Service Fabric Mesh refresh announcement

tldr: Mesh refresh coming soon - billing for Mesh applications will be turned on starting 5/20, support for WinServer 2019 containers is live, and the integration with Managed Identities will ship with the release.

Hi folks,

During this month, we are making updates to the Service Fabric Mesh service in the form of a refresh release, which includes:

  • Support for Windows Server 2019 / 1809 based containers (this is already live)
  • Integration with Managed Identities (MI)
  • Improvements to the monitoring and diagnostics experience for Mesh applications
  • Billing for Mesh resources (50% discount rate since the service is still in preview) - this will be enabled starting on 5/20

When the refresh release is made available, there will be a more detailed post along with accompanying documentation in the Mesh docs, so please watch this space for that. For those of you that did not get a chance to see the Service Fabric session at Build 2019, please check out Build Mission Critical .NET microservices - BRK3047 to learn more about the roadmap for Service Fabric and Mesh.



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  1. After watching Build Mission Critical .NET microservices – BRK3047, the roadmap is still quite unclear….with more announcements promised in the future. I’m particularly curious what the roadmap is for the reliable actor programming model given it’s currently unusable in service fabric mesh.

    1. Exactly Darragh Jones, no path for Reliable Collection, even tho it was “the bomb” last build.
      We ditched it, and going to use mesh as a container orchestrator, just because it’s model is good, but we might just go full k8s anyway.

  2. James8080 says:

    I hope there’s some sort of work being done to migrate an existing Service Fabric code base. Actors are the main benefit that we get from SF, and I don’t think I’d use or recommend Mesh without them.

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