Lesson Learned #72: Is my database still encrypted (TDE)

A quick lesson learned from the field when dealing with TDE (Transparent Data Encryption). After running something like ALTER DATABASE [AdventureWorks] SET ENCRYPTION OFF One quick spot where people usually will look for information if a database is encrypted or not is sys.databases SELECT database_id, name, is_encrypted FROM sys.databases   Even though it shows the state…


Lesson Learned #71: Fixing an orphaned users using a copy database process in Azure SQL Databases.

Hello Team, Some days ago, I worked in a service request in this following scenario: Using the portal, our customer, copied the database from one server to another. After it, our customer was not able to connect to the copied database in the destination server. I would like to explain why, performing the following example:…

How to get Azure SQL database size

There are multiple ways to achieve this and there are also some storage types you should be aware There is a good doc about this at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/sql-database/sql-database-file-space-management