Let us know what you’d like to see in Azure Security Center

imageAzure Security Center helps you protect, detect and respond to threats against your Azure assets.

We do a lot of things in Azure Security Center meet these protection, detection and response goals.

Here are just a few of those things:

  • We help you protect your Azure deployments by scanning them and looking for security issues – these scans take place continuously, not just when you “trigger” them
  • Based on the results of the scans, we’ll let you know if we find things that you should address and then provide you with expert recommendations on how to remediate any issues
  • Security Center then uses advanced threat detection capabilities leveraging machine learning to detect threats based on analytics using behavioral analysis, anomaly detection, threat intelligence feeds and more
  • When a threat is detected, Security Center will alert you
  • Alerts provide deep insight into the potential security issue, and provides you additional information in the form of threat intelligence reports and remediation steps

That’s just a tip of the iceburg. Check out the Azure Security Center documentation to learn more.


As much as Security Center can do, we know that it can do more and that’s where you come in. Is there something you really wish Azure Security Center could do? Have you ever thought “wow – if Azure Security could does this I’d say ‘take my money’!”

We want to know those things! Head on over to the Azure Security Center Feedback Forum and let us know. We watch the forum closely – so let us know your wishes!



Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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