Lesson Learned #72: Is my database still encrypted (TDE)

A quick lesson learned from the field when dealing with TDE (Transparent Data Encryption). After running something like ALTER DATABASE [AdventureWorks] SET ENCRYPTION OFF One quick spot where people usually will look for information if a database is encrypted or not is sys.databases SELECT database_id, name, is_encrypted FROM sys.databases   Even though it shows the state…


How to get Azure SQL database size

There are multiple ways to achieve this and there are also some storage types you should be aware There is a good doc about this at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/sql-database/sql-database-file-space-management


Azure Data Warehouse Health Check Query

We have been sharing this query with the customers to have a quick health check on their environment. The query covers these items: Checking basic statistics information (actual row count vs row count for control node) Table data skew Small CCI tables (<102400 rows per partition) – This is just for their reference for reviewing…