Lesson Learned #49: Does Azure SQL Database support Azure Active Directory connections using Service Principals?

The answer is Yes!.

Just finishing a service request following the instructions placed on this URL  but with a limitation:

  • Service Principal of the Managed Service Identity is not currently supported.
  •  It is supported if you register an application in Azure portal > Azure Active Directory > Application registration.


Just to mention that there it not possible to use SQL SERVER Management Studio to connect using Service Principals and you need to use a C# to be able to connect using it.

In summary, once you have created, the service principal just only need to add as a Azure Active Directory User.


  1. I created a service principal with name JMAppl


2. Using SQL Server Management Studio and connected with the Azure Active Directory Admin user of my Azure SQL Server I executed the following TSQL in the database that I wanted to add, and it worked correctly.



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