is not at all, but windows 7 is only know (in main options) how to recolour windows.

    And please don't take out Media Center because it was great but it wasn't know HDMI normally. I connected to my TV with HDMI and it wasn't find audio, Media Player however worked fine with audio too. Could you make the 2 software better? Don't listen those folks who don't like Media Center, it's just fine. If you make it into those "without windows programs (- that can load without windows)" our Pc's will be great media center substitute DVD players. And make media player a little cooler because it has some problems sometimes, media player 11 never has problems.

    Media Player:

    If you want Metro style like the first BUILD demonstration please make more customizable and take to it timeline indicator and "automatic replay", "random play" buttons because it have to has it, and I need those.

    Media Center:

    Never ignore this program from windows'.

    DVD maker:

    Make better, if not, don't take out from windows 8. That is cool for home-DVDs.

    Movie maker and Photo Gallery:

    Could you pre-install these to the new system? If I download those everytimes my net-pack over…

    And take back time-line (I think this how to call) movie-edit, new is bad and hard. I can't assign more videos/pictures only I can assign all… but converter ability is very good, keep this good.

  • LongARM says:

    WOw Steven answers some comment. I'm happy (really).

    Some tip:

    • Don't hide system-files as Metro (in demonstration) or XBOX, remember windows ME where command prompt was forbidden and people couldn't write commands (it's for some website they wrote that you want hide system-files).
    • Don't make only cloud-based programs/profiles. It's good only for rich people and for work (in offices) yet.

    • Please make more language support (that I wrote eg.: for speech).

    Please Steven answeeer me too:

    In september BULD will you show windows 8 desktop version? And Wind UI is true?

  • GluO says:

    Why you make laptops/desktop Pcs look like a phone or tablet? Try make tablets like a desktop version. It is fine for you (ms) because people will love a tablet that can do everything that only a desktop PC but I'm not happy for that my laptop will be a tablet…

  • Marc C. says:

    make just one Iso for all different version, like you did in Vista. I know in Windows 7 you must remove Ci.cfg, but one iso for all version would be better and even reduce space on msdn.

  • Any networking improvement? Windows 7 HomeGroup idea was great but it does not work in all conditions.

  • nnsun says:

    I know I will love Windows 8 🙂

  • nnsun says:

    I know I will love Windows 8 🙂

  • Media Center says:

    I love media center but I'd like to have the possibility of recording the tv in the format that I want as avi,mkv…..

  • Alexey says:

    It seems that win8 it will be focused on tablet devices. How she will behave on usual laptops???

  • Pemi says:

    Hope to see zune integration ,, New interface , New File system , New Method of using windows , hope to see a full MinWin in windows 8 ..


  • Ed says:

    Windows, what in windows 8 is truly "revolutionary?" What are you doing that has not been thought of? How is this going to topple apple? Do you even plan to compete with apple? Can Pc users look forward  to higher end computers, or will we all be using $300 plastic laptops with switchable lids?

  • Dever says:

    Please Make Windows 8  Ultimate Edition at 99$

  • DevPlus says:

    I Hope There's no DirectX 12 or DirectX 12 With FULL SUPPORT of DirectX 11 Graphics Card

  • Nazareno says:

    There some optimization for SSD Storage (HD Form Factor or PCI-e)?

  • Anon says:

    Really cool thing you guys are doing with this blog. Thanks.

    PS. It would be very cool if you guys talk a bit about your how you handle daily builds and testing.

  • Khrum says:

    Me dont care much about new. me want speed and graphic and tons of rams.

    you dont have i dont buy.i built my own who will be better anyway.

    me forgot fix stupid mail system it really bad news.make it simplier to sinc account.

  • Alexey says:

    And, maybe, has come time to realise the concept of several desktops (as in KDE Linux)???

  • Prusas says:

    In the W8 is necessary to include the possibility of HPC

  • Core User-centered ecosystem runtime Experience Fundamentals Evolved Team says:

    Request better characterization / scoping for these:

    •App Experience

    •Core Experience Evolved

    •Ecosystem Fundamentals

    •Engineer Desktop (there's a "Desktop for engineers" as a new feature? Is this REALLY a real team name or did marketing make these names up?)

