Tips and tricks on how to properly create Azure SQL DB

When we want to create databases in Azure Portal we can do this by using different options (Azure Portal, SSMS, PowerShell, etc.).

But there are cases where, once a database is created, we cannot access it from the Azure Portal. Either it is not possible to access it from the Azure Portal or a new Azure SQL DB blade opens in which the necessary information is not found:


The problem could be related to the database name. The Azure Portal does not recognize some characters from database name, even if it was permissible to create it using SQL Server Management Studio- SSMS.

Focusing on the creation of the database using Azure Portal, we can notice that Portal does not let us do it. However, when we tried to create one using SSMS we have succeeded without any problem because Management Studio uses a different process to create databases.

Please find relevant examples below:

In order to be able to access your database within the Azure Portal we need to modify database name by following the steps below:

  • Step 3: Copy and Run this T-SQL command:   ALTER DATABASE [database_name] MODIFY NAME = [new_database_name]           
  • Step 4: Wait a few seconds for the process to finish and open Azure Portal then try to access your database
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