Visual Studio Code plugin for Service Fabric Reliable Services

Service Fabric is a platform that runs anywhere on Windows or Linux (Ubuntu and Red Hat) operating systems. To make developing applications easy for you, the platform has rich tooling integration with Visual Studio on Windows for .NET that can be deployed on Windows or Linux clusters. Additionally, an Eclipse plugin on Linux and Mac developer machines enables easy building and deployment of Java Reliable Services & Actors.

In order to improve the developer experience with Service Fabric, we are happy to expand our tooling support with the release of the Service Fabric Reliable Services plugin for Visual Studio Code. This plugin helps scaffold .NET, Java, container or guest executable applications on any machine and deploy it to any cluster. The plugin also supports deployment and management of these applications against any Service Fabric cluster. Finally, if you are deploying the Java or C# Reliable Services & Actor applications to a local cluster, the plugin will allow you to debug your application and its services.

The video below illustrates the capabilities of the plugin.



The plugin and its source code are available on GitHub and is entirely open source. To learn more about this plugin, including how to use it and contribute to it, please visit the following links:

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