    •Engineering System (Which system? Or is it a huge team that engineers all systems? The Daily WTF wants to know)

    •Global Experience (Does this have to do with international/language?)

    •Hardware Developer Experience (sounds like it's some sort of Technical Marketing/evangelism Team)

    •In Control of Your PC

    •Runtime Experience

    •User-Centered Experience

    •Windows Online

    •XAML (There's a XAML team? Are they evolving the Extensible Application Markup Language or?)

  • Can u allow 16bit software run in fullscreen such as Turbo C and C++. It will be tremendous help. Thanks

  • Sabyaadmin

    Can u allow 16bit software run in fullscreen such as Turbo C and C++

    download and use DOSBox. This works fine.

  • Digger1985 says:

    Hi team,

    I hope you will have an integrated bing app in Windows 8. It would sicken me to see MS release such a nice app for iPad, a product from MS's primary competitor, and not Windows 8, it's own platform. Please integrate all your services.


  • Gavin says:

    Is WinFS still alive? I need WinFS! I want WinFS!

  • Gavin

    Is WinFS still alive? I need WinFS!

    why do you need it? Only for bashing?

  • AHS0 says:

    @Ra Puke Moana

    seeing all contents of a folder on mouse over would be very expensive in terms of CPU cycles and disk i/o

  • AHS0 says:

    @Frank Trout. As you said below:

    "My guess is that you are leaving out the bulkier apps from Windows 8 (Media Center, etc.) to live up to the promise of a slimmer. more lightweight OS. I am also hoping you will make such apps available optionally from the Windows Store. My concern is the lack of information on the business aspect of the OS and how all these new features effect it. I also know it is extremely early to be concerned about it, but thats my job :)"

    Well said man. Many do not use Media Center.

  • Winver 1.0 says:

    Ooo ooh I invented a good thing for windows media player: take in it a rating layer that can show musics eg.: "sad, cheerful, fast, slow" and if we check sad for a ballad music (or fast for a rock) when we wanna listen sad mucis, media player selects all of sad (or cheerful) songs/musics.

    So I mean, it could be have a new layer (with that meta-editor, named properties menu we can check the current status of a song). And that's will good for all PCs (eg.: tablets). That will like our mood if you select that layer for musics.

  • Octagon says:

    Now, having read the list of teams, I start to understand why

    • One misbehaving app can freeze the machine, including the GUI tools to be used to temper it. Ideally, Ctrl-Alt-Del should appear instantly no matter what and as many processes as possible should be STOPPED instantly.
    • System performance degrades with time, especially when one dares to install and uninstall applications.

    • Applications show modal dialog boxes while the data to feed them with are in disabled windows.

    • Applications have access to sound in the way, similar to giving them access to raw HDD clusters for data storage. Ideally an app MUST HAVE to open a "sound file" so that I can set all the properties, like the output device and relative level.

    • BTW, the same holds for monitor space. Will Windows have virtual desktops at least on par with what Linux has?

    • People are concerned with the .NET future. Apparently, the Windows teams does not want to do managed development. If they did, a thing as fundamental as weak reference will be a language feature long ago, not a class in a library. So, is .NET all crap like VB used to be or are Windows teams in error of not using it to the fullest?

    • When the Windows window manager will have things like "on top" standard? BTW, if the task bar in Windows 7 is set to "auto hide",  it tends to appear below all other windows immediately after some window goes from full screen back to normal.

    • Will I ever be able to SEE what will happen if I click in a web page? Will a new window open? A new tab? Will I be able to FORCE a new tab regardless of the opinion of the page Java Script?

    • Will Windows ever provide us with an option of an "install once, update forever" OS, like some Linux distros do?

    • Why the remote access to the desktop is considered to be an advanced feature?

    The list above is that which came to mind immediately. I guess anybody can easily add to this list, and add a lot. Thus, a good deep cleanup may be beneficial.

    It looks like there is no team that can deal with accumulated Windows suboptimal decisions. All teams give me a "full ahead to new features" impression.

