Known Issue with Latest Azure Service Fabric 6.4 Refresh Release

We have become aware of a regression for Linux Clusters in the latest 6.4 refresh release. We have stopped rollout of Ubuntu version announced in our recent blogpost. Hence, we do not recommend upgrading Linux clusters to latest 6.4 refresh release version until we announce a fix for it.

The clusters that were upgraded to Ubuntu 6.4.653.1 version are not impacted by this regression.

Mitigation Steps: Rollback to former Ubuntu version 6.4.649.1

Solution: We are actively working on resolving the bug and will publish update by end of this month.

For more details, please read Know Issues section in release notes.

We'll update the blog post here once the refresh starts rolling out with the updated version numbers and the download links. Thanks for your patience.


Service Fabric Team


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