Service Fabric Community Q&A (Oct 20th)

We’ll be hosting another community Q&A on Oct 20th at 10am Pacific Time. This will be an open, informal session where you can bring any and all Service Fabric questions to the product team. No RSVP required – simply join the meeting at 10am on the 20th.

We also want to highlight another event with Haishi Bai -  an 8-hour live broadcast of Service Fabric Patterns & Practices on November 2nd.  Get more details and register for this event here.  There will be a number of guest speakers, customer scenarios and close to 30 patterns and best practices.

See you all at the Q&A and the live broadcast event.

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  1. aL says:

    Will the q&a and live stream be recorded for later viewing?

  2. Oliver Tomlinson (@dotDestroyer) says:

    As per my question in the session regards Actor DI – I can’t find anywhere where the ActorStateManager is provided for me to wrap? The closest thing there is is the stateManagerFactory func :

    Func stateManagerFactory

    This function takes an actorBase and an actorStateProvider, and returns a stateManager – Great, how to I derive the stateManager to return from the ActorBase and actorStateProvider which are given to me in the function?

    If this is not the correct function for getting a handle on the stateManager prior to actor instantiation, then what is?

    thanks for a great session

  3. Jan Vittrup Hansen says:

    I don’t see it this in the youtube channel yet (

    Will this be added?

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