    I understand why Microsoft claims that Linux is not a competitor on the desktop any more. I eagerly agree with that, for now. However, Windows 8 will run on everything and meet Linux at both ends of the spectrum. How do you guess, will the old luggage hurt?

    I understand that some fixes require dropping backward compatibility, but Windows 8 is doomed to be a major change anyway. Thus, it is the best time for a major cleanup, a once in a decade opportunity.

    CONCLUSION: So far I know too litle not to be afraid of the next Windows ME or Vista.

  • Mikael Lee says:

    Please, don't leave Windows Media Center, is a master piece of software, support MKV files and SRT files in Windows 8, and new design for WMP13, thanks for everything

  • Justin Seifert says:

    I certainly hope that the Media Center platform is not removed from the windows ecosystem.  With no "Media Center" the new CableCard tuners that were released are doomed for failure.

  • Nerdo says:

    This isn't burger king guys, it's not "have it your way"…

  • Hi for crying out loud please finally do something with all that drive spin up thingie because its driving me nuts my pc currently have 3 hard drives set to turn off when unneeded (Its nice and quiet in room then). When i want to acces drive c: all hdd's spin up. When i try to search drive c: again all hdd's spin up. When i launch game from drive c: (its fully on this drive) all disks spin up. Again when i work on my pc from time to time all hdd's start to spin up. I did hope you will do something with this after Windows Me but its still there. Still damn annoying when you try to do something or play you have that 4 sec lag. When i use hdd i want only specific one to spin up not all. I did trurn indexing off (because it sucks) so this is not the issue my antivir is set to scan on specific days and other applications don't use many drives so it must be Windows fault.

    Now indexing just sucks this is how searching in windows should work

    Next give us tag's finally. I dont want that office tagging thingie i want tagging for all files. Something similar to this

    I want to able to copy files using preview in taskbar too in Windows 7 its not possible to drag and drop on miniatures.

  • Whatever team deals with Event Viewer: We need something that is a little more helpful. If Word 2010 crashes as well as Windows Explorer, I should be able to go to a log or Event Viewer and find out what happened.  Most of the errors in Event Viewer requires lots of Internet searching to understand.

    I think System Restores should be automatically created more often, a better yet a system to undo just certain installs when a system crashes.

    Unfortunately, Linux is more and more prevalent.  I now have a Linux computer on my network and I want to access it via Windows.  Will Windows provide features for other operating systems?  Probably not.  A default vnc viewer or putty.  Also, I tried a linux install on a Windows computer, and not that Windows necessarily will support Linux, but I get nervous that Windows will crash and I think there should be better environment to deal with multi-OSes.  I would really like to have more than one OS on my PC sometimes.  Too bad I can't have a Mac on a Windows.  Apple can have Windows but Windows cant have Mac.

    Also, for the Internet.  Not clear what group handles Internet.  Very often Windows sends packets out to a site for "update", but I can't tell where these are going and what is being done behind the scenes.  Is there some form of software like ZoneAlarm that says what applications are requesting data (or sending data)?  Also, I would like to be able to alter some settings easier.  For example, when I search for a product, such as a hard drive at, shortly thereafter Google knows that I did so and starts feeding ads to me on Internet Explorer or Firefox.  I would like the ability to approve or disapprove those who can access data from my computer or programs sending data from my computer.  A list in a control panel may be helpful.

  • Please ensure Media Center's future :) says:

    Windows Media Center is one of the best applications around for an HTPC. Could you please respond to the future intention for this application? Will it be an optional download? An app from an AppStore? Abandoned?

    Integration of Xbox360 (or some other light front end based on Embedded MC) as a media center extender, make the existing solution simple and extensible.

    Please don't walk away from this great differentiator in Windows..

  • That Guy says:

    Will Windows Explorer remember the custom views for all of my folders, regardless of the application? It gets really annoying when a folder looks one way when searching for a file to open in paint.NET, and the same folder has a different view when uploading that picture to facebook.

    Also, will Windows Update fix anything beyond security and compatibility (UI improvements, feature bugs, etc.)?

  • says:

    Please fix the issue with expanding folders as someone else commented on and I bug posted pre Windows 7 as an issue.  It is THE most annoying thing in Windows 7.

