Security Management in Microsoft Azure

Secure management of your Azure resources requires the right combination of people, processes and technology.

Your people need to be vetted and trained in secure cloud management. Well defined and adhered processes are non-negotiable.

Technology enables the people to carry out the processes effectively and with a minimum of overhead.

One of the key issues that people, processes and technology need to address is the requirement for remote management of Azure resources. Remote access to the Azure portal, remote access to virtual machines, remote access to services – all from a variety of devices ranging from managed and unmanaged smart phones, tablets, PCs and other computing devices.

How can you lock down your security management in Microsoft Azure? That’s where our new article Security management in Azure comes in!

This article will help you navigate the security management question and discusses:

  • Security Guidelines
  • Client configuration
  • Best practices
  • Azure security checklist

We hope you find the article useful and please let us know in the comments below what we can do to make it even more useful for you!



Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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