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imageThe Microsoft Virtual Academy is the place you can go to get free training on wide range of Microsoft technical topics.

When you head on over to the Microsoft Virtual Academy, you’ll see that the content is arranged in four sections: Developers, IT Pros, Data Pros and Students.

Click on IT Pros and you’ll see Security right there.


You can browse through all the security related training courses we have to offer. However, if you’re interested in Azure security like we are – you’ll want to check these out:

Online Course: Getting Started with Azure Security for the IT Professional

Do IT security concerns keep you up at night? You're not alone! Whether you’re researching a hybrid or a public cloud model with Microsoft Azure, the question remains the same: Does the solution meet your organization's bar for security, including industry standards, attestations, and ISO certifications?

See how to design and use various technologies to ensure that you have the security and architecture you need to successfully launch your projects in the cloud. Dive into datacenter operations, virtual machine (VM) configuration, network architecture, and storage infrastructure. Get the information and the confidence you need, from the pros who know, as they demystify security in the cloud.

The course includes the following classes:

  • Earning Trust in the Microsoft Cloud
    Join Scott Edwards and Rick Claus for a look at the Microsoft commitment to earn customer and partner trust in its Cloud Services, with a focus on privacy controls, compliance, and certification.
  • Inside a Microsoft Datacenter
    Have you ever wondered what “cloud scale” looks like? Take a virtual tour of a datacenter (designed, built, and operated by Microsoft), and learn about defense in depth, access, and cloud security.
  • Architecting Secure Compute Solutions on Azure
    Explore ways to design solutions that will be secure and well architected for availability within your Azure subscription. Learn about security boundary implementation and ways to minimize downtime.
  • Virtual Appliances and Security
    ​​This session covers various elements of the network virtualization stack with emphasis on virtual networks, network security, and user defined routing.
  • Understanding Virtual Appliances
    You will learn how to deploy virtual appliances in Azure Virtual Network. The key focus is on security appliances (firewall, gateway), ADC (application delivery controller), and WAN optimization.​ ​
  • Extend Your Network to the Microsoft Cloud
    Learn about how Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute enables you to extend your network to Microsoft and enable Hybrid Scenarios for your Enterprise.
  • How to Manage Encryption Keys for Your Cloud Apps with Azure Key Vault
    With the new Azure Key Vault service, customers of cloud applications can manage their keys and secrets consistently across their cloud applications. This is part 1 covering background and theory. Demos: How to Manage Encryption Keys for Your Cloud Apps with Azure Key Vault.
    Managing cryptographic keys and secrets is an essential part of safeguarding data in the cloud. This is part TWO covering all the demos of the Azure Key Vault service​.
  • Disk Encryption with Key Vault
    ​Disk Encryption has been something that our customers have been asking about since Azure IaaS has been available. Learn what options are available to your Azure IaaS VMs now with Azure KeyVault.
  • Antivirus Options in Azure
    AntiVirus extensions are available in Azure and can be included in your Virtual Machine images. Learn what options are available and how to leverage them in your solutions. Encryption for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. This talk will cover how customers can use the SQL Server Connector to use Azure Key Vault as an Extensible Key Manager in implementing SQL Server encryption on Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Azure SQL Database Security
    This talk will cover 2 new security features for Azure SQL DB, Transparent Data Encryption and Azure Active Directory integrated authentication.

Online Course: Security Fundamentals

Fundamentals! No matter how well-versed you might be in security, everything you do should be anchored in the fundamentals. If you’re new to security, then you’ll definitely want to check out this course. While not specific for Azure security, these fundamentals apply no matter where you host your resources – on-premises, in the Azure public cloud, or both.

With this Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Training course, you can prepare for MTA Exam 98-367. Build an understanding of security layers, operating system security, network security, and security software. The course leverages Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) material for this exam.

  • Understanding Security Layers
    Learn about defense in depth and the various options available for securing resources at the various layers at a high level.
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
    Get an introduction to the topics of authentication, authorization, and accounting—what they are, how they are different, and how each is implemented and managed. Look at available options and how to use some of the tools in Windows for implementing each one.
  • Understanding Security Policies
    Hear about security policies and how they may work in an organization. See how policies provided by Group Policy can prevent unauthorized access to an organization's resources.
  • Understanding Network Security
    A network can be the most vulnerable part of an IT infrastructure. Learn some of the methods and options for securing these invaluable assets, and gain from a discussion of firewalls, Network Access Protection (NAP), protocols, and wireless networks, from a security standpoint.
  • Protecting the Server and Client
    Learn about protecting the physical assets in your organization, including servers and clients—and the software running on them—and how to secure them

These are just two out of the many security-related courses we have for you in the Microsoft Virtual Academy. All of them are free – so never worry about any out of pocket costs.

If you have some ideas for classes you’d be interested in that are related to Azure security please let us know! Just put a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll see what we can do to develop the free courses you desire.


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