    Also can you give us an option to make the indicator down by the clock do something (like glow, or have a swirl going round it) to indicate that you have left a VPN running.  The amount of times I start a VPN to log into a remote server using RDP pointing to the internal IP of the server and log out and then forget I still have the VPN running!!

    Also please fix the bug that when you log into a VPN local shares stop working and you start having to use a FQDN to access your own local server.

    Also please fix the default VPN behaviour, so that when you access the internet on your local PC that has a VPN going and you open your local browser it starts trying to find the internet through the remote gateway down the VPN.  Also if you untick the advanced option in the VPN TCP/IP V4 settings that says "Use default gateway on remote server" you get loads of failed logins using the VPN credentials on your own domain server!!



    Sorry rant over!

  • Thanks, Steve.  Looking forward to much more.

  • ericore says:

    One team for "Reliability, Security, and Privacy", that would explain why there is isn't magnitudes of security improvements in each windows release.  Of course, there are always improvements but nothing dramatic.  To be fair implementing such HARDCORE security would break existing app compatibility, but it needs to be done.  Nevertheless, I hope you have at least implemented Sandboxing in Windows 8.  I made a video, first video not exiting to watch like a Google production, but informative.

  • Just a reminder–please keep comments consistent with community standards.  

  • Why don't you HTML5 support increases the forgotten HTML Appliactions.

  • @Thomas Lee – thanks for the kind words!  We definitely notice the wide ranging perspectives, on both big challenges and even relatively small features.  THat's what makes this blog so much "fun" and so interesting for the dev team.  The hard part is of course making sure everyone knows that we are hearing all the perspectives even if we don't address a particular one head on.  We're not censoring anything.  The hallways are definitely buzzing with talk about the comments and suggestions.  –Steven

  • Gavin says:


    Because I have many many files in my Hard Drive. I need WinFS to mange them efficiently. WinFS is important.

    With WinFS, Internet Explorer will bring us powerful Favorites management features like Mozilla Firefox easily. I can know if a URL I am currently browsing is already in Favorites. I can tag Favorites and rate them.

    This is a scenario example. WinFS will bring us much more. My English is poor, maybe I didn't express clearly.

    BTW, MSFT deleted my comment? This is the second time I post the comment. If my comment is not allowed, please tell me. My e-mail:

  • Gavin says:

    OK, maybe I misunderstood MSFT. Seems the first time I post the comment was failed. Sorry.

  • Kevin says:

    Are HTML5 and XAML built on the same UI/graphics/input stack? They have so much in common already. One could actually build a pretty capable browser already using WPF as well as create WPF-like apps in HTML5. That would be truly thrilling if the choice between HTML5/JS and WPF/C# became less circumstantial.

  • Rami Alam says:

    Aero Snap is such a great feature of Windows 7. I hope it carries over into Windows 8. The snap feature demoed at the all things D conference looks interesting. I hope that you can resize the screen snap to equal split like in Windows 7. I use this feature alot when I am doing research and taking notes on my Asus Eee Slate EP121.

    Check out my blog post about it.…/what-is-true-multitasking-on-tablet-pcs.html

  • Panya says:

    I'm tired of this message

    "Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device"

    "This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows"

    "that might be using the device, and then try again."

    Couldn't Windows just tell me which program to close?

  • Please add Zune for Windows 8 rather than the windows media player. Its so much sexier!

    plz plz plz plz.

  • @PPedersen, You wrote I would really like to have more than one OS on my PC sometimes.  Too bad I can't have a Mac on a Windows.  Apple can have Windows but Windows cant have Mac.

     Are you a stupid or what , everybody knows that mac is hardcoded to run only on mac computers, is it microsoft fault that you cannot install mac in your PC along with windows????

  • Bugfix says:

    Why is the IE9 Notification bar interface so pathetically bad for keyboard users? You can't control the notification bar using standard keyboard arrow keys or even Tab! Nor can't you close it using Esc or Alt-F4! Talk about totally non-standard and non-accessible UIs. There is no documented keyboard shortcut for closing the notification bar either except clicking the microscopic Close button using the mouse.

