Azure Security Center Amps Up Security with Machine Learning

imageIf you’re placing your IT assets into Microsoft Azure, you want to know they’re secure. That’s non-negotiable.

And if you’re going to secure the services you put into Azure, you’re going to use Azure Security Center. We’d like to think that’s also non-negotiable. Smile

Azure Security Center is about preventing, detecting and responding to security threats, and it does that by enabling you to create security policies, provide you with security recommendations, and give you a holistic view of your current security posture, all from a single Azure Security Center console. There are a ton of security capabilities – and if you want to learn about them in more detail, check out the Azure Security Center documentation.

You might ask, “what’s the Azure Security Center secret sauce? What makes it special?”. That’s a great question and one I’d ask too.

It depends on who you ask, but I think many people would agree that what makes Azure Security Center an exceptional solution is the way it leverages machine learning. This enables Azure Security Center to know about patterns that would otherwise be difficult to detect; patterns derived from analysis of literally billions of data points. It’s through the use of machine learning and contemporary data science that we can do this.

Want to know more? Then check out Dr. Royi Ronen’s article Machine Learning in Azure Security Center.


Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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