Monitoring Service Fabric clusters with Dynatrace

When it comes to monitoring you cluster(s) today, there are several different paths you can take. Your set up needs to include monitoring your cluster, applications, and your infrastructure. This can be achieved by using a combination of platforms like Application Insights, OMS Log Analytics, the ELK stack, and others. In addition to these options, we’ve been working with some of our partners in the monitoring space to build great integrations. Recently, we spent time with the folks over at Dynatrace, to build a path together for a comprehensive monitoring solution in one place for your cluster, regardless of whether it is deployed in Azure or on-prem.

Here are a few key highlights about Dynatrace and why we think it stands out:

  • Dynatrace can be used in the cloud via its SaaS offering, but can also be deployed alongside your cluster on-premises. This gives you the flexibility to use Dynatrace in the environment that is best for you and is especially useful for monitoring Standalone Service Fabric clusters.
  • Auto discovery of your cluster and workloads – once the agent is deployed in one of your nodes, the Dynatrace OneAgent auto-discovers your cluster and the workloads within it, reducing management overhead and deployment hassle.
  • Dynatrace is particularly handy when it comes to managing large clusters, since it not only is able to scale well with your applications, but it also uses to smart algorithms to help identify the seriousness of various issues in your cluster and pinpoints the source of a problem.

Over the past several months, the Dynatrace team has worked closely with us to ensure that they are building a great monitoring story for Service Fabric clusters. As part of our efforts to provide better monitoring experiences for your clusters, we will continue to work together to improve the integration further!

Check out this blog post on Service Fabric monitoring with Dynatrace to learn more about this!

To get started with monitoring your cluster with Dynatrace – head over to How do I monitor Service Fabric applications.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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