    In the Mouse control panel, the "Hide pointer while typing" setting is completely broken since XP and it has never worked except on Windows 9x/Me. Windows always hides the mouse pointer/insertion point in standard text fields even if that setting is unchecked.

  • MSFTW says:

    MS FTW with Win8 pleasee ! !

  • Evil Overlord says:

    Please don't forget the keyboard.  What little I've seen of W8 is very touch-centric (with "oh sure, you can use the keyboard too, if you want).  I understand that you're proud of the touch interface, and that it's great for tablets.  But don't forget the vast majority who use a keyboard (as Office 2010 largely did).  For one thing, a keyboard is much more efficient.  For another, for those using a vertical screen, it's tiring and awkward to keep touching the screen.

  • Evil Overlord says:

    Also, I second this comment.  Hate this about W7:

    "n Windows explorer, when you click to expand a folder in the tree, the selected folder moves to the bottom of the pane, which is extremely annoying since you have to constantly scroll to see the newly-expanded subdirectories.  Please expand subfolders in the tree in-place."

  • Evil Overlord says:

    Truly fast startup and shutdown.

  • Evil Overlord says:

    Better system info.  I remember that back on the PDP 11/40, ^T would tell you what the system was doing.  Somehow, while task manager and process explorer provide a LOT more information, I end up with a whole lot of cases where Windows is incredibly unresponsive, yet not process is using either much CPU or much memory.  Very frustrating.

  • Evil Overlord says:

    I second the comment about limited shutdown or problem information.  I too often get a W7 shutdown screen that says "  " is still working, where the list of programs is entirely blank.  This is not useful information.

    On a totally unrelated note – Windows has allowed 256 character filenames for a long time now.  Why are so many system files still given incomprehensible or non-intuitive 8 character names that are impossible to figure out without Googling?

  • Also i don't care what anyone says bring Metro to the PC not only for tablets bring it for the PC. I won't get Windows 8 if the PC version doesn't have metro i will be severely disappointed.

  • Zune says:

    Please add zune to windows 8

  • Hope it'll have better network administrator solutions to implement, to deploy and to use Windows 8 in a big environment using SCCM or not. GPOs, default profiles, centralized action center, migration Vista to 8 (if possible…), … Keep your good work ! We're actually in paradise with Seven, it'll be surely the same with your new baby…

  • Lolo says:

    Please Microsoft don't take out Media Center. That was the best for my TV with my laptop. It is the one of great programs that windows 7/vista has.

  • Attention! Don't add Metro UI for Windows 8! says:

    Windows 8 will really ugly with Metro UI! It will like windows 98 just won't be gray. Please think about this because there are so much more and better themes. If you want Metro UI it's right, but there have to be another theme that like windows 7 or vista or longhorn or xp just please not that Metro! It bad for PCs with big screen it only good for touchscreen. So for touchscreen is good but for windows (not the os but the desktop-windows) is confused and strange. Please test or not but take out it if in windows 8.

  • i hear a rumor that "Windows Media Center" and the Dvd maker too will be removed in Windows 8 is it true ?

    if it is true pls just don't remove Media center , and also i like the metro Ui or the new windows 8 start screen , but u must make 2 switchable start menu one is the regular one is the metro ui

  • @ Attention! Don't add Metro UI for Windows 8!  – the current Microsoft videos show that Windows 8 is switchable between traditional desktop (Windows 7 style) and Metro UI.  In other words, you control this as a user. Pretty sweet.

  • xpclient says:

    Why doesn't the Windows team do something to ease the transition of shell extensions from 32-bit to 64-bit? Because users can no longer run 32-bit Explorer in 64-bit Windows, 64-bit shell extensions are the only choice and many useful working but legacy/abandoned 32-bit shell extensions are unusable on 64-bit Windows. There is this project called WOW64Menu ( that gives access to 32-bit bit context menu and Property Sheet extensions from the 64-bit Explorer shell !! Can the Windows team please do something like this built-in for all shell extension types?

  • Lady says:

    None of the questions people actually seem to want answers to have been answered yet. Will there finally be dual monitor taskbar/wallpaper support? I mean, geez, your own devs are given dual monitors so it's not as if Microsoft doesn't know it's a standard. I grow sick and tired of downloading 3rd party apps for something that's built into Linux for free.

