OS patching of Service Fabric Cluster nodes

We are happy to announce that the Patch Orchestration Application (POA) is now available to be deployed to your clusters. POA is a Service Fabric application that allows you to automate OS patching of the VMs/VM instances/nodes of a Service Fabric cluster on Azure or on-premise. The details on how to download and use this applications are at https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/service-fabric/service-fabric-patch-orchestration-application.

The POA downloads OS patches and orchestrates their deployment to all nodes in the cluster without downtime. While applying updates, POA monitors the health of the cluster and if at any time the health policies for the cluster are not met, the patch rollout is stopped.


Status update on the VMSS provided image-based automatic patching capability in Azure

This capability is still being worked on. Once available, a SF customer can modify the VMSS definition so that the platform provided OS image is automatically updated when Azure publishes a new image for a given OS family and version. More details will be provided by Q4CY2017.

Comments (11)

  1. Steven Bense says:

    Can this be used with OnPrem clusters where the nodes do not have internet connectivity? That is our use case and probably a fairly common enterprise scenario.

    1. Unfortunately no. POA needs connectivity to WU. We have a future work item to support the scenario you mention. Do not have any ETA on that.

  2. Joe Irizarry says:

    Would you please confirm whether on-prem / standalone clusters are supported? This article says, “on azure or on-premise” but the Azure Doc page says “Not yet, support for standalone clusters is coming soon.” Thanks!

    1. Matt Snider says:

      Hey Joe, point me at the other doc page so I can see what the discrepancy is?

  3. Kalpit Singh says:


  4. RahulAmbhore says:

    @Chacko Daniel – do you have any update on VMSS provided image-based automatic patching capability in Azure Please? is it in
    private preview?

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