Service Fabric Community Q&A 6th Edition

Join us for our 6th edition of the Service Fabric  Community Q&A on Thursday, Nov 17 at 10 AM Pacific Time. This will be an open, informal session where you can bring any and all Service Fabric questions to the product team. No RSVP required – simply join the meeting at 10 AM on Nov 17.

Ask us any questions, and get an update of all things Service Fabric from the team!

Comments (8)

  1. Where is it best to contact you when we find a bug? any repository? anyone on twitter from the team?
    I hit a bug in the WcfCommunicationListener, had it been open source I would already have submitted a Pull Request…

  2. Jacky Z says:

    It’s showing that I’m the only one on the call. Anyone joining?

    1. Jacky Z says:

      Oops. 10am Pacific Time! My apologies

  3. Magnus says:

    Are You going to upload the November Q&A to Your youtube channel like the other Q&A sessions?

  4. Gaurav Dhamija says:

    Where can we find the recording of this session?

  5. Undecided says:

    Are these Q&A session posted anywhere for later viewing?

  6. Greg P says:

    Hey guys, any solid date on the December call yet?


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