    Another thing, when are you actually going to bother responding to comments? I'm sorry if I seem a bit hostile, but this blog is a bit of a joke. Obviously it's going to be hard to respond to every single comment on this blog with Windows 8 development being such hard work, but you should do a FAQ post sometime soon based on the most commonly asked questions in the comments.

    Honestly, the average PC user doesn't want to see a tablet UI. They want functionality changes to the actual operating system–something I have yet to hear about for Windows 8. It's all about the gimmicky tablet feature and how many apps you can use. The problem is that I find a plethora of unacceptable things in Windows 7 that need improvement–things that take a lot of work, and sadly, are completely ignored by you guys.

    I bet you nobody will read this comment. If someone does, and responds to it, then I'll consider myself owned. I just wonder when this blind optimism on Microsoft's end is going to hit the end of its life.

  • In my humble opinion, Windows always had a simple and practical user interface; with Vista and Seven it became more attractive. I hope Windows won't sacrifice practicality for aesthetics.

    The actual application bar is really simple and useful.

  • Anil Mujagic says:

    Please provide more info about changes in software development scenarios for Win8. What is new, what will be encouraged and what will be considered obsolete?

  • Anonymous says:

    (This comment has been deleted per user request)

  • MikeG says:

    I'd like to see a 'pervasive Mesh' experience:

    1. Mesh enabled by default for favourites, Office settings, small stuff on >all< Windows devices

    2. Initial confirmation on install/first startup so those with metered internet accounts can disable

    3. Options to include documents, photos etc. up to SkyDrive limit

  • Adrian says:

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  • Thomas Lee says:

    @Lady – your comments are most certainly being read and I'm certain some PM somewhere has a spreadsheet with each 'ask' in this long, long list. It wouldn't surprise me if they were also counting spam such as @adrian's one above.

    But you have to understand how responses will come. Stephen may respond to one or two comments in this comment stream. A few more will be answered in subsequent blog posts. There have been a great number of comments in the posts here so far around HTML5/XAML for example – and I suspect we'll see one (or more!) blog posts that directly talk to those points.

    But two other things – first the code is where MS will speak loudest. The answers to most of the questions here (will Win8 have 'x') are answered loud and clear when you see the code. Second, Microsoft has the BUILD conference coming up. It would be entirely in keeping with tradition for the Build keynote to answer at least some of the questions (the rest being answered in the code distributed in Build).

    Finally, give Steven and the team a bit of slack. They are working full tilt to a) get Win 8 builds out the door and b) getting ready for BUILD. You'll see a build of Win8 in the next month or so (well, hopefully those of us attending BUILD wilL!!!) and that will answer your questions.


  • Thanks for the informative post about the Windows team, Steve!

    I was wondering if there is native password protection on files and folders in Windows 8. I believe this is an essential feature these days because a large majority of people do their work on a computer, and many of these people are concerned about the security of their important information. There should also be a password recovery process for those who have forgetten a password to a specific file or folder while logged onto their user account. Maybe the user could set a recovery question or something similar to that. I believe many people would appreciate this feature, and it would really make Windows stand out from the competition even more than it currently does.

  • Attention! Don't add Metro UI for Windows 8! says:

    @Oliver Boyd – Yes but in leaked builds, windows 8 has Metro theme known as "Aero lite". In the newest leaked version (I think 7989) there is a theme that transparent Metro-UI wich name I don't know. I don't want it, I want windows 7 or better theme. I haven't a tablet and I haven't wp7 (and I will not I sure about this), I have PC: laptop, and a desktop-PC and I want them with a normal and perfect skin.

  • Lewis Robinson says:

    (Continued) Some people at created a program named "DWTray" to enable DirectWrite across Windows.

    Everything looks nice like DirectWrite-enabled rendering in IE9 and IE10, except the program is buggy.

