Create Service Fabric clusters from Visual Studio and more good stuff

Hey everyone,

A quick update on a few things going on in Service Fabric land:

Create Service Fabric Clusters from Visual Studio

Creating a secure cluster takes a bit of effort, with plenty of options to choose from and knobs to turn to get your cluster set up and ready to take on production workloads. But sometimes you just want to get a cluster up and running quickly to test out your application while still being secure. In the latest release of the Service Fabric tools for Visual Studio, we now have the ability to create secure clusters right from Visual Studio quickly, easily, and securely. We think this will help make your dev/test experience much smoother. Read all about it on the Azure blog and let us know what you think!

SmartHotel360 - Modernizing Existing Apps with Azure Service Fabric

The SmartHotel360 project is a fictitious smart hospitality company showcasing the future of connected travel hosted on Azure. We decided to join in on the fun and sent Mikkel to the Channel9 studio to bring you a new episode in the series that shows you how to modernize applications with Service Fabric. Enjoy!

Behind the curtain at Service Fabric

There are many people who work tirelessly to ensure Service Fabric delivers on its promise of high reliability, hyper scale, and ease-of-use. Who are they? Charles Torre has been spending time meeting engineers who design, code, and build Service Fabric. The four-part tour is a natural and fun way to meet some of the folks on our team. We hope you will enjoy the tour! Charles also spend some quality time with Anmol and myself to discuss our move to OSS and the plan moving forward.

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  1. sans_india85 says:

    Is it technical possible to create Service Fabric cluster in On-premise environment (5 Windows Server 2016 physical machines/VM’s) using Visual Studio?
    Right now, configuring on-premises clusters using PowerShell is possible. If Service Fabric team provides a standalone tool with GUI then it will be useful.

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