Getting Started with Azure Security

At the recent MVP Global Summit I was asked by more than one person what seemed like a simple question: “what does Azure have to offer when it comes to security?”

That’s a reasonable question and should be pretty easy to answer. Then I wondered: how would a cloud broker, developer, architect, designer, implementer or manager find out what Azure had to offer in the security space?

I asked a few people at the conference how they would find an answer to this question and they said:

  • Do a web search for “Azure Security” and hope there’s a web site dedicated to the topic
  • If there was no web site dedicated to Azure security, they’d hope that there was a single article out there that might summarize the topic and provide links to where they can get more information
  • If there wasn’t such an article, they’d check out the articles that show on the first page of results (or if you’re an especially motivated soul, you’d try the articles on the second page) and hope that maybe they’ll find some hints in those articles
  • If there were no web site or summary article on Azure security, then they’d go to and click the “documentation” entry on the top of the page and hope that there was an entry for “security”
  • If there were no documentation link for Azure security, they’d either give up, or try to ferret out the security attributes of the specific Azure services they were interested in

That seems like a lot of work just to find out what Azure’s security offerings might be, and we definitely don’t want anyone to give up!

You don’t want to go on a paper chase just to get started with Azure security – so we created the article Getting Started with Azure Security. In it you’ll learn some things about what Azure does on a platform level to help secure applications and data running on Azure. You’ll get the info you want on the many services, products and technologies we make available to you that allow you to customize security settings to meet your unique security requirements (one size rarely fits all!)

Here’s the table of contents:

We hope that Getting Started with Azure Security is what you’ll need to get a jump start on Azure Security. Also, stay tuned to this space for information about that “Azure security web site” I was talking about earlier. Azure security is speeding up and some along for the ride!


Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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