    Download DWTray directly via this link:…/gdi0906.7z

  • @Lady — please be a bit patient.  Everyone is reading all the comments (and hundreds of emails I've received).  The most value comes from using the comments to guide what posts to do.  It has just been a week!  Most all of the questions are worthy of posts and not just "answers" — we want to have a dialog about building the product, tradeoffs involved, and how we make decisions.  What seems obvious to one person isn't necessarily obvious (or valuable) to another.  And many times you can see in the comments, people on completely opposite sides of the same design point–those are exactly the things we want to develop posts about and be thoughtful in discussing rather than trying to "answer" in a short comment that few will see.


  • Please allow Native Code capabilities on this new HTML5 and JavaScript App Framework.

    Are you considering Native Code like C and C++ with this new framework? Are you restricting Native Code Apps to the separate .NET framework? If so why not just use the .NET framework?

    Google Chrome Betas are already public with Native Code capabilities, and they render pages faster and better than IE, not to mention how many more CSS features are available in the open source browsers.. IE is still far behind and I cannot imagine myself adopting to coding apps built on the IE engine especially if you take out the power of the local PC and turn my experience into a web based attempt to make everything look pretty.

    I love windows 7. I love .NET. Please don't let us down by taking away what I know Windows to be and watering it down with fancy UI and less powerful frameworks.

  • David Longstreth says:

    This is an interesting entry.  If XAML has a team then I would think the Siverlight folks should see that as a sign there app is being worked on.  I am surprised still at the folks that do not understand the XML platform behind the products of recent years.

    As well folks should get used to non-tree paradigms.  

    I understand Microsoft finally not wishing to promise any items not complete and tested, however you would think there would be a lest some indication of the areas being worked on, so then I suppose this is close.

  • Mouser says:

    Can we finally please get a built-in ability in Windows to optionally disable the tapping for extra sensitive touchpads/trackpads? Users have to hunt around for touchpad drivers just to be able to disable tapping. Just like the scroll wheel support, touch sensitivity and tapping on/off adjustment should be built-in.

  • Vlad says:

    This is a great post. I would like to see more of those. I would like to be a PM one day its great to read about your plans, the work strategy and understand the team structure.

  • Stephen says:

    Some massive confusion about XAML on the whole here, consider that XAML isn't WPF- in its most basic form its more of an object graph, some standardization and formalization on XML.Turns out XAML works really well for paradigms that are 'matter of fact' such as work flows (WF) and UI (WPF).

  • i hear a rumor that "Windows Media Center" and the Dvd maker too will be removed in Windows 8 is it true ?

    if it is true pls just don't remove Media center , and also i like the metro Ui or the new windows 8 start screen , but u must make 2 switchable start menu one is the regular one is the metro ui

    pls reply Mr.Steven

  • AHS0 says:

    Hi Steven!

    I think I already submitted this my comment below, but i didn't see it. So i try to post it again.

    We talk about Windows 8 features on>Technology News>What do you want to see in Windows 8?

    We are really super excited about Windows 8 and will be happy if somebody from Microsoft read our discussion topics there. Thanks.

  • Tell us more about XAML…  Is this XAML-WPF/SL or XAML-WF?  

    How does Win 8 impact .NET.  Is the Kernel rewritten in .NET/C# ?  I am worried about my commitments to .NET after AllThingsD conference when you discussed about HTML5/JS as first class application, but you have stayed mum on .NET…

  • TheEastAnglian says:

    I don't care about all this – what I want is an OS that works invisibly and simply facilitates my applications and programs. The OS is merely a means to an end – not an end in itself. I don't want to have to know all about the OS. I haven't got a clue how, when I wield it, a hammer hits a nail into a piece of wood so why do I need to know how the OS works?  Keep it simple and just do it!  Oh, and I want it to be 100% secure? Why not?

  • Anna Jain says:

    Hey very useful blog. The article is quite awesome….. I read this article twice and i find it so interesting.Thanks for sharing this to everyone.i can feel u r a genius.

  • It will be very usefull and interesting to know about Windows 8 and XAML. Will all UI be on WPF in Windows 8 or not.

    Also very interesting to know about WPF,XAML,Sliverlight and HTML 5 future.

    I read somewhere that silverlight will be dead and HTML will replace it. Or WPF is dead to and we will create UI on HTML 5 ( but it is very strange decision ).

