Microsoft MVPs Drill Down on Azure Security and More at MVP Global Summit 2015

imageOne of the most exciting times of the year at the Microsoft campus in Redmond is the annual Global MVP Summit. Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are community leaders who help others in their communities solve problems using Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.

These experts are passionate about technology and share their real-world knowledge, experiences, insights and enthusiasm with others in the technical communities they inhabit. Not only that, they also teach us at Microsoft quite a bit about how our products and services perform in the wild and how we can make them better.

The MVP Summit is an event where all Microsoft MVPs are invited to come to Redmond to talk with Microsoft employees and with each other. As a former MVP myself, I found the relationships I built during the MVP Summits to be powerful and long lasting. There is definitely a bond between MVPs that makes them stronger.


We value and prize our MVPs. We’d like to think that’s especially true in the area of security. Sure, we might be a little biased, but we believe our security MVPs are the smartest and most professional IT people in the world. They work hard, prove their mettle by solving tough security problems, and come up with innovative solutions time and time again.

To show our appreciation, we’re hosting a number of Azure and enterprise security sessions for our security-minded MVPs. They’ll see sessions on:

  • Azure security strategy and road map
  • Azure Security Center
  • CSS incident response
  • Hypervisor APT defenses
  • Azure security logging and auditing
  • Next generation malware protection
  • Social engineering
  • Azure disk encryption
  • Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Protecting against DDoS
  • And more!

The sessions are not PowerPoint slogs! Sure, there’s a presentation, but questions usually take up most of the time during a session. Not just questions from the audience, but questions from the presenters to the MVPs. MVPs provide exceptionally valuable feedback! The questions that ask are pointed, unvarnished, and uncensored – and we love it! In return, they’ll get insights from Microsoft employees about how Microsoft products and services work that would be hard to get anywhere else.

Check out the MVP site for more information about the Microsoft MVP program. We are also spinning up a new MVP area of expertise – Azure Security. If you know someone who you consider a world class expert in Azure Security, please let us know and nominate that person!


Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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