Release of SDK 2.6.210 and Runtime 5.6.210 refresh for Windows, and SDK 2.7 and Runtime 5.7 Preview

Recently we announced a preview of the next release which contains Docker Compose support and a couple updates to Service Fabric Explorer. The SDK for this preview release is now available on Web Platform Installer and NuGet.

We have also released a refresh for the 5.6/2.6 release that has a small set of bug fixes for a few pressing issues reported to us on GitHub around PowerShell commands that crashed in certain circumstances, and a bug that caused upgrades to require a manual machine reboot.

As always, check out the release notes for all the details.

Regarding the new version for Standalone, it will be released during the first week of June.

The Service Fabric Team

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  1. Any idea when an updated standalone Service Fabric install package will be available for download? We’re seeing errors with Get-ServiceFabricApplicationType during deployment to a cluster initiated from VS2017. If I’m following what’s being reported in GitHub, we have to upgrade our cluster.

    Thanks guys.

    1. Matt Corr says:

      I asked the same question. Check the release notes docx linked on this page. the links to the updated runtime are in there!

      1. Robert Austin says:

        It appears the CAB file for the runtime is not yet available.

        1. The Service Fabric Standalone release should be available sometime during the first week of June.

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