    So you plan wit XAML on WIndows 8 is give me hope that WPF will be improved and will not burried

  • afteam says:

    Your idea was useful <a href="">by Revathi</a>

  • Wevenhuis says:

    Will tablet functionality be part of the main OS UI functionality and end user experience? So far I am seeing a UI similar to windows 7. I would not consider this a tablet friendly environment and consider it more a laptop or desktop environment. My tip as a windows 7 and windows mobile 6.5 user is to not lose sight of the end user experience and consider bigger buttons in the windows, a clean window and menu experience and bigger buttons and test it on a tablet, not on a latop with mouse, as demoed in many of your videos. Good luck!

  • Tom says:

    Personally the explorer interface to me is horribly cluttered. You need to make things simple and easy to use and cater to the average user.  Making explorer look like Office 10 is a complete turn off for me. Simplicity is the key, lose that and you lose your shirt when it comes to getting people to buy your product.

  • Raj says:

    App Store in Windows 8 would be a radical change and i guess would affect so many shareware / freeware websites & software developers. I guess developers would be required to submit their applications on windows 8 after doing testing on windows 8. Microsoft's App Store is going to generate work for lots of people.

    Also new UI might need people to get bigger monitors or dual dual monitors . So effectively windows 8 would generate work for software developers and providers and for hardware related business would get some new work as well.

  • Roca Padilla says:

    Hi, please take this in consideration:

    1) Do not delete non used shortcuts in the maintenance.

    2) Auto refresh desktop when an item is copied (some times F5 is needed)

    3) Let admins to configure UAC (p.e. let an user to be the admin of a certain app)


  • Mike says:

    +1 for Mr Greene's comment: a day in the life of a W8 dev/pm/tester/uxdesigner

  • froggywoggy says:

    Gosh, I feel distinctly bipolar right now.

    I've grown to love Windows 7 after using the not so great Vista. So naturally I'm super excited to hear about Windows 8. However, after having to purchase a new copy of Windows 7 due to the super duper restrictive licensing, I can't help but lose my enthusiasm. How much will this new OS sell at? £100 for a single machine license? God knows how much it'll be to get a license for 3 machines.

    That makes me thankful 7 is still such a solid operating system – and if all else fails, I still have my XP installation disk 🙂

  • afteam says:

    Your idea was useful <a href=" /">by Revathi</a>

  • netbean says:

    Combine Windows and Windows phone in new OS. We hope to use computer and surf web anywhere. Why we use windows mobile again. It lack of application program, limited function…

    There should be noly one OS for PC, phone, MID and PDA in the future, the next OS can run windows program on different platform.…/d7c80021-ac61-4dea-b1e7-e1532b247b08

  • Great. Good luck for the team.


  • Tried Win8 DevPreview recently.

    And it is… better than 7 or XP! And even works stable!


    Yes, Twitter and Facebook installed by default as applications is a great idea for Windows 8.

    But even with Metro switched off, windows itself look well!

    Is there anything bad? Of course. Font rendering.

    It's much better on GNU/Linux and Apple Mac.

    Linux's "hintmedium" are better for small fonts, for bigger fonts – Apple font rendering, and for biggest – "old kind Cleartype.

    Or maybe start fonts from scratch? New, Sans fonts – fonts for computers?

    I think the time to give up with "paper"  fonts are TODAY!

    And yes, fonts like TrebuchetMS are always welcome!.

  • windows 8 Dev Pre has doesn't satisfied me too much because Microsoft has only done few changes to WIN 7 do develop windows 8 . Meanwhile a large change in features improvement was seen at the time only when Microsoft windows moved from xp to vista . then Microsoft has done poor works just developed WIN 7 with few features improvement only because vista has failed gaining popularity on pcs . Now same things for windows 8  

    Microsoft should take a look at apple and their improvements for Mac OS X. take look at here is an application program made my Samsung…/pcsw

    which does same work as a macs airdrop does…/AirDrop_%28OS_X%29

    So Microsoft should take the copyright`s or source code or logic behind the useful apps made by their partner O E M  like HP ,DELL , Samsung, Acer , and much more and invent them to windows 8 . then windows may have great value and popularity over Mac or Linux

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