MSDN Article: Azure Service Fabric and the Microservices Architecture

MSDN magazine has published an article on Service Fabric called Azure Service Fabric and the Microservices Architecture in the December 2015 issue, written by Cesar de la Torre, Kunal Deep Singh and Vaclav Turecek. 

Here's a brief abstract:

Microservices is a hot buzzword at the moment. While there are many presentations and conference talks about the subject, a lot of developers remain confused. A common question we’ve heard: “Isn’t this just another service-oriented architecture (SOA) or domain-driven design (DDD) approach?”

Certainly, many of the techniques used in the microservices approach derive from the experiences of developers in SOA and DDD. You can think of microservices as “SOA done right,” with principles and patterns like autonomous services, Bounded-Context pattern and event-driven all having their roots in SOA and DDD.

In this article we address both microservices theory and implementation. We’ll start with a short introduction to microservices, and then move on to the practical side and how you can build and deploy microservices with Azure Service Fabric. Finally, we’ll show why this platform is a great fit when building microservices.

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