Service Fabric Community Q&A 8th Edition

Update: This event is happening on the 19th of January at 1000 AM Pacific Time.

We will be holding our 8th monthly community Q&A call this Thursday, January 19th at  1000 AM Pacific Time.

As always, there is no need to RSVP. Just navigate to at 1000 AM Thursday and you’re in.

Talk to you then!

The Service Fabric Team


UPDATE: Find the video on our YouTube channel here:



Comments (4)
  1. GS says:

    Please create event invite so we can add to calendar.

  2. Nathan Becker says:

    Thanks, guys – as always, it was most helpful.

    Can’t wait for some of the upcoming improvements to SF – OS patching support, better backup solutions, conversion to .NET Standard 2.0, and shortening of the debug loop will be tremendously appreciated.

  3. Diego says:

    Hi Guys,
    is there any way to access this content after the event?
    Would be good for us if you make a recording available, not everybody can join the event at your timezone

    1. Diego, yes we post the meetings on our YouTube channel:

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