IoT Security: Architecture and Best Practices

Internet of Things (IoT) represents a new frontier. In the next few years you can expect to see literally billions of new IoT devices being introduced all over the world.

And since our company directive of cloud first, mobile first, it’s clear that IoT is right up our alley.

Microsoft Azure has what you need to be successful in the new world of IoT. For example, the Microsoft Azure IoT suite enables you to:

  • Connect millions of devices
  • Analyze and visualize large quantities of operational data
  • Integrate with your existing system and application
  • support a broad set of operating systems and protocol
  • Help enhance the security of your IoT solutions

It’s that last point that we’re most interested in here at the Azure Security and Compliance Team blog!

Given that IoT is relatively new on the scene, you might not be aware of the major security considerations and issues you need to address in IoT security. One thing we don’t want to see happen is for you to hesitate adopting IoT because of security concerns. These issues are manageable, you just need to know what to do!

That’s we’re our new IoT security articles come in – check these out:

  • IoT Security Architecture - When designing a system, it is important to understand the potential threats to that system, and add appropriate defenses accordingly, as the system is designed and architected. 
  • Securing your Internet of Things from the Ground Up - This article explores how the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite provides a secure and private Internet of Things cloud solution.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Best Practices - Securing an IoT infrastructure requires a rigorous security-in-depth strategy. Starting from securing data in the cloud, to protecting data integrity while in transit over the public internet, and providing the ability to securely provision devices, each layer builds greater security assurance in the overall infrastructure.

The IoT and Azure Security teams are excited about providing this information to you and we hope you’ll be able to use them to help secure your IoT deployments.

Remember, if you have questions, you’re welcome to ask in the comments section below. We’re here to help!



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Program Manager, Azure Security
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    excellent resource , thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks Suman!
      Let us know if there’s anything we can do to provide you more information.

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